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Dennis and I woke up around the same time. He reached over and gave me the biggest hug. Then he said, "I g uess we better shower and get ready for school."

Jay said, "Yea I guess so. This is the last day for me as I am a senior and graduation is tomorrow."

"You lucky bum I still have a week and a half to go."

Jay said, "All the better for you to start using your new six rules to make some friends for summer vacation."

"What rules do you think I should work on first Jay?"

"Well if it were me I would work on remembering names for sure and then be a good listener if someone talks to you. But most important watch and listen for things you can compliment sincerely. Flattery never works as it is phony. So you know if you see a guy throw a football half way down the field. Mention how you wish you could throw a football that well. Then ask him to show you how to hold the ball correctly. He probably will spend 10 minutes showing you all he knows about throwing a football and then you will have someone to call by name who will look at you as a new friend. Who knows he might even ask you where you eat lunch and join you. Of course this doesn't happen every time but often enough. If you keep trying to find what someone is proud of and mention it to them you will be picking up new acquaintances like crazy and soon acquaintances become friends.

"Gosh Jay! You are like a human relations genius." commented Dennis.

"Well I wouldn't know any of this stuff if my grandmother hadn't given me this book to read."

"What book is it Jay I'd like to read it too?"

"Well it is in paperback now for less than $5 and the title is HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE by Dale Carnegie." said Jay.

"Where could I find a copy Jay?"

"Any library, or any bookstore in the world. It once was s aid that it had sold more books than any other book except the bible." added Jay.

"Wow it must be one popular book." said Dennis.

"Yes Jay especially in my grandmothers day. But the principals still work and really have always worked since day one on earth. Every one likes to be listened to, everyone likes to have their name remembered, and everybody likes people who make them feel important. And don't make the mistake of trying to get them interested in you and what you like because they simply don't give a damn."

"That makes since Jay. Gosh your a genius."

"No Dennis I just did my homework and started using those principles. after I read the book. And the one thing I will repeat to you is what my grandmother told me that I'll never forget. IF YOU CAN'T SAY SOMETHING NICE THEN DON'T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL. I can still hear her saying that and I love her for it. It sure changed my life I know." said Jay.

"I will remember that Jay. Like don't ever use words like fagot, dike, nigger, and stuff like that huh?"

"You got it Dennis as those words were just made to put someone else down and make you look bigger. It is far better to get on peoples shoulders by having them put you there because you always say nice things about them, than it is to push them down in the mud and then climb on their shoulders. See what I mean?"

"Wow! Yea makes since to me Jay."

"I hope you come to hang out with me a lot Jay."

"When do you get off probation Dennis?"

"At the end of the month Jay, I did something stupid I..."

Jay cut him off and said, "I won't even let you put yourself down. What you did is over. and should be forgotten except the lesson you learned from it. Let's just leave it that way OK Dennis?"

"Yea, I guess you are right. No need to put myself down. There are plenty of others that can do that right?"

"Unfortunately that is right. But you don't have to be one of them. When you hear someone talking bad about someone else you have two choices. Leave the scene or change the subject. But don't let yourself get caught up in it. That makes you just as bad as they are." Jay added.

"Your right again Jay."

"Now lets shower and go down to breakfast OK bro?"

With a great big smile Dennis said, "Yea that sounds like a winner Jay."

After breakfast Jay and Dennis took off for school. Dennis' mother still had not come home. Jay told him he would walk him home to be sure she was there so he wouldn't get in any trouble for being alone, when he wasn't suppose to be.

"Gee thanks Jay, where shall we meet after school?"

Jay said, "How about by the flagpole out front."

"OK see you by the flag pole. I might be a little later than you being a freshman but I will get there as soon as possible."

"I know you will dude. Later." said Jay.

Jay went ahead and went to his first class of the day. It was then that he realized that he had to sit for Todd the 7 year old tonight. Thank God he didn't have to be there until 7. After school he met Dennis by the flagpole as planned and walked him home. He asked him how his day went. Dennis said, "Oh Jay it went so good. I kept my smile on and remembered peoples names and called them by name, and I found out what interested this chick and talked to her about it. I thought she would never shut up but I gave her eye contact and acted interested in what she was saying and you know what I got interested. She wants to have lunch with me tomorrow so she can tell me more about it."

"See what did I tell you would happen," Jay said.

His mother had come home and thanked Jay for checking on her. She said, "I believe Mrs. Haines pays you and then bills you later, isn't that the way it works?"

"Yes Ma'me that is how she set it up. We sure had fun hanging out."

"Dennis I will see you tomorrow. And Dennis, call me anytime you need anything OK?"

"Yea Jay I will. And Jay thanks for changing my life I really appreciate it. I will probably remember you for as long as I live because of what you did for me." said Dennis.

"Well that is quite a compliment Dennis. Thank you. I'll see you tomorrow then."

With that Jay got on the bike he had been pushing and rode home.

He went in and told his mother he was going to t ake a nap. And to please wake him for dinner.

She told him she would and he was off to his bedroom. It didn't take him long to go to sleep and on his mind was Dennis and the smile he left him with.

When his mother awoke him for dinner he got up and ate with Karen and his mother with the usual what's and if's always talked about. After dinner he went to his room and didn't bother with the dildo as a 7 year old he would never use it on. He did however bring the beads but couldn't make up a good reason to even do that.

When he got to the address it was a beautiful home like most everywhere he had sat. He locked his bike and went to the door and rang the bell.

When the door opened Mrs. Newberry stood there. She was tall and quite good looking he thought to himself. She said, "You must be Jay. I have heard a lot of nice things about you from t he other ladies. Won't you come in and I'll introduce you to Todd."

Jay followed her into what had to be the most beautifully furnished living room he had ever seen. This lady could be an interior decorator so he decided to tell her so. "Gee Mrs. Newberry your living room is decorated nicer than any I've seen, It is beautiful."

This obviously pleased her by the look on her face and she said, "Why thank you Jay that is one of the nicest things anyone has ever said about my living room. Todd this is Jay he will be staying with you tonight while I go out. I won't be home until after your bedtime, actually around midnight. Jay please feel free to the pop in the refrigerator and Todd knows where the snack foods are."

Todd said, "Yea we got some cool snacks for tonight."

"Well I'm glad to hear that Todd sounds like we should have a good evening."

Mrs. New berry went to her bedroom and returned with her purse and her coat over her arm and said, "Well goodnight boys enjoy yourselves."

And with that she disappeared out the door and Jay heard her car start and back out of the driveway.

"Well Todd what grade are you in in school now?"

Todd said, "I'm in second grade but it won't be long until I'm a third grader we get out of school for the year a week from this Friday."

"You are getting to be a big boy aren't you. I get out tomorrow after Graduation ceremonies. I was a senior this year."

"Wow, you are really old."

"Well I don't think of myself as old Todd only compared to someone like you maybe but it won't be long until you will be in my shoes and graduating too."

"Seems like a long time to me though."

"Well look back at when you were in kindergarten and then think of now. Do esn't that seem like just yesterday to you?"

"Yea Jay I guess I see what you mean time does go by fast doesn't it?"

"Yes, and the older you get the faster it goes," said Jay.

"Have you had your shower yet Todd?"

"No but I usually take it about now and get in my pajamas to be more comfortable."

"Well why don't you do that then?"

"OK Jay I will go right now see you in a bit OK."

"OK." Jay was hoping he would ask him to join him in the bathroom but then that would be too good.

Jay heard the shower start and sat back reading the nights newspaper when Todd said, "Jay could you come here a minute?"

Just what Jay had been hoping to hear. "Yea I'm on my way Todd."

When Jay walked into the bathroom Todd was in the shower with the curtain pulled. Jay said, "I'm here Todd what do you need?"

"I forgot to bring my pajamas there on top of my bed would you get them?"

"Sure Todd." Jay having no idea which bedroom was his stuck his head in each room until there they were a pair of red pajamas that looked fairly new. He picked them up and smelled the boy smell on the crotch and took them to the bathroom.

As he entered the bathroom there was Todd standing in all his glory. Gosh he was as good looking as his mother. He was perfect size for his age and Jay noticed right away that he was uncut. Jay picked up the towel and asked him if he would like him to dry him.

Todd spoke up and said, "Sure nobody ever helps me any more. They think I'm old enough to do everything myself."

"Well you are a big boy but you know I know a lot of big boys that like me to dry them but I'm the only one that ever does it. They don't mention it to their mothers as they might not understand.&n bsp; You know what I mean Todd?"

"Yea adults can be a pain sometimes, I don't tell my mother much of anything anymore as it seems adults have to make something out of everything. So I just don't talk to her about anything that could even be considered personal."

"Yea I know what you mean I'm the same way with my mom," Jay commented.

Then Jay took the towel and dried his hair first and then started working his way down when he got to his butt he wanted to see the anus so he asked Todd to bend over so he could dry his butt really good. When Todd bent over Jay took one hand and spread him wide and saw the most perfect little pink ass hole. Then he had an idea... "Todd does your butt hurt right here and he touched his anus with the towel."

"Not really Jay is something wrong?"

"No not really wrong it's just that you are real red here like it was sore or gonna get sore. Would you care if I put some lotion on it when we get into the living room to make sure it doesn't get sore?"

"No that would be fine with me," Todd said.

Then Jay dried his butt hole and rubbed the towel on his perineum knowing what that causes. When he turned Todd around Todd said, "Gee I've got a woody."

"Oh that is only normal when someone else drys you I even get a little bit of a woody from drying someone else see?"

Jay put his hands where his hardening dick was to show it through his pants.

"Gee you really do. Then it must be natural for me to get one huh?"

"Yea don't worry about it it unusually feels good when it's hard anyway so just enjoy it."

"Yea, your right it always does feel good when it gets hard."

"Don't worry Todd this isn't anything I would ever tell your mother."

"Oh I'm gla d to hear that Jay, She wouldn't understand."

Jay started drying his stomach and then on down to his woody where he spent some time drying it and rubbing it as he did. He pulled back the foreskin to see the head and this really gave Jay a woody. Jay said, "You must be sure to wash and dry here really well to keep it from getting sore. It is a little red now maybe I should put some lotion on it too Todd. What do you think?"

"Yea Jay it sure is red."

Jay knew it wasn't red at all and that all Todd wanted was for him to give it the attention that feels so good.

When they were through Jay said, "Well put on your pajamas and where does your mom keep the lotion Todd?"

"Right over there in that cupboard Jay."

Jay went to the cupboard to get it as he wanted to notice exactly how it was placed so he could put it back in exactly the same place when he was through.

Then they both walked into the living room where Todd said, "You want a Coke Jay?"

Jay said, "That would be fine Todd, I would enjoy one."

Todd came back from the kitchen with two Cokes sipping on one of them. He gave the other one to Todd.

"Do you want to put the lotion on my sores now Jay?"

Jay said, "Well really that is up to you do you want me to do it now?"

"Oh yea!" Todd said enthusiastically.

"OK Todd Lay over my lap with your butt on my lap so I can reach it easy OK?"

He didn't have to say anything more. Todd lay over his lap on the couch and waited. Jay reached for the waste band which was elastic and pulled his pajama bottom down to his knees. He then got some lotion on his middle finger and started massaging his butt hole with it. When he heard the tell tale feel good moan he moved on down to the perineum as he wanted Todd really hard as a rock when he turned him over.

Todd said, "Gosh no one has ever touched me there before it feels so good."

Jay answered, "Yea I like it when someone does this to me too."

Jay continued on the perineum until he had him hard as a rock then went back to the butt hole which was so perfect it was making Jay leak all over his underwear. Jay started pointing his finger as he rubbed and then said, "This feels real good to most guys too." And with that he pushed his finger against the hole and felt resistance. Todd this will feel real good if you push out like you were going to the bathroom. Todd made a grunt sound and the finger slid home.

"Ohhhhh ahhhhhh Wow! That feels really strange." said Todd.

"Do you like it or do you want me to stop?"

"Oh don't stop push harder. I do like it Jay. It just feels strange cause no one has ever done that to me before but I like it."

Jay said push out and slid his finger all the way up through the rectum and into the colon. He could feel the natural juices in his colon and pushed as far up into him as he could.

Todd said, "That is really something Jay... It makes me feel like I got to take a crap real bad but it feels good at the same time."

"That is normal see how you like this." Jay started a slow finger fuck and started receiving moans and ahhhh's from Todd on a regular basis. Jay thought I wonder.... So he put in the second finger and pushed in about half way.

Todd said, "That feels even better but it is really tight and it hurts a little bit."

Jay said, "Yea but it only hurts for a short time then it starts feeling real good again."

"OK Jay."

Jay started working his fingers in an d out until he had both fingers into the juices of the colon. Jay thought he was going to loose it as this really turned him on.

Jay took out the fingers and smelled of them. Oh how he loved that smell from a young boys ass. He wished he could keep them smelling like that and never wash his hands again.

"Turn over now Todd and I'll do as I promised to the other side."

Todd rolled over and with his pajamas down to his knees already there he was naked from the waist to the knees. Jay thought what a smooth body this kid has. Jay rubbed lotion on his nipples until they hardened getting nothing but pleasure moans from Todd then he went down and pulled the foreskin back and started putting lotion on his penis which he knew would be sensitive. He rubbed lotion on the spot under his dick that he knew would be the best feeling point and said, "Does that feel better?"

Todd said, "You could do that all night it feels better than better."

With that Jay started jacking off motions with his foreskin pulled back down as he knew it would be too sensitive on his bare dick head. He jacked him off for a couple of minutes and then Todd went stiff and had his first dry orgasm. His body jerked as the spasms continued. When he was through with the orgasm his body turned limp.

Todd said, "I don't know what happened but I just got the best feeling I have ever had in my entire life Jay."

Jay explained to him that he had had a dry orgasm and that when he got to be about 12 when he did that he would make sperm shoot out and that the sperm is what makes babies.

"Wow Jay, is that how I was made. From one of those sperms?"

"Yes Todd when you are older and if you put your penis into a woman's front hole and spermed while you were inside her it cou ld create a baby. It doesn't do it every time just if the woman is ready to accept a sperm into one of the eggs her body makes. Now this is just between us OK. I wouldn't want you to tell anyone I told you this they might not understand.

"Oh don't worry no one and I mean NO ONE, will ever know anything you tell or show me Jay."

"Good because I might not be able to baby sit with you anymore and I would hate that."

"I would really hate that Jay. Don't worry OK?"

"Jay do you make sperms like that. You are more than 12 that's for sure?"

"Yes I do Todd and just like it feels good to you it feels even better to me because there is extra feeling when sperm shoots out."

"Jay you really like me and you really trust me don't you?"

"Yes to all of that Todd."

"Well I was wondering... I mean I would like... I don't know ho w to say this Jay...but would you let me do what you did to me, to you?"

"I don't know Todd, that really wouldn't be right...are you sure you want to?"

OH YEA! I'm sure I want to all right."

"Well how do you want me to lay?"

"Why don't we go up to my bedroom where you can stretch out and be comfortable...would that be OK?"

"What ever you say Todd."

Jay followed Todd to the bedroom and lay down on his bed length wise so he could have a pillow for his head.

"Would it be alright if I take your pants down?"

With that Jay got up and took both pants and under pants off and then asked him how he wanted him?

"On your stomach first Jay. I want to do you just like you did me.

Jay lay on his stomach with his head on the pillow and waited.

Todd put lotion on his fingers and then put the middle finger on Joe's ass hole. HE started pushing so Jay pushed out to relax and his finger went all the way in him.

"Gee this is fun do you like that Jay?"

"Oh Yea Go ahead Todd."

Todd went ahead and started finger fucking him pretty fast. Then Todd added the second finger and kept right on finger fucking him fast. Todd got an idea...He put three fingers together and stuck them in and started fucking Jay with them.

Jay said, "That feels so good Todd if you keep it up I am gonna make sperm. Do you want me to turn over so you can see when that happens."

"Yea Jay turn over on your back."

When Jay did he was leaking pre-cum so badly that his dick was wet.

"Did you already make sperms Jay?"

"No that is what is called pre-cum and it happens when some one is making you enjoy yourself sexually like you have been doing to me."

"Oh I'm glad you are enjoying this I sure am."

Jay then showed him how to run his dick in a jack off motion so he could make sperm for him. Todd started doing it and it didn't take even two minutes before Jay was releasing rope after rope of cum that shot up onto his forehead on the first shot and then it hit his face and the rest went on down his stomach little by little getting less and less.

"That was awesome, Jay I have never even thought that could happen to a guy. Will I really be able to do that when I'm 12?"

"Yes you certainly will Todd. And thank you that felt so great."

Without having to be told Todd went to the bathroom and brought the roll of paper to Jay to clean up. Jay asked him if he would like to know what sperm taste like before he cleaned it all up.

"You mean you have tasted it?"

"Oh yes most guys that do it have tasted it."

With that Todd reached over and got his finger full and put it into his mouth. He thought for a moment and said, "Not bad, a little salty but real sweet too. I think I like the taste especially since you made it Jay."

Jay thanked him for saying that and then started cleaning up and put back on his pants.

It was now past Todd's bedtime and they both thought they had had enough for one night so Jay tucked him in and gave him a kiss on the forehead saying, "You know what I really want to come back and sit for you again Todd."

"Don't worry Jay, if I have anything to say about it, it will always be you. You have been so nice to me Jay. Thank you."

"You are so welcome Todd. Good night." Jay turned off the light and took the lotion back to exactly where he had found it, then he went to the couch and was asleep within minutes. What a day.

He again was awakened by the door shutting and got up and greeted Mrs. Newberry. She thanked him for sitting and said everyone said they pay you $50 so here is money well earned Jay. Thank you for coming.

Jay thanked her for calling him and said he would be glad to sit anytime he had free. With that he showed himself out, unlocked his bike and headed home. What a night. So much more than he had expected from a 7 year old.

To Be Continued...

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