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This story is pure fiction, never happened, hopefully never will.


Jay was so tired he slept in until after 9 the next morning. He was awakened by Karen saying, "Ther e is someone on the phone that want to speak with you Jay."

Jay jumped right up stretched to get the sleep out of his body and even threw some cold water on his face so he wouldn't sound like he had been asleep.

"Hello" Jay said.

"Hello Jay, my name is Mrs. Jackson and I was calling on a referral from Mrs. Carson that you are an excellent baby sitter. Do you have Monday night open Jay?"

"Yes Ma'me I do." Jay responded.

"Well Jay I have a 12 year old boy who really doesn't think he needs a sitter but I won't leave him alone when I am going to be gone all evening. His name is Carl. I would need you at 7pm Monday, and I expect to be home by 12 or 1am, would that be too late for you?"

"No Ma'me as long as after he is asleep I can close my eyes on the couch watching TV and I might fall asleep while I'm waiting for you to come home."

"That w ould be perfectly alright as long as he is asleep it wouldn't matter at all."

"OK then it's fine with me whatever time you get home."

"Do you have a paper and pen handy to take down my address Jay?"

"Yes Mame there is a note pad right here on the telephone table and also a pen."

"Good then write down 323 Karson Court, it is just off of Wilson Street which is a main street."

"I go down Wilson all the time Mrs. Jackson and I know where Karson Court is."

"Fine Jay then I will see you on Monday night at 7 OK?"

"Yes Ma'me I will be there for sure. By the way what is your phone number in case I had to get hold of you for some reason?"

She gave Jay the phone number and they ended the call.

Jay let out a war hoop which alerted his mom and sister and they wanted to know what was so great. "Well mom, and Karen I just got hired for my second baby sitting position." Mrs. Carson recommended me and so she called."

Karen said, "That's great Jay you will have made as much as I do in an entire week at the pizza parlor in three days. I am really happy for you."

"Do you think you can baby sit and keep up with your homework dear?" said his mother.

"Oh yea Mom I have a study hall during last period at school until time to leave so I won't have any trouble at all."

"Well OK then as long as your grades don't slip."

"Don't worry mom they won't, I promise you that."

With that he went up to his bedroom to take a shower and get dressed for the day. He was one happy guy at this moment.

Monday came quickly and before he knew it Jay was peddling his ten speed to go and sit for Carl.

When he rode up in front of the house it was like a small mansion. What a beautiful house Jay thought. He locked his bike to a small tree and went to the door.

When he knocked the door opened almost immediately and it appeared to be 12 year old Carl. "I don't know why you bothered to come I DON'T NEED A FUCKING BABY SITTER, I ain't a baby." Carl shouted.

Jay was stunned not knowing what to do. Then Mrs. Jackson came to the door to rescue poor Jay. "Carl I want you to shut your mouth and get in the living room." said Mrs. Jackson."

"I'm sorry Jay but don't worry I can handle him. Come on in won't you." she said.

Jay walked in to the living room where Carl was fuming. Jay said, "Hey man I hang out with lots of guys your age. It isn't any fun at all to spend the evening all by yourself. So why don't we get one thing straight I'm not here to sit a baby I'm here to hang out with what I hope turns out to be a fr iend."

Well that took the wind out of his sails and he said, "I'm sorry. I was expecting someone who was going to try and boss me around all night."

"Well I don't usually boss around my friends do you?" Jay said.

"No man I had you all wrong. I think it will be fine hanging out with you tonight."

Mrs. Jackson had been listening and so she said, "Well it doesn't look like you need any help from me Jay, I can see why Mrs. Carson recommended you so highly."

"Thank you Mrs. Jackson, I can't see any reason why Carl and I shouldn't get along just fine." said Jay.

Mrs. Jackson added, "There is a number I can be reached in case of emergency by the phone and please help yourself to snacks and pop Carl knows where everything is."

With that she was gone out the door and to her fancy car.

"Well what do you do for kicks Carl." said Jay.

Carl said, "Well mostly I play video games and I spend a lot of time on my computer."

"Where do you keep your computer Carl?"

"It's up in my bedroom that's where I hang out the most."

Jay said, "Can I see it?"

"Sure follow me." I knew enough about computers I could tell what sites he had recently been to by checking the history unless he was smart enough to delete his history every time he left the machine."

"Here it is Jay. I've only had it about 6 months." said Carl.

"Wow! Its a nice one. Can I check my email on it Carl?"

Carl said, "Sure go right ahead." So I went to my email site and deleted all the usual spam. I opened a note from a friend and read it but didn't bother answering it as I could do that from home.

While he was looking over toward the door I hit on history to se e what sites he had been visiting recently. Then when I saw that it was mostly porn I knew I had him. "Carl I see you have been to a lot of sites I go to."

Carl looked over at what Jay was looking at and when he saw a list of all the sites he had been to that week he was all of a sudden scared. He had been found out. I just happened onto those sites.

Jay said, "Yea buddy you just happened on to Nifty and all these sex picture sites just like I happen on to them all the time too. Don't worry remember we are friends I didn't come here to get you in trouble. I'm cool with these too."

Carl let out a deep breath and said, "Whew! I thought my ass was grass."

"No you wouldn't be human if you were not interested in sex sites and as far as all these gay sites I go to some of them too. I read Nifty stories almost every day." said Jay.

"I have never told anyone about thinking maybe I'm gay." said Carl.

"Well your secret will go to the grave with me Carl I never talk bad about other people. My grandmother told me before she died that If I couldn't say something good about someone it shouldn't be said at all. And you know Carl I have been living up to that ever since." remarked Jay.

"Gosh! You really are a nice guy Jay. I am so lucky to have you to hang out with when my mom has to go somewhere." said Carl.

"Can I ask you how you got that list of sites I have been to. My mother could accidentally stumble on that too?" Carl said.

"Sure buddy hit on my computer. Now hit Internet options. Now see where it says clear history. Just push that and they will all disappear. It is important that you do that every time you leave your computer to protect yourself especially if you have been looking at sex sites. Do yo u want me to go ahead and clear history now so you can see how it works?"

"Yea, will you."

With that Jay clicked on it and then went to show him they had all disappeared and he was safe.

"Oh I feel so relieved now Jay." said Carl.

"Carl would you like to take your shower now and then we can hang out in here or in the living room where ever you say?" said Jay.

"Yea that's a good idea. Will you talk to me while I take my shower. I kinda like talking to you?" Carl said.

"Sure buddy what ever you say. I like talking to you too. We kinda like the same kinda things." said Jay.

On the way to the bathroom Jay had to pinch himself as he couldn't believe how easy this had been. It would be a fun time in the ole house tonight.

When they got to the bathroom Jay said, "Do you want me to go out while you undress?"

"No Jay I told you I wanted to be able to talk to you and I couldn't do that if you left." Carl said.

"I guess that makes since Carl. I'll just sit over here on the toilet." Jay said.

Carl started the water and got undressed and got in. When he undressed Jay got to see what a great butt he had. It wasn't really a bubble butt but it was a butt just made for the frame it was on, and boy was that a good looking frame. The boy had a tall slim swimmers body just the kind Jay liked best. Jay felt he was getting hard just knowing he was in the same room with this good looking boy.

"Jay could you come over here a minute?" Carl asked.

Jay got up and walked over to the shower. "Would you look at this rash I have here between my legs and tell me if you think it is anything bad?"

Jay kneeled down and brushed his hand over the rash which was right unde r his balls on his leg. Jay took advantage of the situation and rubbed more than necessary and Carl immediately started getting hard. Jay kept rubbing as he talked and he told him he didn't think it was anymore that his pants rubbing against it probably while he rode his bike.

"Oh is that all. Gosh Jay I'm getting a woody." Carl said.

Jay said, "Don't worry about it I've got one too just from rubbing your leg like that."

Carl said, "Really let me see."

Jay gladly displayed his hard on through his pants to Carl and then asked him if he would like him to soap his back for him.

Carl jumped on that and said, "Yea Jay that would feel awesome."

Jay started in rubbing his shoulders and slowly went down his back. It was so smooth he really had a hard on now. When he reached his ass he didn't hesitate but started washing it too. He put his m iddle finger on the crack of his ass and massaged his way to the kids anus. Then he rubbed back and forth across the anus until Carl let out the moan he was waiting for and he said, "Does that feel good to you Carl?"

"Oh God! Yea it does. No one has ever touched me there before and it feels awesome."

With that Jay pushed his finger about an inch inside and brought it out and continued fingering him like that for about 15 seconds. "Do you like that Carl?"

"Yea please don't stop I feel like I could cum if you keep it up."

"Well I'll tell you what soap can make your butt hole real sore so why don't we wait and I'll rub it with some lotion for you OK?" Jay said.

"OK anything you say Jay, I just know I want you to do it some more."

He got out of the shower and Jay dried him rubbing his dick more than necessary but he had such a hard on he couldn't stop hims elf.

"There now lets put these dirty clothes in the hamper and I'll take this lotion here and rub you down in your bedroom OK?" said Jay.

"Oh Yea should I just stay nude Jay?"

"Sure it is just us guys. Tell you what I'll get nude too if it would make you feel better."

"OK Jay I would really like that." said Carl.

When they got into the bedroom Jay told him to lay down on his stomach. When he did Jay started working on his ass hole with the lotion. He pushed his middle finger all the way in and Carl said, "Oh Jay that feels so good."

"I thought you would like it now turn on your side facing me." When Carl turned on his side Jay licked his hard dick and found there was some pre-cum there. It tasted so sweet Jay could hardly control his own dick as he was leaking like a faucet. Carl moaned real loud when he did that so he took hi s dick into his mouth and started giving him head. His dick was big enough to touch the gag reflex and go a little beyond it but Jay had enough practice it did'nt bother him so he took him all the way in.

Carl said, "That is without a doubt the best feeling I have ever had."

Jay kept sucking and going up and down and now he wanted him to cum so he pushed two fingers into his ass to the hilt. "Oh God I'm cumming ahhhhhh Ohhhhh God!"

Jay kept finger fucking and sucking until Carl had finished cumming. Then Jay said, "How was that sport?"

"Jay never in my life have I had anything that even comes close to the feelings you just gave me. Thanks so much. Now can I do that to you?" Carl said.

"Only if you really want to." Jay replied.

"Oh I do, I do."

With that Jay handed him the bottle of lotion and layed over on his stomach giving up his ass to Carl.

Carl said, "Do I just put lotion on your bum and push in?"

"You've got it Carl thats all."

Carl was so excited he almost spilled the lotion all over the bed but he finally got some on his first two fingers and pushed his middle finger up Jay's butt. His finger was big enough that Jay could actually enjoy it just as he had. Carl started finger fucking him the same way Jay had done him and then said, "OK Jay lay on your side for me if you will?"

Jay certainly didn't hesitate he rolled up on his side exposing his dick to Carl's sex hungry mouth. Carl started sucking and going down on him immediately. He hit the gag point but without Jay having to say anything he was able to get by it and swallow Jay's dick all the way down his throat. Jay let out a pleasure moan that could be heard all over the house which encouraged Carl to go even faster.&nbs p; Then all of a sudden Carl remembered the second finger and plunged it all the way in Jay's ass. When he did that Jay let out with, "Ohhhh you got me dude I'm cumming ahhhhhhhh! Jay never came so hard he didn't think. He let out rope after rope until at least 8 spasms had subsided and then he rolled over on his back and collapsed.

"You Like Maybe?" Carl jokingly said.

"I like yes!" said Jay.

By now it was getting late and so they decided to go down and have a Pepsi and watch TV in the nude.

When they got through with their drinks Jay leaned over to Carl and kissed him on the lips forcing his tongue into Carl's mouth. This ended up in a tongue sucking contest that must have lasted 5 minutes. When Jay finally pulled loose he said, "You know what dude. I have enjoyed hanging out with ya and I want to hang out with Ya every time you Mom goes anywhere."

Carl said, "Ditto".

Jay walked him back upstairs as he had to get dressed and then tuck his newest job in. When he dressed he went over to the bed and said, "I don't know when if ever I enjoyed an evening like this one dude." And then he gave him a kiss on the lips good night.

Jay was asleep when Mrs. Jackson returned and woke when she shut the door. He faced her sleepy eyed and said everything went fine. I told him we were just hanging out. He liked that.

Mrs. Jackson said, "You are a genius babysitter. I have never gotten anyone who would even think of coming back here. I hope you will consider it."

"Oh yes Ma'me your son is cool to hang out with."

Mrs. Jackson went on and told him not to tell Carl, "But she was secretly dating a man that Carl didn't know about yet and he asked her to go out again Thursday night. Would you b e available to hang out Thursday night for me."

Jay answered, "Sure Mrs. Jackson I am available except on the nights I have to sit for Mrs. Carson for her board meetings."

With that she gave him a little hug and a fifty dollar bill. He said, "Oh you don't have to pay me that much Mrs. Jackson."

She answered that he was worth every cent of it and thanked him again.

With that he said good night and said, "I'll see you then Thursday night at 7 is that right?"

She said, "You've got it Jay. Good night now and do ride careful I wouldn't want anything to happen to my son's hang out buddy."

(To Be Continued)

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