Oliver's Eatery, a short story by Josh Terrence


Author's note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

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My mom and dad run a food pantry for the needy in our community that keeps them busy year round. Every morning, no matter the day of the week, we're awake and out the door by 5am to start breakfast at the pantry. I see a lot of kids from school whose parents bring them to the kitchen for breakfast because they don't have enough money to feed them at home. It makes me sad to see their faces burning with shame when they spot me working the tray line, but I never say a word about it at school. In my own way, I try to let them know that they don't have to be ashamed, and that I'm grateful that we can help them.

A few months ago I turned 13 and began serving the community with my own pantry, but my mom and dad don't know about it. It's a discreet back door operation that serves disadvantaged males. Just like my mom and dad, I want to make sure that the needy in our city are well taken care of. And just like my parents' pantry, mine draws a long line of patrons who want to eat at my back door. But while my parents seem to attract mostly women and children to their pantry, my eatery is geared exclusively toward men and boys.

The other difference between my service and the one my parents run is that I have a golden rule that every patron must obey: They can eat freely, but they have to restock the shelves before they leave. This makes the eatery an enjoyable place for everyone, including me. I love letting men and boys eat at my back door, and they seem to enjoy it as much as I do. But when they refill the cupboard, we all get something extra out of it.

Where are you off to, buddy?” my dad asked as I put my coat on and prepared to leave.

I thought I'd scout the area before we serve lunch,” I said, earning me an approving smile from my folks.

Make sure you button your coat up, Oliver,” my dad told me. “And don't wander too far from the pantry, son.”

I have my cell phone with me,” I sighed, holding my smart phone up for them to see.

I want you to stay safe, kiddo,” my dad reminded me.

I promise, dad,” I said, leaning into him for a hug.

Atta boy,” he said, giving me a tight squeeze and ruffling my hair.

Honey, don't be gone too long,” my mom said as I prepared to leave for the alley where most of my patrons expect to find me.

I'll be back for the lunch line, mom,” I said as I made my way to the back door of the kitchen. “I love you guys.”

With that, I hurried down the block, anxious to get busy. When I arrived, there were already four patrons waiting to eat. I typically see my patrons one at a time unless there's a crowd, but the four who were waiting for me were very hungry and I decided to let them take turns eating. Taking stock of my clientele today, I felt an urgent need to move things along.

The first one to catch my eye was Obie, a dark skinned cutie with stringy brown hair. He was an insatiable feaster, but he always respected the golden rule. At 28 years old, he seemed to have the endurance to eat endlessly, and the appetite to match. It was always a pleasure for me to open up my back door eatery for him, no matter the time or place. After his feast, he never fails to restock generously.

Right beside Obie was Cole, another cutie whose feast I always looked forward to. He's a poor college student who needs a place to eat, and it's my pleasure to fulfill that need for him. His appetite is voracious, just like Obie's, but he's also very conscientious about filling the cupboards before he leaves. Sometimes, if someone else is feasting or restocking the eatery, he let's me sample the sausage that he's planning to fill the eatery with. It's always hot, juicy and delicious in my mouth, making me long for the moment that it's inserted into the back door of my pantry.

The next patron that caught my eye was Edward, who was smoking a cigarette when I walked up. He's very generous, to say the least. A lot of times, if the eatery isn't opened yet, he'll ask me to open just so he can fill it with a protein packed donation. It's never a question that I'll make a special exception for him by dropping my pants and opening the back door for his hot, satisfying polka kielbasa. I've even let him feast there a few times without restocking the cupboards, especially if I was on my way to school. I knew that I could come back to him after school for his hot beef injection, which was always healthy, potent and satisfying.

Right beside Edward was his son Jamie, who goes to school with me. We're both in 7th grade, but he's a few months older than me. He's really cute, and sometimes after he feasts, we hold hands and kiss. Frequently, he opens up his own back door for men to feast and slide their sausage in, but when we're together I'm strictly there to sate his hunger.

I quickly led them behind the dumpster so I could open up shop. Since I started my eatery a few months ago, my patrons have taken it upon themselves to procure a bus bench so I can be comfortable while I serve up their feast. It's perfect because all I have to do is stay on my knees and hang onto the back rest while they eat until their hearts are content.

As soon as we were behind the dumpster, I opened up shop by kicking my shoes off, then dropping my pants and underwear. When I stepped out of my pants, I climbed onto the bus bench and smiled over my shoulder as Obie used his strong hands to part my plump buns and expose my back door. Soon, I felt his tongue dig in and sighed with relief, grateful for the chance to give back to the community. As always, Obie was in an almost insatiable state as he feasted at my kitchen, eating as deeply as he could while I shivered and cooed.

Out of the corner of my eye I spotted Cole, who had taken his long, thick hotdog out of his pants and started to stroke it. Longing for a taste, I licked my lips and moaned, grabbing his attention right away. With a lecherous smile, he presented me with his meat tube and I quickly wrapped my lips around it for a taste. I could feel my body tingling all over as I sucked every inch of Cole's jumbo sized hotdog into my mouth while Obie cleaned his plate with deep, satisfying licks around my back door. While I was serving up a deep feast and sampling Cole's plump wiener, I watched Jamie approach Cole and pucker his lips. Cole leaned down to accept the cutie's advances and soon, the two of them were sharing a deep, tongue filled kiss while I continued to moan around the hotdog in my mouth.

The taste of Cole's schnitzel was so tantalizing that I found myself in a spell that was only broken when Obie ended his feast and prepared to restock the eatery. Jamie and Cole were still locked in a tongue tango as they trained their eyes on the long Bratwurst that Obie was sliding through my back door. My own Vienna sausage was hard as steel, sticking straight up and pressing into my pubic bone as it oozed with precum. But I was more enamored with the meaty treat that Obie was filling my eatery with to care about that.

When Obie had his entire meat log stuffed into my cupboards, he took the initiative by pumping it deep, making sure that my eatery was well stocked. For a full minute, he ran his log along the halls of my eatery, making sure that no cupboard was bare and that no nerve ending was left unstimulated. As a final gift for the next feaster, he made sure that my kitchen was stocked with plenty of hot, gooey gravy that sizzled as it rushed in. When he pulled his bratwurst out, I let Cole's hotdog go so I could sample the gravy coated treat for myself. He stepped up to me with his meat log still pointing upward, so I eagerly wrapped my lips around it and got busy. Any pantry owner worth his salt knows not to waste food, so I made sure that I sucked every drop of gravy off of his meat log until it was clean.

While I was moaning around Obie's meat log, Edward took his place at the table and started his feast. This sent shivers through me as the piping hot gravy that Obie had restocked was now running from my bowl and being lapped up by my hungry patron. As Edward and I both enjoyed his feast, Jamie dropped his pants and was now naked from the waist down. He and Cole were still locked in a deep kiss, but his older friend was now sliding his finger into Jamie's back door while the cutie moaned with passion. I was moaning a little louder than Jamie, but that was because his dad was eating at my back door with incredible hunger. His teeth were scraping my entrance and his facial whiskers were scrubbing my buns, sending a luscious thrill through me while I continued to enjoy Obie's Bratwurst.

All of the sudden, Edward ended his feast and it was time for him to restock the eatery. I batted my eyes up at Obie, hoping for him to leave an additional donation before he left, even if it was a creamy gift that I could swallow. As I thought about propositioning my cute patron for some additional inventory, Edward's Polish sausage made its easy journey into the always needy halls of my eatery. I could feel the hot, stiff wiener filling my cupboards, then he began to run it back and forth, mixing up a delightful protein shake that he would leave as a final offering.

While I was taking Edward's Polish sausage as deep as he could sink it, I glanced over and noticed that Jamie was on his knees, sampling Cole's hotdog for himself. I could tell that Jamie was in the mood to sample a few sausages this morning, and that soon, he would be opening his back door for business. In the meanwhile, though, his dad's Polish sausage was making me moan with passion while I stayed on Obie's meat tube, enjoying its heat, flavor and stiffness as I sucked lustily.

When Edward finally filled the cupboard with his protein shake, I sighed with contentment around Obie's bratwurst. My top announced that he was pulling out, breaking his son out of his spell long enough for him to spit Cole's wiener out and sit on the backs of his legs. At the same time, I pulled off of Obie's meat log with a slurp and a smile, then I moaned with horny delight as Edward let me sample the meat and the protein shake that had just filled my eatery so perfectly. While I was moaning around the Polish sausage in my mouth, Jamie made his move with Obie, wrapping his pretty lips around his meat log with a satisfied sigh.

With another hot link filling my mouth, I grinned up at my patron while at my rear, Cole was starting his feast. As always, Cole was hungry for a long, indulgent feast, and I was eager to please. The flavor of two different brands of sausage and two hot, gooey shakes provided a nutritious, delicious meal for my patron that I knew he would enjoy. Of course, I was enjoying it, too, especially because my back door was now opening and closing on its own, allowing Cole to worm his tongue deep into my chute and mine for as much flavor as he could find.

When Edward went soft in my mouth, I pulled off of him and smiled while he petted my brown head of hair. He used his fingertips to support my chin, then he leaned in and treated me to a deep French kiss while my back door quivered with delight. While we were locked in our kiss, Jamie pulled off of Obie's cock and took the man's hand with a tender smile. When Edward and I broke our kiss, he smiled as his son made his approach, still hand in hand with our older beau but making eyes at me. Knowing what he wanted, I puckered up and accepted his kiss, moaning into his mouth as Cole licked deeply at my entrance. Our tongues were dancing and I was moaning wildly while we kissed, running my fingers through his dark curls while Obie stroked my dark head of hair. Out of nowhere, I felt Cole's tongue leave my hole, only to have it replaced with Edward's.

When it dawned on me that Edward was feasting again, I felt my Vienna sausage pulsate with pleasure, then he ended his impromptu feast and Cole prepared to restock the eatery with his jumbo sized hotdog. My back door was wide opened by the time Cole slid his meaty offering through it, then he buried it all the way inside while my body burned with pleasure. When he started to pump it in and out of my entrance, I began kissing Jamie even more hungrily than before while my little Vienna sausage tingled. As I was enjoying a thorough restocking of my cupboards, Obie got on his knees behind Jamie and opened up his back door with a deep tonguing that made the cutie pie moan loudly into my mouth.

Two minutes after Cole inserted his old fashioned wiener into my back door, he filled my well stocked cupboards with a generous helping of man sperm that made my spine quiver. My smooth peanuts were pulled tight to my body as I kissed my classmate with desire, enjoying the sizzle of Cole's final offering while I listened to the moist squelching of Obie's feast at Jamie's back door. Instead of pulling his wiener out right away, Cole made sure that his sperm was well distributed in all of my cupboards by running his firm meat log back and forth for another satisfying minute. When he announced that he was pulling out, Obie ended his feast while Jamie and I broke our kiss so he could take his turn.

When Jamie posted up at my eatery, I felt my eyes roll back in my head and let loose with a long, delirious cry of pleasure that was only muffled by the insertion of Cole's sperm coated wiener into my mouth. Soon, I was sucking merrily on the jumbo sized hotdog while my cute makeout partner tongue-speared my hole. I heard him taking deep whiffs of my back door while he feasted, no doubt loving the aroma that was rolling into his nose while the flavor filled him with happiness. Knowing that my dreamy classmate was taking such pleasure in eating at my pantry gave me a feeling of sheer euphoria that was only enhanced by the giant, tasty hotdog I was moaning around. I noticed that Obie was standing by, stroking his own Bratwurst while I was treated at both ends, and decided to take the initiative again by reaching out and wrapping my hand around the base.

With a tongue eating at my back door, a hot, stiff wiener in my mouth and a hot meat log in my hand, I felt like I had reached the pinnacle of public service. Just when I thought I couldn't be in a more pleasurable place, Jamie replaced his tongue with his own frankfurter, slipping it into my back door and pumping it in and out while I moaned continuously. In no time flat, I felt his wiener spew a hot, boy sized shake into my cupboards that I was so happy to receive. When he took his frankfurter out, I rolled my hips around, sending the signal that I was in the mood for another feaster. Answering my call of passion, Jamie parted my cheeks and tongued my hot hole until Obie encouraged me to stop stroking his meat tube. Much to my delight, he took up the task of servicing my pantry by sliding his summer sausage back in and giving me a deep, thorough restocking that lasted well over five minutes. While Obie was restocking my cupboards, Jamie got behind Cole and began feasting at his back door. After a luscious, minute long tonguing of Cole's hot pucker, Jamie ended his feast and crawled onto the bench beside me. I pulled off of Cole's hotdog with a loud slurp and watched with a naughty smile as he mounted my cute classmate from behind, feeding him deep strokes of his jumbo sized wiener.

As it usually does, Jamie's cute smile made my mouth water for a kiss and soon, we were lost in a makeout session. My hard Vienna sausage oozed with continuous precum while Obie's hot, firm bratwurst filled the cupboards of my eatery to capacity, then he topped it off with a hot helping of his Grade A man gravy, which only complimented his already generous contribution. When he pulled his long, hard bratwurst out of my back door, he slipped it between me and Jamie, letting our dueling tongues lap away the delicious spunk. With naughty smiles, we lapped away every sticky, gooey strand that coated it while Cole finished in Jamie's hot hole.

When it was over, Jamie and I melted into each others' arms and fell into a deep, delicious makeout session on the bench that lasted until my next patron arrived. Breaking my kiss with the cutie, I quickly re-assumed the position for Dennis, a big bellied silver daddy with an insatiable hunger for boy butts. As he dined at my eatery, I grinned over my shoulder and set my eyes on his long, thick tube steak. Having had my pantry restocked many times with the premium cut that he offers, I settled in for a fulfilling, late morning visit while my rigid Vienna sausage stood straight up like a tiny monument.

My dad was watching as I floated down the sidewalk, my back door still trembling with pleasure after a full morning of hosting feasters and accepting long, meaty donations. When I approached him, he looked down at me with questioning eyes and asked, “Is everything okay, Oliver?”

“Yeah, I just feel really good because I've been helping some of my friends eat today,” I said as I entered the pantry.

“Oh yeah?” he said with a smile of pleasant surprise, and I nodded. “How did you manage that?”

“My friend Jamie and his dad came with some friends, and they all brought sausages,” I told him with a proud smile.

“Good for you, kiddo,” he said, his smile big as he reached out and ruffled my hair. “I'm really proud of you.”

“I like making sure people can eat, dad,” I said, moving through the crowd of hungry families that had gathered for the hot lunch that we were getting ready to serve. “I wish more people would have been able to eat this morning, though.”

“Well, maybe you can do better next time, kiddo,” he said.

“Do better at what, honey?” my mom asked, and I grinned up at her.

“Helping people eat,” I told her, and she gave me a proud smile. “I've been doing that all morning.”

“Are you planning to head out again after lunch?” she asked, and I nodded eagerly. “Well, I hope you get plenty of visitors, honey.”

“Me too,” I said as the first tray came down the line. “I'm hoping that a lot of people will want to come eat this afternoon.”

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