Not All Bad Boys Are Bad

This will be a hard story for many to read, it involves difficult situation, but involves true love as well. As with all my stories, it is gay in nature, involves diapers, and is loving. If you would like to read other stories by me, feel free to join my site at, and you may also feel free to write to me at I would love to hear your comments on this, or any of my other stories, but please, no flames, but constructive criticism is always appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read.

Stuart, who preferred to be called Stu, was out for an evening walk, heading for nowhere in particular, he just needed to get out and breath the fresh air. He actually laughed at that thought though, fresh air in a city. The city was Vancouver, and while it did have one of the better air qualities for a large city, it still stank. Anyways, he was nearing an area that he knew was bad news, more than a few people had been mugged in that area, but he was not scared. He may have been a lazy guy that did not work, because strictly speaking he did not need to, but he loved his martial arts, and was now very good at it.

Stu was in excellent shape, he did an hour or more of martial arts training every day, and even though he looked like a skinny weakling, he was quite far from it. All his muscles were lean and powerful.

As he passed by an alleyway, he was called out to. Stu turned to see who it was that was calling him, and to find out what the person had said, because he had not heard exactly what was said.

“Sorry, I didn't hear you, could you please repeat that once again more legibly this time?” Stu asked, walking closer.

“I said fifty bucks for a blowjob.” Said this rough looking young boy. He was dirty, would probably smell quite bad if Stu were to get too close, and he looked strung out.

“Sorry kid, I don't need to pay for sex, I can have any hot young boy ass I want for free.” Stu said gently.

“Fuck you then, if you won't give me your money willingly, I'll just take it by force then.” The boy spat out, producing from his back a rather large dangerous looking knife.

“Oh please. Get lost kid before I have to hurt you.” Stu sighed, knowing that this was only going to end one way.

“Fuck you, give me your money and jewelry, or you're dead meat.”

“You know, if you had have just asked for a few bucks, I might have been willing, but you will never get a penny from me, and if you proceed on the path that you are about to take, I guarantee that it will be you hurting, not me. If you force me to take action, I WILL take an action that you will not like.” Stu warned.

“Fuck you.” The boy snarled and charged.

The next few seconds happened so fast that the boy hardly understood exactly what had just happened. Stu stayed perfectly still, not bothering to move a muscle until the boy was close enough, and then it happened. Stu reached out with a speed that would have astonished the boy, had he have seen it, grabbed the wrist with the knife, kicked the back of the boys right knee, which caused the boy to go down, but still holding the wrist with the knife. Stu turned and twisted the boys wrist rather painfully, and then extracted the eight inch long blade from the boys hand with his other. The boy was screaming in agony from what was happening to him.

“Let me the fuck go you fucking asshole.” He screeched.

“You know what, shut up you dumb fucking punk. You charged me with a knife, and now you are under my control. No one would stop me from killing you here and now, it would be well within my rights. So if I were you, I would shut up and quit that infernal racket. I'm barely even twisting you big sissy.”

“Fuck you.”

“You really aren't the smartest are you, you smelly little street rat?” Stu taunted.

“I'm plenty smart enough.”

“Yeah, it shows. Now, I am going to let your hand go, if you were as smart as you claim to be, you would stay down on your knees where you belong.” Stu Said, and then let go of the hand.

The boy immediately grabbed it with his other and massaged it to get the feeling back, and try and get the pain to go away. No one had ever been able to hurt him in a long time, not since the bastard who got him in this mess to start with in fact. Stu turned and went to the wall that they were standing next to, jammed the blade of the knife into a crack, and then with a well placed kick, snapped the handle from the blade, the boy seeing it all.

“What the fuck did you do that to my knife for?” The boy screeched again.

“You won't be needing it any more. Now stand up and come with me.”

“Why the fuck should I do anything you say, you fucking broke my wrist and my blade?”

“Well, I suppose the choice is yours. Either you come with me willingly, where I will give you some much needed food and shower, clean clothes and a warm bed for the night, but no sex, I won't fuck a street rat that sells his services. The other option is that I call the police right now, give them the remainder of your blade, and press charges. I take you for about thirteen, and I am willing to bet that you have at least one strike against you already, so guess where you would be heading. You would make a fine little bitch boy to some bigger boy. I bet you clean up really pretty like, and I bet that they'd love that tight little ass of yours in the kids big house.” Stu taunted again.

“Fuck you, you ain't got nuthin on me.”

“Really, don't I. Here you are a strung out punk kid, and blade with his prints all over it. Not even mine are on it, because I was smart enough to grab it with my sleeve, and most importantly, who do you think the cops will believe more. Your smartest move is to come with me now.” Stu warned gently.

“Whatever. You said I could eat?” The boy asked cautiously. He had not been expecting any kind of kindness.

“Yes, and you can have a shower as well and clean up, cuz quite frankly, you smell like shit. No really, you smell like shit, did you crap your pants a a few times?”

“Yeah.” The boy said ashamedly, his head lowering.

“Thought so. Smells like you didn't clean up properly from it either. That's what drugs do to you kid. You smell like you pee yourself as well. You can throw your clothes in the washer as well once you're clean. My name's Stu by the way.”

The boy started crying, but as soon as Stu turned to walk away, the boy followed like a lost little puppy. They walked the entire ten minute walk in silence, Stu not even bothering to see if the boy was still behind him. He knew he was still there, and he knew that he would be, he knew the boy wanted the help, just couldn't admit it.

“Now, I don't have a lot of nice things, but I have a couple. If you so much as think of stealing even a penny from my house boy, I will mess you up so bad you'll never forget it, and then I will dump your naked broken body in the alley I found you in.” Stu warned harshly. He would never actually do it, but he had to show the boy he meant business. The boy though shook silently and a little more pee escaped into his pants as he stuttered out the answer Stu wanted to hear.

“Good, now that we understand each other, go have a shower. My robe is hanging on the back of the door, just wear that when you come out, and then put your clothes in the washer. It is right across the hall, and if you need help with that, just ask. I will get some food for you while you're cleaning up. The washroom is straight down the hall, last door on the right.”

“Thanks Sir.” The boy mumbled.

Stu didn't say anything, just turned and left the boy with the fear of death. He went to the kitchen and got some dinner started. He had not yet eaten either, so he was starting to get hungry as well. The boy though went straight to the bathroom, started the shower at a very hot setting, and then stripped out of his very dirty clothes. He stepped into the shower, gasped from the hot water hitting him, and then sighed as it sank in. He had not had a nice hot shower in a while, and it showed. He soaked in the water for easily ten minutes before he started washing, and he scrubbed himself well. Finally the boy stepped from the shower, grabbed a towel from the stack and dried off. He next grabbed and put on the robe, gathered up his disgusting smelling clothes, and went across the hall to the laundry room. He dumped his clothes in the washer, put three times the soap in that was needed, and then turned it on. He knew how to, amazingly enough.

Once the boy was finished, he followed his nose to where he could smell the food. Stu was standing in front of the stove in a nice small kitchen, stirring something in a pot that smelled very good. Stu heard the small amount of noise that the boy made, and looked up.

“I was right, you do clean up real pretty like. You could almost be mistaken for a girl with that long hair and those nice full lips.” Stu smiled, not meaning to insult the boy.

“May as well be a girl anyways, I'm gay after all.”

“Nah, you make a much better looking boy. Sit, dinner will be ready in a few minutes.”

“What ya cookin'?”

“Spaghetti and meat sauce. Simple and filling.”

“Haven't had that before.”

“Really, I thought all boys loved spaghetti?”

“Yeah, well I haven't exactly had the best of lives, if you hadn't already noticed.” The boy spat out distastefully.

“True, and I apologize.” Stu said, and then started dishing up a very large plate of food for the boy, adding two large hunks of garlic toast as well.

“Yeah, whatever.” The boy said, not really caring, he hated life anyways.

Stu didn't say anything, he could tell why the boy was acting like that, he just set the large plate of food in front of the boy, and then went and grabbed his own food. By the time that Stu made it back, the boy was already well into making a dent in the dinner.

“Slow down or you'll give yourself a stomach ache.” Stu warned.

“Can't, it's so good.” The boy said with a mouth full of food.

“That was disgusting, please don't talk with your mouth full, and please, slow down, it will be better if you do. Thanks for the compliment though.”

The boy did slow down, a bit, and enjoyed the rest of the meal. He ended up having seconds as well, truly enjoying having a great meal for the first time in a long time. As soon as he finished eating, he stood up, untied the robe, and let it fall open, while walking closer to Stu.

“Boy, what do you think you're doing?” Stu asked harshly, knowing full well what it was the boy was doing.

“I'm offering you my body in payment for the meal and the cleaning, it's the least I can do.”

“I told you that I wanted no sex with a street rat, and that includes for payment, now cover yourself up, you're only embarrassing yourself. I thought you were older than you are though, I'd say you're twelve at the most.”

“I ain't embarrassed, and I'm fourteen.”

“Well then, there you have another side effect of drugs, you're not developing as you should be, you should be a lot larger and have hair down there, but you don't.”

“Fuck you, I ain't so small, just get me hard, and I'll show you.” The boy spat.

“Don't get mouthy with me boy, or I'll slap some manners into you.”

“Fine.” The boy said, ripped the robe closed, and tied it shut violently.

“It wasn't an insult or anything like that kid, I was just saying it how it is. You are smaller than a fourteen year old should be, you should have hair down there by now, and I can tell that you do use drugs, you look like you're still high from your last hit. What are you on, coke, acid, meth, what?”

“Meth.” The boy said softly.

“That shit's gonna kill you boy, you really should quit.”

“I can't, it's the only thing I have that makes me feel good. Other than sex, but I have to use sex to buy the drugs.” The boy said, actually starting to cry.

“I'm sorry kid, really I am, but drugs aren't the way, and how does someone so young get started on that evil path anyways?”

“You don't want to know.”

“I'd love to hear it if you'd like to get it off your chest.”

“No, that's okay. As soon as my clothes are finished, I'll get out of your hair, and thanks.”

“No, I promised you a good sleep as well, and you will get it. It's not time for bed yet, so we still have some time. Come on, tell me, it can't be so bad as all that.”

“No, I can't.”

“Then come and sit down, I'll tell you a bit about me.” Stu offered, hoping to make the boy more at ease.

They went and sat down, and got comfortable. As soon as they were, Stu started off.

“Well, I'm twenty two, I live here all alone, have ever since my parents died when I was sixteen. They left the house to me, and their life insurance as well. I'm too lazy to go and work, I'd hate it anyways, I prefer to be free. I do a lot of woodworking though, and I sell that, that's how I get a little extra spending money. I have been training in the martial arts since I was four years old, and I train every day for at least an hour. After my parents died, I was left in the care of my grandparents, but they didn't really like or want me around, my grandfather said I was lazy, well I am, but he was always mean about it. They just had me live here, saying that I lived with them, and they'd check on me about once a month, to make sure I was still alive. I actually managed to finish school, even though I hated the fucking place, and never went to university. After I inherited the house from my parents, I did a little work to it, mostly just added the large wall around the property, but a few other things. Being so close to the lower east side, which used to be nice by the way, I knew that it was only a matter of time before I was robbed blind, hence the large security wall and fence that we had to go through. I actually have one of the largest properties in the area, even though the house is quite small, and I have had more than a few developers come in and offer to take it off my hands, yeah right. The shop out back is actually as large as the house is. My dad worked from there as a woodworker, so I naturally learned the trade as well. That's about all there is to know about me.”

“What about boy or girlfriends?” The boy asked curiously.

“Neither, but wouldn't mind finding myself a nice guy to settle down with one of these days I suppose. I don't really leave the property too much, other than to go grocery shopping, I just stay here and play a lot of games, work out, work in the shop, not much, but like I said, I'm kinda lazy.”

“So you are gay as well. I sorta figured it. Only reason why I asked you for the blowjob.”

“Yeah, one of the many things my grandparents hated about me. They found out when my parents did when I was fourteen, when I was caught being fucked by my best friend. Was the last great sex I ever had, ever since I haven't really found anyone that I wanted to be with. After that though, my grandparents never treated me the same, but my parents were fine with it. A little shocked at first, but I think that was more from catching me in the act, and sounding as if I were enjoying it a great deal, of which I was.” Stu admitted with a smile.

“Sounds like it. I wish that my first time had have been so nice.”

“Tell me about it, please. Nothing you can say will shock me, and I will never tell another soul.” Stu whispered.

“Fine, but don't blame me if you throw up.” The boy said. “My name's Brad by the way, you haven't asked me yet.”

“I was going to let you do it when you were ready to Brad, thanks for trusting me with your name, and I even think it's your real name.”

“It is. Well, anyways I was seven or eight, can't even remember any more, and I was in my room, playing on my computer, when my dad walked in and caught me. I was stroking my little dick to pictures of other cute boys wearing diapers, and fucking each other, I had a few different pictures up on the screen. My dad hit me so hard that I flew off the chair I was sitting on, and smacked into the wall. I knew my dad was a drug dealer, but he never used, he was too saintly for that, the fucking bastard. Anyways, he screamed at me that if I wanted to be a gay fucking fairy, that he would willingly break me in. He grabbed me roughly, threw me onto my bed, and ripped my clothes right off of me, literally. Then he took his pants off, got me up on my hands and knees, and jammed his dick straight up my ass, no lube or anything. I screamed so much, and he just hit me again. All of a sudden he gets up, tells me not to move a muscle, and leaves the room for a minute, and then comes back. In his hands he had a needle, and he just jams it in me and pushes the plunger. A few minutes later I was on my first high, and he fucked me silly. Every night after that I was drugged and fucked, it lasted for almost three years before my dad was busted for dealing, and he'll be away for years. I was put into foster care of course, but ran away from there right quick. I've been on the streets ever since.”

“I'm very sorry to hear that, and it's horrible that it's your own fucking father to have gotten you addicted to drugs like that, as well as raped you before you were ready for it. You probably would have done it willingly, I know at that age I certainly would have as well, but he had no right to force you into it. So you like diapers as well huh?” Stu grinned.

“Yeah, at least I did, but I think I need them now.” Brad said sullenly.

“That's the drugs that cause that, as well as many other things.”

“Stu, I can't believe that I'm gonna ask this, I've never trusted anyone before, but can you help me?” Brad said, full out crying now.

“Yes Brad, I'll help you in any way that I can. I think that that means I am going to have to go out and buy a few things so that I can help you out. I want you to just stay here and watch TV. When was your last hit, and do you have any more with you?”

“My last hit was just before you came along, so I am good for now, and no, that's why I needed the money, I have to go and buy more.”

“Okay, I'll see what I can do then. Please, do not steal anything and leave, I will find you if you do, okay. I'll be back as soon as I can.” Stu warned, but knowing it really wasn't needed. First, he knew that Brad really was crying out for help, and was going to let him do it, second, even if Brad wanted to leave, there was no way to leave the property, because you had to enter the code to open the gate.

“I won't, I promise, just please help me out.” Brad said pitifully.

Stu just nodded and got ready to go. He headed out right away, taking his rarely used little truck and heading towards the twenty four hour Wal-Mart. When he arrived there, he first went to the baby section, and threw in two packs of pampers size seven, figuring that they would probably fit the small boy. Next he grabbed six cans of toddler formula, six bottles, a dozen bottles of pedialyte, two large tubs of diaper rash cream, and a large package of baby wipes. He also hit the pharmacy and grabbed some youth sized diapers, just in case the Pampers did not fit Brad, as well he figured he could double diaper the boy as well if needed. He also grabbed a few things from there, some Tylenol, because the boy would have a hideous headache at times, as well as a few others that he just needed to have in the house. He also went to the fabric department and grabbed a yard of good sturdy fabric that he would be able to make into straps to hold Brad down. He also grabbed the strong thread and assorted attachment items that he would need. He knew how to sew of course, and there was a sewing machine at home already. He felt that he had everything that he would need, so headed to the checkouts to pay for it all, and then headed home.

“Brad, just make sure to stay in the living room while I bring this stuff in okay.” Stu called out as soon as he entered. He didn't want to scare the boy with all that he had purchased, so was going to take it all to his bedroom.

He packed it all in, and Brad stayed in the living room as requested. He then got everything prepared, even getting the sewing machine ready and making some good sturdy straps. Once he had everything all done, he went and grabbed some rope from the shop, took everything to the spare room, his old bedroom, and got everything ready to go, but left a bunch of it in his bedroom.

“Brad, would you come here please? You may as well turn off the TV.” Stu called out once he was ready for the boy.

“What's up?”

“I would like for you to go and lay on the bed, take off the robe first, lay on your back, and close your eyes. I am going to help you out, but some of this you may not like.” Stu said softly.

A look of fear crossed the young looking boys features, but he did comply. Once naked, Brad laid on the bed on his back as requested, eyes closed tightly. Stu grabbed the straps first, and very quickly attached them to Brad's wrists. Brad did not seem to notice what exactly it was that Stu had done, because he did not fight it. He then grabbed the rope, and even more quickly tied a length to each of the links he had sewn into them, and then tied them off to the bed. It was then that Brad realized what was happening to him.

“Hey, what the fuck are you doing to me, you sadistic prick?” Brad screamed out.

“Calm down Brad, or you'll hurt yourself. You asked for me to help you out, and I am going to do that. In order to help you out, I am going to detoxify you, and in order to do that, you are going to need to be controlled, and this is the best way.”

“Untie me the fuck right now, I never wanted this, I just wanted more drugs.”

“No Brad, I don't think that that's what you really wanted, was it. Deep down inside, you were hoping that I would help you to stop using drugs.”

“No, I never wanted this.” Brad screamed out.

“Please don't lie to me Brad, you may lie to yourself if you wish, but I know the truth. You are hurting, you hate life, and the drugs aren't helping that any at all.” Stu said as he was sitting on Brad's legs to hold them down as he strapped them down as well.”

“Fuck you.” Brad yelled even louder now.

“Enough.” Stu said loudly, turning around and slapping Brad across the cheeks, not so hard though that it would really hurt Brad, but hard enough to shock him.

“What did you do that for?” Brad asked in shock.

“You were having a fit, and you needed it. I told you that if you got mouthy with me that I'd smack some manners into you, and it seems to have worked. Now, I have another surprise for you, but you may or may not like it.” Stu warned, and then grabbed the pack of Pampers from underneath the bed where he had hidden it.

Brad at first got a scared look on his face, and then he sort of got a calculating look, and then finally a small smile. Stu opened the pack and pulled out a diaper, and then quickly diapered Brad with it. He had never diapered anyone before, so this was a new experience. He noticed though that the diaper really was a little too small on the boy, he was just a touch too big. So he left the room quickly, grabbed a fork and the pack of Attends youth diapers. He went and poked a bunch of holes in the diaper, carefully so as not to poke the boy, and then added the second diaper as well.

“There you go, now you won't make a mess while you're detoxifying.” Stu smiled.

“It feels.......nice. How long is this gonna take?” Brad asked softly, admitting that he really did want this in those few words, and Stu smiled warmly.

“Two weeks at least. One of my friends in high school was addicted to drugs and it took that long for him, but unfortunately he fell off the bandwagon and overdosed and died in our senior year. It was really very sad. I don't want for that to happen to you, I can tell that you're a really good kid deep down inside. You've had a hard life, harder than any kid should have it, and I'm here to help you out.”

“Two weeks, I can't stay here like this for two weeks.” Brad screeched out again.

“Actually, yes you can, and at this time, you have very little say in the matter, because you would be hard pressed to escape.” Stu grinned.

“You can't do this to me.” Brad whined.

“Actually, you'll find that I can do it quite easily. Already have in fact, and it was not hard at all. Now, I am going to go grab a couple things, I'll be right back.” Stu smiled, and then left the room. He took the rest of the stuff from his room to the kitchen, and got the juice and formula ready, the bottles washed, and then made a bottle of the pedialyte juice for Brad. He would not need the formula yet, he just ate not too long ago. He took the bottle into Brad, hiding it behind his back as he entered.

“Are you thirsty Brad?”

“Yeah, I'm dying of thirst.”

“Thought you might be. Side effect of drugs as well is that you get really thirsty, and as you come down and detoxify, it will only become worse, so I bought you something special to help more for that. As you have already noticed though, you will be unable to drink anything as you are, and I am not letting you up until you are clean, so here you go.” Stu said as he produced the bottle from behind his back and stuffed it into Brad's mouth.

Brad was unable to say anything, because the second he opened his mouth to say hell no, the nipple was in there, and Stu was holding it firmly enough to prevent the boy from fighting it. It took Brad a few moments, but then he started drinking, and he relaxed visibly once he realized he sort of liked it. He took only a few minutes to drink the entire bottle down.

“There you go, all better. Would you like more, or are you ready to go to sleep now?” Stu asked softly.

“I think I'm ready to sleep now, but I don't think I can sleep like this.”

“You'll do just fine. If you need anything throughout the night, just call me, I'm right across the hall, and I sleep lightly, so I'll hear you.” Stu said as he covered the boy up. He turned off the light, and left the room.

Stu almost felt bad for what he was about to put the boy through, but he knew that Brad needed the help, and he was the person to do it. Stu was smart enough to know that he was falling in love with the cute boy, and that he would do anything to help him, even if it hurt both of them. He was also smart enough to know that there was a better than even chance that once he let Brad up, that he would retaliate and probably disappear, maybe getting back into drugs again, but he knew he had to try. He had not counted on finding a boy in desperate need of his help, and while he admitted that he had led a fairly boring life, he had long felt that something was missing. He was finding though that Brad seemed to fill that hole quite nicely.

He went to bed himself and slept through most of the night without being disturbed. It was four am the next morning when he heard Brad calling him.

“Good morning Brad, you're up awful early, far earlier than I thought you'd be.”

“Get me the fuck out of this bed, right the fuck now.” Brad screamed.

“Ah yes, starting to crash already. You'll find that you'll get worse before you get better, and no matter how much you scream and yell at me young man, I am not going to let you go, so you may as well not bother.” Stu smiled warmly.

“You dumb mother fucker, I'll kill you.”

“And good morning to you too. I take it from the smell in here that you could use a diaper change. Give me a minute and I will take care of that right away.”

“I ain't no fucking baby, untie me right now and let me go to the bathroom.”

“No, you are not a baby, but you do like diapers, and right now they are necessary, because trust me, you are not leaving this bed until I say you are ready to.”

“Fuck you.”

“No thanks, not right now.” Stu smiled.

He knew that this was going to be the hardest part of all, because as Brad crashed, and then started to go into withdrawal, he would become extremely violent, and that was the main reason that he had tied the boy down. He knew that someone in withdrawal sometimes could be far stronger than they would normally be, as well as far more mean, so that was for both of their protection. He grabbed the diapers and wipes, and went about cleaning the struggling boy off. Stu was more than a little surprised by how wet and full the diapers were, and by the fact that Brad never once even got hard as he was cleaned up gently. The entire time that Stu changed Brad, the boy struggled and screamed and swore, but Stu ignored it all.

“Brad, does your penis ever get hard?” Stu asked through the tirade as soon as he was finished, it seemed to shock Brad enough to make him stop, at least temporarily.

“Of course I do.”

“Does it take a long time and a lot of work to do so?”

“Yeah, of course it does.” Brad said as if that were perfectly normal.

“Brad, you say that as if it should be normal, but it's not, a boy your age should get hard if the breeze blows in your ear. I hope that your sexual development and usage was not permanently damaged by the drugs.” Stu said softly.

“I'm not damaged, am I?” Brad said sullenly, going into a down mode at the moment, another normal thing during withdrawal.

“Right now, yes, I'm afraid you probably are. Remember yesterday when I told you that you were smaller than you should be, and had no hair, well, you should also be able to get hard almost immediately. Hell, I'm eight years older than you are and still get hard instantly, and I can still cum at least five to six times a day. Can you even cum, like a true wet cum, not just the feelings?”

“No.” Brad admitted.

“And see, again you should be able to do that by now. The drugs have affected your body a great deal. It could be years more, if ever, before you grow up properly, and that will only be if you stay off the drugs. Of course your sexual development should be the least of your worries, because the drugs will probably kill you before you have to worry about your dick.”

“Do you promise me that what you're doing to me will help?”

“Yes, I promise you that by detoxifying your system of all the drugs, that you will get better. That does not mean though that you will ever develop, or develop properly, there could be too much damage already for that. What it means though is that you will feel better, you will not need drugs to feel happy any more, and you might actually be able to get hard without working it for half an hour.”

“I'm hungry and thirsty, can I get something to eat please?”

“Sure. I'll be right back.”

Stu went and got two bottles of formula, and one bottle of juice for Brad, and then went back to feed him.

“Now, because you clearly cannot eat properly right now, and I do not wish to feed you cut up food, because you could choke on it, I have a supplement here that will give you all that you need. If you want more, all you have to do is ask.” Stu said, and then stuck the nipple into Brad's mouth, once again before he could say anything.

Brad got a disgusted look on his face from the taste, but he drank it all down anyways. As soon as that bottle was done, Stu slipped the second one in it's place, and Brad drank that down as well. The bottle of juice was last, and Brad liked it, just like he did the night before.

“There you go, I bet that that feels a bit better now. You may now watch TV while you lay here. Your hands should have enough movement to be able to use the remote, so you should be able to change the channels yourself easily enough. If you need anything, you can just call me, but I am going to go back to bed for a couple hours, because this is a lot earlier than I am used to being up.”

“Thanks, I guess, and I'm sorry about earlier, I know you're just trying to help me, I just couldn't help it.”

“I know, and don't feel bad, it was only the drugs talking.” Stu said, and then handed Brad the remote, and taught him how to use it. He then headed back to bed for a couple more hours of rest, and Brad was quiet the entire time.

As soon as Stu woke up again, he went and checked on Brad, and he was sound asleep with the country music station playing softly, he just smiled and headed to the kitchen for some much needed breakfast. He was almost finished his breakfast when he heard Brad calling out to him, sounding as if he were crying. He called out that he would be right there, and then finished his breakfast.

“Yes Brad, what's the matter?”

“It hurts so bad, and my diaper needs to be changed.”

“What hurts?”

“All over, I feel like my body is on fire.”

“I figured that something like that might happen, it is just your body getting rid of all the poison, and there is nothing that we can do about that. I'll just change your diaper right now, and then I will grab a cool cloth and wipe you down. That'll probably feel nice.” Stu said softly.

Stu quickly changed Brad's soaking wet diapers, because he was still in two, and a good thing he was as well, because he would have leaked otherwise. He then went and grabbed a bowl of cold water and a cloth, and came back and mopped up all the sweat on Brad's body. Brad sighed and moaned during this, not only did it feel very nice, but it felt very loving as well. He was nearly purring at times.

“There you go, feel better now?” Stu asked.

“Yeah, thanks a lot, that felt very nice, and I think I finally got hard.” Brad blushed.

“Well, that's at least a good thing, but don't expect me to do anything about it.” Stu grinned.

“I know.” Brad smiled.

“I'm going to head out to the shop to do some work in there, so I won't be around for you to call on for a bit, but I'll come and check on you every couple hours or so. Just go ahead and watch TV.”

“Okay, it's not like I have anything else I can do, or anywhere else I can go.” Brad said with only a small amount of bite to it, Stu ignored that, just nodded his head and then went out to the shop.

Stu worked out in the shop for a couple hours, and then came in to check on Brad. He found the boy asleep once again, the music channel still on softly. Stu was more than a little surprised that the boy even liked country music, most kids didn't, he himself loved it, but not most kids. He headed back out to the shop and continued working for a while.

“Oh, hello Brad, did you have a good nap?”

“No, you dumb fucking prick, I didn't enjoy it, it's all I can do with me strapped down like some slave.” Brad yelled out.

“Oh, I'm glad that you had a good nap then. Are you hungry, or do you need another diaper change yet?” Stu asked gently, ignoring the outburst.

“No, I don't need no fucking change you asshole, and I don't want anything to eat now.” Brad screamed out louder still.

“Okay then, I'll be back in in a while to check on you again.” Stu smiled, and headed back out, he could still hear Brad as he exited the house.

He left Brad for another three hours, just to let him cool down again. When he went back into the house, he quickly cleaned himself up, grabbed three more bottles, the bowl of cold water, and a clean cloth. As soon as he entered the room, he saw that Brad was awake, he stuffed the nipple of one of the formula bottles into his mouth, and had the boy drink it all. He followed up with the second bottle of formula, and then the bottle of juice. As soon as Brad was fed, Stu quickly changed his diapers. So far Brad had not said anything, nor did he. Once he was in a clean dry diaper, with a good coating of diaper rash cream applied, Stu wiped Brad's body off again.

“Thank you.” Brad said softly when Stu was finally finished the slow gentle washing. They were the first words said since Stu had entered.

“You're welcome Brad. I trust that feels better again?”

“Yes, and I'm really sorry about earlier.” Brad cried.

“You have no reason to be sorry. I know that it's not your fault. You know, when you're more there, you can be a very kind young man.” Stu smiled.

“Thanks, I guess. I can be a real asshole at times though.” Brad said sullenly, a few tears still leaking out.

“Yes, that is true, almost anyone can be, but right now you have a reason. You have a lot of shit in your body that needs to be expelled, and while that's happening, it will cause your body and mind to go all out of whack. So think nothing of it.” Stu smiled warmly again.

“Thanks for all your help, even though I really don't see why I deserve it. I mean, I tried to rob and kill you.”

“You tried, yes, but I knew that you needed help, and I was there at the right time to offer it. There was never really any danger to me though, I doubt very seriously that you could have even touched me at all, even on your highest high.”

“You're probably right. I've never seen anything like what you did to me yesterday, it was pretty awesome.” Brad smiled.

“Thanks. Maybe some day I'll teach you some of that, once I trust you enough to be able to do it and not turn on me.” Stu grinned.

“Yeah, right now I certainly wouldn't trust me either, in fact, I don't. I have no idea what I'm capable of when I'm high, or when I'm coming down.”

“Yes, yet another side effect of drugs, you have no control over your own life. Well, I'm going to leave you once again, so that I can go and do my workout.”

“Could you stay here and do it?” Brad asked hopefully.

“No, not really. I have my workout room in the basement, and it's just not large enough in here for that.” Stu said, and then he saw the crushed look on Brad's face.

“Oh, I see.” Brad said, starting to cry again.

“Okay, I'll tell you what. I'll do what exercises in here that I am able to do for my one hour. That should be good, I just won't get in my full routine.” Stu said softly. He didn't like to see the poor boy hurting more than necessary, and this was something that he could easily do for the boy to reduce his pain. He had clearly not had anyone for a long time.

“Thanks.” Brad said softly.

For the next hour Stu went through his exercises that he was able to do, starting with the stretches. Brad was amazed that Stu was able to do some of the things that he did. Stu had gotten changed into his workout gear when he got cleaned up, so that was why he had been ready to go. Next Stu got started on some good cardio work, and really worked up a sweat. It made Brad tired just from watching the workout.

“Wow, that was some workout.” Brad said.

“That was just a simple one to tell you quite honestly.” Stu admitted.

"No wonder you were able to kick my ass so easily huh!"

"To tell you the truth, you were hardly a fight. The only reason you would have scared anyone at all was because anyone could have seen right away that you were high, and you were holding a knife, both can be dangerous, but when combined, most people would not fight that. I am not most people though, I don't scare easily at all. In fact some people say I'm too damned stupid or brave for my own good. You're not the first person that I've had to disarm while going for a walk. You are however the only one I've ever brought home, there was just something about you, I think that you're a good kid under all those years of hatred and drug abuse."

"No, I don't guess I would have been much of a fight, especially for you, I'm pretty small. If it weren't for the fact that I'm about as tall as a fourteen year old's supposed to be, most people would think that I'm no older than twelve, but I bet most ten year olds could beat me up quite easily. I think you're pretty brave really, no way could I stand up to someone like that, not without the drugs anyways. Thanks I guess for seeing something more in me than I see myself. I'm really just a useless waste of oxygen, and I've no idea how I've lived this long."

"You're welcome, but that's no way to talk about yourself. Try and keep thinking positive, it'll help."

"Not my words, more than a few people have told me that by now, but thanks anyways. I'm starting to not feel very good again, and I don't want to yell at you again, so maybe you should leave me alone for a while again. I'm starting to feel like the Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde story, and I don't want to take that out on you, you've been too nice to me." Brad warned.

"Okay. I'll close the door, when you're feeling better, call out to me and I'll come back." Stu smiled, realizing that Brad was really trying, but knowing what was happening at least when he was lucid.

"Thanks. Oh god this burns." Brad said, and then moaned out. Stu just quietly left the room and closed the door behind him.

He stood on the other side of the door and listened for a while, Brad was screaming and crying, swearing up a storm, fighting against his bonds, and it really made Stu sad to hear it, but knew it was necessary. The fit lasted more than two hours, and in that time Stu had more than enough time to make a nice meal for himself, eat it, clean up, and then play a few games on his game system.

"Stu, I need your help please." Brad called out a while after the fits had stopped, he had probably passed out.

"Hi Brad, what's up, what do you need?"

"I shit my diaper, I really need to be cleaned up please, and then I'm really hungry and thirsty, and I'm really hot and sweaty again."

"So, you need the works then?" Stu smiled softly.

"Yeah, please." Brad said softly, really embarrassed to have to have a poopy diaper changed.

"No need to be embarrassed Brad. We both knew that this was going to happen, it's no big deal. I'll get you all fixed up though, no probs."

"Thanks." Brad said softly, but with a warm smile on his face.

Stu took five or so minutes to clean up the mess, and while he found it quite revolting, he held it in check, and just did it. He knew that there were going to be plenty more where this one came from over the next couple weeks, so knew that he would have to get used to it. As soon as Brad was in clean dry diapers, Stu headed to the kitchen to get a few bottles ready, as well as grabbed another bowl of cool water and a cloth.

"Here you go Brad, drink up." Stu said, offering the first of the three bottles.

"Thanks. I really hate this stuff, but it does the trick I suppose, and to tell you the truth, I think this is the best I've eaten in ages." Brad grinned, and latched onto the bottle.

"I don't doubt that really. You're far too skinny to be healthy really, and all of that is because of the drugs. I've heard of junkies actually starving to death, not actually overdosing, but they literally starved because the drugs never told them they were hungry. It's really gross. It's really amazing that with as many horrible things that drugs do to people, that they would still take them. People will kill themselves for a bit of a buzz. I know you had no choice in the matter, it was not your fault, and you really had no way to quit, but most people do it all on their own." Stu said gently as Brad drank away merrily, taking the second bottle half way through the statement.

"I hate my dad so much for what he did to me, I swear that if I ever saw the fucking bastard again, I'd cut his fucking balls off, fill a needle full of the same shit he pumped into me when I was just a little fucking kid, inject him, and then I'd feed him his own balls just as he was dying." Brad said venomously as the second bottle was removed from his lips.

"I doubt that anyone would blame you for doin such a thing, especially after hearing your story, but I doubt you'd be able to do it. I somehow don't think that you have it in you to be that mean, even for such a good reason. It really wouldn't do anything anyways, revenge wouldn't fix things, it wouldn't make you feel better, it would just make you a cold blooded killer. Even on the drugs I don't think you could have done that, at least not yet. Maybe in a few years you could have, but you were amazingly enough not quite that low yet." Stu said softly, putting the juice to Brad's lips so that he could drink. He drank it more slowly as he thought over the words that Stu had said.

"Yeah, I guess you're right. My dad may have been capable of killing, and by the way, I know he did, but I couldn't do it, not even him, even if he does deserve it. I probably could do it though when I'm high, cuz I was honestly gonna stab you for some money." Brad admitted.

"You may have talked yourself into doing it, but your heart wasn't really in it, not yet. The drugs have a hard hold on you, but there's still enough good left in you to have kept you from actually doing it I think, or at least I hope. Thankfully though we didn't have to actually find out if you would have actually stabbed me in anything more than my arm, where I think you were aiming."

"I'm not sure where you see this good you claim is still in me, but yeah, I think I was only just aiming for your arm. I guess I wasn't gonna kill you, just cause you pain."

"In every person there is good. Sometimes all the bad outweighs the good so much that the good is nowhere to be found, but when the drugs aren't talking, you talk very nice, like a nice polite kid. When they are talking though, boy are you not a nice person at all."

"Yeah, I know. That's why I asked you to leave earlier. I remember everything after the fit is over still, but I don't think that I remember anything during it. It's like my mind goes completely haywire or something."

"That's pretty much exactly what's happening. Your body is still craving the drugs, and it goes a little nuts at times because of that, and I'm afraid to say that it's likely to get far worse before it gets better. As you continue on, your body is going to get even more desperate to get a hit, and I hate to tell you this, but it's not gonna be pleasant, for either of us."

"Oh. Isn't there an easier way?"

"No, I'm afraid not, at least not that I know of. It's really hard on you, but it's really the best way. You're still really sweaty and hot, so I'll wash you down now, but then I'm going to head to bed."

"Well, thanks for doing this for me, even though I may not always say it. I don't know what I'll do when you're finished helping me though, I have nowhere to go, no one to turn to." Brad said dejectedly as Stu started washing him down.

"We'll worry about that later when the time comes okay." Stu said softly.

"Okay." Brad sighed out as Stu washed him. He really did like all the attention, and was actually falling in love with Stu.

"There you go kiddo, all washed down. How are you feeling?"

"Much better, thanks."

"Good. Well, I'm heading to bed then, just call if you need me for anything."

"Okay, goodnight."

Chapter 2

The next five days went by amazingly fast for the two of them, and as hard as it was for Stu to listen to the ever increasing fits that Brad was having, he was at least happy that Brad realized when they were coming on, and was able to warn him. On his sixth day of detoxification, Brad reached his bottom, it was a very hard day for them both. Stu was in the room as often as possible mopping the boy down, whenever he was lucid again, but those periods were lasting less now than the rage fits were at this time.

"How you feeling there big guy?" Stu asked softly after the fifth fit in only four hours, and it wasn't even noon yet.

"I can't do it Stu, you have to let me go, I have to go and get something into me man, please let me go?" Brad asked so pitifully, so sadly that it almost made Stu start crying.

"You know we can't do that Brad. You've come so far already, you're about half way through, you don't want to wreck it all now do you?" Stu asked gently.

"I know Stu, I just can't do it. I can already feel another fit coming on, and I can't take any more. I hurt all over, I'm burning up, I just need one little hit."

"No Brad, that's not the way. Abolish the thoughts of having just one more hit out of your mind, it won't help. Remember, it wasn't your decision to poison your body like that, it was your dad that tried to control and kill you with the drugs. You have it in you to fight this Brad, I know you do, fight with me, you can do it." Stu said, mopping Brad's sweaty brow more as he whispered it into the boys ear.

"I know, I just can't do it." Brad said, crying full out now.

"Yes you can big guy, you can do it. I'm gonna go now, I can see another fit coming on again, and you said another was coming, but I'll come back as soon as it's over okay."

"Okay." Brad sobbed out.

Stu closed the door and stood on the other side and burst into tears as he heard Brad slip into another fit. He knew it was going to be hard when he took it upon himself to clean Brad up, but he never knew just how hard a chore it would be. Almost all of that sixth day was like that though, and Brad was in his fits more than he was not, and Stu found it difficult to keep the boy clean and dry, as well as fed.

He was having to give Brad some formula nearly every two hours, because he was using so much energy during the fits. He had had to go to the store again for supplies, and the last time he just picked up adult meal replacement shakes and Gatorade, and that was what he was giving Brad now. It was cheaper and probably better for Brad, so that was why he grabbed that this time. He did still give it to brad from a baby bottle, that really was the easiest.

The next day Stu noticed that Brad had fewer fits, and then the next day fewer still. On the eighth day he was once again sitting with Brad and talking. He had just cleaned up yet another messy diaper, fed and watered him, and was now gently wiping his overheated body down.

"Have you noticed yet that you're having few fits over the past couple days, and they're not lasting quite as long?" Stu asked.

"Yeah, and they're not quite as intense either. Does that mean that I'm over the worst of it now?"

"Probably yes. There may still be a few hard hurdles to jump, but I think that the worst of it's over now. You probably still have another five to ten days of near torture ahead of you though, but at least it appears as if it won't be so hard on you any more."

"Thanks so much Stu for doing this all for me. I know it's been pretty hard on you too. I think I've heard you crying a few times because of the pain I'm in, but thanks for doing this for me. No one else would have done it."

"You're welcome Brad. Someone had to do it for you to save your life before it was fucked up even more than your father fucked it up already."

"Yeah, tell me about it. Stu, can you do me a favor and suck my dick for me? I've got blue balls something fierce here, and my dick is so hard it's killing me. I've never been this hard before."

"No Brad. What I can do for you though is untie one of your wrists and leave the room so that you can take care of yourself. It wouldn't be right for me to take advantage of you like this, and you know the reasons why just as well as I do."

"Yeah, I know. I'd appreciate that though." Brad smiled shyly.

"You have to promise not to try and escape though! If you can do this, we might be able to find a few minutes to release you from your bonds so that you can have a quick shower in a couple days."

"After all that you've done for me, I wouldn't dream of trying to escape. If I feel another fit coming on though, I'll call you, because if I have a fit while I'm even partially untied, I will try and escape, and we both know it."

"Thanks, I knew that I could count on you." Stu smiled, and then untied Brad's right hand, since the boy had already told him once he was right handed.

As soon as Brad was untied slightly, Stu turned and left the room, closing the door behind himself. He stood there and listened as Brad quickly worked himself through what sounded like three good strong orgasms. He did get slightly hard, but at this time, he had no real sexual attraction to Brad, but knew that it would turn that way very quickly once Brad was all clean. He was just standing there enjoying the sounds, thinking about things, and was almost startled when he heard his name being called. He took a moment to arrange himself, and then entered the room.

"All finished? Took long enough, so either you took your time to enjoy it, which I doubt, or you decided to take advantage and fire off a few rounds." Stu grinned.

"Well, I went a few times, but there was no firing for me, I'm still dry as a baby." Brad blushed.

"Well, babies are usually quite wet, as you were earlier, but for a different reason." Stu grinned.

"Yeah, I'm just a baby, I pee and poop my diapers, drink from bottles, and I can't make wet cums yet." Brad said sadly.

"You know that's not true Brad. You're not a baby, unless of course you want to be one." Stu said softly.

"There's only one person I'd be a baby for, and that's you." Brad blushed even more.

"Thanks, I guess. I always wanted children." Stu grinned.

Brad wanted to say that he'd gladly stay living here and be Stu's baby for forever, but couldn't do it. He knew that as soon as he was clean, that he'd have to go. He could dream though, and with Stu he had never felt so safe and loved. Having a drug dealer that was not afraid to kill someone for a father, and a prostitute that died of a drug overdose for a mother, did not exactly make a child feel very safe and loved.

Stu could see the question in Brad's eyes, and then saw the tears almost come, they came right to the top in fact, but then saw him push it down. He wasn't going to get the boys hopes up though, because even though he would love to have Brad come and live with him, he still wasn't sure if Brad would be able to do it yet. He had a lot of shit to work through still, but he would gladly be there to help the boy.

That day Brad did a lot of crying, a little more pleading, and only just a few fits of rage. For the most part though, the rest of the day went fairly well.

"Brad, can I ask you a personal question?" Stu asked the following morning after giving Brad a good cleaning.

"Sure, you already know almost all there is to know about me anyways, and you've seen me in poopy diapers and with a hardon, so I doubt there is anything that you can say that would be any worse than that."

"True, but this has more to do with when you had sex."

"Ask away." Brad said brightly, thinking that he had finally wore Stu down that morning by asking him repeatedly to suck his dick.

"No, I'm not going to have sex with you. What I wanted to know is, are you clean. Did you use condoms and things like that, did you take precautions?"

"Can't blame a boy for dreaming, you're hot."

"Huh, hardly, you've just got a crush on me because of all that I've done for you." Stu grinned.

"No, not totally. Sure, I love you for saving me, even though I'm still not entirely sure I wanted to be saved, but I really do think that you're hot." Brad smiled warmly.

"Thanks I guess, you're not so bad yourself, once you're all cleaned up and acting nice." Stu smiled back.

"Thanks. Well, I've always used condoms for fucking, I insisted on it, but not while sucking, I can't stand sucking a condom. I know that I should've, but I also loved the taste, well of most of them."

"Okay. Well, somehow I think that we should have you all tested out then to make sure you're clean. How about needles though, did you ever share a needle?"

"Never. Most of the drugs I used though I didn't use needles, I just took whatever I could take other ways, I actually hate needles, even when I was high, I still hated them."

"That's at least somewhat good news. Do you ever get odd rashes, burning, itching, spots, or anything else that you can't explain?"

"Hmm, not that I can think of."

"Okay, that's a good sign then. I'll call one of my dads old friends I think, he's a doctor, or at least I hope he still is. Maybe he can come and take some blood so that we can get you tested."

"If he's a doctor, won't he have to report me because I'm a minor?"

"If we were to take you to the hospital, yes, they would, but technically, you're fourteen now, so no longer a minor really. As long as you go in yourself for the testing, they'll say nothing to anyone, unless you have a disease, in which case they have to notify someone I think, but not sure how that works. My dads friend isn't likely to say anything though, I know things about him let's just say."

"Cool, how often did you suck him or he suck you?"

"Actually never, but I caught him with someone else that he shouldn't have been with any more than he should have been with me. He's not gay, let's just put it that way, and my mom sure did enjoy her time with him, but I doubt his wife knew anything about it." Stu grinned.

"Ah, I see. Did your dad know about it?"

"Probably yes, I think they were swingers, enjoyed the free lifestyle a bit if you know what I mean. I'm going to go and call him now to see if he can come over."

"Cool, I like your parents already." Brad giggled.

"Yeah, they were great." Stu smiled and headed out. He was back in under twenty minutes with the news that the doctor would be there soon.

"Hello John. Brad is just in my old room, I'm sure you remember the way, since it was across the hall from my mom and dads."

"Hello Stu, but what makes you think I would know where your mom and dads bedroom was?" John asked in a friendly manner.

"I wasn't always as asleep as you guys thought I was." Stu grinned.

"Oh, right then. Lead the way." John smiled, but looked a bit panicked.

"Don't worry about me John, if I haven't told anyone yet, I probably never will, but I do need your help with Brad."


"Brad, this is John, he's the doctor I was telling you about."

"Good to meet you Doctor."

"Good to meet you as well Brad. So, you said that Brad needed some hush hush blood work done, care to tell me the reason for that, and why you have him tied to the bed Stu?"

"Sure, you go ahead and get started, and I'll tell you the tale." Stu smiled.

"Okay." John said, and then got started.

"Well, Brad here was purposely addicted to drugs by his father when he was seven or eight, so that his father could brutally rape him. He tried to mug me a week or so ago now, and I didn't take too kindly to that, so brought him here to teach him a lesson. He ended up asking for my help, so I am withdrawing him from all the drugs. He was a prostitute in order to pay for his drugs, he's gay, always was, his father caught him, and then used him after that. So really, we just want you to test for absolutely anything that you can, just to make sure that Brad here is nice and clean." Stu explained in the shortest way possible.

"Okay, sorry to hear about all that Brad, it sounds as if you've had not quite the nicest start, but Stu will help you out. So, when was the last time you had sex or had a fix?"

"Sex was about two weeks ago now, my last hit was the night that Stu found me, which I think was ten days ago now."

"Okay, excellent, I think that that's about all that I'll need for now. Stu, I'll call you in a few days once I know the results to everything."

"Thanks John, it means a lot to us. Can I ask you another question though?"

"Sure, ask away."

"Thanks. We've had Brad coming off the drugs for about ten days now, and at times he's burning up and has a wicked headache. I had bought Tylenol for him for that, but then decided that maybe that wasn't a very good idea. Is there anything we can do that won't be putting drugs into his system?"

"It's a good thing that you didn't give him anything while he was coming down, it would have made it far harder on both of you. There's nothing that you can do really, other than keep him as cool as you can, wash him down with a cool cloth, and just ignore the drug fits. It's a long hard road, but it can be navigated."

"Thanks, that's exactly what I've been doing. How long will it take do you figure?"

"Depends on the person and how addicted they were, but the average is two to three weeks, but the first week to ten days is pure hell."

"Tell me about it." Both Brad and Stu said at the same time.

"Yes, I'm glad that you seem to be getting better. I'd say you have about another four to five days ahead of you before you're ready to go it alone again without being tied down. I must warn you though Brad, you can't even so much as take Tylenol for a headache, you're body will be very susceptible to becoming addicted again, unless you're very strong willed and refuse to let it happen. Sadly though, most ex drug users find that they have a very low will power afterwards, and your best bet is to just not take anything for any reason, and talk to someone the second that you get the urge to use anything again."

"Thanks. I can't wait. I hate being tied down like this, but I know that I'm a monster when I have a fit, I'd probably kill Stu if given half the chance when I'm like that, I just can't control myself. I hate myself when I'm like that, and I'm so glad that it's happening less and less now. I'll really try and not go back to drugs though, but I'll remember that, thanks for everything." Brad said sincerely.

"You're welcome Brad. I should head out now, so you guys have a good day."

"I'll walk you out John."

"Thanks." John said, and then they headed out of the bedroom.

"Stu, I think that Brad is falling in love with you. I know that you're gay as well, you're parents told me the second they found out of course. I think that maybe you're falling in love with him as well. I know that these past few days have been very hard on you, but even when he is done his withdrawal, Brad is going to have a long hard uphill battle ahead of him. He's going to need to be kept away from everything that could remind him of drugs, keep him away from anything that is bad, because he will quickly slip into the old ways if his willpower isn't strong enough. If you need anything at all though, you just call and ask me okay."

"Thanks a lot John, and I sort of already knew all that, but that's okay. Yeah, I'm starting to fall for the little rat, but he's so damned loving when he's himself. I have another question for you though, one I didn't really want to ask in front of Brad, and the reason I came out here with you."

"What is it?"

"Well, he's fourteen right, but his dick and balls are about the same size as an eleven or twelve year old. He's about as tall as a fourteen year old is, but he has no body hair, anywhere, and he is still dry when he cums, he told me so. Is that normal?"

"You were thirteen before you hit puberty remember, and you couldn't cum before that either. He could be just an even later bloomer than you were, which does happen, or his body could have been adversely affected by the drugs. Only time will tell though. Now that he's off the drugs, and as long as he stays off them, his body should start to catch up if it was the drugs. It happens all the time with kids that get into drugs. Most don't develop fully though, and most end up pretty small and frail. It's a horrible thing for sure. Given that he's fourteen though, and he's just coming off the drugs now, it might be too late for him to develop much, or it could be years before he does. If he were to start puberty now, now that he is off drugs, it could be four to five years before he is fully developed, and maybe two to three years before he can even ejaculate. This is of course all just speculation, because every case, every boy is different. Like I said, he's going to have a long hard uphill battle ahead of him from here on out."

"Thanks John. I sorta figured as much as well."

"You're welcome, I'm going to go now, but I'll call in a few days."

"Thanks, see ya." Stu said and John headed out.

Stu headed back to Brad's room, and told him pretty much what the doctor had just told him. He wanted to make sure that it wasn't going to be absolutely horrible news before Brad found out, because it would only make it harder on the boy if he had to find out that he'd essentially be a kid for the rest of his life. Now he only maybe had to suffer as a kid for a few more years. He took the news surprisingly well though.

"Well, it's not really a surprise to me Stu, you already told me that I should be able to cum by now, and I already knew that my dick should have been larger than it is, I mean I've done a few other kids in the past, and they were all bigger an me and they were younger. I guess being a kid for a few more years can't really hurt, because I sorta never had a real childhood."

"That's true, and if you can keep up the good spirits like that, and not let it get you down, then you'll be just fine. How are you feeling right now anyways?"

"I'm feeling just fine, thanks."

"Don't feel a fit coming on do you?"

"Nope. I feel almost clear headed again, or maybe for the first time. I have to admit that it feels nice to not have a drug hazed mind for once."

"I bet it does feel nice. I bet I know what would feel even nicer though!"

"Your nice soft lips wrapped around my nice hard dick!" Brad asked hopefully.

"While I'm certain that that would feel great, it wasn't what I had in mind. How would you feel about getting out of bed and having a nice long cool shower and get really cleaned off. You're getting pretty smelly with only being able to give you light sponge baths, and you could probably stand for standing for a bit to relax some. You have to promise though that as soon as the shower is done that you'll come back in here and lay down again."

"You know what, for the first time since forever, that sounds way better an having my dick sucked or my ass fucked. I'll promise that for sure, I'll come right back here and lay down after my shower." Brad said happily.

"Okay, I'll untie you then, take your diaper off, and then you can have as much as an hour in the shower. If you feel a fit coming on though, please tell me right away."

"Wicked. I will." Brad smiled, and then Stu unlatched the vibrating boy.

When Brad's diaper was removed, Stu was surprised to see that the boy was only half hard. He really was excited about being able to get up and have a nice long shower.

"Now Brad, remember to keep the shower nice and cool, not too hot yet, you're body is still overheating a bit, and we want to try and keep your core temperature down as low as we can."

"You bet. I'd have a freezing cold shower right now just to have one." brad said happily, and then practically skipped to the bathroom.

He sat on the toilet first and took a big crap, liking that almost as much. He didn't mind wetting his diapers, in fact he liked it a lot, but he hated shitty diapers. As soon as the smelly business was over, he hopped in the shower and just stood there for the longest time under the cool spray of water. After relaxing under the water and working the kinks out of his muscles, Brad started scrubbing down. He had to cut his shower shorter than he really wanted to though, because he was starting to feel another fit coming on. He was disappointed by it, but knew he had to go quickly, because he was feeling that it might not be another nice one.

"Stu, you better come tie me down real quick, another one's coming." Brad called out as soon as he opened the bathroom door.

"Oh Brad, I'm so sorry, I was hoping that you'd be able to have a longer shower than that. Let's get you all diapered and tied down, and then I'll leave you for a while." Stu said softly.

"It's okay. I just don't want to hurt you." Brad said lovingly.

Stu quickly diapered and tied Brad down, and then left the poor boy to his fit of rage. Stu stood on the other side of the door and listened for about half an hour, until Brad passed out in exhaustion, and he was happy to hear that it was nowhere near as powerful as they had been. Brad also fell asleep far faster this time, which was also good. Stu had no idea that Brad would be able to feel the fits come upon him, but he was happy about that, because it did make it easier on the both of them. Once Brad was asleep, Stu went out to his shop and did some work, but came and checked on Brad every hour or so.

Three days later Stu finally received the call from John, to tell him the news. Brad had done really well over the past few days, his fits becoming fewer and fewer still, and becoming less intense. By the time that John called them, that day Brad had had no fits yet, and it was after three in the afternoon.

"Hi John, how goes it?" Stu asked when he knew who it was.

"Pretty good Stu, and you?"

"Pretty good. Brad is doing a lot better, he's not had a fit today at all, and the past couple days were really low as well. So, do you have the test results back yet?"

"That's good to hear, but yes I do."


"Well, he's amazingly clean considering just how long he was doing it all for, but he does have some things that should be watched."

"Like what?"

"Well, he's got no diseases, as far as we can tell, but those should be done every month for a while, just in case. Mainly he is very low on iron, potassium, calcium, and virtually every other nutrient that the body needs. His blood shows that he is seriously malnourished. His hormones are also very low, which we already suspected. Really it's just a matter of getting the boy on a good diet, and getting his body weight up to a somewhat normal weight. His blood sugar was also seriously low, to the point that he was probably starting to get weak from it, but again just diet should fix all that up. Mostly everything that I saw was just from a drug users diet, and hopefully getting him on a good diet should fix him right up. I will come back once a month to see how he's doing, and draw more blood and test to make sure he's on track."

"Thanks so much John, that's really good news. I've got him on the adult supplement shakes for now, just while he's on detoxification, because I doubt that feeding him anything else would really work right now, but as soon as he's off that, which I hope to be the day after tomorrow now, I'll start packing him full of every good food I can get into him."

"Yes, it is good news, and that sounds like a good idea. Make sure to watch over him, especially for the next month, because he could just all of a sudden fly into a fit of rage again, it happens."

"I was already prepared for that, and for the next little while, he won't even be out of my sight. He wants to stay here, but he's been too afraid to ask, because I always told him that he probably couldn't. If he still wants to though when I let him up, I'll let him."

"That's probably for the best, and give into the boy, you need him as much as he needs you. When was the last time you even went out and got yourself laid anyways?" John laughed.

"Just the once when I was fourteen." Stu blushed.

"Yeah, thought you looked too damned uptight, you need him a lot then." John laughed.

"Was that your medical opinion, or a swingers opinion?" Stu asked with a laugh.

"Both actually, but how exactly did you know about that anyways?"

"I figured you were, because I was certain my parents were, and you were certainly here with them enough." Stu smiled.

"Yeah, they were the greatest. Your dad was the only man I was ever with, although he enjoyed a few others, and your mom just enjoyed anyone, male or female. Man was she ever great. Mind you, it was your dad that sent me into orbit." John smiled softly, sadly from missing his good friends.

"Yeah, I miss them too." Stu smiled, hearing the sadness in the doctors voice at losing his friends.

"Yeah, you just never can tell how long you have I guess. Well, I really should be going, so have a good day.

"Same to you John." Stu said and then disconnected.

Stu went and told Brad the really good news, telling him almost everything that he and the doctor had talked about.

"So, does this mean that I'm not a dirty street rat anymore?" Brad asked, and Stu knew exactly where that question was leading.

"Almost!" Stu smiled warmly, and Brad knew he was had.

"How much longer do you figure I'll have to be tied down?"

"I'm hoping to spring you the day after tomorrow I think. Depending on how the rest of today and tomorrow go. Just remember though that these bonds will always be nearby if we need them." Stu said, giving Brad just a glimpse into the long term.

"Stu, I know you said I probably wouldn't be able to stay here with you, and I know I shouldn't ask, but can I please stay here with you? I feel safe and loved here. I've never felt that anywhere before." Brad asked softly.

"Not right now Brad, we'll talk about this once you're up and running okay. You can still stay here for a bit, and then once you're fully ready, then we'll think about it, okay." Stu said softly so as to not hurt the boy, but telling him at the same time that he didn't have to leave right away either.

"I guess for now that's all I can ask for. You've done so much for me, so much more than anyone has ever done for me before, even my own parents. I know you really don't want to hear this, but I think I really love you." Brad said shyly.

"And Brad, I could easily fall in love with you as well, but right now you don't really love me for the right reasons. Right now you see me as your savior, the person that saved your life. You don't really even know me or anything. Yes, we've talked a lot, and I've told you lots about me and everything, but right now you don't know the real me. If we have the chance, maybe you can learn the real me, and I you, but right now, please don't go falling in love with me, because it will only hurt you in the long run."

"I don't understand." Brad said in confusion.

"Well, love based on hero worship, and not on true love, will fail, no questions asked. You have to spend time with a person and really learn them before you can truly love someone. We've spent a lot of time together, and we've learned a lot about each other, but not the important things."

"Oh, I think I understand, and I think I know what you even mean about the important things." Brad said after a minutes thought.

"What do you think it means?"

"I think that trust has a lot to do with it, I know that you can't really love someone if you don't trust them. Then there is a connection that has to be there, we have to feel strongly for each other, really want to spend time with each other."

"Very good Brad. That is a lot of it yes, but there is more. You have to feel it with your heart as well, you have to know it with your mind, you have to be able to sit and talk for hours, but never even say a word. There's even more to it than that really, but that's all the important stuff.

"Wow, you really know a lot about love, don't you?"

"Well, I've had a long time to dream about who I'd fall in love with, and what exactly I wanted in a boyfriend, plus I read a lot."

"What if I told you that I already felt all of that for you, and even though I know you saved my life, that has nothing to do with it. It's more the fact that you were willing to even look at me as a human, and not like a piece of shit that you'd just stepped in as most people did. You have no idea how good that made me feel, makes me feel. Every time you look at me, I feel like I'm floating, every time I look at you, I feel like on top of the world. When you care for me, change my diapers, I can feel the love pouring out of you, and it makes me feel so good. I've never known love, or what it was, or what it really meant, until I met you. I also trust you with my very life, how could I not, you had no reason to help me, you could have just as easily let me die out on the streets. Let's face it, from what the doctor said, I probably wouldn't have lasted more than a few months in as bad a shape as I was in."

"I think though that it's you that's still having the hard time. You've had so long to dream of who you wanted, and now you're not sure what you want. I also don't think that you trust me yet, but even I can admit that you probably shouldn't, at least not yet. But one thing I swear to you, with you by my side, I can beat this, and I will try so hard to never hurt you, but you have to be here with me. I don't think I can do it all alone." Brad said bravely, firmly.

"Sounds like you've put a lot of thought into this Brad, and I won't say that your love's not real, because it sure sounds like it is to me. Maybe you're right, maybe my standards are too high, but I doubt it. What I'm afraid of most of all, is that you will hurt me. I know how hard it's gonna be on you, especially the next few months, and you could slip up at any time. Do you have any idea how much it will hurt me to see you fall back into old habits, and maybe hurt yourself. I'm not afraid that you'll hurt me physically, because I doubt you really could, unless you caught me by surprise, but it would hurt me most of all to see you hurting."

"I have had a lot of time to think about it. Let's face it, I don't exactly have a lot else to do strapped down to this bed, and when I'm feeling good, you're all I'm thinking about. It sounds to me as if you have already fallen in love with me though, but you don't want to or can't admit it yet. Maybe to me, maybe to yourself."

"You're pretty smart." Stu grinned, showing that Brad was far more correct then he probably realized.

"Not really, I haven't been to school since I was nine, and I don't really know a hell of a lot. It's just what I feel."

"If you want to know the truth, I have fallen in love with you Brad, and I have admitted it to myself, but I didn't want to admit it to you yet, because you still have a long way to go before we can even think of becoming a couple. You need to get your life back together a bit before you should even think about love." Stu smiled at the boy.

"As long as I'm with you, I have a life. I have nothing else. Everything I had was with me when you fund me. I have no family, my father is dead to me, was ever since the day he killed the kid in me. I have no possessions at all, and even the clothes were stolen."

"We can take it nice and slow Brad, get to really know each other okay." Stu said softly.

"I've dreamed of having someone love me for so long, that a few days or weeks or months won't really matter too much."

"That makes sense." Stu smiled.

"Do you think that I can get up and have a shower? I'd love to go and have a nice hot shower."

"Sure, come on, I'll get you up and out of that dirty diaper, and then you can go have a warm shower, not too hot yet."

"Okay, thanks." Brad smiled warmly.

Brad was released and cleaned up within only a few minutes, and headed to the shower. He stayed in there for almost an hour, and then came out and laid down for a clean diaper and to be secured to his bed again. Stu went and grabbed Brad a few bottles while he was having his shower, so as soon as he was secured again, Stu fed him his lunch. As soon as Brad finished eating, he was tired, so went to sleep for a few hours.

The rest of the day, and the following, Brad did exceptionally well, not having one fit at all. They were both very happy to see this, and Brad was getting so happy to almost be unbound finally.

"How are you feeling this morning?" Stu asked when he came in to check on Brad the morning that he was hoping to release the boy for hopefully the last time.

"I feel great. Today's the day that I am freed from this bed, and get to actually move around like a human being again." Brad said, clearly ecstatic.

"I'm happy for you Brad. It was a long hard process for you, and it hurt me so much to do it to you, but I think you're as free from the drugs as we can possibly make you. Now, as a precaution for you, when I went out yesterday, I bought a couple locks, and the cabinet above the microwave is now locked up nice and tight, and that is where all the drugs in the house are kept. I decided to do that for you so that there was never any temptation for you. I hope you realize that that it is not an insult." Stu said.

"Thanks, it really means so much to me that you'd look out for me like that. If it's hard for me to get, I can't get the craving for it, can I." Brad smiled.

"That's right. Now, let's get you out of those bonds and diapers, and let you move around some." Brad smiled, glad his plan didn't backfire.

"Um, can I stay in the diapers please?" Brad asked shyly.

"Sure, and I'll still clean you up if you want me to."

"Thanks, I'd like that, but unless it's an accident, I'm not going to shit in them anymore. I didn't really care for that all that much." Brad grinned.

"That makes two of us then. Come on, hop on up then." Stu said as soon as the shackles were removed.

"Oh, thank you so much. This feels great. My mind is clear, I know what love is, and I'm free for the first time in my life." Brad said, and then grabbed Stu and planted a kiss on him that Stu had never imagined in his life.

"Wow, what a kiss." Stu gasped out nearly five minutes later when it ended.

"Yeah, and I've never kissed anyone before, it was awesome." Brad grinned.

"I grabbed some clothes for you when I was out yesterday, because I just threw out those old pieces of shit you came in with, so you can get dressed if you want." Stu said, handing over a bag that Brad had not noticed before.

"Really, thanks!" Brad said excitedly, and dumped the contents of the bag on the bed.

None of the clothes were strictly new, but they were good. Stu only ever really shopped at the thrift store, because he didn't exactly have a lot of money, but he had enough. There were new socks and underwear in there though, but Stu had a sneaking suspicion that he'd be able to just take those back, but then realized he wouldn't be able to. Oh well he figured. If Brad needed to stay in diapers for a while, so be it. Brad looked through all the clothes, and even though he could tell they weren't brand new, nor were they top brand names, his expression was as if they were.

"Wow, you bought me lots of really nice clothes, thanks so much." Brad said, and then hugged Stu tightly.

"You're welcome. It wasn't much, but I didn't think you'd need too much, at least not yet. Come on, let's go get you some breakfast, a real breakfast, big and fattening and horrible for you." Stu smiled.

"I'd love that. I'm pretty hungry. Can I have my juice in a bottle though?" Brad blushed.

"Of course you can. Never be embarrassed to ask for something. I think that in a way you want the diapers and bottles to take you back to a time when you were safe and loved, and I'm happy to do that for you." Stu said softly.

"Thanks, that just makes me love you more, you know that right?" Brad smiled warmly.

"I know Brad, and I love you too kiddo." Stu smiled back.

Stu went and made a huge breakfast, and Brad helped where he could. They sat down a while later to the feast and ate like kings. Brad ate until he was stuffed, saying that he he couldn't fit another crumb, and then belching heavily. He had not had such a good meal ever that he knew of, and it felt so good. After breakfast, Brad even willingly, without being asked to do so, helped to clean up the kitchen, and then they went for a walk around the yard together, holding hands at Brad's prompting. It was a very nice morning.

Chapter 3

"Stu, I'm not a dirty little street rat any more, you love me, I know you do, and I love you more. For the first time in my life I'd like to be made love to, instead of just being fucked and used, can you take me back to your room and make love to me please?" Brad asked softly right into Stu's ear, wrapping him into a tight embrace after they came back inside.

"For the first time in my life Brad, I want to be with someone else to make love to them." Stu smiled warmly, wrapped Brad up even tighter and picked him, and carried him to their bedroom, for it would now be their bedroom.

Stu laid Brad gently on the bed, then joined him, laying right next to the young man. They leaned in towards each other at the same time, and joined lips. They kissed long and passionately, their tongues seeking entry into the other soon after they started. Both were moaning, both were painfully hard.

Brad pushed Stu away gently and had his man lay on his back, and then started slowly working his clothes off and kissing every area as it became bare. Stu had never had this before, as he had told John, his only experience was when he was fourteen, and it was a rushed affair that was never again repeated. There had been no love there, only two horny boys wanting to get off. This was different though, Stu could feel the love flowing from Brad, and he was basking in its glow. As Brad removed Stu's last article of clothing, a very tented pair of skimpy briefs, Brad actually gasped.

"Oh my, it's gorgeous." Brad sighed.

"It's not really all that much." Stu smiled shyly.

"No, but it's perfect." Brad said softly, and started stroking it gently, barely touching, using only the lightest of touches.

Brad was right, but so was Stu, his hardness was not overly large, maybe six and a half inches, and probably five to six around, it was a nice size. He was uncut, his foreskin still left a tiny pucker at the very tip, even as hard as he was, and the meat was curved only slightly. It was very hard though, and Brad liked that, because he knew that he would be soundly penetrated, and not have to worry about some drunk or drugged floppy dick slipping out of him with every stroke. Stu's balls were also nice and large, as well as nearly hairless Brad noted, and he softly stroked them as well.

"Oh, that feels very nice." Stu sighed as Brad was just gently stroking him still, had been doing so for nearly ten minutes now.

Brad just softly played with his mans equipment, not trying to bring him off or anything, just working to give Stu as much pleasure as he possibly could, as much pleasure as Stu could possibly stand. A further ten minutes later and Brad was still lightly stroking, and Stu found it more than a little amazing that Brad was able to give this kind of loving attention, and he was also more than a little surprised that he was able to keep going without cumming, but then he realized that he was not even getting anywhere near close yet. He also realized that what Brad was doing was love, and not sex, and he found that there seemed to be a large difference.

After twenty minutes of just very softly stroking, gently playing, Brad crawled back up Stu's hard body, kissing all the way, until their lips met. This time their kiss was soft and slow, so full of love and tenderness, that it actually made Stu start to cry. In all fairness, so was Brad though, and they kissed for almost half an hour like that.

Finally Stu gently pushed Brad onto his back, and kissed his way down, also slowly removing all his clothes, until Brad was only laying there in his diaper. Stu removed that last, noting that it was already quite wet, and found a surprise, Brad was not even hard, but then, neither was he at the moment. He did the same thing to Brad, just very softly and gently played with his young penis and balls, very delicately making his boy feel only the utmost pleasure. It took only seconds for Brad to become hard again after Stu started, and he was happy to see that Brad was really hard, nothing like when he first arrived.

For nearly twenty minutes Stu paid Brad back, copying his almost every move. They both loved every last second of it. Brad was also nowhere near explosion by the time that Brad finished up, he just felt so much love that it almost hurt. Once he felt that that was enough, Stu also crawled up and kissed Brad tenderly.

"Make love to me now?" Brad whispered softly, breaking their kiss.

"Okay, but I've never done it before, I've only ever been fucked before." Stu whispered back.

"Same here, I've never given, only taken, but we'll do just fine. Do you have any lube, it'll make it nicer for the both of us?"

"Yeah, I do." Stu said, and then reached into the drawer of the bedside table and retrieved it.

As he was doing that, Brad was pulling his legs back and open, opening himself for his lover, his boyfriend, and as soon as Stu saw this, he smiled tenderly. He bent down and gently sucked in Brad's small balls and sucked and licked on them as his lube coated fingers started gently working the amazingly small hole that had taken so much abuse. When he looked closely at it though, he could easily tell that it had been used repeatedly, and often abused without mercy. He had absolutely no intention of making the young boy feel anything but pure pleasure though, and slowly worked from one finger, all the way until he had four buried inside and working slowly. Brad was panting and moaning above him the entire fifteen minutes it took for him to prepare the fine young ass for intrusion, begging to be made love to, but Stu ignored the pleas.

Stu finally crawled up Brad's small skinny body, once again kissing and licking as he went, and as their tongues were gaining entrance into each others mouths once again, Stu's erection was slipping into the nice slick warm hole. Brad sighed deeply, Stu moaned lowly, both into the others mouth, and then they started. Stu started a long slow movement, pulling almost all the way out, and then slipping all the way back in. He kept it so slow and gentle, that both of them knew that even though they were really hot now, that they would probably last a considerable amount of time this way.

Ten minutes it took for them to both reach the peaks of their pleasure, but as they rose higher and higher, they did not slow down, not once did they stop kissing, they were making sweet gentle love to each other, and they both were amazed by it. Brad started first, his most amazing orgasm of his entire life was upon him, and as his body convulsed with it, it triggered Stu, and he too exploded in the single most fantastic orgasm of his entire life.

Brad could not actually remember ever having an orgasm while being fucked, in fact he did not believe that he had ever had an orgasm other than by the work of his own hand, but he certainly did now. His explosion was still dry, but it was massive, his body quaked and convulsed for almost five minutes, his dick pumped no less than twelve times, trying to expel the non existent fluid.

Stu had only had one orgasm brought on by another person, and that was many years ago now. He was surprised by the sheer power of his eruption. His body also convulsed and shook all over during the impossibly long orgasm, and he felt no less than fourteen shots of cum eject deep inside of Brad. It was his single most incredible orgasm of his entire life. Then again, he had not cum once during the entire time that Brad was there with him, he just had not had the desire or time to do so.

As soon as both of their orgasms ended, they stayed laying like that, wrapped up in each other for a good ten minutes, just basking in the warmth that the fantastic love making had brought them. They felt so good, so right together, and for the first time in both their lives, they knew what true love was, and they both cried once again. As soon as they were ready for it, Stu rolled over and off of Brad, and brought his legs up. He wanted, no needed the same thing in return, and Brad was only too happy to oblige.

So doing the same thing that had just been done to him, Brad grabbed the lube, bent down and sucked in Stu's balls, and started slowly working lube coated fingers deep inside of Stu. He too worked very slowly and gently, not wanting to hurt his lover in any way, he had had enough hurt in his life for the both of them. Slowly he worked from one finger, all the way up until he too had four of his slender fingers inside, working with ease. Stu was enjoying this a great deal. He had toys, of course he did, and he was accustomed to having large things invade his ass, but this felt about a million times better than any other time in his life.

When Brad thought that Stu was ready for him, he disengaged himself, and crawled up Stu's body, kissing and licking the entire way up. Once their tongues were back to work again, Brad was entering Stu, and they both moaned and groaned lowly again, both enjoying this a great deal. Brad too had never given, only received, and he too was a little awkward to begin with, but neither really noticed or cared, he just pulled as far out as he could, and then slipped very slowly back inside. They lasted almost twenty minutes like this after already having one massive orgasm each, and both enjoyed considerably.

Again they both came impossibly hard, neither believing the power that they had for their second cum. Stu painted himself and Brad from belly button to forehead with his copious load, and Brad fired his dry load all the way inside of Stu. Brad crashed down after the second incredible cum, and licked the mess from Stu's face. They shared a nice tender cum kiss as they were coming down, which once again took nearly ten minutes.

"Stu, I love you more than words can say, what we just did together felt infinite times better than every other time I've had sex put together. We made love to each other, and there really is a difference." Brad said softly, rolling off his lover and cuddling up into his side, a few more tears leaking out.

"Brad, I never thought that I'd be able to love someone, especially not as much as I love you. We're going to still have some hard times ahead of us, we both know that, but together we can face them and come out stronger than we ever were. I love you so much it hurts, and I hope that we stay like this, together in love for as long as we both have a breath left in us." Stu said softly, also with tears leaking out.

"Yes, I still have a long hard road ahead of me, I know that, but with you by my side, I can accomplish anything, and for you, I'd do anything." Brad said softer still, and reached in for another tender kiss.

They were so loving and relaxed that they passed out in each others arms, and slept the sleep of true love for a few hours. Brad really should have been diapered, because he ended up wetting the bed, but neither cared any about that. They just cleaned up and diapered Brad, and all was good.

The next few months were difficult, but they went through them with smiles on their faces, and love in their hearts, and Brad only asked to be tied down a few times, because he felt the fits coming again. As time went by, he did get better. He never truly lost the craving for drugs, and never once even so much as took an aspirin, he never wanted to feel drugged up again. Brad and Stu stayed living together in their little house in the rough side of town for many long and happy years. Of course they had their troubles, all couples do, but they worked through them.

Brad was nearly eighteen when he finally started going through puberty, nearly twenty before he even had his first wet cum and hairs on his balls, but he finally did. Stu sure did enjoy Brad's first few loads, because they were as sweet as honey, and better tasting he thought. Brad never grew any more though, other than his dick did grow a little more, but height wise, he was the exact same height for the rest of his life. He was also always very small and frail, but he never worried about that.

John did come back every month for more than a year to test Brad, and gradually he saw a real improvement in the boy, and he was very happy for the two of them as well. It took a long time for Brad's body to fully get rid of all the poison in it, and get back up to normal weight and health, but he did, so they were happy with that.

Brad's bladder also never fully regained its potential either, and if he left it for too long, he would find himself just wetting without warning. This did not seem to bother Brad too much Stu noticed though, because he truly seemed to love the diapers that he always wore for just such an emergency, and they had talked about it a lot. Stu never minded of course, in fact he loved his baby for it more, and was always willing to change and clean his baby up as well.

For a boy who was bad to the core, Brad sure turned out to be a very nice boy, and they lived together, happy in love for many years to come. Just remember, when you see a bad boy on the street, that not all bad boys are bad.