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This story is pure fiction, never happened, hopefully never will.


Jay awoke feeling sick to his stomach. He was still suffering from the scene he had discovered last night.& nbsp; So help him if that guy ever lays another hand sexually on that boy the police had better get there before Jay could get a hold of him. He got up and showered and dressed and went down to breakfast.

His mother said, "Are you feeling OK Jay you look a little white?"

"I'm OK mom I just have a little stomach upset that's all."

After breakfast Jay felt like he needed some air so he left his bike at home and walked by James apartment. Somehow he knew he wouldn't be there so he went on over to the feed store and found him in the feed room stacking sacks of feed. James said, "I'll be taking a break in about 5 minutes why don't you just hang around out front."

Jay told him OK and went out in the front of the store and looked around. It really wasn't very interesting to him as he didn't need any livestock or chicken feed. He did like the smell of the place though.& nbsp; It made him think of a farm.

Soon James came out and said, "Come on back I can take my break now."

When Jay got back there he found a troubled James. James was just as upset about last night as he was. James said he would like to have wrung that little bastards neck. Jay agreed with him and suggested that they change the subject, he was a little sick over the whole thing too.

"Jay I've been thinking, I have been working here for a year now and they owe me a weeks vacation. I know you just got back from a vacation but the boss said if I ever wanted to use his cabin on the lake to just ask him. I was wondering if you would mind me taking next week off and us going up there to just be by ourselves for a week. There are other people around as it is right next to a campground but while we are in the cabin the world would be ours.

"You know I think t hat is a great idea. After last night I need to get away from baby sitting for a while anyway. You know I told you I even baby sat with Rob when I went to see him. I have had it up to here, taking his hand and gesturing toward his neck. I would love to do that. I have saved up quite a bit of money anyway from all the babysitting I have been doing and it would be great."

"OK Jay I will ask my boss for next week off from Monday to the following Sunday and report back to work the next Monday. That would be exactly a week away.

"This is already Thursday so you better ask him today James."

"Tell you what, wait here I'll go mention it to him right now OK?"

"You bet James."

James went to the front of the store and asked him. He was given a go ahead from his boss and even given the key to the cabin and the directions on how to get there. &l t;P> James came back to Jay and said, "See these dude. They are the keys to the cabin we are in like Flynn."

Jay was overwhelmed by all this. He said he couldn't wait for Monday so they could leave.

"Hell why wait until Monday Jay why not leave when I get off of work Sunday?"

"That sounds even better to me James."

James break was over so Jay told him he would probably see him tonight and left to go on home. When he got there he let his mom in on their plans and she said that sounded great to her for both of them.

James got on the phone and called all his baby sitting ladies and told them he wouldn't be available until a week from Monday. Now he really was free.

Time flew by and it seemed like just hours instead of days that James picked up Jay and they were off to the lake.

When they got there they were surprised at the size of the cabin. When they opened the door they found it furnished in real rustic like furniture with lots of furs draped over the chairs and even a bear skin rug in front of the fireplace. They decided to go out and look for some wood before dark. When they went around behind the cabin they found several cords of wood stacked there. Enough for a full winter it looked like so they decided they had plenty of wood and just carried some in and using some paper and small wood they soon had a roaring fire going in the fireplace.

Jay suggested they go out side and look around to see how close the campground was and what the lake was like. They only had to walk half a block and they were at the campground filled with people and the smell of roasting marshmallows. Jay said, "Gee those smell good to this guy and his wife with two boys around 11 and 14 or so."

The man introduced himself as Ca rl and his wife Mary. The boys were Todd, the youngest, and Jeremy the oldest. Then he asked Jay if he and his friend would like to roast some marshmallows with them. Jay said, "Oh I didn't mean to intrude on what you had going with your family Carl."

"Nonsense you aren't intruding at all we invited you after all."

Jay said, "Well OK Carl if that's the way you want it. We would be glad to join you. This is my friend James."

They all shook hands and did the normal greeting talk and then sat down and Carl handed them each a wire hanger to put the marshmallows on. Both James and Jay really enjoyed themselves eating several marshmallows. Jay mentioned to the boys that he had earned a lot of money toward college by hanging out with guys their age while their parents were out. The boys thought that was so cool.

Jay then told all of them that they were staying in the cabin right over there. It now had smoke coming out of the chimney and you could smell the smell of wood fire smoke every where as there were fires litterly going in all directions with families gathered around them. Jay said, "If you boys are over that way stop in James and I are used to hanging with your age group."

The boys seemed thrilled by the invitation and said they would sure stop by tomorrow.

Carl said, "By the way Jay if you and James are interested they rent boats down at the docks about two blocks that way and they also rent fishing gear real cheap."

"Wow! That sounds great," said James.

"Are you guys going fishing tomorrow," said Jay.

"No we got all that out of our system when we first got here." said Carl.

"We still like to fish," said Jeremy.

"Would it be OK if the boys joined us as long as they wear life vest Carl," said James.

"I would have no objection would you Mary?"

"No and it sounds like you have plenty of experience with this age group." she said.

"Fine, why don't we pick you boys up at 8 in the morning and we will go rent everything we need." said Jay.

Carl said, "I would insist on pitching in $20 for the boys and their equipment and lunch."

All settled Jay and James said good night and took off back to their cabin. It was all they could do to revive a fire that had just about given up the ghost. James and Jay had some fun on the bear rug even bare on the bear rug. They horsed around until they were tired and then went to bed of course in the same bed.

The next morning at 8 they picked up Todd and Jeremy and $20 from their father and headed out for their adventurous fishing day.

They rented a boat and enough life jackets for all, as by law they had to anyway, they got poles and the man told them they would do best with worms so they bought 2 dozen worms. They all got in the boat and went to an area where there were several other boats fishing which usually meant someone was having success. It wasn't long before Todd yelled fish on. Every one got their poles and lines out of the way and helped Todd land his fish. Jay got the net and netted the fish. It wasn't bad. About a 12 inch trout. What a way to start the day.

Everyone baited again and got their poles in the water. About 15 minutes of boredom and Jay yelled fish on. And the same procedure with James netting his 11 inch catch.

This went on most of the morning and finally around one the fish stopped biting and everyone was starving so they took the boat back in and cleaned their fish on the cement table provided. They had 8 fis h in all. It was one happy group of fishermen.

They took the fish back to the camp and gave them to Mary and then Jay said they would take the boys back to the camp cafe and have a hamburger.

Mary had no objection so off they went. After eating they milled around the campground more or less people watching and then returned about 5pm to the camp ground where Mary said, "Boys since these are your fish I will cook them if you will eat them."

Jay said, "Sounds great Mary."

So they all sat around their campfire and had fish and corn on the cob that Mary had prepared for them.

Jay said, "Well I don't want to wear out our welcome. We have a video to watch back at the cabin and I think we will get to it. Thank you so much for the great cooking and we will definitely see you all tomorrow."

Jeremy spoke up and said, "Would you mind if Todd and I come and watch the video too."

James glanced at Jay and wondered what he would say. "Why sure if you want come on over in say 20 minutes that will give us a chance to shower and clean up."

"OK," Both boys replied almost at the same time.

When Jay and Todd got back to the cabin Todd said, "And just how do you propose letting them watch a porn video with us?"

Jay said, "Don't worry Todd remember I have a lot of experience with boys of this age and their sexual curiosity, let me handle it. Besides have you ever seen two cuter brothers." They had light brown hair and very cute faces that would grow into very handsome men, Jay could see that. And their skin was as smooth as a baby's butt. Jay noticed that when they had their shirts off in the boat.

Todd said, "OK I'll let you handle this one alright. Let's go take a quick shower."

After their shower they got dressed in sweat pants with no under ware on at Jay's insistence. All they wore on top was a T- shirt.

Then Jay said, "Watch this and he pulled out the dildo, and the beads and left them sitting on the edge of the table where anyone would notice them."

Then there was a knock at the door. Jay hollered, "COME IN."

In bounced two happy boys. "Gosh we are glad you let us come it gets so boring sitting around the campfire with our parents and their chit chat." said Jeremy.

Todd said, "You mentioned you hang out with guys our age when their mom and dad's go out. What do you do to keep them from being bored."

Jay spoke right up and said, "Well I kind of let them decide what they want to do. Sometimes they want to play doctor, sometimes they want us to show them how I found out they had been looking at porn sites on their computers, and sometimes we play video games. Just about anything you can think of.

"How would you know they had looked at porn on their computers," Jeremy quickly asked.

"Well on all computers there is a thing called history. If you click on it it tells all the sites that have been called up for as much as a month or more depending on how they have it set.

"Can I tell you something Jay, without you telling my parents?" said Jeremy.

Tod was obviously very nervous at this point as he was anything but sitting still.

Jay said, "Well to be honest with you I have never told on one of my boys as what they do is their business. Most of them have been to porn sites so they show me what they like to look at."

"Well Jay Todd and I do the same thing. We look at porn sites all the time when we are alone."

"Well that is certainly not unusual. Most of the boys have experimented with some of the things they find on line. Have you and Todd experimented on each other?"

"Your sure you won't tell our parents," Todd said.

"I'm sure. I wouldn't be a very good friend to you if I tried to get you in trouble would I?"

Jeremy spoke up, "Yea I guess you wouldn't be a friend at all if you did something like that and I trust you Jay after all we spent all day together."

"What's this?" Todd said as he picked up the dildo.

"Oh I shouldn't have left that out that is an adult sex toy."

"What do you do with it" inquired Jeremy.

"Well you have seen on sex sites where guys put fingers and other things in their butt because it feels good haven't you?" said Jay.

Todd and Jeremy glanced at each other with a smirk and then Jeremy said, "Yea we have even done it some." When Jeremy pushed the button on he almost dropped it it shook so much in his hand.

"Gosh that is some hummer," said Jeremy.

"That also helps you cum when you jack off." said Jay. "You do jack off don't you?

"Yea I guess we do. But Todd can't make cum yet. He says he gets the feeling but nothing comes out."

"He will start cumming around the same age you did. How old were you when it first happened?"

"Last year when I was 13."

"Have you ever put your dick in Todd's butt?"

"Yea, I guess you might say we do that a lot. He even does it to me."

Jay said, "Well since you both are so experienced why don't I show you a few things."

"Would you Ja y?" said Jeremy.

"Sure come on over here and lay on the bed both of you."

They did as instructed and Jay said now loosen your pants and pull them down. "I'll tell you what why not just take them off. Would you like it better if James and I took ours off too so you don't feel so different."

Todd said, "Oh yea would you?"

Jay and James stripped even took off their shirt so they were naked.

The boys seeing this did the same thing.

Jay said, "First I am going to lubricate you with Vaseline. James would you do Todd?"

So both boys had fingers going in their ass. Jeremy said, "Oh That feels good Jay."

"Me too," said Todd.

Jay told them the proper way to get someone ready to stick their dick in someone was to finger fuck them with one, then two, then three fingers. He told them this might hurt a little at the three finger level.

They both said they could take it. So Jay and James continued. Jay started in with two fingers in Jeremy's ass and James took the hint and started the same with Todd. Todd moaned a little loader than Jeremy but they were both getting the finger fucking faster and faster now. Soon Jay slipped in the third finger and told Jeremy to push out like he had to shit. The third finger went in Jeremy and Jeremy said Ouch that smarts a little. Jay said Yes it usually does for about 30 seconds and then the pain goes away. So Jeremy shut up and Jay continued faster and faster with the three fingers.

James was having a little more trouble as Todd's ass hole was smaller. Todd was saying ohh that hurts James it hurts a lot. James told him to try and put up with it and push out to relax his anal muscles. When Todd pushed out the fingers went right on in all the way. He said it still hurt some. James said, "Just give it a little time and it will quit hurting."

Todd said, "It's getting better now you can go faster now.

With that James started finger fucking him faster and faster until he was ready for a dick.

Jay said, "Now you were curious about how this feels and he showed Jeremy the dildo. I am going to push it in now. It will hurt at first but just like the fingers quit hurting it will too." With that Jay said push out real hard Jeremy. When he heard the grunt he pushed hard as it was always hard to get it to go in and all of a sudden it was in. Jeremy said, "Oh my god that feels so big. Go ahead Jay I can take it. So Jay pushed it all the way in surprised that Jeremy's ass would take so much of it. Then Jay turned on the vibrator and started fucking him with it.

Jeremy said, "Oh th at feels awesome now. Jay would you put your dick in me?"

Jay said, "How are you doing Todd?"

"Oh I'm fine now Jay. I'm doing three fingers and it doesn't hurt any more.

"Jeremy have you been fucking Todd? I am not asking because I would be mad at you I just want to know?"

"Yea I fuck him a lot."

"OK the reason I ask is that James is a little bigger than I am why don't we let James fuck you and I'll fuck Todd. That would be easier on both of you if you want to be fucked at all?"

Todd said, "Yes I want you to fuck me Jay."

"That settles it then let's switch partners James."

With that both James and Jay switched to the other boy. "Now you are both ready it may hurt a little when we first go in. So we will wait until you say go ahead, OK?"

With that both Jay and James lubricated their dicks really we ll and put them in place on their respective ass holes. "OK boy push out now." Both boys started pushing and grunting and both dicks went in past the sphincter muscle. Todd said, "Oh ouch Jay wait a minute.

Jeremy said, "It hurts James but go ahead slowly." James did as he wanted until he was all the way in. Then he just stayed there after telling Jeremy he was all the way in.

"You can go ahead now," Said Todd. So James started slowly in until he was all the way in. He said, "Todd I'm all the way in now."

Todd said, "Boy are you longer than my brother. It feels like you are in my stomach."

Jeremy said, "OK start fucking me slow James." James was in further than anyone had ever been so he went easy. But since he heard nothing but pleasure moans and groans he continued getting faster and faster and soon was really fucki ng Jeremy.

Todd said, "I can take it now Jay go ahead. So Jay started easy and soon was going full speed ahead.

This went on with both boys until Jeremy yelled out, "Ohhh Goddd...I'm cumming Jay."

This sparked Jay and he started cumming inside Todd setting Todd of for a dry orgasm.

Soon it was over and the boys and the men were through. They all lay there in a heap catching their breath.

Jay offered them both all a Coke and so everyone rested a while.

"Jeremy said, "That was the first time I have ever been fucked except by Todd. James you have got one long dick. I thought when you came it was going to go clear up and out my mouth."

Jay said, "That's why I suggested I take Todd because I think James would have been a little much for him don't you?"

"Oh Yea!"

After they had all rested about half an ho ur Jay said we have something else to show you that you will really enjoy are you ready?"

Both boys got up and staggered over to the bed and sat down. Jay went over with James and Jay went down on Jeremy this time and started sucking him off. James seeing what was going on was on Todd's Dick really fast. They both sucked the boys for about 15 minutes and then Jay took two fingers and shoved them all the way up Jeremy's ass and Jeremy came immediately. James seeing what had happened shoved two fingers up Todd's ass really fast and Tod stiffened and had his dry orgasm.

"Wow that was awesome," said Jeremy.

"Double awesome." said Todd.

Seeing what time it was the boys thought they better get back to camp. Jay had them both shit out the cum before they went so they wouldn't have tell tale wet spots on their butts when they got home.

Camp days were fun but soon were over. There were a few more sessions with the boys but finally they left and the next day James had to get back.

When they got back home Jay said, "I only have a little more than a week James. I'm really glad we did this."

"Yea me too. I will come to Pocatello as soon as you give me the word, "said James.

"I'll sure be waiting James. I love you so much."

James replied with the same thing.

As fast as time flys it wasn't long before Jay was at the greyhound station and hugging his mother and sister good by. James of course was there with his hugs too.

As Jay was going up the stairs on the bus he turned and said, "See you in Pocatello James."

James just waved with tears streaming down his face. He noticed that Jay wasn't exactly dry eyed himself. He could hardly wait until time came to join his buddy. < ;P> THE END

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