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This story is pure fiction, never happened, hopefully never will.


On the way home from school on Friday Jay went by the feed store again. He hit it l ucky this time as James was getting ready to take his break. This time he was hitting his lunch break which was 45 minutes. So he asked Jay if he would like to go to his apartment with him as that is where he usually went for his lunch break. Jay said, "That will be cool maybe I can give you a little protein for desert. ha ha."

"Sounds good to me as long as I can give you some desert too."

Jay just pushed his bicycle to James' house as it was only a couple blocks from where he worked. When they got inside James took the lead and had his shirt off going in the door. Jay wasn't far behind he had his off as he got inside. Then James tore off his pants, after kicking off his shoes, and dropped his under wear and stood there naked as a jay bird waiting for Jay to be nude which didn't take long.

"Since we are limited on time why don't we 69 and get each other off so you can have something besides protein for your dinner." said Jay.

James hit the bed lengthwise so Jay could hit it the other way and they were on each others dicks immediately. Both had hard hard ons already so there was no preparation in that respect. Jay being an anal guy wet his middle finger and pushed in James' butt to be followed by a wet finger going up his own ass. They sucked and finger fucked for about ten minutes when James gave up his load first, which of course set Jay off and he gave James 7 or 8 ropes too. Then they turned to face each other and shared cum cocktails with one another by french kissing for about 5 minutes. Out of breath and weak from it all Jay said, "Well now it is time to get some real food into you before you have to return to work."

"Yea, but I would almost rather have another cum cocktail." said James.

They both laughed but decided to put back on their clothes, a little slower than they took them off, and then James fixed himself a sandwich and gave Jay a Coke to drink while he had his sandwich. He offered Jay a sandwich but Jay refused saying that would ruin the dinner his mother always had for him.

When James finished his sandwich Jay walked him back over to his work again pushing his bike as they walked. They didn't want to kiss in public as that wasn't considered the proper thing to do if they didn't want the whole town talking.

James asked Jay if he could spend the weekend at least Saturday night with him.

"I'll be glad to but as you know I still live at home and have to have everything OKed by my mother first. But I see no problem." Jay said.

"I have to work tomorrow until 4 and then we are free the rest of the weekend." James said.

"OK I'll be by around 4:15 as I am almost positive my mom will OK it." said Jay.

When Jay got home the first thing he did was get it cleared by his mom to spend the night with James, Saturday. He then went in and took his nap as he had to sit for Jason Carson again. He had to be there by 5:30 and liked to eat first to avoid the casserole. So his mother got him up and he ate and was off to Jason's arriving right on time. When he knocked he was almost mowed down by the hug he got. Everything went about the same as last time. They showered each other and then Jay let Jason fuck him first and then he returned the favor to Jason, of course after getting him to the three finger level first so he wouldn't hurt him. Jason was really getting to where he enjoyed these sessions and Jay just loved them. He was so cute.

Saturday came and since his newspaper ad was set to come out every Friday he woke to his first call. I t was a Mrs Newberry and she had a son named Todd who was 7 and she needed a sitter on Tuesday. She asked for references and when she heard school board and attorney Jay wasn't sure she even wrote down the numbers. Jay said, I think I have Tuesday free but I have to make a quick call to verify. Let me call you right back would that be OK?"

"Certainly, I will be here for another hour after that I won't be reachable."

"Don't worry Mrs. Newberry I will get back to you in just a few minutes."

With that Jay ended the conversation and called Mrs. Jackson, who usually used him on Tuesday nights. She said she wouldn't be needed him this Tuesday as She was going to take her son with her that evening. Jay thanked her and told her his reason for calling. She was happy that he thought of her.

He now called Mrs. Newberry and confirmed that he could sit on Tuesday, and she said it would be from 7 to maybe 1am. She gave him the address and he was familiar with it, and also her phone number in case he needed to call for any reason. He told her is normal sleeping on the couch thing and she said that would be fine with her. That ended that conversation. So now looking at his calendar he saw Monday he had the new 15 year old that Mrs. Haines wanted him to sit for, and Tuesday he now had Todd Newberry.

He fooled around all day and finally about 3 he went home and packed a few things to stay over night with James again.

At 4:15 he was at James door and met with a hug. They sat down and talked for a while while they drank a Coke. They had dinner before getting into very much sexually. After dinner it was the usual double shower and then they made out on the bed with finger fucking to the three finger level and finally took turns fucking each other.&nbs p; They were tired when that was over and decided to go to the adult book store and rent a gay video. Jay had never seen one and James had only seen a few mostly in booths feeding coins. They brought the video home and as they watched it they got horny and tried some of the things the guys did on the video. It made for an interesting evening which ended up with them both falling asleep in each others arms at about 1am. They slept in the next morning until almost 10am.

After breakfast they decided to return the video and they just went to the mall and people watched for a while. Later in the afternoon they returned to the apartment and had another full sex session taking it up to time for Jay to go home. He promised his mother he would return for Sunday dinner with she and Karen.

Gosh it was amazing how fast the weekend slipped by and before he knew it he was facing Having to go and hang out with this new boy 15 year old Dennis Morgan. He wasn't sure if he was looking forward to this or not. It depended on the attitude of the kid.

When it got close to 7 he jumped on his bike and rode for the Morgan's house. It was another one in a middle class neighborhood but the house was blue with white trim which really didn't appeal to Jay. He went to the door and rang the bell.

Mrs. Morgan answered the door and said, "Oh you must be Jay. I have a lot about you from Mrs. Haines. Won't you come on in."

"Thanks Ma'me, said Jay.

She led him into the living room and introduced him to Dennis who was watching the news. She introduced him to Jay and he just looked at Jay and said "Hi, sit down."

Then Mrs. Morgan said she had to be leaving and wouldn't be back until morning. Dennis dear,"You can show Jay to his room where he will be sleeping, can't you?"

Dennis said, "Sure mom later after the news."

"Well you boys enjoy your evening, there is an emergency phone number by the phone Jay." And with that she was out the door like a flash.

Jay not knowing what to say since he was so into the news simply started watching it with him. When the news ended Dennis turned to him and said, "A boy baby sitter has to be a fag and I want you to know I ain't no fag."

This got Jay's dander up and he replied, "Oh Dennis I suppose you never had a male teacher, that is a shame. Some of my best teachers have been men and I don't know of one of them that ever hit on me. But they are in a woman's position so I never thought about it they must all be fags too."

"Hey man don't talk about teachers that way. I had lots of men teachers and they were the best."

"Well then what about masseurs. Mo st of them are men and they give back rubs to all the sports icons, wrestlers, boxers etc. I suppose they must be fags too huh?"

"Oh no, well maybe a few but not all of them for sure," replied Dennis.

"Well what about all the guys in the shower's in school checking each other out are they all fags too?"

"Alright man you got me." said Dennis.

"You know I hang out with a lot of guys some close to your age and we always have one hell of an evening with each other. I have made some of my closest friends with this job. And tell me where else I can make $50 a night doing what I do best and that is hang out with cool guys. I'm gonna tell you where the word fag, fagot, gay, lesbian, dikes etc. come from. They were invented by people who like to put people down especially in high school. Well anyone that hangs around with me better stay off those words because I don't make a habit out of putting down any of my friends in any way. Like I have told others my grandmother told me if I can't say something nice about someone then don't say any thing at all. Now I hope that ends this conversation and we can get back to the real adult world which at 18 I am becoming part of. I am earning this money to help in my college expenses that is why I hang out with guys and get paid for it."

"Whew! I sure as hell won't use one of those words again around you anyway. And what you say makes since I never thought of it that way. That is just putting people down and I apologize for hitting you below the belt Jay."

"I fully accept your apology and hope to go on now for an enjoyable evening with a new guy to hang out with once in a while. Jay said.

"You know what Jay your OK, I guess you are kinda a cool guy. I'm glad I get to hang out with you tonight because I know you will never say anything bad about me and there is plenty of bad you could talk about." Dennis said.

"Well Dennis what ever you did to get on parole isn't any of my business. I want to know Dennis from this day forward not looking back at any bad times you may have been through." said Jay.

"Man that's cool. Like what do you do when you hang out with all these guys?" Dennis asked.

"Well I usually kinda leave it up to them as I use the six ways to make people like you and it usually works fine." answered Jay.

"Hey man nobody really likes me, especially around school. What 6 ways are you talking about?"

"If you really want to know get a pencil and paper and write them down. Then you will have them when I leave. It is of course up to you whether you use them or not." said Jay.

Dennis appeared moments later with a clipboar d and said, "OK go ahead."

"OK rule 1. is HAVE A GENUINE INTEREST IN OTHER PEOPLE. You can't fake that one you have to try and do it. Rule 2. is really easy SMILE. Have you ever seen a student body president that didn't smile a lot. And look at all the popular people at your school don't they smile a lot.

"Yea they do." said Dennis.

"Rule three is REMEMBER PEOPLES NAMES. Can you imagine trying to call some one across the street with HEY YOU. They probably wouldn't even look back. Rule 4. is BE A GOOD LISTENER and when you are listening to someone use eye contact so they know you are listening like you are giving me most of the time right now. Rule 5. is TALK IN TERMS OF OTHER PEOPLES INTEREST you are gonna get nowhere trying to get them interested in you. Cause most people don't give a damn about what happened to you. And rule 6. is MAKE THE OTHER PERSON FEEL IMPORTANT AN D DO IT SINCERELY. That is one of the most important ones in making friends. Find out something they can do really well and compliment them on it and you have at least entered the doorway to friendship. Did you get them all down?"

"Yea man, I don't do any of these. It is no wonder no one wants to be around me." said Dennis.

"Well you have your work cut out for you then don't you?" said Jay. And then Jay added, "You might start out with smile, you haven't done that once since I have been here."

"OK hows this?" and Dennis let out a full teeth smile.

God he was good looking before he smiled but know he is really a handsome dude. He has almost his full height I suppose he is close to 6ft tall. He has a heavier build than a skinny swimmers body. But by all means not an ounce of fat. He has a chest and arms he can be proud of, I know I'll rule six him right now and see how he likes it without telling him what I'm doing.

"Dennis has anyone ever told you that you have a really nice build. Most 15 year olds are not as tall as you and skinny compared to you. You have great biceps and what a chest. And incidentally I don't mean that in a gay way."

"God thanks Jay, no one has ever mentioned that to me before. I have a body building machine that one can use by him self in the basement." Dennis went on.

"Gosh! That's great. Can I see it." said Jay. #5 ing him.

"Yea sure follow me."

Jay followed him to the basement and there was an expensive body building machine unlike any Jay had seen before. "Can you demonstrate it for me, Dennis?"

"Sure" and with that he lay down with his legs spread open and his under shorts (boxers) showing through the legs of the loose shorts he was wearing."

Jay watched intently starting to feel a hard on coming on and trying to avoid it.

"See this bar. I just pull down on it like this and it increases my biceps and works my stomach muscles at the same time."

"Yea I can see them tightening up." said Jay.

"Would you consider it gay if I touched to see how hard they are?"

"Hey man we are through with those words alright," Dennis laughed.

"OK then" and Jay took hold of his arm and felt of his hard muscle. Then he thought what the hell, and rubbed his hand on his stomach feeling all the tense muscles there. He slid his hand toward the waste band and got no reaction so he slid his fingers about two inches under it and kept rubbing."

"Wow! You know that feels good. No one ever wants to touch me."

"I'll tell you what when your through why don't you let me give you one of my special rub downs. Everyone likes the way I do it." said Jay.

"Yea OK, I have never had a rub down. Like I said no one ever wants to be even near me."

"Well using those six rules we are gonna work on that OK. I am going to call you every night and ask you which rule you worked on that day and the results you got OK?"

"Oh! That would be so fucking cool. Hey man you really do care. You really are a friend to me."

"You bet I am Dennis and I want to get to know you a lot better."

"That would be awesome. Hey I'm about through here where do you usually give your rubdowns?"

"Generally A guy feels more comfortable on his own bed. But it is up to you." said Jay.

"Yea that makes since let's go to my room."

Dennis got up and headed for his bedroom with Jay walking behind looking at the most perfect ass. This guy was perf ect all over. And with those hearts on his boxers he must really have a deep down desire to be hot.

When they got to the bedroom Jay told him to lay length wise and leave enough room for him to sit on the edge of the bed.

"Like this," Dennis said.

"Yea that's perfect Dennis. Now I'll start up here on your shoulders. Most guys remove their shirts but that is entirely up to you."

With that the shirt was off and tossed over on the other side of the bed.

Jay started massaging his shoulders and it wasn't long before he was moaning he liked it. "Oh that feels so good. No one has ever taken time to even want to touch me. Not even girls."

"They will when we start working those rules. You are going to become Mr. Popularity at school. Just wait and see."

"God I'm glad they sent you to hang out with me while mom is gone." said Den nis.

Jay said, "Yea me too. You are about the coolest of all man."

"You really mean that Jay?"

"I never lie to a friend and I consider you a friend." said Jay. Jay continued on down his back getting ahhhhs and moans quite frequently. Jay was thinking wait until I hit that perineum area. Jay started getting pretty hard just thinking of what was coming up. When Jay reached his butt area he went right on over his but through his shorts and continued rubbing being careful not to get to personal this trip down. He went on down his legs and rubbed his bare feet about 5 minutes a piece putting Dennis in a trance. When he started back up his legs he was rubbing the inner thigh which automatically made Dennis spread his legs which is exactly what Jay was after. "Dennis most guys like to remove their shorts but there again that is entirely up to you. Of course leave on your box ers if you do."

With that the shorts joined his shirt on the other side of the bed without a word spoken. Jay just smiled to himself. He had him now. Jay worked on up the inside of his thighs spending plenty of time on his upper legs as he knew this is what started a guy getting horney. When he reached he top he started rubbing up and down on the perineum area saying, "Most of the guy never want me to quit rubbing here."

"Oh I can see why that feels so good it's even making me get hard." said Dennis.

"Oh that is normal just rubbing your upper legs made me get a little hard myself." Said Jay.

"Really," and Dennis turned his head to look at Jays hard on. Jay saw him looking and put his free hand on his crotch and squeezed it showing its shape through his pants.

Dennis didn't say a word but put his head back on the pillow and moaned some more. The perineum was hard as a rock now and Jay knew he had a rock hard on so he asked Dennis to roll over so he could do his stomach.

Dennis rolled over and his dick popped straight up and out through the opening in his heart covered boxers. Jay quickly noticed this and said, "Don't worry about the wood it is normal just enjoy yourself OK?"

"OK if it is normal." said Dennis.

Jay started down the front of his chest and made sure he made his nipples stand out hard and then seeing his hard on also responded to the nipple rubbing by leaking pre-cum profusely he went right on down his stomach. When he reached his boxers he slid his hand right under the waist band and went back and forth which always feels good to any guy. "Oh that feels so fucking good. Do you want me to take them off so you can reach me better?"

Jay responded, "That is entirely up to you." And with that the boxers joined the other clothes on the other side of the bed. Jay now had access to everything. Jay rubbed down around his penis and rubbed his balls gently receiving a really loud "ahhhh Ohhhhh God," from Dennis. He kept this up and had Dennis bend his knees while Jay soaked his middle finger. Dennis bent his knees as directed and Jay started massaging his anus which was now in sight since he bent his knees. He bent them even further back when his anus was being rubbed. Jay kept wetting his middle finger frequently and kept rubbing on the anus. Then Jay asked him if any of his friends had ever massaged his prostate for him.

"No no one has ever touched me like you are. What's a prostate?"

Jay said, "Here I'll show you." And with that Jay gently pushed on his anus telling him to push out like he had to shit. Of course Jay's finger being so lubricated with spit slid right in. "Ohhhhhh Ahhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhh God that feels so fucking good." said Dennis.

Jay said, "Yes most guys want this rubbed during a rub down." and with that went on in all the way with his long finger. Then he said, "How does that feel Dennis?"

"Like the best thing that has ever happened to me that's how."

"I thought you would like it now I am going to go in and out and I think you will like that too." Jay started a slow finger fuck and noticed his pre-cum was now running down his penis. He really had him going now. Then with out saying a word Jay added the second finger and all the got was a louder moan. He finger fucked him with two fingers for about two minutes and then said, "Dennis has one of your friends ever given you head?"

"No not even a girl. No one wants to be near me like I told you."

"Would it be alright if I show you what it feels like?"

"Wou ld it? I mean would you?"

Jay started licking the pre-cum off first enjoying the very sweet flavor. He could detect no salt taste at all that was strange. Then he took the head in his mouth and using his expert tongue went all around it attacking the special spot under his dick the most and receiving the most moans from that. Then Jay went all the way down his about 7 and a half inches right past the gag point and into his throat.

"Oh My God, that is so awesome dude. Oh God keep it up. I feel almost ready to cum."

Jay started jacking him with his throat and at the same time added the third finger and all of a sudden sunk it all the way to the hilt. That did it it set him off like Old Faithful.

Dennis let out a whole bunch of "Ahhhhhh's And Ohhhhh's and OH GOD's!" as he pumped rope after rope into Jay's throat and mouth. Jay was really enjoying i t because of the lack of salt taste he thought it the best he had ever tasted.

When he was through cumming Jay asked him, "How was that?"

He said, "I didn't think anything in this world could feel that good Jay. Thank you so much."

Jay said, "Have you ever tasted your own cum like most guys have?" Jay wanted really bad to kiss this new Adonis.

"No I guess I've always been kind of afraid to try or something."

Jay said, "I am going to help you then stick out your tongue."

When he did Jay was immediately sucking it and giving him the taste of his own cum back. Jay kept going as he knew Dennis couldn't complain even if he wanted to with a mouth full of Jay. Dennis joined after about 15 seconds and started sucking on Jay's tongue. This started a full blown french kiss that lasted almost 10 minutes. Finally Jay pulled off and said, "Wel l now you know what you taste like."

"Yea I do. Jay could I ask you something?"

"Anything Dennis."

"Would it make me gay if I did you? You know like you did me?"

Jay said, "Well do you think I'm gay just because I liked you enough to give you pleasure."

"No I guess not, then can I?"

"You can do what ever you want" And with that Jay started undressing and soon was just as naked as he was. "How do you want me, Dennis?"

"On your stomach. I want to do everything you did to me. If it is OK with you?"

Jay rolled over and said, "Have at it bro."

Dennis started at his shoulders and started massaging his way down slowly. He rubbed over his beautiful ass and went slowly down his legs. When he reached the feet he started rubbing them. He did them at least 5 minutes each. They he worked his way back up the inside of Jay's smooth soft legs. Jay opened his legs wide for him. He kept going and when he reached his butt his rubbed his whole ass first and then put his finger in the up and down position and rubbed Jay's perineum. He kept doing this longer than Jay had as he didn't know that since Jay's perineum wouldn't give one iota he was already hard as a rock.

Jay said, "DO you have any Vaseline in the house?"

"Yea I'll go get it." Dennis answered.

When Dennis returned Jay told him to just put some on his 1st two fingers. When he did Jay told him if you want to stick your middle finger up my ass. Dennis didn't say a word but pushed his finger against the anus and of course Jay pushed and opened up for him so his finger slipped right on in. Jay said, "All the way hard."

Dennis said, "Like this?" as he pushed his finger to the hilt. Then Dennis added, " You know what Jay it feels all good and warm in there and oh so smooth. I never knew that. It feels like a real tight pussy would probably feel but I never had my finger in one of those.

"OK Dennis go on in with two fingers all the way and then start finger fucking me like I did you."

"Like this?" Dennis was having a ball. He started finger fucking him really fast after just a short time.

"OK Dennis if you keep that up you will make me cum and I don't want to cum yet let me turn over so you can do my front if you want to?"

"OK Jay roll over." With that Dennis started working on Jay's nipples driving Jay crazy. The he went down slowly rubbing his stomach and he said, "God you are just as smooth as a girl would probably be." He kept on going and ended up massaging Jay's balls just like Jay had his. Then without saying a word he reached down wi th his mouth and licked the pre-cum off Jay's dick. Jay saw him taste for flavor and then go on down on him. When he reached the gag point he gagged big time. Jay told him to take it easy and relax his throat and swallow a little at the same time and after a few times he would get by that feeling. He did like he was told and soon had Jay all the way down his throat and bobbing his head up and down keeping it in his throat. The he remembered the fingers so he took his two greased up finger and stuck them clear up Jay's ass all at once causing Jay to loose it. Jay let out at least 8 ropes and the last half of them went in his mouth because he pulled back so that Jay's dick was unloading in his mouth.

Jay lay still he was still recovering from one heck of a good cum. When someone that you had no hopes of ever even getting sexual with gives you head it is different than someone you expected to get it f rom.

Dennis finally said, "Can I share yours with you?"

Jay let out a beautiful #2 smile and said, "Sure dude, I would love to share with you."

That brought on a kiss that lasted so long they were both exhausted.

Finally Jay said, "Do you have any thing to drink in your fridge."

"Yea I was thinking the same thing Dennis said."

They headed for the kitchen and got a Pepsi and took it to the living room and sat down and watched TV while they drank them.

After they finished the Pepsi's Jay said, "Would you like to learn one more thing?"

"Yea sure Jay."

"Let's go back to your bedroom." They both got up and headed for the bedroom. When they got there Jay said, "I want you to lubricate me to where you are fucking me with three fingers again. Do it one finger at a time so I can get use to it."

Denn is started doing as instructed and was quickly fucking him with three fingers. Jay said, "OK now put some Vaseline on your dick."

When Dennis complied he said to him, "Now Dennis push it in me slowly."

"You mean fuck you Jay?"

"You got it bro." With that Dennis very nervously put his dick on Jay's hole. Jay pushed out and said "OK I'm ready Dennis." Dennis started slowly going in and found himself past the sphincter fairly easily.

Jay said, "OK now all the way in Dennis."

Dennis was getting really excited now. And so he pushed all the way 7 and a half inches into Jay. Jay could really feel it so he waited a minute and then said, "OK fuck me Dennis. Fuck me hard and fast dude."

Dennis started out slowly and then started speeding up and speeding up until he was almost a blur. He was smiling now. He had never had so much fun in his whole life. Because he had recently cum he lasted 25 minutes and sweat was pouring off him. Then all of a sudden he felt it cumming. He hollered out, "Oh God I'm Cumming Jay." And he let at least 7 or 8 ropes go pushing harder with every one and putting Jay in seventh heaven. He finally collapsed down on Jay and rested while his dick went down and finally came out. "That was so awesome Jay.

Jay said, "I thought you would like it."

"Now roll over on your stomach and spread your legs it's your turn."

Dennis wasn't too sure about this but did as directed. Jay lubricated him to the three finger level and fucked him with three fingers until he had relaxed and was loosening up. Then Jay lubricated his dick and put it against his anus. "Now this is going to probably hurt when I first go in but just relax and I promise you the hurt wi ll go away in about a minute. OK?"

"OK Jay I trust you. Am I about to loose my cherry Jay?"

"That's what they call it dude now push out." When Jay heard the grunt he pushed about three inched into him all at once. He might as well get the pain over with quickly.


"I told you it would now lay there and concentrate on relaxing push out a little and it will help."

In a minute or so Dennis said, "Well it doesn't hurt so bad now Jay go ahead but please go slow."

Jay had been through this himself so he took the rest of the way slowly and after 4 or 5 minutes he was all the way in. Then he started short fucking him real slow. When the moans lessened he pulled all the way to the head and long fucked him all the way back in. He heard a loud moan from that one. Then he long fucked him a gain a little faster and again and again and finally Dennis said, "OK Jay go ahead I'm ready now it is starting to feel good now."

With that Jay started long fucking him faster and faster and about 20 minutes later Jay knew he was about to give it up again but before he could cum he heard Dennis say, "OH God I can't fucking believe it I'm cumming again."

Of course when the spasms started on Jay's dick he let loose too and they were both cumming at once. When it was over Jay collapsed on top of Dennis and just lay there panting gasping for air.

It took a while and Jay said, "What you say we take a shower together and call it a night dude?"

"I'm all for that Jay."

They were both so tired they took a quick shower washing each others backs and then Dennis said, "Let me show you to your bedroom."

With that Dennis walked to his bedroom and said, "Dude thi s is our bedroom tonight. Mom won't be home until we are up and dressed."

This really pleased Jay. He felt he had done the impossible dream.

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