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Boys are ready…

Garret, Johnny and me ended up in the shower after our nap and we had another round of dick sucking and cum eating. The boys really loved it and of course I did too. It was the longest shower ever but it was definitely the best one. Garret went back home and I had to leave as soon as Johnny’s parents came back. The best day had finished but I knew these boys were up for more and the good part was that we had soccer practice tomorrow.

The next day came by really fast and we had a normal soccer practice. As usual I got to see some of them without shirts while playing what they loved the most. After having Johnny and Garret on my mouth, I wanted to see who was next so I kept looking and I knew that I wanted all of them… But my next one would be the only red haired on the team. His name was Tom but everyone called him Tommy. He was the youngest one on the team, only 11 years old and he was kind of like Johnny because he was one of the shortest one on the team too. This boy had some baby fat still on him and that made him look so cute and boyish. He had short and curly hair and he also had some freckles which made him look hotter. I kept looking at him and I could notice that soccer practice was making him look better because his body was getting fit. I saw him standing for a while and I got near him.

“Tired already Tommy?” I asked and put my hand on his shoulder.

“Yeah coach, it has been quite a practice today!” he said and just smiled while catching some breath.

“I know it has been a hard one”

“Yeah, I can’t even feel my legs, gosh I would love a massage…” he said and something in my mind clicked.

“I could give you one, but it’s a shame your parents come to pick you up early…”

“Today they won’t coach so maybe you can give me one” he said and what a cute and innocent smile he gave me.

“Really? Well, it’s your lucky day. I’ll wait for you after practice in my office then” I said and he just nodded.

While all this happened, Garret and Johnny looked at me and smiled, they knew already what I was after.

The practice finished and the boys approached me and asked what I was talking with Tommy, so I told them I was going to give him a massage just now.

“We can help!” they said

“I don’t think so; he would be a little ashamed”

“Maybe not if we do this…” Johnny said and explained his idea to us.

Johnny’s idea was to be with Garret in my office and they would be giving each other a massage while Tommy was “waiting” for me to arrive. I would be watching them from outside without Tommy noticing and they would start doing the nasty stuff to see how Tommy reacted. For me it was a good idea but it was going to be improvised so there could be surprises.

We did as told by Johnny and they went with Tommy to my office and waited for me. I was already watching from outside and I had told them it would take some time because I had to talk with some parents.

“What are you doing here Tommy? Did you get in trouble?” Johnny asked while they sat down on the sofa.

“No, coach is going to give me a massage, that’s all” he said and smiled

“Oh really? You are so lucky! He gives the best massages ever!” Garret said

“Have you had some?” Tommy asked

“Yeah we have! We can show you how it is if you want…” Johnny said waiting for Tommy’s answer.

“Sure but do it to yourself, I want coach to give me a real one” Tommy said and the boys smiled because they would do as planned.

Garret decided to massage Johnny first and what they did first was to take off their shirts, Tommy was a little surprised but stayed cool. Next, Garret sat Johnny between his legs and started massaging Johnny’s shoulders while Tommy sat there a little amazed but kept cool. Little by little, Garret started going down until he was massaging Johnny’s low back until he then turned him around to massage his front body. Their lips were so close and looking at this made Tommy started to feel a little hot. I could even see him arranging his crotch for a bit and then I could see a little tent under his nylon shorts. He was up to it. The boys noticed this too so they decided to take it to the next level and started making out. No more massaging but rubbing instead. Their tongues were dueling in front of Tommy’s amazed look. They took of their nylon shorts and sucked at each other while face fucking in a hot 69. Tommy couldn’t resist anymore and started jacking off watching his soccer buddies doing all this stuff. While they were like this I decided I would go inside and help Tommy with his dick.

I sneaked inside the office, closed the door and Tommy’s reaction was to be terrified. I continued walking, sat next to him and whispered to his ear to sit on my lap. He said nothing and climbed to my lap and I’m sure he felt my hard dick pocking his ass. I took off his shirt without telling him anything and started playing with his nipples. They were already hard! Then I slowly came down and grabbed his crotch with one hand while caressing his thighs with the other one. Tommy gasped but completely relaxed as well because he was now lying on my chest and looking at the boys. When the boys noticed I was there already, they broke their 69 and came over to me and Tommy. Johnny started making out with me while he put Tommy’s hand on his boy dick and Garret took Tommy’s shorts and started sucking his new sex buddy. Tommy couldn’t believe it but his moaning was real for sure. He was enjoying this. We continued like this for a while until we decided to make Tommy go to the edge. We sat him down on the sofa, I kissed him (or taught him to kiss better said) while Johnny went down sucking and Garret went for his nipples and pits. We were eating him almost literally speaking until we made him shiver and tremble from the good feelings coming down from his body. He didn’t cum, he was a dry cummer still and this for me was very hot. Johnny was happy but he wanted cum so he started sucking Garret until he made him cum and then Garret swallowed mine while Tommy looked amazed on what his captain was doing to me and my dick. We ended our amazing time getting dressed and giving small pecks to each other’s lips as a thank you.

“I still owe you the massage Tommy…” I said and winked at him.

“Yeah, maybe in the party you can give it to me” he said and winked back! “I want that party to come even more now coach” he said sounding excited.

“We all are!” I said and kissed Tommy once again. His lips were so soft and in the short time practicing, he had already become a good kisser.

“Are you going to suck everyone’s dick on the party?” Tommy asked us

“I don’t think I will, but these two will I guess” I said and Johnny and Garret just nodded.

“We are ready for more coach” they said and sexy grinned at me.


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