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the odyssey of the outcasts
by adam verity


We were heading out from the airport. I was excited to see my grandson, who had not visited since the summer. But, the prospect of spending Christmas break with his grandfather didn’t see all that exciting to him. The first thing he did after strapping himself in was to plug into his iPod and begin texting on his iPhone. Damn Steve Jobs! What in the hell is an eleven year old kid doing with an iPhone to begin with?

We had been making some good progress on the turnpike, though Josh was completely unaware of it and I was growing bored. I began to regale my grandson with stories of how I broke the Nazi’s secret codes, how I plotted Barack Obama’s winning campaign strategy, and how I seduced Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jabba the Hutt all on the same weekend, but when his only response was a thoughtless, “Uh, huh,” I decided to take matters into my own hands. I slipped my favorite CD into the player, set the track, and cranked the volume up all the way. Suddenly, the screaming riff at the beginning of the Beatles “Revolution” exploded through the car.

Josh screamed and threw his iPhone into the my lap as he grasped the armrest and the door handle. Wild eyes, he looked at me and cried, “What the fuck?”

I decided to ignore the profanity (for the time being) and instead smiled serenely as he removed his earphones.

It was the only thing I could think of that might cut through that wall of Hooplestink you had on your iPod.”

Josh rolled his eyes and replied contemptuously, “It’s Hoobastank, and that’s not what I was listening to.”

Oh. Well. Excuse the hell out of me,” I replied with a grin. “So, now that I have your attention, talk to me!”

Josh sighed as if I had just asked him to watch an Oral Roberts marathon and responded, “All right. What do you want to talk about?”

Well, how’s life?”

It sucks.”


My boyfriend broke up with me.”

Oh, man. Dude, that does suck. I know what you’re going through.”

Josh looked at me as if I were crazy and asked, “You?”

I raised an eyebrow and said, “You think that just because I’m fifty two, I don’t know what it’s like to have someone rip your heart out of your chest, stomp on it, piss on it, and that hand it back to you?”

Josh nodded sagely and said, “Yeah. I guess you do.”

After a long moment of watching the scenery go by, he turned to me and said, “How old were you?”

Younger than you.”

Younger than twelve?”

I nodded.

Was it a guy?”

Of course,” I replied.

After another long, thoughtful pause, he commented, “That was a long time ago.”

I nodded and said, “Forty years.”

What was it like to be gay way back then?”

I snorted and said, “Well, I don’t know, Sherman. Let’s find Mr. Peabody and climb into the old Wayback Machine and find out!”


I chuckled and replied, “Never mind.”

Really,” he asked. “What was it like?”


chapter one

A penny for your thoughts.”

The boy was gazing out the window of the cab as they drove through the city. He watched the storefronts, offices, and churches pass by, gazing at the people on the sidewalks, bundled against the frigid December wind. Even the Christmas decorations on the light poles and in the windows seemed worn out by the wintery weather. He turned his head to the left and shrugged at the young man beside him, but said nothing.

You’ve been awfully quiet since we left Houston,” the young man remarked. “What have you been thinking about?”

The boy shrugged again and replied, “Stuff,” before turning back to the window.

The cab was passing an old, brick building of three stories with a concrete playground. The young man pointed to it and said, “That’s where you’re going to school, Jeffy.”

Don’t call me Jeffy,” the boy declared sharply. “Everyone at school back home calls me ‘Sissy Jeffy.’”

The man flinched and quickly said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t know. We’ve all just always called you ‘Jeffy.’ What do you want me to call you?”

Jeffrey,” the boy replied as he studied the school building. “From now on, I’m Jeffrey.”

The man nodded and responded, “All right, then. Jeffrey it is. That’s a very respectable name. No one will make fun of that name at the University School.”

Jeffrey nodded as he watched the school recede behind them and asked, “Will they make fun of my red hair and freckles?”

I doubt that,” the man replied. “This isn’t a public school. They’re pretty selective about the students they admit. They don’t tolerate any trouble. Everyone there is attending the school because of their grades or because one of their parents teaches at the University. I think you’ll fit in just fine.”

Jeffrey made no response as he stared at the ancient Catholic church on the corner where they were turning. Suddenly, he turned to the man and asked, “Thad, why do they call it Middlesex?”

What, the neighborhood?” the young man asked and when Jeffrey nodded, he replied, “Well, Middlesex was originally a village back in the eighteenth century before the city expanded and swallowed it. The village was settled by people from the county of Middlesex in England.”

Jeffrey waited, but when no more was forthcoming, he frowned irritably and demanded, “Well, why did they call Middlesex County in England Middlesex?”

Ah, well. Good question.”

I know.”

Thad raised an eyebrow as the cab stopped at a light. In a more controlled voice, he replied, “Centuries ago, before England was a country, there were a dozen or so kingdoms on the island and some of them were Saxon kingdoms. The Southern Saxons lived in Sussex, the Eastern Saxons lived in Essex, the Western Saxons lived in Wessex, and...”

Yeah, yeah, the Middle Saxons lived in Middlesex.”

Thad sat for several seconds before saying, “Middlesex is no longer a separate county. It was consolidated into London.”

As the cab started moving again, Jeffrey looked down at his lap where the tent in his pants was even more pronounced than before. With a voice full of remorse, he softly said, “Sorry. I didn’t mean to be rude.”

Thad reached over and placed a gentle hand on the boy’s shoulder, replying, “That’s okay, Jeffy... I mean, Jeffrey. I know you’re going through a lot. It’s rough on a boy, especially when you’re nine, to lose your parents and then get uprooted from your home and forced to live half a continent away. You’ve been through a lot.”

The boy looked sheepishly at Thad and whispered, “You can call me Jeffy if you want.”

Thad smiled down at him and Jeffrey felt a throb in his pants as he looked at the thick, red curls about his head, the sleepy blue eyes, the high cheekbones and full lips of the young man.

The cab stopped in front of one a dozen three story brick townhouses lining one side of a street. A number of thin, naked trees stood sentry along the curb, growing from round holes in the brick sidewalk. On the other side of the street, a wrought iron fence with several gates walled in a broad park with a monument in the center surrounded by larger and older trees equally denuded of leaves.

Jeffrey sat still as Thad paid the driver, who then climbed out of the cab and retrieved their luggage from the trunk as Thad and Jeffrey waited (and shivered) on the curb. Then, as the cab merged into the traffic and drove away, the two carried their suitcases up the steps to the door.

Well, here’s your new home!” Thad declared as they carried their luggage into the small foyer. “What do you think?”

Jeffrey looked first up the stairs and then to the left at the living room. He stepped forward and was amazed. There were two chairs and a table in front of the window, a couch opposite and facing them, separating the living room from the dining room, and a fireplace on the opposite wall. But, it was the stereo and television to his right that first caught his attention. It was obviously expensive, with a turntable and receiver along with the amplifier, plus a reel-to-reel tape player, all of which were surrounded by hundreds of record albums. Jeffrey looked up at Thad and actually smiled.

Neat,” he said as the young man walked between him and the fireplace.

I’m glad you like it,” he replied as Jeffrey turned to look at him.

It was then that the boy noticed the painting above the fireplace and he froze in shock.

It was an impressionist image of two young red-haired men or teenagers lying naked on a sandy beach in front of some cliffs. Their privates were obscured, but their pubic hair was visible. Jeffrey gazed at the painting and his lips parted in amazement. Thad smiled and said, “You like it?”

Jeffrey was blushing fiercely and muttered only, “It’s...”

It’s Noonday Heat by Henry Scott Tuke, an English artist who specialized in male nudes around the turn of the century. It’s one of my favorites.”

Jeffrey looked at Thad, his face still registering his surprise, unable to reply. As if nothing were amiss, Thad walked over to the stairs and started up, saying, “I have four bedrooms, two on the second floor and two on the third. The front room on the second is mine and the back one I use as my office. You have your choice of the two rooms on the third floor.”

As they continued on up past the second floor, he added, “The front room gives you a great view of the park and the back gives you a truly inspiring view of the alley.”

Um, I think I’ll take the front,” Jeffrey replied mildly as he followed Thad into the room. He looked at the plain dresser, the high, thick bed, and the white curtains over the window and his face remained devoid of any emotion.

Thad placed a hand on the boy’s shoulder and said, “We’ll go out tomorrow and get whatever you want to decorate it. Plus, your things should arrive tomorrow as well. Before you know it, this room will look just like home!”

Jeffrey sat down on his bed, his hands folded in his lap and nodded at Thad. The young man sat down beside him.

Look, Jeffy, I know it’s rough for you. Your dad was the best friend I ever had. He was like my big brother. He was better than a big brother. And, your grandparents were the best people in the world. Whenever my parents were too drunk and were fighting or... well, I could always run next door to your grandparents and they would take care of me like I was one of their own. I owe your grandparents and your father my life. And, I want you to know that I will do everything I can, everything, to make sure your safe and happy and well-taken care of. Trust me.”

The boy looked down at his feet as a tear formed in his right eye, but he said nothing. Thad leaned over and kissed the boy on the forehead, adding softly, “I love you, Jeffy. I always have.”

The boy nodded, but said nothing. Thad watched him for a moment and then rose from the bed.

Well, I’ll leave you to getting your clothes put away. You have your own bathroom between the two rooms. So, I guess, I’ll be downstairs starting dinner. All right?”

Jeffrey looked up and nodded. Thad smiled and walked out, leaving the boy alone.

Well, here he was. His parents were dead and he was now living with a guardian. And, he was scared.

He really shouldn’t have been scared, he told himself. Uncle Thad was the coolest guy in the world. He was a college professor, he listened to cool music, he liked cool things, he even wore his hair longer than most men, covering his ears and touching his collar. Though he wasn’t really Jeffrey’s uncle, he might as well have been. He gave Jeffrey all sorts of books for his birthday and Christmas and just for the heck of it. He had taught him to play chess and backgammon. When he came to visit, he always took him to movies and to play putt-putt golf. He was the greatest. So, why was Jeffrey so afraid?

His secret; or, rather, his secrets. What if Thad discovered his secrets? Thad was so cool and great, but would he want a kid like Jeffrey living with him if he knew the truth about him?

But, that picture above the mantle, the one with the two naked guys on it! What about that? Why did Thad have that up in his living room? Well, he liked art. Maybe it was a really good painting and that was why. Surely, it wasn’t because Thad thought the men were good-looking. Or was it?

Jeffrey did. Jeffrey thought they were good-looking. Jeffrey thought they were beautiful. He had felt his stiffy just go crazy in his pants when he looked at it. How was he going to be able to walk through the living room without Thad catching him getting a stiffy and giving away his secret, or one of his secrets? And, what if Jeffrey got a stiffy looking at Thad, because that was another secret Jeffrey was harboring inside. He not only loved Thad, but he thought he was the handsomest, hottest man on earth! He loved Thad’s bright red curls and the way his face looked rugged and delicate, all at the same time, the round face, the full lips. Thad was tall and stocky and he looked so darn cool in those jeans, winter boots and ski sweater with his thick hair hanging down over his forehead and collar. How many times had Jeffrey rubbed off at night in bed thinking about Thad? What if Thad discovered that Jeffrey thought he was sexy?

Thad would never want him in his house. He would immediately throw him out. And, then what would Jeffrey do? Where would he go? His grandparents were gone, too. He had some aunts and uncles on his mother’s side of the family, but they hated him. They called him Sissy Jeffy behind his back, just like the kids at school had. They wouldn’t want him and even if they did, they’d make his life hell. It would be horrible. No, if Thad ever found out, Jeffrey would have to kill himself. That was all there was to it.

And, then, there was that other secret, that wonderful, yet horrible secret. Some of the happiest and most magnificent memories of his life were wrapped up in his other secret. Yet, that was the one secret he could never, ever tell anyone! NEVER! And, if Thad ever learned that one, Jeffrey couldn’t even imagine what would happen!

He slowly rose from the bed and opened his suitcases. The doorbell rang as he was putting his clothes in the dresser. He listened and heard Thad and another voice, another young man’s voice at the foot of the stairs. Then, it was quiet again.

He finished putting his clothes away and then stared out the window as the dusk settled over the city. The street lights came on, as did the lights in the antique light poles in the park across the street. He noticed that small flecks of white were now falling at an angle as a northwest wind blew over the area. Ordinarily, he would be excited. He loved snow. He loved winter. Houston never got any snow in the winter and it didn’t get cold a lot. Oh, sometimes it did and everyone once in awhile they would get a good cold snap, but it was nothing like here. He should have been thrilled. In fact, they would probably have a white Christmas. How often had he hoped for that? But, the thought did nothing for him as he gazed out the window. He felt nothing.

Hey, Jeffrey!”

He turned as Thad called to him from the first floor.

Dinner’s ready!”

Coming,” Jeffrey called back to him. With a sigh, he left the room.

As he descended the stairs, he could hear the men talking again.

He’s having a hard time adjusting,” Thad was saying, “and, he’s really anxious.”

Well,” the other man said in a rather sissy voice that Jeffrey found surprising, “I’ve got just what the doctor ordered for that!”

I’m not sure that’s a good idea,” Thad replied as Jeffrey reached the bottom of the stairs. “After all, he is only nine.”

As Jeffrey walked across the living room, he found Thad and the other man setting the dining room table. The other man was similar in build to Thad, above average in height and slightly stocky, and had similar hair, though more of a dishwater blond. He was wearing a maroon turtleneck sweater and jeans and Jeffrey felt another surge in his pants as he approached. Carefully, he slipped his hands into the pockets of his pants as the men turned around.

Ah, there he is!” Thad declared as the new man smiled at Jeffrey. Their eyes met and held for several seconds before Jeffrey blushed and looked away. “Sean, this is my new roommate, Jeffrey. Jeffrey, this is my friend, Sean.”

Jeffrey politely held his hand out and Sean took it, though he was staring at the boy’s face.

Thad, he is absolutely fascinating! His face is... I don’t know. I see so many emotions. He’s... I have to do him! I absolutely have to do him!”

Jeffrey looked with alarm to Thad, who burst out laughing.

I think he means he wants to paint you, Jeffy,” he explained, to the boy’s relief.

Oh, yes. Sorry,” Sean said with a grin. “I suppose that did sound a little like a come-on, didn’t it? Though, to be honest...”

Sean’s an artist,” Thad explained, quickly interrupting his friend. He went back into the kitchen and set a large bowl of salad on the bar separating the kitchen from the dining room, which Sean picked up and set on the table. “He creates some of the most fascinating portraits. He captures the true inner nature of his subjects. You should see some of his work.”

I’d like to,” Jeffrey replied softly.

And, so you shall,” Sean declared with a meaningful grin that left Jeffrey confused. “And, so you shall.”

Thad brought in a platter of spaghetti and set in on the table next to the salad as Sean opened a bottle of red wine.

You sit there, Jeffy,” Thad said as he pointed to the chair with its back to the living room.

Sean poured a glass for Thad and one for himself. Jeffrey then noticed there was a wine glass at his place, as well. Was Thad going to let him drink wine? Sean didn’t even hesitate as he poured some into Jeffrey’s glass. Thad smiled at him and said, “Just this one time.”

Oh, pooh!” Sean declared as he set the bottle down. “If we were in France, he’d already know all about wine! This boy must be educated in the finer things!”

Despite himself, Jeffrey smiled and took a sip.

Yuck!” he cried. “It’s... bitter. It tastes... I don’t know, smoky or something.”

Really?” Sean asked with interest. “Take another sip and think about it. Tell me all the different flavors you detect.”

Jeffrey thought he was crazy, but did what Sean asked.

It tastes... grapy and... sharp and... “

He looked thoughtfully at the glass and then asked, “Chocolate?”

Excellent!” Sean exclaimed. “Thad, the boy’s a born oenophile! He’s brilliant! I can’t believe at the age of nine he could describe that so accurately.”

He looked back at Jeffrey, who was looking at Sean with deep skepticism, and declared, “You are amazing.”

But, they don’t put chocolate in wine,” Jeffrey commented.

No, they don’t, but when you taste wine, you’re supposed to describe all the subtle flavors and nuances and you came up with some excellent descriptions. And, it’s not unusual for young people to dislike red wines. But, keep at it and you’ll develop a taste for it.”

He leaned over said, meaningfully, “Trust me!”

Jeffrey blushed as Sean’s eyes met his and he felt his stiffy throb.

As they ate, Thad and Sean discussed the trip to Houston, the funerals, and all the issues that arose from the deaths of Jeffrey’s parents. The boy remained silent as he ate his spaghetti and drank his wine. Every once in awhile, either Thad or Sean would glance at him and grin or wink and he would blush. Toward the end of dinner, Sean was smiling at him and looked back at Thad to declared, “Ah, Thaddeus, Jeffrey is just delightful. He looks just so, so all-American with those freckles and that red hair. He reminds me of Tom Sawyer.”

Well, he’s certainly an intelligent boy. He was reading The Wind in the Willows when he was five.”

Really?” Sean asked. “Who was your favorite character?”

Toad,” Jeffrey replied quickly.

Yes? Why?”

Well, I think I understand him. He was so... pompous” (at which Sean raised his eyebrows in surprise) “and... well, I understand him.”

How so?”

Well, he loved driving fast. I mean, it was like he was addicted to it. It was exciting to him and, well, I can understand that.”

Sean nodded and said, “Interesting. So, you relate to Toad. So, what obsessions does young Mr. Jeffrey have?”

Suddenly, Jeffrey looked down at his plate in horror as he realized that he had been far too honest without realizing what he was doing. His face almost exploded in a fiercely red blush that almost matched his freckles. All he could mutter in reply was a strangled, “Um...”

Sean glanced over at Thad and suppressed a grin as he raised an eyebrow. Thad frowned in concern and then looked at Sean, asking, “You know, Sean, I think I have a bottle of Asti in the fridge. You think that might be nice for dessert?”

Sean nodded and smiled, replying, “I think that would be perfect, and I’m sure Jeffrey will enjoy it much more than his red wine. I’ll just go and get it.”

As the blond man stood up and walked to the kitchen, Thad leaned over and whispered, “You okay?”

Jeffrey was on the verge of tears, but he nodded as he continued to avert his eyes.

Listen, Little Dude, and I mean, listen.”

Jeffrey fearfully looked up at the serious tone in Thad’s voice.

There is nothing, and I mean nothing, absolutely nothing, that you could tell me that would make me think any less of you. Do you understand? Jeffrey, you’re my Little Dude and you always will be. You never, ever, ever, ever have to be embarrassed about absolutely anything with me. And, Sean is just as cool about stuff as I am. Okay?”

Jeffrey looked up uncertainly and met Thad’s eyes. He nodded uneasily as Thad grinned. After a moment, Jeffrey blushed again, but grinned bashfully in response.

All right! Enough of this syrupy crap,” Sean declared as he entered the room with three fluted glasses, a small dishtowel, and the bottle of Asti. “If this keeps up, I might need an insulin shot, especially after drinking this stuff!”

Jeffrey actually giggled and Sean grinned at him as he set the glasses on the table. He popped the cork and poured and the three raised their glasses. Looking quite self-important and pleased with himself, Sean declared, “To Toad, Rat, and Mole!” adding a quick, “Up yours!”

Jeffrey giggled again before he took a sip and then sighed.

Oh, yeah,” he declared. “This is much better!”

Then, with a look of mock seriousness, he tasted it again and announced, “Serious, yet silly, with a hint of balderdash!”

Oh, shut up, you little snot!” Thad declared with a laugh.

Jeffrey laughed with relied and then looked at Sean.

I guess I’m Toad, but then who’s Rat and who’s Mole?”

Can’t you guess?” Sean asked. “I definitely have Rat’s personality and Miss Thing over there just has to be Mole, with that, shall we say fleshy torso!”

Thad raised an eyebrow in almost mock warning at the use of the gay terminology and Jeffrey raised his in confusion, though he quickly started laughing at the explanation.

For several more minutes, the three of them laughed and traded insults as they drank a second round, after which Sean looked at his watch and declared, “Oh, my, dears. I absolutely must run now. I’m meeting the girls at Dorothy’s Christmas Party and I must go home and don my gay apparel!”

Jeffrey choked on his Asti and laughed as bubbly dribbled out of his nose. Sean gave him a grin and a peck on the forehead as Thad handed him his coat.

You’ll be here for my Christmas party tomorrow night?” Thad asked as Sean opened the front door. “It’s also my ‘Welcome, Jeffy’ party.”

Of course,” Sean replied. “With bells on! Wild horses couldn’t keep me away!”

He’s funny,” Jeffrey remarked as he walked back to the dining room.

Yes, he is,” Thad agreed. “And, he’s one of my best friends. He really is a dear.”

Jeff watched Thad for a moment as he cleared the dining room table and then, emboldened by the wine, said, “Thad, can I ask a question?”

Sure,” the man replied suppressing a smile as he speculated on what the question might be. “You can ask me anything, Jeffy.”

The boy pursed his lips thoughtfully for a moment and then cautiously asked, “Is Sean... a... sissy?”

Hmm,” Thad replied as he returned from the kitchen. “Interesting question. I suppose it depends on your definition of sissy. If you mean, is he a coward who would refuse to defend himself or those he cares for, then the answer is an emphatic ‘no!’ If, on the other hand, you mean does he act effeminate at times, then, I suppose there are those who might call him that.”

What’s effeminate mean?” Jeff asked.

What do you think it means?”

Jeff looked down and scrunched his face for a second and then suggested, “He acts a little like a woman, but not really. I mean, he just acts like a sissy.”

Thad was holding the spaghetti platter and smiled as he looked carefully at Jeff before he suggested, “Tell you what, Jeffy. Why don’t you go upstairs and take your shower and get ready for bed. Then we can sit down here in front of the fire and listen to music and we can have a talk. I think there are some things we should discuss and it will probably clear up a lot of things for you. And, I’m pretty sure you’ll feel a lot better afterwards.”

Jeff frowned, but nodded and replied, “Okay,” before turning and leaving the room. But, as he started up their stairs, his eyes were glued to Noonday Heat.

Almost half-an-hour later, he emerged from his bathroom, clad in light blue pajamas, house-slippers, and his Navy blue robe. His bright red hair was still damp and a little mussed up and his breath smelled of toothpaste, but he felt clean and refreshed and not at all sleepy, though the effects of the wine and Asti had begun to wear off. He was worried, however, about the talk he was to have with Thad. He didn’t like it when someone told him they were going to talk. The last time someone said that to him, his parents had died. The time before that, his grandfather had died. No, he did not like it when people said they had to talk to him!

As he passed the second floor, he could hear the water running in the sink in Thad’s bathroom. He felt a bit relieved as he proceeded on down to the ground floor. He could sit on the couch for a bit and prepare himself.

The lights were all out on the first floor, though there was a warm glow from the fireplace and the front of the radio receiver as he entered the living room. The drapes were open slightly and he could see the snow falling outside, illuminated by the blue-white glow of the street lights. Jeff padded over to the couch and sat down on the end closest to the fireplace, crossing his hands in his lap and staring into the fire. For several minutes, he sat motionless, thinking about his new life, his fears, and the handsome man with whom he was now living.

He heard the bathroom door open and Thad puttering about in his bedroom. Jeff’s tummy constricted slightly and his eyes moved upward, catching the naked bodies of the young males in the painting above the mantle. In the firelight, it seemed they were the only things in the print that seemed illuminated and they almost seemed to glow, despite the shadow of the mantle between the painting and the fire. He felt himself growing stiff and hard again in his pajamas and he was grateful he was wearing his robe! Thad wouldn’t be able to see it.

He heard the creaking of the stairs as Thad began to come down. Jeff was surprised to see that he was wearing only a robe. His chest and calves were bare, as well as his feet and his thick red curls hung damply over his ears and forehead as he walked toward him. Perhaps he was wearing underwear beneath the robe. Yes, that was it. Surely Thad wouldn’t come down completely naked under the robe, though the thought was truly exciting and gave Jeff a wicked thrill!

Well, how do you feel now?” Thad asked as he stood at the other end of the couch.

Much better,” Jeff replied with a polite, but nervous smile.

Good,” Thad replied as he turned to the stereo. “I’m going to make some hot chocolate. In fact, it’s going to be my special recipe, so brace yourself for the best hot chocolate you’ve ever had! By the way, how do you like Dave Brubeck?”

I like him,” Jeff replied. “Daddy used to listen to him.”

Good. I’m in the mood for some quiet jazz,” Thad replied as he put the album on the turntable. As the music began, he turned it down low and then disappeared into the kitchen, leaving Jeff on the couch, his hands still folded in his lap, his little cock still rigid in his pajamas, and his tummy still a little tight.

It was several songs later that Thad reappeared with a small tray on which he carried a pot and two cups full of hot cocoa. He set it down on the coffee table and sat down on the floor before the fire. Patting the floor beside him, Thad smiled and said, “Come on down here and have the best hot chocolate in the world.”

Jeff smiled and slipped off the couch and down to the floor, uncomfortably aware (and interested) that Thad’s strong legs were completely exposed, though his robe still covered his waist. The man handed him a cup and then took the other for himself. He grinned at Jeff as he blew on his drink and Jeff followed his example before carefully taking a sip.

Well, what do you think?” Thad asked with a smile as Jeff’s eyes grew wide with surprise.

It’s great! It tastes like peppermint chocolate.”

Thad nodded and said, “It is. It’s cocoa with peppermint schnapps.”

Jeff raised his eyebrows and pursed his lips before replying, “Really? It’s good! I love it!”

I’m glad. There’s more where that came from.”

Thad leaned back against the chair behind him as he stared into the fire and drank his cocoa. Jeff noticed that his robe seemed to rise up, revealing even more of his thighs than before and he felt his boy cock throb inside his pajamas. Once again, he was grateful for his robe!

I hope you don’t mind,” Thad said after awhile. “Since I’m used to living alone, I usually don’t wear anything when I go to bed, so I don’t have anything on under my robe.”

Oh,” Jeff responded with a blush. “Well, um, that’s okay.”

I figured that since it’s just us guys that it wouldn’t matter.”

Jeff nodded sagely and replied, “Of course.”

Thad smiled and continued to drink his cocoa. Not surprisingly, Jeff was the first to finish his and as Thad rose to refill the boy’s mug, he leaned over toward the boy, allowing his robe to hang low, though it was still tied closed. But, Jeff was able to see down inside the robe and Thad’s naked body within. His eyes grew wide as he saw the man’s cock, thick and hanging down from the soft, thick red hair around it. Without realizing it, his lips parted and he took in a deep breath. His right hand holding the cup up for Thad to pour the cocoa, his left hand involuntarily moved to his lap and grasped his own stiff boy cock through his robe and pajamas before Thad, smiling knowingly, set the pot back down on the table. He then rose and walked over to the stereo, where he turned the record over and then set several more on the changer. Jeff was sipping his cocoa again as Thad turned and walked back toward him, but the boy saw, with wide eyes once again, that the front of Thad’s robe was slightly tented outward. Was Thad getting hard? Was it really possible?

Jeff felt a surge of excitement and anxiety race through him. Could Thad really be getting hard in front of him? Was there a chance that maybe, perhaps, possibly...

No, it just wasn’t possible. It was too wicked, too evil, too sinful. Only one person could have done that with Jeff. Surely not Thad, too. But, wouldn’t it wonderful if he would? Wouldn’t it be just perfect, just the best thing in the world if once more Jeff could experience the wonderful, fantastic, earth-shattering joy again?

Another penny for your thoughts.”

Jeff looked up and saw Thad smiling at him. He didn’t know what to say and blushed deeply as he turned his face away and looked into the fire. After another sip of the cocoa, he realized he was feeling very relaxed and, well, sexy. He really wanted to run upstairs to the bathroom and rub his dick! If only he could. But, maybe Thad would think he was rude. Or maybe Thad would figure out what he was doing! That would be too embarrassing! No, he had to sit where he was until this conversation, such as it was, was over and he could go to bed. Then he would rub it. Then he would probably have the best rub of his life.

Jeff took another drink of his cocoa and said, “Man, this is the best hot chocolate in the world! It’s the bestest I ever had!”

Thad chuckled and asked, “Feeling pretty good over there, are ya?”

Jeff grinned and finished off the mug. Holding it up, he said, “Can I have some more?”

Little Dude, you can have as much as you want,” Thad replied as he rose up and leaned over.

This time, Jeff was ready. Eagerly, he looked inside Thad’s robe, unaware the man was watching him. And, Jeff was not disappointed. Yes, Thad was getting stiff! His huge man dick was pointing downward and outward in his robe. It looked so thick and the helmet at the end was so wide and big. It was all Jeff could do not to reach forward and grasp it.

Thad poured more cocoa into Jeff’s cup, set the pot down, and fell back down next to Jeff. With his legs crossed, and more relaxed now than he had been, Thad leaned his head back against the chair and smiled at Jeff.

So, you were asking awhile ago if Sean is a sissy.”

Jeff’s smile faded a little and he nodded.

By the way most people think, the answer is yes.”

Jeff’s eyes grew wide and he slowly nodded, muttering, “Oh.”

But, then, so am I,” Thad said softly.

Jeff looked at his hero with awe and whispered, “You are?”

Thad nodded and said, “You see, most guys like to have sex with girls or women. But, there are some guys who don’t. They would rather have sex with other guys. Most people think of men like that as sissies or queers or perverts or other ugly and insulting names like that. The scientific term for a man who likes sex with other men is ‘homosexual,’ though a lot of homosexuals now prefer to be called ‘gay.’”

Gay?” Jeff whispered, his hands trembling so that he had to set the half-empty cup on the hearth beside him.

Thad nodded and said, “Sean is gay. Sean’s a homosexual. He likes to have sex with other men. And, so do I. I’m a homosexual, Jeffy. I’m gay. I like to have sex with other males.”

You do?” Jeff whispered.

His eyes had been locked on Thad’s as they spoke, but a movement below caught his attention. He looked downward and saw the front of Thad’s robe was now rising outward and upward. It had to be Thad’s man dick. Thad’s dick had to be getting even bigger and harder! The folds of his robe were opening, too and now Jeff could just barely see Thad’s balls. They were huge, big and fat, with some red hair on them; not as much as he had seen above Thad’s dick, but there was some there, nonetheless!

You know what sex is, don’t you Jeffy?” Thad asked slowly, softly, sleepily.

The schnapps had made Jeff so relaxed and made him feel so good. His own boy dick was so hard and rigid. He realized his right hand was moving toward it. He was going to squeeze it, maybe even rub it! But, he had to stop. He moved his hand back to the floor and then picked up the cup. No, he couldn’t squeeze or rub his dick in front of Thad. But, Thad was hard! Thad’s dick was pointing straight up now inside his robe and Jeff could plainly see his thick man balls between the folds of his robe.

Jeffy?” Thad repeated. “You know what sex is?”

Jeff nodded silently, his eyes locked on Thad’s balls. Slowly, however, he raised them up to Thad’s face and their eyes met. Thad had seen him looking at his balls. Thad knew he had been looking at his balls! And, Thad didn’t care! In fact, Jeff realized, it was almost as if Thad wanted him to!

And, that’s when Jeff realized it. Was it possible? Thad was doing the same thing that...

Jeffy, can I ask you a question?” Thad softly inquired.

The boy could only nod as he took another drink of his cocoa. He finished off his third cup and set it down on the hearth. As he wiped his mouth with the sleeve of his robe, Thad asked, “At dinner, you said your favorite character in Wind in the Willows was Mr. Toad because you understood his addiction to driving fast. Is there a reason you understood that? Is there something in your life that’s like Toad’s compulsion? Is there something that you just love to do and can’t stop yourself from doing? Something that you just love to do?”

Jeff’s eyes were locked on Thad’s and he felt as if he were under the young man’s control. He didn’t want to nod. He didn’t want to admit it, but he had to. Slowly, he nodded his head.

What is it, Jeffy?”

The boy swallowed and whispered, “I can’t tell you.”

Thad nodded and replied, “You know, Jeffy, there’s nothing you could ever say that would make me love you less, or think any less of you. There’s absolutely nothing, nothing in the world that should embarrass you in front of me. If it will make it easier for you, I’ll tell you my secret.”

Jeff’s lips parted as he gazed into Thad’s eyes. The man smiled and said, “I understand Toad, too. I have something that I love to do, that is just so powerful in my life that it’s almost overwhelming. Mine is... sex.”

Jeff stopped breathing.

I love sex,” Thad replied. “I absolutely love sex and do you know who taught me about sex?”

Jeff couldn’t speak. He simply shook his head slightly, barely moving it. Thad smiled and whispered, “You’re grandfather.”

Jeff’s eyes grew wide and he stared at Thad in disbelief for several seconds before he whispered, “Grampa?”

Thad nodded.

When I was your age, my parents used to get drunk and fight all the time and I would run next door to your grandparents’ house. One night, I spent the night there and your grandfather let me sleep with him. He hugged me and loved me and it was so wonderful. He taught me about love and he taught me about sex.”

Grampa,” Jeff whispered. His eyes grew moist, even as Thad saw the boy’s right hand slip inside his robe.

We took our clothes off and slept naked,” Thad whispered, “ and he felt my cock and stroked it and loved it and it felt so good. And, I felt his and he moaned and told me how good I made him feel. It was the greatest night of my life.”

Thad could see some movement under Jeff’s robe and he smiled.

So, Jeffy, you have anything you want to tell me?”

Jeff nodded and Thad asked, “So, what is it that makes you like Mr. Toad?”

Sex,” Jeff whispered.

I thought so,” Thad replied.

I love it,” Jeff whispered. “It’s all I think about. Rubbing my dick and...”

What do you think about when you rub your dick?”

Jeff’s moist eyes were locked on Thad’s as the movement under his robe became more pronounced. He took a breath and said, “Grampa. Grampa used to rub my dick.”

Did he? I bet it felt good, didn’t it?”

I loved it. It felt super good. It was the best feeling in the world,” the boy whispered. “Next to when... when he licked it and... kissed it... and put it in his mouth.”

Oh, yeah,” Thad replied. “I loved it when your Grampa put my dick in his mouth. It was sooo good! His mouth was so hot and wet and his tongue sliding all over my dick felt so great! Yeah, that makes me so hard just remembering it!”

But, isn’t it wrong?” Jeff asked.

Why do you ask that?”

For the first time in several minutes, Jeff broke his gaze with Thad and looked at the fire. Thad also saw that the movement under Jeff’s robe had ceased. With an infinitely sad voice, the boy replied, “Daddy got really mad with Grampa when he found out that we were doing that. He didn’t get mad at me, but he got super mad at Grampa and wouldn’t let me see him anymore and then...”

The moisture in Jeff’s eyes grew and began creeping down his freckled cheeks. Thad held his arm out and Jeff scooted closer until he was sitting right in front of him. Thad held his face with both hands and said, “It’s not your fault, little one. It’s not your fault and you did nothing wrong. Your Grampa loved you and so did your father. Your daddy was not like you and me and your Grampa. He was not a homosexual and he didn’t understand your Grampa. He thought he was doing the right thing because he loved you so much. He just didn’t understand. It wasn’t your fault that your Grampa had a heart attack and it wasn’t your fault your parents were in a car wreck. Nothing was your fault and you aren’t a bad, evil, wicked little boy. You are a sweet, loving, beautiful, intelligent, and funny boy whom I love very much. Okay?”

Jeff was looking into Thad’s eyes with an almost worshipful look. He nodded and the man added, “And, I want you to know that loving sex is nothing to be ashamed of. Sex is a wonderful and beautiful gift. It feels good and it’s a magnificent way to show your love and your feelings for another person.”

Thad leaned forward and kissed Jeff on the lips lightly and then, his mouth just an inch from Jeff’s, he asked, “May I show you, Jeffy?”

The boy nodded and Thad smiled. Slowly his right hand slid down Jeff’s face and neck and slipped inside his robe. The hand gently moved down the boy’s pajama top and when his wrist came in contact with the tip of Jeff’s rigidly hard boy cock pointing stiffly upward from within the fly of his pajama bottoms, the boy gasped. Thad’s hand moving across the hypersensitive tip of his little penis made the boy jump and gasp and when the man gently grasped his boy cock, Jeff moaned, though his eyes were locked on Thad’s as they both gazed at each other.

Thad’s soft, warm hand held Jeff’s little dick for several seconds, not moving, just holding it as Jeff’s breathing became ragged. With his left hand, Thad slipped his robe from his shoulders and pulled it away from his waist, reveling his erect man cock. Jeff’s eyes grew wide and his mouth opened again as he gazed at Thad’s penis rising thick and stiff from the thick, soft, red hair around the base. His hands were resting on his knees and Thad could see that they were trembling.

Jeffy,” he whispered. “Take your robe off.”

Without taking his eyes off Thad’s cock, the man’s hand still wrapped lovingly around his boy penis, Jeff reached up and slipped his robe over his shoulders.

Take off your shirt,” Thad whispered.

As he stared at his hand holding Jeff’s erection, Thad watched as Jeff pulled his pajama top up and over his head, revealing the creamy white skin of his arms and chest and the coppery pennies of his boy nipples. And, then, without prompting by Thad, Jeff unsnapped his pajama bottoms and slipped out of them as Thad continued to hold his penis. Naked, Jeff stretched his legs outward and leaned back on his arms, his stiffness pointing upward through Thad’s enfolding hand.

Slowly, Thad moved his hand upward and Jeff moaned as he breathed through his mouth and stared at the man’s hand in the soft firelight. As his hand enveloped the helmet of his boyhood, Jeff squirmed and then cried out as Thad’s hand plunged downward. He thrust his hips upward, raising his little boy butt into the air and then fell back down to the floor.

Jeffy,” Thad said softly, “you are such a beautiful boy.”

Jeff could only whimper in reply as Thad’s hand moved back up and then plunged downward again. Jeff was in a sudden frenzy of passion as he felt the hand slowly stroking his rigid boyhood. Thad’s left hand began to softly caress Jeff’s thigh, the fingertips sliding across the soft skin and sending chills through the boy. Then his hand slid up the inside of Jeff’s thigh and the tips of his fingers brushed the sac around Jeff’s boy balls. Jeff cried out.

Uh! Uh! Thad! Thad!”

Yes, Jeffy, it feels good, doesn’t it? It feels so good. Just let it feel good. Just sit back and let it feel good.”

Jeff was squirming madly and Thad could feel his boy cock growing stiffer and stiffer in his hand. He knew the boy was close and suddenly slowed his stroking. Jeff’s eyes widened and his mouth opened in frustration.

Thad! Please! Don’t stop! Make me do it! Please, make me do it!”

I will, Jeffy. I will. I just want to make it last. I want to make it last as long as I can and feel as good as it can. It feels good, doesn’t it?”

Oh, it feels so good,” Jeffy muttered as if hypnotized as he pushed his hips upward, desperately trying to fuck his boyhood through Thad’s fist.

Sit up, Jeffy,” Thad said. “Come here and feel my cock. Feel it, Jeffy. Wrap your hands around my hard cock.”

The boy hungrily looked up at Thad, his mouth still open as he gazed with sex-glazed eyes at the man. He sat up and crossed his legs as Thad simply held his rigid dick. Hands trembling, Jeff reached across Thad’s legs and grasped his thick, hard man cock, causing Thad to groan.

Oh, yeah, Jeffy. Feel my cock. That’s it, feel it. Feel it all over.”

Jeff’s hands began stroking and caressing all over Thad’s erection, from the head down to his balls and pubic hair. The boy ran his fingers through the man’s red hair, over his thick balls and up the rigid shaft of his long, thick, hard man cock. It was as if he were in a dream.

In a soft, hypnotic voice, Thad said, “You love feeling my cock, don’t you Jeffy?”

Oh, yeah, I love your cock,” the boy whispered.

He moaned softly as Thad began to slowly work his hand around on Jeff’s boy dick again, careful not to excite the boy too much, but wanting to make him as horny as possible.

Yeah, it’s so hard and big. It’s hard and big like your Grampa’s dick was, isn’t it?”

Oh, yeah, just like Grampa’s,” Jeff whispered in awe as he felt it all over.”

You don’t feel guilty or ashamed anymore?”

Oh, no. I feel wonderful!”

I know you do, sweetheart,” Thad replied with a smile that Jeff answered with one of his own.

The two sat facing each other, fondling each other’s cocks and balls, Jeff squirming and stroking his hands madly all over Thad’s, Thad slowly fondling the boy’s and keeping him on the edge as Jeff whimpered and moaned.

After a moment, as the boy grew closer and closer, Thad took his hands away from the boy’s penis and balls and Jeff whined in frustration.

Don’t stop!” he cried. “Please don’t stop! Make me do it! Please!”

Thad smiled and leaned over. He took the boy’s head in his hands and placed his full lips firmly on the boy’s, kissing him passionately. Jeff whimpered as he felt the man’s lips against his. And, then, Thad pulled away and gently pushed Jeff toward the floor. As he released Thad’s cock and balls, the boy lay down, his penis stiffly pointing above his tummy toward his head, his legs splayed wide. Thad rose up on his knees, his rigid erection pointing outward over the boy, who gazed upward in awe.

Thad leaned down and, supporting himself on his knees and left arm, began to gently caress the boy’s right thigh as his mouth came closer and closer to Jeff’s little boy dick and balls. Jeff was trembling all over in anticipation of what was about to happen, remembering when his Grampa has sucked his little dick into his mouth and imaging just how intense and incredible it was going to be when Thad did so as well!

Jeff could feel Thad’s warm breath on his thighs and balls as his mouth grew closer and he shivered with excitement when he saw the man’s lips part and his tongue emerge. Thad’s face hovered just an inch above Jeff’s balls and the boy whined.

Please! Do it, Thad! Make me do it!”

Thad’s tongue snaked out of his mouth and toward the smooth skin of Jeff’s right thigh. The boy shivered before Thad even touched him and when his tongue made contact with the sensitive skin, the boy cried out.

Thad licked the boy’s thigh, moving up to the area between his thigh and his dick. He licked the inside over and over, sending the nine year old into a frenzy before moving his tongue to the boy’s balls.

Jeff was babbling and whining incoherently as Thad licked his balls. Slowly, his tongue slid across the sensitive skin of his ball sac as Jeff writhed and squirmed beneath him, crying out in wild abandon. Thad reached down between his own legs and grasped his throbbing cock and as his tongue bathed Jeff’s balls and scrotum, he beat his own cock, causing him to moan and groan around the boy’s genitals.

Jeff was hitting the floor with his fists and grasping at the rug frantically as he felt Thad’s tongue driving him insane.

Please! Uh, uh, nnng, nnng, God, please, do it! Uh, uh, uh!”

Thad was bringing himself closer and closer and didn’t know how long he could last. This was one of the most intense moments of his life and it was almost too much for him. As the feelings in his own cock grew under the pressure of his pounding fist, Thad moved his tongue up the rigid, creamy white shaft of Jeff’s boy dick. The boy screamed as Thad’s tongue reached the sensitive pink area of his circumcision and when he circled the hard, throbbing head of the boy’s cock, he growled and suddenly plunged his mouth down on it.

That was it. Jeff lost it. In his frenzy, his little boy cock began jerking wildly within Thad’s hungry mouth and his body bucked and twisted and fucked up and down as Thad pounded his man cock. Jeff’s orgasm in his mouth was too much as felt the boy penis pulsing and jerking as it tried to pump out the seed his little boy balls were not yet producing. Suddenly, holding Jeff in his mouth as the boy whined that it was too much, too sensitive, Thad’s own cock erupted in to torrent of thick, creamy man cum all over the rug between his legs and on his thighs. He grunted and groaned and whined as the force of his orgasm exploded through his body. Jeff gazed at him through the haze of his own ecstasy and release until it was all too much and he drifted into a peaceful dream world by the fire.

Thad sat between the boy’s legs, panting and resting, shocked at the power of his orgasm, amazed that the beautiful, sweet boy and the eroticism of the moment could have such an effect on him. He sat back on his feet and gazed down at the naked, sleeping boy and smiled as his breathing slowly returned to normal. He was in love with Jeff, as much as he had ever loved anyone and it hardly seemed possible that this angel of a boy was living with him now.

Slowly, he closed the glass doors on the fireplace to extinguish the fire and slipped his hands under the sweet, somnolent boy. He picked him up and, as naked as Jeff, carried him up to his own bed on the second floor. Pulling the covers back, he lay the boy down on his side, gazed in love at him again, and then crawled in beside him. Pulling the covers over them, he snuggled tightly with Jeff, spoon fashion. Even in his unconscious state, Jeff snuggled up behind him into Thad and, with his arm around Jeff and his face buried in the boy’s sweet hair, he slowly drifted off to sleep, his cock still erect and his heart still full of love for the sweet nine year old had come into his life.

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