By: Max the Cat


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Part 1: I thought I was?:

Pendergrast Park was the place for soccer in Billings township. Nicky Freedom stood on the sidelines a bamboo skewer pushed down the cast on his right arm, the itching was driving him crazy. He was in week five of twelve weeks with a cast. He had broken his right arm in a match, Robby Dade had kicked his arm when Nicky fell. The itching was worse than the pain.

He watched the match, although he really wasn't into it, he wasn't playing so the interest really wasn't there. What caught his interest was the redheaded boy down the other end of the field. He wore the tightest powder blue shorts, they looked like they were painted on him.

The redheaded boy wore a powder blue back pack over a powder blue basketball jersey. What really caught Nicky attention was the man standing behind the redheaded boy, whose hand was behind him and rubbing the front of the man's Dockers. The redheaded boy seemed to have freckles everywhere and the hand rubbed and rubbed.

As much as what the redheaded boy was doing to the man behind him, the itch was driving Nicky crazy. They had given him some liquid to squirt down the inside of the cast and a prescription for more, but Aunt Eunice said that was a waste of money, “scratch an itch, I always say!” She told him. She just didn't like kids, even if Nicky was here sisters son. Right now the skewer had to do.

Nicky watched the match. The team had four girls to cheer the team on and they were doing what cheer girls do. Amber Ross had a crush on him. When she walked by she said “Nicky watch us today I have something special to show you?” he said ok, but really could care less, at this time he wasn't into girl's, in fact he couldn't remember when he was?

Amber was smiling at him when she jumped into the air and did a back flip, she wasn't wearing and underwear and split pink for all to see. Everyman there got hard, except Nicky. The girl had did at least five summer salts before a mother threw a blanket over Amber “where's your underpants?” she screamed. “Everyone can see your privates?” Amber just gave her a dumb look!

Nicky smiled back at Amber, but he was more interested in what the redheaded boy and the man were doing. He slowly edged to their destination. The men watching the match had gotten a treat, that night many of the wives found roses or a dinner invite then a night of sex whether they wanted it or not.

Nicky walked to the edge of the park. The woods took over there and Nicky walked the trail pushing the skewer down to get some relief from the itch, he had another itch, but that was on the inside, it gave his a erection. He remembered when he was over at Grayson Branche's and Grayson's brother Durant made sure their parents had went shopping.

Come here look what I got?” the two ten year old's came into the rec room where Durant had put a DVD on the player and men and women were all over the screen vary naked and engaged in every sex act the two could imagine. What had caught Nicky's attention was Grayson. His hand down his pants playing with himself. Nicky pretended to be very interested in the film, yet it really didn't interest him, the naked men, there were very interesting and watching them cum, really got him excited. That night in his bed he jacked off thinking of the men and him.

Nicky kept on the trail, but walked slow listening. Finally he could hear a low moan, a man making the low moan. He stopped and listened again. “yes over there!” he said to himself. Slowly Nicky edged to the left. In amongst the bushes and thick trees he saw the man sitting on an old dead log, no pants on!

Nicky stopped and edged his body against a big Pine and peered around to see. His breathing stopped for a few seconds. The redheaded boy was on his knees, naked and his mouth full of the man's hard cock. The bright red hair fluttered in the breeze, the red mouth crimped tight around the taunt flesh. The boy sucked the saliva coated stalk, the excess matted down the black pubic hair.

Nicky watched his brown eyes wide and with his left hand he ran through his mop of blond hair, which hung below his ears and just touched his shoulders. His red tongue tip licked his full lips over and over, he was becoming uncomfortable, his four inches was pushing against the tight fabric of his undershorts.

The boy could not believe what he was seeing, he couldn't take his eyes away. The red head boy held the hard man sausage up and licked it lie an ice cream cone that didn't melt. Finally he heard the man mumble “I want some of the good boi-pussy Reed!”

That's his name “Reed!” Nicky thought to himself. He couldn't take his eyes off the two. The man moved down onto the laid out towel as Reed straddled the man's midsection. With his right hand holding the slick appendage the boy placed the hard penis at the entrance to his ready and willing body. Nicky watched as the cock disappeared into Reed's asshole. The boy let out with a low moan “oooohhhh it's so big and hard, I love hard and big cocks on my men.”

The slutty words almost made Nicky almost cum in his shorts. He realized he had to get out of there. He didn't want to get caught when they did, he knew they couldn't get away with this, still he was having a very hard time pulling his body away from the way the two went at the thing they were doing, Nicky had never been this excited in his life.

Finally he was able to tear himself away. He made it back to the match, but he watched for only a minute and found a bench and sat down. He had to regain his composure and cool off. The show between the man and boy had upset his apple cart. Nicky pulled out his soccer magazine and tried to read it, all he could see in his mind's eyes was the two fucking!

He had never thought about things like this, it just never occurred to him that men and boys did things together and now it excited him so much. The picture of the redheaded boy, Reed with the man's thing in his mouth set excitement into his young body, “oh damn it my arm itches! he said to himself and got out the bamboo skewer and tried to quell the itch, still his four inches had an itch of it's own, more of a throb!

Nicky took a deep breath and thumbed through the magazine. He laid it on the bench and scratched his itch with his skewer. “Hey your going to hurt yourself with that thing?” The high pitched voice said behind him. Nicky sat up and the redheaded boy sat down beside him. “I think I have what you need in my back pack?”

Nicky sat there open mouthed. The redheaded boy fished through his back pack and pulled out a bottle of powder, written across the front was “ANTI-ITCH”. “Hold your arm down toward the ground.” The redheaded boy said with authority and Nicky did as told without saying a thing.

The redheaded boy sprinkled the powder into the small space between the arm and cast generously. “The itch must be driving you nuts, had the same thing two years ago, got my wrist broken and was in one of these for almost a year.” Nicky not thinking asked “how did you break your wrist?”

Not looking up the redheaded boy said “my mom's boy friend beat me up and threw me down the stairs, said he didn't like fagot kids!” Nicky said “I'm sorry!” The redheaded boy looked up “why you sorry, you didn't do it?” Nicky swallowed hard “just sorry you got hurt, that's all?” The redheaded boy smiled “thanks!” He said and put more powder down the cast.

OK shake it lightly want to get all of it in every nook and cranny, don't we?” Nicky smiled and said “yes!” The redheaded looked up smiled “Name's Reed, Reed Donnelly, you?” Nicky smiled “Thanks for the powder, I'm Nicky Drake, Nicholas Drake.” He went a bit formal. Reed put the powder back in his back pack.

How you break the arm?” Reed asked. Nicky told him “playing soccer, got kicked by Ricky Dade after I stumbled, wasn't on purpose, Ricky is on my own team.” Reed nodded. “Hope I'm not infringing on your territory, had to meet my noon-er and another at two?” Nicky asked “what territory?”

Reed shrugged “saw you in the woods, thought you had been there with a man, making money like me?” Nicky looked at the boy a bit astonished. He blurted out “I've never fucked or sucked, never?” Reed didn't bat an eye, “oh sorry, didn't mean to accuse you of anything, I guess you were just looking, right?” Nicky quickly said “I was taking a walk, just a walk!” Reed looked at him “yea and I'm a virgin, don't worry I like people watching me, I get off on showing how good of a slut I can be!” he giggled.

Nicky was red faced and now the one embarrassed. “Look I have a 2 appointment, were going to use the bathroom over there, you can watch me take care of them if you want, like I said I like people to watch me?” Nicky got redder. “them?” That was all he could think of to say.

Reed fished into his back pack and said “2 men booked my services together, kind of a double dip, ah yes here it is!” He pulled out a small magazine called 'MEN FUCKING BOYS!” Here it is I'm in this issue, here read it and bring it back tomorrow, it actually clips from a video I made, it's all over the internet, maybe you can catch it, they say I'm hot!” Reed was matter of fact in all he said.

Reed placed it inside of the soccer magazine. “So no one will see it!” Nicky just sat there, dumbly, more in a state of shock. He slowly opened to the center of his magazine and there was Reed on the cover, his red lips covered with black pubic hair, the man's cock buried down his throat. Nicky looked down and saw a bulge on the side of Reed's throat, he got hard as a rock.

Nicky turned the page. There was Reed sitting on the man's cock, facing forward. The caption below the picture “REED VISITED US, HE ASKED FOR IT HARD AND DEEP, WE OBLIGED HIS EVERY WISH!” Nicky felt like he would cum in his shorts. He looked up at Reed who sat next to him smiling “I'm hot right?” The redheaded boy said smiling at Nicky. Nicky nodded and mumbled yes! Reed reached over and took hold of Nicky's erection, grinned and said “yes, I thought you and I were the same!”

Reed stood up “I see them coming, good the match is over and the people have all left, the two men and I can have the place to ourselves, your welcome to watch us, we'll be in the one with the blue placard, the one next has a hole in the wall, guess for a “gloryhole?”

Nicky sat there and watched Reed and the two men walk hand in hand into the park restroom and disappear inside. He sat there for awhile thinking of what to do. Go home and sit in his room, he had the magazine inside the magazine, but temptation was getting the most of him, he wanted to see how Reed handled two men at once, “hell he did great with one!”

Twice he got up to leave and twice Nicky sat down and looked at the restroom. Finally curiosity killed the cat and satisfaction brought Nicky back and slowly he walked to the restroom, he just had to see what Reed was doing with the two men. Slowly he went in and listned hearing “ooos and ahhhhh's, grunts and groans.

Quietly he entered the cubicle next to the Handicap cubicle and sat down lightly. There was the thing Reed called a “gloryhole.” Nicky peeked and got erect immediately. Reed was totally naked and on his knees in front of two naked men. In each hand he held a very hard and erect penis, and he licked up the underside on each, the men were the ones making all the happy noises.

Wide eyed Nicky watched as Reed pushed the heads of both cock's into his mouth and ran his red tongue over them. Nicky slowly slid down his shorts and slowly pulled his penis up and down, this was the hottest thing he had ever seen in his life. Both men stood, legs shaking while Reed worked his red tongue up and down the two throbbing lengths.

Finally the redheaded boy sat back, licked his lips and said “OK which one gets to cum in me and who's cum do I swallow? Nicky was wanking and couldn't believe the two grown men were doing “ROCK, PAPER OR SISSORS” for first choice for Reed's body. Nicky just wanted them to do something and quickly, he couldn't hold back much longer!

The bald man won and sat on the commode. Picking up Reed by his hips he sat the boy onto the tip of his cock. Reed turned his head and gave his lips to the man who french kissed the boy as Reed's body enveloped the hard fleshy stalk inside his nubile body. The other man grumbled “stop kissing I want to fuck that sweet mouth, you're getting to fuck him!”

Reed ground down on the hard cock nestling in the mass of speckled pubes. He took hold of the younger man's cock and teased it with his tongue tip. He giggled and opened wide and slowly the entire length disappeared into Reed's warm, wet mouth, his red lips covered by light brown pubic hair. His face was being fucked hard and the length rubbed by the top of his tongue.

It was more than Nicky could stand. His four inches with it red cap shot a creamy geyser into the air and his sperm landed in splotches on his belly and some on his shirt. He was breathing hard, the feeling was so good, he felt relief and he had needed some relief. His bolls were tight against his body, his hand still jacking up and down, he was draining himself of all pent up desire.

Nicky sat back and let out a sigh of relief. Quickly he regained his composure and took some toilet paper from the roll and began wiping up his own sperm from his body and shirt. He looked back into the other cubicle. Reed was bouncing on one and sucking the other. Nicky didn't wait around for the finish, he pulled up his shorts and left.

Still Nicky couldn't pull himself away, he sat back down on the bench and watched the bathroom door just to see what was going to happen. He looked down at his cast, “gee no itch, wow!” he just sat and waited. The two men came out looked left, then right, then hurried out of the park.

Almost twenty minutes later out came Reed. “Hey there you are, I guess my gentlemen friends have left, right?” Nicky nodded, “They went that way!” and pointed to the exit. Reed sat down and with a forefinger scooped up a dab of Nicky's sperm and licked his finger clean/ “Sweet, I see you don't drink coffee?”

How would you know that?” Nicky was stupefied with the comment. “First kids our age really don't drink coffee much, if at all. Coffee drinkers have a certain taste in their cum, you'll find out someday soon.” Nicky looked at him funny. “How would you know that?” Reed smiled “were alike you and I, I just started a bit sooner than you, oh there's Rex!” Reed waved and the man waved back.

The well dressed man walked up to the two boys. “You take care of business Reed?” The boy smiled and handed the man a bunch of bills. “Sweet!, Who's your friend?” Reed introduced Nicky to Rex. The man shook Nicky's left hand. “How'd you hurt it?”

Nicky quickly said “Playing soccer.” Reed went back into his back pack and pulled out the bottle of powder. “Here you need this more than I Nicky.” Nicky took the bottle of powder. “Gee thanks, thanks a lot.” Reed grabbed the back pack and slung it over his shoulder “Maybe see you tomorrow, OK?” Nicky smiled “sure, there's another match, all I can do is watch anyway, see ya?”

He watched as the two walked out of the park. Rex had his arm around Reed's shoulder. Nicky felt a twinge of jealousy, he'd go home to his aunt and the glare she gave him. Once he had overheard her on the phone say “the brat's stealing my youth, fuck!” It had hurt, but he didn't say anything, just stayed in his room.

Nicky got home the telephone was flashing. He checked the message. It was from his Aunt Eunice telling him she was going to be out with friends, don't burn down the place and fix his own dinner. “Get to bed early and have a good night!:” Nicky almost fell over, Aunt Eunice was almost nice to him.

He made some mac and cheese, cleaned up everything. Watched the small television. Took a bath. Cleaned the tub and put the towels and dirty clothes in the hamper and got into bed. He turned on his night light and leafed trough the magazine Reed had give him. He slowly slipped off his pajama bottoms and grasped himself.

The magazine was in a story form. Reed had come to so an actual video shoot. Reed was naked on all the pages. He sucked and fucked, sperm flew everywhere and Reed lapped it all up. The last three pages had Reed riding a very black cock. The caption read: REED EVEN TOOK ON WILLIE OUR JANITOR, SEE THE LITTLE WHORE'S WHITE SKIN GOBBLE UP THAT BLACK COCK! Nicky was harder than he had ever been!


Nicky couldn't remember a Channel 6969 on the cable. He got up and checked the listings, but no Channel 6969. he shrugged and went back to the magazine. He jacked hard and fast, he needed some relief. Finally boi-honey shot into the air and splattered on his chest and belly.

Nicky looked at the creamy goo that sat on his body. He couldn't help himself, he stuck a finger in and place the cum coated finger on his tongue. He sucked the goo off his finger and swallowed. It wasn't real bad, not something he wanted to taste all the time, it was exciting though and he tasted again and again.

Finally he went into the bathroom, wet a washcloth and wiped his body clean, even his red capped penis, he was surprised how sensitive the head was as he wiped it clean of excess sperm. The dried and went back to bed. He slid the magazine in-between the mattress and the box spring, then fell asleep!

Nicky got up, he had slept so soundly, he felt great. He went into the kitchen and the light again flashed on the telephone, he had never heard it ring, then he never did. His aunt was again leaving him a message. “I spent the night at a friends and I have to go straight to work, if you go out make sure you lock up. Clean up after yourself, be safe!”

Again she sounded nice, he didn't understand it, but he wouldn't question it. He ate cereal, a banana and a glass of milk. Washed the dishes and cleaned the table, he was bit messy. , Nike's, no socks and headed to the park, the magazine in the soccer magazine, he sure as hell didn't wast Aunt Eunice snooping around and finding it, he'd play hell explaining it!

He walked up to the soccer field and watched his friends warming up. He got on the field and kicked the ball around. Back and forth he kicked getting his legs into order. The game didn't let you use your hands for anything but balancing, still he wasn't allowed to play in a match, and he wanted to play.

Soon he had to get off the field, the first of three was about to start, he really missed playing. He looked to his left and saw the redheaded boy dressed in all white. Today he had a white back pack with black piping. His red hair parted to the right set off the whole outfit.

Hi Nicky, how are you on this beautiful day!” Nicky sat back not knowing how to take the quasi-speech. OK, I guess, what are you dressed for?” Nicky looked the very nicely manicured boy, and took a whiff in the air, the boy had a light scent coming off his body. “What's the smell?” Nicky asked.

Like my scent, it's Obsession, I have an afternoon date, and he loves the smell on my body, he loves to lick my skin, you know I find it very hot, you ought to try it sometime, it's so thrilling?” Nicky smiled and shook his head, then pulled out the periodical he had been loaned “here thanks, you are hot, but I have a question Reed?”

He stuffed the magazine in his back pack. “What's your question?” Nicky looked around to see if anyone was listening, no one was and he asked “How do I find Channel6969, it's not on my television?

Reed chuckled “Its on the computer, silly! Nicky shrugged “that answer's that, I don't have one!” Reed thought for a moment. “I'll call Rex and he can bring mine down after I get back, I have a lap top, I'll be gone for a couple of hours, have a Sweetie to make happy!” Nicky gave him a wrinkled nose smile. “What's a Sweetie?”

Reed grinned “A man, like those you saw me with in the bathroom over there. I go to his house for a couple hours, give him a massage and other fun things, the money's very good. Since the Boy lover Protection Act. I can and no one says a thing. You'll see on my pewter, there is stuff everywhere, there's even vacation company where boys have lots of fun with men, don't have to wear clothes and they save money for you too!”

Nicky said “Now that I don't believe, you'd have to prove that to me?” Reed looked toward the street “Oh there he is, you be here when I get back and I'll prove it, hey maybe you can come over and we can play video games and Rex will order pizza, what ya say?” Reed slung his back pack over his shoulder. “Let me know later, gotta to dash?” He moved fast to the big black Mercedes waiting for him!

Nicky turned to watch the match. It wasn't his team playing, but it was Soccer. He sat and watched. He got up a couple times to cheer. His cast started to itch, but he was out of the powder and Aunt Eunice said it was just a waste of money, he again was using the bamboo skewer to try and eliminate the itch.

Mind if I sit next to you?” Nicky looked up and the man Reed called Rex stood there holding a computer in a carrying case. Sure, free country, sir?” Rex sat down next to Nicky. “Who's winning?” Nicky turned and smiled, he was sorry already for the free country comment. “It's tied, 1 to 1!” He turned back to the match. “Your team playing?” Rex asked trying to make conversation. “Nicky again turned and smiled “no, we played yesterday, we won 1 to nothing, the teem in green is the league leading team, mine is in second place. Rex said “oh, not much into soccer, play to long for such a little scoring.

Nicky didn't comment, he had heard that so many times, it was getting old, but he had already been a bit gruff and let it go. Finally he thought of a comment “you have to have lots of stamina to keep running for over 80 minutes. The Professionals could run an American football player into the ground, let alone baseball players, Basketball player's do quite a bit of running, still nothing like us soccer players!” The then gave Rex a big smile.

Rex took the wind out of his sails with the next comment. “You have a great smile, you have such full lips, sexy!” Nicky could only stair at him, he closed his legs, there was a string in his cock and it got hard, fast, now he had looked at the man and he though he was very handsome, very hot. Nicky felt uncomfortable, he didn't know why?'

Now he couldn't take his eyes off Rex. The man had dark hair, deep blue eyes and a well tanned complexion. Nicky noticed something else, he smelled good too. He had seen movie stars like Brad Pitt or Justin Beiber and he got excited looking at them. Sometimes he imagined them naked, but they were far away, Rex was right next to him, he was sweating and he wasn't running.

Hey there he is, here come's Reed!” Rex announced and brought Nicky back to the real world, he had been dreaming and Rex was the dream. The two lay on a beach naked, each holding the others hard cock and looking into each others eyes. These dreams were only in his dreams, not in real life, but the object of the dream was sitting next to him, his knees were shaking.

Reed walked up and pushed a wad of bills into Rex's hand. Rex stuffed them into his pocket. “How'd it go Reed? The redheaded boy smiled hot, very hot as usual, you know he's a sweetie, cum's in buckets.” Nicky looked at the boy and Reed said “I see Rex brought my puter.”

Reed smiled “Nicky you got anything on your addenda today?” Nicky looked at “my what?” Reed chuckled “you got plans, you want to come over to our place and play some video games, maybe Rex can spring for some pizza, you know we have a pool and a hot tub, I need a good soak, what do you say?”

Nicky's brown eyes got wide “you have a pool, but I can't swim, my cast?” “Not to worry we can put a plastic bag over it and bind the top with a couple rubber bands, come on what do you say?” Quickly Nicky said “I don't have a bathing suit!” Reed shrugged “you know I never wear one, I love swimming naked, it's so free, you'll just love it, really?”

Nicky wasn't so sure, things were going fast for him. Rex entered the conversation “call you mom or dad and ask?” Nicky shook his head “don't have them, I live with my Aunt Eunice and she's at work?” Rex pulled out his cell “what;s the number, maybe you can even spend the night with Reed, he could use the company, please?”

Nicky gave them the number and Rex punched it in on his cell. Nicky's aunt answered and he asked if he could spend the night with a friend. To his shock she said yes, but she'd need the phone number. Rex gave him the number and Nicky relayed it and she hung up. He was in a bit of shock, he had expected her to give him a hard time and say no, but she didn't!

The shocked boy went with Rex and Reed. He got into the big SUV and they were off. The group drove out of town, turned on a tree lined road and finally pulled up in front of a very nice and very large ranch style. Inside Nicky was in awe, it was huge.

We have 6 bedrooms, you never know when we will have a big group for a party. Reed took him into the game room where a 70+ inch television was mounted on the wall. On a holder hung 6 pair of dark glasses. “Nicky pointed, but before he could say anything Reed said “it's 3-D.

Then he was shown the back yard. The pool was bigger than the house he and Aunt Eunice lived in. There were two hot tubs, 10 round picnic tables on a cement slab. “Why 10 tables?” Reed took him to the first one and spun it around. “We play a game called King of the Round Table and can handle up to 8 boys and 48 men, 6 men to a table.” Nicky was open mouthed.

Lets go swimming. “Rex you got that plastic bag for Nicky's arm, we want to swim, OK?” The two went back in and stripped off all ther clothes. Nicky was somewhat embarrassed, he wasn't use to being naked in front of anyone, Reed loved being naked. “Hey it's all good Nicky, soon you won't even think about being nude!”

Rex slid a small white bag on the boys arm and taped it with waterproof tape. The two ran and jumped into the pool. For the first time in a great while he was allowed to be active and not yelled at for it. Rex eyed the two white butts heading to the pool, he rearranged his cock and found the phone and ordered an extra large Peperoni, Sausage and Black olive pizza.

Nicky sat on the edge and Reed swam on his back. Nicky couldn't take his eyes off the redheaded boys cock as it bobbed just above the waterline, it fascinated him so. Reed swam in a circle diving to the bottom and came up between Nicky's legs. To Nicky;s surprise Reed ran his tongue over Nicky's half hard penis. Nicky had a shiver go up his back and gave out with a low moan. “Ooooooooh!” reed smiled, opened his mouth wide and sucked in the entire length.

You like it Nicky, you like me sucking your cock?” The boy was afraid to tell the truth, it felt so good, he was surprised how good it really felt. “In a very low voice “yes, I liked it a lot!” Reed got out and sat next to him “good, I want you to feel good.” Reed's face cane to Nicky's his lips covered Nicky's and his red tongue pushed into Nicky's mouth.

Reed's hand went to the back of Nicky's head and he kissed the other boy hard, his tongue probed the inside of Nicky's mouth. His freed hand took hold of Nicky's uncut cock and slowly rolled the head with his thumb. Nicky was breathing harder and harder, he immediately got rock hard in the manipulating fingers of the redheaded boy.

Reed. Reed I-I-I-I-I feel so funny, your m-o-u-t-h, y-o-u-r mouth is making me feel, oooohhhh I feel like I'm?” Reed let Nicky's throbbing cock slowly slide from his sucking mouth. “How does it make you feel Nicky, does it feel good?” Nicky could only nod “yes!” Reed grinned and still having the other's boys penis in his hand he slowly ran his tongue over the head and giggled some more. Nicky felt another chill run up his back.

Reed stood up and took Nicky by the hand “Rex just motioned the pizza is here, I'm hungry, how about you?” he let the befuddle boy to the food. Rex stood there clad in his a clipped terry cloth wrap around his mid-section “I also have lemonade of soda, name your poison?” he looked at Reed and then at Nicky. “He OK, Reed?”

Reed plated two pieces of pizza on a foam plate. “he's just turned on, I sucked him some, but I didn't let him cum, I'll let him cool down a bit, but I want him, he's so fucking hot?” Rex smiled in approval. Then said “I agree I could use some of him myself, he's so fuckable!

Reed took Nicky's hand and pulled him into his bedroom. On the bed he opened the laptop and logged on to Channel 6969. A new world opened up to Nicky. Reed found a movie called jimmy's African Adventure. The boy Jimmy had been captured and was given the choice of the big black pot and being dinner, or sexually satisfying the chief and a the native who captured him, he took the natives, of course.

Nicky watched as Jimmy rode and sucked the two black cocks, and drinking two loads of hot cum. Reed reached under and found Nicky's erection. “Roll over I want to suck you.” Nicky did, he was throbbing. Reed sucked in the whole thing. His tongue dance over and around Nicky's tingling penis head. Holding the four inches reed sucked the marbles that hung in the sac below.

Nicky lay back loving the sucking he was getting, Reed swung over, his hard cock swung over Nicky's mouth. “Suck me Nicky, please suck me too?” Nicky's red tongue tip snaked out and licked the head, then his mouth sucked in Reed's red capped penis and he sucked slowly and gently, but soon he too was sucking a cock like he had been doing it all his life.

Nicky didn't hear the door open and Rex walk in. He unsnapped the wrap and he too was as naked as the two sucking boys. “Can I join your little party?” He said. Nicky froze, the cock tightly clamped with his full red lips. Reed released Nicky's wet cock “Please Rex, come on and join us, maybe Nicky will even let you fuck him and take his cherry, he won't need it anymore, he sucked in Nicky's cock and continued giving Nicky a hard sucking, a finger inched into the boys virgin asshole.

Reed finger fucked Nicky with one then two fingers for awhile, the released the cock he was sucking. “Nicky we better suck Rex and get him into the game. Reed was on the left side holding the hard 7 inches of man cock. Nicky knelt on the other side. He watched as Reed's mouth sucking in half of the hard flesh, his red head bobbing up and down, saliva coating the hard cock and matting the dark pubic hair.

Reed released Rex's cock from his mouth. Holding it toward Nicky he said “come here and suck it, please?” Nicky looked around, but saw no one and slowly brought his lips to the wet mushroom shaped head and placed his full lips on the crown. His full lips opened and sucked in just the head, then two more inches, he sucked and sucked in more, his long blond hair dancing on his head.

It didn't take long for Nicky to get into sucking Rex's cock. His brown eyes looked first at the smiling Reed and then at Rex. His eyes were closed a look of deep pleasure on his face. Nicky sucked in more until the head hit the back of his throat and he gagged. Tears welled in his brown eyes and he quicky pulled back. Reed was giggling.

Hold on Nicky, it takes awhile to learn to deep throat, take it slow, relish the taste.” nicky sucked in only half. Reed sucked in Nicky's cock, the two sucked hard flesh for a little while, until Reed said “suck his balls, he loves his balls sucked, but don't bite or anything like that, we don't want to hurt his nads. Nicky licked the hairy sac then sucked on then the other. Rex moaned in pleasure, Nicky smiled at his achievement, but inched his way up the underside with his full tongue until he hit the head and sucked in the hard cock again, in his mouth he could feel the man's penis throb, like it had a heart of it's own.

Reed knelt to the side and watched Nicky suck. “Nicky you want to ride him, once you do it, you won't want to stop.” Then he whispered in Nicky's ear “men pay big money to fuck boy's like us, big money!” The word money was magic to Nicky, he had never had any.

Reed already had a tube of lube in his hand. He dropped a dollop on the purple head of Rex's cock. He helped Nicky onto Rex's cock and placed it at his virgin anus. “Gee Reed I don't know about this, I-I-I-I, but I.” the cock was pushing up and Reed pushed on Nicky's shoulders. Rex jabbed up hard and the head entered the boy!

Nicky's eyes got wider and wider as the hard flesh skewered him. Before he could do a thing he was impaled and setting on the saliva matted pubic hair, Nicky couldn't breathe, he just sat there. Reed smiled at how well it had gone. His lips found Nicky's and kissed him deeply. He pulled back and whispered “ride cowboy ride that cock!”

Nicky couldn't move, he wasn't sure if it hurt or he was just stretched and numb! Rex began to move in and out of him, his hard cock pushed into him deep and then pulled out some, but back in. Reed's mouth captured Nicky's cock. To Nicky's surprise he was fully erect, and he began to move himself on the hard hot flesh, the cock kept hitting a certain place and it made his cock tingle, or maybe it was Reed sucking him, all he knew he was going to cum and quickly.

Rex too was feeling sperm building up. He held the boy's thin hips and moved in and out trying for the needed release. Reed sucked hard, his tongue working overtime. Nicky was bouncing on the fleshy spike. He felt Rex's cock expand, “how could it get any bigger he thought?” he felt the first blast of Rex's sperm as it and more pelted his insides.

Nicky's got lost in his own ejaculation. He came hard in Reed's mouth. Finally he just fell forward on Rex's chest. The man held him tight and emptied his cock into the deep recesses of Nicky's ravaged boi-pussy! He thought to himself how much he loved fucking boy's, especially virgin boys!

Part 2: I am, I guess?

Thanks to those artists and the others who read and want to be in my stories, again thanks!