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Part 3: Wow Lycabbettus!

Nicky donned his powder blue tee shirt, skin tight powder blue shorts, powder blue running shoes and powder blue and black back pack. He was going out on his first outside meeting of a paying customer. His client was at the Big Skyline motel #9. Mr. Rajahs, an Indian Computer wiz, who loved doing blond, blue eyed boys, Nicky fit the bill! He felt free, the cast was off!

The two boys and Rex would be leaving next week. First stop would be The Bordeaux area of France. Reed was going to make his first “Dog and his Boi” DVD for B.T.W. very popular series. Then they would fly to Athens and catch the boat for Lycabettus (formerly ARGOS B.T.W. Pleasure facility, the Mediterranean's vacation area for men wanting a tryst with a very nubile and willing boy. B.T.W. provided many of these types of vacation spots!)

Rex called the boys into the library “hey guys look at this?” Reed and Nicky looked over his shoulder to see a naked boy named Cole standing to an archeological find he had made diving into the Aegean. He was diving and found an amphora that was found to be holding 2500 year old wine bound for Lycabettus. “Reed giggled “how was the wine, bet it would kill you if you drank any?”

Rex looked at Reed “well wise guy, I can assure you it wasn't drinkable and had turned into vinegar. They haven't opened it, it still had it's wax plug lodged in it. Most likely it's full of sea water. Before they fired the amphora they etch the place to be sent to and then they fire it. Finally it's filled with wine, olive oil or whatever is to be sent to the place that purchased it.

Almost disinterested Reed said “oh, so what?” Rex shook his head. “It's historical, giving credence to Lycabettus's place in Greek history. It was a bordello on the island of Crete, like the places that B.T.W. has when they provide boys for the pleasure of men?” Nicky nudged Reed “boys like us, who make men feel happy fucking us, right Rex?”

Yes Nicky like that, over 100 boys of all races were there for the men who wanted a nice boy to have in his bed and was able to pay for it, if he had the money for the boy's time. By the way Nicky it's time to drop you off at the motel, you ready?” Rex dropped Nicky off at the motel “pick you up in 2 hours!”

Nicky rapped his knuckles on the door of #9 and heard “yes?” “Its Nicky, Rex sent me sir?” The door opened and the man stood there clad only in a towel wrapped around his middle. “Come in, oh yes you are lovely and Rex was right you have the most beautiful mouth, can wait to see how well you can use it?” He handed Nicky and envelope, Nicky put it in his back pack!

The Indian man dropped his towel on the floor and sat on the edge of his bed. Nicky sat down his back pack and did a slow turn to show off what the Indian man was paying for. Then Nicky slowly peeled off his top tweaked both if his nipples then peeled off his bottoms and again turned and jacked his boi cock a couple time, it began to grow, the Indian man smiled broadly.

Slowly Nicky danced up to the man and bent forward and kissed the left nipple, sucked on it a bit and moved to the other and repeated the act, his tongue tip flicking the now outed point. His hands had hold of the now hard dark brown penis. “Should I suck it, I bet you can't wait for my mouth to wrap around it and use my red tongue?” All he heard was a weak “yes, please suck me!”

Nicky knelt in front of the man, he looked up his brown eyes sparkled and then placed his lips on the dark brown head, his lips slid over the dark brown mushroom and enclosed over three hard brown inches, he sucked and licked, the Indian man groaned and moaned in ecstasy. He laid back giving his body to Nicky and his sucking mouth.

Nicky sucked and licked, he held the cock with his right hand. With his left hand he played with the two sac encased balls. Nicky liked to weight them as he coated the penis with his wet warm saliva. Slowly his mouthed inched down, he began to breathe through his nose and sunk down even farther, saliva flowed and pooled in the sparse dark pubic hair.

Now the sucking boy pulled back up ever so slowly, his tongue rolling over and over the brown skinned head. His mouth was just setting on the glossy tip and looked up “I bet you want more, right?” The Indian man was breathing in short hard pants “please, please more, don't stop sucking me, please?” Nicky smiled!

For a second time Nicky sucked in the dark brown glans. Again he was breathing hard through his nose until the cock lodged in this throat, his lips covered with the dark black pubic hair. “You swallowed my cock, it's never happened before, you swallowed it all!” Nicky actually smiled broadly although he had it all in his slim throat.

Cum boiled inside in the Indian's body. Nicky had pulled back up and worked on the tingling brown head, he could feel the rumble inside of the man's body. Nick's blond hair bounced as he worked to make the man shoot into his mouth. His red tongue worked overtime until he felt the brown head throb, he knew cum was on the way. He sucked all the harder and heard “oooohhhh please keep sucking me, don't stop please?

Nicky felt the cock get larger, the brown head swelled and began belching out hot gobs of sperm. Nicky swallowed as fast as he could, the cum kept coming. A trickle leaked from each corner of his mouth, he kept sucking and swallowing until the blasts became trickles. His tongue licked and sucked.

Nicky brushed his teeth while Mr. Rahaja rested with a scotch and soda. Nicky walked out of the bathroom and got on the bed with the brown skinned man. His mouth worked across the chest, up to his ears and then to his neck. All the while his hand held the shrunken cock. The flesh began to slowly hardened once again.

I want you to fuck me with the hard cock I'm holding, gee you got hard quickly!” he was giggling and playing the imp. The man's penis got hard again and was back in Nicky's mouth. “Come lie back for me, it's time to fuck you, I've been waiting to do that all afternoon. Nicky stretched out on his back and splayed his legs for the man to get between.

The dark skinned man knelt over the young white boy holding his hard throbbing penis. Up and down the boy's ready crack he rubbed his cock. He placed it at Nicky's waiting pucker and pushed. Nicky's anus held tight. “I see you are very new to fucking?” Nicky reached down and took the dark tube in his slim white fingers and held it at his lubed entrance “fuck me hard, push!”

Smiling the Indian man pushed again harder, his dark throbber pushed into Nicky. The boy's tight ring clamped around the invading fleshy tube, but the man was in and pushed hard until his balls slapped the boys butt cheeks “I'm in you all the way you sweet slut, I'm fucking you, you are so tight!” Nicky smiled and clamped even tighter with his inner muscles. His fucker beamed, this was going to be a great fuck, he just knew it!

The man held Nicky tight, his cock kept hitting his young prostate, which effected his cock. He tingled and throbbed, fucking was fun and Nicky was all for fun, and of course cuming, that made fucking even more fun! He could hear the man grunt and groan as they made hard, hot love. Nicky's boi-cock was rubbed and tickled by the man's pot belly.

Nicky's legs weren't long enough to lock behind the man, but he tried. For fifteen minuted they fucked and Nicky sucked a dark brown nipple, the man loved it. Cum boiled inside the man and inside Nicky, it was just a matter of time who would cum first. Nicky felt electricity in his body and it kept exiting out of the tip of his boi-cock, next it would shoot cum!

The Indian man's balls got tight against his body, his cock swelled and the piss slit opened. Hot cum splashed into the young boy's body. The feeling made Nicky shoot off on the man's body, the boi-honey got smeared on both of their bodies and their bodies rubbed against each other. The man collapsed on top of Nicky, he was exhausted.

They showered together, then Nicky dressed and walked out to find Rex waiting in the car. Nicky hopped in and handed Rex the envelope. They drove off home. “How was it Nicky?” Rex asked. Nicky stretched and smiled “I came hard, nick cock on that man, nice cock!”

They packed and took a cab to the airport. Waiting was the B.T.W. 747. They boarded and sat back for the flight to Paris and a trip to the Bordeaux region of France. Reed would make his DVD at the home of Rene Deverux and his assistant Marcel. They raised Labrador Retrievers, who were trained in sexual prowess with human's, especially young boys!

Neither Reed or Nicky has ever flown before. The jet was exciting and new for both boys. They giggled and ran from side to side to see nothing but clouds. Finally the pilot announced that they were over the Atlantic and if they looked down they'd see the ocean. The two sat to the left and pointed down. They would land at Heathrow first for refueling and to pick up 5 new boys between 10 and 11 years of age. 3 for the Bavarian Vacation facility and 2 for Lycabettus (formerly ARGOS).

In Great Britannia they didn't deplane, but the five British boys got on and they refueled. They were off again. It seemed they just got airborne and were landing again at Orly. In Paris Rex, Reed and Nicky deplaned and saw a sign with their name on it, it was Marcel sent to pick them up!

Bonjour, welcome to Paris, I am Marcel!” Rex and Marcel shook hands and he introduced the boys. They got in the the vehicle and were off to the Bordeaux region. The ride was long and tedious. Reed and Nicky after the long flight slept. Rex himself was drowsy, but Marcel talked and talked, he always talked.

Finally the drove up the long road to the big home of Rene and they heard the barking of many dogs, also on the grass were two boys, both naked and kicking a soccer ball around, it was very hot. The two ran up to the car as Reed and Nicky woke up, each having a hard time opening their eyes..

Auncun de jouer au soccer?” Marcel chuckled Sebastian and Armand wish to know if either of you two play soccer?” Reed answered quickly 'he does, I don't play sports!” Marcel said “Le garcon nr blond, son nom est Nicky!” The two naked French boys giggled then laughed out loud.

All were shown to their rooms, Reed and Nicky never unpacked they just fell onto their beds and slept again, even Rex took a nap. Rex awoke first and the two boys finally came out onto the patio where Rex, Rene and Marcel were drinking a glass of wine from Rene's winery. The two French boys were also drinking a glass of wine

Nicky looked at them astonished and nudged Reed 'you see them drinking wine?” Reed nudged him back “were in France they all drink wine here, it's like a religion here!” Reed felt a bit dominant in his knowledge of this tid-bit. Nicky then asked “can I have a glass of wine Rex?” He shook his head no, but Rene interjected 'you are in France everybody drinks at least a glass?”

Rene poured a small glass for Reed and Nicky. Each took a sip and put it down “you have any soda or water?” Nicky asked still making funny face. “You do not like wine young blond boy?” Nicky answered “I don't mean to disrespect you, but YUK, I guess I don't like wine and my name is Nicky, sir!”

Rene chuckled “I am sorry, but I did not know your name, I will remember it now, by the way are you the boy for one of my babies?” Nicky shook his head quickly “no sir it's Reed not me, really!” Rene, Marcel and Rex all had to laugh and the quickness of Nicky's answer. Reed gave up a slight wave “I'm him sir, who's my co-star? Reed seemed to be still a bit wary!

Marcel said with a slight grin “I believe it's The Duke of Leon, a very big boy, if I say so myself!” Rex nodded. “What color?” Rene entered the conversation “he is a very well experienced chocolate, hung very well, the boy will have to be able to take a very big one?” Rex nodded once again then said “Reed is very experienced, very!”

The morning sun broke into the rooms. Nicky was the first one up and showered and made ready, he wasn't sure what was on his plate for the day. Reed staggered out and he too showered and made ready, he already knew what was in store for him for the morning, The Duke of Leon!

Breakfast was a Spanish Omelet, biscuits butter and farm honey, slices of fried ham, milk and wine. The milk was for Reed and Nicky. After breakfast the adults rested with strong French coffee. Nicky, Armand and Sebastian took out the soccer ball and began to kick it around to each other. Having Nicky was a treat, most American boys didn't know what a soccer ball was, but Nicky did and he was good!

Reed got to meet the Duke of Leon. “Damn he's big, didn't think he'd be this big, how big is his cock?” Reed was somewhat reluctant to even pet the dog, even though his tail wagged a mile a minute and he licked the boys naked cock over and over making the boys appendage rock hard.

Reed got his instructions and a small ear piece placed in his ear so they could guide him threw the video shoot. He would run from the end of the backyard to the middle where the Duke of Leon would overtake him knock him down. Reed was to roll over on his back and grab the sheath and begin to jack the large canine and produce some four or five inches of hot canine cock.

Reed nodded that he understood so far. Marcel continued his instructions “once you have four or five inches out of him, start to suck him good, lots of your tongue to get him out more, understand Reed?” Reed swallowed hard and said he understood. He was getting second thoughts and Rene sensed it.

Let's get started Reed go to the other end of the yard, now lets get this thing started!” Reed trotted to the other end under the trees. The camera's were ready. The Duke of Leon lay alongside of a large blooming bush, he knew his part, hit Reed as he ran by.

Nicky, Sebastian and Armand stopped kicking the ball and watched. The three naked boys stood, Nicky's foot stood atop the soccer ball as Reed began a slow run toward Marcel and Rex holding video cameras. As the redheaded boy ran by, The Duke dashed out and hit him in the small of his freckled back. Reed found himself on his belly.

Reed rolled over and found the large chocolate colored dog standing over him. Rene whispered and Reed picked up the words on his ear piece. “Reed take hold of his sheath and jack it get some cock out and suck him!” Reed looked around and did as told. His slim freckled fingers began to play with the furry sheath.

Back and forth he pulled on the sheath encased penis. Almost at once and inch of red meat protruded. He lacked it faster and four more inches were presented. Rene whispered 'Reed suck his cock, now!” Reed's red lips closed over the now 6 inches of canine cock and he sucked, his red tongue rolled over and over, he hard the Duke whine, his rear end hunched forward trying to drive more and more of his cock into Reed's warm, wet mouth.

Now Reed was actually into sucking cock, his favorite sport, out side of being fucked. The Duke now had 10 inches in and down Reed's throat, the head pushed out the side of his neck. The camera zoomed in to show the viewer this was the real deal! Glossy canine precum coated Reed's chin and freckled naked chest, his chest and belly were shiny, the canine lubricant flowed like French wine from a dark bottle.

Reed sucked and licked the dog's cock. He had become lost in his cocksucking performance, which was brought back by Rene saying “it's time to let him fuck and breed you, Reed, let his cock slip slowly out of your mouth, your sucking of his penis was beautiful, get on all fours and he'll do the rest.”

Reluctantly Reed released the Duke's fat red penis. The hard red flesh stuck straight out as Reed moved to his hands and knees. “Try to crawl away Reed, he's think your trying to get away.” Reed began to crawl across the green grass. The 3 naked boys had forgot about soccer and were glued to the action between Reed and The Duke of Leon. Nicky whispered to the others “damn this is hot, only saw it on video, kewl!”

Reed moved away on all fours. The Duke of Leon realized he might be getting away and quickly mounted the boy's slim butt. His brown forepaws clamped Reed tightly and jabbed him with his hard, red and very rampant cock trying to find a place to drive it into. The first attempt hit Reed's freckled butt, the next hit his boy-pussy hole directly and he rammed all 10 inches into the boy!

Reed's mouth opened, but nothing came out. His blue eyes were wider than they had ever been in his young life. He was skewered on the hot red 10 inches, but the Duke still had to tie him with a large knot. He humped harder again and the knot disappeared into Reed's tight asshole.

On the soccer field three naked preteen's watched, three fists were tightly grasped around their own cocks and slowly they wanked back and forth. Nicky felt warm lips clamp on his tingling boi-cock. He looked down and Armand knelt before him sucking and slurping. Nicky slowly fell forward, still being sucked on to the grass and spun around, his red lips finding Armand's penis, he sucked and slurped in return.

Sebastian was wanking and went to the table and grabbed the tube of lube. He greased himself up and knelt behind Nicky and plunged forward into Nicky's very tight love hole, his ball's resting on Nicky's tight ones. He began to fuck the American boy in earnest, while Nicky and Armand sucked each other.

The Duke of Leon began to pound Reed. He was very good at what he had been trained for. Reed was at the large Brown Lab's mercy, the funny thing was the canine cock kept hitting his special place deep inside. Reed was very erect, the head tingled and his own seed boiled inside of his nubile body, he was now pushing back to meet each hard thrust of the dogs big red penis, the felt like he was going to cum.

Reed's boi-cock began to swell, he was in awe he was going to cum, and so quickly, the dog really knew how to push buttons, mainly Reed's. Reed began to breathe hard and deep. He looked back between his legs as he shot white bolts of boy-honey. The first dollop hit his right nipple, then hung down to the grass in a long creamy string.

His second blast of sperm hit in his “innie” belly button. It too made a long strings of creamy goo that pooled on the green grass. The Duke kept up hard, deep fucking of the boys tender redheaded body. Reed loved the hard fucking he was getting, maybe, just maybe when they finally returned home he could get Rex to buy a dog, mainly this one, he was an awesome fucking machine and reed was becoming addicted.

The three boys on the soccer field lay on their backs, cocks wilting, drops of sperm glistening in the sun as it dried on their tummy's and penis heads! “Wow, you guys really are into this stuff, glad we met!” Nicky propped himself up on both elbows and continued to watch Reed get the fucking of his life.

The Duke of Leon kept up a steady pounding of Reed's white butt. The red cock fucked and probed the boy's insides and quickly bought him to another erection. “Rex commented as he filmed “it sure would be nice to be young again, wouldn't it?” Both Frenchmen agreed.

The Duke of Leon began to fuck harder. His red tongue hung to the side and down maybe 6 inches. The inside of Reed's thin freckled legs were glossy with the excess canine lubricant. Reed couldn't believe it, he felt like he was going to cum again. “Damn I just came and here I go again, I'm cummmming! He moaned.

As The Duke stiffened up and began to blast his sperm deep into Reed's colon. The dog filled Reed's insides with copious, creamy discharges of sperm. The camera's caught a creamy circle form around the base of the Duke's spewing cock. They also caught Reed's second ejaculation. Not the amount of the first, yet still a good amount of his boi-honey, making for one hell of a DVD!

The Duke did not have to be restrained like other dogs. Until he received the command to go, he stood there depositing his entire load hat creamy canine sperm deep into the well fucked and very tired preteen. Reed was red all over, hair and body. He was exhausted and still being held in place by the hard canine spike which still kept it's rigidity.

It took over 20 minutes for the canine cock to shrink enough to detach from Reed's hard fucked body. Finally they heard the loud “plop” and he pulled out of Reed. Reed fell forward in a heap of well fucked human body. He also had a content smile on his lips. Canine cum flowed out of the shrinking well reamed boi-hole.

Reed was helped to the bubbling hot tub. He sat there resting his body. His legs were very weak and actually shook lightly. “Rex did I do well?” The man nodded “Reed you were magnificent this will make you a bunch of money for your B.T.W. savings!”

They let Reed rest for two days. On the third day Rex, Reed and Nicky were driven to Orly and caught the B.T.W. 747 for Athens and their trip to Lycabettus (formerly ARGOS). The flight was uneventful. Reed slept again. Rex nudged Nicky “you're next?” Nicky just mumbled “I can wait, really!”

They landed at Athens International airport. There was transportation waiting for them to the dock and to catch the boat to Lycabettus. There were also two other boys there to catch the boat. Both had been trained as Pleasure boys by the B.T.W. photographer Andrej. The boys introduced themselves as Eric and Milan. Nicky shook hands with them both. Reed closed his eyes and ignored everyone.

What;s wrong with him?” Eric asked. Nicky whispered into Eric's ear “he's dogged tired!” Eric shrugged. The boat was full of Patron's also headed for a week's vacation on Lycabettus and a week of hot sex with preteen boys, the vacation of a lifetime.

Half way there a man who was in-charge of the boys told them “all boys please remove your clothing, Pleasure boys are to always be naked for the pleasure of the Patrons. Milan Eric, Nicky and Reed stripped and were given a bag for their clothing. They were all issued a pair of sandals.

After they were all naked Rex nudged Reed “you know were guests, you could have kept your clothes on!” Reed shrugged “you know once were on the island were going to be naked anyway, Nicky and I just got a jump on it!” Rex smiled broadly “you know I just love to see boys naked!” Reed smiled too “I know and anything to turn you on!”

As the approached the island the began to see a place with many trees. “Gee what kind of trees are those?” Eric asked. “The man Mr. Alves, the assistant director spoke up “they are Olive trees. The have been on these islands for thousands of years, but please don't eat any, they haven't been process yet!”

As the boat docked they saw the compound. The wall was white washed and the main gate had tow statues. One on each side of the gate opening and a sign atop of the gate.”WELCOM TO LYCABETTUS, 2500 YEARS OF HISTORY!” the people walked in and eyed the two marble statues. A carved boy to the left kneeling over the half body of a man and holding his erect penis to his mouth. The statue to the right was another naked boy setting impaled on the cock of another man, from the waist down.

Nicky nudged Rex “the boy being fucked looks as though his in a state of bliss?” Rex chuckled “just think how the man w felt, you you can think of bliss, also the boy looks like you, Reed doesn't he?” Nicky chuckled. A man approached them “You must be Rex and I see you've brought us some extra help! I'm Arthur Hanover the facility director, welcome!”

Nicky, Reed, Eric and Milan were taken into the main office and each given anklets and necklaces. Reed and Nicky's had G-1 and G-2 on the gold medallion. Eric and Milan had 28 and 39 respectively. Eric and Milan were permanent while Nicky and reed were guests, although they would be used as Pleasure Boys while they were there.

A boy walked into the office. “This is Martine, he's today's office runner and will show you to your rooms and around our little home. Eric raised his hand. “Why is this called Lycabettus and not ARGOS?” The director spoke up quickly. “On the island of Crete some 2500 years ago was an all young boy bordello called Lycabettus.”

Eric looked at him kind of funny “but the island is really called ARGOS, right?” Mr. Hanover nodded in agreement. “Technically Eric you're right, but in honor of our predecessors, the people of Crete B.T.W. decided to call this Lycabettus, you see we and the Greeks are in the same business, we supply young boys for the pleasure of men who want to experience sex with boys like you!” Eric nodded and looked at Nicky “here we are, providing pleasure of our bodies just like boys did a long time ago, kewl!”

The director took Rex to his room away from the boys building. Martine took the four boys to their rooms, the showed them to the boys dining room for a quick bite. Nicky couldn't believe it, the cook made him a personal pizza, his favorite food. Martine explained that the cooks could make just about anything they wanted, with in reason, they also had his favorite drink, Pepsi!

They were shown the bulletin board. Please check it twice a day, for changes to what you are to do for the day. The they were shown to two main game rooms and the outside and explained the games that were for the fun of the Patrons. Finally the four beaches. “Remember if your not on a bulletin board assignment in the game rooms or the 'GLORYHOLE” you are to go to the beaches for the sexual pleasure of the Patrons. You can only be held out of sex with the Patron's if you're wearing a red arm band like the one I have on. The Patrons will not be allowed have sex with you. They cannot do anything to you that your are against, such and spanking or whipping you, personally I love being spanked, but then I'm not you!”

They were taken back to their rooms, given a red arm band for the rest of the day, but in the morning they were to provide the Patrons the sexual use of their young bodies. Eric wanted to head of the beach right away, but was told to rest and in the morning if he wasn't scheduled for one of the games he could bounce on any cock he wanted, he shrugged and mumbled “OK, kewl, still I could use a hard dick!”

Nicky looked over his room. A very large and comfortable bed. His own shower, large 40 inch LED television, which Channel 6969 was the primary channel. He had a desk and a laptop. Martine stuck his head in “I forgot one thing we all have school from 9:30 to 12:30 6 days a week!” Nicky turned up his nose and mumbled “fuck, school, fuck!”

Part 4: Just like the boys of Crete, 2500 years ago!

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