Part 6


To say I were bricking it on Monday wouldn't get nowhere near it, I reckon some builder could have put up a whole new estate with the bricks I made!

I wanted to go home after school, change into something decent like, but Reecie were having none of it.

"School uniform," he insisted, "We are two schoolboys who go to  the same school."

I knew he were trying to be nice, making it so it weren't so obvious that I comes from a Council flat an' his parents have got a well posh house. Like, fuck it, I weren't ashamed of living in a Council flat, but I were fucking scared of going into some well posh house, so it were well good of Reecie, making us both look the same, like.

Actually, it weren't at all that bad. Reecie's father met us at the gate of his house, well, gate of the driveway to his house, an' he gave me a great big smile, an' holds out his hand for me to shake it.
"You, obviously, must be Jason," he says, "And I, equally obviously, am Reece's father. I'm delighted to meet you, Jason. Reece can't stop talking about you, so it's really nice to meet you. Come on inside, tea will be ready shortly."

"He don't seem too bad," I manages to whisper to Reecie an' he gives me a wink, "You wait," he sorta hisses and trots off inside.

It ain't a house, it's bleeding mansion! We goes past this, I spose it were the dining room, what's got this table an' enough chairs round it to seat about thirty people, "We only use that at Christmas or for one of Father's special do's," Reecie whispers, "We'll be having tea in the breakfast room."

I has to stifle a giggle at that, tea in the breakfast room!

Well, now I does feel like I just dropped in from Mars or somewhere, cos the table in there is set for just the four of us, like plates and napkins an' things, an' this bloody great thing in the middle, what has to be silver what's got piles of fancy cakes on it.

Tea, for me, is a bit of toast what I eats in front of the telly, nothing like this!

"Reece usually has baked beans on toast with a poached egg when he gets home from school," a woman what has to be Reecie's mum were saying, "Would that be alright for you, Jason dear?"

Fuck me, that were more like bleeding dinner than tea!

Well, I gets through it without dropping anything on meself, an' then Reecie's father says Reece should help his mother clear things up while he has a little chat with me.

Now I's nearer shitting meself than bricking meself cos, course, I'm expecting to get ripped into little bits, told I'm a disgusting pervert and never to see Reece again.

"Nothing to worry about, Jason," Reecie's father says, "We are not giving you the eye over to see if you are a suitable friend for Reece. We are perfectly well aware that `friend' does not accurately describe the relationship between you and Reece. Even without Reece constantly talking about you, it was clear from the way you two sneaked looks at each other throughout tea, and from the nature of those looks, that your friendship is very close, very personal, and, probably, very intimate.

I hoped that Reece had made a good choice for his boyfriend, and he has not disappointed me. I know you can't take him home for tea, I noticed there were a few other boys who must go to your school around where you live, and being noticed taking Reece home would not be good for the school social life of either of you."

"We'd be dead before the end of first break," I muttered.

"Exactly," he says, "So you must feel free to come here with Reece whenever you want. The fact that your relationship has not only survived, but clearly flourished, under the prevailing circumstances is a testimony to both Reece and you, and I will not tolerate you two only being able to see each other when Reece goes for rather extended cycle rides on Sundays. There," he finishes, "I've had my say and I expect you boys have some homework to do in Reece's room now, so off you go and do it."

"I don't bleeding believe it," I says to Reecie when we's up in his bedroom, "Your old man basically said he knows we're getting it together an' he's okay with it."

"I did tell you he was okay, didn't I? That he knew we would be messing around, and if we weren't we should be. He likes you, though, so there's no problem. You are officially accepted as boyfriend to Reece Maggs."

"How can he know, though? He's only seen me once, an' that at your tea table."

"One thing you do have to understand, Jase, is that no way can you pull the wool over Father's eyes. His job involves him being able to see through people, see what they are like, in about ten seconds flat."

"What's he do then?"

"He's a High Court Judge now. He used to be just a QC, but he's been a Judge for about three years now."

"You what!" I squeaked, "I'm snogging the son of a bleeding judge?"

"Bit more than snogging when you get the chance," I giggled, "Does that make it more kinky for you?"

I did get my homework done, and so did Jase, and we managed to find time for some serious snogging as well before Jase had to go home. Father took us both in the Range Rover, and, just before we stopped to let Jase out, a bit of a walk from where he lived, just in case he was spotted getting out of a Range Rover, Father gave us a gentle warning.
"Age may be just a number, boys, but in your cases the important number is sixteen. Remember that, and take care."

"Thanks, Father," I said as we were driving home, "You were brilliant. Thanks for liking Jase, thanks for making him feel at home and welcome, thanks for letting me see him more, thanks for being alright about me having a boyfriend. Thanks for being so understanding."

Had I just said all that? Parents were stupid, weren't they" Didn't understand teenage boys? My Father did!

I went to tea at Reecie's on Wednesday and Friday as well. Like on the Monday, I didn't dare use his school bus, but there was an ordinary service bus that went to where he lived, and it was only a few minutes after the school one, so I used that. Just like on the Monday we had tea, went to Reecie's room and did our homework and then spent the rest of the time before I had to leave, snogging.

It was crazy wank time when I got home because although we did manage  a few gropes, they were through the trousers gropes, not the proper groping and sucking we wanted to do.

I wasn't looking forward to Saturday, it would be my first Saturday without Mr Kevil, an' I were a bit down about it till I got a call from Reecie, asking me if I wanted to bike over to his and spend the day with him. We could go to the pitch and putt in Holt if I fancied cos his father was okay about him going there with me, and I didn't have to worry about paying, his father would take care of that.

His father took us there in the Range Rover, getting there about ten, paid our entrance fees and gave Reecie a twenty pound note so we could have some refreshments in the cafˇ there, and told us he'd pick us up at two sharp.

There was nowhere for us to go for a snog, so we just played pitch and putt, or `hit and hope' as Reecie called it, had a few laughs, told dirty jokes and just behaved like two teenage boys without any of the agro bit. Just plain, simple fun, and I had a great time cos I were just doing                         normal things, but doing them with me boyfriend.

"That was great! Able to not have to grab every possible second to snog because you never know when you're going to get another second to snog in."

Jase gave me a dig in the ribs with his elbow, because we were in the back seat of the Range Rover and Father was driving. "Didn't hear that, did you, Father?" I asked in an over-loud voice.

"Hear what" Father answers, I couldn't see his face, but I bet he was grinning, and I gave Jase a punch on the thigh. "See," I said. `Told you."

"That hurt," I mock complained, but we couldn't start a play fight in the back of a moving car, so I'd have to wait till later to get my own back, and, anyway, we were arriving at Reecie's now so revenge would have to wait.

"Out you get, boys. Follow me. Something to show you."

Reecie and I looked at each other, did a synchronised teenage shrug and followed Reecie's father down a brick path.

"Where are we going, Father?" I knew there was nothing but some scrubby woodland down the end of this path. Our real garden ended in an eight foot high brick wall with an old gateway arch set over the path just before it ended. The wall and the path were, so Father said, sixteenth century, and had originally been part of the wall round an old monastery that wasn't there any more. We owned the scrubby woodland, but never used it for anything, apart from me playing in there when I was younger.

I was wrong! There was something at the end of the path the other side of that old archway. The path had been extended, not paved, just a sand path, and a space had been cleared in the scrubby woodland, and in that space was a caravan!
Not a new one, clearly second hand, but what on earth was it doing there?

Father stopped us just short of the archway, and there was a post with what seemed to be a covered up sign on it. That was new as well! I hadn't been down here for ages but it certainly wasn't there the last time I was here.

Father walks casually up to the post, whips the cloth covering whatever was underneath it, and it is a sign.

                 REECIE AND JASE



And in fancy Gothic style script, so it looked in keeping with the old wall and gateway.

"What's going on, Father?"

"Your mother and I felt you two needed your own space, somewhere to do all your homework. It is fully wired and there is a computer in there and it is on wi-fi, so you can do some, er, research. We thought it might come in handy for when Jason wants to stay over as well. Far better out here, away from the house. You'd keep us awake all night playing loud music if you stayed in your room."

Father had bought us a caravan to be alone in!

"And here," he pointed to the arch, "See these two little black spots? That's an infra-red alarm, so if anyone decides to ignore the notice you'll know you have unwanted visitors. Best leave you to it, I suppose." And off he went!

`This can't be for real!" Things like this just don't happen! Not in real life they don't! They do in novels or in films, but not for real not in real life! Parents do not buy caravans for their gay sons to shack up with their bent boyfriends in, not in real life!
And that sign. `Reecie and Jase', not `Reece and Jason' but `Reecie' and Jase!! How did they know I called my boyfriend `Reecie'?

I followed Reecie to the caravan and followed him inside. It wasn't all fancy, like Mr Kevil's camper, but it did have a couple of well comfy looking seats and a desk with a twenty two inch i-Mac on. And it did have a bed. A double bed.

I looked at Reecie in amazement, his parents knew we'd be using this for naughties, they knew it and that's why they'd gone and got it, so we had somewhere private to do naughties in!

"Won't have to bike out to Mr Kevil's no more," was all I could think of to say.

"And you are going to text your mother to let her know that you'll be having a sleep-over at a friend's place tonight." I looked Jase straight in the eyes, unsaid message, ` no way are you going to chicken out of your first try at bumming me!'

"How did they know to put Reecie?" I changed the subject, the thought of bumming my boyfriend almost scared me soft.

"And `Jase'. I suppose we must have been careless, let it slip out. It's a good warning though, we mustn't let the rest of the world know what we feel about each other, so it's a good job we can't meet and talk in school."

I found the alarm switch, turned it to `On' and stood with my hands on my hips,

"Well, you just going to stand there, gawping like a goldfish, or are you going to do something useful and start molesting me?

"Oh, I'm gonna molest you, don't you worry about that! I gave Reecie a shove onto the bed and jumped on top of him, and went for a snog while my hand scrabbled at his belt and zip, trying to get inside his jeans.

We played `perv and victim' for  bit, Reecie deciding he wanted to be a Victorian melodrama type victim. All `Oh no, I'm a poor helpless virgin. Please don't do unspeakable things to me', making blatantly false efforts to escape while he helped to get his clothes off.

"Ah ha!" I hammed when he was nicely naked, `Now I have you at my merciless mercy."

"Oh, please, sir, take pity on a poor defenceless and helpless boy! Please, I beg you. Please do not let me escape your evil clutches, never to be defiled. Take pity, sir, leave me a virgin no longer."

Course, we was laughing like drains, an' I fell over twice trying to get me jeans off, an' course, that just made us laugh even more. I managed it eventually an' flopped down naked beside me naked boyfriend.

"Fucking love you, Reecie," I pants.

"Prove it!" and this time I was not messing, I really was fed up with being a virgin, I'd been in love for the best part of a month now and I was desperate for us to do the final thing.

"Scared I'll make a mess of it," I mutter, "Christ, Reecie, I really wanna get me cock up your bum. Want yours up mine an' all. Just scared I'll bollocks it all up."

"You want me to fuck you?"

"Course I bleeding does."

"Oh, wow!"

"Don't you want to?"

"Course I bleeding does," I mimicked Jase, and we fell about laughing again.

"Gonna need some lube, though, vaseline or something. Won't go in without any."

That was a problem, I doubted if Father's thoughtfulness had extended to providing the necessary lubrication for anal intercourse.

"And condoms, I suppose."

`Those we do not need! I have no intention of my first fuck being done by a boy wearing a rubber glove on his cock!"

"Yeah, don't want one on yours, either."

"You stay here. And don't you dare wank!" I bit my bottom lip a few times to make it a bit sore, lugged on my jeans, no pants, and a top and dashed up to the house where our bikes were and peddled like crazy into the village. "My lip's sore," I whined to the woman in the chemists , "Have you got any Vaseline, or anything?" She took a look, tut tutted and came up with a tube of something. "This is better than Vaseline, that would be quite unpleasant on your lips." I stopped myself from asking if it was alright for bums, bought it and rushed back to the caravan and tossed the packet to Jase.

"Lubricating jelly," I read from the packet, "Safe for use on minor open wounds, dry skin and sensitive areas. Sounds good." I grinned. `Sensitive areas' usually meant `genital areas' and I guessed that probably included virgin bum holes.

Weren't no escape this time, I had to fuck Reecie. I weren't scared of doing the actual thing itself, yeah I might make a mess of it a time or two, but I knew eventually I'd get me cock inside him. I knew it might hurt him a bit, but Reecie weren't gonna let a bit of pain get in the way, an' to tell the truth, I were as gagging to get me cock in him as he was to have my cock up him.
It were what would happen after what scared me. Like there weren't no going back from a fuck, were there. A fuck were so final, it were the ultimate thing. Yeah, I knows it sounds weird cos I'd let Mr Kevil fuck me loads, but that had just been cos I found I liked having cock up me bum, it hadn't been nothing serious.

It weren't gonna be like that with Reecie, Reecie an' me is in love, an' putting me cock up Reecie's bum were a bit like putting a ring on his finger, an' I didn't know if he really wanted a ring on his finger. Like, fucking him, an' him fucking me an' all, were either gonna bind us so tight together nothing were gonna be able to get between us or it'd be like, 'No, don't want that. Goodbye.'

I spose I thinks too much. Not like Reecie thinks cos he thinks clever, I just thinks all emotional like, spose that's why I been crying so much since I met him.

Weren't no point in saying none of that to Reecie; oh, he'd understand alright, but he'd go into some long explanation of this and that and it'd still end up with me fucking him anyway. I looks at him an' he's got his clothes off again an' the little sod is teasing me, cos he's on his back with his knees by his ears so his hole is winking at me and he's grinning at me between his legs.

Course, me cock knows what it's gotta do, don't it, and it lunges into life as I dives in for a taste of his hole. Weird, never thought I'd ever want to eat hole an' now I can't get enough of Reecie's. I gets some of that jelly stuff on me finger and has a go with that at his hole, cos it's well wet an' a bit open from me tongue. It's a bit tight, an' his hole don't seem to want finger like it wants tongue, but it goes in in the end and Reecie gives a big sorta moan sorta sigh sorta grunt an' I starts wiggling me finger around inside him. It feels well strange, having me finger up his bum, it's all sorta hot and a bit wet up there, an" I is wondering now what it's gonna feel like for me cock.

One finger ain't gonna open him up nowhere near enough cos my cock's fatter than a finger, so I manages to get another one up there, an' Reecie's got his eyes closed an' his mouth clamped shut, but he ain't telling me to stop.

There's this weird little lump up inside his arse, an' he goes a bit crazy like when I touches that, but it ain't `stop it' crazy, it's more like `do that again' crazy, like what he went when I licked his nipples.

Then it's `moment of truth' time, an' I gets me fingers out an' puts the tip of me cock against his hole, an' Reecie opens his eyes and give me a great big smile, like this is the best thing ever I can do for him.

It's a bit of a struggle at first cos it seems like his arse don't want cock in it, but then it sorta changes its mind and instead of trying to keep me cock out, it sorta sucks it in.

Reecie's yelling when it goes in an' I realises he's yelling, `Yes. Yes. Yes.' Time an' time again, over and over, an' he moves his legs a bit so's they's wrapped round me waist an' I knows he's trying to keep me cock inside him.

Not that me cock wants to get out of him! Oh no, me cock loves being where it is! Me cock ain't never felt nothing like this! It were like the feelings I get when Reecie sucks me, an' he's got well good at sucking now, but like I dunno how many times much more intense. Me cock's got this hot, wet, sorta rubbery, velvety, I dunno whaty, sheath all tight round it, an' I can move it in an' out, wiggle it about a tiny bit an' Reecie's eyes have gone all glazed, an' he's got an amazing smile on his lips.

I dunno if I were like this when Mr Kevil fucked me, praps I were, but there ain't no doubt Reecie's loving every second of having me cock inside him.

An' that were another thing, me cock is actually inside him. Not inside him like it is when it's in his mouth, but properly right inside him, an' that is so mindblowing!

I starts fucking him proper then, not cos I thought it were time to do that, cos thinking didn't come into it, I were just doing it, an' that's got Reecie yelling again, but this time he's yelling `Fuck me Jase' over and over as though I needed telling to do that now!

I'm fucking him all ways now, long and deep, fast and slow, short and shallow. Mixing them all up like what Mr Kevil used to do to me when he fucked me; stopping for a bit to get me breath back, then starting again, sweating like a pig.

Course, I spunks in the end, spunks inside him, and that were even more horny than spunking in his mouth, an' I didn't think there could be anything more horny than spunking in Reecie's mouth an' him eating it all up.

"Love you, Jase," he murmurs when it's all over an' I'm cuddling him tight, an' this big firework goes off cos he said he loves me after I've fucked him, an' I knows we's gonna be alright, an' I never had to worry that he'd never wanna see me again.

"Love you, Jase, love you, love you, love you." I know I was babbling but I was only babbling the truth, I knew Jase was frightened of fucking me, and I knew why he was frightened; he was frightened that when I knew what it was like to be fucked I wouldn't want to know him anymore, put all the blame on him if I didn't like it. But he'd fucked me anyway, he'd fucked me because I wanted him to fuck me, even though he was scared he could lose me, he loved me enough to give me what I begged for.

`Love you, Jase', didn't get anywhere near it!

"I'm still here," I smiled weakly, weakly because I was a wet rag, "Not going to lose me. Love you."

And there was only one thing my big, strong knight without any shining armour on could do – he burst into tears. Again!

Father knew when we went up to the house later for tea; sausage, egg, beans and chips, real, proper boy food. Father looked at me, no words, just a look, and I looked back, a proud ex-virgin. "I suppose that settles it," he sighed, and gave me a wink. Father gave me a wink. Father does not give winks. Father had just given me a wink because he knew Jase had fucked me! "Good for you," he said.

Of course he may have meant those words in a different way, put the emphasis on the first two words and not on the last  one, meant that sausage, egg, beans and chips were good for me, but I don't think he did!

I did the most magical thing what I've ever done, later. Me an' Reecie went back to our caravan, yes OUR caravan, an' snogged an' cuddled an' talked an' played loud music an' had a couple of fags, an' then we went to bed an' I slept with Reecie. I slept with my boyfriend, an' that were more magical, more important, than fucking him.

We biked over to Mr Kevil's on Sunday morning, after sucking each other off of course, an' sat outside his cottage an' thanked him again for letting us use his camper, and Reecie explained that his father had got us a caravan and put it well away from the house and we could use it as much as we wanted, and Mr Kevil didn't have to run any more risks for us.

"See you at the wedding," Reecie called out as we biked back up his drive.


I did get a ring for Reecie, course it were only a cheap one from a stall in the market at Holt, but I didn't have no money so a cheap one was all I could afford. It were a bit like a signet ring, you know, one of them with a sorta shield on the front, an I gives it to him just when we started back after the summer holidays. We'd been together for almost a year an' I were still just as crazy about him as I'd been from the very start.

"You don't have to wear it," I says when I gives it to him, "In fact you'd best not wear it, cos it's only gilt an' it'll get well manky if you has it on your finger for more than a couple of days."

Well, he don't say nothing, an' course, I's thinking that's another one you got wrong Jason, when he sticks it on his finger, an' you can guess what finger he sticks it on, can't you. Yeah, that finger! An' when we gets to his place, he holds up his hand for his parents to see he's got a ring on that finger!

I didn't say anything when Jase gave it to me. I knew it was only a cheap thing, and Jase made no pretence about it being anything else. Cost a fiver at the most, but a fiver was a lot of money to Jase and he'd spent it on me, bought me a ring, not to wear, but just to show what he felt about me.

I put it on the engagement finger, and the Fates must have been in a good mood because it fitted perfectly. Jase looked horrified when I put it on that finger, a ring on that finger is a fairly unambiguous statement, and he looked as though he wanted the ground to swallow him when I waved my hand in front of Mother and Father.

Mother was magnificent. `Oh, Reece," she cooed, "Jason, how lovely of you."

Father just said, "I take it we don't have to get rid of that caravan for a bit," and he gave me a huge smile and held out his hand for Jase to shake.

As far as my parents were concerned, Jase and I were now officially engaged, and whatever their real thoughts were, they made it seem as though they were genuinely pleased.

"No wedding bells till you've finished the Sixth Form," Father muttered to me while Mother was hugging Jase and going all gooey with him, but that was enough to let me know that Father was not at all unhappy with my choice of a boyfriend, and, like me, he thought it was going to last for some time yet, at least.

When you apply thought and logic to our situation, some things accepted as conventional wisdom no longer make sense - Jase often teased me that, even at just fourteen, I sounded like a lawyer in one of my Father's courtrooms , and I'd tease back that I bet he didn't think that when I was sucking his cock, and, of course, it was things like sucking Jase's cock that I was thinking about.

My parents must know that Jase's cock spent a lot of time in my mouth, and my cock spent an equal amount of time in his. Despite my earlier misconceptions, my parents were not stupid, the way they'd behaved from the moment I admitted to Father that I had a boyfriend was more than sufficient evidence of their lack of stupidity, and their every action since had been in complete and utter contradiction of received conventional behaviour and wisdom.

They accepted without question that I was gay, Father had known I was gay even before I did, but no attempt to tell me that it was wrong, or just a phase and I'd grow out of it.

One meeting with Jase had been enough for Father to decide that my boyfriend was not some horny teenager after a bit of pretty boy bum just to see what it was like; he decided that Jase is as gay as I am and that he really was utterly gone on me.

The proper behaviour then for my parents was to make sure I never saw Jase again, instead they bought a caravan for us to be alone together in, with a double bed for when Jase was able to stay for the night! That simply did not make sense according to conventional ways of thinking, and the net result of their illogical behaviour is that there were two gay boys who are madly in love, have been together for a couple of weeks short of a year, and are gloriously, wonderfully, idyllically happy.

The possibility that conventional behaviour and received wisdom might just be completely wrong is a possibility that ought to be considered by the people who make laws.

I mentioned this to Father and his reply was that, when I'm a QC or an MP or perhaps both, I should set about doing something about it.

So that was my future decided, there and then; I would marry Jase, become a QC and an MP and devote my life to changing the laws so that boys like Jase and I would be able to live as they wanted to live, and not be hounded, bullied and despised.

`Dunno what's going on in that head of yours." I looked up from what I was doing and smiled at my Reecie, "But it ain't having the desired effect on this." I held up Reecie's just about more than semi with one finger and my thumb. "I been working on this useless thing for about twenty minutes, an' all it's done is stay floppy."

I didn't mind that Reecie was still soft, I actually liked playing with him when he was soft, bending it between my fingers, going down and nuzzling it, kissing it gently, just generally adoring it. It's the most important bit of any boy, and Reecie's important bit was all mine, no questions ever asked.

He, like me, was still smooth, we both shaved everywhere, no way were any sneaky body hairs going to spoil our enjoyment of each other. He'd grown a bit since he first gave me the honour and privilege of seeing him, feeling him and sucking him , he was pushing five inches now, still slender, but perfect in every way. I loved his cock, and Reecie loved me loving his cock.

That was why it is so nice playing with him when he's soft; it's not sex when he's soft, it's just straightforward love.

"I was just deciding our future," I twinkled my eyes at my wonderful boyfriend, my future husband/wife.

"Oh, yeah? So what you got planned for me?"

"For us, not just for you. It will be a joint operation."

"Nice to know," I grinned, "Don't think I'd want to be operated on without you being there."

"Oh, you won't be, you're a vital part of the plan."

"And the plan is?" I kissed the smooth skin where his pubes should have been but weren't.

"We get married, I become a QC and an MP, and we set about changing the world for gay boys. It might help if you're an MP as well. The same party of course."

"Of course," I sniggered, "Couldn't have this," I lifted his soft cock again, "In opposition to this," I leaned over and gave it a kiss, "Wouldn't do at all for a married couple, would it?"

I was teasing, didn't think he was at all serious – he is fourteen and I'm fifteen, hardly the ages when one's able to change the world.

"Actually, I am being serious. I do want to marry you, and I am going to devote my life to trying to improve things for boys like us.

We are unbelievably happy, aren't we?" Rhetorical question, Father had shown me many times the effectiveness of rhetorical questions; "And why are we able to be unbelievably happy?" Another one. "Because the people who could have made our lives a misery, chose to break all the rules, do whatever they possibly could to make sure we are together as much as we possibly can be. They know we have sex, and do they try to stop that? No, they get us our own space where we can do things without fear, without guilt.

That's what all boys like us should have, that's what I am going to devote my life to trying to give them. And I don't give a shit that I'll get pilloried, condemned and publicly reviled, I'm going to do it!"

Amazement must have been written in capitals all over my face! Reecie never swore. I do, swear all the time, but Reecie doesn't, and he'd just said `shit'! Reecie meant every word of it, every single word!

"An' I'll be there holding your hand while the shit comes at us." That ought to have been a cue for some tears, bugger me but do I go in for tears these days or what! Reecie didn't give me the chance to shed a few though, cos he just looked at me , knew beyond all doubt that I would be there, holding his hand.

"You want to fuck me now?" We don't fuck a lot, which may seem strange because we could fuck as much as we wanted, nothing to stop us, but I suppose that's exactly what we did, we did fuck as much as we wanted.

Jase had explained why he had been so worried about fucking me that first time, and I understood exactly what he meant. He was used to getting fucked, Mr Kevil had fucked him every Saturday and Jase liked being fucked, he enjoyed it, it made him feel good. But it was sex, nothing more, just sex, and Jase didn't want it to be like that with us. Fucking was something special, the ultimate step, something to be reserved for very special occasions when we needed more than snogging and cuddling and sucking to express what we felt for each other.

Jase was a hopeless romantic; he claimed to be just a `well bent bugger', but no way did that get anywhere near describing him. The daft sod would cry just because I was with him, and he probably howled his eyes out on those nights we weren't together. I understood what he meant about fucking – there were loads of ways we could have sex without fucking – so fucking was for something very special.

This was a very special moment.

I did fuck him. I think we managed about four different positions somehow, and when we changed from one to another, my cock stayed inside him.

We were going to change the world. We were!

We started changing the world about a week later. We were in the lunch queue at school, just after drinks; I'd be going to Reecie's for tea, and as school ended at quarter to three and there'd be eggs on beans and toast waiting for us at Reecie's, food, even for healthy adolescent boys, was not required. We were together, of course, no boy imposed prohibition on Years Ten and Eleven fraternising, talking about nothing while we queued.

Reecie suddenly gave a grunt; Harry Turnbull, Year Eleven, school champion bully was right behind us and had punched Reecie in the kidney!

"Fucking queer," he said, loud enough for anyone in hearing distance to hear. "Now I gotta wash me hand cos it's just touched a fucking queer!"

I spun round, ready to land one on Harry Turnbull. No-one punches my Reecie and gets away with it, but Reecie stopped me, just quietly held out his arm to stop me. "Excuse me," he says, all calm, "I didn't quite catch what you said. Would you mind repeating it?"

Course, that made Turnbull go puce with rage, an' he snarls, "Fucking queer, you gonna be bending over for your queer mate again?"

Now I really wanted to clock him one, but Reecie wouldn't let me.      

"So, we have one instance of actual bodily harm, two instances of sexually motivated hate comments; that makes three criminal offences, and one instance of slander in front of numerous witnesses. That of course, is a Civil Court matter. You will be hearing from my solicitor very shortly."

An' he just turns away an' starts chatting with me about climate change what they's done in Geography this morning!

Course Bully Turnbull don't know what to do. One thing sneaking in a sly, unseen punch and making comments, a different thing entirely when the attention of around a hundred boys is on you. He did the only thing he could do, he slunk off, casting more, "Fucking queers,' behind him.

Should have completely destroyed our cred, being openly called queers, but it had the opposite effect. Kids all around were grinning and giving Reecie thumbs up signs, and a few of the nearest ones were giving Reecie mock arm punches and shoulder slaps and even saying things like `Good for you, well done Reece."

Perhaps it was possible to change the world.

"You're supposed to just hold my hand when the shit comes, not attempt to confuse the situation by resorting to assault and battery." I kept my face absolutely straight when I said that – I'm starting to get quite good at doing that now – though Jase knew I was really saying `Thanks for being there for me'. "There will be more of it to come. Just remember Ghandi."

How the fuck was I sposed to remember someone what I'd never heard of? So Reecie starts me political education, an' he don't stop with Ghandi, he chucks in Mandela an' all. Don't do it boring like, does it in the caravan when we's properly naked, an' he sticks on the films what's been made of them two, an' I starts to understand that sometimes, just sometimes, that it is possible for some daft bugger what feels strongly enough about something to actually do that an' change the world.

Reecie don't stop at making a tit of the school bully, though, does he. Oh, no, he does the job proper.

We gets it next day at first break from the kids what's in Turnbull's class. Apparently some bloke in a business suit with a briefcase turns up and demands to see Turnbull in the Head's office, an' just to make sure Turnbull agrees to go there, this bloke's got a policeman with him. Not one of your common or garden plod types, oh, no, this one's got a fancy uniform with silver stars on his shoulders.

"The solicitor is a friend of Father's," Reecie tells me, "And, by the sound of it, he brought along the Assistant Chief Constable for good measure. Father really does not like to do things by halves."

Neither does his bleeding son! Apparently my Reecie had told his father all about the incident and between them they had worked out what Reecie called `the appropriate course of action'.

Offered the option of Magistrate's Court or an official police warning, Turnbull went for the warning, the solicitor telling him after he'd been warned, that it amounted to him pleading guilty in court and would go on his nice, new police record. For the slander, Reecie was willing to accept a public apology, nothing less.

Turnbull had to stand in front of Reecie's tutor group and apologise for his lunch time remarks, and Reecie, so I was told, just asked, very politely, if Turnbull could be explicit about what he was apologising for, so the kid had to say, in front of Reecie's tutor group that he was sorry for calling Reecie a queer and suggesting that he indulged in sexual activities with his friend.

Turnbull was dead. Reecie, was a hero. No-one gave a toss anymore that Reecie was gay, no-one even gave a toss that it were pretty obvious that me an' him were boyfriends.

A kid of fourteen had changed the whole attitude of a school full of boys; the world don't stand a chance!

"I know what it meant to you, giving me that ring." We were, perhaps not surprisingly, snuggled up in bed together . I kept it safe, in a ring box in a drawer in the caravan, and took it out now and again to slip on so Jase could see me wearing it. It wouldn't last for more than a couple of weeks if I kept it on all the time, we both knew that. "Means that much to me as well." This was the difficult bit, I did not want to upset Jase, offend him, and what I was going to suggest could so easily do that.

"I'm going to keep it safe as long as I live, and when I'm not living anymore it will be on my finger when they bury or burn me."

Naturally, Jase was already crying!

"But I want to wear a ring on that finger all the time, Jase, and, if you can bear it, I'd love it if you had one as well."

Jase was on his second hankie now!

"Would you be terribly hurt if Father and Mother gave us those rings?"

That was two soaked hankies, tissues now!         

"They know we're never going to split up, Jase, that in five or six year's time we will be a married couple, and they want to show they want that for us as much as we want it."

The pile of soggy tissues was beginning to mount up!

"Shall I say they can, Jase?"

"We can wear them when we change the world," I managed to get out between blubbers and sobs. "We are gonna do that, Reecie, we are gonna do that!"


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