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This story is pure fiction, never happened, hopfully never will.


Jay woke up Friday morning tired as usual, but after stretching and taking a shower he felt fine. He went down and had breakfast answering all his mother's usual questions about how did last night go etc. His sister was real interested in how much he got paid. After breakfast he went to his room and took some money with him to school as he had plans on the way home he would probably need money for. After Jay's last class, study hall where he finished his homework, he got on his ten speed and very nervously went to an adult book store. He had never been in one before but he knew all he had to do was be 18 and he would be allowed in. He had his ID card with him just in case. When he entered he saw a world he didn't even know existed. The walls were full of video's all xxx and nude pictures of every kind of woman in every position. He walked further down the row and found a wall that was full of what appeared to be just gay videos as the pictures on the boxes were all men doing things to men. He thought to himself, how interesting. Then he got to the counter that he had come to see. He wanted to get a dildo that was about the same size as his slender dick and right away spotted one. The gal came over and asked to see his ID and he showed it to her. Then she welcomed him to the store and asked if she could help him. He said, "How much is that dildo right there."

She took it out of the cabinet and said "This one is $11.95. Would you like me to put it in a bag for you.

He could barely answer he was so nervous but he said, "Y..yes Mame that would be fine."

He paid her and took his change and then left quickly as he was really nervous even being in there. He didn't want to chance running into anyone he knew. He unlocked his bike he had hidden behind the store near the dumpster and took off like a scared jack rabbit. Once he got away he took the black bag and disposed of it and slide the dildo into his pocket. When he did he hit the switch accidentally and it started vibrating in his pocket. He grabbed it out and found the turn off switch and then more carefully put it back in his pocket. He thought to himself, how awesome. When he knocked he was surprised to find Jason right there ready to answer it. "Hi Jay, I have been waiting since I got home from school to see you."

"Yea dude I have been kinda wanting to see you too."

With that Mrs. Carson came and interrupted them saying, "Well hello Jay, how's my favorite babysitter. Jason does nothing but talk about how great you are."

"Well I don't know about that Mrs. Carson, but I will say I enjoy sitting for him."

"Same instructions as last time," she said. "I should be home around midnight."

With that she was out the door and into her car. Jay wa tched as she drove off down the street.

"Well little buddy how are you doing." said Jay.

"Now that you are here I am more than fine." He answered with a big smile.

"Jay could I give you a hug." said Jason.

"Could you, COULD YOU! I was just thinking how badly I wanted to hug you dude." said Jay.

With that Jay took him in his arms, lifted him off the floor, and squeezed the gee whizzes out of him. When he had squeezed all the air out of the little guy he sat him back down and said, "How was that?"

"Wow that was fantastic." said Jason.

"Are you ready to eat Jason. Your mom probably left food to be heated on the drainboard."

"Yea she did and I guess I could eat. My stomach is kinda upset because I been wanting to see you so bad." said Jason.

"I'm sorry to hear your stomach has to suffer over me. ha ha But my stomach has kinda been the same way wanting to see you so bad."

"Really, that's cool." said Jason.

Jay led him into the kitchen and sure enough there was a casserole to be microwaved on the drainboard. Jay set the timer and pushed cook. While it was heating Jason got out a plate and a fork as Jay had told him he had already eaten. When the bell rang Jay let him dish out the portion he wanted and sat down at the table with him as he ate. Jay got them both a Coke to drink while Jason ate. When Jason finished he cleaned his own plate, dried it, and put it away.

Jay went in and sat down on the couch and found Jason sitting so close to him he was almost in his lap. Jason reached over and put his hand on Jay's crotch causing an immediate hard on. So Jay reached over and did the same to him finding an already hard as a rock dick.

Jason was first to speak, "Jay do you think we could get my bath over early so you can show me some more stuff. Remember you said you had some other stuff to show me next time."

"Sure Jason if you want to get your shower now, why not?"

So Jason got up and let his dick lead the way to the bathroom. "Jay aren't you coming with me?"

"Sure dude I'll be right there." Jay got up and adjusted his dick down his let so it wouldn't be quite so obvious. When he got to the bathroom Jason was already nude and had put his clothes in the hamper.

"Will you wash me again. If you want you can shower with me and then I can wash you OK?"

Joe said, "Sounds good to me Jason."

Jay got undressed in record time and stacked his clothes on top of the hamper. Jason had already started the shower and climbed in. Jay followed suit. Jason said, "Do you wan t to do me first Jay?"

"Sure why not." With that Jay took the shampoo and started with his hair. He massaged his head real gently to make it feel real good. Jason kinda moaned. The he had Jason rinse off and put on the conditioner the same way. When that was finished he took the soap and started down that beautiful, smooth back. He didn't even hesitate when he reached his ass but went right on down the crack and started massaging the ass hole. Jason moaned real loud when he did that. Jason said, "Push Jay Please?" So Joe put his finger right up his ass all the way. Jay started finger fucking him but didn't want to do it very long with soap as it would make him sore.

There that is enough with soap. I don't want to make you sore. I will put some lotion on it later OK?"

"Yea I really like it when you do that Jay."

Jay turned him around and washed his chest and stomach making sure he got the nipples hard when he was doing them. He continued on down across the smoothest stomach you can imagine and then when he reached the hard on he started jacking him off. After just a few minutes of this Jason had an orgasm and Jay had to help him stay on his feet. "OOoooo that felt so good Jay." said Jason.

"I thought you might enjoy that." Jay continued on down and finished him up. Then he handed the soap to Jason who put it in the soap dish and picked up the shampoo bottle. Jay got down on his knees so Jason could easily reach his hair. Jason gave him a shampoo royal. Massaging his head really good. The rinsed it off and put on the conditioner. When he had finished the head he started down Jay's back. Jay stood back up when he did that and soon found Jason's finger going in and out of his hole.&nbs p; Jason said, "We don't want to make you sore so I will use some lotion on you too in the bedroom OK?"

"That will be fine Jason." Jay replied.

When Jason turned him around he didn't spend much time on his chest and stomach as he wanted to get to that dick. He started soaping it in a jacking off method and Jay soon shot cum all over him and the wall. Jason said, "I'll bet that felt good huh?"

"Oh Yea, the best." said Jay.

Jason continued on down his body and finished his job. Then they both got out and dried each other off. Jason said "Do you want me to put on my pajamas now Jay?"

"No why don't you just carry them into the bedroom with you and I'll bring my clothes in there with me too. You never know when your mother might come home early or something and we might have to get dressed really fast."

"Yea I see what you mean Jay. " So Jason got his pajamas and brought them with him walking down the hallway naked sporting another hard on.

When they reached the bedroom Jay asked him if he knew if they had any Vaseline that it was really slippery and didn't have any smell to it. Jason said, "I think that is what is in mom's bathroom." Jay went with him to be sure to see what position the Vaseline was in so he could be sure to put it back the same exact way. They found the Vaseline and took it back to the bedroom with them. Jay told him to lay down and he would put some on him to keep him from getting sore from the soap. Jay knew he had him up to three fingers last time and that is why he brought the dildo with him. When Jay worked him up to the three fingers he asked him, "Does that hurt you now?"

Jason said, "Just when you first started with the third finger but it is OK now."

"OK Jason I brought a new toy with me that I think you will like a lot." Jay said.

"What kind of toy Jay?"

Jay took the dildo out of his pants pocket and showed it to Jason. He told Jason that is what adults use instead of fingers as it doesn't hurt as much and it has a vibrator in it which feels real weird. Now I am going to dip the head of it in the Vaseline and then it will go in easier. You are already slippery from my fingers so it should go in easy.

"I'm a little scared it looks pretty big to me Jay." said Jason.

"Well if it hurts I will just take it out OK?" Jay replied.

"OK Jay I trust you anyway. I know you would never try to hurt me." Jason said.

"Remember what I told you last week about how two people who think a lot of each other like to be connected to one another by putting their dicks in one another. Well this will get you read y for my small dick if you wanted it."

"Oh I do Joe go ahead with that dildo thing I can take it." Jason said.

Jay told him to push out like he had to take a crap and when he heard Jason grunt he pushed hard on the dildo as he knew it wasn't going to go in too easily. It broke through the sphincter muscle and Jay heard an immediate, "Ouch that thing hurts Jay."

"It will stop hurting real soon or do you want me to take it out?" Jay said.

"Oh no don't take it out then I wouldn't be able to take your dick up inside me. Just leave it there for a minute." said Jason.

Jay waited until Jason told him it was OK now go ahead. Jay pushed it slowly the rest of the way in as far as it would go in a 10 year olds ass. "Now how is that?"

"It's OK Joe it just feels like I gotta go to the bathroom real bad." Jason said.

"That is normal until you get u sed to the full feeling but that will go away slowly. I am going to start moving it in and out now tell me if it hurts and I'll stop." With that Jay started the slow fucking motion and on the second time in he started the vibrator which brought an immediate "Ooooo God that's cool." out of Jason.

"I am glad you like it Jason." said Jay.

"Joe do you think you could do the real thing now. I want to feel you inside of me real bad." said Jason.

Jay pulled the dildo out of his ass which was now definitely ready as the hole stayed partly open. He then greased up his dick real fast which didn't take long as Jay was harder than he could remember being. Jay put it against his hole and said push out. When he heard the grunt he pushed just the head in and said, "How you doing Jason?"

"Fine, it hurts a little but it's you Jay and that means I like it. Go ahead I can t ake it."

Jay continued on in slowly and was soon all the way in as far as his dick would go. "How's that buddy?"

"I'm full Jay but it's you and I love it."

With that Jay started going in and out slowly. Soon Jason said, "Push harder Jay and go faster lots faster."

Jay turned into a fucking machine he knew he could last a while as he had just cum in the shower. This went on for about 15 minutes with Jason moaning pleasant moans the whole time. Finally Jason's body went stiff and he was in dry orgasm. The feeling on Jays dick of being squeezed by his orgasm set him off and he let go of 7 or 8 ropes deep as his dick could put them up in Jason's ass.

When Jason was able to speak after his orgasm he said, "That has to be the greatest feeling I have ever had Jay. I could feel your cum going in me and it was hot and so good. Can we do this again tonight."

Jay answered, "Not tonight buddy as I need time to recharge my balls so I can do it again. But I'll tell you what you can do it to me tonight."

"Really you mean me put my dick in you?"

"That's exactly what I mean are you ready now."

"Yea Joe I'm ready."

Joe told him they would do it different this time that he wanted him to be able to get all the way inside him so he turned over on his back and raised his legs exposing his ass hole to Jason.

Jason knew what he was doing and he had another massive hard on for his age so he coated it with Vaseline but before putting it in Joe he one, two, three finger fucked Joe to get him ready. He put his dick on Joe's ass hole and said push out. So Joe made a grunting sound even though he knew his little dick would go in with out any pushing at all. Jason pushed and it went all the way in.&n bsp;

Joe wanting to make this exciting for him said, "OK Jason let's see how fast you can fuck me."

When Jay said that the little guy went absolutely wild. He was pumping that little dick in and out so fast he was almost a blur. He kept it up for about 5 or so minutes before his body went stiff and he was in another orgasm. He kept pumping throughout the orgasm and then collapsed on Jay's stomach. He lay there two or three minutes catching his breath when he finally was able to speak. "Jay that was so good, I loved every minute of it. It is like you and I were one for those minutes. Oh Jay I love you so much. I wish you really could be my big brother."

Jay said, "Thank you sport, I wish you were my little brother too."

Jay took him to his mother's bathroom and told him to shit the cum out of his insides. At the same time Jay looked and foun d his mothers duetch bag and filled it with warm water. When Jason was through he wiped the cum off his ass hole with toilet paper and then put him over his lap butt up and push in the tip of the duetch bag and pushed the warm water into Jason explaining why he was doing it. He then filled the bag two more time and and put all the water in him at once. So when Jason sat on the toilet this time he sounded like a geyser going off. Water and more water hit the water in the toilet until finally he was through. Jay wiped his ass really good and dried him off good. Then Jay dried the duetch bag and place it exactly the way he had found it also the Vaseline jar was replaced exactly the way they found it. Then they went back to Jason's bedroom where they got dressed. Joe in his clothes and Jay in his pajamas.

They went to the living room to watch a half hour show and then it was Jaso n's bedtime. Jason sat on Jay's lap throughout the entire program with Jay's arms around him in a hug fashion, of course with no pressure on Jason. Just a hug of love.

When bedtime came they went to Jason's room and Jay tucked him in and then taught him how to french kiss. They did that for about 5 minutes and Jay turned out the light and said good night my sweet angel. Jason liked that and met it with a big smile and said, "Good Night Jay I love you."

Jay awoke as he usually did when the door shut. Stretched and got up to greet Jason's mother. She seemed in a happier mood tonight. She told Jay they had almost finalized the budget and then she would only have to be gone on Friday nights from then on for a while. That would leave him Sat. free which he thought would be nice. "But I will need you tomorrow night for the last time on Saturday for a while."

"That will be fine Mrs. Carson." replied Jay.

"Then she said Mrs. Jackson had been very pleased with his services too and told her how much she paid you. So I want to pay you the same as she does. Here is $50 Jay and you are worth every penny of it. Jason simply loves you like he would if you were his big brother."

"I kinda feel the same way like I wish he were my little brother. Thanks for the extra money if will help me when I start college in the fall."

"That's fine Jay, Good night now." She opened the door and Jay was on his way home $50 richer. (To be continued) Love your emails they make me happy. Please mention where you are writing from it is interesting to me to see how many parts of the world Nifty reaches. sgtxray@,

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