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Part 4: Just like the boy's of Crete 2500 years ago!

Nicky got up early. He wanted to swim in the Aegean. On his way out he ran into Eric who had the same idea. “Hey Nicky you going swimming too?” Nicky smiled and nodded “yes, I'm not like Reed I love the water!” Eric took his hand and said lets jump in together, lets go!”

The two boys ran full speed and dove into the warm morning water. “I expected it to be colder?” Eric said. Nicky agreed. They stood chest deep facing each other. “You know Nicky the first time I saw you I felt something real?” Nicky looked into the deep brown eyes and smiled broadly. “I guess I felt it too, didn't expect anything like that?”

Eric moved forward and planted his red mouth on Nicky's full lips. His tongue probed inside of Nicky's. Nicky's right hand felt Eric's hard penis and took in in his hand and pulled back and forth. Eric's eyes glazed over and he kissed Nicky harder, his tongue seemed to want to go down Nicky's throat.

Both boys were breathing hard. Hands held each other sex organ. “Lets find some place, now?” Eric was pulling Nicky by his throbbing penis, Nicky was also pulling as the two left the Aegean dripping water on the sand. There were towels already laid out by the staff before sunrise.

The two boys fell on the closet beach towel, their lips and tongues still entwined. On the big blue towel the laid there in opposite ways. Each mouth sucked in the others throbbing penis. Saliva flowed onto each others body. Each hip humped forward and each boy fucked the others mouth.

Fingers roamed over the others bodies quickly pushing into the others lubed love hole. They groaned, they grunted the fucked each others face. The two boys were alone and nothing else mattered, only pleasuring the other. Finally the two felt cum boiling inside of their own bodies, the creamy white sperm wanted a quick exit.

Eric stiffened up first as Nicky refused to released Eric's throbbing organ. Eric erupted and coated Nicky's mouth with gooey cum. Nicky swallowed, he couldn't get enough and kept sucking for all he was worth. He relaxed a bit as his own semen shot forth into Eric's mouth and quickly filled the boys gullet. They sucked each other dry and rolled over on their naked backs.

They were breathing hard and looked up to find four men standing around them. Eric smiled “good morning we were swimming and.......” The four naked men could have cared less, even if they had spoken English, but what they had watched had made all four hard and very horny, and they planned a bit of fucking and sucking with the two naked boys.

The men were German and were talking among themselves “Eine mein Bruder wird die brunett, du und der blonde Hans nehmen!” Another answered “Gut, dass wir wie blonde Mund, ich kann es nicht abwarten es zu lutschen!” Both Pleasure boys just lay there until an arm pulled Nicky up and two men led him two beach towels down!

Eric got to his knees and took hold of the two cocks in front of him. He jacked the left and sucked on the right penis. Nicky was put on his back. One man straddled his chest and began to fuck the boy's face. His slim legs were pushed up and splayed leaving his boi-pussy open for a hard fucking.

A fat uncut penis was plunged into his body and fucking began relentlessly. He was somewhat bewildered. Nicky hadn't realized the German men were this horny. His lips were being scraped by a mass of blond pubic hair. His love hole was getting skewered and fucked hard, fast and deep.

Eric continued to control the sex and had one lie down and straddled him. The hard, fat German cock slowly slid into him until he nestled in the blond pubes. He held the other cock and licked it like an all day sucker. He looked over at Nicky who's face was covered by blond pubic hair and realized the cock was buried down his throat. Nicky used his hands and pushed the face fucker away so he could breathe.

His thin legs were wide open and the other German was rapidly fucking him with his fat fleshy tube. Nicky made the face fucker slow down and pull out some of his cock. He got to breathe better and clamped his lips around the red mushroom and sucked slowly, his tongue rolling over the head and hoping he could make the man cum quick.

Eric held the man's cock to the sky and sucked in the scant haired balls. His tongue slid down to the area between the ball sac and anus and tickled with his tongue tip. Finally he licked the man's asshole. He dug in and tongue fucked the man. Cum shot forth from the cock head and landed in Eric's hair, some leaked down over his nose.

Nicky's used of his tongue worked. The German stiffened up and his cock erupted covering his red tongue creamy white. Nicky was able to take a second shot before swallowing the hot sperm. He sucked the cock dry. The other man was huffing and puffing trying to hold off his own cum, but Nicky clamped down with his inner muscles and milked the fat penis.

Hot bolts of gooey semen shot into Nicky's body. He humped back with each thrust the man made. Nicky didn't care if he came or not, Eric had already satisfied his sexual needs. The German kept moaning “good, good, good fick!” Nicky was just thankful he had survived the fucking and sucking.

The men got up and left laughing and speaking German. Nicky and Eric headed into the Aegean, the water lapped and rejuvenated their preteen bodies. Eric said “I wonder if the boys 2500 years ago at the Lycabettus bordello had to go through the same thing we have to?” Nicky had a mouth full of salt water and shot forth a stream then said “probably more, the boys then probably had to take on horses, donkeys and anything the men thought of for entertainment?” Eric put a finger to his lips “shush, don't speak so loud, someone might hear you?”

Back inside the boys looked at the roster for their names and sighed in relief, their names weren't on it and went to their rooms and got behind their laptops for 3 hours of schooling. All Nicky could mumble was “Yuk!” He got bored and found Channel 6969. He saw a section called “New Ids” and logged on to find Reed's new vid already up. He watched some of it and nodded “not bad Reed, not bad at all!”

A large notice was posted on the Bulletin Board announcing a formal renaming of ARGOS to LYCABETTUS. Hermes the writer would be the Master of Ceremonies. H. Montegue Anders the Chairman of the Board of Boi Toi's Worldwide Inc. had sent out invitations to dignitaries of Athens and Crete since the original Lycabetttus run by Greeks. The new cruise liner B.T.S Ocean Boi would pay a special visit to the island, and a contingent of 5 Pleasure boys would be sent from each Pleasure facility as representatives.

The heads in Brussels were also kicking around the idea of sex games for the celebration. Sorococo island was also to send it's dancer's who represented the island in Carnival, dressed in the attire they wore dancing down Copacabana Avenue. Marlin Blue and gold feathers, silver thongs with Marlin Blue and Gold tassels. To top it off the boys were dusted with gold, silver and Marlin Blue glitter all over their very nubile bodies!

Nicky read that. “I can't wait to see that, I hear they were a big hit at Carnival and after each nightly parade the boys got auctioned off to the highest bidder and met them in their hotel rooms for a night of you know what?” Eric laughed out loud. “Why don't you just say it they fucked their brains out!” Nicky nodded “I'm a bit more smoother than you are!”

They moved down to the roster “hey we did make it, look Eric we have to be in Game Room 2 at five pm. For “Musical Bois!” Nicky scratched his blond head “what is Musical Boys?” Eric shook his head “you ever play Musical Chars in pre-school?” Nicky nodded “sure!” Eric smiled “This is the sex version of the game!”

Eric further explained. You suck the men and try to get them to cum in your mouth, if we get them off they have to pay extra to stay in the game and we get half into our savings. We also get a number and if it comes up in the monitor the were out and pick up our stool and go to one of the side walls!”

Nicky further asked “What do we do there?” Eric smiled “Well Sherlock we wait until one of the men loses and can't find a wide open mouth to fill, he gets the boy waiting and they go to the boys room to do what we are suppose to do, service them sexually. The last man standing wins an all expense paid trip to the Pleasure site of his choice!” Nicky nodded “kewl, real kewl!”

At 5 in the afternoon the 30 boys on the list filed in and were given an arm band with a number on it. Nicky was given #19 and Eric #20. “Well here goes nothing Nicky, your first Musical Boi's game, next is the King of the Roundtable or the Relay race? Nicky mumbled “I can't wait, probably be better at the relay?” Eric chuckled “you can't fuck up the King of the Roundtable game, you just lie there and get fucked, but it get's a bit sloppy, the all cum inside you!”

Nicky looked at him funny. Eric continued. “unless your on table #7?” Nicky was tying his arm band. “Why #7?” Eric said “You get 5 load's of cum inside and you suck off the King and swallow the whole load, then you give a small speech!” Nicky shook his blond head “how do you know so much about it?” Eric smiled broadly “I've played them all at the Modeling Studio, they made them into a video for the Prospective patrons to view!”

They took their seats and awaited the start of the game. The head Proctor gave them some-more instructions. “Boys remember if the man cum's in your mouth, don't swallow until I check to see if you have a load in your mouth, I will tell you when to swallow, understand?” In unison the boys said “we understand, sir!”

Quickly thirty paying Patron's found an open mouth and filled it with their cock. Immediately each boy began to lick and suck trying to make them cum. Next to Nicky's other side sat a boy almost white blond and very pale. Nicky nodded and the boy in a thick Swedish accent “I am Oskar, you?” Nicky said “I'm Nicky and the guy next to me is Eric. Oskar moved his head over “the boy next to me is James, he's from England.” James smiled and said “hello!”

Now the boys were sucking cock for all they were worth. Nicky closed his brown eyes and began breathing through his nose, his tongue felt a hard cock slide over and into the back of his throat. He swallowed the cock, his lips covered by a mass of light blond pubic hair. Nicky stuck out his tongue and began to tickle the man's ball sac!

The tightness of his throat worked the taunt cock flesh. The man wasn't really sure what was happening, but he could feel his cum boiling inside. Now the man was breathing hard, he was fucking Nicky's face rapidly in Swedish he mumbled under his breath “Nej, sa fort jag kommer, jag kan inte halla tillbaka!” The man exploded and Nicky raised his hand, his mouth full of the man's cum.

A Proctor rushed up and said “open you mouth!” Nicky did, his red tongue bobbing in a sea of creamy man spew. “OK, swallow. Oskar holding his Patron's cock said “my father cums a lot, doesn't he?” Nicky's blond head snapped and looked at the white blond boy “your father” he mouthed silently?” The boy smiled, he was licking the underside of the man's penis. “Yes, his name is Felix!”

Nicky sucked in Oskar's father's penis and continued sucking the cock back to the proper hardness. He couldn't believe that the father was in the game and Oskar was sucking cock in front of his dad. “Will wonders ever cease?” Nicky thought to himself and again swallowed the cock until the music started. A Sousa march called “The Monkey Wrapped his Tail 'Round the Flag Pole! The men marched in a circle and Nicky and the other boy's looked up for a number, it was 30, so they were safe until the next round.

Number thirty was an Asian boy, just 11 years of age. His name was Aoki. He took his stool and headed to the far wall to await his Patron for the night. As soon as the music started, it stopped and the men made a mad scramble for an open mouth.

Nicky's mouth was quickly filled with a fat cock. From the corner of his eye he saw Oskar's white mouth filled with a coal black cock. An African Patron had it filled, the boys pale blue eyes bugged out, this was the biggest cock Oskar had ever had in his mouth and the first black one.

Nicky looked over at James and he too had a big black cock buried to the kinky hair covered root, his eyes were also bulging. Eric had an Asian cock, he was somewhat lucky, it wasn't the size of the black ones, yet he would have preferred a black one, he loved black cock more than any other color, a black cock sent a shiver up his spine and made his cock tingle.

None of the men came and the music started again. The Patron's began to march in a clockwise circle. All the boys looked up in the monitor to see the number 17 appear. “Jame's said I guess that's me, mates?” He got up and grabbed his stool and went to the far wall, he gave the boys a small wave, “bye for now!” Nicky and the rest said “bye!”

The music stopped and the mass scramble began again. Boys mouth's were again filled with hard cock and they sucked as well as the could trying to get a man to come in their mouths. Both Eric and Oskar quickly raised their hands, their mouths were flooded with sperm. The two men were on the brink before and the hard sucking the boys administered did the trick. Nicky had a swarthy man's uncut cock in his mouth, the man moaned and humped and finally couldn't hold back. Nicky raised his hand with the other two boys.

The Proctor hurried and looked into each open mouth, yelled out numbers 18, 19 and 20 for the record and said “you may swallow it now. The boys gulped and drank the gooey essence, licking excess from their red lips. The three boys returned to sucking cock and trying to get the men hard once again.

Slowly the boys numbers dwindled. Eric got his wish, he was claimed by one of the big African Patrons. Hand in hand the two went to Eric's room. Then Oskar and an Egyptian Patron went off the man asking sweetly “do you like to be spanked?” Oskar was beaming “oh yes sir, will you please spank me hard, I cum if you spank me!” The Egyptian was sporting a massive erection, a boy of his dreams!

Nicky looked around, there was only he and four other boys left and the men were marching and looking, all wanting to find a wet, warm mouth for their cocks. The music stopped and the five men scrambled for a mouth. The Black African left found Nicky's open mouth and stuffed it with hard black cock. Nicky sucked and licked, he was thinking of another $500. to split with B.T.W.

The blond boy swallowed and began his trick of tickling the ball sac. There was so much black cock in his throat, his brown eyes bulged and he had a hard time breathing, even thru his nose. For all he tried the man didn't cum. Finally the music started and the men marched and Nicky looked up the see his number. He shrugged, grabbed his stool and headed for the wall.

He watched the men go in a now smaller circle and the music stopped. The men made a mad dash and a tall pale white man was left with no mouth to fill. He came toward Nicky saw it was Felix, Oskar's father. Nicky took the Swedish man's hand and he escorted Felix to his room.

In his room Nicky and Felix showered together. Nicky scrubbed the man from head to foot and rinsed him of the Vanilla scented soap Nicky always used, Vanilla his favorite scent. Nicky towel dried the tall man and then himself. The preteen the had Felix lay down on his stomach. Nicky dropped some scented oil onto the palm of his hand and began to massage the man's pale back.

Vanilla scent permeated the the room as Nicky's slim fingered hands worked down the man's back, his butt cheeks. Nicky opened the two globular orbs and exposed the man's asshole. Nicky's tongue then began to lap the area around the hole. His tongue tip dug in and he wiggled it a bit.

The almost hairless ball sac was exposed and Nicky sucked each one. Saliva flowed in his mouth and he left the sac glossy. He then licked his way to the man's feet and began to suck each toe. The man was mumbling in his native tongue, Nicky smiled to himself and moved the the other foot.

Oskar had done almost the same as Nicky, the two showering together. The Egyptian sat on the bed and with a beckoning finger motioned to Oskar to approach him. “Oskar I hear you have been a very, very bad boy, you know what happens to very, very bad boys?” Oskar looked at the floor “yes sir, they get spanked!”

He felt a hand tighten on his arm and pull him over the man's knees, his butt in perfect striking stance. The Egyptian's free hand came down on the white ass cheek with a loud “crack” Tears welled up in Oskar's blue eyes. He did feel something poking his tummy, the man was fully erect. A second “:crack' was heard and felt on Oskar's butt. The cock poking him got harder, almost like a hot poker, The Egyptian was very aroused.

The third and forth cracks on his ass were harder, the man was breathing hard and Oskar had tears running down his red cheeks, he was also as hard as the Egyptian, Oskar felt that if the man spanked him again he would cum. Oskar in a very meek voice began to beg for another ass slap. “Ooohhh please one more I'm almost there, please one more?”

The Egyptian was almost giddy with the boy's request and obliged with an heavy and loud “slap!” Oskar and the Egyptian came simultaneously. Hot shots of creamy boi-honey splashed on the man's bare legs and feet. Bolt after bolt of the Egyptian's hot sauce pelted Oskar's white tummy. The boy broke away and on his knees sucked in the spewing organ to suck up what was left of the Egyptian's sperm.

Nicky rolled Felix over, straddled his chest and added more oil to his palm and rubbed them together. He massaged the shoulders, while his hard boi-cock poked the man's mouth. Felix opened and sucked in the red capped boi-penis and gave Nicky a good sucking, enough to give Nicky a shiver up his spine!

All the way to his room Eric giggled, this was another dream come true. The big African's cock swung just above his knees, the cock was massive and that's the way Eric liked it big, fat and very black. Black cock was his addiction and Eric aimed to make everything of this one, this was the blackest one he had ever had any contact with.

In his room he laid the Black patron on his back and took Cherry Flavored lube and rubbed the man's cock thoroughly with it. His room smelled like Cherries, the African began to get hungry until Eric's tongue began to dance on the hard black flesh, then his red lips clamped on the stalk tightly and he sucked for all he was worth. His tongue snaked down the the underside. His lips made light suck kisses as he made the trek to the massive black ball sac.

The African squirmed, bumped up and back down as the dark haired preteen had his way with the hard coal black male appendage. He sucked in one kinky hair covered testicle then he moved to the other. He bathed the taunt flesh with his slick saliva, he made the black skin glossy. His tongue then passed the balls and ventured downward.

Now the white boy sucked the skin of the neither area, which was very sensitive and he could hear very deep moans come from his black Patron. He was anticipating more from Eric and he quickly got it. The boy's lips planted a deep kiss on the crinkled anus. The African jumped and almost kicked Eric in the head. Eric pulled back and giggled.

Quickly Eric dug his tongue in the asshole and then ran his tongue tip up the balls and fat length of black penis. Eric had to open his mouth wide to clamp over the coal black cock head and suck in as much as he could. The preteen began to fun something thru his mind “fuck when I sit on this thing will it split me open?” His eyes look the cock over and decided he'd still have to try, if it did fit it was going to be one hell of a fuck?

Nicky pulled his boi-cock out of Felix's mouth and worked the white skin with his oil covered hands. He also used his mouth and tongue on the nipples and inched down to the belly-button. It was an “outie” and he sucked the skin, his tongue tip tickled the skin and then circled the hard throbbing man cock. Felix was praying the boys mouth would suck him in. he remembered the was Nicky sucked him in the game room, the kid deep throated him and his tongue tip could wax his balls, the was so fucking hot.

Nicky looked up at Felix as he took hold of the slippery penis. Smiling Nicky aimed it at his boi-pussy hole and nestled on the fat fleshy spike. Ever so slowly the cock slid into Nicky until his sweet butt nestled on the mass of blond pubic hair. Nicky began to bounce up and down on the man''s cock. Felix was gritting his teeth, Nicky knew how to fuck and suck and he was pleasing Felix to no end.

Nicky moaned “jack me off while we fuck, please jack me off, I want to cum too!” Felix opened his squinted eyes and grabbed Nicky's four inches. He began to pull on the taunt boi-flesh. “Roll your thumb on the head, that feels so fucking awesome, please?” Felix rolled his thumb over and over. Nicky could feel sperm building up inside.

The boi slut took a rubbery nipple in each thumb and forefinger and twirled them. He sent hot electricity into the man's chest, it came out the head of his pulsing dick. In broken English Felix moan and said “I must teach this technique of yours to Oskar, he is a quick learner.” Nicky got a funny look on his cute face.

Oooohhhh I'm cuming, keep playing with me so I can cum, oooohhhh fuck here it cums, I'm shooting my cum on you!” Nicky's brown eyes seemed to glaze over as his boi-cock swelled and shot his sperm into the pulling hand and coated the man's fingers with creamy boi-honey. Nicky's act made Felix erupt and shoot hot sperm deep into Nicky's tight hole and pulsing channel.

Felix shot four hot bolts of man sauce into Nicky's love hole. He held Nicky's cock with one hand and his slim white hip with the other. He held the hip so tight that he skin turned even whiter, almost opaque around his fingers. Nicky's inner muscles clamped and pulsed making Felix feel he was being sucked as well as fucking the boy!

Most Patron's left after a session with the nubile boy. Felix did and was sitting behind a slot machine, wondering where the Egyptian was? Oskar was on his hands and knees while the big Egyptian was behind the boy deep inside the boy's stretched anus. The man was getting his vacation's worth and Oskar meant to please!

In and out the hard Egyptian drove his cock. Oskar pushed back to meet the hard thrusts he was receiving. Finally he felt the man stiffen, the teen quickly pulled away and sucked in the dark colored cock and clamped his red lips behind the head and awaited the man's creamy gift to fill his mouth. Oskar like most of the other boys had acquired a taste for sperm, at first they had shied away from the salt or bleach taste, but after awhile they swallowed the gooey cream with much gusto.

Oskar slid his tongue down and took almost the entire length of man sausage, then pulled the rough top back sending a shiver up the patron's spine and also drawing out a the hot, gooey cream and swallowed as fast as they could. The Egyptian gritted his teeth, stiffened, but to no avail, he erupted and coated the red tongue a gooey white. Oskar swallowed and sucked harder to get even more.

Good, suck harder, suck me dry, you boi-whores could give the women a good suck lesson, thet never swallow, but you do, and you drain us dry, I do prefer you boi-sluts, damn I do, my balls are tight and empty!” he lay back, Oskar followed not letting the cock leave his mouth. The Egyptian was trying to push Oskar away, his cock head was so sensitive, but Oskar had been trained well by his father and he did love sucking cock!

B.T.W. headquarters sent out a fax telling all that the dedication for Lycabettus had been set oft a month from the date the fax was received, and to please let them know if there were any last minute obstacles?”

Part 5” The Big Celebration!

Thanks to Hermes for the idea for the Lycabettus dedication as a story line, Thanks Hermes!” Thanks to those who want to be in the story, hope I do you justice! Thanks to the artist that gave me the inspiration!