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This story is pure fiction, never happened, hopfully never will.


The weekend went great. Jay now had a friend who was gay and almost his own age. And what a looker. Sunday they had gone back into the adult book store to look some more. Jay wasn't near as nervous as he had been. As a matter of fact he enjoyed his time there. He bought a string of medium size beads that the man explained were used when a guy was coming by pulling one bead out each spasm it added to the enjoyment of the cum.

When they got back to James apartment they lubed up the beads and tried them out. Jay pushed them one by one up James tight ass and then gave him head until he started cumming. When he shot his first load into Jay's mouth Jay pulled a bead and continued pulling a bead after each rope of cum hit his mouth. James told him that was awesome and had him lay on his stomach and after washing the beads loaded them into Jay's ass and then gave Jay head and did the same thing to Jay pulling a bead each spasm when Jay came. Jay thought it was cool too. They were hooked on a new toy.

Sunday night Jay went home to start another week. Monday went by quickly and Jay remembered he had to go to sit with a 14 year old. This was the boy Mrs. Haines had hired him to stay with as he was on probation and couldn't stay by himself.

Jay was suppose to show up at 6 so he decided to leave around 20 minutes early to be sure he wasn't late. He wasn't sure how long it would take him to ride over there. He carried with him the dildo and the beads in case there were any openings sexual wise.

He rode up to the address about 5 minutes early. But he knew it was better 5 minutes early than 5 minutes late so he locked his bike to a tree and went to the door. Since there was a doorbell he pushed it.

A lady answered it and said her name was Mrs. Hopkins and that he must be Jay. Jay said, "Yes Mame Mrs. Haines said you needed me tonight."

"Then I suppose you know why Doug can't stay alone. So I won't go into that. I have to leave every week or two and visit my mother as she is ill and they don't know how long she will live. Doug doesn't like to go there so Mrs. Haines arranged for you to help me out. I am thankful that you can Jay."

"I'm more than happy to be of help Mrs. Hopkins can I meet Doug."

She said, "Oh of course and led him into the living room where a reddish blond kid was watching TV. He definitely looked 14 tall and kinda thin like a lot of 14 year old boys just sprouting their bodies because of puberty's onset. Doug this is Jay he will be here with you while I'm gone to Mom's house."

"Yea, OK"

Jay thought that was blunt. But lit right in and said, "Hi Doug I am really happy to hang out with an older guy instead of some kid that needs to be watched. What are you wat ching?"

"It's just the end of this dumb movie I never could get into it."

"Well then I'm glad it's ending for you."

"Good bye honey, I'm leaving. I'll be back late so I will see you in the morning. He has already eaten Jay, but if you boys get hungry he knows where the snack foods are. So long now."

They both bid her good bye and Doug looked almost relieved that she was gone but said nothing.

"What school do you go to Doug?" said Jay.

"I go to Jackson Jr. High." said Doug. He was now looking toward Jay with approval.

"Hey man that is the JR. High I went to a few years ago. I am a senior at the high school now."

"Really a senior huh. I wish I were where you are in school as I am tired of it already." said Doug.

"You know i remember times like that myself. In Jr. High we used t o play squeegee... Oh God I better not get into that I'll get myself fired talking about things like that to a minor."

"What do you mean Jay, you mean I might narc on you. Hey man I learned a long time ago to keep things to myself. Remember I got into trouble with the law by talking too much."

"Well Doug I won't go into why you got into trouble it's none of my business. But what I started to tell you was sexual and I'm afraid if it got out my ass would be grass."

"Well Jay I'm 14 and know how to keep my mouth shut. I don't tell nothing to nobody." said Doug.

"Well it sounds like I could trust you... I just... well have you ever heard of squeegee?" said Jay.

"No man tell me what it is OK."

"You won't say where you heard it even to your best friends."

"Naw if I ever think I want to talk about it I would just say I forgot where I heard it, OK?" said Doug.

"Well I'm sure at 14 you know what jacking off is. Well squeegee is a game where a bunch of guys, usually three or more, put a dollar in a jug."

"Yea Yea then what?" Jay had him going now.

"Well everyone starts jacking and the first one to cum yells squeegee and he gets all the money in the jug. We used to play that under the grandstands out by the field."

"Really you would do that. I mean like in front of each other?" said Doug.

"Yea it's not like we hadn't all seen each other in the shower room anyway. Besides we were all boys. We all had the same things Ya know?" said Jay.

Then as planed Jay moved and accidentally on purpose let the beads drop to the floor. He left them there long enough for Doug to get a good look and then said, "Oops sorry. I didn't mean to drop those."

"What are they Jay?"

"Well I'm getting in way over my head now but I guess I can trust you."

"You can trust me Jay I won't ever tell any body stuff we talk about OK."

"Alright dude these are pleasure beads. Usually guys your age don't know about stuff like this because they have to be bought in an adult book store and are not shown to minors usually." said Jay.

"What do you do with them Jay?"

Jay noticed that the kid was sprouting a boner and was getting sexually excited. "Well they are used when you are messing around you know, with another guy. You've done that haven't you?"

"No Jay I don't know anyone that well I guess. Could you show me how you use the beads?" said Doug.

"God I think you are serious about never messing around. I can't remember before I started fooling around. Sure I'll show you how they are used . Do you have any Vaseline around here?" said Jay. "Yea we have some in the bathroom." He got up to go and get it and Jay could really see he was hard now so he followed him.

"Can we go in and get on your bed Doug?

"Sure follow me." Jay followed him back to his room.

"Would it embarrass you to remove your pants, I'll remove mine too?" With that Jay took off his pants and was standing there with an obvious hard on in front of Doug. Doug slowly removed his pants and his hard on was leaking through his briefs.

"You are liking this aren't you Doug, I know I am."

"Yea I've never done anything like this before it's kinda fun." said Doug.

"OK Doug lay down on your bed on your stomach."

Doug did as instructed and Jay got sat beside him on the bed. Jay took the Vaseline from Doug and without saying a word he reach ed up and pulled down on the waistband of his briefs. When Doug felt this he lifted and reached down and pulled them down to his knees. Then Doug said, "Is that what you wanted?

Jay said, "Yea that will be fine. Now I am going to put some Vaseline on your ass hole. This should feel real good to you. Jay without hesitating started rubbing Doug's pink ass hole with his middle finger. Doug moaned and said, "Oh that sure does feel good Jay."

"Now I want you to push out like you were going to take a crap Doug." When he heard Doug grunt he plunged his finger half way up his ass. "How does that feel Doug?"

"I can't describe it I have never felt anything so good and it still hurts a little too."

"The hurt will go away in a few seconds and only the feel good will still be there." Jay continued on in until his long finger was buried to the hilt. Doug was still giving out pleasure moans.

"If you push any harder Jay I'm gonna cum." said Doug.

Jay not wanting that to happen yet pulled his finger out and told him now he would show him what the beads are for. Jay pushed the first bead in and Doug made an ooooh sound and then the second bead and he continued it until the whole string of 7 or 8 beads were inside of Doug's ass with just the string hanging out.

Jay said, "Now I'm going to do something to you that you are going to love. It is going to make you cum but just let it go. Roll over on your back now. When he did his hard on was beyond hard it was leaking pre-cum like the fountain of youth. Jay could hardly wait to get his mouth on it. So with that without saying a word Jay reached down and licked the pre-cum and then took him all the way in his mouth. Jay being as experienced at giving head as he was started massa ging his dick head with his tongue and then teasing the underside of his dick hitting the sensitive area and then went down and deep throated him. Doug was coming unglued he had never had anything feel so good. Jay started up and down on him keeping him embedded in his throat and it wasn't a full minute until Doug said, "Ooooo I'm cumming Jay.." Jay stayed right on it and when the first shot hit his mouth the first ball was pulled out of his ass hole, followed by the second shot and the second ball etc. When it was all over he looked at Doug laying there with his eyes closed in complete Ecstasy and said, "How was that dude."

"Jay I didn't even have any idea that something in this world could give such pleasure. That is the most awesome experience I have ever had. Now can I do that to you?"

Jay said, "Sure if that is what you want to do. Take the beads into the bath room and wash them then I'll be waiting for you OK."

"OK Jay." Doug headed for the bathroom and when he came back Jay handed him the Vaseline and already had taken his briefs off entirely so Doug sat on the bed and started rubbing Vaseline on his hole.

"Is that the way Jay?"

"You bet dude now go ahead and put your finger all the way up in me." said Jay.

He didn't have to say it twice as the finger was on its way to be buried in his ass as he was speaking. "It's all the way in Jay."

"Yea I can tell..Now start finger fucking me by pulling your finger almost all the way out and then pushing it all the way back in and speed up until you are doing it as fast as you can." said Jay.

Doug started finger fucking him and found he was getting hard as a rock already again. He was loving every minute of this.

Jay said, Now slip two finge rs in and do the same thing.

Doug did as told and was finger fucking him so fast he couldn't believe it.

Then Jay said, "OK Doug now do the same using three fingers."

Doug couldn't believe he could stand three fingers in his ass but did as he was told.

After a minute or so Jay said, "Are you hard again?"

"Oh yea hard as I was before. It is even leaking pre-cum again."

Jay said, "OK now I'm used to this so you won't hurt me put your dick in me."

Wow you mean fuck you?"

"You've got it dude fuck me and fuck me hard."

Doug was shaking but got his dick started and went all the way in and then started fucking.

Jay said, "Harder and faster as fast as you can go."

Doug coudn't believe what he was hearing and he went ape shit. He was like a blur he was going so fast. And of course si nce he had just cum he could last and last. This was feeling so good to him he couldn't believe it. After he was wringing wet with sweat Jay said, "Oh God, Doug I'm cumming." When Doug felt the spasms for the first time in his life on his dick from the inside of another guy's ass that was all it took. Doug let out a holler "Oh fuck I'm cumming too." When he finished with all his ropes 7 or 8 of them, he collapsed on Jay's back and just lay there ringing wet.

Jay said, "That was quite an experience you lasted so long."

"I know it is because I had just cum when you gave me a blow job."

Jay said, "Let's take a shower together now OK."

Of course Doug agreed with out hesitating and they both headed for the bathroom. Doug started the shower and got in followed by Jay right behind him. Jay had an idea in his mind that he didn't want to let on to Doug but he said, "Now the fun thing Doug is for us to soap each other do you want to go first?"

Sure and so Doug started on Jays hair and worked his way down. When he got to Jay's ass he said, "You sure got one fine ass Jay.

Jay answered, "Your's isn't so bad either dude. I noticed it when I first saw you stand up."

"Really Jay."

"Yea really go ahead and wash everything including my ass hole and my dick Doug."

Doug gave no argument there as he was enjoying the heck out of this. When he finished he said, "Here is the soap you want to do me?"

"You bet dude. Jay started with his beautiful strawberry blond hair and worked his way across his long slender back and down to his ass hole. Jay had plans for that ass hole so he pushed his finger all the way in with soap on it and heard Doug moan. He then pushed two fingers and then three fingers in and Doug said, "Oh that hurts Jay, but it hurts so good." Jay then soaped his dick and put it against the hole and said, "You want to try something new dude."

Doug knew what he was going to do and said, "Yea go ahead and put it in I think I can take it."

With that permission Jay went all the way in in one push and started right in fucking him pretty fast. Doug was moaning and say ooooch and panting all at once. Jay was really into it now and going like a house a fire then he heard Doug say, "I can't believe it I'm cumming again." When the spasms started it set Jay off and he came so hard he almost lost his balance it was all he could do to stay on his feet. He grabbed hold of Doug's shoulders to steady himself and was able to stay upright. "How was that Doug I just took your cherry?"

"God I know and after it quit hurting it felt so good. Especially when I felt your cum go up in me. It was hot and I felt every time you came."

"Well you sure have had some new experiences tonight haven't you?" said Jay.

"Oh Yea! I sure hope you have to stay with me a lot. I wasn't really looking forward to having to be watched but I loved every minute Jay."

"Thanks dude now let's dry off and then I have one more thing I want to do to you.

After they dried Jay had him lay on his stomach and told him he was going to put lotion up his ass after all that soap so he wouldn't be as sore tomorrow. So Jay put some hand lotion on his finger and pushed his middle finger to the hilt and then started slowly massaging his insides with it. He made a special effort to hit his prostate on every pass and Doug said, "Wow that feel so awesome when you hit that spot."

Jay told him that was his prostate gland and what its function was.

Then the boys went into the living room and had a pop and watched TV until about 10:30 which was when Doug usually went to bed, not because he had to but because that was when he got tired. Jay walked him to his bedroom being sure the lotion and Vaseline were back in place and everything looked normal. He gave Doug a short kiss and said, "Good night Doug I have really enjoyed my evening and look forward to many more.

Doug answered, "Me too Jay."

Knowing it was going to be real late when Doug's mother got home Jay turned in on the couch. When the door shutting him awoke him he said good night and off to home he went. He knew he was going to be paid by Mrs. Haines.

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