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This story is pure fiction, never happened, hopefully never will.


Jay woke up so glad to be in his own bed again. He really liked the trip up coast highway 1. There were so many t hings to see. He especially liked the cove at La Jolla, where you climbed down a bunch of stairs to get into the cove's pure white sand. It was indeed beautiful. It even had caves one could explore at low tide but they were dangerous as the tide comes in fast and catches people unaware until it is to late.

But anyway he was home now and that was all that mattered. Summer was passing and he couldn't wait to get into college. Which reminded him, he wondered if any letters of acceptance had come while he was gone. That made him get up shower, dress and get down to breakfast quicker. When he walked into the room his mother was standing there and had a big smile on her face. She walked over to the counter and handed Jay three envelopes all from different colleges. Of course he immediately opened them and found one to be a much better offer. It was from Idaho State University in Pocatello, Id aho. They were offering free room and board, full tuition and books, and a job in the student Union cafeteria. This was a four year scholarship. He showed it to his mother and she was tickled for him but in another way knew that would put him quite a way from home.

Jay said, "Mom I know what you are thinking but I will still be able to come home at Christmas and maybe spring vacation. I may take summer classes to shorten my time in getting a degree."

"Yes honey, this is something all of us parents have to look forward to the days when out children go out on their own, but I love you so much son and I hate to see you go. Just like most mothers I suppose."

"Well don't forget the old saying Mom, distance makes the heart grow fonder."

"Yes I suppose that is true but it doesn't make it any easier not seeing you all the time."

Just then the phone rang. Sa ved by the bell as Jay was beginning what to say next.

"Hello Jay, this is Mrs. Haines."

"Yes Mrs. Haines what can I do for you?"

"Well Dennis' mother has to be gone again over night. Things aren't going well with her family illness."

"Oh I'm sorry to hear that. When would you need me Mrs. Haines?"

"She really needs to leave right away could you go over there around 6 or so, so she can get on the road. Of course the pay will be $75 for an over night stay."

"Oh I wasn't really even thinking about that Mrs. Haines I was more thinking of the poor woman and all she is going through."

"Yes Jay I suppose knowing you that would concern you. You are so much into helping others, so much more so than so many your age who think only of themselves."

"Well thank you Ma'me, I guess that's how I grew up. I really do care."

"Oh I know that Jay. Is 6 OK for you?"

"Oh yes. Would you mind giving me her phone number again in case I misplaced it, I just got back from spending some time with my cousin Rob."

"Yes, I know and I am so glad you got a break. Did you have a good time Jay?"

"Oh yes Ma'me I even got to go to Mexico. Now for the phone number?"

"Oh yes here it is." She gave him the number and with a few normal good byes it was over and Jay hung up.

"Who was that dear?" Jay's Mom asked.

Jay explained who it was and what she wanted. Then he said he was going to go find James and tell him the news.

With that Jay got on his bike and went first to the apartment where he had already left for work. Jay was hoping to catch him before he went to work. He rode on over to the feed store and for luck the boss had g one somewhere and left James by himself. Since he was watching the store they couldn't do anything sexual but they had plenty of time to talk as there wern't any customers when Jay walked in. He showed James the letter and saw a long look come over his face.

"I'm so happy for you Jay but I'm going to be loosing the best friend I've ever had. I think I am in love with you Jay to be honest."

Jay said, "Gosh James I feel the same way about you. He had tears in his eyes. Would you consider coming to Pocatello and getting a job there. We could get an apartment together even though I will be working too at the student union."

"Jay I would do anything to keep from loosing you."

Jay then came up with, "Why don't I look around in the paper and also at the feed stores and see if they are hiring before you take a chance to come on over."

"That would be great Jay.  ; I have been able to save $1500 over the last 2 years so I won't be too worried about the move." said James.

"OK then it's settled we will both end up in Pocatello."

"Yea sounds great! said James.

Then Jay gave him a run down on the baby sitting that he did with Rob while he was there and the little Mexican boy they had fucked. He knew James had like interest and could now see James dick was reacting. Would you like to go to my baby sitting job with me tonight James. The mother will be gone for the night and the boy is 15. I would check with him to be sure it was OK and then turn on the porch light to let you know to come and knock. That was the signal that Rob and I used when we went together.

"Yea, I would really like that Jay. What time do you have to be there?"

"At 6. You get off here at 4 don't you James."

"Yes usually.& nbsp; Well almost always." said James.

"OK what you say I come by your apartment at 5:40 and we go together. I can ride my bike quite fast on these good streets and you can follow me.I will wait until the mother leaves and then you can come in when you see the porch light. I think it would be best if we both have vehicles so when Dennis goes to bed you can leave and get a good nights sleep so you can go to work and I can ride my bike home in the morning." said Jay.

"Yea that makes since to me too." said James.

Since no one was in the store they stepped back to the feed room and gave each other a big hug and a short tongue sucking kiss.

Jay said good by and headed home. When he got home it was almost noon so he had lunch with his mother. Then he went to his bedroom to unpack from his trip. He took the dirty clothes and started them in the washer and decided to watch TV until he could get them in the dryer in about 30 minutes. Then he was going to take a nap. He was still tired from all his travels.

When the washer stopped he went and put the clothes in the dryer and then told his mother to please wake him at 4:45 so he could eat and be over to James on time.

Right at 4:45 he was awakened by his mother and got up freshened up in the bathroom and went down to another of his mothers home cooked meals. He was going to miss those when he went to college.

At 5:30 he rode over to James' house and found him dressed and waiting for him. He told James that they better leave at about 5:45 as it didn't take all that long to get over there. He also instructed James to park his van down the block in front of a vacant lot so no one would know just who it belonged with the nosy neighbors in almost every neighbor hood. James thought that was a good idea. And so it wasn't long before James was following the bike to the house. He was surprised to see that Jay was going between 15 and 18 MPH in tenth gear so they sure weren't holding up traffic. Jay turned left and pointed at the vacant lot where James stopped and waited. It was still daylight so he pulled out a map and acted like he was looking at it. He also watched to see which house Jay went in to. It was only three houses down so it would be easy to see the porch light.

Jay knocked and was greeted by Dennis all smiles. "Man I have been waiting all day for you dude. Mom is about ready to go."

With that his mother entered s he had on her coat and was carrying her bag so she was ready to go. "You boy's take care of yourselves and thank you so much for coming again Jay, I was really hoping it would be you."

"Yea me too," Dennis added.

"There is a number I can be reached by the phone Jay." And with that she was out the door into her car and gone.

Dennis said, "Have you had dinner Jay?"

"Yes Dennis I have."

'Dennis there is something I want to ask you and I want you to feel free to say no if you are against it. "I have a friend I haven't seen in quite a while and he would like to hang out with us tonight but I told him I would have to clear it with you and of course not tell your mom as she might not like it."

"I uh...well..uh..was hoping maybe we could you know mess around a little and we couldn't do that if someone else were here Jay."

"Well ca n I tell you a secret. He messes around too and loves it. He is quite good looking and about my age what do you think?"

"Well if it wouldn't interfere with us I say sure why not. It might even be more fun."

"OK Dennis I told him I would let him know by turning on the porch light and then he would come to the door. If you had said no I just wouldn't turn on the light and he would go home."

"Wow! That's a neat signal. Here let me turn on the porch light now OK?"

"Sure Dennis that would be fine."

It wasn't two minutes until the doorbell rang and Jay quickly opened it. James came in and looked at Dennis. "Gee I didn't know the guy you were hanging out with was such a good looker."

Dennis blushed and said, "You know what you are about as good looking as they come yourself."

"Well thanks Dennis I appreciate that." < ;P> With that Dennis whispered in Jay's ear "How's that for a #6"

Jay just looked at him, smiled and gave him a thumbs up. Dennis was a different person tonight. He was all smiles and really trying to stay within the 6 rules Jay had given him the last time he was here.

"Have you eaten yet, Dennis?"

"Yea I ate early because you were coming over. Have you eaten James?"

"Yea I had a bite when I got home from work. I just didn't have time to shower and clean up like I usually do."

Jay grabbed onto that and said, "Well why don't we all shower and get clean and then maybe we can do some interesting things."

Dennis was all for that and led the way to his bedroom so they could undress and get ready. Dennis said, "I haven't showered tonight either maybe we could take turns."

Jay said, "Yea I could stand a shower to so that is a good idea Dennis."

They all ended up in Dennis' bedroom and when Dennis undressed he was 3/4 hard already. Jay and James weren't far behind him as they all knew what was to take place both during and after the shower. Jay said, "You know that is quite a large shower would you like it Dennis if we all showered together?"

"I was hoping you would suggest that Jay, sure."

Jay adjusted the water temperature and then they all got in and took turns getting wet. Jay started washing Dennis' hair without even asking which seemed to be fine with him. Jay said, "There now James why don't you put on the conditioner so we can all get involved."

James grabbed the bottle of conditioner and put some in his hand rubbing it in Dennis' hair to moans of pleasure. He looked down and saw Dennis was full hard now with his dick sticking straight out.

Jay said, "Well since we started with Dennis let 's go ahead and finish him. James why don't you wash his front, which pleased James no end with that hard on staring him in the face, and I'll work on his back."

Dennis said, "I have never in my life had this much attention. You guys can shower here every night as far as I'm concerned."

Jay laughed and said, "Yea I'm sure your mother would love that."

Dennis said, "Yea I guess that wouldn't work so well would it."

Jay went from shoulders to his back while James was doing his tits to get them hard and excited. Just as Jay reached his ass hole James was rubbing his balls. Then James' seeing the pre-cum reached down and licked it off. That sent a giant moan of pleasure from Dennis. James seeing how much he like it took him all the way in his mouth and started giving him head the way Jay had taught him. Dennis was all moans now. Just then Jay's middle f inger went in his ass to the hilt all a once causing Dennis to take a deep breath and moan again. James was going like a house a fire on his dick and James now had two fingers fucking his ass and then Jay thought it is time and added the third finger suddenly and pushed all three quickly to the hilt and hard. Dennis said, "Oh God...I'm going to ...cum." And with that started letting more cum go than he could remember ever having done before.

Dennis said, "That was so awesome, Oh God James you can come with Jay all the time if you want to."

James thanked him and then after finishing his legs and feet he handed the soap to Dennis. Dennis got a sly grin on his face and started by shampooing James' hair. Jay followed suit with the conditioner. And then Dennis decided to do the front of James while Jay did his back. Again when Dennis reached the balls and Jay reached the ass hole the whole scene repeated itself. Dennis swallowed James dick and Jay finger fucked him with two fingers fast. HE could see James was sweating now and letting all kinds of pleasure sounds out so after about 5 minutes he plunged all three fingers in hard against James prostate. That did it James was filling Dennis' mouth with his sweet cum and Dennis was loving every second of it. Dennis went one step further and reached up and shared the cum with James in a French kiss that lasted the whole time Jay was doing his legs and feet. Then it was Jays turn to be done. So this time Dennis got the back and James got the front and the whole scene repeated itself. When they were through they were exhausted and dried each other off and stayed nude and went to get a drink and watch TV for a while with Dennis making sure he was sitting on the couch between the two of them. Since they were all nude Dennis was rubbing both of their legs while they watched TV. This prompted them to rub his legs at the same time. Looking down Jay saw they were all hard again.

After the TV program Jay suggested they go back to the bedroom as he wanted to show them both something new. This made James as curious as it did Dennis.

Jay said, "OK guys, things are not always the way you like them when sex comes up. Sometimes it just happens in a place where there are no lubricants available. What do you do then?"

"Gosh I could wet my finger," Dennis said.

James added, "Yea I thought of that too."

Well I am going to show you something you only do if you know your partner is clean. You might ask like this, "Let me ask you a personal question which did you do last take a shower or take a crap?" Of course you are hoping they answer took a shower which is normal because people usually have their daily bo wel movement just before they shower.

"OK now lets say you know they are clean that means their ass hole is as clean or cleaner than say their thumb. Would you suck my thumb. Of course not you don't know what I have been handling. But your ass hole is the most protected place on your body. Covered by pants and usually underwear and it should be just about as clean as it was when you stepped out of the shower. Now I want both of you to lay on your stomachs and spread your legs for me. With that they did as asked and Jay got down on his knees behind Dennis first and started licking his ass hole. After a minute or so Dennis said, "For anything that sounds so fucking gross that sure feel wonderful Jay."

Jay answered him,"Yea Dennis most everyone likes this when they feel it. Now I want you to push out a little and hold it as long as you can that way."

When Jay heard him p ushing he sunk his tongue as deep as it would go and started tongue fucking him. He also spit in the hole to make it even slipperier. The Jay told him "OK Dennis you are as slippery as just about anything can make you now I'm going to ask you to suck my dick and get it as wet and slippery as you can. And then you know what is coming."

"Yea I got a pretty good idea Jay." said Dennis.

Dennis got him sloppy wet and enjoyed doing it then Jay rolled him onto his back put his dick at his hole and said push. When he did Jay was all the way into what felt like his stomach to Dennis. Dennis let out a loud moan. Jay started fucking him harder than he ever had before. He went at his ass like it was the last ass in the world and you could hear him hitting his ass like a drum every second or so he was going so fast. All of a sudden Dennis said, "Oh Jay here I go again" When James heard that he had his mouth on Dennis hard on instantly and gobbled up all the cum he could. He simply loved the taste of Dennis' cum. Of course Dennis spasms set Jay off again and he pushed it up in him as far as he could reach and then some.

When James pulled out he was wringing wet from sweat. Jay now directed Dennis to start rimming James. Dennis looked like he didn't know about this. But he went down within reach of Dennis' ass hole and just looked at it. Then he took his tongue and just barely touched James' ass. When he found out that there really wasn't any taste to it he went ahead and licked it. Still finding no taste he started probing it with his tongue trying to get it really wet because he knew what was next and he was hard a rock again. Dennis then copied Jay and told James to push out gently and hold it. When he heard the push start in went his tongue. He wa s really enjoying this now. He tongue fucked James as deep as his tongue would go for as long as he could keep it up. But then he found out that a tongue gets tired and he couldn't keep going any more. So he said, "Jay will you get my dick wet for me."

Jay took his dick in his mouth and started wetting it more than giving him head. He got it all sloppy wet and said there you've got it guy.

Dennis put the biggest smile yet on his face turned James on his back and put his legs up on his shoulders and put his dick all the way in him. Dennis' dick was quite long and to James he felt like something was going into his stomach too. Now Dennis really went for it. He fucked harder than he ever had and kept it up for almost a half hour since he had already cum. All of a sudden he bellered out "OH God here I go again. When the first warm juice hit James insides he let loose again too. Jay was right on top of the game and was on his dick with his mouth after the first spurt and he swallowed all the rest. Oh how he loved James' cum.

Since Jay had already had done to him many times what they just went through and he was really tired they all decided to go and have another pop.

About a half hour later Jay wanted to do one more thing to Dennis. They were all about sexed out but Jay still wanted to see how Dennis could take the big dildo now. So he asked everyone back into Dennis' room where he had Dennis lay on his stomach. He told Dennis he wanted to see how he could take the vibrator dildo now. Dennis got a scared look on his face and Jay told him not to worry he was sure he could take it with no trouble now. And then he told him if he could take it for 5 minutes he could put it up both James and himself. Well that changed his attitude because he really wante d to do that.

Jay lubricated both the dildo and Dennis' ass to the three finger level, told him to push out and pushed real hard to get it to go past the sphincter and didn't even stop but pushed it all the way to the hilt in one long push. Dennis took a deep breath and held it like he was waiting for the pain to go away. When Jay heard him release the breath he said, "You OK now dude?"

"Yea Jay it is just that thing is such a shock to the system when it first goes in for about the first 30 seconds. But now it is OK." Jay turned on the vibrator and started fucking him hard with it and kept it up for the full 5 minutes. When he was just about through Dennis lost it again all over the bedspread. "Oh God that felt good," said Dennis.

Then Dennis got up and said "Your first Jay. On you stomach." He lubricated Jay to three fingers made sure there was plenty of Vaseline on the dildo and then told Jay to push out. Jay couldn't believe how fast this strong `15 year old dude was until he had that thing seated within 2 seconds. Jay found himself taking a big breath now. When he relaxed Dennis started fucking him and turned on the vibrator and went like Jay had never seen a dildo go before. It was even heating up from the friction of going in and out so fast. Just before the 5 minute mark Jay lost it again on the bedspread. When he did Dennis pulled it out and said, "How was that Jay."

Jay answered, "Well let me tell you that is the fastest dildo I've ever had. ha ha"

"OK James on your stomach." James now was a little apprehensive but layed down as asked.

Dennis prepared him and got the dildo well lubed and then put it on James ass hole and said, "OK James it's time, push out." When James did the dildo was in, jus t like that. James took a deep breath also and held it until his face was beat red. Then he relaxed and Dennis started. Again the dildo was turned on and he started going so fast it is no wonder the dildo didn't smoke. After only about 4 minutes James gave it up and said, "Oh .. God.. I'm cumming... Dennis."

Dennis kept it up until he was through with his spasms and then pulled it out. Dennis said, "Hey that was fun."

Both Jay and James looked at him and wished they had another chance at his young ass. But they said nothing.

Jay said, "Well I guess that is about enough for one night. Did you have fun Dennis?"

"Oh yea Jay. This was great. I sure hope James can come with you again next time."

Jay said, "Well it all depends on circumstances but if he wants to come and he is free I can't see why not."

James spoke up and said, "Sure if I am free I'd love to come again. I haven't had this much fun in a long time."

Jay got a towel and cleaned the bedspread really well with a damp cloth and the towel you could hardly tell three guy had unloaded on it. Then he put back the Vaseline and straightened things up. Then he told Dennis to shit out the cum. When he did he gave him three bags of water to shit out too. Dennis liked that part. Jay dried him with toilet paper and then a towel. And then had James do the same. When James shit out the Cum Jay had him turn around and put his hands on the toilet seat and then pumped 5 bags of water in him and had him shit that out. Then James smiled and had Jay do the same thing and put 5 bags of hot water in him. When they were through they were all clean inside and out.

Jay said, "Well James I guess the evening is over. Thanks for coming by.& nbsp; I will try and see you tomorrow."

With that Jay led James to the door and left the porch light off for nosy neighbors and James disappeared into the darkness.

Jay then told Dennis that they should probably turn in as it had been a long night. Dennis didn't argue with that at all and they both turned in in Dennis' bed like they had the last time.

Dennis' mother came in while they were eating breakfast and thanked Jay again for staying with Dennis. Dennis also thanked Jay with a hug which surprised his mother, but she made no comment.

Jay said Good by to both of them and then jumped on his bike and headed home.

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