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When Jay got home he felt elated. He loved getting all the praise that he had been getti ng. If this kept up he was afraid he would get swell headed. He still had the same feelings about being gay and especially his feelings for younger guys than himself. But, he guessed that was the way he was meant to be even though he didn't like it at all.

No one was up and he knew tomorrow was a school day so he headed straight for bed.

In the morning he was tired but he realized that sleeping on Mrs. Jackson's couch had helped as he really didn't feel that bad. School was the samo samo. He got his homework done in last period study hall so he didn't even need to take any books home with him. So he got on his ten speed and went on home.

As he came in the house the phone was ringing. He picked it up and said "Hello."

"Hello, may I speak with Jay please?"

"This is Jay Mame."

"Oh Jay my name is Mrs. Ledbetter. I'm s o glad I caught you. I was talking to Mrs. Jackson today and she said you were the first baby sitter that her son Carl even wanted in the house. I have a similar problem with an eleven year old boy who thinks he is plenty old enough to stay home alone. But even the law says a child under 12 should not be left alone at night. Something has come up and I am in a jam. Are you busy tonight?"

"No Mrs. Ledbetter I do have tonight free." said Jay.

"Oh wonderful. Would you be able to take care of Anson tonight. I would need you from 7 until probably midnight or better." said Mrs. Ledbetter.

"Well that would be fine Mrs. Ledbetter but since I am in school I always ask if it is OK if I lay down on your couch after I am sure Anson is asleep and cat nap until you get home. That way I'm not so tired in the morning when I get up to go to school."

"That would be perfectly fine with me." She said.

"Then I would be available. Let me take down your address and phone number."

"OK I live at 7865 Thorn Street. Are you familiar with the area."

"Yes Mame since I ride a ten speed I always see the street signs as I go by and I know right where that is. Now what is your phone number if you don't mind."

She gave Jay the phone number and said she would see him then at 7pm. He agreed and they hung up.

Jay wasn't sure he was happy about this or not. He was kinda hoping he would have a night off. He had to be back to take care of Jason Friday night again. Oh well he might get Thursday off. If no one calls.

Karen walked in and said, "Did I hear the phone Jay?"

"Yea I got a call for baby sitting tonight."

"My God kid you are going to get rich. Maybe I should start b aby sitting too."

"That's up to you Karen, it isn't such a bad job. You could give this number as your reference and let Mom say you have worked for her."

"Yea I'll have to think about that." Karen said.

With that Jay headed for his bedroom to crap out for a while as he was tired as usual from a day at school. He turned on the TV he had in his room and fell asleep. He woke up at 5pm and felt hungry. So he went down to see if anything had been cooked or if he was on his own. His mom had cooked a nice dinner so he sat down and ate with his mom and Karen.

Karen mentioned baby sitting and asked her mom if she would be a reference for her since she had a separate phone number.

Her mom agreed that if she decided to try it she would do that for her but reminded her that baby sitting wasn't all that great for some people.

Karen said, " Yes I was thinking about that mom I don't know if I would like being around children that much. I'll have to think it over."

With dinner over Jay went to take a shower and get ready for tonight. It would take him about 15 minutes to ride to Thorn Street.

So about a quarter of seven Jay mounted his bike and started off to his job for the evening.

Again he pulled up in front of a very nice house. People who know people well enough to trust with referrals for a baby sitter all seem to have about the same amount of money. This place was really nice.

He locked his bike and went to the door and knocked. Mrs. Ledbetter answered the door and let him in leading him into the living room. "Jay this is Anson my son." she said.

Jay looked at Anson's face and saw a non too happy look coming back at him.

"Hey man I hung out with a 12 year old las t night and he was cool to hang out with. You care if I hang out with you tonight."

That changed the look on Anson's face immediately. He answered, "No that would be OK with me. Why don't you sit down.

Jay plopped down on the couch next to him and looked up at Mrs. Ledbetter and smiled.

"Well I see you boys will be fine so I will see you when I get home. There is a number to call me if you need to right by the phone."

"OK Mrs. Ledbetter have a good evening."

With that she was gone. Jay said, "What are you watching Anson?"

"Oh it is the end of a movie I have been watching since 5. It will be over in a few minutes."

"Oh cool."

Jay sat quietly until the movie ended. Then he said, "What do you do for fun when your hanging out around here?"

"Oh I have some video games and I spend time on my com puter."

Jay thought computer huh. I wonder what would be on his favorites. "Can I check my email on your computer Anson. You are on line aren't you." Jay inquired.

"Sure man follow me. It's in my bedroom." said Anson.

Jay followed Anson hoping to find some sex stuff in his history section.

Anson showed him where the computer was and Jay went right to his email sight, not because he expected any but he had to have a reason to man his computer.

Jay said, "Something I always show the guys I hang out with is how to protect yourself from being spied on by someone else when you are not around. Let me show you the sites on your history list. Jay found his history in a couple of seconds and low and behold not one sex site was listed. Nothing but things no more sexual than I see you like a lot of the sites I go to. Let's just pre tend when you are messing around you go to some site that has sexual content on it and you don't want anyone to know about it. Then here is how you can erase this history list. First go to control panel like this. Then go to Internet options see where delete history button is. You just click on it and it erases all history on your machine protecting your privacy."

"Wow Jay thanks for showing me that. Are you saying that there are sites on the Internet that have sex stuff on them?"

Jay answered, "Yes Anson there are suppose to be over a million of them."

"Wow! No one ever told me that before." said Anson. "Could you show me one?"

"Well I don't know Anson your mother might not ask me back if I show you stuff like that."

"You think I would tell my mother she would have a cat." said Anson.

"Well if it's just between us then let me sho w you one site I like to read stories from it's called Nifty." With that Jay put the URL of Nifty in the browser showing him how to do it and then clicked on go."

On came Nifty with its opening page which includes everything from Bestiality to gay stories. Not knowing this kids orientation Jay clicked on bi-sexual and showed him all the categories.

Anson said, "Gee click on that one pointing at Young Friends."

When Jay clicked on it up came hundreds of stories about young friends. Jay clicked on one that sounded really sexual and started reading it aloud. He glanced at Anson and saw that he had his undivided attention. He kept reading for about 5 minutes to where they had each others pants down and were exploring each other and then Jay said, "I could read to you all night but you now know where to find it and you can finish it yourself."

"Don't worry I will Jay, Let me write down the name of the story." Anson said.

Then Jay said, "I'll show you something else if you promise to keep it our secret."

"Oh yea I wouldn't even tell my best friend who showed me this stuff. I want you to be able to come back and hang out with me when mom goes out all the time." said Anson.

OK then Jay said, "Put in, write that down too. And then push go. You see it brings up one of the most popular search engines. Now I will enter free sex sites and push go."

Of course the list that came up was endless. Anson said, "You mean all of those sites have sex stuff on them?"

"That's right Anson." And Jay deliberately clicked on a gay picture site. Of course thumb nail pictures of nude guys doing every thing imaginable came up. Now Anson all you have to do is click on any of these little pictures like this, he click ed on two real young guys probably 18 years old in a 69 sucking each other off.

"Wow! Do guys really do that to each other Jay." said Anson.

"Oh yea and a lot more here let me put this on slide show and let you watch." said Jay.

Of course everything imaginable was coming before their eyes. Jay looked down and saw that Anson had a king size woody and he knew he did too. When the slide show was over Jay said, "Have you started jacking off yet Anson? Myself I do it at least once a day."

"No I don't think so," said Anson. "Could you tell me what you mean?"

"Sure but first I want you to clear history. Now you have a reason too. Remember anytime you have been on a site your mother might object to clear the history before you leave the computer even to go to the bathroom alright."

"Yea Jay I see what you mean." With that Anson did all the things Jay had taught him to clear history and cleared it.

"Good job Anson you catch on fast. I'm sure glad to have you as a new hang out buddy."

Anson said, "You are so cool Jay. I want you to come every time mom goes anywhere."

"Thanks dude. Now if you want me to show you some of the things in those pictures it is a lot easier when you have showered and don't have too many clothes on even naked."

"OK I'll take my shower right now then. Will you come and talk to me while I do?"

"Sure if that is what you want after all what are Buddy's for?" said Jay.

Jay couldn't believe things were going so well. He followed Anson to the shower and watched him strip and put his clothes in the hamper. If God ever made a perfect 11 year old here was one. He was blond, blue eyed, and had the smoothest skin. His butt was absolutely perfect and he didn't have a hair on his body except on his head.

He climbed into the shower and Jay just waited for the moment when he would suggest doing his back. When Anson had soaped up his arms and stomach Jay asked, "Would you like it if I soaped up your back for you?"

"Would you, that would be awesome." said Anson.

Jay was thinking would I, WOULD I, what do you think I been waiting to do all night. "Sure give me the soap and I will be glad to help you. Do you mind if I take off my shirt and pants so I don't get all wet?"

"No I would actually like that." said Anson.

Jay stripped down to his briefs and took the soap and started in. He loved the touch of the smooth skin that a blond boy had. He worked Anson's muscles on the way to that beautiful ass. When he got to the butt he just kept right on going. He knew how to get Anson good and started ma ssaging his anus with his middle finger full of soap. He listened to Anson start his pleasure moaning and pushed his finger in his ass hole about an inch and said, "Does that hurt Anson?"

"No Jay I have never been touched there before and it feels so good."

Jay fingered him about 5 or 6 times and then went on down his legs and washed his feet. Then he had him turn around and washed his stomach again and then used his whole hand to massage his genital area which supported an already stiff hard on. He rubbed over the hard on way more than necessary listening to the sounds of pleasure coming from Anson. He then reached back to the anus again and said, "Since I used soap so much here I will put some lotion on it for you in your bedroom to keep you from being sore tomorrow. OK?"

Anson was so sexually excited he could hardly answer but managed to get out, "Sure Jay."

Jay had him rinse real well and then told him to get out and he would dry him. Anson turned into his puppet and turned every way Jay gently pushed him while drying him. "There that just about does it your dry now." said Jay.

Jay then said, "Shall we just stay undressed so I can show you those things you wanted to see while we were watching the pictures?"

Again Anson had a hard time getting the words out but he said, "Yea I'd like that."

Jay picked up the bottle of lotion and followed Anson to his bedroom. This was going to be some night.

"Why don't we sit on the bed it is more comfortable for you?" said Jay.

When he sat down Jay said, "Lay on your stomach first I want to put lotion where I used so much soap so you don't get sore."

He rolled right over on his stomach putting that fantastic butt right in Jay's hands. Jay spread his butt real tight to look at his ass hole.&nb sp; Jay loved the sight of a clean boy's ass hole. Then he put some lotion on his fingers and started pushing with his middle finger. He told Anson to push out like he was taking a crap and it would be easier on him. When he heard the grunting sound he pressed his finger in his ass hole and it of course went right in. As easy as it went in he went right on in all the way to the hilt. "Does that hurt Anson?" Jay asked.

"No it just makes me feel full like I have to take a crap." said Anson.

"That is normal at first but it will start feeling good pretty soon." said Jay.

Jay pulled his finger almost out and then back in listening to the hmmm sounds coming from Anson as he did it. After a minute or so Anson said, "I see what you mean Jay it does feel good now, real good." With that Jay added a finger and went in with it and said how's that?"

Anson said, "It hurts a little now Jay."

Jay said, "Give it a minute and see how it feels."

With that Jay started finger fucking him real slow. Anson just moaned.

Jay said, "Roll over and I'll show you another one of the pictures."

When Anson rolled over his dick was straight up in the air about 3 or so inches. Jay said, "Remember this picture?" as he went down on his dick and took it all the way in his mouth rolling his tongue all around the head and especially around the feel good spot.

"Oh Jay that feels absolutely awesome keep going." said Anson.

Jay thought to himself this kid has never had an orgasm so he started going up and down real fast and reached under him and sunk a finger all the way up his ass at the same time. All of a sudden Anson stiffened up and said, "Oh Oh Jay I...I... it..." and he started his first orgasm of his life.&nb sp; When he finished he said, "I never felt anything like that in my whole life. It was the most awesome thing Jay I wish you could feel it."

Jay explained that in another year he would be able to shoot sperm out of his dick when he got that feeling.

"Is that what happens to you Jay?" he asked.

"Yea dude it is awesome to me too."

"Will you take off your briefs and let me give that feeling to you?"

"Sure dude that will be another one of our many secrets." said Jay.

With that Jay lifted up and slipped his briefs not only down but off leaving himself as naked as Anson.

"Your thing is all wet Jay did it already happen to you?" asked Anson.

"No Anson that is called pre-cum and it just leaks out all the time you are feeling sexy. Take some on your finger and taste it."

"It taste sweet and a little salty." said An son.

"Do you like it Anson."

"Yea it's OK." With that Anson went down and licked the entire head a few times. then he made an ummm sound and took Jay's penis into his mouth. He started up and down on it like Jay had him. He reached for the lotion bottle and put some on his fingers and started searching for Joe's ass hole. Joe helped him by spreading his legs and bending his knees so he could reach it. As soon as he sank his finger in Jay that was all it took. Jay said, "I'm going to start squirting cum Anson." Anson ignored him and when Jay came he swallowed every drop of it and then sucked on it trying to get more to come out.

Jay said, "That's about all for this round dude."

"I like the taste Jay. Can we do it again now."

"No Anson it takes a man a while to recharge. I have to give it at least a half hour better yet an hour or more to recharge." said Jay.

Jay looked at the clock in his room and saw it was past his bedtime so he said, "It looks like we have run out of time for this session. It is past your bedtime."

"Jay could we do some of the other pictures the next time you come to hang out with me." said Anson.

"You bet and let me show you how to make yourself have an orgasm before you turn in. Lay on your back. He took Anson's dick which was hard all over again and started jacking him off. He kept going for about 5 minutes and then sunk his finger up his butt again which set him off again."

"Oh Oh ahhh ahhh It's doing it again. Oh I love this....."

Jay said, "Now you know how to do it for your self. When you are alone just go to search and put in free sex pictures and then you will be able to have an orgasm much quicker with something to look at that is sexy.& nbsp; Oh and don't forget to delete the favorites on your computer as soon as you finish OK."

"Yea I won't forget that Jay."

Anson put on a pair of clean briefs while Jay got his clothes back on and then Jay put him to bed and tucked him in. He reached down to kiss him on the forehead and found Anson's arms around his neck in the hardest hug he is sure the kid could muster. "Good Night buddy." said Jay.

"Good night Jay. I wish you lived here all the time. I am gonna miss you."

"I'm gonna miss you to little dude."

Jay turned and left the room turning off the light on his way back to the living room. It wasn't long before Jay was sound asleep himself.

Jay awoke to the sound of the door shutting. He sat up and said, "I hope your evening went well Mrs. Ledbetter? You sure have one fine son. We had a good time hanging out." "Yes Mame, same time 7pm."

"Yes Jay and thank you so much again." With that she handed him two twenty's and a ten and said, "I hope this is enough for your splendid services."

"Oh yes Mame actually it's more than enough. Thank You." said Jay.

With that she let him out the door and said, "See you next Wed. Jay."

Jay smiled and headed for his bike and his 15 minute ride home. (To Be continued) Love your emails please let me know where you live I will tell you when I answer you where I live. Thanks, So far in the 60 or so emails I have received I have received email from all of the following places:
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