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This story is pure fiction, never happened, hopefully never will.


This morning Jay still had visions of Anson's perfect ass hole filling his mind. That had to be the n icest he had ever seen and he didn't want the image to go away, ever.

Tonight he was looking forward to Dr. Haine's again. What a way to get into sex playing doctor. He really liked that himself. Tonight he would bring his dildo and beads and add them to the doctor game. Wow! That sounded like fun.

As he entered the dinning room Karen asked him, "Well Mr. Babysitter supreme, how did last night go?"

"Actually it went real well. Anson Ledbetter is a really nice boy to sit with. I think you would like him. He is so easy to sit for and so cooperative."

"Yea, If I could guarantee they would all be that way I'd put an add of my own in the paper today. But, there are no guarantees."

"You got that right Karen, but so far I have been pretty lucky I guess." said Jay.

Mom butted in, "You sure have. Everyone is talking about what a great son I have now. You are making quite an impression on the mothers. And mother's talk a lot you know."

Then the phone rang. Jay held his breath as his mom answered it. "Jay, as usual it is for you. It is Mrs. Haines again."

"Hello Mrs. Haines, this is Jay."

"Oh Jay I'm glad I caught you. Being an attorney I get caught up in a lot of youth cases and I have another probation case I need help with. His name is Dennis Morgan. I won't go into his legal troubles as that is confidential but I will tell you he is not dangerous or anything like that. I would never involve you with a dangerous boy Jay. Anyway his Mom wants to take off Monday night and come back early Tuesday morning. I could pay you $75 for an overnighter. He is another one that can't be left alone because of his probation rules. He is 15 and really not too much of a handful. Could you do that for me Monday night."

"I would be glad to I could bring a change of clothes and go to school right from there in the morning when his mother came in. Could you give me the address etc."

"Yes Jay it is 425 Hickory Place. Kinda in the rich district. Are you familiar with where that is."

"Boy you got me on that one, where is it located?"

"Well you know where Hickory Lane the through street is?"

"Yes Mame I use it once in a while when I go downtown."

"Well Hickory Court is off of it about 8 blocks from downtown, it is a culdosac. Oh yes while I'm thinking of it don't forget us tonight. Greg never stops talking about you and how nice you are to him. So I will see you at 7."

"Yes Mrs. Haines I'll be there. I am sure I can find Hickory Ct. What is a backup phone number?" Jay thought Wow! $75 just for staying over. That would be the day before graduation on Wednesday. He was looking so forward to that..He would be free for the summer if you call babysitting every night free.

What she said reminded him that he would be sitting with Greg again tonight. He thought about bringing the dildo and beads in case they played doctor again, and he was fairly sure they would. He liked that game too.

"What did Mrs. Haines want dear?" his mother asked.

"Well really two things, she wanted to remind me about tonight with Greg and she wanted me to stay the night with another parolee on Monday. She said he wouldn't be any trouble whatever he got in trouble for wasn't violent or anything."

"Well I am certainly glad to hear that. I wouldn't want you going anywhere where you might be in danger."

"No Mom I wouldn't either."

Jay went back to his bedroom and got the things he needed for school and came back to the living room saying good by to everyone and left for school.

The day went by fairly fast considering it was getting along toward the end of the school year when days usually drag by. When school was over he went by the feed store and found that James wasn't in a position to take a break so he went ahead and went home.

When he got home he flopped on his bed knowing his mom would get him up for dinner when it was ready.

He was aroused a little after 5 and had dinner and watched the evening news. Then it was time to leave for the Haines place. He went to his bedroom and loaded up the dildo and the beads and then got on his bike and headed ou t to sit with 9 year old Greg. It was strange finding a 9 year old that wasn't a virgin last week. He thought kids are getting younger and younger when they start messing around. Of course the idea of an 11 year old starting him out explained that.

He locked his bike and went to the door. When he reached for the doorbell the door opened and there was Greg with the biggest smile he ever saw on him. Greg grabbed him and hugged him just as Mrs. Haines came to the door. "My you two are really happy with each other. I'm so glad to see that." said Mrs. Haines.

"Yes Ma'me I guess you could say that Greg is one of my favorite people that I sit for."

"That is so nice of you to say Jay. I have everything in order for you and the emergency number is by the phone again. So I will just pass by you two and wish you a good evening." she said.

Jay bid her good by and went with Greg into the living room. "Well how are you doing tonight Greg?"

"Fine now that you are here. I have been looking forward to you coming back all week."

"Yea I have been wanting to come back and see you for quite a while too. It seems like a week drags by so long when it means getting to see you again." Jay was buttering him up.

"Jay would you like to like...well doctor again?"

Jay answered, "You bet I enjoyed that too. Would you like to take a bath together or a shower Jay said."

"Yea that would be awesome. How about a bath?" said Greg.

"A bath is fine with me Greg lets head for the bedroom so I can leave my clothes in there." said Jay.

"Yea OK, I will get undressed there too and then carry my stuff to the hamper in the bathroom."

So they both headed for the bedroom.& nbsp; Jay was starting to get a real hard on already as Greg was so damned cute. He loved seeing him in the raw. Jay was undressed in about a minute and Greg wasn't far behind him. Jay stacked his clothes with his pants pocket on top for easy access to the dildo and beads.

They went into the bathroom and Jay started the water at the best temperature for him and then they hugged in the nude, both having really hard dicks already.

"You really got a good woody Jay." said Greg.

Jay answered, "Your's isn't so soft either you know. Can I feel of it."

"Yea if I can feel of yours?"

With that the whole time the water was filling they were playing with each other and loving every minute of it.

When the water finished Jay got in first being the biggest and let Greg get into what space was left. He pulled Greg's back against his stomach and d ick. Then he put his arms around his naked body and gave him one of the big hugs he knew he liked so much.

"Gosh! Jay that feels so good. I love you so much it hurts." said Greg.

"Well don't think I don't return that love and more." said Jay.

Jay took the soap bar and started at the shoulders as he didn't want the water to be too soapy by doing his head first. He started rubbing soap on his back and then put some on his own stomach and pulled Greg back against him and moved their two body's around against each other slipping and sliding together. It felt so good Jay started leaking from his dick like crazy. Then he told Greg to stand up so he could soap the rest of him. He soaped his butt and stuck his finger on the ass hole and rubbed until the moaning started then he sunk his finger all the way up in him. He pulled his finger almost out and told Greg to sit on his finger. Greg sat back with all his weight and then got up and sat back down again and again. Jay couldn't believe how much weight he was putting on his finger. He added a finger and Greg sat just as hard on two fingers several times and then said, "Gosh Joe that feels so good and I'm doing it to myself."

Jay said, "Yea I thought you might like that. Turn around now Greg."

When Greg turned around Jay took his hard on all the way in his mouth and started going back and forth on it to bring Greg to an orgasm. He kept sucking and moving for about two minutes with Greg making all the pleasure sounds of sex, and then he stuck his two fingers all the way up in him causing him to go into an immediate orgasm. Greg said, "OoooooAhhhhhhhhhGod that feels so go...od. I just love it when you make me do that Jay."

"Yes Greg every man in the world likes that feeling your not alone by far."

Jay quickly finished soaping him and then handed him the soap. He started washing Jay's shoulders and down his stomach and then said you are going to have to get up so I can reach your back and you know what. He grinned when he said that.

Jay got up on his knees first so he could reach the top half of him. And then stood up so he could do his butt and his dick. "Sit back Jay, Greg said as he had two finger on his ass hole."

So Jay knowing what he wanted sat on his fingers hard. It felt so good to him he was afraid of cumming. But he managed to stand and sit several times without cumming. Then Greg said, "Turn around now Jay."

When Jay turned around he found Greg's mouth all the way on his 6 inches almost instantly swallowing it down his throat without gagging. He started sucking and pumping and sucking and pumping unt il Jay could not hold it any more. Jay just said, "Ahhhhhhhh God I'm gonna cummmmmmmm....Ooooooooo" And he let out 7 or8 ropes. He knew he had come a lot as he was so built up from the foreplay. Greg looked up at him with a silly grin as cum was leaking out the sides of his mouth. He took his tongue and lick it up and then said, "I love it when you feed me like that Jay."

"Don't think I don't like feeding you dude." Jay said.

With that they rinsed each other off and climbed out and dried each other. While Greg was hard all over again, Jay was still kinda soft after such an orgasm.

Jay suggested they go into the living room and have a coke and cool off and rest a while before playing doctor.

Greg got two Cokes and gave one to Jay and then cuddled together with Jay as they watched TV nude. Greg put his arms around Jays middle and hugged him. Then they settled and watched a half hour show.

"Well Dr. Carson have you recovered enough to take a patient." Greg smiled.

"I think so what seems to be troubling you. Greg said his butt was sore from the soap."

"Mine is to Greg what you say we do some lubrication with some lotion to make it feel better. Oh yes and I think we should take my temperature again don't you."

Greg went right along with that as he loved ass play. So he stopped in the bathroom and got the thermometer. "Now if you will just lay across the bed I think I can handle both jobs at once."

Jay laid down on his stomach spreading his legs wide and waited for Greg to take action. Greg rubbed lotion all over his butt and then with two fingers put lotion as far as he could reach up inside Jay. Jay said, "Oh that feels so cool."

Greg just smiled and then took the thermometer and buried it u p in Jays ass all the way to where just a quarter inch was sticking out. He then took hold of it remembering how Jay liked to be fucked with it and started fucking him with the thermometer. Jay just moaned to let him know he approved. After about three minutes Jay said, "There that should be long enough to get a good reading Doctor."

Greg pulled it out and handed it to Jay to read. Jay sat up to read it. Yes 98.6 I'm OK I guess Doctor. "Now why don't you lay across my lap and I'll take yours."

With that Greg was across his lap instantly. Jay took the lotion and rubbed it all over his ass just as he did the with his middle finger he pushed lotion all the way up in Greg listening to the pleasure moans again. He finger fucked him a few times and then sunk the thermometer in with about a half inch or better still sticking out. He took hold of it and started fucking him with it and continued for about three minutes then pulled it out and read it. 98.7 Well you are up just a hair you hot little bugger.

"Yea I have felt hot ever since we started playing doctor." Greg smiled.

Jay said now, "Let me just rub you all over I like to feel your smooth body OK?"

"Sure Jay you know how much I like you touching me anywhere."

Jay did just that he lightly rubbed all over his body loving every minute of it. Then he said, "Just a minute Greg I have something I want to show you."

He went to his pants and brought out the beads.

"Wow! What do you do with those Jay?"

"Well let me show you." And with that Jay started lubricating them with lotion and pushed the first on plop into Greg's ass.

"Wow! That felt so weird Jay."

Jay continued until he had him full of beads.&nbs p; Then he had him turn on his back and went down on him giving him a really fast head job easily taking him all the way in. This continued until Greg said, "I'm gonna get that feeling Jay." When Jay felt the first spasm he pulled out one bead and so on until the spasms ended and almost all the beads had been pulled.

Greg said, "That was so awesome Joe, I love that."

Jay went ahead and pulled the other two beads out and took them to the bathroom to wash them. He didn't want Greg to do that to him as he wanted to save his final cum for something else.

He put the beads back and took out the big dildo.

"Greg's eyes got real big when he saw that because he knew exactly where that was going."

Jay told Greg that this was the same size as his dick and since he had taken that last week he shouldn't have any trouble with the dildo. He explained that he would get him to the three finger level before putting the dildo in.

"Oh OK Jay I trust you wouldn't hurt me anyway go ahead."

Jay started in with one, then two, and then three fingers. He finger fucked him really hard with the three finger to get him good and ready. Then he lubricated the dildo really well and put on the entrance to his hole.

"OK dude I'm ready, push out hard."

When Greg grunted Jay pushed real hard as he wanted to get it past the sphincter muscle quickly. It let go and he knew he was in.

"Oh Jay that hurts please don't push any more for a minute."

"Don't worry Greg I always wait right here until all discomfort disappears you just let me know OK?"

I a few minutes Greg said, "It's quit hurting now Jay go ahead."

Jay knew that he could go ahead all the way now as it didn't get any bigger just longer. So Jay pushed it to the hilt and said, "How's that dude?"

"Wow! That really feels big. It gives me that feeling of having to take a shit real bad."

Jay knew that and told him, "That is common for everyone at first but it will get better. Now I'm going to start fucking you with it and as he started he turned on the vibrator.

"Oh Wow! That feels good now Jay."

"Good I thought you would like it." He started fucking him with it vibrator on full. After about 5 minutes he pulled it out and replaced it with his dick. He pushed his dick to the hilt and then said, "Notice anything different?"

Greg smiled real big and said, "Yea that's you now and I love it when you fuck me. Fuck me hard and fast Jay."

Jay didn't have to be told twice he was going like a bat out of H---- and lasted about 30 minutes because of his previous cum tonight. He noticed that not only was Greg enjoying it he was pouring sweat from the workout. Jay too was sweating profusely. Finally it was over Jay let loose of about 7 or 8 shots and this brought Greg into orgasm himself.

"Oh God that was so neat I'm exhausted Jay."

Jay said, "Yea I think it's Coke time again for a little while."

With that they both headed for the living room picking up a Coke in the kitchen on the way.

Jay said, "Well I think we are both fantastic doctors don't you Greg?"

"Oh Yes Doctor," said Greg.

They watched TV until the Coke was gone and seeing it getting late Jay wanted him to get a chance to fuck him so he suggested they go back to the examination room.

When they got there Jay lay down on his back and raised his legs. Greg knew what this meant he lubricated Jay and went to work. He too had cum two times, even though they were dry cums, so he lasted almost 20 minutes. With sweat pouring down his face he finally let loose and then collapsed on top of Jay's stomach. He was panting like a dog in heat.

Jay said, "That was great Doctor. You sure should specialize in this."

This brought a great smile to Greg's face and he crawled up to where he could kiss Jay. They tongue wrestled for a good 5 minutes. Then Jay said, "Well I think we should call it a night Doctor. I am tired and I know you are, what do you think?"

"Yea Jay I don't think I could do another fuck if someone wanted to pay me a million dollars. I'm pooped."

Jay got dressed and Greg put on his pajamas after they both took a quick shower. Jay had Greg crap out the cum and gave him three bottles of water to rinse him out good. Then he put everything back exactly as he had found it and asked Greg to put the lotion back exactly as he had found it.

With that completed Jay tucked Greg into bed with another 2 minute kiss and said, "Good night little buddy. I love you too."

"Oh Jay I wish you were coming back tomorrow."

"Well as you know I only can come when your mother needs me. So I will see you next time she does. Good night."

Jay turned out the light and headed for the couch and was asleep within minutes. Again awoken by the door shutting he got up and took his pay $50 for tonight and she gave him the $50 for taking care of her client last Monday. He thanked her and headed for his bike and rode home really happy carrying $100 he didn't have when he came.

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