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Not a bad day


Staring out the window that overlooked the parking lot I went over the list of why this was a bad idea yet again. I was in a hotel room waiting for a 12-year-old boy I met online. Of course, my mind also created the list of why it was a good idea. I had known Jack for a while now. We had exchanged e-mails, talk through instant messages and even Skype each other. He had put on a few Webcam shows for me and I had done a few for him. We were friends. At least I thought we were.

The knock at the door startled me and I crossed the room quickly looking through the people. Jack was on the other side and I opened the door with a stupid grin on my face. We stared at each other for a few seconds before I stepped back. "You want to come in?"

"Yeah," Jack darted past me and looked around the room. I could tell just by the way his shoulders were that he was tense. When I close the door he spun back around. "I'm nervous."He blurted out.

"That's all right. I'm nervous too."

He let out a nervous laugh. "Why are you nervous? I'm the one giving up my butt."

I smiled and took a few steps towards him. Putting my hands on his shoulders I bent down to be at his eye level. "Jack. I wanted to meet you in person. You said you did too. However, if you just want to spend the day together that's fine with me. It's your decision. Understand?"

He stared at me for a second before brushing my hands off his shoulders. "You're always so serious."

I felt myself smile. "I just don't want to hurt you."

Jack smirked. "I don't think you would hurt me. I trust you, that's why I'm here. It's just," he trailed off for a second. "I'm a little nervous. You're different that I thought you would be."

"Oh, that's true. I went skinny dipping in a pond in the woods. Somebody stole my clothes and I had to run home naked. The rash of Bigfoot sightings was most upsetting."

Jack's smile was patronizing. "That's not what I meant."

"I tend to make bad jokes when I'm nervous."

"I know." Jack said. "It's just, can we just hang out for a while."

"Sure, we could go to the mall if you like? Catch a movie; maybe go to the park afterwards?"

Jack nodded, but then looked a little concerned. "I didn't bring a lot of money with me."

"It's all on me. Before we go I did get something for you." I nodded towards the suitcase on the bed. The lid was closed but unzipped. Jack made his way over curiously before flipping back the lid. His smile widened and I felt relief. "They're the right type right? I thought you might be tired of wearing your little sisters and like to wear ones designed for a boy for a change."

"Yeah, can I put one on?"

"Well, that would be why I got them. You can use the bathroom if you want."

Jack was in and out of the bathrobe in about 2 min. and we were on our way to the mall. We were both nervous, we had known each other online for a while, but actually meeting in person was different. The movie Jack wanted to see was starting in a few minutes so I quickly bought tickets.

It was pretty good and we both enjoyed it. When we left the theater we were both feeling more relaxed. We talked about our favorite scenes and repeated our favorite lines. Jack acted out one of the more unique depth scenes. Death by street sweeper was something that neither of us had seen before.

Then Jack spotted something. "Dick's! I keep forgetting I need goggles until I see the store."

"Oh, you like dick."

Jack caught on to the wordplay. "Yeah, I like dick. Do you like dick?"

"It depends on who it's attached too?"

Jack thrust his hips out. "You like?"

"That one I do and I like what it's attached too." Jack's face turned red, but it was hard to see through his tan. Having no more ways to continue the joke I nodded towards the store. "Let me buy you a set."

"You don't have too." He spoke quickly.

"I know. I want too."

The swimming section was empty with a nice display of goggles. Jack asked what color he should get and I asked him which color he would like. He settled on the blue pair. They were high end so they should last a long time.

With that decided I turned back to the display. "Hey, Jack what do you think of him? Is he cute or not your type?"

Jack looked at display that featured a photo of a teen maybe a year or two older than him. "He's all right. He's tall, that's nice."

"You like tall?"

"Yeah. Do you like him?" Jack asked me.

"He's not as cute as you, but yeah I would say he's cute." Jack was staring down at his soon-to-be goggles turning the packaging over and over. "You ever feel guilty about liking boys?"

"You mean like the same gender or licking someone under 18?"

Jack thought for a minute, "Under 18."

Unconsciously I looked around for a place to sit. Not finding one I put a hand on his shoulder. "Sometimes I do. I just try to remind myself that I don't want to hurt anyone. I just really want to be friends and stuff. Sex is a nice touch, but it's not everything. Do you ever feel guilty about sex?"

Jack shrugged. "Sometimes when I masturbate I have like have fantasies you know. I felt about some. Well sometimes I think about my friends. Ones who I know are not gay. It kind of feels strange you know? Afterwards, at least."

I nodded. "I see. That happens for some people after orgasm, they feel guilty. The easiest way to solve a problem it's just not think about them. Think about someone you know is gay or bi. Think about people you see, models and ads or just conjure up your personal Adonis. Not that you can always do that. If it helps just remember that a lot of your classmates are imagining girls in your class that way too."

"I'll try." Jack said.

After checking out we walked around for a little while longer until I spotted an interesting store. It looked like it had a lot of ancient stuff in it, little statues of dragons Jade jewelry, wall scrolls and clothing.

"Let's check that one out."

"Why? It looks kind of boring."

"I have an idea. You may like it." I started towards the store and Jack followed reluctantly behind.

There were a few Chinese style dresses and some ropes, but they also have pajamas. There was one once that looked like it would fit Jack and I thought they would look good against his brown hair. I pointed towards them as the clerk turn to greet us. "Can he try those on?"

"Certainly. The changing rooms are right over there." She pointed to a little alcove.

I took the pajamas off the rack and handed them to Jack. "Try them on. I think you like them."

Jack looked at me like I was crazy, but when he touched the pajamas he looked at them instead. The material was satin, slick and smooth. I was thinking they might feel like a diaper. Thank will Jack rubbed some of the material between two fingers. "It feels nice."

"Try it on." I said.

There were four changing rooms that were down a little hallway. Jack emerged after a minute dressed only in pajamas and socks. It looked like he was about to go to bed. Holding his arms out to either side he turned around so I could see.

"You look great." I said.

Jack smiled. "I know that. What do you think of the pajamas on me though?"

I closed the gap between the two of us and lowered my voice. "I think they look sexy on you. How do they feel? I was thinking well you know the diaper think you might like it."

Jack rubbed his arm. "I like the feeling, but it doesn't feel like diaper." He laughed. "I'm not sure how much sleep I would get in them."

"Best take them off before you make a mess in your diaper."

Jack shot me a look but his anger wasn't genuine. He stood there for another minute and then I added, "Do you want them?"

Jack rubbed his arm for a minute that shook his head. "I couldn't explain them to my parents. Me buying pajamas would just be weird."

"Yeah, maybe you can spot them the next time you're in this mall." As Jack changed I thought about a world where he could just say, oh my older friend bought these for me.

When Jack emerged we put the pajamas back on the rack. Jack said that he wanted to go back to Dick's sporting goods to get a basketball. After buying the ball we left the mall for the park. A couple of teenagers were just leaving so we have the court to ourselves. The park was quite as played one-on-one. Jack was good and I hadn't played in a while which negated my height advantage. We were on our second game to 10 points when Jack called quick timeout to take off shirt.

"Hey, no fair!" I shouted.

"What?" Jack said giving me a quizzical look.

"You're trying to distract me with your hot body."

Jack slapped his abs. "You caught me."

We played another two games before settling into a game of horse. I was just about to take a shot when Jack spoke up. "You think it's weird that I'm a bottom?"

The question took me by surprise so much so that the ball nearly missed hitting the backboard altogether. "Why do you ask?"

Jack chased after the ball and did an easy layup before tossing it to me. As I copied his move Jack continued. "I don't know. Like I was watching some porn and this guy kept saying stuff like, taking you bitch and your ass is for pounding. I don't know it was just weird."

I pass the ball to him. "That's just dirty talk. Some people like to talk like that and others people like to hear it. It's a turn on for them like you wearing diapers."

Jack made an easy shot and said. "So they don't really believe it?"

I moved to the same spot he had been and took the shot before answering. "Well, some do, but to be blunt their assholes. Some people view sex as an act of domination. I had a friend who is in a relationship like that. It's really sad because a lot of times he doesn't enjoy sex." I hesitated and then said, "What do you feel about your fantasies?"

"Nothing but net," Jack said taking his shot. The ball went in but only after doing a half turn around rim. "I don't think like that. It was just that one porn got me thinking."

"Porn doesn't really reflect reality. It's meant for fantasy. If it did reflect reality, pizza boys would work for free." Jack laugh as my shot went in. I waited until he made shot to continue. "You know that's how it was in Greece. Sex was about power."

Jack retrieve only passed it back to me. "What do you mean?"

I missed my shot. "Okay the word pedophilia comes from the Greeks, it means something like child lover or something. You might read about it in school. Basically in this one area there was a practice of boy being taken in by men to be tutored and there was a sexual component to it. Of course, what most textbooks will leave out is that the Greeks viewed both anal and oral sex as demeaning. It was fit only to be performed by a slave. So the boys in the teaching situation would usually please their mentors by using their thigh or hands. It showed they were submissive to their teacher pay respect, but not demeaning."

Jack thought for a second before preparing to shoot. "Off the backboard." He took the shot and it went in. "So like if two guys fell in love they would never do that stuff?"

I shrugged. "Maybe they would maybe they wouldn't. It was just a bit of a social taboo. Maybe the whole dominant thing is a remnant of that. Or it's a remnant of a man penetrate women are submissive. Me I prefer both. So screw them all. If I had to go back in time I would choose Japan. They had a lot of homosexuality and there were a few social taboos but they were different. There was like a ritual stuff, but they also had a class of men called women haters because they didn't want to sleep with women."

Jack asked a few questions about Japan as we continued to play. When the game finish we found the shade of a tree to sit down in. We were both hot and sweating but Jack sat close to me. He was so close I could smell him and I didn't find it unpleasant. After a few minutes he leaned into me and looked up. I stared down at him and then he gave me a quick peck on the lips so fast that I couldn't react.

"Let's go back to the hotel."

The ride back to the hotel was quiet. Occasionally, he would laugh a little and so would I, then we both started laughing. One time I had to pull over because I was laughing too hard. When we got into the hotel room we both fell silent. After a minute I suggested, "Do you want to take a shower?"

Mac shook his head. "I just don't know how to start."

I closed the distance between us two steps and bending down place a kiss on his lips. I opened my mouth and brushed my tongue across Jack's lips. Jack opened his mouth and his tongue ventured cautiously out. Her tongue slid over each other and I swear I could've felt his individual taste buds sliding past mine. When we pulled back it was slowly. For a second there was a string of saliva connecting us together but it broke.

"You like?"

"Yeah," Jack said.

"Just say stop if you want too."

"I got it. Don't say stop."

He grinned and I picked him up and tossed them onto the king-size bed. He bounced twice as I climbed on top and planted a kiss on his lips. My hand tugged his shirt off and folded over his head. He kissed him on the lips and then on the cheek and then down his neck. I gave him a like their tasting the remnants of his salty sweat before going down shoulder and ending on his nipple. Using my tongue and lips I made it hard. Kissing across his chest I did the same to the other it's my hands unbuttoned is shorts.

Sitting up I looked down at him, his face flushed his breaths deep. I pulled his shorts down and he helped my bringing his knees up. Before he could put his legs back down I hooked them and took off his socks issues having been left at the door. I held one of his legs close as the other fell back to the bed and ran my hand down his thigh going for the diaper. My fingers went to the waistband and I looked back up at Jack. With his nod I pulled it free. To my surprise I found his erection there, all three and a half inches.

"What did you do with your underwear?"

"Left them in the bathroom," Jack replied. "I thought we would be coming back here. I hope at least."

That comment got his face covered in butterfly kisses. I could hear him laughing and he kissed back where free could reach. My hand reached for his member as I kissed him. I rolled his balls between my fingers and stroked his shaft. When I felt pre-cum begin to emerge I broke off the kisses and move down to his erection. Sliding back his foreskin I took it in my mouth. His member was hot and hard. I slid up and down his leg feeling his pubic hairs brushed against my chin as my hand stroked his balls.

Wordlessly I felt Jack arch pushing his member deep into my mouth as he climaxed shooting his load into my mouth. I took it and pulled off of this number. Tossing my head back I swallowed before looking back up at Jack. He was sweating again, his brown hair matted to his head and eyes glazed over. When his eyes looked at me though, he smiled. "Your turn."

Jack set up and I lay down on the bed. He mimicked the as best as could. My chest had a lot of hair on it and he buried his nose and it wants to inhale deeply. When he took me in his mouth he held onto my shaft with both hands. He sucked, he stroke and a few times he pulled off all the way and rubbed his head up and down my shaft. My load was bigger than his, but he took it was only a little running out onto his chin.

I held up my arms and he fell into them wiping his chin on my chest. Then he kissed me as we lay down next to each other. It was a pleasant silence I could've stretched on for eternity for all I cared. Jack placed a hand on my chest plate absentmindedly with one of my nipples.

"I like your smell. Is that weird?"

"It's just pheromones. It's not weird at all."

"Jack pushed into my side and I could feel his erection again. "It's making me hard."

"That's just because you're horny." He pinched the nipple he had been playing with. I yelped and swatted his hand away.

Jack rested his chin on my chest. We stared at each other with his erection poking into my side and my one hand stroking his back. "I want you in my ass. I want you to be the first."

The hand that had been stroking his back went on to his butt sliding a finger down his crack. He closed his eyes as my finger brushed over his entrance. "Are you sure you want me to be there first?"

"Yeah, I want to know what it feels like. I put fingers and stuff there, but I don't think it'll be the same."

"It'll be different, but similar too."

"Just show me," Jack said with his eyes closed.

I grinned. "I have a longer recovery time. You're gonna have to help me out."

Jack did so, with mouth and hand he made me hard again. I got up and Jack sat on the edge of the bed as I retrieved the lubricant. I squirted it onto my hand and slid it up and down my shaft. I turned back toward Jack and using my clean hand rolled him onto his back. His legs came up and I slid my arms under his legs. His feet came to rest on my shoulders. I kissed Jack's lips as my other hand strayed towards his ass.

My fingers probe his entrance. Spreading lubricant and pushing into him. Jack moaned through his kiss as my fingers did their work. Breaking the kiss I sat up long enough to line up. Slowly I began to push into him. At first I could feel intense up so I stopped and rubbed his butt. When he relaxed I continue to push in. Watching his face I could see when I hit his prostate and I stopped.

Leaning back down I kissed him again on the lips but then moved onto his neck and nuzzle it. My hands grasped shoulders and I move my hips closer to his. Slowly I pulled back and then pushed in. I could feel Jack's briefing change. His arms wrapped around my neck. I started to a faster and faster, going in and out. Moving less than an inch, but hitting his prostate every time.

Jack admitted little moans and grunts. His face twisted squeezing his eyes shut like he was trying to hold back, but then he let out a little cry. His bowels tightened around my member squeezing it into a climax.

The silence that followed was absolute. Slowly I started to hear us breathing again. I rolled over to the side, the bed squeaking underneath us. Pulling out Jack I slowly got up and retrieved a fresh diaper. I put it on him patted his crotch before giving him another pick on the lips. We lay down together our arms wrapped around each other and stay like that for a long time.


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