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This story is pure fiction, never happened, hopefully never will.


When Jay got out of school the next day he knew he had until 7 to be at the Ledbetter's to take care of Anson again. So he went by the feed store and James was in there working in the back room. He came out and met Jay with a smile. What's happening dude?"

"Well I don't have to baby sit until 7 tonight and thought I would stop by and say hi. The truth of the matter is I didn't want to have to wait until Saturday to see you again. I will be out of school next week and then I will have more time free. I don't know if I will be free much of the time you are free because we work opposite hours with me baby sitting. But, I have to keep doing it as I will need the money when I get into college. Where ever that might be."

"Well I am glad you stopped as I have a 15 minute break coming and we can talk back here where it is very private. He took him in a room where they stored feed. It smelled kinda like a farm. Then he said, "Mine if I t ake it out?"

Jay saw where his eyes were on his already hardening dick. Jay helped him by taking it out so he could get to it. James went down on him and started sucking like his life depended on getting some protein out of it. Jay was in heaven. This guy was getting better and better at this head giving stuff. Jay said, "You keep that up and I many not last long."

James pulled off and said that is what I was hoping for since we don't have a lot of time. James went back down on him and finished him off in another 3 minutes or so. Jay yelled out softly so as not to be heard out front, "Oh James I'm cumming...oooooaaahahhh."

"Now let me have yours for a few minutes we have time."

James whipped it out and Jay was sucking like a pig on it's mother in no time. Jay gave faster head than he had ever done before because he wanted to be fed too. After about 5 minutes of this relentless sucking James moaned out, "You got me dude I'm cummming...."

Jay was so proud of himself as he was able to get his protein too. He loved the taste of James cum. It had a certain sweetness with just a touch of salt taste to it. He said to James, "You know what dude, I love the taste of your cum."

"Hey man yours isn't so bad either. I really look forward to my next mouthful Jay."

They both laughed and with that James said, "Well I don't want to cheat on my break time so I have to go back to work. Thanks so much for stopping by Jay. I think I can last until Saturday now."

Jay was so happy riding the rest of the way home. His mind came to where he would be going tonight. Anson Ledbetter. A perfect innocent babe. He had no sexual experience except what little Jay had given him last week. He didn't even know h ow to Jack off before Jay went there. Tonight would be a night that was for sure.

He pulled up at his house and found Karen and his Mom home and in the living room. "Hi gang how ya doing?" said Jay.

His mother said, "Well I don't know about gang but I guess we are doing fine."

Karen said, "You know Jay I have been thinking it over and I have decided against baby sitting. I'm just not that much into kids. I only hope I change so I can be a good mom some day if that is what it is meant for me to be."

"Well Karen, It is a little different feeling for a mother when she has carried a child for 9 months and it is her own flesh and blood. It is instinct to love that child with all your heart and do what ever is best for it." said Jay.

"Yea, I see what you mean Jay. Maybe I will be a good mother after all." Answered Karen.

"I'm sure you will be." said Jay.

Well since he didn't have to be there until 7 he asked his mom to wake him at 6:15 he wanted to take a nap before going over.

"Sure Jay I will be glad to I'll even set the timer to remind me." said his mom.

With that Jay headed up to his bedroom. He lay down and it wasn't very long before he was sound asleep. The next thing he heard was his mother's voice. "Jay honey, I hate to disturb you but it is 6:15."

"Thanks mom I'm up."

She left and he started getting ready. He checked to see if his hair was still combed and he made a few adjustments to it since he had been laying down and messed it up a bit. He then check that he had both the beads and the dildo not knowing if he would need either but at least he was prepared. He waited until a little after 6:40 and took off getting to the Ledbetter's right on time.

Jay rang th e doorbell and waited. He didn't have to wait long as Anson was right there and hit him with a big hug. Mrs. Ledbetter said, "Well I see you two have found each other."

Jay said, "Yea what a greeting. You have the coolest son Mrs. Ledbetter."

"I think so too. He sure thinks a lot of you I know. Well I am ready so I will just go ahead and leave and leave you two to yourselves."

With that she was off to the car and Jay watched as she pulled away. He then followed Anson into the living room and sat down. He said, "Well Anson how has your week been going?"

"Slow because I wanted tonight to get here. I really like being around you Jay. You know so know?"

"Yea I guess compared to you I do have a little more knowledge but you will have it when you are a senior too."

"Yea I suppose so. Jay could we maybe let me take my shower early?"

"Sure dude, I think someone is anxious to get back to the computer stuff huh?"

"You guessed it Jay. That is all I think about now. I have found some awesome sights I want to show you too. And don't worry I alway delete my history before leaving the computer."

"Your learning Anson. Well lets head for the bathroom OK?"

Anson was undressing on his way to the bathroom and already had his shirt off showing his smooth gorgeous back as he entered the bathroom. Jay could feel himself getting hard already.

"Jay would you take a shower with me so we could wash each other?"

"If that is what you want Anson, that is what you will get." Jay started undressing a piling his clothes neatly on top of the hamper. When he was completely nude he noticed he had one hard hard on. When he turne d to get into the shower he saw Anson did too.

Anson said, "Will I ever get that big Jay?"

"Probably so. It goes kinda by heredity have you seen your dads?"

"Yea I saw it a few times but it was never hard. That was before the divorce. I don't see much of him now. It's kinda like just mom and me."

"I'm sorry to hear that Anson but that happens in a lot of families in todays world. Actually it happened in my own family a few years ago."

"Wow! Then we have something in common. But it isn't something I like talking about as I loved my dad too."

"I know how you feel dude remember I have been through it too."

"Who washes who first," Jay asked him.

"Why don't I go first this time Jay?"

With that he took the shampoo and asked Jay to kneel down so he could reach his head. He started shampooing Jay's head and it felt so good Jay just closed his eyes. Then he pushed Jay's head under the water and rinsed him squeaky clean. Next he applied the conditioner and then rinsed it off. Then he had Jay stand and he did his front first wanting to get to that big dick really bad. He rubbed soap on Jay's neck and chest, washing his tits until they stood up making him smile like he had made an accomplishment. Of course he didn't realize this was really turning Jay on and his hard on was tight now. He continued on down washing Jay's belly button and then went for his balls and massaged soap around on them. Then what he has been waiting for he grabbed Jay's dick with both hands soapy and started jacking him off like Jay had shown him last week. In about two minutes or less Jay couldn't hold it back and he let loose all over the front of Anson. Anson said, "Cool." and then rinsed his hands and scooped some of the cum off his stomach and put it in his mouth saying, "Oh I love the taste of this stuff because it comes out of you Jay."

Jay said, "It won't be long before I will be able to taste yours when you are about 12."

"Yea I can hardly wait Jay."

With that he had Jay turn around and starting at his shoulders went slowly down his back massaging as he went. When he reached Jays ass he wanted to see what his ass hole looked like so before putting any soap on his butt he spread his cheeks real hard and looked. Jay knowing what he was doing reached back and spread them as wide as possible and bent over so he could get a good look. "Like what you see?" said Joe.

"Oh Yea Jay. I love looking at your butt hole, I want to stick my finger up in there so bad."

Jay said, "Why don't you soap your finger and have at it then?"

With that he had a soapy finger all the way up his ass in about two seconds. He just moaned to let Anson know he was enjoying it. He stayed bent over and spread so Anson could reach deeper in him. Then Jay said, "Do it with two fingers now and then three, Anson."

Anson loved the way he was spreading himself for him so he could not only feel but see what he was doing. In went two fingers and he started fucking him with them. Then in a minute he added the third finger and started fucking him even faster. Jay let out a loud moan which really excited Anson.

"Anson is your dick hard?"

"IS MY DICK HARD, it's as hard or harder than it has ever been Jay."

"OK Anson just like in the pictures I want you to stick your dick in my hole all the way and fuck me."

"Oh Awesome Jay!" He pushed his dick clear in in one push. He said, "Is that OK Jay?"

"It is better than OK. Now I want you to fuck me fast and hard as fast and hard as you can go."

He didn't have to repeat himself as Anson was going like a lightning streak. Jay knew he wouldn't probably cum again as Anson wasn't big enough to get him off especially since he had cum such a short time ago so he waited for Anson to have an orgasm which shouldn't take long at the speed he was going.

Anson let out a yell "Oh's happening."

"Hang on to me Anson so you don't collapse on the floor." said Jay.

Anson got a death grip on Jay's arm and Jay could tell when his spasms finally subsided.

Jay turned around and held him up so he could recover as he knew that was probably the most awesome orgasm of the kids life.

"Oh thank you for helping me Jay, I see what you mean I could have collapsed on the floor. That was the best feeling I have ever had. I had actually dreamed of doing that but I never thought you would let me."

"Now you know what buddy's can do for one another Anson." said Jay.

"Oh Yea, do you think I could take you doing it to me Jay."

"Maybe after a few stretching exercises we can do in your bedroom OK?"

"Now let me wash you little buddy." Jay started with the shampoo and then the conditioner and went right on washing his front first. He made his nipples hard just as he had done to him and then cupped his entire genital area and rubbed seeing that he was hard again already. When kids have dry orgasms they can do it over and over again. This made Jay wish he still could but he wouldn't go back to dry orgasms for anyone. Then he turned him around and did the same thing as he wanted to see the ass hole without soap first he spread his ass and looked. Anson knowing what he was doing reached back a nd spread himself hard and bent over real far so Jay could get a good look. Jay was astounded at how beautiful this kids ass really was. It was letter perfect. His ass hole almost cylindrical. Jay took some soap and started rubbing his anus and then pushed a finger all the way to the hilt hearing Anson let out a moan. He decided to do the two and three fingers with other than soap as his own ass felt the burning of the soap used on him. He rinsed Anson off and they both got out and dried each other. Then Jay told him to bring his pajamas and he would bring his clothes into the bedroom in case of having to get dressed real quick in a surprise return of his mother or someone else.

When they got to the bedroom Jay asked Anson to use some lotion on his asshole first as it was still feeling the effects of the soap and he wanted to be comfortable. So Anson now knowing what to do did th e one, two, three finger thing with lotion making Jay hard all over again. Then he told Anson to lay on his stomach he was going to prepare him now.

Anson layed right down on his stomach spreading his legs and raising his butt a little for easy access by Jay. Jay started with the lotion with one finger fuck and then went ahead and did the two and three finger fuck. He really put some muscle behind the three finger fuck as he wanted to loosen him up real good. "Is that hurting you now Anson?"

"No Jay it hurt when you started with three fingers but it is fine now."

"OK Anson I have something in my pants pocket that will get you ready for me to go in you with my dick if that is really what you want?"

"Oh Yes Jay that is really what I want."

Jay got the dildo out and started putting lotion all over it to make it as slippery as possible and then he said, "Ans on this is the size of my dick and so it is going to hurt when I first put it in. It may hurt like crazy. Are you sure you want to go ahead with it?"

"Yep! I can take it Jay because I really want to."

Jay said, "Push out hard Anson." When Jay heard him grunting out loud and saw his ass hole relax he started pushing pretty hard as he wanted it to get past the sphincter muscle as quickly as possible as that would be the main pain that Anson would have to endure. He felt it sink in about an inch and looked at Anson's face.

"You were right Jay it hurts, I have tears running down my face it hurts so bad but I can take it if it means I get to have you in there."

"In a minute the pain will go away, I promise, and then it won't hurt near as bad. Tell me when you want me to go on?"

"It's let up now Jay go ahead."

Jay knew that it wouldn't hurt any more going on in as it didn't get any bigger just longer so he pushed it in until it reached the hilt. Then he said, "OK Anson it is all the way in how does it feel to you?"

"It's OK now Joe the pain is gone I just feel like I could take an hour long shit."

"That is usual at first. Now I am going to give you an added thrill and turn on the built in vibrator." With that the vibrator started shaking Anson and Anson let out a cry, "Oh that feels so awesome Jay. Now fuck me with it so I can get use to it as I really want you in there so bad."

Jay fucked him with it for no longer than a minute while he was thoroughly lubricating his dick with the other hand. It was hard and ready. He was looking just as forward to putting it in as Anson was to getting it in. So he pulled out the dildo leaving a gaping hole and immediately had the head of his dick inside Anson.  ; He pushed it on in and then said, "How's that dude it's me."

"Oh this is what I have been waiting for since I saw the first picture of it on my computer. It feels so good because it's you Jay. Go ahead and fuck me please."

Jay took his directions and starting slowly soft fucking him he pulled almost all the way out and started long stroking him getting the pleasure sounds of sex loud and clear from Anson. So he sped up until he was going like a cyclone. Because he had cum already he was able to keep this up for 25 minutes or so when Anson had a dry orgasm practically yelling it out, "I'm doing it again Jay." That is all it took as Jay felt the spasms on his dick and it set him off. He shoved it all the way up Anson's ass hard and gave Anson 7 or 8 ropes as deep as he could put them. But even so some was leaking out past his dick. He flopped down on Anson who lay moan ing from his orgasm and hugged him close while they both caught their breath. It felt so good laying on Anson's smooth back he never wanted to move, but he knew he had to so he rolled Anson on his side and showed him what a french kiss was and they went at it for about 5 minutes before finally it was over.

Jay said, "Come with me Anson and he told him to sit on the toilet and crap out all the cum he could. He asked him if he knew where his mother kept the rubber thing that looked like a balloon and Anson told him where to find it. He filled it three times and with Anson laying over his legs as he sat on the toilet himself he filled him up with hot water listening to him moan as it went in. Then he told him to shit out the water and it sounded like a gusher as the water hit the water in the toilet. When he was completely through Jay put the duetch bag back exactly as he found i t and then returned the lotion bottle after drying it off to its spot where he had picked it up earlier and then told Anson to get on his pajamas as it was soon going to be bedtime.

Anson said, "That was so awesome Jay. You could have fucked me forever and it wouldn't have been enough. I want to do that again when you come back, can we?"

"What ever you want dude. I never do anything with someone if they don't want to do it."

"I know that Jay that's what makes you so cool."

With that they both dressed and headed for the living room. When they got there it was just a half hour to bedtime so the watched a half hour show with Anson sitting in Jay's lap with his hand on Jay's crotch. He just couldn't get enough of Jay.

Finally Jay took him to bed and he Frenched kissed him for another 5 minutes or so as he didn't want it to end either.  ; He really liked Anson. He was such a cool kid.

Jay returned to the living room and crapped out on the sofa until the door closing alarm went off. He got up a sleepily greeted Mrs. Ledbetter warmly and was rewarded with a quick hug and she handed him the $50. He thanked her and then left for home. He wanted to get to his own bed as it had been quite a day and night.

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