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This story is pure fiction, never happened, hopefully never will.


When Jay got home he found both his sister and his mom at the breakfast table.

Karen inquired, "Well how d id your night go?

"It was fine Karen, I sat again with Dennis and he is really easy to sit for. He considers it me hanging out with him since he is 15."

"Well I am glad you have such good luck with your job."

Then his mother spoke up and said, "There is a phone number and name by the phone that called last night and were interested in your services."

"Oh thanks Mom I'll call right after breakfast."

"Oh yes you also got another letter from the Idaho State University. Looks official."

"Where is the letter mom?"

"It is also over by the phone."

Jay decided to take care of business before eating as he wanted to see what the letter was about. He opened the letter and read it silently. Then he went back over to the table saying, "Gosh Mom they open the cafeteria where I will be working a month before school actually starts since there are so many professors and staff arriving at that time. I am to report on Aug. 3rd at 8am in the morning. It says to call if I don't want the job. Well I am going to call anyway and tell them I will be there. My room and board plus my salary will start then too. Gosh that is only 3 weeks from now mom."

"Oh what a way to start my morning his mom said. Gosh son I miss you already and you aren't even gone."

"I'll have to call James and tell him too. He is planning on moving to Pocatello while I am in school since we have become such close friends."

"I had no idea you were that close," his mom said.

"Yea we are." Jay gobbled down a bowl of cereal and then went to start phoning. First he called the baby sitting job a Mrs. Thomas. "Hello Mrs. Thomas this is Jay Carson you called about baby sitting I believe?"

"Oh yes Jay. I am going to have to be honest with you I have a 10 year old and a 14 year old, both boys, and I have a hard time keeping sitters because they don't get along too well. How are you at handling difficult situations?"

"Well Ma'me Mrs. Haines, an attorney, has me sit for all her kids who are on Probation and can't be left alone and I seem to do OK with them. I can give you her name and phone number if you want a reference, also I sit for a lady on the school board."

"Actually I got your name from one of your satisfied customers so I already know you are who I want. It's just will you come with the situation being like it is?"

"Oh yes Ma'me I think I can handle most anything with all the sitting I have done and I am 18 so that means I am physically bigger if that makes any difference."

"Oh Jay I am so glad you will come. I called yesterday because I actually need you tonightat 7. And since everyone has been paying you $50 they said, I will pay you $60 since there are two of them is that sufficient?"

"Yes Ma'me I am holding a pen and I have paper handy please give me your address and phone number.

She relayed the information and Jay knew right where the address was so he said he would see her at 7 and that ended the conversation.

Then he dialed the number the Idaho State University had given in the letter and told them that he would be available and would be there at 8am on August 3rd. They thanked him for calling and that ended that.

Then he dialed James number but got no answer as he apparently had left for work. He would ride his bike over there after showering and getting dressed for the day.

His mother said, "Well it sounds like I have a busy high school graduate."

Jay grinned at that statement and told her, "Yea you do mom."

Jay put his cereal bowl in the dishwasher along with the spoon and then headed for the shower. After he finished he got dressed and told his mother where he was going and took off for the feed store.

Jay got to the feed store at a good time. James was just going on his morning break. So they went in the feed room and after a good hug and kiss Jay told him he had a letter from the University he wanted him to read. James took the letter and by the time he finished reading it he had a serious look on his face. He said, "Boy that is coming up soon."

Jay said, "Yea it sure is." Then they talked about it. Jay suggested that he wait until he got over there and had a place to stay. Then James could come over with his van and if necessary sleep in it until he got a job. Since Pocatello is a farming community it shouldn't be hard to find a job there. So they decided that James would continue working until Jay called and told him the situation over there. Jay then told James, "This is a serious step for both of us and I'm all for being your partner and lover if that is what you want James."

James replied, "I can't think of anything that would make me happier Jay. I really love you a lot. I don't talk that way because I just find it hard to say I love you to a guy but in reality I have never loved or thought as much about anyone as I do you Jay."

Jay answered smiling, "Ditto James."

That clinched it they had proposed to each other and were now hugging their approval. Both had tears in their eyes. Tears of happiness. They were two good looking happy young men at this time. Jay told James that since it was time to go to work he would see him tomorrow telling him about his sitting job tonight at 7 that would p robably last at least until midnight. They all seem to anyway.

James went back to work after a final hug and James rode on toward home. He had this urge to stop at the Adult book store as he liked looking at the video boxes and reading the backs of them to see what they contained. He also liked to look at the display case to see if any new items or toys were on display.

When he got there as usual this time of day there were no cars so he chained his bike behind the Dumpster and walked in the back door. The lady looked up and smiled and greeted him with a cheery good morning.

Jay answered her greeting and started back toward the gay area. He found himself wandering back to the booth area where he had met James and since he had a few quarters he watched a couple of gay videos. He noticed one guy had a toy he had never really seen before. It was a butt plug.&n bsp; When he pushed it into the other guy it went to a real big spot and then went clear in him with just a little sort of handle to re pull it out. If it wasn't pulled out Jay guessed it would just stay in there until someone did pull it out. Jay being anal in his thinking thought this would be cool. So when he left the booth area he walked over to the display counter and there it was he just had never noticed it. It was a little bigger at it's wider point than the dildo was and then it went down to real small when it got to the pull out handle. Jay called the lady over and asked her how much it was and what it was called. She said it was called a butt plug and it sold for 11.95 just the same as the dildo had cost. Jay told her he would take it and again she put it in a black bag and he paid her for it. After he got out of the store he noticed it didn't include a vibrator but he really di dn't care. He took it out of the black bag as everyone would know where he had been carrying a black bag around. He threw the bag in the dumpster and put the butt plug in his pocket. Then he freed his bike and took off for home.

When he got home it was lunch time so he had a sandwich and decided to go to his room and play with his new toy and then take a nap. He dipped the butt plug in Vaseline and took his pants and under ware off after locking his bedroom door. He layed down on his bed on his back and spread his legs bending his knees into his chest and pushed it in. At first it didn't feel like anything at all but the further it went the more he started feeling it. When it got to it's widest part it was hurting pretty much as it was even bigger at this point than the dildo. He noticed his dick was hard as a rock now so he pushed it a little further and all of a sudden it went all the way in and seated itself. Wow...It was for sure in there. It felt like it was half way to his stomach and since no amount of pushing out would budge it he decided to stretch his legs out. He was getting use to it now and so he started jacking off like a mad man. It didn't take more than a minute or two with that thing pushing so hard on his insides and he was cumming all over himself. Boy did that thing make him cum. It felt so good he didn't want to take it out. But after the excitement of the moment and the after cum lack of sexual interest he reached down and pulled on it. It kind of scared him a little because it felt like it wasn't going to budge. But then after pulling quite hard he realized he had to get his anus as big a the biggest part before that thing was going to come out. He pulled real hard and it dislodged itself and once it started out it came out real fast. He thought wow what a feeli ng. He was going to have to try this thing out on James. He wasn't sure any of the boys he sat for would be able to handle the thing but then he thought of Dennis and knew he could take it if he himself could.

He took it to the bathroom and washed it real good and dried it with a towel to remove all the Vaseline from it and put it back in his pocket. Then he lay down on his bed and found he had to get back up and unlock the door as he didn't want his mother to ask why it was locked then he went back to the bed a fell asleep almost instantly. He was tired out.

"Jay...Jay dear it's time for dinner honey?"

"Yawn, OK Mom, thanks I'll be down in a minute."

Jay went down for dinner and as usual his mother had outdone herself. She had made pork chops, mashed potatoes, and peas. Jay loved peas as long as he had mashed potatoes to pick them up. Jay thought they sort of were made for each other. She served pie for desert and he loved rhubarb strawberry pie too. What a dinner. "Thank you Mom, you came through again, it was great."

"Well thank you Jay. Thank God I'm still going to have Karen for a while. I don't think I would cook near as much if I were alone."

"Well even when I'm not here I am sure I will be thinking of you Mom when it's time to eat especially. You are the greatest mom ever."

This made his mom blush with happiness. She even thanked him again.

Jay looked at the clock and realized he better get ready he only had 45 minutes before he had to be to his newest sitting engagement.

Jay pulled up in front of a pretty nice house. He noticed some boys out playing tag football in the street. He chained his bike to a tree and went to the door.

When the door opened it was Mrs. T homas. "Hello Jay I am sure glad you could make it. I find it harder and harder to get a sitter with Jason my oldest being so obnoxious at times. This is Billy my 10 year old. That is Jason out there playing tag football he is allowed to play until dark then he and the others have to go in. She hollered Jason come here a minute will you?"

A rather well built 14 year old boy with dark brown hair and hazel eyes that had some blue in them came over. "Yea Mom?"

"Jason I just wanted to introduce you to the sitter for the evening. I will be home by 1 but I suppose you will be sleeping for sure by then."

Jason said, "OK dude see you at dark and then turned and ran back for his buddies."

Mrs. Thomas looked as if she was ready to leave but took Jay and Billy into the living room where the TV was on already so we sat down. She went to her room and got her purse and coa t and said, "I'll see around 1 sometime Jay."

"Is it OK with you once the boys are down for the night if I nap on the couch until you come home."

"Sure Jay that will be just fine."

With that she said good bye and headed for her car. Jay watched until she backed out and then shut the door and asked Billy how he was doing.

Billy said, "Fine as long as Jason is outside."

Jay thought that was a strange answer but just dismissed it. "What do you do for fun around here Billy."

"Oh not much I play video games and watch TV. Oh yea I mess around on the computer on the chat lines once in a while too."

"Oh you have a computer then? Jay asked.

"Yea we just have the one it is in the family room."

"Would you mind if I checked my email on it Billy?"

"No not at all follow me I'll show you where it is."

Jay did his usual thing since Billy wasn't paying any attention since who likes to watch someone else check his email. Jay went to history and saw a lot of porn. He noticed they were all bondage and fucking sites and thought that strange for a 10 year old to be looking at. So he called Billy over and asked him about all the sex sites that had been looked at.

Billy started crying when he saw Jay had found that stuff.

"Hey dude you don't need to cry I look at sex sites myself and almost all the kids I sit for do too."

"But they don't ... I can't tell you that...and he continued sobbing."

Jay knew something fishy was going on here. "Listen dude you can tell me anything. All the kids do because they know I would never get them in trouble with their mothers. I'm not like that your secrets are your secrets. Now what's bothering you so bad?"

"You promise to keep the secret...I would be in real bad trouble if he knew I told you."

HE...HE..."What do you mean by He dude, you mean your father?"

"No I don't have a father they are divorced."

"Well what are you so scared about then Billy. Don't worry I won't say anything to get you in trouble with anyone."

"He will beat the shit out of me if I told you...Jay"

"Who are you talking about Billy? Do you mean Jason?"

"Yea it's him...he...he...Oh God I don't dare tell you."

Jay took hold of the child and hugged him to him. The boy was shivering all over and it wasn't from the cold. This boy was scared and scared bad. Jay said, "Dude we are going to have to have a man to man talk. No one needs to be as scared as you are right now. What does Jason do to you?"

He pointed at the computer screen and said, "He forces me t o do that stuff with him and it hurts so bad. Sometimes I scream but no one is ever around to hear me. He makes sure of that.

"OK now I want you to tell me exactly what he does to you and don't hold back anything."

Billy reached over and clicked on a site on history. It brought up a guy all tied up being whipped and then in later pictures he was being fucked with his feet tied in the air. "That's what he does to me. He does it in the basement. If he ever found out I told someone he would kill me or at least try to."

"Let me see your basement OK?"

Billy still crying took Jay to the basement which turned out to be a locked torture chamber. "Who has the key?" Jay asked.

"He does. He told mom it was dangerous to go in there as there was a bad old hot water heater that could be dangerous if someone got around it."

"So what does he do to y ou in there?"

"I showed you the pictures. He has all that stuff and more in there. After he is through with me my butt is sore for a long time. But, he never lets it heal it always hurts. He fucks me almost every day when Mom's at work."

Jay thought to himself this is absolutely sexual abuse. This boy is going through hell. Jay said, "Where is your phone?"

"Upstairs...Your not going to call the cops are you?"

"No I promised you that you would not be worse off when I am through, just show me the phone I am going to call a friend."

"Hello James are you busy?"

"No what's up Jay?"

"I need your help in more ways than one. Can you come right over to 233 Overton. Do you know where that is?"

"Yea I should be able to be there in 10 minutes Jay."

"Good James I'll explain when you get here."

"Now Billy lets go up to the living room and talk while we wait until James gets here."

When they got to the living room Jay told Billy that there would be no more abuse after tonight. He wanted James in on it because he was leaving for Idaho in three weeks and he wanted James to know what was going on. "Do you mind showing me your butt dude.

"No but let's go in the bathroom OK?"

Jay followed him into the bathroom and he pulled down his pants and spread his cheeks. He was bruised so badly he was bleeding or rather had dried blood on him where he had bled. It wouldn't take much to get it bleeding again. Jay thanked him and asked him if he had a camera. Billy went to his room and brought back a Polaroid full of film. Jay took 4 pictures of his ass to get every angle and every bruise. Then he had him put the camera back and put the pictures in his shirt pocket when they dried good.

All of this time James had been on his way. He saw James pull up in his car and let him in. He explained the situation going to the computer again and having Billy show him the sites that Jason used to imitate on him. James face was serious like he could kill this kid. When Jay pulled out the pictures and showed them to him he got tears in his eyes and hugged Billy and said, "Oh Billy I am so sorry this had to happen to you."

Jay explained his plan and James thought it would work fine without involving the police or maybe the mother.

When dark came in came Jason with a sour look on his face. "Mom doesn't allow baby sitters to have friends over."

"Come here dude I want to show you something. Billy told me I could use your computer to check my email and just out of curiosity I always like to see what kinda sites you have been to as I might have missed out on something that I didn't know about. Billy started crying like he had done something wrong. He wouldn't tell me anything he just kept crying. I finally asked him why he had been to all those bondage sites. That made him cry even harder. When I finally got him to settle down and I promised I wouldn't tell his mother he told me the truth. Jason where are the keys to the basement."

"Keys...what do you mean....keys?"

"Jason we know all about what has been going on now come up with the keys you son of a bitch or I'll search you and your bedroom. WHERE ARE THOSE FUCKING KEYS JASON?"

Jason facing two mad men 18 and 20 started turning white and shaking himself. He turned toward Billy and said, "Why you little..."

Jay broke right in and said, "It's over Jason. The party is over." With that Jay pulled out the Polaroi d pictures of Billy's ass hole. "This is over Jason now where are those fucking keys."

Jason seeing the jig was up reached into his pants pocket and pulled out several keys on a ring. He handed Jay the ring saying nothing.

Jay said, Follow me. Jay went to the basement and opened the secret door. It was amazing that all of that could be in there without the knowledge of the mother. There were hook and eyes attached to the ceiling ropes hanging from everywhere. Over on the wall there were whips of three sizes. Bottles of lubricant on the shelves along with Vaseline. Jay said, "Billy how much of this was used on you?"

Billy said crying, "All of it."

Jay said, "Do you know you can be put away until you turn 21 for this Jason.

Jason started crying himself now. "I don't know why I did it...Please don't turn me in... and please don't tell m om...she would kill me."

Jay said OK I'll make you a deal. First I want you to take me to a desk with a paper and pen on it.

Jason started up the stairs and they all followed. "Now Jason I want you to spend the next half hour writing down everything you did to your brother when it started and how long it has been going on. Also how frequently you did it to him.

When you are through Billy is going to verify what you write is what actually happened. This is step one of your punishment."

Jason was shaking like a leaf now. He could hardly write so Jay suggested he print as clearly as he could. "While you write that I want you to be thinking about what suffering your little brother went through to be bleeding from the butt like he is. Come into your bedroom with me before you start writing. Jason followed him like a whipped puppy. Jay said, "OK now lay on your bed face down but first loosen your pants and pull them down. "I'm not gonna fucking do that you ..." Jay said, "Let's go to the phone and see if 911 still works. With that the pants were down and he was laying face down on the bed shaking like a leaf. Jay pulled out the butt plug which he knew would be way bigger than he could comfortably take up his ass. Jay lubricated it well with Vaseline and then two finger fucked him for about 5 minutes half of that time with Jason yelling out "It hurts." Jay then took him to the three finger level and he started crying "Ohhh that hurts...that fucking... hurts.. so bad."

Jay said, "Gee you aren't bleeding yet so it can't hurt like you hurt Billy.."

"Oh God...sob sob....Oh I'm sorry Billy."

Jay said, "Before the night is over you will even be sorrier."

Jay then took the huge butt plug and put it i nto the Vaseline one last dip. James face was amazed at this new toy.

Jay said, "Just so you will know a little of how bad you hurt Billy you will wear this butt plug the whole time you are writing as just another part of your punishment unless of course you want your mother and the police in on it."

"Oh no I'll wear it just please keep it between us. sob sob..."

Jay didn't tell him to push out or anything he started the small end of the butt plug in and of course it didn't hurt at all. But the further in it went the bigger it got. Soon Jason was yelling "OH GOD THAT THING IS KILLING ME..." Jay kept pushing it on in and finally in a loud scream from Jason it went clear in and seated itself.

Jason stopped bawling now as the big hurt was over but it still hurt like hell. It felt like it was going into his stomach. He was even cramping a little from it.

J ay said, "OK now back to the desk and start writing."

"With this thing in me?" Jason said.

"Oh yea we want you to be thinking of the pain you inflicted on a ten year old boy the whole time you are writing."

Jason had a hard time getting to his feet and it hurt like hell pulling up his pants because he had to bend over to reach them causing the butt plug to push in further. Jason walked like he had an egg in his ass all the way back to the desk. Then he said, "I can't sit down with this in me."

With that Jay took hold of the top of his shoulders and pushed him hard down onto the chair. He let out a scream that could be heard all over the house. "Now just let us know when you are through and it better be thorough or We will have you start over. Billy will tell us if it is complete won't you Billy.

Billy said, "Yea I tell you alright."

Jay said, "D on't you even think of looking at Billy in a threatening way or James and I will take care of you."

We left Jason moaning and writing. Every now and then he would let out another loud OUCH when he would move a wrong way in the chair.

Finally after about a half hour of Moans and Ouches he said I'm through.

Jay said, "Stand up while your brother reads it."

Of course Jay knew that standing up would change position of the butt plug and hurt like hell. Jason just stood there still sobbing a little.

When Billy finished he said "You left the part out where you tied me up and fucked me upside down. That hurt worse than anything."

Jay took his shoulders and pushed him hard down on the chair again getting another loud yell out of him and a few more sobs. Jason took the pen and started writing again. After about ten minutes He handed it to Jay so he wouldn't have to stand up again. Jay pulled him to his feet telling him he could rest by standing. He let out another howl as it hurt twice as bad now as it had been in there for almost an hour now.

Billy took it back and said that just about did it. Other than the fact that he had done this over and over day after day.

Jay grabbed his shoulders and shoved him down on the chair again harder this time and the howl was louder and more sobs. Jay said, "Add what he just said."

Five minutes later he said he had added it. So Jay reached under his arms an jerked him up standing again. Again getting another howl even louder this time as that thing in his ass was really hurting now.

Billy OK ed it this time.

Jay said "Now we are going down to your palace again." Forcing Jason to walk down the stairs with the butt plug killing him every step he took. Now Jason start taking the ropes down you are going to clean up this room before your through. Jason said, "I can't even fucking walk this thing hurts so bad."

"Well now maybe you can get an idea of what it must have been like going to school and having to sit still on a bloody ass hole for days on end because your brother liked to get his cookies off on you."

"OH Billy I am really sorry. I mean that."

Jay said, "Start cleaning little man."

For almost an hour having to go up and down the stairs several times to take the ropes and other things out to the dumpster and get rid of them Jason moaned and cried like a baby. When he finally had the basement looking like a basement again. Jay told him to go back to his bedroom and take the final part of his punishment. Since James was bigger dick wise than he was by almost two inches an d much bigger around he whispered to James to ask him if he would do the honors of taking this dudes cherry.

James agreed so Jay had him take off his pants and under ware and even his shirt until he was stark naked and lay on his back for the last part of his punishment. Jay had Billy reach down, after pulling Jason's legs ankle to ear getting his ass right up in the air, and pull out the butt plug. Billy smiled and started pulling but this was no easy job for a ten year old and it made it all the harder on Jason as Billy pulled and twisted and pulled and grunted trying to get this thing out of Jason's ass. Jason was making all kinds of hurting noises. Finally Billy put all his strength into it and putting his foot as a brace against the bed pulled the butt plug where the biggest part was stretching Jason's ass hole like it had only been stretched once before and that was when the butt plug was put in by Jay. It finally slipped out of a sobbing Jason's ass hole. His ass hole was so sore and red looking Jay hated to have James go into him but he deserved it every bit and more. James Lubricated his dick and Jason took one look at it and said that will never go into me. James put it to his asshole and pushed it all the way balls to balls without hesitating getting a deep satisfaction out of the torture he was giving to Jason. Jason was screaming. "OH MY GOD that hurts so bad.. ohhhhh ...ahhhhh ... shit...t....t.." By now James was ready to go. Jay never say anyone fuck so fast he indeed was like a blur. Billy's face was all smiles as he heard the sounds of crying and every other sound a guy who thinks he is dying makes. James asked Billy "How long did he do this to ya?"

Billy answered, "At least a half hour sometimes more."

Jason yelled out "OH GOD I can't take a half hour of this it is hurting me so bad if you only knew."

Billy spoke right up and said, "I really know Jason....I really know...Are you bleeding yet."

Jason kept screaming and moaning for the whole half hour but James wasn't letting himself cum as he wasn't feeling sexual at all he was into punishment and that was all. All in all Jason kept going for about 50 minutes and then he wore out. The screams were less loud now as Jason had lost his voice. James finally let him have it, he shot rope after rope of hot cum on Jason's well worn out insides causing him to yell louder again. James pulled out of him and then said, "Well dude now you know what poor Billy has been going through night after night for the last year."

Jay had him come into the bathroom where he had him shit out the cum. There was a tiny little bit of blood but nothing like what Billy had happen to him. Jay said now get into the bathtub and lay on your stomach. Jason could barely move but did as he was told. Jay saw an enema bag hanging there so he filled it to the 2 quart brim with real hot water. Jason said, "Oh no please don't do that to me it makes me cramp something awful. Jay said, "Too bad you need to be cleaned out and with that Jay plunged the long enema tube that was already on it clear in to his ass. He let out another holler and Jay turned on the water by releasing the valve. The hot water went surging into him and he started screaming that it was cramping him so Jay turned off the water for a minute and then started it up again. It finally had the entire 2 quarts up in his body. His stomach looked like he was pregnant. Jay told him he had to hold the water for 5 minutes just like a person who takes an enema is suppose to hold it to get cleaner. Jason was moaning and gr oaning the whole 5 minutes and said "I just can't hold it any more."

Jay said, "All right dude head for the toilet."

Jason barely made it and he shit water like a little fountain of youth. It took him about 10 minutes to empty himself and then Jay told him to wipe himself and then shower himself off and dry. Then come into the living room where they would have a little talk.

When he came in to the living room he found three people looking at him very seriously. Jay said, "OK now Jason this may or may not be over. We have your written confession of torturing your little brother. We have 4 pictures for proof of injury. And as far as what happened here tonight none of us saw a thing did we Billy.

Billy said, "I didn't see anything I went to bed early and I didn't hear anything either."

Jason said, "You all know I deserved what I got. Bill y I am really sorry for what I put you through and I promise it will never happen again. I never realized how much pain I put you through until tonight. I may have trouble walking for a week or so myself. But every time I hurt I will think of what I did to you dude. I really do love you sport I don't know what came over me."

Jay spoke up and said, "Once a week either myself or James will call and ask to talk to Billy. Billy I want you to be honest with us. If he has touched you in any wrong way I want you to tell us. We will find Jason and deal with him in private. If he does it twice then the pictures and the confession will go to the authorities. Is that understood Jason.

"Oh yea I got the message all right. You don't have to worry I won't lay a hand on Billy except in a good way. After all we are brothers you know." He was smiling now.

Billy was smiling right back at him. With that Billy said, "I forgive you Jason," and he gave him a big hug.

Jay said, "OK now let's all clean this place up and go to bed. OK?"

Everyone agreed and started putting everything in its place. James gave Jay a hug good night and took off. Jay put Billy to bed and told him his nightmares were over. Billy thanked Jay so much for what he had done.

Then Jay took Jason to his bedroom and tucked him in. Jay said, "I'm sorry we had to be as forceful as we were but you have already admitted you deserved it."

"Oh I did Jay and I wouldn't mind having you as a sitter again anytime."

Jay thanked him and turned out the light and headed for the couch.

The door closing was Jay's automatic alarm clock. He looked up and it was just 1 am. She asked him how things went. Jay said, they were very good and I wouldn't mind sitting for you anytime. This really pleased her she gave Jay $70 and told him he was the first one to ever say they would come back.

Jay thanked her and bid her goodnight. He undid his chain lock and was on his way home. For the first time he felt he had really earned his money.

To Be continued...

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