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This story is pure fiction, never happened, hopefully never will.


Again Rob dropped off Jay about half a block away from the address for Joey. Same signal, the porch light, would be use d when safe. Jay not to draw neighbors attention walked down a block and then back a block and then crossed the street and did the same thing. He saw a car pull away about 5 minutes ago and was just waiting for the light. Then he saw it finally and went to the door.

Rob opened the door and took Jay in to meet little Joey. Rob said, "This is my friend Jay he is actually my cousin and visiting for two weeks that is why I didn't want him to have to stay home alone tonight."

"Hi Jay," said little Joey. He was as cute as a bug. His blue eyes and smooth skin really showed off his almost white hair. It is funny how blonds can be such tow heads at this age and by the time they get to high school it is usually dishwater blond.

"Well hello Joey. Thank you for letting me come in. I hang out with a lot of boys back home when their mothers have to go out. I always have fun with them."

Rob said, "Yea Joey, Jay has a lot of experience with young boys. He has been doing baby sitting to earn his way into college."

"Gosh Jay you must know a lot about little boys like me then."

"Oh yes, and I love them all. Although most of them aren't as cute as you are."

"Do you really think I'm cute Jay?"

"You bet. You have the cutest face I have seen on a little boy and your body is perfect just like God made you special."

"Wow! No one has ever said anything like that to me before."

Jay went on, "When you have baby sitters over what do you usually do while they are here?"

"Oh nothing much a lot of them give me a bath and let me watch a few minutes of TV with them and then they put me to bed. Sometimes earlier than I am suppose to. They are always girls and they spend a lot of their evening talkin g on the phone."

"It doesn't sound like you have much fun with them then?" said Rob.

"No it's always pretty boring. Jay what do the kids you sit for like to do when you go to sit with them?"

"Well Joey some of them like to watch TV but not very many of them like that. Then some like to play with their computers and I show them some things about that. I have one little boy who always wants to play doctor. But we should not talk about that as you might tell your mother and she might not like that."

"Oh don't worry I've learned that the less I tell mom the better off I am. Adults can be funny you know?"

"Yea I know that is why the guys I sit with never tell their mother anything we do."

"Well don't worry I don't either Jay."

"Jay how do you play uh...I mean what do you... When you play doctor?"

"Well I usual ly let them be the doctor and they do what ever they want to me. Hey I just got a real good idea. Why don't I be the head of the hospital, which means I am a doctor too. You be a new doctor in the hospital and we will let Rob be your patient. How does that sound to you?"

"That sounds cool Jay how do we start?"

"Joey what is your last name?"

"It's Brown Jay."

"OK Dr. Brown my patient here just came in complaining about a pain in his groin area. Now that is where his leg attaches to his body. Do you think you could help me out and have a look at him?"

"Sure what's your last name Jay?"

"It is Carson Joey."

"OK Dr. Carson I'll have a look at him would you lay down here on the couch Rob?"

"Let's see how am I going to see where you hurt Rob?"

"Dr. Brown said Dr. Carson, since you are a new doctor let me tell you that you are the boss and to examine a patient you can ask him to remove his pants."

"Oh OK, Rob would you mind taking off your pants so I can have a look at where it hurts?"

Rob said, "What ever you say Dr. Brown." and with that loosened his pants and took them all the way off. Do you want my undershorts off too Dr. Brown?"

The boy looked at Jay for assistance and Jay knodded his head yes.

"Yes Rob I think that would be of great help."

With that Rob took off his grey stripped boxers and put them with his pants.

There that's better, you sure are a good doctor Dr. Brown I am glad Dr. Carson referred me to you."

This made Joey's chest stick out a little further. Joey looked at Rob's dick and it was three fourths hard. Joey said, "I see you are getting a little woody there Rob. Don't worry about it we doctors see everything." and he grinned from ear to ear looking up at Jay.

Then Joey put his hand on his upper leg and said, "Tell me where it hurts, Joe?"

Rob pointed to his groin area right next to his now hard dick.

Joey started rubbing the area and said, "Does this make it feel better Rob?"

"Oh yes but the pain is closer to my dick, don't worry if you touch it that's what doctors do."

With that Joey started rubbing real close to the hard on and then put his hand on it and said, "Does it hurt here?"

"Yes I think you have it now. Just rub it there and it makes it feel so much better."

Jay noticed that Joey now had a hard on himself and was really getting turned on by this.

Jay said, "Rub it like this Joey and he jacked Rob off a couple times."

Joey copied what Jay had done and had Rob moaning in seconds.

Jay se eing that Rob was about to give it up said, "Why dont you have him turn on his stomach and then take his temperature. Do you have a thermometer?"

Joey jumped up and ran for the bathroom and came back with the thermometer. He shook it like his mother probably alway did and then put it toward Rob's mouth.

"Uh Dr. Brown here in the hospital we always take the temperature rectally. So you must put it in his bottom like you would a baby."

Joey got the weirdest grin on his face and he looked up a Jay and then back at Rob's cute ass and then spred Rob's cheeks and said, "How do we make it slippey Dr. Carson?"

"Do you have any Vaseline?"

Agian Joey went for the bathroom followed by Jay to see exactly where he got it so he could be sure to put it back in the same way.

When they got back to Rob Dr. Brown said, "Now what Dr. Carson?"

"Well the best thing to do is lubricate his rectum with your finger. Put some Vaseline on your middle finger and push it in and out a few times to lubricate him then you are sure you won't hurt him."

Joey did as instructed grinning all the while. He put his finger on Rob's ass hole and pushed it in. He like doing this so he pushed it in all the way. Then he started finger fucking Rob as he had been instructed by Dr. Carson." He obviously wanted to keep doing this as his little hard on was really hard now. Finally Dr. Carson said, "OK now put the thermoter in all the way and move it in and out like you were your finger to get a good reading."

Joey carefully pushed it in and it almost went all the way in before it stopped. Then he took hold of what little showed and pulled it out and then pushed it back all the way in and then out and kept doing this.

Dr. Carson said, "You should keep that up for about 5 minutes."

Joey was loving every minute of this. He would keep doing it all night if he could. After 5 long minutes, at least to Rob, he was told to take it out and let Dr. Carson help him read it. They read it together and then Dr. Carson said, "He doesn't have much of a temperature and that is good."

"Now doctor you like putting your finger in Rob don't you."

"Yea a lot."

"OK then use two fingers and lubricate him so he won't be sore tomorrow."

Joey had that weird grin on his face again and started having a ball. He was finger fucking him so hard that Rob thought he might cum and didn't really want to yet. Besides he didn't want to get cum all over the couch.

Jay said, "Now why don't you ask him to turn back on his back."

So Joey stepped back and Rob turned over hard and leaking like a fountain. &l t;P> "Gee why are you wet down here?"

Jay quickly spoke up and said, "That is what happens when you lubricate his butt it makes him feel sexy. Do you ever feel sexy yourself Joey?"

"Yea like right now I do."

"Would you like to be the patient for a while and let us work on you?"

"Yea I would really like that."

Jay told him to take off his clothes and lay on the couch then.

Joey didn't hesitate he was so turned on by all of this. "Now we will let Rob be my assistant and he can see what is wrong with you OK?"

"Yea OK," said Joey.

Jay sugested that Rob take his temperature to be sure he didn't have any infection. So Rob lubricated his long middle finger and put it on the tiny pink ass hole. Now I want you to push out like you were going to go to the bathroom OK?"

When Rob felt it and heard him grunt a little he slid his finger about two inches in and said how does that feel to you Joey?"

"Wow! No one has ever touched me there before It feels kinda tight but it feels good too. Can you push harder?"

That was all Rob needed his finger went slowly all the way in to the hilt. He could feel the colon juices as his finger felt as if it were half way to little Joey's stomach. Does that hurt Joey?"

"No it just makes me feel like I gotta crap and bad. But I like it too."

"Here I think this will feel better and he started slowly long fucking him with his finger."

"Yea that feels good now," said Joey."

Then Rob took out his finger and replaced it with the now washed thermometer. Jay had rinsed it off while he was finger fucking him. He pushed the thermometer in as far as it would go and it only went in a little over half w ay. Then he started fucking him with it and did it for a full 5 minutes just like he had done him. All the while he was hearing plesure moans from his patient.

When Rob pulled out the thermometer Jay helped him read it and of course it was normal. Jay said, "Well it looks like it is normal so you don't have an infection."

Jay said, "Now why dont you turn over on your back and point to where it hurts so Rob can rub it for you."

Joey turned over and with a wicked grin he pointed at his hard as a rock penis.

Rob was glad that is where he was pointing as he wanted to rub that precious little 3 inch dick and what balls he had. so he took his whole hand and cupped the area and started rubbing it. Joey was going banana's.

Jay wanted to see if they could bring a six year old to orgasm so he told Rob to step back that he wanted to give Joey a special treatment.  ; With that he took Joey into his mouth hearing him gulp and then ahhhh. Jay was a professional cock sucker by now and started up and down really fast for about 5 minutes the with a his fingers full of Vaseline he plunged two fingers all the way up Joey's ass. When he did that at the same time he was giving head like the world was coming to an end, all of a sudden Joey tightened up and started having dry spasms the whole time crying out OOOoooooo Gooood Ahhhhhhh what is happening to me. He finally collapsed from exaustion and Jay told him he had just had his first orgasm.

"Wow! That felt better than anything has ever felt in my whole life.? Joey said. Then he went on and said "What is an orgasm Jay?"

Jay said, "It is when a man shoots sperm that makes babies when put in a woman."

"What's sperm?"

"Well if you did what I just did to you to either Rob or myself we would do the same thing you did but sperm which is usually referred to as cum would shoot out of us.

"Can I try it on you Jay?"

"Only if you really want to?"

"Oh I do Jay I really do."

Jay said, "OK then I will take my pants off too then."

Jay lay on his back on the couch waiting to see just what was going to happen, he was as hard as he ever gets.

Joey wasted no time he had his mouth on Jay's dick as fast as he could get there. He pulled off long enough to say, "It taste kinda sweet with a little salt." Then he went down on Jay and started giving him head like there was no tomorrow. Jay lasted about two minutes and said, "I'm going to shoot cum now." That didn't slow the little guy one iota he just kept right on going. Jay shot 8 ropes into his mouth and he saw he was swallowing as fast as he could but couldn 't quite keep up with it all as some leaked out. Then Joey said, "Wow! I never knew that happened before. Can I do you now Rob?"

Rob was shocked by that statement and said, "Only if you really want to."

"Lay down Rob I really want to." said Joey.

What a horney little guy they had run into. Joey started on Rob just as he had on Jay and was going like a house on fire. Rob lasted about three minutes and then Joey remembered something and stuck his two fingers all the way into Rob's ass. That really did it Rob started throwing ropes and must have thrown 8 or 9 ropes. He couldn't remember ever cumming that hard as he was really turned on by this little guy.

"Wow Joey, that was so great. I hope I can baby sit with you a lot."

"Don't worry Rob I will insist mom call you first everytime she goes out."

That really pleased Rob and Jay even smiled as he wished it were him.

Jay said, "It is shower time."

"Since we are all naked shall we do it together." Every one was all for it and they all headed to the bathroom. Jay started the water and adjusted the temperature and then they all got in. Since there were two bars of soap one on the sink and one in the shower they were all able to soap each other down a couple of times. Each time they past the ass hole it got entered and re-entered several times. Joey was in seventh heaven he had never had so much fun. When they finished they took turns drying each other and then went back to the living room to get dressed again. Joey took his clothes to his bedroom and returned in his pajamas. Jay took the thermometer and Vaseline and put them where they had found them and then they all sat on the couch and watched TV for about a half hour. Joey took turns sitt ing on Jay's and Rob's lap just loving his time with them.

"After the program they took Joey to bed and tucked him in. Rob told him he had really enjoyed sitting for him and could hardly wait to see him again. Then he reached down and gave him a kiss on the forehead. Jay followed suite and then they said good night turned out the light and headed for the living room. Since it was close to 9:30 Jay decided to take the bus home and told Rob he would see him in the morning.

Rob showed Jay to the door and hugged him and then without the porchlight for nosy neighbors to see Jay slipped away into the darkness.

(To be continued)

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