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Part 2: I am, I guess?

Reed and Nicky showered in Reed's shower. Nicky was still in a bit of shock, he had never expected to get fucked then actually enjoy it as much as he did. Reed took his time scrubbing Nicky's body then handed the soapy cloth to Nicky so he could wash Reed's body. Reed giggled as Nicky scrubbed his back, “I'm ticklish Nicky.” Nicky made a big mistake when he said “I'm only ticklish on the bottom of my feet!” he didn't see the evil in Reed's eye learning that!

Rex lounged in one of the hot tubs. “This couldn't have gone any better if he had planned it, but then he had Reed and the kid was an evil genius. Now to turn Nicky out and have a second boi-whore. He could take two boys to Lycabettus (B.T.W. had changed the name in honor of the first all boy whorehouse established on Crete over 25 hundred years ago!)

Nicky just need to be trained properly and Reed was a definite asset in the training. He had planned the vacation to the Mediterranean, but it included just Reed and himself, now here into his lap fell Nicky. A redhead and a blond just maybe he could find a brunette and take a trio with him, the boys would be part-time Pleasure boys and he could dive in the blue Aegean.

They went to bed in Reed's. Reed put on a DVD called “I See Dead People.” two heads peeked about the covers, finally Reed said “can I turn this thing off, I don't want to dream about dead people?” Nicky whispered “I thought you'd never ask.” The rolled over and were sound asleep. Reed spooning Nicky, Nicky loving being held.

Nicky awoke early. At first he wasn't sure where he was, and long hard length nestled in the crack of his ass. He stiffened and looked behind him to see the redheaded boy still holding him tightly, he smiled and relaxed and closed his eyes and returned to sleeping.

An hour later he woken up by a tongue in his ear, he was hard and throbbing, his ear seemed to be one of his special places and Reed was searching for all of them. A hand grasped his hard penis. “lets take a dip in the hot tub, I love the bubble up my ass in the morning, makes me horny?” Nicky whispered 'is there anything that doesn't make your horny?” Reed chuckled “lets see Lima beans, Brussels sprouts and squash, that's about it, oh yes broccoli!”

The two naked preteens padded naked to the hot tub. Reed turned it on and they slid in. Nicky hand his arm in the air. “Fuck Nicky hold on I'll get a plastic bag and tape.” Reed got out shivering in the morning chill and returned with everything and fitted Nicky so he could keep his cast dry. “Sorry I don't do mornings well!” Reed added to the mix.

Rex walked out “hey french toast and sausage OK?” Reed said “sure, OK Nicky?” Nicky added “all I ever get is cereal, this is a treat for me.” Rex served breakfast on the patio. “Reed Mr. Konig and Mr. Streeter called and wanted to know if you were busy?” Reed asked “What time?” Rex added “around 11?” Reed looked at Nicky “you want to make a few hundred today?” Nicky's eyes got very big “money?”

Yes, money, I don't want to do two and your here thought you like some spending money?” Nicky thought a bit “What do I have to do for the money?” Reed chuckled “what do you think, you saw what I did in the forest and in the bathroom?” Nicky swallowed hard. “Gee I've never done anything like that before, I mean, I-I-? Reed bent over and kissed Nicky's on his full lips “you and Rex fucked last night.”

Nicky thought for a minute “how much would I make if I did?” Reed smiled, he was almost there. “$200.00 with no pictures, but $300.00 with pictures. These guys like to have memories of fucking young boys like us, personally I love the pictures, I find it fun, made some video's also, really like seeing myself in the movies!”

Really all Nicky heard was $300.00, he never had any money before, his aunt was so stingy. He kept thinking and thinking until Reed asked “well?” Nicky finally said “I guess, but what do I have to do?” Reed looked at Rex and grinned like the Cheshire Cat, then turned to Nicky. “They love to have their cock's sucked and if they cum in your mouth you have to swallow it all, they get offended sometimes if you don't!”

Nicky digested that, he had swallowed Reed's cum so that didn't sound that bad. “What else?” Reed smiled more “You let them fuck you, like Rex did to you last night, except you'll be on your back, OK?” Nicky slowly said “OK!” Reed bent over and kissed Nicky deep. After we eat we'll shower and get ready for your debut!”

First Reed showed Nicky how to clean out. Then they showered scrubbing each other thoroughly. They dried off and then Reed asked “what's your favorite flavor?” Nicky gave him a funny look? “Its lube silly, he might fuck you and then finish off in your mouth, I like Green Apple, but we have a large assortment.? Nicky looked them over and decided on raspberry. Reed bend Nicky over and pushed the nozzle into Nicky and shot an ample amount inside of him. Nicky was getting nervous.

The doorbell rang and Nicky jumped. Reed took his hand “come on it's gonna be fun, just you wait and see, I was just like you at first, but now I can't wait for cock and more cock!” Nicky gave Reed a weak smile, as Rex led in two well dressed men. The older of the two stopped “Rex now what is this, you have a surprise for us and he's beautiful!”

Nicky gave a weak smile and said “I'm Nicky!” The man came up close to the boy and took his chin in his hand. “My oh my now this and Reed I think I just died and have gone to heaven, I must have him, yes I must!” Rex stepped up “Nicky this is Mr. Konig and this is Mr. Streeter, they are very good customers. Nicky just stood there naked as the day he was born.

Rex and the two men talked and finally settled on a price and then were served drinks. “Where can we change Rex?” Mr. Streeter asked. The were shown to a bedroom where they quickly stripped and returned for the boys. Reed took them by the hand and Nicky followed as all went into the rec room.

Reed seemed to take charge and asked “what movie would you two like to see, we have all the latest B.T.W. DVD's, I know Mr. Streeter like's the “Dog and his Boy series and we have three new ones?” Nicky looked at Rex “what?” Rex whispered into Nicky's ear “boy being fucked by dogs, the men seem to like them, a bit kinky, Reed is going to do one in a couple of weeks, they pay great.”

Nicky couldn't believe what he was watching, it was exciting and he got hard, but still a boy named Eric was being mounted and the big dog humped him like a mad animal and he was surprised when the boy had cum twice before the dog filled Eric with canine sperm. Mr. Konig had taken Nicky's hand and placed on his cock, small fingers took hold and slowly wanked up and down!

As the DVD played Mr. Kong's free hand found the back of Nicky's neck and pushed his face toward his throbbing penis “suck me good Nicky, suck me real good?” Nicky's brown eyes got big and the purple mushroom came closer and closer then met his full red lips. His tongue tip flicked out and licked off the shinny liquid, it was tasteless, his mouth opened and received the hot meat on his tongue.

Nicky swallowed hard, saliva had filled his mouth, his lips clamped down on about four inches of the man's throbbing cock. Saliva returned and coated the man's cock. Nicky relaxed a bit and sucked in more hard cock. His blond head bobbed up and down. Ever so slowly he got into the art of cock-sucking, it was actually more exciting than he had anticipated.

He jumped a bit when Mr. Konig took his cock in his hand and rolled his cock-head under his thumb. Nicky was breathing in hard short bursts, His mouth made love to the hard precum leaking penis, slowly he took most of the hard meat into his mouth, but kept it from the back of his throat, he remembered gagging the night before.

Konig's fingers ran through Nicky's mop of blond hair while he relished the nice sucking he was getting from Nicky's mouth. He already decided to let Nicky suck him off first, rest for awhile then take him hard and deep, and good hard fuck was on the horizon to end the afternoon” “Damn it to hell where did Rex dig this little whores up, just glad for my sake he does?” Konig relaxed and kept his hand on the back of the boys head, the kid was doing a great job sucking his cock and he didn't want any interruptions.

Reed was on his knees in front of Mr. Streeter. His red lips nestled in a mass of light brown pubic hair, the man's cock buried down his throat. Reed had perfected deep-throating, he could lick a man's balls at the same time, and they loved it. Streeter leaned over and whispered “Reed eat my ass, I love it when you eat my ass?

The saliva slick cock slowly slid out of Reed's mouth. Bubbles of spittle covered the hard flesh. The man slid out, his hand held his under thigh's and gave Reed complete access to his asshole. Reed quickly dove into the ass crack and planted his lips on the hole, his tongue stabbed in and out then he licked the hole, finally saliva coated the anus and his red tongue reamed it for the man.

Nicky continued slobbering over the man's penis. His mouth applied more and more pressure. Once he took the hard flesh deep and gagged and tears streamed down his cheeks. He pulled off the cock, regrouped and sucked in Konig's cock, this time his tongue slid down the underside and to the man's balls. He sucked in one and then the other. He had watched Reed do this in the park bathroom, the man had moaned in great pleasure.

Konig kept massaging the back of Nicky's neck. Nicky began to retreat his steps back up the cock. His eyes caught Reed straddling Mr. Streeter's hard fleshy tube and placed it at his love hole and the boy watched as the cock disappeared into the deep recesses of Reed's nubile body. The look was very exciting to Nicky, but he kept licking and sucking the big fleshy stalk, his red lips covering the head and slid down half way again.

Konig was in heaven, cum boiled inside his balls and would soon exit and Nicky would be drinking a very hot and creamy load of man sauce. “Keep it up Nicky, keep sucking, I'm going to cum. Nicky stopped for a moment, swallowed a full mouth of saliva and awaited the creamy blast, he knew he had to swallow it, he just hoped it didn't taste too bad.

The hand held him in place. The hard cock's head swelled, the slit opened wide in Nicky's mouth. The first blast of sperm hit the roof of his mouth, then another. He swallowed quickly not worrying about the taste. The a third and a forth wad filled his mouth, his cheeks resembled a chipmunk storing nuts. He swallowed again and relaxed, the only sperm was a trickle and he licked the head and relaxed.

Reed bounced like he was riding one of those coin operated bulls in a bar. The 8 inch long penis found new depths inside of Reed. The boy loved cock and this one seemed to be something special. The head kept pushing on his special place, the head of his boi-cock opened and a cream geyser erupted and landed on Streeter's hairy chest, hanging in the hair around the left nipple. Reed bent forward and licked the nipple clean.

Reed looked up and saw Streeter grit his teeth. An evil grin appeared on Reed's freckled face. He began to massage the cock with his inner muscles. Streeter mumbled “ooohhh fuck the bitch boy is milking me, ooohhh fuck I'm going to cum, ooohhh fuck I'm cuming!” Reed felt the first hard blast of sperm as it pelted his insides.

One, two, three, four and a fifth bolt of sperm filled Reed's insides. The boy whore began tho bounce harder on the fleshy spike, Reed was draining the man dry of his semen, his evil grin was bigger, his muscles clamped down harder, massing the hard stalk. “No more Reed, please no more, stick a fork in me, I'm done!” Reed giggled.

The two men laid back regrouping. Rex had ordered a deli-tray and sour dough sliced French bread and two bottles of Merlot. The men at and drank. Nicky and reed cleaned up and prepared for round two. The two boys had a sandwich each and lemonade. The men removed themselves to the hot tub and rested.

Well how did it go, how did it taste?” Reed prodded the younger boy. Nicky had just turned 11 and Reed was almost 12 so he assumed the big brother roll in their relationship. “Nicky blinked “a bit salty I think, I was so nervous I just swallowed like you told me to do, I guess he'll fuck me next right?

Reed nodded, he always starts with a blowjob then ends with a good fuck, he's gentle, but he cums a lot, I always figured if you swallowed the first, he'd cum less, but not him he cums and cums more. Right now they are resting. Streeter will fuck me again, he's not much for sucking, he just a fucker!”

Rex led Nicky to the 4th bedroom. “When you're here Nicky this is your bedroom, you can decorate it as you wish, just remember not to gaudy, please, you'll be entertaining here and you must please your men.” Nicky looked at the room, it was beautiful, a 40 inch LED on the wall, a laptop and a big bed, :Wow!” Was all he could say. He got on the bed and stretched out, “thanks Rex, you mean I can come back?” Rex smiled “I have a feeling it will be yours more than you think, I bet you'd be happier here than with your aunt, right?” Nicky smiled. “I would!”

Mr. Konig walked in still naked, and the blue pill had done its job, his cock was hard and swinging too and fro. “I'll leave you too alone now.” Rex said and closed the door behind him. Nicky blushed and the man lay on the bed, his hand roaming Nicky's almost virgin body. A finger found his anus and rubbed the pucker some then inched into Nicky slowly.

Nicky lay down and felt the finger in to the last knuckle, It worked inside him for a bit, then Konig inserted a second finger and returned to finger fucking Nicky. “I can't wait to fuck you Nicky, your are one of the most beautiful boys I have ever met. Nicky blushed more and moaned some, the man had found a spot and Nicky got erect. This seemed to please Konig, but he continued the finger fucking, Nicky squirmed more.

Nicky started breathing even harder as he squirmed. His slim fingers held Konig's hardening cock and brought it to his lips and slid them over the hard head. He licked and sucked the flared mushroom and took over four hard inches. His blond head bobbed and Konig fingered him faster and deeper, Nicky squirmed more and more. Konig figured the boy was more than ready for fucking.

Lie on your back Nicky I'm ready to fuck you, hell I'm more than ready. Nicky lay on his back, his legs widened and looked up as Konig covered his body and placed the head of his cock at the boys lubed hole and pushed hard. The anal ring held him out for a bit, but finally the head entered the preteen's young body and Konig breathed a sigh of relief. The cock inched into Nicky's boi-pussy and his pubic hair finally met bottom.

Nicky lay there impacted on the whole length of man cock. Konig planted his lips on Nicky's full one's, he pushed his tongue into Nicky's mouth and rolled his tongue with that of Nicky's. He began fucking the boy hard and deep. Nicky hooked his ankle's in Konig's legs and readied himself for a ride. Hard fucking began in Nicky's nubile body.

Konig pumped and kissed the preteen, Nicky began to kiss back entwining his tongue with Konig's. The boy responded to the hard cock inside of his young body. He was breathing in hard pants. The two bodies were bathed in sweat. Konig held Nicky tightly as he boned the boy for all he was worth. For a new whore the boy was responding well, the preteen seemed to love hard cock deep in him.

Rex sat in his rec room watching the man fuck Nicky on his close circuit television. He recorded the hot action and made a DVD for both Konig and himself and anyone else wow wished to pay for the hot pornography the two performing. He would send a copy to B.T.W. and it's channel 6969. Rex realized both Nicky and Reed were budding stars in the making, only Nicky didn't know it.

Nicky felt Konig's hairy belly rub his cock and balls, shivers ran up and down his spine, the cock kept hitting his spot and he could feel sperm boiling inside of his tender body. Konig too was approaching the hard climax he so desired, his ass pounded forward moving his cock as deep as he could push it. Semen was building for his finale, his kissing was becoming a hard rubbing on Nicky's full lips.

ooohhh fuck I'm cuming Nicky, you ready for my cum?” Nicky was actually pushing back, he too was just about there, the rough belly hair had done it job. Nicky's boi-cock swelled, his piss slit opened and belched creamy boi-honey on the man's body. Konig stiffened, he swelled and began to act like a machine gun. “Pop, pop, pop and finally a last pop of hot creamy sperm coated the walls of Nicky's tender colon, he loved the feeling!

Konig was whipped and fell to the side of Nicky's blond head. His mouth began a slow tender sucking of Nicky's left ear lobe. Nicky lay there, his brown eyes closed, the cock still buried deep inside of his body, a trickle of sperm leaking and joining the rest on it's way out and pooling below the boys reamed hole. Nicky also had a smile on his face.

Nicky loved having his ear sucked, it sent a tingle to tip of his spent boi-cock. He whispered to the man on top of him “you know I love your cock, and I really love being fucked, it's so hot, so very hot!” Konig smiled “and I love fucking you, man o man you're going to be very popular, very!”

Nicky watched Rex pull out a bunch of money from his safe and count out $300.00. He counted it twice, he asked for an envelope and put it all in the envelope except $10.00. “Will you hold this for me, if I get caught with all of that she's ask more questions than I can answer.” Rex nodded “good idea, it's here if you need it, just ask.”

Rex and Reed drove him home, his aunt wasn't home. He found some clothes in the dryer and folded them and then put them away. He was reading when she and another woman walked it. “you never said you had a kid, I don't want to be involved with a kid, baby?” Eunice mumbled to herself trying to find some words. “Listen kid, I don't mean to bad mouth you, just don't like kids, especially boys!”

But Helen, but he's my nephew, my sister died and I've been taking care of him, he doesn't have anyone else?” Nicky didn't know what to say, so he kept quiet. “I'm going home Eunice, you have a decision to make, you want me, then ditch the kid, it's your call?” Helen walked out the door. Eunice looked at him like she hated him. “See I fall in love and you ruin it!”

Eunice lit a cigarette and puffed hard and fast. “I'm sorry Nicky, but I can't take care of you anymore, I'm going to have to call C.P.S., I'm sorry!” Nicky got scared “maybe I can live with my friend Reed and his uncle, let me ask them first, please I don't want to go into a home, please?”

You got until tomorrow morning, I'm in love and I want to be with Helen?” Nicky found Rex's card and dialed. It rang once, twice, three times. On the forth time Rex picked up the phone “hello?” Nicky breathed a sigh of relief “Rex this is Nicky my aunt is going to turn me over to C.P.S. Her girlfriend told her to make a choice her or me?” Rex said 'hold on Nicky, what did she say?”

Nicky repeated and Rex got the biggest smile on his face, put his hand over the receiver and told Reed, then said to Nicky!” “Nicky just sit tight and put your aunt on the line, please?” Eunice took the phone “yes, that's what I told him, I just can't take care of him anymore, I have a chance for some happiness, so I have to find a place for Nicky and that's C.P.S.!”

Rex soothed her feathers, said he'd pick up Nicky this evening and his lawyers would handle the custody of the boy, if she didn't mind?” “He'll be ready in 20 minutes, be here, I have to call my Helen!” Rex and Reed showed up and removed Nicky and Reed without a smile said “you can call your lover now, Nicky won't bother either of you, bye!”

Nicky took up residence wit Rex and Reed. He sat in his room looking over all the amenities he never had before. The LRD flat panel was the biggest change. All the channels, plus all the sex films he had never seen, but seemed to enjoy. On Channel 6969 Reed had five films going on and they were quite popular. Next week he would make another although it would be out of species. B.T.W. had contracted Reed for a new Dog and his Boy DVD, they were the most popular sellers.

On his second day with Rex he was told that some men would come to be with the two boys and they were to make sure the men's stay was a memorable one. That morning both showered and made their bodies ready. They were naked when the four black men arrived. Nicky was somewhat shocked that he's be servicing black men, Reed was very excited, he like black cock quite a bit. “I think it's the color combination, Nicky, I get hard and horny.

Nicky still was a bit wary, he had heard that they sported bigger cocks than most. The two lay on the deck on chase lounge pads when the four arrived. The men entered the patio naked as the two boys. Reed blushed and got in the middle of all, he held the cocks and smiled. He waved Nicky to join him, the blond boy slowly entered the group. One of then men looked him over “don't worry we don't bite!” Nicky smiled.

In a bowl were four names, each boy drew one and then another. Nicky looked at his papers and read the two names. “Burton and Jamile?” The two men who answered to those names took one of Nicky's hands and walked to a big beach towel under a tree and sat. Rex came up with ice cold beer for the men and lemonade for the two boys.

Each boy sat between two black men. Nicky looked to see what Reed was doing. He sat on his legs in between and held a black penis in each hand. His lips rested on the head of one while he jacked the other. Nicky followed suit. Holding each cock in his hands, his cast seem to get in the way, but nothing was said except “how'd you bust the arm? Nicky answered “playing soccer!” Other than that all the two black men said “oh, hope it's getting better.

Taking a cock in his hand he brought the black shaped mushroom to his lips and licked off a bubble of precum, then did the same to the other. He eyed Reed who had one in his throat, his red lips nestled in a mass of kinky black pubes. Nicky again followed Reed's actions and sunk one cock into his mouth, but he could swallowed the mass of hot black meat, and just sucked and licked, the moved to the other.

Nicky felt a finger playing with his hole, he opened his legs wider to get the man access, he felt a couple fingers slide in he sucked harder and took more black cock into his mouth. Saliva flowed, his chin and naked chest shined with the liquid. His mouth switched to the other cock. He was getting into giving pleasure.

He looked over to see Reed already riding one, while the other stood before him and fucked the boys pretty mouth. Reed sucked in the cock deeper and deeper, his lips scraping the kinky hairs. The head of the cock he was sucking could be seen on the side of his neck, a bulge.

Nicky took a deep breath, closed his eyes and sucked the black cock deeper and deeper. He kept breathing through his nose, tears coated his cheeks, the cock slipped into his throat, the black man smiled and pushed the cock down farther, his lips like Reed's met kinky black pubes. He had done it he had the black cock in his throat, for a perverted reason, he felt a since of accomplishment. The other black man moved behind Nicky and placed the head of his cock at the entrance and pushed hard, the head of his hard black cock pushed into Nicky and he drove into him hard until his cock bottomed out, his ball slapped Nicky's butt cheeks.

Now hard fucking began. Nicky felt hands on his hips and the man was relentless in his fucking of Rex's new find. Nicky sucked and pushed back to meet each internal thrust. He was very surprised, his own cock was hard as stone, the head tingled, his stomach felt funny, but it was an exciting funny. His mouth pulled back and he held the slick black cock in front of his face and licked the head like a fudge-cycle.

As Nicky held the black penis in front of his face and thought to himself “I wonder if the shoot chocolate colored cum, maybe it tastes that way also.” He put that out of his mind when the black man pushed it back into his mouth and he sucked it some more. The black man fucking him was breathing hard and fucking him harder. “I'm gonna cum, oh shit here I cum kid, take my cum you little white bitch boy!”

Nicky felt the hot creamy blast as cum coated his insides. He didn't think men came that much, but there was blast after blast, and he was still sucking hard and deep. The man he was sucking said “my turn to fuck him, let him suck you dry?” Nicky wasn't sure what was happening, but he realized they were changing places.

Now there was a new invader in his cream coated boi-pussy. The fucking recommenced, the other cock was in his mouth and he was sucking and eating the excess sperm. Holding it he began a licking of the whole black cum covered tube. Still some still leaked from the head and he licked it clean and gave it a good sucking.

The man pulled away, the head of his black cock was too sensitive. Nicky was on his hands and knees. The second fucker had hold of Nicky's slim hips and was fucking him at light speed. He just wanted to cum and cum deep in Nicky. Nicky kept pushing back to meet the hard, deep thrusts he was getting.

The blond boy felt a harder tingle in his own cock. He moved one of his hands onto his own cock and began to jack off to the deep thrusts he was getting. He felt some drool leaking from his mouth, he jacked all the harder as he heard the man fucking him said “fuck kid take my cum, take it deep!” He erupted inside Nicky and a second load filled him up.

The second climax sent Nicky off he began to shoot s creamy geyser of his own honey. His breath came in pants, his cock shot bolts onto the towel, cum coated his insides and he was tired. He slid off the cock and into his own cum, a couple of bolts hit the small of his back!

A week later Rex called Nicky into the library. Behind the big oak desk sat a man draped in a black robe. “Nicky this is Judge Carr T. Dalrymple, he's here to finalize your paperwork taking you out of custody of your aunt and giving me custody or actually in the custody of B.T.W., I am their agent, anyway he needs to ask you a few questions!”

Nicky all of a sudden felt awkward, he was naked and becoming embarrassed. “Nicky or should I say Nicolas Alan Freedom, that is your correct name?” Nicky said “yes, yes sir.” The older man smiled. “Good. You freely consent to this custody agreement under the articles of “The Boy Lover Protection Act of 2007, correct?” Nicky a bit bewildered by all of this said “yes sir.” The old man smiled.

You know that Boi Toi's Incorporated will take responsibility for you health, welfare, education?” Nicky nodded then said “Yes, yes sir.!” Good and you know you will be accepting some responsibilities on your part, but that a savings will be set up in your name and be given to you at your majority?” Nicky looked at Rex who nodded “when you turn 18! Nicky said “yes sir, I understand!”

The judge signed his name to the documents, picked up a stamp and inked it then affixed it to the papers. “Good Rex you now must take good care of this lovely boy, damn he has the most beautiful mouth I have ever seen on a boy!” Nicky blushed some more.

Rex picked up the papers. “I'll leave you and Nicky here to get better acquainted. The judge got up and pulled off his black robe, he was naked underneath. He moved to the couch, Nicky following him. The judge sat, spread his legs and Nicky knelt between them and took hold of the flaccid cock, looked up at the judge smiled, licked his lips slowly, then bent forward.

Nicky's red tongue tip flicked out and licked the head of the judges cock. The older man laid back, opened his legs wider and ran his chubby fingers through Nicky's blond hair. Nicky opened his lovely mouth and sunk it over the purple crown and sucked in the judges throbbing meat.

Suck it Nicky, suck my cock, what a beautiful mouth.” Nicky's saliva automatically began to coat the hard penis. Quickly the older man's prick shined with a heavy coating of slick saliva. The judge sighed with a feeling of sexual stimulation, Nicky was doing the cocksucking job magnificently, his tongue seemed to wrap around the hard length. The more it grew, the more the mouth sucked in. “Damn kid your good!” The judge moaned.

Holding the throbbing cock toward the judge's head Nicky worked over the nut sac. He sucked one then the other and then returned. The judge could only moan. Next Nicky found the neither area and sucked the taunt flesh. The judge squirmed. Nicky decided to do the same that Reed did. He flicked his tongue tip toward the old man's anus.

Ooohhh fuck, ooohhh fuck you're eating my ass, no one has ever done that. Nicky giggled and dug his tongue tip into the tight ring, then he wiggled. The judge jumped, Nicky licked the flesh. Nicky began the trek back up very slowly. His tongue and lips worked the quivering flesh, he found the 'v' below the purple crown and dug his tongue tip in.

Finally Nicky straddled the old man's throbbing cock, holding it with his slim fingers. Smiling broadly he held the head at his anus and slowly sat on the tingling spike. Ever so slowly he inched down until his butt nestled in the speckled pubic hair. He clamped down tightly with his inner muscles, the judge was straining to keep from cuming.

Nicky's red lips latched on to the right rubbery brown nipple on the judges chest and ran his tongue on the tip. That was all the judge could take. Nicky felt the man's cock explode inside of his body, he clamped down harder with his inner muscles and milked the old man's cock dry. “Good god Nicky you certainly use your body very well!” Nicky whispered “I had a very good redheaded teacher!”

Part 3: Wow Lycabettus!

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