Warning: what follows is a worthless piece of doggerel. However, I had a lot fun writing it and hope that the reader will derive more pleasure than pain from it. Hang on, where have I heard that expression before?



I'm perched at the armchair's edge

My feet flat on the floor

In eager expectation of

Your knock upon my door


When I hear that you've arrived

I rush to let you in

My heart gives a little leap

As I see your cheeky grin


I bring you in and we sit down

Then I hold you in my arms

It seems much longer than a week

Since I last enjoyed your charms


I adore your tousled, golden hair

And piercing, azure eyes

I gaze into them, mesmerised

And gently stroke your thighs


I lift your chin and lower my face

Then move in for a kiss

My lips meet yours, we join as one

A moment of sheer bliss


I help to take your T-shirt off

And then remove your vest

Lick and suck your nipples and

Plant kisses on your chest


You raise your arms above your head

Give me access to your pits

I kiss and lick there for a while

Before returning to your tits


Your little purrs of pleasure

Give me a nice warm glow

But already I am thinking

Of what lies down below


It's trousers off, then underpants

To reveal my favourite toy

That wondrous tube of flesh and blood

That brings us both such joy


I slowly peel your foreskin back

With a firm but gentle grip

And expose to my admiring eye

Its shining, crimson tip


It disappears into my mouth

And I work it with my tongue

You give a little high-pitched squeal

As if you've just been stung


As I take your full length in

I hear your ardent moan

But when I take it out again

It becomes a thwarted groan


I wet a finger in my mouth

And insert it in your bum

Then start to rub that magic spot

That always makes you cum


With mouth and finger doing their thing

You soon begin to spasm

We've reached the end of chapter one

You've had your first orgasm


When you've come down from your high

I kiss you on your head

Then take your hand and pull you up

It's time to go to bed


You dive face down upon the sheet

Your bum up in the air

Has any man before me seen

A vision quite so fair


The sight spurs me to disrobe

Which I do in a hurry

Clothes being scattered everywhere

Hands moving in a flurry


I kneel behind you on the bed

And softly stroke your back

Then produce another moan

With a finger in your crack


I take a cheek in each hand

And part them to reveal

Your most private place of which

I intend to make a meal


I move my face down close to it

Breathe in your sexy scent

The aroma drives me crazy

And makes me glad I'm bent


I lick your perineum

And then across your hole

Providing you with feelings

For which you'd sell your soul


I lick and suck your anus

With vigour and with vim

Driving you to ecstasy

As I give you my best rim


It's now time for the main event

So I grab the KY tube

Squeeze out a bead that's just enough

To smear my cock with lube


One lubed finger in your arse

Becomes two, then three

As I stretch your tight hole wide

Enough for all of me


Now you move onto your back

With a look that says `come hither'

As you pull your legs out of the way

I can see you're all a quiver


I place my glans against your pucker

Don't have to tell you twice

As I press in, you push out

And I enter paradise


I give one long steady thrust

Until I'm fully in

You signal that you're ready

Now we can begin


Long slow strokes to start with

On each and every one

My cockhead rubs your prostate

Ensuring you have fun


You ask me to go faster

I let you call the tune

But then I slow down again

Don't want to cum too soon


Now you're moaning louder

In pleasure, not in pain

When you start to jerk and squirm

I know you've cum again


I pound you ever harder

But not it seems enough

I'm terrified to hurt you

But you love it when I'm rough


And now the final moments

Are nearing I can tell

When I look down at you I see

That you are close as well


With your third orgasm you appear

As if you're in a dream

It pushes me to climax too

And fill you with my cream


Then I roll on to my back

With you upon my breast

And as I clasp you to me

I know I'm truly blessed


Now we have to clean our mess

And head off to the shower

But there's time for some more fun

We've still got half an hour


My washing of your body

Causes you to wriggle

But when I find you're hard again

Then you start to giggle


You demand that I take care of it

And then I'm on my knees

When it comes to your desires

I always want to please


I take you in my mouth again

And then I start to suck

In just a few moments more

Your hips begin to buck


You hump into my waiting mouth

Crying out for more

Then with a triumphant yell

You have climax number four


When you recover from your swoon

Pressed against my chest

It's time for us to leave the shower

To get dried and dressed


All good things come to an end

It's time to say goodbye

I hold you in my arms once more

As you have a little cry


I walk you slowly to the door

And kiss you on the cheek

Already counting down the days

Until we meet next week


I yearn to sing of my love for you

And not keep it to myself

I long to shout it, loud and proud

But I can't, you're only twelve



Hugh Cox 2018


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