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The next day I was tired but it was my day for Graduation from High School. I was elated. It was finally over. I was a high school graduate finally. I had no more appointments for baby sitting for this week which didn't mean one or two wouldn't pop up. I was glad for a little rest.

I didn't have the graduation ceremonies until 8pm so I really had the day free. So after showering and getting dressed I went down to the breakfast table to find mom and Karen already eating cereal. So I poured myself a bowl and joined them.

Mom spoke up and said, "Honey I want you to know we are really proud of all the money you have earned and we think you should take two weeks and go on a vacation. So without telling you I bought a round trip airli ne ticket to Los Angeles and your cousin wants you to stay with him as it won't cost you a thing except you might pitch in a little toward groceries. He wants to take you to see the sights of LA and also San Diego and probably Mexico. Since you boys are the same age, he graduates today too in LA, I thought you would really love seeing Rob again, it has been two years since you boys got together and you always got along so well. What do you think of my surprise Jay?"

Jay was in semi shock when he answered, "Gosh mom I really appreciate that. I need to get away from the hum drum of baby sitting and I'm sure you can tell anyone who calls that I'm gone for two weeks. It sounds so cool to me. Thanks Mom. You paid for the airline tickets?"

"Yes dear, I saved ahead each month for many months but I got the money together and went ahead and bought the tickets on line where they cost so much less. You will be leaving Saturday at 1pm and are due to arrive in LA at 3:15pm. Rob will be waiting there at your arrival gate for you."

"Gosh mom this is so exciting. I better wash all my clothes and think about what I am going to pack, Oh Wow this is great mom.

"I thought you would think so dear that's why I did it."

That afternoon Jay went over to the feed store to tell James about his exciting trip. He wasn't so sure James would be so happy about him leaving for two weeks but that was something he would have to deal with. When Jay went into the store he found James ready for a 15 minute break which was great. He told him the story and they went in back to the feed room and closed the door and hugged each other which turned into a kiss, which turned into giving head to each other. The 15 minutes didn't give them much time but James understoo d how busy Jay's days were going to be. After all this was Wednesday already. Jay finally had to leave and went home to rest the afternoon away washing clothes etc. and getting ready for the great trip.

Before he knew it he was on the airplane headed for Los Angeles. Jay fondly remembered Rob from the days they use to try and get 10 to 12 year olds to do things when they were around 15 themselves. It would be so good to tell him some of his baby sitting stories.

Soon the stewardess announced we would be landing in 10 minutes to please put up our trays and fasten our seat belts. Anyone not in their seats please return to their seats immediately. This got me excited and I started to get hard just thinking about Rob and out good times together.

I had carry on luggage only as I had been told enough stories about lost luggage. I finally got off the plane and started walking down the concourse. Of course due to security I knew he would have to wait past the security check point. When I passed through security there he was all smiles. I was too. I noticed h e had a little bulge too. This was so great.

He came up to me and gave me the biggest hug. "It's been what, two years dude?"

"Yea Rob I guess it has been that long. Gosh how time flies by."

"Come on Jay I parked in the front of the airport. I was lucky enough to get one of the meters out in front across the street."

They got into his rather old van but who cared it was Rob and that was all that mattered. Jay told Rob he had been making a lot of money baby sitting and loved it. He told him some of the things that he was able to do with the boys that he sat for and Rob went all the way hard. Rob said, "How did you get started doing that Jay?"

"I put an add in the newspaper and I got a call the second day. I said I had references but hardly anyone ever checked them. After a while I had some real impressive references like a lady on the school board and an attorney lady."

"Wow! That sounds so exciting how much did they pay you?"

"One paid me $30 but all the rest gave me $50 and they let me sleep on their couch until they got home after the kid went to bed." answered Jay.

"Gosh Jay they have cut back my hours and it is hard to make it these days. I never work evening shifts so I am alway free in the evenings. Maybe I should give that a try?"

"Sure Rob why don't we put an add in your paper tonight. It will come out tomorrow and then maybe I can show you the ropes. We would wait until the lady left and then ask the kid if he minded if a friend came over and hung out with us."

"What a plan. The kid would never tell the parent if we told him to keep it a secret because the kids really get to like us." said Jay.

As soon as they got home Rob grabbed the paper and found the number to call to place an ad and had Jay help him design an ad that would pull. Jay made it say, Baby sitting jobs wanted. Young college student wants evening work to help support his college expenses. References available on request. And then his phone number.

Rob couldn't dial the phone fast enough. He had a cell phone too so it wouldn't hold them from going out and having fun and still get any calls that might come in.

The next day they went to Disneyland. Rob had some free passes someone had given him and wanted to take Jay there. They had been there years before but Disneyland changes so rapidly and its alway fun there.

They went from land to land and rode everything with a short line. They made reservations for the Magic Mountain roller coaster ride and then when they finished that they made reservations for the Jungle boat ride. All in all they were having a bal l. About 4 they were sitting in a rather quiet restaurant outside at a table and having a sandwich and a Coke when the phone rang. Rob answered it. It was a lady wanting a baby sitter tomorrow night from 7 until midnight or better. Rob said he had that time open as he had had a cancellation. A real bullshitter from way back. She gave him her address and told him how to get there. Then she said, "Her boy was 11 and really didn't think he needed a baby sitter but it is the law you know."

"Yes Ma'me I know I get a lot of similar calls. See you tomorrow at 7 sharp."

And with that the first appointment was made just that easy. Jay was excited as he loved 11 year old boys and they were always so easy to get to do things. Rob was even more excited because he had never tried anything like this and was looking forward to it.

The next day they had a b all. They had a little sex together during the night but really both of them liked sex with younger guys better. Rob received another phone call for Tuesday. He took the address and she wanted him at 6:30 until 11 or 12 probably the later. She said her son Joey was 6 and had always had girl babysitters. He said he got along well with boys so there should be no problem. When he told Jay they both got excited.

At 6:45 they loaded into the car and headed for the address. Jay got out down on the corner until Rob took instructions and the lady left. When he got permission from the boy the porch light would come on that it was safe to come on in.

Jay waited patiently for about ten minutes as he knew it took time to do all the things Rob had to do to get him in. Then he saw it, the porch light not only came on but it flashed twice. Jay was on his way.

Jay rang the doorbell and Rob let him in and introduced him to 11 year old Jim. Jay said, "You know Jim I hang out with guys your age back at home while their mothers go out. It is alway a fun evening especially when a boy is as old as you are. You are so grown up, so it's certainly not like baby sitting. I call it hanging out."

Jim said, "Gosh Jay I like you. You are so cool. How long have you known Rob?"

"Well to be honest with you Jim, Rob is my cousin so I have known him all my life." Jay said.

"Wow! You guys go back a long way," said Jim.

"Yes we do Jim. Tell me what do you do to pass the time when you are here with a friend. I like to consider myself a friend I'm sure not an enemy. ha ha." said Jay.

"Oh I don't know what do guys my age do where you come from when you hang out with them?"

"Well really a bunch of things, many of them like me to show them things about their computer, one guy likes me to play doctor with him. Please keep that one a secret as I don't tell everyone that one they might get the wrong idea. I would also appreciate it if you didn't tell your mom Rob let a friend in as she might not have him back."

"Oh don't worry I don't tell her much of anything. Grown ups make mountains out of mole hills all the time."

Jay said, "Yea I know what you mean. And don't worry we won't tell her anything you share with us. We aren't here to get you in trouble you know. When guys hang out with each other everything is kept to ourselves."

"Gosh Jay I like that. You are really cool ya know. What do you show the guys about their computers?" said Jim.

"Well where is your computer and I'll show you?"

We followed him to his bedroom where his computer was. "Would you mind if I check my em ail Jim?"

"Oh no go right ahead." said Jim.

Rob knew he was to keep his attention away from the computer while Jay checked the history.

Rob said, "Did you build this model car all by yourself. It sure is a good job?"

"Yea, look at the decals I think they are so real looking. Don't you?"

With the complete attention on the car Jay looked and found some porn sites on his history site. It was rare for a 11+ year old not to have some there.

Jay spoke right up and said, "Gee Jim I see you go to a lot of the sites I go to."

Boy did this draw immediate attention from Jim as he came running over to the computer and said what do you mean Jay?"

"Well dude didn't you know your machine has history on it and it tells everywhere you have been all week or even up to a month if you have it set that way."

"Gosh no I didn't know th at."

Jim was visibly shaking now. Litterly scared to death. Jay picked up on this and used it to his advantage. "Oh don't worry Jim all the guys I hang out with that have computers have these sites and more on them. Let's look at a few of them." Jay deliberately picked the few gay sites he had been to and brought them up. "I see you like looking at nude boys. That's not unusual at all most boys like to look at other boys. They don't stop when they get to high school either they check each other out in the showers.

"Really you mean...I mean I'm... I'm not in trouble."

"For what? You haven't done anything I haven't done. Rob have you ever looked at this stuff on your computer."

Rob spoke right up and said, "Oh hell I been looking at that stuff since I was 8 Jay."

Jay said, "Yea me too."

Jim said, "You mean I'm not weird liking that k ind of stuff?"

"No I think it would be weird if you didn't like this kind of stuff." said Jay.

"How many times do you jack off each day?" Rob piped up.

"I'm uh... I'm not really sure I know what you mean. I mean I have heard guys at school talk about it but I really never knew what they meant."

Jay said, "See this guy right here with all that white stuff on his stomach?"

"Yea I've seen that kind of stuff lots. What is that stuff?"

"Well Jim that is called cum or sperm is the technical word for it. It is produced by your prostate gland and carries sperm out from your balls when you shoot it."

By now Jay knew they were talking way above this guys understanding. "Would you like me to show you how they do it?"

"Is it nasty or anything?"

"Oh gosh no nothing to do with sex is nasty. It is sometimes looked a t that way by real little boys but you are a young man and should know what this stuff is all about, can I show you?"

"Yea Jay I would like to know. You won't tell my mom will you that we talked about this stuff or that you found that stuff on my computer will you?"

"Of course not. People who hang out don't tell anyone anything."

Come on over here on your bed Jim. Now lay on your stomach and I'll show you some things. Jay started in on the perineum because he wanted this guy hard as a rock before they talked.

"Oh no one has ever touched me there before. It feels awesome Jay."

"Yes I thought you would like it." Feeling his perineum was hard now Jay went on, "You like what I'm doing to you, Jim?"

"Oh yes, I wish you would never stop it feels so good."

"Let me show you some things that feel even better, do you have any Vas eline or lotion."

Jim jumped up and Jay followed him as he wanted to see exactly where he got whatever he got. "Here is this what you want?"

He handed Jay a jar of Vaseline. "Yes now come back on over here to your bed and loosen your pants."

"Like my belt and button."

"Yes I want to use this stuff where I was rubbing you before but I don't want to get it on your pants that would be a mess wouldn't it?"

"You got that right." with that Jim completely opened his pants and lay back on his stomach. Jay reached his waste band and pulled his pants down displaying the most slender perfect hairless butt he had seen in a long time. "Rob look at this."

By now Rob was drooling. "See where his redness is right here," Jay touched his asshole which was just barely pink.

Rob said, "Oh yea that is kinda red, is it sore Jim?" < P> "No it isn't sore."

Jay said "Well it would have been by tomorrow. Here I am going to show you where your prostate is and rub for a while to get the redness out. I think you will enjoy this Jim."

With that Jay started rubbing his anus with Vaseline. He could hear the pleasure moans that all kids seemed to have in common. "Now Jim I'm going to gently push on your butt until I reach your prostate gland. It will help if you push out like you had to take a crap."

When Jay heard the grunt in went the finger about two inches. "How does that feel Jim?"

"It kinda hurt at first but now it feels really good can you push harder I think it will feel better if you do?"

He didn't have to ask Jay twice Jay sank his finger all the way to the hilt. Jim moaned really loud at that one. Then Jay started slowly finger fucking him. He told Jim to turn on his side facing him for a minute. When Jim turned Jay said now I'm going to show you another one of the pictures you have been looking at. Jay took his 4 inch dick all the way in his mouth and started going up and down on it at a regular rather fast rate and while doing so plunged the second finger in too all the way to the hilt. Jim let out a yell and said, "ohhhhh ahhhhhh I'm getting such a strange feeling Ooooooooo God." He stiffened up and had his first orgasm which was a little wet as Jay felt a few drops of honey hit his tongue.

"What did you think of that Jim?"

"Jay I have never in my life felt that good. What did you do to me?"

"Well Jim I made you have your first wet orgasm. I will show you how to do it to yourself right after your shower OK?"

"Oh yea! OK, OK, OK" said Jim.

Rob spoke up and said, "Sounds like you liked that huh? "

"Oh yea Rob it was so great, it was fucking awesome. Oh excuse me for my language."

Rob said, "That's OK dude it's just between us guys you know."

"God your awesome too Rob."

"Thanks Jim for saying that. Shall we head for the shower now?"

When they got to the shower Jay told him to go ahead and shower. "Since we have already seen you naked you won't mind if we are here anyway."

"Naw! That's OK you have seen everything I have and probably lots of other guy like you said in the shower at school and everything."

"You got it pal" said Rob.

"Jay said, "A lot of the guys I hang with like me to soap their back. Would you like me to soap yours?"

"Yea sure I never have anyone help me anymore." said Jim.

"Why don't you soap his back Rob and it helps if you take your shirt and pants off to do it or you will end up soaking wet yourself."

"Yea I guess I better do that." said Rob.

With that Rob soaped his back and Jay said, "Be sure and do his butt hole real good remember how red it was?"

So Rob did his butt and even stuck his finger in and out a few times. His hard on was about to break through his boxers.

After the shower Rob helped him dry and just carried his clothes to the bedroom.

Jay said, "Before we show you how to jack off yourself, let me show you how to get rid of this history, before your mother stumbles onto it."

"Yea Jay I sure wouldn't want that to happen."

Jay showed him how to clear his history and also his cache so that his mother wouldn't accidentally get a surprise.

"Now Rob why don't you show him how he can jack off by himself. And Jim it helps if you bring up a picture site like you like to look at w ith sex pictures while you are jacking off. You will cum a lot quicker."

Rob started jacking Jim off with two fingers and his thumb. After a minute or so he said now you keep doing it until you get that feeling. To help you take your left hand and put it here. Rob put his hand on his hard on and slid it where he could reach inside the boxers and touch his dick. Jim really started jacking when he did that and within two minutes went stiff and started spurting tiny drops of honey cum on his stomach.

Jay said, "You did it dude. You had your second wet cum. Now take some on your finger like this and put it in your mouth like this." Jay had to have one more taste of that honey cum. It was so good.

Now roll over on your stomach and Rob put some Vaseline on his butt as the soap you used in the shower will make him sore without some lubrication.

Rob w as really getting into this now and said, "Sure Jay does this feel better Jim?"

"Oh yea you can do that all you want. Push harder will you Rob?"

Rob stuck his finger all the way in and he had long fingers so he went right on up into the colon where he could feel the juices of the bowels. He finger fucked him listening to him ooooo and ahhhhh and moan while he did it. After about two minutes he said, "There that should hold you a while Jim. I'll put some on next time if you and your mother ask me back."

"Oh don't worry about that Rob I will always ask her to call you. You are so cool and so are you Jay. And don't worry I won't tell her about you stopping by Jay that's our secret."

Jay said, "Thanks buddy. I wish I could come back again but I'll probably be back home again."

Rob leaned over and tucked him in and gave him a kiss on the forehead. Then Jay did likewise and they turned off the light and left for the living room.

Rob saw Jay to the door and after they were outside out of hearing reach he said, "Thanks Jay for all the help. If you want the bus that goes by here there is a stop right over there on the corner can take you back to my place and here is the key to get in. Just leave the door open so I can get in when ever I get there. They gave each other a quick hug since it was dark out and Jay left for the bus stop and his apartment.

In the morning they had a late breakfast with each other after sucking each other off. It didn't take either one of them long to cum after that sexual night before.

Rob said, "Tonight we have 6 year old Joey to hang with."

Jay said, "Yea that could be interesting as I have never had a boy that young before myself."

They filled in the afternoon with some rides at Knots Berry farm and got home in time to have a bite and still make their 6:30 appointment with Joey.

To be continued.

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