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This story is pure fiction, never happened, hopefully never will.

Joe had almost dozed off to sleep when the opening door woke him up . "Hello Mrs. Carson, I hope everything went OK with your evening."

"Well thank you Jay as a matter of fact it didn't. I am on the school board and everyone has to argue about something that is why we are having such long meetings right now. I hope it doesn't bother you staying so late?"

"No not at all Mrs. Carson, as a matter of fact after Jason turned in I fell asleep myself watching TV. I hope you don't mind?" said Jay.

"Not at all Jay. And Jay, since we didn't come close to finishing up tonight as I had hoped I will need a sitter for tomorrow night for probably the same amount of time. Would you still be available."

"Oh yes Mame. You just tell me when you want me and I'll be here."

"Well Jay why don't we do it the same as tonight. If you can make it by 5:30 that would be great."

"That would be fine Mrs. Carson. I' ll be here."

"Here is $30 is that OK for you Jay?

"Oh yes Mame, that is more than enough. Thanks." said Jay.

"Well I won't keep you any longer then be careful riding home. I hope you have lights on your bike."

"Yes Mame I do. Both headlights and tail lights that run off a generator that rubs on my tire."

"OK then I'll see you tomorrow night then. Be sure to call if something comes up and you can't make it?"

"Don't worry this takes top priority as it is important to you."

She replied, "Well thanks Jay then I will see you tomorrow."

Joe walked out saying good by and got on his bike thrilled that she paid him so much. Gosh if she pays the same tomorrow night I'll have $60. That is more than I could make at a fast food place in several nights. Jay thought all the way home about the boy that he had just sp ent time with. He was really beginning to like him. He was so cooperative, especially in the ways Jay was hoping for.

When Joe got home his sister was just going to bed and asked, "Well how did things go Jay."

"Things couldn't have gone better and she paid me $30. She wants me back tomorrow night. She is on the school board."

"Wow! You stumbled onto an important one. She should bring you lots of business from all the people she knows. You know referrals are your best line of business Jay."

"Hey Karen, You are right. I never thought of that."

Karen added, "Especially if her son likes you."

"He sure seemed to Karen." said Jay.

"Good night Jay I'm going to turn in now."

"Good night Karen."

Jay went straight to his bedroom and got ready for bed. He slept in the raw except he k ept his T-shirt on. When he climbed in he had a raging hard on. Things had gone so well. He started jacking off and came within two minutes. He literally soaked his self in cum. He used his undershorts to clean up the cum. Then he rolled over and went to sleep.

In the morning he again had a hard on. After taking a piss he layed back down and stoked another few ropes out of himself. He was so horny thinking about what might take place tonight.

The day went by so slow as Jay could hardly wait to get back over and be with Jason again. But finally about 5:10 he climbed on his bike and got there at 5:25. He slowly locked his bike and went to the door.

When he knocked Jason was right there. Beaming the biggest smile Jay had seen in a while. Jay beamed right back at him and winked at him. Jason winked back which turned Jay on no end.

"Come on in Jay, mom is getting ready." said Jason.

Jay had barely reached the living room when Mrs. Carson came in smiling too. She said, "Well you should get the baby sitting award if there was one. She went on to say that is all Jason had talked about today was how much he wanted 5:30 to come so you could come back and sit for him. You know Jay as good as you come over with the boy if any of my friends need a sitter I will sure tell them about you. Jay this might go on for a while. We are discussing school budget and everyone wants their part left in so it comes to argument after argument all evening long. I will be glad when we finally reach agreement. But it looks like Friday and Saturday are going to be taken up for quite a while. I hope you are available on those nights usually."

"Well let's just put it this way Mrs. Carson, you come first. And other than a family emergency I will be here when you need me." said Jay.

"I was hoping you would say that Jay. Well it is pretty much the same instructions as last night Jay. The casserole is on the drainboard. that Jason likes so much. It makes it so much easier on him and me."

"Well thank you Mame. I wish I could say have a good evening but I know it will be a trying one for you."

She replied, "Just part of the job Jay. And she turned and went out the door saying good by as she went toward her car."

As soon as she was out of sight Jason hit Jay with the biggest hug he had had in a long time. In fact he couldn't remember a hug that strong.

"Shall we get dinner over with Jason."

"Yea Jay I am kinda hungry." said Jason.

They finished up the meal and clean up and headed for the living room. Of c ourse Jay couldn't wait to see Jason in the nude again.

"Jay would it be OK if I took my shower now and then I could put on my pajamas early." said Jason.

Jay couldn't be more pleased he even started to get a hard on thinking about it when he said, "Sure Jason if that it what you want."

"Jay I don't know if I should ask you this but would you mind washing me again. I really love the ways you touch me."

Jay swallowed hard and said, "Sure dude what ever you want."

They headed for the bathroom and it wasn't a full minute until Jason had taken off his clothes and put them in the hamper. Then he went and turned on the water and adjusted it for temperature. Then he started the shower and got in and got all wet. "OK Jay you can start now if you want to?"

Jay was almost beside himself he was so excited about what was taking place. So Jay sa id, "Is it alright if I take off my shirt so I don't get soaked?"

"Sure Joe, you can take off your clothes and join me if you want and I will wash you too." said Jason.

"I don't know Jason, what would your mother say?"

"Don't know and don't care cause she will never know about it."

"OK then it will another part of our little secret then huh, Jason."

"You bet you think I'm crazy or something. I would never tell anybody."

With that Jay stripped naked and joined him in the shower. "Here let me shampoo your hair first."

Jason handed him the shampoo from the side of the tub saying, Gosh that would be awesome Jay nobody ever pays this much attention to me."

Joe started massaging the shampoo into his head and rubbed softly and with the tips of his fingers as he knew how good that would feel to Jason. Jason just moan ed.

"There now rinse off and I'll put on the conditioner." said Jay.

Jason rinsed his head and then squinting he handed Jay the conditioner. Jay again applied it with the utmost care so as to make it feel as good as he could to the boy.

"OK now stick your head under the water and I'll rinse your head with my hands." said Jay.

When he was rinsed Jay picked up the bar of soap and lathered his hands real good. Then he started rubbing the soap into his back. He continued down and reached his butt.

Jason spoke up and said, "Would you wash me like you did yesterday, you know my hole too."

Jay thought this is too good to be true. Jay was a butt man anyway and loved every minute of this. So he ran his middle finger down his crack and massaged his anus for about 30 seconds.

"Oh Jay that feels so good. I wish I had you here all the time to do this to me."

Jay pushed his finger in and out of his hole just a short way as he knew the soap might burn him and he wouldn't want to do that any more. Jay said, "If you want I can massage you hear with lotion later down in the living room as soap might burn."

Jason said, "Yea Jay I would really like that."

Jay turned him on and saw that he had a raging hard on. So when he washed his way down to it he started soaping his dick using the jacking off motion to do it.

Jason said, "Gosh, that feels so good keep doing it Jay."

Jay also had a raging hard on now and he kept jacking him. Jason noticed Joe's hard on and took hold of it and started rubbing it the same way. Pretty soon Jay had all he could take and sperm flew everywhere.

"What's that white stuff coming out Jay, did I hurt you?"

"No Jason that is what you will do when your 12 or 13 and start producing sperm. It is that sperm that makes baby's when a man puts his penis inside a womens Virgina."

"You mean my dad did that to my mother?"

"Yes Jason he did it to create you and because it feels so good. Like this is feeling to you." With that Jason stiffened up and had an orgasm himself. Jay had to steady him to keep him from collapsing.

"Oh Jay I see what you mean that felt so awesome, just like it did last night only better."

Jay finished washing him and Jason took the soap and started doing Jay. Jay bent forward so he could wash and condition his hair. then he stood up and Jason gave him the best washing he could ever imagine. When he got to Jay's asshole he did just like Jay did to him and poked his finger up inside Joe several times.

"Does that hurt Jay?"

"No Jason it j ust feels good to me."

With that Jason went ahead and pushed his finger all the way in a few times. Jason let him know it felt good by moaning when he did it.

When the shower was over they dried and Jason got ready for bed. Jay put back on his clothes and headed for the living room.

Jay turned on the TV and Jason came and sat right in his lap. Jay knew it wouldn't be long before he would have a hard on supreme again. Jason reached over and took Jay's hand and put it right on his hard dick. Jay didn't say anything just started rubbing it softly.

Jason said, "I wish you were my brother Jay."

Jay answered, "Yes you are kind of like the brother I always wished I had."

Jason said, "Under." and took Jay's hand and pushed it under his pajamas.

Jay thought he would loose another load right there and then. "Jason reme mber in the shower I told you I would rub some lotion where you like it?"

"Yea you want me to get some?"

Jay answered, "If you know where some is."

Jason jumped up and went into the bathroom and returned with a bottle of no scent lotion. Jay was glad it was no scent as he wouldn't want to explain the smell of lotion in the living room to his mom.

"Do you want me to put it on your butt Jason." Jay asked.

"Yea would you?"

"Sure turn over on my lap." Jay said.

While turning over Jason reached down and pulled his pajamas just below his butt so that Jay could reach better. Jay got some lotion on his middle finger and started massaging his anus back and forth. Jay asked him, "Is that what you wanted?"

"Yea Jay that is awesome, but could you push on your finger like you did in the shower?"

Joe was waitin g for that and said, "Sure tell me if it hurts OK?"

"OK Jay."

Jay started pushing and told Jason to push out like he had to go to the bathroom and it would relax his muscle. When Jay heard him grunt in went the finger. Jay knew that if he didn't say stop it wasn't hurting him as lotion is real slippery and goes easy. So Jay went ahead and buried his finger to the hilt. Then he asked Jason, "How does that feel Jason?"

Jason said, "I could take that all night it is so awesome."

This let Jay know he could start slowly finger fucking him and he did. After a minute Jay started speeding up and heard pleasure moans coming from Jason.

"Jason do you want to try something a little different?"

"Yea Jay go ahead."

Jay put lotion on his second finger and pushed it in about half way and then waited for a comment. Hearing n one he kept pushing all the way in. "How does that feel Jason?"

"It kinda hurt at first but then it just started feeling good like before. I think it even feels better." said Jason.

"OK Jason now I'm going to slide the two fingers in and out you tell me if it hurts OK?"

"Go ahead Jay, right now it feels great."

Jay started finger fucking him going faster each time he went in and out. Jason started moaning big time now and finally said, "That is so awesome Joe, I never felt anything like that before."

Jason reached down and felt of Jay's dick as it was stabbing him in the lower stomach. Jay moved so he could reach it easily if he wanted to. Jason unzipped Jay's pants and reached in and found his dick through Jay's underwear and started rubbing it.

Jay said, "You know it would be a lot easier if we went in and lay down on your bed Jaso n."

With that Jason got right up pulled his pajamas up so he could walk and headed for his bedroom. When he got there he just took off his pajama bottoms and laid them aside. Jay took off his pants and lay down beside him with his underwear still on. He thought if Jason wanted them off he would take them off himself or ask Jay to.

Jay said, "A little more comfortable now Jason?"

"Oh yea, will you continue doing what you were doing on the couch with my butt?"

He didn't have to ask twice Jay got the lotion and put some on all three fingers and started again with just one. He went in and out a few times and then went right back to two fingers which he knew was tight. But no complaints from Jason.

"Jason I'm going to go one step further and it will hurt at first but if you can stand it, it will start feeling real good in a minute or so. "

"OK Jay I trust you." said Jason.

Jay started the third finger and went in about two inches and waited. "Does that hurt real bad Jason?"

"Yea Jay but I can take it. You said it would get better soon and I believe you."

Jay started moving his fingers in and out slowly but not going past the two inch barrier.

"It's getting better now Jay it is starting to kinda feel good."

Jay said, "OK I'll go a little further then." With that Jay started in to about three inches and then went back and forth. "How's that sport?"

"It's OK Jay I am starting to like it now." said Jason.

Jay went right on up in him all the way and heard him groan. So he pulled back almost out and then went back in. He continued this until Jason said, "It's quit hurting now Jay. But it makes me feel like I gotta take a shit real bad."

"That is the usual feeling at first then it just starts feeling real good." said Jay.

"I think you have had enough stretch training for now let me show you something that feels much better." said Jay.

"Why do you call it training Jay?"

"Well Jason when you really like someone a lot you want them to be part of you and you ask them to put their penis where my fingers were. And by doing the stretching exercises it makes it where it doesn't hurt real bad."

Jason said, "Oh that would be so awesome I want you to do that to me Jay."

Jay answered, "Well it looks like I am going to be baby sitting here a lot so why don't you let me do the stretching exercises again next week then we can try it OK."

"What ever you say Jay."

"It isn't that I don't want to do it right now but I think it would be better for you if we wait a week and stretch y ou again before I try it."

Jason said, "OK Joe I believe you are doing what you think is best for me."

"Now I have something to show you I think you will really like." Jay said.

"What's that Jay?"

Jay said, "Roll over on your back and I will show you."

When Jason rolled over on his back his dick was standing straight up. Jay went down and licked the head and listened to Jason moan.

"Does that feel good Jason?" said Jay.

"Oh Yea!"

Jay started down on his dick until the entire 3 and a half inches were in his mouth. Then he started jacking him off by going up and down. He heard him making all kinds of sounds of sexual pleasure. All of a sudden he stiffened up and started having an orgasm. Jay kept right on going up and down and sucking until his orgasm ended.

"Jay that was the most awesome thin g I have ever had done to me. I didn't think anything could feel that good."

Jay said, "I thought you would like it everybody does."

"Could I do that to you Jay?"

"You don't have to Jason only if you really want to."

"I really want to Jay." Jason said.

Jason moved down with his head and pulled on Jay's underwear to try and get them off. Jay gave him a helping hand and just slid them down and off.

Jason didn't say anymore but went down and licked the pre-cum on the end of Jay's dick. He said, "Ooooo that taste kinda salty and sweet. But since it is coming from you Jay I love it. With that he took Jay into his mouth about half way down his six inch dick. Jay's dick wasn't as thick as it would eventually get so it wasn't that hard for Jason to go further down. Jason started doing like Joe had done to him going up and down and gettingmore of it in his mouth until he gagged.

Jay said, "That happens until you get used to it. You just have to learn to relax your throat and swallow and then you can make it go down your throat."

"OK Jay I'll try." said Jason. With that he started up and down again and finally went past the gag point. He was so proud of himself he kept doing it until it was all the way down as far as it would go.

Jay said, "Jason if you keep that up I'm going to cum." Jason kept it up like it was a challenge to make Joe cum. Finally Jay said, "I'm cumming Jason pull off if you don't want it in your mouth." Jason didn't pull off he had decided he was going to take it all. When the ropes started Jason kinda gagged a little and then started swallowing as fast as he could and he got all but a couple drips of Jay's cum in his stomach."

Jay said, "That was the most awesome blow job I have ever had Jason. Thank you so much."

With that Jay pulled his head up and kissed him on the lips pushing his tongue right into Jason's mouth and tasting his own cum. The tongue wrestling lasted about two minutes and then they broke off and Jason said, "That was best tasting cum in the world Jay. Because it came from you."

Jay said, "Thanks little buddy. I really appreciate you saying that."

Jay said, "What you say you put on your pajamas now as it is bedtime already. Be sure to brush your teeth dude."

Jason said, "OK Joe I'll brush them right now and meet you in the living room."

Jay headed for the living room feeling like he had just had the best sex he had ever had. And thinking about the week to come already.

When Jason came back into the living room Jay gave him a big hug and said, "Now we have some more secrets don't we buddy."

Jason replied, "Yea Joe and what secrets. I'll be thinking of you every day until I get to see you again."

Jay answered, "Don't think that doesn't go two ways dude. I will be so happy to see you again I can't hardly wait. I know I will be thinking of you all week too."

With that Jay took him to his bedroom and tucked him in. This time he kissed him on the mouth and got such a kiss in return. "Good night Jason, see you next week."

"Good night Jay."

Joe did as he had the previous week fell asleep on the couch until he heard the door shut.

He sat right up and greeted Mrs. Carson as she entered so tired looking.

"Well thanks again Jay. I think you will be getting a call from a Mrs. Jackson tomorrow. She has a twelve year old boy and I think she needs someone Tuesday night. Do you think you co uld handle that?"

"With out a doubt Mame. Thanks for telling her about me."

"It is so hard to find good babysitters now a days and you are superior as I told her. Here is your money for tonight and thank you so much."

She handed Jay $30 again and Jay left with the biggest smile on his face. He had found a job he could enjoy.

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