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This story is pure fiction, never happened, hopefully never will.


The next morning Jay woke up and found Rob almost on top of him. He reached around him and started playing with his ass . He spread it so the air could reach his ass hole and this woke Rob up.

"Oh Jay, I wish you were here all the time. Rub my ass hole with your finger will Ya?"

It didn't take any encouragement as Jay wet his finger and started rubbing back and forth across his ass hole.

"Push Jay please." So Jay got more spit and pushed his finger as far as he could in this cramped position. He finally rolled on top of him and then using more spit two fingered him, more spit and three fingers went in. "Oh God what a way to wake up." said Rob. "Fuck me Jay."

Again it didn't take twice Jay put spit heavy on his dick and in it went. Ohs and ah's came out of Rob as Jay sped up and was really fucking him. He was going so fast he started huffing and puffing. Sweat was pouring off him and even Rob was starting to sweat from the workout. Finally after about 15 mi nutes of going at it like crazy Jay said, "OK man here it cums." With that Jay pushed in as hard as he could for each rope as it shot deep up inside Rob. Then he collapsed on top of Rob and started hugging him from behind. Rob found the strength to roll over a little so he could get their mouths together and they went into tongue wrestling for another 10 minutes or so, hugging each other pretty hard all the time. Then Rob pulled free and said, "How about some breakfast, Jay?"

Jay was all for that and they both got up and stayed nude while they got breakfast and ate it.

Rob said, "That was sure a fun night with little Joey wasn't it?"

Jay said, "It sure was he was the cutest little guy. I envy you being able to go back there as you know who his mother is going to call every time now after what Joey said."

"Yea that's for sure. Say Jay I have been think ing you didn't come here to baby sit for your vacation. What do you say I call my two ladies and tell them I am going to be gone for about a week and won't be available until I get back. That way they will feel good about me telling them. Then you and I can take off for San Diego and points south in Mexico."

"Hey that sounds great Rob. Better than great."

"OK then let's shower and get dressed and packed and I will call them and off we go OK?"

"You bet Rob."

We packed and got into his old van, One thing that it does have is back seats that make into a bed which comes in handy to save on motel bills. He has a double sleeping bag back there that he uses whenever he goes places and doesn't want to have a motel bill.

It wasn't long before we had checked the oil after warming up the van and took off for San Diego. When we got down there we went out to Mission Beach and rode the Roller Coaster. That was so cool. I think all in all we rode it 3 times. We didn't feel like swimming so we went up to look around Balboa Park and ended up taking an evening ride around the San Diego, Zoo on the tour bus. That was really nice at that time of day because it wasn't hot or uncomfortable at all.

We found a dark side street with very few houses on it and parked the van well away from any house and slept there that night.

In the morning we went to a pancake house and had coffee and breakfast. It was good and I was full. Then we decided to go down to TJ Mexico and stay the night in the hotel and split the fee. We knew better than to drive down so we took the bright red trolley type train to the border after parking the van where we thought it would be safe. For sure no one would want to steal it.

The train took us to this side of the border and we had to walk through customs to go into TJ. We caught a cab to take us to the hotel and checked in. It was cheap, especially with us splitting the fee. Then we took to the street bazaars. I don't care what one wanted you could usually find it and then bargain them down to about half the asking price. They all do that so they probably just put their prices way up to start with after all their not stupid. We found a real nice Mexican restaurant. They say don't drink the water so I had a Pepsi and he had a soft drink also. We skipped eating any lettuce as it is washed in their water and ate everything else. When we went back out it was getting dark. The Mexican kids were trying to panhandle. There were so many of them everywhere. We couldn't afford to give them all money but did fork out a dollar or two.

On our way t o the hotel we saw this kid about 13 or 14 just standing there doing nothing. I asked him if he was alright and he said not really I'm hungry and no one has given me money today. So we took him to a small restaurant and bought him a quick meal. He was so nice and smiled a lot when we were talking to him. I asked him where he lived. He answered that he really didn't have any place in particular just where ever he landed when he got tired enough. I knew things were bad for the poor in TJ but this really struck both Rob and I hard as we both looked at each other and then Rob said, "Would you like to sleep in our room with us tonight at the hotel."

He answered, "Yes that would be nice if he could get in. Sometimes they chase Mexican kids away."

Rob said, "Well we have already checked in and so we can avoid the desk area and go right to our room."

So with that we decided to give it a try. When we walked in the desk clerk was busy helping someone so we slipped by and went right to out room. When we got inside I asked him what his name was. He said, "My name is Pedro Quartez."

Jay said, "Well you are sure welcome here Pedro. When is the last time you had a shower?"

Pedro answered, "Several days, maybe a week, I really don't know."

"Well then that is the first thing I think we should all do is get clean. I feel grimy myself," said Jay.

Jay and Rob started undressing and so Pedro followed suit. When he was nude they noticed he was uncut and quite large for his age. His dick was about 4 inches soft. Jay said, "Why don't you go first Pedro."

Pedro smiled at this and started fiddling with the shower knobs like he wasn't sure what to do with them. Jay reached over him and adjusted the water to the right te mperature and then started the shower. Pedro said, "Gee thanks Jay."

When he got in and got wet Jay asked him, "Would you like it if I soaped you down Pedro?"

"Oh Si, I would like that a lot. Nobody ever pays any attention to Pedro."

Jay just climbed in the shower with him and started shampooing his hair.

"Oh that feels so good Senior Jay."

Jay liked that he was so cute. His skin was tan all over, being Mexican, and he had the cutest butt. Jay finished up with his hair and then started washing his back first. When he got to the butt he didn't even hesitate with all his experience he went right on down the crack and started massaging the ass hole. This brought on some real pleasure sounds from Pedro. "That feels so good Senior." said Pedro.

"I'm glad you like it Pedro now push out like you gotta crap and I will wash a little inside."

Pedro obviously had not been washed in this way before but he pushed as told and Jay's finger went all the way up in him. Jay then finger fucked him a little finding himself and Rob getting a hard on. Finally Jay said, "I don't want to wash you there too much with soap as it will make you sore. I will put some lotion on it for you after your shower OK?"

"Oh Si, I would like that Senior."

Rob stepped in and said here let me wash your front. So Rob not wanting to be left out got to wash his long stomach which was so smooth and the take his now hardened tool and peel back the foreskin which had a lot of smegma built up under it and so he soaped and washed it in a jack off motion until the smegma was gone and his dick was hard as a rock. "That feels so good Rob." said Pedro.

Rob said, "We will put some lotion on there too to keep you from getting sore tomorrow." < P> When they were all through washing they dried Pedro and themselves and then all being nude sat on the bed together. Jay said, "Why don't you lay on your stomach and I will put lotion on your butt for you."

With that Pedro plopped right over on his stomach still hard as a rock, and waited for Jay to proceed. Jay put lotion on his first and second finger and started finger fucking him first with one finger and then he went ahead and put in the second finger and continued.

Pedro said, "Oh Senior I like that so much. My cousin puts his dick in there all the time could you do that for me?"

Jay couldn't believe his ears and said, "Sure if that is what you like Pedro. With that Jay entered him and went right on in all the way."

"Oh I like that a lot Senior Jay. Could you go faster like my cousin does?"

That got Jay into full motion. He was going so fast and it felt so good to both of them by the sounds that it didn't take him but 5 minutes until Pedro had an orgasm and then he couldn't hold it any longer and pushed all the way in and filled Pedro up with rope after rope of cum.

Jay said, "I really liked that Pedro. How about you?"

"Oh SI, I even got cum all over the bed."

Rob rolled him over and took a towel and dried the bed and then went down on him to get the rest of the cum off his dick and stomach with his mouth. Then Rob sucked him off for a few minutes but quit knowing he had just cum. But he was hard all over again.

"Let's take a break and then maybe I can do that to you. Would you like that Pedro?"

"Oh Si, I never had so much fun in one night."

The tiny refrigerator had some hard liquor in it which of course you pay dearly for if you use it. But, it also had some pop like 7up a nd Squirt for mixers. They all had a 7up except Pedro he chose the Squirt. They turned on the TV to fill in the quiet while they rested. It had movie made in the 1950's and even older on it. When they finished Pedro said, "Could we go back to the bed maybe?"

No maybe about it Rob got right up and headed for the bedroom after all it was his turn now. When they got there Rob remembered telling Pedro that he would put lotion on his dick since he had so much smegma built up and it must have been a little sore. So Rob got some lotion on his hand and pulled back the foreskin and jacked him until he was real hard again. Then he pulled his legs up on his shoulders and decided with his experience he wanted to get as far up in this boy as he could. He lubricated his dick and then finger fucked him with two fingers and lubricant and then put his dick at the entrance and said "OK Pedro if you are ready push out."

With that Pedro let out a little grunt and Rob was in half way. "How is that Pedro?"

"EEt is fine Senior Rob. Push harder."

Rob went all the way in with that statement and watched his face for any pain reaction. Seeing nothing but pleasure in his eyes he started fucking slowly and then started speeding up. Rob hadn't cum yet so he wasn't sure how long he could last in this velvet smooth passage way. Rob started really fucking him and was getting all the sexual sounds of pleasure from Pedro. Rob could really go when he wanted too so he gave Pedro quite a ride. Pedro said, "Oh Senior that feels so good."

That stemed Rob into going harder and faster. After about 15 minutes Rob knew he was going to blow. He tried to hold back but couln't any longer. So he pushed his dick in hard as he could and started releasing his ropes of cum into the boys upper colon. He felt like he was in the kids stomach. When Pedro felt this he also had an orgasm and came all over his stomach. When Rob finally finished he got the towel and licked the cum off his stomach and dick and then dried him with the towel.

Pedro said, "You guys are great! I never had so much fun in one night."

Then Pedro sucked Jay off. It took quite a while since this was Jay's second cum for the evening but Pedro was determined. Finally Pedro put lotion on his fingers and shoved three fingers in all at once and hard while sucking like crazy. Jay lost it when the fingers went all the way in and filled his mouth with what he wanted. Pedro kept up with all the cum cocktail that Jay could feed him.

Now all three of them were exhausted so Jay said, "Lets all rinse off in the shower and then hit the bed. So that is what they did.&n bsp; There was no more sex play left in them so they dried off and climbed into the bed with Pedro in the middle all in the nude. The three of them were asleep within minutes.

When they awoke Rob had a funny feeling and realized someone was sucking his dick. It felt so good he pulled the covers back to find a smiling Pedro. Pedro kept at it until he let him have his cum and Pedro loved it. He swallowed every drop. Then he went down on Jay and woke Jay up the same way. Jay, when he realized what was happening to him only lasted 4 or 5 minutes and blew his wad into Pedro's mouth. Pedro sucked every bit of it down smiling.

Jay said, "Wow! I wish I woke up that way every morning Pedro."

With that they all got up and dressed and went to the closest place to have breakfast. They wanted to skip the hotels prices so they ended up in a real cozy place named Maria's. They all had waffles and orange juice being sure they wouldn't get sick from that and then said good bye to Pedro. They gave him $20 to help him out and he was so thankful. He gave them both a hug and a short kiss and then left. Jay and Rob were right behind him. They walked around again to the various bazaars and then decided to go back across the boarder into the good ole USA. It took almost two hours to get through the long customs line and then they re-boarded the red train for San Diego and Rob's car.

They took Rob's car up highway 1 and stopped and swam at several beaches. They didn't get back to Rob's until late that night. They were too tired for sex so they showered and turned in.

(To Be continued)

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