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This story is pure fiction, never happened, hopfully never will.


Tuesday morning came early. Sleeping on a couch until 2am and then coming home for the rest of the night isn't exactly the most restful night. Jay got up and showered to help himself wake up, and then got ready for school and went down to breakfast.

As usual Karen and his mother were already down there eating breakfast cereal so he got a bowl for himself and put milk and sugar in it. When he sat down his mother said, "Who is the new friend you stayed with the other night and most of the weekend with Jay?"

Jay said, "His name is James mom. I met him and started talking to him at the mall. He told me he was from Texas and worked at the feed store. He is 20 so close to my age. We just sort of hung out for the day and he asked me over to his place. I decided to stay the night as we just really liked each other. He is one cool dude. We have a lot in common."

"Oh I see," said his mom.

"How did your baby sitting job with the delinqu ent go?" Karen asked.

"First of all Karen he isn't a delinquent. I don't know what he did wrong and really don't care. He is a cool kid and I enjoyed my evening watching TV and chatting with him. Besides Mrs. Haines is going to pay me $50 for staying the evening and there will be more work there for sure."

"Well I'm sorry I called him a delinquent, that really was a stab at his back with out even knowing him. I really am sorry, Jay."

"That's OK Karen, I suppose most people like to think the worst sometimes. But, really he was a good kid. He just got messed up somehow and that's all. I don't know whether you remember what grandmother Carson used to tell us but I do, If you don't have something nice to say about someone then it is best not to say anything at all."

Mom spoke up and said, "Let's change the subject shall we? How many more school days do you have Jay before summer vacation?"

"This will be my last full week as graduation is a week from Wednesday and I am really looking forward to it. It will be one step closer to college. I sure hope I am accepted by one of the ones I put in for a scholarship with."

"I am too dear, with what you are making baby sitting and a scholarship it will be much easier on all of us." said his mom.

Karen said, "Do you have a sitting job tonight Jay?"

"Yes, I go over to Mrs. Jackson's and sit with Carl again tonight. He is a nice boy. He is real easy to sit for." said Jay.

"What time do you have to be there Jay?" asked his mother.

"At 5:30, just like last week. She usually gets home around midnight. But she lets me sleep on her couch until she gets home after Carl goes to bed." Jay added.

With breakfast finished and the chit chat Jay g ot up did his dish and put it away and then went to his bike and headed for school. He knew Mrs. Jackson wanted him at 5:30 which was early so he wouldn't have a lot of time to rest or do homework after school. On his way to school he always rode by James house and today there was a light on so he decided to stop and say hello to him as he had a few extra minutes. He went up and knocked and was greeted by the biggest smile and hug he had had from someone near his age in a long time. James said, "Come on in dude."

When the hug broke Jay said, "I just have a couple minutes as I am on my way to school James, but I saw your light on and decided to come and say hello. Wow! That was some hello. I'm glad I stopped."

"Oh I am too, I never stop thinking about you. Don't tell anyone but I even think about you in private times when I'm jerking my meat. ha ha."

"Yea, you have entered my m ind a few times too James doing the same thing."

"Gosh Jay when do you think we will have time to get together again?" said James.

"I think it will be Saturday again. As it stands I have to baby sit every night this week until Saturday which is good for me as they pay me well and I want to go to college in the fall. I have applied at several for a scholarship as my grade point average is way up there."

"OK I know you have to keep going or be late for school so how about calling me Saturday morning when you get up. I wouldn't want to take a chance of waking you because you undoubtedly take Saturday morning to catch up on a lot of loss sleep during the week."

"I appreciate you thinking of me that way and I will call you when I get up and have breakfast to wake up a little first. It should be around 10:30 or 11 OK?"

"Sounds great to me." said James

And with that they went into another hug and this time a french kiss that lasted a couple minutes. Jay pulled away and said, "Gosh, I gotta get going. Take care dude. Don't work too hard."

James said, "Good bye Jay gosh I wish you had more free evening time, but I know the work at your jobs will help you a lot in school. You take care now too."

With that Jay turned got on his bike and rode on toward the school. School seemed to drag on and on that day, but he was able to get his homework done in study hall.

After school Jay rode home and lay down and slept until his mother woke him about 4:30 telling him what time it was getting to be. So he got up and had a bite to eat before leaving. His 5:30 time was getting close.

He made sure to load the dildo and beads in his pocket as Carl had only been exposed to finger fucking and head, oh yea a little french kissing too. When he rode up Carl had been watching for him and came out while he was locking his bike.

"Man I been waiting for you all day," Carl said.

"And your the guy that didn't like any one to sit with him. ha ha

"Oh forget that I love to hang out with you Jay, you are so cool." said Carl.

Carl's mom stepped out of the house and said, "Gee it's good to see you look forward to a person coming to stay with you now Carl."

"Yea mom, it isn't like Jay is a babysitter or anything like one. He comes to hang out with me like I was one of the guys." said Carl.

"Well you don't know how happy it makes me Carl to see you so happy. Jay every thing is the same as last time. Feel free to the pop and snacks. I fed Carl an early dinner so you won't have to worry about that. I guess since I am out here I might as well keep g oing and get in my car."

"Have a good evening Mrs. Jackson and Jay gave her a wink."

"Thank you Jay I appreciate that. You are such a nice lad."

And with that she put the car in reverse and backed out into the street. And then she was gone.

Carl said, "Well we might as well get on in the house Jay. OK?"

"Sure dude let's go in."

"Why don't you follow me to my bedroom Jay I found a new site I want to share with you."

"If it is the kind of site I'm thinking it is I am sure I want to see it too." Jay said.

Carl booted up his computer and went to his favorites and clicked on this site. When it came up I could see it was a gay site with lots of teenage boys, of course 18 or older, even though some of them didn't look it. Jay looked down and said, "I see your dick is enjoying it."

"Yea, I really get hard looking at these pictures. They do things you haven't even mentioned yet but I'm sure you know about them Jay."

"Yea, with computers one's imagination doesn't have to go far. Just click on the next set of pictures and they will stem your imagination." said Jay.

"Maybe I shouldn't tell you this but every time I, you know, jack off, I think only of you Jay and how cool your body is. I even think of your ass hole and how perfect it is." said Carl.

Jay said, "I know what you mean, I've thought a little about you at times too."

Jay said, "Why don't we take an early shower? We could shower together if you want too."

"That would be awesome Jay, I was hoping you would do that." said Carl.

With that Jay was taking off his clothes and stacking them on the bed, making sure that the pocket with the dildo and beads was on top of the stack for easy a ccess later.

They headed for the bathroom and when they got there Carl got in and adjusted the water then said, "Come on in Jay the waters fine."

It didn't take two invitations for Jay as he had been waiting all day for the hopes of this minute taking place. He climbed in and Carl started soaping him down without saying a word. Jay loved it. Carl started with his hair and then worked down his front as he wanted to get that dick in his hands as soon as possible. Of course Jay was hard as a rock before he even got into the shower. When Carl reached his pubes be rubbed the hair with soap and then started soaping his dick in a jack off fashion causing Jay to moan in a very pleasurable way. The he turned Jay and rinsed off the soap and turned him back and got down on his knees and took Jay's hard tool into his mouth sucking the pre-cum off as he went down on him. Carl remember ed how to get past the gag point and took all 6 inches right in and down his throat. Then he took his soapy finger and fingered Jay's ass hole and before long had his middle finger firmly embedded all the way up Jay's ass. Jay didn't know how much longer he could last with that finger up his butt. Then Carl did what Jay knew would make him loose it he went in fast with two fingers and started fucking him hard. Jay said, "Ahhhhh Oooooo God! I'm gonna cum Carl..."

And with that rope after rope shot down Carl's throat. Carl wanted it in his mouth so he backed up and took the head in his mouth and got the sweetest tasting cum filling his mouth. Carl loved every minute of it. He wish he could store some of it for a hit during the week when he didn't see Jay. When the orgasm ended it left Jay a little weak kneed so he held onto Carl's shoulders to steady himself. Carl got up and cont inued soaping to complete the job. Carl said, "Did I do good?"

Jay replied, "Oh Yea, you did great dude."

"I'm glad I wanted you to have fun so you would want to come back and hang out with me again."

"Oh you don't have to worry about that Carl, I would come here every day if I could."

That statement made Carl so happy he grinned from ear to ear. When he finished he handed the soap to Jay who did the same thing to Carl in the same order. When he got to the dick he took it all the way down and then embedded his finger just like Carl had causing Carl to let out a loud pleasure moan. Jay wanted to suck him a while before making him cum as he enjoyed giving head so much. So he went up and down on Carl a little slower than he usually did. He did this for at least 10 minutes Carl moaning the whole time. And then Jay thought it was time to end it so he speeded up and then sunk two fingers into Carl pushed them all the way in and took them out quickly adding the third finger and sinking all three fingers as deep as they would go. When he did that Carl let out with, "Ohhhh Gooooood, ahhhhhhhh Oh shit...I'm cumming Jay." Jay brought his dick into his mouth as he wanted all the cum in his mouth. Carl being younger didn't produce as much as he did and he wanted the taste of it all. When the orgasm ended Jay kept the cum in his mouth and then stood up and french kissed Carl giving him a taste of himself. He continued this kiss for at least 6 minutes as he wanted the taste to last forever and apparently Carl did too.

Jay finally said, "How was that Carl, did you like it?"

"Oh yes Jay, that was so wonderful one couldn't even describe it as awesome. It was better than awesome. Thanks so much Joe you are the greatest."

"Well thank you Carl I'm glad you enjoyed it." said Jay. Then Carl finished his wash job and Jay rinsed and they both got out and dried each other. Both of them dried the dick until it was rubbed almost sore and they both were hard all over again.

When they were dry Jay said, "Carl could we go and have a pop and rest a half hour or so I have some other stuff to show you?"

Carl said, "Sure Joe, I want you to teach me as much as you can."

They both got a pop and watched a half hour show. Neither of them could keep their mind on the show very good as they were anticipating what was yet to come.

Finally the show ended and Jay said, "Are you ready to go back to the bedroom Carl?"

"You bet Joe, I'm more than ready look at my dick."

Jay looked down and saw he was hard as a rock once again. Jay noticed his was too for he had plans f or Carl that Carl had no idea about.

"Carl get the Vaseline first." Jay followed him to see where he took it from and just how it was sitting so he would be sure to get it back in the exact same position.

"Here Jay," Carl said as he handed him the jar.

Jay told Carl that he was going to finger fuck him with the Vaseline so that he wouldn't be as sore tomorrow. He started with one, then two, and finally three fingers and then started fucking him really hard with all three fingers getting him ready for what was coming. Then he reached over and grabbed the dildo out of his pocket and showed it to Carl and told him this is what adults use instead of fingers especially if they are going to join together.

"Do you mean fuck like they do on the video's Jay?"

"Yes that what they usually do after the dildo Carl."

"Wow! Do you think your thing would fi t in my little hole Jay?"

"Oh I'm sure it will but the key thing is that you have to want me to put it in you." said Jay.

"Hmmm Let's see what the dildo feels like before I answer you on that one OK Jay?"

"You bet Carl, I don't ever want to do anything to you that you don't want me to."

Jay then told Carl to push out as usual and he dipped the head of the dildo into the Vaseline jar getting it good and lubricated. He put it against his ass hole and told him that this was going to hurt when it first went in just like the three finger did but that it wouldn't take long for the hurt to go away and it would start feeling good just like the fingers do.

"OK Jay I guess I'm as ready as I'll ever be go ahead I'm pushing out now."

Jay knew because of the bluntness of a dildo at the beginning end that it takes quite a bit of pressure to get it started past the sphinc ter muscle so he pushed real hard to get it over with as quick as possible. "Oh God OUCH Oh God, Oh God that hurts so bad Jay."

Jay said, "Just relax your muscles Carl and the hurt will go away in a minute."

"Oh I sure hope so...It is getting a little easier to take Jay...Yes I think I'm gonna make it...Go ahead and push a little farther Jay."

With that Jay knew once past the sphincter muscle it was all gravy because it didn't get any bigger as it went in so he pushed it all the way in to the hilt as far as it would go.

"It's quit hurting now Jay but I feel like I have to take a king size shit." Carl said.

"Yes I knew that is what you would say as I felt the same way Carl when I first put it in me. Now I'm going to pull it almost out and then push it in again kinda like finger fucking but it will be with the dildo. Jay hearing no complaints started slowly fuckinghim with the dildo. It did look awful big when you looked at how big it had spread that tiny ass hole. Jay reached down and turned on the vibrator. When he did that Carl said, "Wow! That feels so weird Jay but good too."

Jay said, "I thought you would like it Carl. Now I'm going to speed up like the real thing."

Carl said, "If that is like the real thing it sure feels good. Joe I want you to do the real thing and fuck me, will you?"

"If that is what you really want Carl. I will go easy as I will be taking your cherry dude."

"What does that mean Jay, taking my cherry?"

"It's just a term they use when someone gets fucked for the first time dude it is the same when a girl gets fucked for the first time except she has an actual membrane that you break and it makes her bleed a little. But when you do it don't worry you haven't hurt her i t happens to all women when their cherry is broken. But you don't have a membrane and my dick is not to big around so you won't bleed at all when I do it to you OK?"

"Yea, thanks for telling me all that Jay, I might have been real scared if I did it with a girl and that happened. You are so cool to me Jay. I really think I love you Jay."

"Yes Carl many people feel that way with the first guy to fuck them it is common. I love you too but like a brother, if you know what I mean bro?"

"Yea I see what you mean. Well I'm ready for the real thing Jay go ahead."

Jay took out the dildo which had been in so long the hole hardly closed at all he lubricated his dick real good and put the head against the opening and said, Here it comes Carl now push out again."

When he heard the grunt he pushed the head past the sphincter muscle and stopped. He asked Carl if that was hurting now?"

"No it is actually easier than when you first put in the dildo Jay. Go ahead and push it on in."

Jay didn't have to be told twice as he could hardly wait to get buried in that beautiful tiny ass. His dick slipped right in until he was ball to ball. He then waited about 20 seconds and pulled it half way back and then pushed it in again, repeating this motion several times before starting to long fuck him. On the second long fuck Carl said as he moaned, "That is starting to feel so good Joe you can go faster now."

That was all it took to turn Joe into a machine. He was fucking faster now than he ever had, but isn't that what he always thought. His fucking almost got to be a blur he was going in and out so fast. Since he had cum in the shower this lasted about a half hour when Carl yelled out, "Oh God I'm Cumming again ahhhhh oooo ooo...."

That did it as soon as his ass started massaging Jay's dick it set him off too. He pushed his dick in all the way to the hilt as hard a he could push and pulled back an inch or so and hit him hard with each spasm trying to get it clear into his stomach. Finally the last rope hit and he collapsed on top of Carl's back saying, "That was so good Carl."

Carl could hardly speak but managed to get out, "Yea".

Jay couldn't move so he wrapped his arms around Carl and hugged him not hard just lovingly. He heard Carl answer his hug with a moan of pleasure.

After about 5 minutes Jay said, "It's time for another Coke dude."

"I"m all for that Jay." said Carl.

By now Jay had slipped out of his ass and they both stood up smiling at each other. Jay told him to go sit on the toilet and shit out the cum he just put in him so it wouldn't leak out all over th e furniture. Jay found his mothers duetch bag and filled it and had him lay on the bed since the bathroom was right there. He squeezed the hot water into Carl with Carl commenting, "That feels good Jay." Joe told him to lay there he wasn't through. He got three more bags full and filled him to the brim. Then he told him to squeeze his bottom shut as he walked back into the bathroom or he would have an accident all over the floor. So doing as told he walked kinda like he was holding an egg in his ass and finally got to the toilet. The second his ass hit the seat water started squirting out with great force pulling not only cum out but some shit also. While he was doing this Jay took the bag and dried it and put it back exactly where he found it so it wouldn't be detected it had been moved. Carl finally said, "I think I'm through Jay."

Jay said, "Give it a few more pushes dude we don't want any accidents." When he pushed more did come out and then on the next push a big turd came out and more water. Finally he really was through and wiped him self really well with lots of toilet paper. Jay dried him with his own towel to make sure he was clean and had him put on his briefs as an added measure of protection. Then they headed for the kitchen and the Coke.

Another half hour program and Jay said he had another thing he wanted him to do. By this time because of his young age he was hard again and ready to go. So they headed back into the bedroom where Jay had him remove his briefs again. Then Jay lay down on his back and told Carl to grease him up with the ole one, two, three finger fuck. Carl did this without question because he loved doing it. And then Jay said, "Well Carl I am not a virgin so you won't have to use the dildo put your dick in me and fuck my brains out."

"Really God that is so awesome that you would let me."

Jay said, "Remember the ole saying What's good for the goose is good for the gander."

Carl laughed at that and then putting Vaseline on his dick he started into Jay. He found it was easy as he wasn't that big and so he could start the fucking right away.

Jay said, "OK let her rip Carl fuck me harder, lots harder, and faster, as fast as you can fucking go."

With that he had turned Carl into a machine. And since Carl had cum twice tonight he lasted around 40 minutes and finally wringing wet said, "Oh I didn't think I was going to be able to do it Jay but I'm Cumming again."

The feeling of what cum he had going into him as hot as it was set Jay off for his third time. It wasn't a big cum but any cum feels great. What came out went all over his stomach. And he found after Carl pulled out that Carl was licking his stomach clean. Jay finally got up and went into the bathroom to see if he could shit anything out and sure enough a little did come out. He didn't want it on his briefs either.

They both went and took a quicky shower just to rinse off the cum and then dried and while Carl got ready for bed Jay put back on his clothes. Jay picked up the Vaseline and made sure it was back exactly where they found it too.

They went to the living room and watched TV for a little while and then it was past Carl's bedtime so he took him to his bedroom and tucked him in saying, "I really enjoyed being with you tonight Carl. You are going to be sore tomorrow and that is normal. The soreness will go away little by little as the days go by and soon you won't be sore at all. I thought I had better tell you that so you don't think something is wrong with you it is normal to be sore for awhile. Especially after having your cherry taken."

"Oh thank you Jay I have never enjoyed an evening as much as I did tonight. I doubt I ever will. But who knows huh."

"That's right dude you have many many years of sex ahead of you and you will enjoy it every time. With some people more than with others as not everyone has enough sexual knowledge to really know how to give you a good time. I will try and be sure you are not one of them. ha ha."

"Boy that is for sure Jay. I do love you Joe more than you will ever know."

"Thanks dude I love you too. Now good night sweet dreams." Jay kissed him very briefly and headed for the couch where he was asleep probably before Carl.

Again he was awakened by the shutting door. It was like an alarm clock to him. He got up and greeted Carl's mom and asked her how her evenin g went.

She said, "It couldn't have gone better. Jay here is your well deserved money and thanks so much. It makes it a lot easier on me knowing Carl is happy and not down in the dumps."

Jay thanked her and went for the door. She said, "Good night Jay I will call you when I know when I will need you again. You know like I told you I have to wait to be asked."

"Yes Mame, I understand."

With that he left saying good night over his shoulder and rode for home.

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