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The party preview

As soon as my boy Johnny finished working my nipples we decided to continue cuddling while we waited for Garret, the hours were going slow and that for me was very good because I got to enjoy the sweet moment with my boy. The smell boys have is definitely special and you can't imagine how good is to feel loved by a boy. Some boys are after sex only but Johnny had shown me that he needs love, pure love too. I loved this myself, it is like having two different boys in one. While we were cuddling he, from time to time, gave me pecks on the lips and smiled at me, I just gave him some pecks back and gently caressed his hair. Our hands were holding and nothing was going to stop us being like that, until Garret arrived home.

"He's here!!" Johnny said and went down to open the door for his buddy. I was boned up already just imagining how hot this encounter would be.

"Hey there coach!" said Garret and you wouldn't imagine how he came to the house... on his soccer clothes!! He looked even hotter that way.

"Hey Garret! Nice to see you!" I said back and we gave each other a hug.

"It smells Johnny all over you coach"

"I know, in some minutes probably I will have a mix" I winked and he just giggled.

We chatted for a bit like normal people and we even prepared some snacks. One hour had gone by until I saw Garret told something to Johnny and he went to his room. Some moments later, Johnny was on his soccer clothes too and it was then when I knew what was planned for me. I was going to play ball with them, well, balls actually...

When I had my two boys standing there with their soccer uniform I just smiled and told them: "Let the match begin then..." and they just grinned at me.

The first thing they did was to look at each other and they started to make out, for being their first time together, they were going at it like if it was usual for them. Because Johnny was slightly shorter than Garret, they decided to do something even hotter, they came by me and sat on my legs while still kissing. Being this near them was even hotter because I could feel them getting boned up. I used my hands for that indeed, I started to caress their crotches and felt how their dicks were already rock hard. They both put one hand over mine and started playing with my dick as well. I don't know why I had waited so long to have this fun with my soccer boys!

The boys continued kissing but I told them to take their shirt off so I could play even more with them, and they did. When they were both shirtless I put them on the sofa and I went down to lick their nipples. I started first with Garret and he even moaned a couple of times on Johnny's mouth because of the sensation of getting his nipples licked and bit a little bit. I even licked some of his sweat coming from his pits, salty but so damn delicious. I then did the same to Johnny and he enjoyed it as much as Garret did. He even lifted his arm a little bit more so I could have better access to his pits. When I finished with this I broke their kiss and put them to suck my nipples. It was the best ever to have one boy sucking each of my nipples and they loved it. Their hands never moved from my crotch while they were sucking and licking my nipples. They did the same as I did to them and licked some of my sweat and even giggled a little because of the hair on them.

"I love your smell coach..." Johnny said while almost eating my pit.

"Me too..." Garret managed to say while going up and down my pit with his tongue.

"Ok my boys, time for some dick" I said while planning to suck on them, but they got it on a different perspective as they just put my boxers down and started to suck on my dick. This caught me off guard and I just could moan and grab their heads to continue sucking. Garret decided to go for my balls and Johnny stayed on my dick. I was definitely going to cum even sooner than expected because these boys were eating my dick and balls. Garret even went a little further and tried to rim me but he went back to my balls instead. Some moments later they switched. I incredibly held my cum for quite a bit but it was hard to continue holding it.

"I'm coming boys" I managed to say while gasping.

The boys started to kiss and suck at my dick at the same time while their tongues danced and licked the tip of my dick. I held it a few more seconds until I couldn't and gave them my man juice. It was like if they wanted to share because they never closed their mouths and when I finished they continued kissing and sharing my cum. I tried to recover a bit until I did I could speak.

"That was just amazing..." and both boys smiled at me and gave me a passionate kiss each. I could still feel some of my cum on their mouth.

"Now it's time for taking care of you my boys" I said and my hands were on their crotches once again. They had never lost their boners but this time they were ready for some action. Before doing something I just slid my hands on their thighs until I could reach their balls and boners.

"I want to take good care of you... so we're going to go one by one"

"Who wants to watch first?" I asked and Johnny raised his hand first.

"I want coach, I want to see how Garret gets sucked" and Garret was ok with it.

What I did first was to put Garret on the couch and gently started to take his shorts and boxers of him. When he was naked I managed to put myself on top of him while we kissed. I love when boys go with the same rhythm you go and I could feel Garret's arms not letting go while we kissed. He even humped me for a bit and I could feel his boner on my balls, I could even feel some pre-cum already. I didn't wait for more and just went down and started with his balls, I even told him to put his legs on my shoulders and he did without question. While sucking at his balls my finger went playing a little bit with his a-hole and I even managed to put it inside. He was moaning like crazy by now and he went even crazier when I started sucking his delicious dick. This boy was ready for everything but sucking dicks is my thing and as much as I wanted for him to wait he couldn't help it and he fed me his boy juice. I loved the cooing sounds and gasping coming from Garret. It was sure he liked it and he really enjoyed it.

Johnny was next and with him I did the opposite, I put him on top of me while kissing and I even went a little further while kissing and licking his neck and ear lubes. Johnny was already gasping and we weren't on the good part. I told him to feed me his dick so he stood up on my legs and started to face fuck me. This I liked a lot because it gave the "power" to the boy and he felt even better and hotter. My hands were busy too and I took hold of his balls and one of my fingers again playing with this boy's a-hole. It was the perfect combo, he was face fucking me with his delicious dick and I was fingering him. This sure made him have double the pleasure and I could see he was on ecstasy because his hands were grasping my hair to never let go. Johnny started going faster and his moans were even higher until his boy juice went right into my mouth. He managed to feed me a little bit more than Garret, he was older so it was only logic for that to happen. It was even thicker and a little saltier but equally delicious.

After our round of fun, the boys were exhausted but still in the mood for some cuddling. I invited them to go to the bed and take a nap with me and they did. All of us naked and their family jewels pressed on my legs while my boys were resting for a little bit after our fun day.


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