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Thursday Jay crawled out of bed stretching and headed for the shower. When he got downstairs he was ready for school and decided on cereal for breakfast. He was thinking how nice it was to have a day off. The phone rang and he froze hoping it wasn't for him.

"Jay telephone," His mother said.

He got up wiping the milk on his chin with a kitchen towel and took the call. "Jay, I read this ad in the newspaper and it said you had references. I require references before anyone sits with my Gregory. First though are you even free tonight?"

Oh how bad he wanted to say no but he said, "Yes Mame I am."

"Well my name is Mrs. Haines. I have a nine year old boy that I am very particular about, but I have to go out tonight and will need someone from 7 until probably around midnight. Who do you have as references, Jay?"

"Well i f you have a pen handy I will give you their names and phone numbers. First there is Mrs. Carson, she is on the school board, and her number is 407-555-9786. Mrs. Carson referred me to her good friend Mrs. Jackson and her number is 407-555-3251. Mrs. Jackson referred me to Mrs. Ledbetter and I sat for her son last night. Her number is..."

She interrupted him saying, "I think I have heard enough Jay, that is a mighty good list of references. Like I said my name is Mrs. Hains and I am an attorney at law myself."

Jay knew Dale Carnegie's rule six, Make the other person feel important and do it sincerely, so he said, "My that is certainly an important title. I have never met a lawyer face to face it would be an honor to meet you Mame."

He didn't need to say anything else she was sold on him immediately.

She said, "Now it is my turn to you have a pen and paper handy?"

"Yes Mame, we keep one right here on the telephone table. Go ahead I'm ready to copy."

"OK I live at 547 Carthorn Terrace. Are you familiar with where that is.

"Is it the street off of Abernathy."

"Yes Jay it is. My phone number is 407-555-9988 in case you need to get hold of me." Mrs. Haines said.

"Mame, I have to ask you this. I am a senior in high school so the other women let me nap on their couch after their boy is asleep so that I can get up in the morning for school. As a matter of fact you just caught me as I was getting ready to leave for school in a few minutes now."

"That would be fine with me Jay, after all you have to keep up your grades and you can't do that if your tired all the time."

"OK then Mrs. Haines I will see you then at 7pm tonight. And thank you for calling me."

"By the so und of things I certainly called the right person. I will see tonight Jay, Good By now."

"Good by Mrs. Haines."

Jay hung up the phone to his mothers question. "Another sitting job Jay?"

"Yes Mom, I have to be over there at 7. She is an attorney."

"My My but you are getting into the important crowd aren't you?"

"Yea mom I am getting a little swell headed. ha ha."

Jay went to school and again almost finished his homework during study hall. He would only have a few problems in math to do when he got home. He was glad when the final bell rang. He grabbed just his math book and headed home.

He finished his homework and again crapped out until around 5 again. This helped him in keeping up with his sleep. He woke up thinking about tonight's job. He was nervous about sitting for a 9 year old as he really Haydn't bee n around many boys that young. And the mother being an attorney he had to be careful with this one.

At 7pm he knocked on a very nice door. What a house. He seemed to be going up in important looking places. Mrs. Haines answered the door and told him to please come in. She said she did check one of his references and Mrs. Carson had nothing but good things to say about him so she was the only one she called. She said she was impressed.

Jay said, "Thank you Mame." blushing a little as he said it.

"Jay this is my Gregory. Greg this is Jay he is going to sit for you while I go out tonight."

"OK Mom." Greg said.

"Nice to meet you Greg." Jay said.

With that she was out the door and gone saying as she went, "There is a number she could be reached by the phone, Good Bye now."

So there he was with Greg not knowing w hat to say or do with a 9 year old. But he thought he better make a try at it.

He thought to himself why is it children of these rich people are always so darn good looking. Greg was a little angel. He had an almost round face and a perfect body for his size. He was short of course but all 9 year olds are, but he had no baby fat or anything he just looked like a miniature teen ager. He was very good looking with light brown hair and brown eyes that twinkled when he looked at you. He was the type of boy that made Jay want to hug him like a teddy bear.

"Well Greg I sure am pleased to be able to hang out with you tonight. You are really a good looking dude you know." Jay knew to never talk down to someone no matter the age and you get along better.

Greg said, "You really think I'm good looking."

"Oh yes you are so good looking I was thinking to my self how hug gable you must be." Jay said.

"You can hug me if you want. No body ever hugs me anymore not even my mom." Greg said.

With that Jay sat down by him and gave him a real big, long hug. Then Jay said, "You know something I liked that too."

"Really, can I sit in your lap Jay."

"Can't think of anyone I'd rather hold in my lap Greg." Jay flattered him.

With that Greg climbed right up on Jay's lap and sat with his cute butt right on Jay's hardening dick. He wiggled around to get comfortable and Jay did get a hard on.

"Oh your so warm I really like sitting here." Greg said.

"I suppose a big boy like you must be in the 4th grade." (Knowing he had to be a 3rd grader)

"Gosh no I'm only in the 3rd grade." Greg replied.

"Wow! You sure are big for your age. What are your favorite things to do Greg." < ;P> "Well I like cartoons a lot and I have a favorite video game. Most of all I like playing with my friends." said Greg.

"Can I be one of your friends. I'm still in school too you know, I am in the 12th grade this year."

"Wow that is so cool. You are in the highest grade." Greg started cuddling up in his lap like he wanted to stay a while.

"What do you do with your friends Greg?" Jay asked him.

"Oh we like to wrestle and play the video games and ..... I better not tell you that cause you might tell my mom and I would be in real trouble."

"Greg one thing you have to realize is that if you want me to be your friend that you and I can't have any secrets from each other. A friend never tells a friends mom on him no matter what."

"Wow! You really are cool. Well we like doctor."

"Really I had a friend that I did that with when I was your age. It was one of my favorite games."

"Really Jay, you use to play doctor too?"

"Oh yea but maybe I should be careful about what I tell you as your mother might get mad at me and I wouldn't be able to hang out with you anymore."

"Oh I never tell my mother anything. You don't understand Jay she is a grown up and so she doesn't think like we do. No we mustn't say anything to her OK?"

"OK Greg I promise, watch me cross my heart and hope to die then you do it too."

"Hey that's neat Jay, OK I cross my heart (and he did with his fingers) and I hope to die that mom will never get told any of our secrets. How's that?"

"Boy are you a cool dude I am so glad we get to hang out together tonight. Would you like to play doctor?" Jay asked him.

"You mean it who gets to be doctor 1st Jay?" < P> Jay said, "Well where do you want me Dr. Haines?"

"Oh good you want me to go first. Why don't you lay down on the couch and I'll check you over OK?"

"OK doctor, It kinda hurts way down here on my lower stomach." Jay said knowing he couldn't miss his hard on which by now was full hard.

"Here Jay let me rub it for you." With that Greg started rubbing him at the belt line looking straight toward his hard on.

"Actually I kinda hurt down below where my belt is here let me loosen it for you so you can reach better." Jay said.

Jay could now see how big a 3rd graders boner was as Greg definitely had one. "Is this where it hurts Jay?"

"No doctor it's down further." Jay said trying to get him closer to his dick.

"Hmm down here let me rub it for you. Gee Joe you have a woody just like me."

"Yea that just natur ally happens to us guys. Just ignore it or since that is where it hurts I don't care if you touch it." Jay said.

With that Greg slid his hand right on down and felt of Joe's hard on. "How does that feel Jay?"

"Oh doctor that really makes me feel better I think I will get better if you do more of that." Jay said.

Greg was really breathing hard now and he said, "Is it OK if I pull your pants a little lower to make you feel better Jay?"

"Sure here let me help you." With that Jay reached down and pulled both his pants and his underwear down almost to his knees. "Is that what you wanted Doctor."

Greg could hardly speak now.."Ye..Yea that will be fine Jay." and Greg started to rub all around and up and over his hard on. Greg finally took hold of it and said am I making it better Jay?"

"Oh yes it even feels better if you rub it like this." Jay took hold of his dick and jacked it a few times to show him. Greg using both hand started doing what Jay showed him. Jay knew he wouldn't last long and didn't want it to end yet so he said, "Doctor let me turn over my butt hurts too."

"Oh OK Jay." When Jay turned over he said do you have a thermometer I might have a temperature. "Yea Jay just a minute and I'll get it." Greg went running for the bathroom to get the thermometer. When he got back he took it out and started to put it in Jay's mouth.

Jay said, "It is more accurate if you take it in my bottom."

Greg got real excited about that. He said, "like in your butt like they do a baby?"

"Yea they do it that way to grownups even in the hospital now."

Greg pulled his cheeks open and put it to Jay's asshole and said "Here?"

"Yes Greg just push it in as far as it will go." Greg smiled a wicked smile and started pushing it in and kept pushing until it was almost all the way in and then it stopped going. "There is that what you meant?"

"Yes Doctor I knew you were a good doctor. That is perfect. Do you like doing it that way Doctor Haines?"

"Yea I really like doing it that way it's cool."

Joe told him to push it in and out and he would get a better reading.. So Greg smiled more and started fucking Joe with the thermometer.

"Oh that feels real good Doctor. Keep doing that for a while."

Greg said, "OK Jay hey this is cool." Greg was having so much fun his own hard on was sticking straight out. Jay reached back and took hold of it saying I see you have got one too does that feel good?"

"Oh yea Jay that feels real good." Jay kept rubbing it making Greg moan. He loved it Jay could tell that.

"Why don't y ou take the thermometer out now and lets see what it says?" Jay said.

When he pulled it out Jay sat up and took it from him and told him it was normal. Jay said, "Would you like me to see if yours is normal too?"

"Oh yea would you?" Greg said.

Jay said, "Would it be OK to take your pants down so I can do it?" With that statement Greg pulled his pants and underpants below his knees and laid across Jay's lap.

Jay thought he was going to loose it. What a near perfect ass. He had never thought of a nine year old as being sexy before but his butt was so near perfect Jay got harder than he could remember being before. Of course that is what he always thought when he got really excited. Jay spread his ass an took a minute to just look at how perfect his little ass hole was. Then he wet his middle finger and told Greg he was going to make his butt hole sli ppery so it wouldn't hurt him. With that Jay told Greg to push out and he pushed his finger in about two inches and said, "How does that feel Greg?"

"Oh that feels awesome. I have never had anyone do that before can you push harder it feels so good?" Joe went right on in all the way. Greg just moaned the most pleasant moan Joe knew he was loving it. Joe took his finger out and said, "OK now I'll go ahead and take your temperature." With that he pushed the thermometer in as far a it would go and ask him how that felt.

"Anything you do Jay would feel good, that is awesome too." Jay started pushing it in and out fucking him with it and kept speeding up. Greg put his butt up in the air to try and get it in further so Jay knew he was really enjoying it. I like this playing doctor Greg, I'm glad you like this game too."

"Oh yes Jay this is my favorite game especia lly with you. You play doctor better than any of my friends do."

Jay said, "Thank you little buddy I love playing doctor with you too." With that Jay took the thermometer out and they both read it together. Of course it was normal. Jay took him in the bathroom and showed how to wash it with soap in just warm water so as not to cause the thermometer to break. Then he put it back in the case and told Greg to put it away just the way he got it so his mother wouldn't know they had used it. Greg put it back exactly where he found it and then said, "There she will never know."

"You know it is about time for you to shower and put on what you wear for bed."

"OK Jay I'll get my pajamas and meet you in the bathroom. You will come in with me won't you?"

Jay thought will I ever but said, "Sure if that is what you want Greg."

"Jay I usually take a bath not a shower, is that OK?" said Greg.

"Sure you just go ahead and do what you are suppose to do." Jay replied.

While Greg went for his pajamas Jay started filling the tub. He didn't want to use any bubble bath or anything that would obstruct his view of this beautiful boy. Soon Greg came back with his pajamas and sat them on the hamper. Then without saying anything he stripped his clothes off and Joe felt weak at the sight of such a perfect naked boy. Jay's hard on would just not quit.

"There touch the water Greg and see if the temperature is alright."

Greg reached down and touched the water saying, "That is just right Jay."

With that he got in and sat down with the water still filling. It wasn't long before there was plenty of water and Greg turned the water off.

Greg then picked up the soap and soaped up his arms. He sai d, "I have to stand up to soap the rest of me because it's under water. With that he stood up and asked Jay if he would mind soaping his back.

Mind Joe thought that is what I was hoping for. With that he took the soap from Greg and starting at the shoulders massaged his way with the soap down to Greg's butt. Having already touched his butt he knew Greg wouldn't mind him washing it so he continued to do so. Joe said, "We have to be sure we get this part of you clean as he rubbed his finger back and forth over Greg's ass hole."

"Ooooo I like that Jay, it feels so good." Greg said.

"Yea I know I like when someone washes me there too. Some time I'll have to take a bath with you and you can wash me OK." Jay said.

"Yea I would love that it is too bad we didn't think about that tonight. But I am sure mom will be calling you to baby sit me again as I am going to te ll her how nice you are."

"Well thank you Greg, I think you are pretty nice too. If she ask what we did tonight just tell her we played video games and then watched some dumb movie on TV. You don't remember the name of the movie. OK?"

"Yea that way we will be sure to tell her the same thing." said Greg. "That is if she ask and she probably won't she is too busy." Greg said.

"I am going to push soap in a little way to get you real clean." Joe pushed his finger in about an inch and pulled it out several times hearing only happy moans from Greg. "Since the soap might make your butt hole sore I will put lotion on it for you if you want me too after you are through with your bath."

"Yea that would be great Jay, I would love that."

"Well Greg it is time to get you dry and into your pajamas. Hop out and I will dry you if you want?"

"Yea, your spoiling me. I never get this much attention normally." said Greg.

"Well you know what I don't have any little brothers to help so I love helping you Greg. I wish you were my little brother you are so cool." said Jay.

"I wish You were my brother too, Jay."

Jay dried bim having him bend over so he could dry his bum when actually he just wanted to get another look at that perfect butt hole. Then he dried his front and spent more time than necessary on his dick which was still hard as a rock. There now slip in your pajamas and we can go back to your bedroom so I can put some lotion on your butt. I don't want you to be sore tomorrow from the soaping I gave you. "Greg do you know if there is any Vaseline in your house. That works even better and doesn't have any smell to it."

"Yea there is some in the other bathroom." Greg replied.

Jay went with him to get it as he wanted to be sure it was put back exactly as it was found.

Jay picked up the Vaseline making mental note where it was and took Greg into his bedroom to apply it. "OK little buddy slip your pajamas down and I will put some on for you."

Greg did as he was asked. Jay told him to lay on his stomach and he would put it on for him. Jay put Vaseline on both his middle and fore finger to see just how much this kid could take. He pushed his middle finger all the way in and asked him does that hurt Greg?"

"No Jay I love it when you play with my butt. My friend does that too. Can I tell you something really secret Jay?"

"Sure we are Buddy's and Buddy's keep secrets, especially from adults."

"Well my friend Billy and I take turns putting our dicks in each others butts. We use that slippery stuff you are using too." said Greg. "Oh yes, it feels so good both when I put mine in him and when he puts his in me." Greg answered.

"Tell me if this hurts Greg." And with that Jay put two fingers in about half way.

"No that is about how it feels when he puts his dick inside me. Jay do you think you could do that for me?"

"Oh I don't know little buddy my dick is a little bigger than my two fingers." Jay knew that his dick was only 6 inches and rather slim but that it would grow thicker later he hoped.

"Let me slide my fingers in and out a few times and see if it starts hurting you OK Greg." said Jay, now wanting to try and put his dick in him since he wanted him to.

"That just feels good Jay. It doesn't hurt at all. Billy and I have done it so many times it just doesn't hurt any more. Billy is 11 years old too and his dick is bigger than your fingers are."

With that Jay said, "OK I'll try it but you tell me if I am hurting you and I will take it right out OK." With that Jay put a lot of Vaseline on his dick which was now as hard as a rock and put it on his hole. "Now Greg to make it go in easier push out like you were going to take a crap." When he felt the sphincter muscle relax Jay pushed just the head into Greg's ass. "How does that feel Greg."

"It hurts a little but then it always hurts a little at first when Billy does it so just stay there a minute til it quits hurting.

"OK you just tell me when you want me to go further in you." said Jay.

"OK it is feeling good now go ahead and push it in. I like it when Billy pushes it in hard as he can." said Greg.

Jay started on in slowly until to is disbelief it was all the way in this little ass hole. "How is that Greg?"

"Oh i t feels tighter but just as good as when Billy does it. Please push harder."

Jay thought to himself how could he push harder he was all the way in so he pulled back to the head and then rammed it in fast and hard. "Yea, that's what I like keep doing it." Greg said."

Jay couldn't believe his ears but started fucking him pretty hard listening to his sexual pleasure sounds of grunts and moans. Joe kept it up faster and faster until he felt Greg go into an orgasm. God, he didn't even know a 9 year old was capable of having an orgasm. When it started squeezing his dick it set him off and he came and came and came. About 8 ropes he thought. Jay had never experienced anything quite so good. This was one tight ass hole and it felt so good.

Greg said, "Wow! I felt like I was turning inside out Jay is that OK?"

"Yes Greg we both had what is called an orgasm. The only differenc e is because I have sperm that comes out you probably felt something hot and wet being pushed into you. You will too when you are about 12 because sperm will start coming out of your dick when you have an orgasm like you just had."

"That has to be the best feeling I have ever had in my life Jay. Can we do it again?"

"Well Greg it takes a man a little while to recharge his sperm in his balls before he can do it again. So we won't do it any more tonight."

"Will you do it again when you come to babysit me again." said Greg.

"Only if you ask me to it has to be your idea OK?" Jay said.

"Don't worry I'll ask you to." Greg smiled the biggest smile.

"OK now Greg lay over my lap and let me put some Vaseline on your butt hole so It won't be so sore in the morning."

With that Greg lay over his lap with his cute butt right on Jay's lap. Jay put some Vaseline on his finger and pushed it all the way in. It was real wet in there which told Jay that he needed to have him shit the cum out so it wouldn't get on his pajamas. "Come into the bathroom now Greg and sit on the toilet. Now push out and get all the sperm out of your butt." When he pushed out Jay could hear the sperm hitting the water he really came a lot. Jay found a Deutsch bag in the top drawer and filled it with warm water. He moved Greg and sat on the toilet himself having Greg lay over his lap again. He inserted the Deutsch nozzle and pushed the warm water into Greg's ass to rinse him out. He did this two more times and then had Greg shit that out.

"Wow! That water felt good. It was so warm." Greg commented.

"Yes Greg that cleaned you out real good so that you won't get your pajamas wet." Jay then wiped his ass with toilet paper and then dried h is butt with a towel. Then he had Greg put back on his pajama bottoms. His tops were still on.

"Now my little friend it is past your bedtime. Be sure to tell your mom you went to bed at 8:30 like you usually do and I will say the same thing if she were to ask me."

"Yea that way we will have the same story. You are pretty smart Jay. I sure do love you."

"I think the same way about you now let's go tuck you in for the night."

Jay took him in and tucked him in and then kissed him good night. Then because he knew he like hugs so much he picked him up and gave him a good hug. Then he layed him back down and tucked the covers around him and told him good night.

Jay then went and checked that the Deutsch was dried and placed exactly the way he found it. He then made sure the Vaseline was the way they found it. Everything seemed t o be in place so he went and laid down on the couch and fell asleep almost immediately.

As usual he was awakened by the front door shutting and he said up and smiled as Mrs. Haines entered the room. He said, "Everything went fine Greg is a fine boy you should be proud of him. I can always tell the kind of parenting a boy has had when I sit with him. And you have raised a real little gentleman."

"Why thank you Jay. You are everything that Mrs. Carson said you were. Thank you for coming on such short notice." With that she handed him two twenty dollar bills and asked him if that were enough.

Jay said, "I just take what people offer me and so far it has been fine."

"Well thinking about it here is a tip for being so nice and she gave him another $10.

"Thank you so much Mame. I really appreciate that." And with that she opened the door and he said good bye as he went to his ten speed and headed home.

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