One Great Summer


A. Richard Hunter

Disclaimer: This is a fictional story. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is entirely coincidental. A. Richard Hunter is the pseudonym of a Los Angeles based author. While many of his stories claim or infer a real life connection and are written in first person for effect, such is done only to increase the enjoyment of the reader. These stories are for entertainment only. All persons are encouraged to practice safe sex at all times and remain aware of the threat of AIDS and the fact that this threat is once again increasing after some years of decline. Young persons choosing to read this story should not use this story as an example nor should they seek to find relationships on the internet without taking the strongest precautions possible and knowing with certainty who they are communicating with. Young people who feel overwhelmed and alone because of their feelings and who have had thoughts about ending it all should take heart. There are many who want to help you and will welcome you. If you have ever thought of harming yourself, talk to a parent, a religious leader, a trusted school counselor or call

1-800-SUICIDE. Or go online at to find a helpline in your country or region. BE SAFE, BE LOVED, BE ALIVE!

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Chapter One

I was coaching the community basketball team, Juniors Division, which meant the boys were between the ages of 12 and 17. Why I had been chosen for this responsibility was certainly beyond me. Other than having the distinction of standing 6'5" in height, I had absolutely no qualifications to coach a basketball team. Heck, I barely even knew the rules of the game myself. What the heck was a ‘key’ and why was there a three second rule about being in it?

My only reason for accepting the position was that I loved being around teenaged boys and this would give me a great opportunity to spend time with this group of fifteen boys and get to know them. It’s not like I was an old man. I was only 22 myself but most of the time - according to family - I still acted like a kid. I plead guilty.

We had started out quite slowly, mostly because I didn’t know what I was doing and had to just sort of fumble my way through. The boys - my boys - were mostly on the short side ranging from barely five feet tall to as much as 5'10". I knew that most of the other teams were substantially taller and that we would have little chance of winning games without a miracle. But, I was determined to just make it fun for these exuberant kids and let them have a good time.

The biggest surprise - and greatest reward - came two weeks into our practices when the Athletic Director from the community center dropped by. I had the boys split into two groups with one practicing layups while the other practiced free throws. I hadn’t a clue how to plan a ‘play’ and figured at least we could get some lucky breaks if a hole developed in their defense or we picked up some foul shots.

The director was carrying a large box as he approached me, grinning as he watched the boys, assuming that I actually knew what I was doing.

“Here you go.”

“Go what?” I had no idea what he was referring to.

“Uniforms. Here’s your team uniforms for the kids.”

I almost flushed with embarrassment realizing I’d never even thought about uniforms. Of course they needed uniforms. Unless they wanted to play in their underwear. Whoa! Now there’s a thought.

 “Oh, yeah. Great. I was wondering about those.” Sure I was.

“Just one problem, Pete.”

“Oh? What’s that?” I was prepared to be told that now that we had uniforms, we were going to get a real coach.

“The turnout this year is better than we’ve had in awhile. We only have twelve uniforms and the community council won’t pop for the funding for any more.”

“What do the other three boys do?”

“Chances are you’ll be lucky if twelve boys show up to any one game. There’s always a reason to keep a few away. Dates, school events, homework. You remember how it is.”

Not really. I glided through school on my good looks and winning smile. NOT! I was never that interested in school so I sailed through with just good enough grades to graduate and get into community college. I’d never been much of one to participate in school events and I had no interest in dating girls and was too closeted to even hope to find a boyfriend.

“Uh...sure. But...”

“Look, Pete. This will make it a little tougher on you, I realize, but the only way you can handle it is to distribute the uniforms at each game to those who show up and gather them up at the end of each game. That means you’ll be stuck washing a bunch of uniforms after each game. Can you do that?”

“Sure.” I wasn’t happy about it. At least not at this moment. It took me about five minutes after the director left to see the silver lining.

Basically, distributing the uniforms at the beginning of each game meant that I had an excuse to be in the locker room with the boys as they changed. Gathering up the uniforms gave me that same opportunity a second time and - even better - observing them as they went from lockers to showers and back. This was far more than I had ever hoped for.

But it wasn’t over yet. No one had ever accused me of being stupid - because I wasn’t. I suddenly realized that, given my position, I had the authority to set rules. I started thinking about it and decided - both for my own ulterior motives as well as some general concern for the guys - that I would require that all the boys had to wear athletic supporters - jock straps. It made sense and I really didn’t understand why it wasn’t required. I had already been to a couple of practices of other teams just to see how the coaches handled their boys and had noted that a number of the boys wore boxers under their uniform shorts. (I discovered this on the occasion when one boy landed on his ass, legs spread in my direction, and I was gifted with a very good though brief view of everything that made him boy). Without proper support, a boy could be hurt. Maybe not permanently, but what fifteen year old wants to have pain in his balls during a game as a result of too much ‘swing’ and walk off court holding his nuts while all the little girls are giggling at him. So, jock straps it would be. And that meant stripping off underwear before a game to put on a supporter.

My second rule was even more brilliant. I decided I wanted to promote proper hygiene among these kids (yes, that’s what I told myself) so there would be a rule that every boy who played in a game would be required to shower properly after the game before getting dressed. It enhanced my viewing opportunities and also assured that I wouldn’t be holding my nose as I drove them all home in the big van. On second thought, I decided that I would enact the showering rule after practices, as well.

I called all the guys over and they sat on the polished wood floor, cross legged, in a semi-circle around me. I showed them the uniforms, explained the shortage problem, and then announced my two rules. I heard a lot of groans and saw some up turned noses in disgust, as well as four or five boys who seemed to actually be scared. They were the younger ones who hadn’t yet experienced high school and the physical education department’s own mandate regarding showers after class.

I noticed that one of the boys, a fifteen-almost-sixteen year old named Jimmy, was actually looking at me with what seemed to be an almost knowing grin. Had he read my mind and discovered the excitement brewing within me at the prospect of seeing the boys undressed or was he just smart enough to figure out for himself the real reason for my rules.

“Okay guys. So here’s the drill. All of our games are on Saturday afternoons at three o’clock. We’ll be playing some of them here in our own center and the rest on the home court of the opposing teams. That means we have a lot of time free for practices. Does anyone object to having practices on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at about 7pm? That should give you time for dinner. We’ll keep the practices to no more than an hour and a half and we will never have a practice on a Friday night in deference to those of you who have more amorous plans for that particular night.”

I looked around and saw a few blushing faces and a couple of guys slapping one of the older boys on the back and winking at him. The boy’s name was Marshall and he was rumored to be sexually very active and to have already, at sixteen, dated and bedded some eight or nine of the best looking girls at Apple Valley High. Supposedly, some were even cheerleaders. He certainly looked gorgeous enough to make the rumors believable.

One of the more studious looking boys chimed in. “What about homework, coach? My parents will kill me if practices and games keep me from getting my homework done and getting good grades on it.”

“If the decision comes down between coming to practice or getting your homework done, you get the homework done and forget the practice. This isn’t life or death. We’re all here to have fun with this and not make it into some kind of pressure cooker. School will be out in another month - five weeks - and we can certainly live with it for that long. After that, it will be ‘no more homework, no more books, no more teachers dirty looks’.” It was a popular song on the rock radio stations just now.

“Okay, so. From now on, bring a change of clothes with you to practices so you have something clean and sweet smelling to change into after you shower. I’ll make certain there are towels in the locker room for you. I want you wearing your jocks for practices and games. I don’t want to be blamed for you not being able to have children in ten years because I failed to make you protect your family jewels properly. Any questions?”

I knew it was coming before I heard Jimmy’s voice, because I could see it in his smirk and in his eyes. “Are you going to be required to shower at the end of practice as well?” He had already proven to be quite a tease just in the short time since we put the team together.

“Well, that’s a very good question. I’m not going to be running up and down the courts and working up a sweat - except maybe on my lower lip from yelling at you guys - so it doesn’t seem that it would be necessary.” I actually thought I saw the brightness of his smile fade just a bit when I said that.

“Okay, back to practice. Jimmy, pick seven guys for your team and, Marshall, pick six for yours.” Then, just to get even for the brief moment of panic he caused me with his question, “Jimmy, your team is skins.”

Jimmy flashed a big, knowing grin at me again as he called out his first choice and then see-sawed with Marshall until all boys had been selected. I was pleased that there were so many cute boys on Jimmy’s team for the opportunity it would provide to look at them naked from the waist up.

As the teams began to assemble, those on Jimmy’s team began peeling their T-shirts over their heads and tossing them to the chairs at the side of the court. Of the seven boys on Jimmy’s team, six were drop dead cute and one was pretty okay. It seemed that Marshall had selected his team members on the basis of their skill at the game while Jimmy had chosen his team based on their looks. It made me stop and wonder. I just might have a co-conspirator.

Chapter Two

I had decided that it was best to play things carefully and not make any unproven assumptions or I might just 'out' myself in the worst possible way. It would be greatly frowned on if it were discovered that I was gay, given my position. Even if no one could ever claim I had acted on my so-called desires.

I simply watched the boys play, offered suggestions now and then, and tried to play it cool. I made it a point not to go into the locker room before and after practices when the boys were changing and showering - much as I wanted to - because without the uniform distribution and collection chores of a game I couldn't think of a reasonable excuse to justify my presence.

It was definitely frustrating to be around all these good looking teenagers and knowing that by just making an appearance in the locker room that I could feast myself on their lithe, athletic bodies in their completely natural state. But I decided to play it cool and not give anyone reason to suspect me of any impropriety.

My first 'viewing' opportunity happened one Thursday night. It was our last practice - a practice game against one of our competitors - before our first game and we needed to really get prepared. We had even developed a few plays with the assistance of one of the boys older brothers who had been an All-State player in high school last year. But a snag had developed.

We had the community center reserved but only until 9:00 pm at which time we had to vacate the center so the custodial staff could finish their work. That was generally not a problem but on this particular Thursday, our most important practice, our best player, Jimmy, our star, was delayed in a wrestling meet at school. It was an important meet against their cross-town rivals so it couldn't be skipped. It was of equal importance to our basketball practice.

I usually provided transportation for all of the boys who didn't have drivers licenses and their own transportation and as my watch ticked past 7:15 I began to get a little jumpy. Jimmy would be wrestling next, but who knew how long his match would take. I had eight boys around me in the bleachers and they were getting restless as well. Time was counting down fast. If we didn't show by 7:30, the referees would call the practice game off.

"Greg. Here's the keys. Take the van and get all these guys over to the center and get the uniforms distributed. We have enough with these seven plus probably two or three of the older boys who are likely there to get started. Then come back to get me and Jimmy. By then, he should be finished and we can get over there and get him on the floor before too much damage is done. I know Robert will be there. Tell him to take charge until I get there."

The older boy, who actually had his license but no car of his own for transportation, quickly got the boys out of the gymnasium and out to the van. I watched as Jimmy came walking out to the mat wearing his very snug bright red singlet. I was immediately entranced by him. This was the best view I’d had of him yet, with a very nicely rounded bulge up front and two exceptionally sculpted melons in back. Added to his very cute face and the just developing and lightly defined muscles in his chest, shoulders and arms, made him an absolute vision. I smiled weakly at him as he looked up at me in the bleachers and grinned.

Jimmy's match took almost thirty minutes and he was successful in his quest for a victory over his opponent. Both of the boys were quite thin - they were wrestling in a category that required them to weigh less than one hundred twenty pounds - so it was very pleasant to watch them rolling and flipping, hands grabbing between legs, crotches seemingly pressed against butts. I was just starting to really enjoy myself when it was over with a slap on the mat.

Jumping up from his win, Jimmy ran over to me, his gym bag in hand. He looked frantically at me and Greg, who had just returned ten minutes earlier. "C'mon, lets go. It'll take almost ten minutes to get there and I've missed almost half the game already." One thing about Jimmy was that he was intensely interested in competition. Not that he had to win or got moody when he didn't. He was a very upbeat, happy sort of kid. But if there was a competition, he wanted to be part of it just for the fun of the game.

We ran out to the van and I hopped into the driver's seat. Jimmy hastened around the other side and into the passengers seat, leaving Greg to mutter and climb into the back through the sliding door. As soon as we were in the van and pulling out of the high school parking lot, Jimmy spun around in his seat.

"Where's my uniform?"

Greg turned around and pulled the uniform from the box in a seat behind him and handed it to Jimmy. Meanwhile, Jimmy was digging into his gym bag and pulled out his jock strap. I found that surprising as I would have expected he was already wearing it for the wrestling match.

Without further hesitation, Jimmy peeled the shoulder straps of his singlet off his shoulders and pushed the top down to his waist. Raising up, he pushed it down over his legs and kicked it off his feet. Not only wasn't he wearing a jock strap, but he wasn't wearing anything under the singlet. He sat there, not more than eighteen inches from me, stark naked. Nude. Gorgeous.

Jimmy was only 5'7" tall, thin, about one hundred fifteen pounds, and very smooth skinned with a slight coloring from last summer’s tan over most of his body. There was a little fuzz starting to appear on his lower legs and, of course, at fifteen he had a respectable, albeit small, patch of black pubes crowning the base of his dick. And what a nice dick it was. Soft, about four inches long in repose, laying over a pair of very nice, very loose and very plump balls. It was a miracle that I was able to keep the van on the road and not kill the three of us, especially when he kept spreading his legs and tugging at his dick as though wanting to stretch it out for anyone who was looking.

He seemed to be in less of a hurry to put his basketball uniform on than he was to take his wrestling uniform off. Only when I noticed that his dick was beginning to plump up and lengthen did he seem to rush to pull on his jock and then his uniform. A minute later we were pulling up in front of the community center.

We could already hear cheers and jeers, as well as a whistle or two blowing, as we rushed into the community center and across the foyer and into the basketball court. I looked at the scoreboard as we entered and groaned at the lopsided score. Six points for our team, fifteen for our opponents. Jimmy sprinted around the edges of the court and motioned one of the smaller boys on the court to exchange with him at the next whistle, then turned and reported to the scorekeeper. We were already two minutes into the third period when Jimmy took to the court and it was immediately evident that he made a difference.

Being slight of build was not a hindrance but a benefit to him. He was close to the ground with extraordinary control of the ball as he dribbled down the court. Hand signals that he had developed with his teammates were designed to signal what he was about to do but to be totally misleading to the opposing team. By the end of the third period, the score was all but tied, just one point difference.

I gave the boys a pep talk and a round of congratulations as they sat, huffing, wiping towels over their faces, necks and chests, drinking Gatorade by the gallons. I singled out Jimmy for extra congratulations because of his superior leadership as the Captain and the way he had inspired and reinvigorated the team as soon as he took to the court. His return smile told me he was exceptionally pleased to have me single him out for praise, as though my opinion actually mattered to him.

The fourth period was a little more difficult. The score was back and forth constantly, first with us up by one point, then down by one, then up, then down. As the clock began counting down the remaining thirty seconds of the final period, we were still down by one point and I could almost see the wheels working in Jimmy’s mind as he looked around, searching for a golden opportunity. Finding none, he headed for the basket, amazing me with his control of the ball as he skirted opposing team members, even sending the ball through one gangly boys legs and catching it on the other side as he pressed his approach.

It was almost as though he had planned it and, I suspect, he probably did. He was in a very difficult position to make his shot but he moved close to an opponent and reared up to shoot. The other boy made a sudden attempt at a block and, in the process, fouled Jimmy. The whistles blew and Jimmy was taken to the foul line for his foul shots. I smiled inwardly, knowing that Jimmy excelled at foul shots and knowing that this game was in the bag.

The first shot sailed through the net without even touching the rim. Jimmy rolled his shoulders and shook out the tension in his arms and hands as the ball was captured and returned to him. Taking his time, he sighted in, bent his legs, sprang and released the ball. It hit the front of the rim, on top, careened against the backboard, then plunged down through the net.

An opponent took the ball out as the clock started counting down again, with just five seconds left. The opposing team member tossed the ball to a teammate who spun and made a futile attempt at what amounted to an almost full court shot, falling a few yards short of the end of the court. The buzzer sounded and my boys were jumping and running around, patting Jimmy on the back, hugging one another. A few of the boys, including Jimmy, ran over to me and hugged me around the waist, Jimmy being the one to hold the hug the longest. It was, all in all, a spectacular evening.

As I herded the boys into the locker room, I was elated about our win but giddy with anticipation at what was yet to come. This would be my first time in the locker room with the boys as they changed and showered and there were definitely some of the boys that I was simply dying to see as they peeled their shorts and jocks down over their slim legs and revealed their boyhood. I kept mentally reminding myself to be discreet and stay alert so as not to be caught openly staring at a boys privates.

I positioned myself at one side of the room, just inside and to the right of the door. Across the room from me were the lockers, against the opposite wall. To my right were toilet stalls. And, to my left was an open area of the room that had a half dozen shower heads along the wall. There were no cubicles or partitions, no enclosing wall around the shower area, and no curtains. It was just one big room with only a small rise of a border around the floor of the shower area to keep the water inside the area and not running all over the room. It couldn’t have been a better opportunity for me to see what I was dying to see.

I watched surreptitiously as eleven boys started undressing and tossing their uniforms into the box I had placed in the center of the floor. I drank in the sight of almost a dozen boy-butts, the straps of their jocks outlining their pale melons. I swallowed hard as the first of the boys slid the jocks down over smooth thighs and calves and kicked them off, heading across the room for the shower area.

Other than for seeing Jimmy on the drive over to the game, this was my first time seeing any of the boys bodies and it was like being in a candy store, not knowing where to look first or when to move on. There were too many to look at all at once so I chose my four favorites and decided to focus on them. There would always be many more games and therefore opportunities to look at the other boys.

Jimmy, of course, was an absolute favorite. He had stripped and then stood at the lockers just talking, seemingly in no hurry to shower and get dressed. He had the most perfect ass I could imagine, two small and rounded globes perched at the top of smooth, slender thighs that were just beginning to show the signs of real muscular development. He was entirely smooth except for the small pubic bush and the smattering of short hairs just beginning to sprout on his lower legs. He raised the arm closest to me and scratched at a spot at the center of his back, just within reach, and I could see that he had the start of a small line of dark hairs under his arm. As he finally headed for the showers, I watched the movement of those small globes, wanting to run my hands over them. Once in the shower area and under a spray of water, Jimmy faced me and, it seemed, he was intent on continuing to face me. Even while rinsing the soap off of his chest, he let the water spray run over the top of his shoulders and run down over his chest and belly rather than turning toward the spray. I was convinced that he was either teasing me or trying to get me to do something that would slip me up and give me away. I almost did just that. When I noticed that he was getting aroused, his dick having plumped up and extended to about five inches and lifted up slightly from its usual resting place on his balls, I almost gaped at him open mouthed until my senses kicked in and I looked away.

I took the time to look over Donny, my second favorite boy. Unlike Jimmy’s dark sensual features, Donny was blond haired yet nicely tanned. He was very lean and tight, his rib cage outlined beneath his flesh, but not in a way that made him look skinny. He looked very athletic. He was a bit shy and it had taken him awhile to finally strip off his uniform and head for the showers.

Donny was only 13 but I had developed an interest in him early on. He always wore cutoff denims, frayed around the edges, and they were cut so short as for the legs to be sliced off even with his crotch. What’s more, they were always about three sizes too small for him so that they fit so tightly that the seam split him down the center with one of his balls on each side, and the seam in the rear sinking deep between his nicely rounded cheeks. It seemed to me that he appeared to be quite well hung for a boy his age, judging from the size of the bulge that was always present, but decided it might only be an illusion because of the tightness of the denims.

As Donny moved into the shower, I was surprised to see just how well endowed he truly was, hanging a little over five or five and a half inches while completely flaccid, with two very respectable balls hanging about four inches down between his smooth thighs. My breath caught in my throat as I stared at him, watching his every movement. A truly breathtaking and unexpected gift from a boy just entering his teens, although I suspected that he had started puberty earlier than most. That was confirmed, in my mind, when I saw that he had a bush of sandy colored pubic hair which was almost a rival to that of Jimmy.

The third boy I focused on was Marshall. While he was definitely handsome and a bit older than most of the boys, being almost seventeen, my primary fascination was all the rumors I had heard about his conquests of the girls at school and wondering if he was especially gifted to explain his prowess. I soon found out that he had a magnificently attractive body with slightly defined muscles in his chest, shoulders and stomach, a very tight body and a firm little ass. He was smooth as glass all over, except for a very thick yet neat bush of black hairs that surrounded the base of an average sized cock and a nice tan that was all over. But, there was no discounting the fact that, in the nude, he was extremely attractive and exuded a powerful sexuality, and I noticed that most of the other boys paid attention to him as he moved across the room toward the showers. Perhaps they were satisfying their own curiosities as well.

I watched intently as Marshall soaped his body, almost groaning audibly when he gently and meticulously soaped his private parts, almost seeming to be paying loving attention to them and reveling in the attention it was earning him from the other boys in the room. I almost expected that at any moment I would see him hard, throwing his head back, uttering a moan and shooting his load across the shower floor. He acted as though oblivious to the attention but I knew he was both aware and loving it.

I finally moved my attention to David, a dark haired fourteen year old that was very shy and not in the least interested in athletics of any kind. I suspected that he was gay, but perhaps was not even aware of it as yet. He was slightly feminine in his movements but was very cute and extremely sexy in his own way. David was very thin and had a nice tan that befitted his olive skin inherited from an Italian father.

I had known David since he was about eleven years old because of a summer job I had done a few years earlier in painting his parents house. I had suspected then that he might have gay tendencies as he spent so much time watching me, talking to me, asking questions, asking if I had a girlfriend, and more. He always wore tight tennis shorts and no shirt when I was there working and I had been delighted that his parents had virtually compelled him to join the basketball team in an effort to get him out of his shell, and astounded at how beautiful he had become as a fourteen year old. His black hair and blue eyes were almost more than my tortured heart could stand.

Now, seeing David walk across the room, having completed his shower, the water dripping from his lithe body as he moved toward the rack of towels, I remembered our many conversations when he was younger and wondered if he was still interested in me - that is, if he had been those three years earlier. I comforted myself in looking at his very attractive cock, his loose balls, his pitch black nest of public hair and solid little ass. I had wondered three years ago what he might grow up to look like in a few years and thought about it often over the years, and now I was seeing the result and it was fantastic.

Things seemed to move in fast motion after that, the boys dressing and streaming out of the locker room, me moving about to gather up the white towels that had been dropped here and there on the floor. Once I had gathered all the uniforms and towels, I headed out to the van and loaded the laundry and the boys for the trip home.

Jimmy lived closest to me so he was the last one to be dropped off. As we pulled away from Donny’s house, Jimmy started up a conversation that would prove to bring about another change in my life.

Chapter Three

“What kind of work do you do, Pete?”

“Huh? Oh, I have a small public relations and advertising business.”

“What do you have to do for that?

“Well, I advise clients on approaches to particular situations to maintain their public image, I help them design advertising campaigns and select the best market and media for their advertisements. I work with smaller businesses so usually our advertising is in newspapers and local magazines.”

“Are you working on any advertisements right now?”

“Yea. That kind of exclusive little store at the mall, called KC’s, is a new client. They’re having me work up a campaign to introduce a new line of underwear for teens.”

“Oh. Girls or boys?”


“How are you going to do it?”

“Not sure yet. Just started on it. But, given the properties of the garments I will probably put emphasis on the comfort and feel of the material.”

“Do you need any models?”

“Probably, but I’m not sure yet.”

I dropped off Jimmy in front of his house and didn’t think another thing about the conversation. Apparently the same could not be said of Jimmy. Three days later, after another game, Jimmy started asking more questions about what I was going to do to advertise the new line of underwear. When I responded that the thought I was working on right now was to emphasize that the underwear was so comfortable, it was like wearing nothing at all.

Jimmy picked up on it. “Yea. You should have a model in two shots. One wearing the underwear, the other totally naked and the caption being what you just said.”

I was shocked at how simple yet intuitive Jimmy’s suggestion was. Before I could even answer, could compliment him on such a good idea, he hit me with another shot.

“I can be the model.”

I think the van swerved a little just then as my head jerked to the side to look into his beaming eyes. He was totally serious. “Why?” It was all I could think of to say.

“It would be fun. Or, do you think I’m not attractive enough to be the model.” I saw a little pouting look come over his face and, although I knew it was a staged look, I had to hasten to put his concerns at rest.

“Not at all. I can’t think of anyone more attractive than you for the campaign what with being so athletic and all. But, wouldn’t you be embarrassed to be photographed in the nude? What if kids at school, your friends, were to see the ads?”

“So what? I’m not ashamed of my body. I just wouldn’t want to have a lot of people around while the photographs are being shot. That might be a little too much for me. How many people would there have to be at a shoot?”

I wasn’t thinking. I was on automatic at this point and not realizing that I was getting myself in deeper with each honest reply I gave. “Just me. I’m too small to employ a lot of people. I do everything myself at this point.”

“Great!” He seemed a little overly enthusiastic. “When can we do it? I mean, that is, if you want me.”

The emphasis he put on ‘want me’ jarred my nerves and started a reaction in my shorts. I was glad it was dark out as we pulled to a stop in front of his house as I was certain that I must be tenting my slacks. “You need to ask your parents. They’ll have to sign a permission slip since you’re underage.”

“Okay. I’ll call you as soon as I talk to them.”

That call came not more than fifteen minutes after I got home. Jimmy’s parents had consented, the permission slip would be signed the next time I was at their home to pick up Jimmy for a practice, and we would tentatively do the shoot on a weekend soon.

The weekend opportunity came sooner than I had planned because it was the only weekend where I was totally un-obligated to a game or practice or other appointments for the next several weeks. I didn’t know how long it would take to get the shoot right since I was looking for a certain feel and would be experimenting with some special effects in order to allow it to be obvious in the one part of the ad that Jimmy was naked without it being obscene or too revealing. So, since we were shooting out near the river about an hour and a half away, we decided to take some gear and camp out rather than having to rush to get the shoot done and get back home. And, if a problem came up, we could always take more shots on Sunday if necessary.

On the drive out to the river, Jimmy seemed a little tense yet in an excited way. I could only imagine what was going through his head. I would never have been bold enough to take off my clothes and pose naked for photos - legitimate or not - at his age, yet I suspected there was more going on than had yet been revealed.

As I pulled into a very private spot that I knew of and had camped at on many occasions as a teen, we started unloading my car. I had brought a Nikkon Digital camera and various lenses and equipment, along with my laptop so I could download the pictures and view them quickly to determine if I was getting the shots I needed. I was far more excited about this than I could possibly let on. If Jimmy had any idea how worked up I was about photographing him in the nude, he may have run screaming from the area. I was even wearing a jock and two pair of tight briefs in order to contain my manhood from making my excitement obvious.

As we set up and got to work, I scouted the area for a lush field of grass. I wanted Jimmy to have nature as his backdrop and I found a spectacular site just thirty yards from where we set up camp. There was thick, dark green grass with taller grass further back ablaze with bright yellow flowers. A great site and a perfect backdrop.

I returned to the camp and told Jimmy I had found the perfect site. I pulled out a package of briefs and handed them to him. With a smile, he stood, stripped his shirt over his head, unbuckled his belt and dropped his trousers and then pushed his briefs down his legs. I was again struck by how beautiful he was and now sexy he was. I had no experience with gay sex - or sex of any kind - yet I had read things and I had a burning urge to drop to my knees in front of him and take his beautiful, soft penis in my mouth. Fortunately, he pulled on the white briefs covering the object of my obsession and I was able to snap back into control.

We walked over to the selected site and I posed Jimmy and began shooting. I was capturing shots from all angles and was pleased that the bulge at the front of the briefs was so enticing as it would make for great shots. I also knew that I would keep every shot I took for my own pleasures of viewing and nightly jack-off fantasies and wanted to have the best ones possible. We moved about the area, getting different scenic elements in the shots, trying numerous poses and positions. At one point, I had Jimmy lay down on the grass, on his back, his hands behind his head, one knee pointing in the air. This was a shot I wanted for myself as I was not sure the store would find it acceptable for their ad. As I focused my camera, I noticed that the front of Jimmy’s briefs was somewhat tented and when I looked over the top of the camera, it was obvious that he was rock hard, his cock pointing up and to the left along the leg seam. I quickly snapped several shots, including some close-ups, before letting on that I had noticed his erection.

“I think we’d better take a little break, Jimmy. I don’t think we would be able to use any shots I might take right now because of what’s going on in your briefs.” I smiled weakly, trying pass it off as a joke.

Jimmy rose up, looking down and pulling the waistband of his briefs out, peering inside. “Yea, I guess a boner wouldn’t look good in the ad. But, can you take a few shots of me anyway. I want to see what I look like on your computer.”

Oh, he was a devious little rascal. I knew what was happening now but I didn’t care. This was too good an opportunity to pass up. “Uh, sure. What do you want?”

“Just start shooting and keep shooting and I’ll keep changing poses and we’ll see what happens.”

I started shooting. Jimmy stood facing me, his briefs bulging enticingly, then turned sideways, revealing the way in which the briefs poked out. When he turned his back to me, he slid the briefs down below his ass and I snapped away furiously, caught up in the moment. By the time he was facing me again, his briefs were around his ankles, his hard cock standing up, twitching and swaying slightly as he moved about, the whir of my camera almost a steady hum as I just held the shutter button down and it continued clicking away without interruption.

Finally, having kicked off the briefs, Jimmy walked over to me, still naked, still erect, still in control of everything that was happening, and took the camera from me. “My turn.”

“What do you mean, your turn?”

“You got to take nude pictures of me. Now I get to take nude pictures of you. Fair is fair.”

When I hesitated, Jimmy - very boldly - moved in front of me and started unbuckling my belt and lowering the zipper on my Dockers. He pushed them down my legs and looked at what was a very hard erection barely contained by the three layers of clothing I had put on that morning. It took him all of two seconds to have all three layers at my ankles, my cock jutting forth and twitching just as was Jimmy’s. I removed my own shirt and wasn’t really certain I wanted to do this but started to move toward the site until Jimmy came up along side of me.

“Let’s download the pictures to the computer first and see what we’ve got.”

Both of us, naked and hard, sat around the computer for the next thirty minutes and looked at all of the shots that I had taken thus far. I quickly found a shot of Jimmy in the briefs that I instantly knew was the perfect shot for the ad. As we continued, I discovered that I had, without intending to, also gotten the perfect shot of Jimmy naked that, with some of my computerized special effects would render it usable for the ad. The rest of the nude shots were too wonderful for words.

“So, are you going to delete the shots you don’t use.” I was silent for a moment, not wanting to lie to Jimmy but also not wanting to lose all these wonderful shots of such a beautiful, naked, fifteen year old. Jimmy let me dangle for a few more moments. “Nah. You’ll keep them. I know you will. I want you to.”

I looked at him, surprised, and could see the sparkle of lust in his eyes. I’m certain he saw it in my eyes and in my expression as well, and he stood and moved closer to me, reaching over to touch my erection for just a split second, and then jerk his hand away with the realization that he had crossed some imaginary line. I knew what he wanted, and I wanted it to. I refused to let my fears defeat me this time when I had such a beautiful boy that had risked everything to show me what he wanted. I reached out and took his erection in my hand, gently feeling its girth and power, and slowly stroked up and down it’s six-inch length for a few seconds while the realization dawned on Jimmy that I wanted him.

The smile that spread across Jimmy’s face was beatific. He quickly extended his hand once more and wrapped his palm around my aching hardon and we stood there, dazed by our lusts and the realization that we each wanted the same thing, stroking one another.

I was suddenly concerned that someone could observe us, even float by on the river and see us standing there jacking each other. So, we quickly gathered up our things and locked them in the car and climbed inside the camp tent and on top of the sleeping bags, and I zipped the opening up.

Jimmy lay on his back again, arms behind his head, his hard cock hovering a little above his belly and pulsing with unconstrained excitement. I lay on my side, facing him, and ran my hand over his chest and belly, down his legs, as he stared at me with eyes glowing red with lust. Never having been with anyone before, I was uncertain what to do but recalled my earlier thought and decided to give it a try.

Leaning over Jimmy’s body, I took his erection in my hand and pointed it up, then leaned further in, hesitating, uncertain, finally opening my mouth and wrapping my lips around Jimmy’s overheated and immensely hard cock. As I moved my mouth and tongue over his hard flesh, I had an entirely unexpected reaction. It wasn’t disgusting as I had always expected it to be. It seemed natural. Right. In fact, I almost felt a sense of deja vu in both the experience and the bland taste of his flesh, as though I had done this before and it was what I was supposed to do. I didn’t know what to make of these thoughts and feelings other than to continue doing what I was doing.

As I increased my sucking, Jimmy twisted around until we were in the classic sixty-nine position and he tentatively began sucking on my hard flesh as well. We were both reaching a point of no return, feverish in our mutual excitement and realizing what was coming. Each of us pulled back at the last minute and our simultaneous explosions painted our chests and belly’s with our ropey discharge as we continued to stroke and pull at each other’s shooting cocks.

“I suggest we go and take a dip in the river and get cleaned up.” I looked at Jimmy laying there, his breathing finally returning to normal, his cock losing its length and thickness and returning to normal. He looked too beautiful for words and I wanted to stay here, in this tent, with him forever.

Jimmy looked up, smiled, and scrambled to unzip the tent opening and scampered ahead of me to the water where he plunged in quickly. I was a little more cautious, making certain there were no spying eyes around.

When we had enjoyed our brief swim and the cleansing waters, we returned to the tent, I lay on my back and Jimmy, with a huge grin, lay down atop me, our groins pressed against one another, rubbing as Jimmy moved his hips in a circular motion, our bodies touching from head to foot and Jimmy, with only momentary hesitation, kissed me quickly on the lips. When I allowed my hands to roam down his back and caress the beautiful melons that I had admired that day in the locker room, he moved in again and kissed me longer, more passionately, and inserted his tongue into my mouth.

We decided to forego dinner that evening in favor of keeping our naked bodies intertwined. The experience was so new for both of us that we never wanted it to end. Feeling all of Jimmy’s body, kissing him, tasting his cock, holding his erection and feeling its hardness underlying the soft, warm flesh that moved so easily up and down, holding his balls in my hand and then having them in my mouth, one at a time; it was all more than I could have ever dreamed possible. We made love several times throughout the night, each time we awoke, and remained a jumble of arms and legs until morning. When we headed home, it was with the promise that we would go camping again very soon.

Chapter Four

Donny had been pestering me for weeks, every time no one else was around, to explain a few of the facts of life to him. He had no father, no uncles or grandfathers, no male figure in his life, and his mother was quite prudish. As the only adult male he knew well enough to pose his questions to, he was determined to get me to explain all that was happening to him.

One Sunday afternoon, he appeared at my home, wearing his typically too-small, too-tight, too-short cutoffs and a bright orange T-shirt that was cut off about three inches above his navel. He looked good enough to eat and, in spite of my weariness at being pestered for answers to his questions, I invited him in and gave him a Coke.

“Wouldn’t you really rather talk to your family doctor about your questions, Donny?” I asked after he started in on his rapid fire questions.

“No. We don’t have a regular doctor so he would just be another stranger. You gotta help me or when I start high school in September everyone will laugh at me for being so naive.”

We sat in my living room for close to an hour, as I attempted to answer all of Donny’s questions and correct some of his misunderstandings. Certain of his beliefs, learned from friends in school, were actually quite amusing. Toward the end, Donny gave me a perfect opportunity to change the direction of our talk.

“So, Pete, what is masturbation. You said that all guys do it, but what is it?”

I’m sure I must have flushed a bit when Donny asked. It was not something that was typically discussed between guys. “That’s just the technical name for jerking off, beating off or pulling your meat.” Donny was giving me a blank stare. “You know, choking your chicken?” There was absolutely no glimmer of understanding.

I cleared my throat nervously before proceeding. “Do you ever get a hardon?”

“What’s that?”

My shoulders slumped as I exhaled a heavy sigh. This was not going to be easy, but maybe in the process of acquainting him, we might have a little fun. I had known that he was an extremely sheltered boy but had not realized the extent of his lack of knowledge.

“Do you remember when I told you about how a guy and a girl have sex? In order to do that, a guy has to get his dick real hard so that he can insert it into the girl’s vagina.” I decided to add something. “However, about ten to twelve percent of men are what is called ‘homosexual’ or what is more commonly called ‘gay’. Some people call them ‘queers’. These are men who are not attracted to women and who are sexually attracted to other men. A gay man has to get his dick real hard in order to insert it into the other man’s rectum. His ass.”

Donny’s face reflected understanding during my explanation of intercourse with a girl but offered no evidence that he knew what I was talking about when I told him about gay men.

“So do you understand about a hard-on?”

Donny looked totally confused. “Not really.”

“I don’t know any other way to explain it to you.” He looked even more frustrated than I felt. “Do you want me to show you what I’m talking about?”

Donny looked at me with a big smile and nodded his head. “I want to know everything. I’m the dumbest guy in my school because my mom won’t even talk about this stuff and if I even use the word ‘sex’ in a sentence she goes ballistic and threaten’s to wash my mouth out with soap. I’m afraid to talk to anyone at school about it for fear of looking stupid and my few close friends that I could talk about it with are from my church and they’re as dumb as me.”

I was extremely nervous at this moment, knowing what I was going to do and wondering whether it was such a good idea. It could go really well or very wrong. “Donny, I can show you all kinds of things so you will probably end up knowing more about sex than anyone in school, but you need to understand that to do it you’re probably going to have to get undressed. And, you have to promise me that you’ll never mention this to anyone - ever - because I could get into a lot of very bad trouble if anyone ever knew that I had told you or showed you things about sex.”

“I promise!” Donny’s eyes were bright with excitement and his grin was so big it almost fulfilled the old description of ‘ear to ear’.

I stood up and pulled Donny to his feet. His face reflected the trust he felt toward me and that almost made me stop. It felt like I was betraying his trust but at the same time, I had honestly tried to explain things to him as best I could and he didn’t get it. The question had crossed my mind as to whether he was being intentionally obtuse as a means of manipulating me into providing a demonstration but I wasn’t sure that he was being anything but honest. I didn’t know of any other way to enlighten him.

I grabbed the bottom hem of his cutoff T-shirt and began to lift it over his head. Donny’s raised his arms and I removed the shirt and tossed it onto a chair. I unbuttoned the top button of his fly, then paused and looked this very cute boy in the eyes.

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

Donny nodded, mutely, not showing any indication of embarrassment and certainly nothing of any arousal. He was truly the most naive boy I had ever known.

I lowered the zipper of Donny’s fly and pushed the tight cutoffs down over his hips, letting them fall to the floor. I bent down and retrieved the small cutoffs as Donny lifted first one foot, then another, and tossed them atop his T-shirt. Rising, I noted that he was wearing white briefs with the distinctive blue band around the waist that was the trademark of JC Penny’s Department Stores. They were a snug fit but not tight and the nicely rounded front reminded me of how impressed I had been when I saw him naked in the shower room after our first competitive game.

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes for a moment, silently hoping this wasn’t a big mistake, and pushed Donny’s briefs down, over his hips, down his thighs, and let them drop around his ankles. I looked at his boy treasures, somewhat surprised that he was not at least slightly aroused. He had a nice, neat patch of dark blonde pubes at the base of his penis that had not yet started to spread around or under his penis or onto his balls. His penis was circumcised and quite long for a thirteen year old and a little thicker than I would have expected. His smooth balls hung low, appearing heavy, and I was tempted to heft them in my hand and explore his sex,

“Okay, you know this is your penis, right?” I lifted his limp penis with two fingers. “It’s also called a dick or a cock or a lot of other slang names.” Donny nodded understanding and I could see now that he was feeling very embarrassed and working hard to control it. “I can tell you right now that you will be the envy of a lot of boys in the shower room at school because you are bigger....down there....than most boys your age or even a year or two older. That’s something to be proud of because it means you’re becoming a man.”

I reached lower and put my palm beneath his balls. They were warm and soft and very loose in their skin sac, and felt wonderful to hold. I had always been so enamored of low hangers and these were especially exciting because they were on such an exceptionally cute boy, and a thirteen year old at that.

“These are technically called ‘testes’ or ‘testicles’. Most often they are called ‘balls’ or ‘nuts’ by boys and men. These are the source of manufacturing ‘sperm’ which shoots out of your dick when you have sex. Sperm is what a man’s body makes that gets a girl pregnant. That’s why some people refer to your balls as ‘baby-makers’ or the ‘family jewels’ because of their importance in creating babies.”

Donny was blushing readily now. I gave him a look and asked if he wanted to continue and he was quick to respond that he did.

I lifted Donny’s dick once more and began massaging it, pulling lightly on it, and tickling it just under the head with my index finger. It began to respond, rather slowly, and I could tell Donny was becoming a little agitated. Clearly this was something he didn’t want to happen, most likely because he had been indoctrinated to believe that it was wrong, or evil, for a man’s cock to get hard. It made me wonder if Donny had been conceived out of wedlock, perhaps the result of his mother’s rape, to explain why she was so filled with disgust toward sex.

As Donny’s dick began to thicken and lengthen, I wrapped my entire hand around the warm shaft and stroked. In spite of his reservations, I could tell that Donny was enjoying this, and getting into it, by the way his eyes rolled back in his head and his mouth hung open, his tongue lolling about and the rate of his breathing. Approaching full hardness, now pointing skyward and showing signs of leakage, I released Donny’s dick and looked him in the eyes. His expression was clearly one of disappointment at the loss of the pleasure he had been experiencing.

“That,” I pointed toward his dick, “is what is called an ‘erection’ and is also known as a ‘hard-on’. What I was doing to you, stroking your dick, is masturbation or jerking off or beating off or lots of other contrived expressions. Your dick is like hard as steel,” I pushed it slightly forward away from his belly with my finger and allowed it to slap back against his abdomen, “because it is now ready for sex. You can play with your dick when it is soft, but you can’t really jerk off until it gets hard. And you can’t get it into a girl unless it’s hard like this.”

I let this all sink in as Donny alternately looked from me to his pulsing erection and watched with interest as I pushed it from side to side to demonstrate how hard it was, and then very slowly and briefly stroked it some more. The stroking was more for my enjoyment than his.

“Does you dick get hard on its own sometimes without explanation?”

“Yes.” Donny seemed embarrassed about it. “I can just be sitting in class and all of a sudden I feel it growing. It’s so embarrassing.”

“That’s very natural. It’s all a part of the fact that you’re going through puberty. Your body is reacting to visual, chemical and mental stimulation. You may get hard just from a whiff of a pleasant smell, maybe a perfume that reminds you of the perfume a girl you like usually wears. Or maybe you see a really cute girl and your body will react to that. Perhaps you’re just sitting and you mentally remember someone and your body reacts. It will be this way for the rest of your life but in a few years the constant up and down of your dick will lessen and you will have at least some minimal control over when it gets hard.”

“Did you like the feelings that you got when I was stroking your dick?”

“Yesss!” I figured that was as strong a response as an embarrassed boy could provide.

“Do you know what ejaculation is?”

Donny shook his head indicating he did not.

“Okay. As long as we’re doing this, we might as well answer all your questions. So ask away.”

Donny flushed and I knew he was going to ask a question that he really wanted to have answered but was very uncertain of whether he wanted to ask it.

“Tell me about the guys that you said like other guys. Why are they that way? What’s the differences between what they do and what normal guys do?”

“Okay.” I took a long pause and a deep breath. “First of all, when you call someone normal, it implies that someone who is different is not normal. So, let’s call these two sets of men gay and non-gay for clarification. Both of them are born the way they are. A lot of prejudiced people try to marginalize gay men by claiming that they choose to be the way they are but the truth is that what a man is, sexually, was determined by birth. No one knows how or why but some day scientists will probably discover the cause. But, either way, both are normal, even though there is no clear answer as to why a gay man prefers sex with another man. As to the second part of your question, that’s a little easier. Two gay men pretty much make love the same way a non-gay man makes love to a woman. They kiss, they cuddle, they have oral sex and they fuck.”

Donny’s eyes shot open, obviously a trained reaction to such an explicit word. When the shock wore off, he had more questions.

“Okay, I get it about....what you said....the f-word. How you explained that a normal....I mean a non-gay man a woman’s....thing.....and a gay man puts it in another gay mans.....rear end. And the kissing and cuddling stuff is easy. But what do you mean by oral sex?”

“Oral sex would be when a man uses his mouth and tongue to pleasure a woman sexually at her vagina. A lot of people refer to it by saying they want to ‘eat a woman out’ or the like. Between two gay men, oral sex would be where the man uses his mouth on the other man’s cock. It’s a lot like masturbation except using the mouth instead of a hand to accomplish the same result. That’s also called a ‘blow job’ and most men, gay and non-gay, will practically give their left nut to get one.”

I could see a certain confusion on Donny’s face so I tried to think of a better way to explain it. “Two people make love. If it’s a man and a woman, the man may be licking at the woman’s vagina and the woman may have the man’s erection in her mouth, kind of sucking on it and moving her tongue around over the sensitive head. That’s oral sex between a man and a woman. For a gay man, he feels no desire to be anywhere close to a woman’s vagina but is very attracted to a man’s penis. He will take the man’s penis in his mouth, and do exactly the same thing that a woman would do. If the other man is also gay, they may do it to each other simultaneously. But both men are not always gay. A non-gay man loves getting a ‘blow job’ just as much as a gay man and he’ll pretty much take it from whomever will give it to him, man or woman.”

I had blindly reached out and begun stroking Donny’s dick again as it had started to wilt just a bit. I saw the look of bliss return to his sweet face and, in that moment, decided that I would bring him to a climax before we were finished today. He really needed to experience the consummate pleasure of release and know how to do it for himself.


I waited figuring he was either asking a question or requesting that I stop or continue what I was doing. When Donny said nothing further, I prompted him.


I could see he was trembling and I wasn’t sure if it was from my slow strokes on his cock or the question that was formulating in his mind.

“Um....I really like what you’re doing. Does that mean I’m gay?”

The question caught me by surprise and it took me a moment to regroup. “No. Not at all. Especially at your age, guys like any kind of sex possible. And probably more than ninety-percent of boys will experiment and mess around sexually with friends and other guys somewhere between twelve and eighteen years of age. Some a little earlier and some a little later. It doesn’t mean anything about whether you’re gay or not.”

“But......what if I’m feeling like I would like to see you naked and do this to you, too? Wouldn’t that mean I was gay?”

“No.” My voice trembled with excitement and anticipation. “You’re just enjoying an experimentation, learning what sex is and what it’s all about. And you’re curious about what another guy - an older guy - looks like in comparison with your body. Guys always experiment and always compare their bodies with other guys bodies.”

“Then, would it be okay....I mean.... to see you naked?”

Donny couldn’t look at me when he asked the question but I could almost feel the tremor of sexual excitement that ran through him as he posed his query. “Of course. I’ll get naked and then I will show you everything that two guys can do for fun.”

Having only my experience with Jimmy to separate me from my virginity made such a promise quite bold but I was confident that with all the porn magazines and novels I had read that I knew what to do and how to do it and, if I wasn’t expert at it, Donny would certainly never know it.

Donny’s eyes were glued to me as I undressed and as I prepared to slide my briefs off, I noted that his hand, for the first time, came to his dick and he slowly stroked himself as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Clearly, he wasn’t even aware that he was doing it.

Standing naked, I moved toward Donny and grasped his hips in my hands, pulling him tightly against me. The feel of his hardness against my lower belly and my erection squeezed between us, the warmth of his body and his smooth skin pressed against me from shoulder to hips, was an awe inspiring experience.

I moved my hips slightly from side to side and thrust back and forth to experience the feeling of our bodies rubbing together. My hands roamed over Donny’s shoulders, arms, back and waist and then eased down to cup his small ass. The passion bug bit me and I reflexively pulled his hips tight against me as I bent down to kiss him on his plush lips. Both of our erections jumped as our lips touched and it was like no sensation I had ever before felt.

I could hear Donny’s breathing, rapid and uncontrolled, and new that he was probably heading toward his peak, the sensations of these new feelings being powerful and overwhelming at his youthful age. I didn’t want him to have his first sexual experience come on him like a wet dream so I backed away, looking down at his bouncing erection, and dropped to my knees in front of him. Seeing his erection up close like this ignited a new flame within my belly and I was afraid that I might have my own unplanned climax.

I took Donny’s slender pole in my hand, bending it down so that it pointed forward, and slid my lips over the head, letting my tongue dance around the rim and sensitive underside before taking it in further.

“Geeeeeez!” Donny’s exclamation was breathy and came out almost like an explosion.

I began to bob my head on his dick, increasing the speed, choking when I took too much, but thoroughly enjoying this first experience of sucking Donny’s cock. The taste was so bland and the thought struck me that it probably was the same taste I had known as a small child when sitting around sucking my thumb. I couldn’t help wondering if this was where the desire came from initially.

Donny’s hips were pumping now, his breathing ragged and sounding as though it was accompanied by a gutteral moan from deep within him. When he suddenly froze, I knew what was coming and started to ask myself if I was prepared for this, but it was already too late. My mouth was filling with Donny’s release and I realized it really had no taste whatsoever. I swallowed quickly a few times and then it was over. Donny began to relax, he returned to standing flat footed rather than on his tip toes as he had been as his climax washed over him.

I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand as I stood up. He looked a bit sheepish and embarrassed and I decided it would be best to give him some space. He was likely experiencing first timer’s remorse and it would not be good to put further pressure on him at this point. He needed to decide what he wanted, when it was right for him, without any sense of obligation or guilt.

“Here’s your briefs, Donny. You should probably get dressed. You can use the bathroom if you need to wash up.” I spoke softly and without any tone that would convey anything that might embarrass him. He tried a weak smile as he gathered his clothes and headed for the bathroom, my eyes watching his small ass as he went down the hall and turned the corner. I quickly dressed as well so as to relieve the tension when he returned.

Donny was in the bathroom for quite awhile before finally emerging, dressed, washed and looking significantly more relaxed than he had before. He marched across the room and sat on the sofa close to me and turned to look me in the eye.

“I should get home before my mom wonders where I am. Can I come over tomorrow some time? I want to do some more experimenting.” The slightly shy and embarrassed look on his face was mingled with a completely mischievous twinkle in his eyes.

“Uh....sure, Donny. You’re welcome here anytime.”

Chapter Five

I didn’t see Donny the next day, nor for more than two weeks, and began worrying if he was suffering from first-timers remorse, as did so many boys after their first experimentation with gay sex. But, eventually I learned that he had gotten the flu and his extremely over-protective mother had kept him home-bound for two weeks to make certain he was completely over it and his immunities restored to prevent a relapse. I couldn’t help wondering if, during this time, Donny’s had continued his experimentations solo, now that he knew what it was all about and what to do, and if he thought about me while stroking himself.

Jimmy was almost too friendly at our next practice and I feared he would give our secret away. As he stood talking to me, he would alternately grope himself in a fairly obvious way, and when he laughed he would press his palm against my chest or belly and then slightly move it around as if caressing me. While it made me very nervous and I felt conspicuous, I couldn’t stop him because it was so exciting to think that he liked me so much.

It was after the third such practice and Jimmy’s increasingly ‘friendly’ and almost intimate conversations with me that Marshall stopped me outside after practice was over and I was loading the soiled towels in the back of the van.

“I need to talk to you, Pete. It’s very important. Can I meet you at your house as soon as you finish dropping all of the guys off?”

I didn’t think much about it since occasionally one or more of the boys would come over to talk to me at home about my opinion of their playing, or asking questions, or even help with homework. “Sure, Marshall. I should be home in about fifteen minutes.”

I didn’t think any more about it and, in fact, almost forgot it until I pulled in my driveway and saw Marshall sitting on the porch steps waiting for me. I greeted him as I walked up the front walk and invited him in as I unlocked the front door. “Would you like a Coke or something?”

“No, thank you.” He seemed suddenly nervous. “I just wanted to have a chance privately to you.”

“Sure thing. Have a seat.”

Marshall sat on the sofa across from me, leaning back, his legs spread wide. I couldn’t help but to let my eyes drift to the juncture of his spread thighs to see if there was a bulge and to try and visualize from memory what his treasures looked like. When I looked up, I saw him watching me closely.

“So, what’s on your mind, Marshall,” I asked as I cleared my throat somewhat nervously.

“Um....well, I’ve noticed that you and Jimmy seem to be extremely close. He’s always hanging around you and touching you and.....well, it seems like he’s always groping himself when he’s near you.” As if realizing that he was making a statement that sounded like an accusation, he suddenly changed course. “I’s none of my business, and all, but I didn’t know if you were even aware of how it looked and what it might do to your reputation if the wrong person saw it.” He lowered his eyes and from the expression on his face and the way he was almost wringing his hands, I knew there was more to this than just his concern for my reputation.

“Wow, Marshall. Thank you. I know that took a lot of guts and I sure appreciate it that you cared enough to let me know. I’ve actually had a couple of moments of concern myself over the past week but didn’t think there was anything to really worry about. Jimmy feels especially close to me because he and I worked together on an advertising campaign in which he was my primary model.”

“Yea! I saw that in the newspaper. Was he really naked for that shoot or was that just a trick of the photography?”

“He was really naked. We shot in a secluded place out by the river. I actually had to take a couple of hundred shots in order to find the one perfect shot.”

“Do you photograph a lot of guys.....or even girls..... naked for your business?”

“Nope. That was a first and I wasn’t even sure about that. It was actually Jimmy’s idea and he practically begged me to let him be the model.” I felt a little guilty explaining this to Marshall but if he was having any suspicions about me I wanted to allay those suspicions and make it seem that this was no big deal - and not my idea in any event. Call me a coward but I was still in the closet and coming out was not currently on my list of priorities. But I did feel guilty, just the same.

“I can believe that. Jimmy is really something else.”

“How do you mean?”

“Well, at school he’s always running around the locker room naked, forever....before he gets dressed. It’s like he wants everyone to look at him. And he makes it so obvious that he looks at all the other guys when they’re naked.”

“Does that bother you? Does he look at you that way?”

“No. No. Don’t get me wrong. It doesn’t bother me whatever he does because he’s kind of a friend and he’s a good guy and all. I don’t know if he looks at me because I don’t look at him when he looks in my direction.”

That little light bulb that always clicks on suddenly lit up over my head as realization dawned on me. Marshall apparently had some kind of crush on Jimmy and was trying to get confirmation from someone else that Jimmy was gay - or willing to experiment - and find out if Jimmy liked him at all. It was so obvious and sweet that I almost said ‘ahhhh’ and reached over to pat his hands. For all his reputation, Marshall was having some gay ideations and was very insecure about the one person that those feelings were fixated on.

“I heard from several of the guys, Marshall, about your reputation as the Don Juan of your school and all the girls that you’ve slept with - or conquered as the boys so jealously put it. I take it that those stories are either untrue or overblown?”

Marshall’s face froze, his eyes wide open with panic, his mouth a straight line, his whole body jerking as if he’d been touched by an electric wire as I uttered my question.

“Don’t get scared, Marshall. It’s not apparent to anyone. In fact, I wouldn’t have known if we hadn’t had this conversation. It just suddenly dawned on me that you’ve got a crush on Jimmy and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. You two would make a great couple.”

I could see tears building in Marshall’s eyes from the fear and embarrassment that came from being found out. “How long have you had these feelings for other boys?”

His voice was choked with emotion and Marshall was struggling to retain some level of composure. “Just for the past couple of years. I guess it hit me a lot later than most guys.”

“You’re, what...seventeen?”

“I just turned eighteen last week.”

“What about your reputation with girls. It must be hard to sustain such a reputation.”

“Yea. It all started when I was in 8th grade. I was curious and a girl in my class and I were exploring our bodies out behind the cafeteria when a teacher caught us. It got around fast and every guy was suddenly in awe of me because I was the first one of all of them to see and touch a naked girl. When I got to high school, my reputation followed me and suddenly girls were all pursuing me....I guess because they figured I would be willing to mess around with them. I only got naked with a couple of them but it was enough to keep the reputation rumor going. I enjoyed it at the time but it was just something that was pleasant, not something that I really craved. It wasn’t until I was almost sixteen that I started noticing how attractive guys are and wondering what it would be like with them. But I couldn’t do anything about it for fear of having everyone ridiculing me.”

“So when did you realize that you like Jimmy?”

“About four months ago. The first time I saw him in that little wrestling outfit. I thought he was the best looking and sexiest guy I’d ever seen. But he never seemed to pay attention to me.” A look suddenly flashed in his eyes. “You said we’d make a great couple. Do you know something. Has he mentioned me? Do you think he likes me?”

Marshall’s teen angst was palpable and almost painful for me to observe, remembering my own intense feelings when I was his age and younger. “Well, I said you’d make a great couple because you’re both so cute and sexy. But, Jimmy has never specifically mentioned you to me and I don’t know who he likes or doesn’t like.”

“Except that he does like you.”

“He feels close to me - comfortable would be the word I think - because he was running around naked in front of me for an afternoon during our photo shoot and, for a boy his age, that inevitably means getting aroused and growing wood. That tends to make you feel more comfortable around that other person afterwards - the same way that a team is close to each other because they’ve shared something in common. You get what I mean?”

“Yea. So, did you do anything with him?”

Now it was my turn to blush and get nervous. “That’s kind of an improper question, Marshall.”

“You did! If you hadn’t you would have just said no, but you hedged, so you did!”

I hung my head, partly in trying to think of some defensive comeback and partly to hide the bright red blush that was coloring my entire face and neck. My mind was blank. I couldn’t come up with a single statement to rescue myself - and Jimmy - from the conclusion that Marshall had reached. Ultimately, I decided to just be honest.

“Yes.” I spoke very softly with a tone of resignation. “It’s something that just happened at the photo shoot. Everything started out professional but Jimmy started teasing and then popped a boner and then decided he wanted to take pictures of me and...well, it just got very heated and personal.”

“You’re so lucky! I’d give anything to be able to mess around with Jimmy....or any guy for that matter.”

My head popped up to look Marshall in the eyes. He was looking back at me and I could tell he had thrown the statement out to see what kind of a reaction he would get.

“Have you had any experience with a guy before, Marshall?”

“When I was twelve, a thirteen year old neighbor jerked me off and I jerked him off. That’s it.”

“But the feelings you have now are more like....what? Love? You want more than just sex with Jimmy or is it more a physical want?”

Marshall hung his head in embarrassment. “I want a boyfriend and I would really like it to be Jimmy. I want to hold him, hold his hand, kiss him, snuggle up to him in bed, all the things you do with someone special. But, yes, I do want to have sex with him. I want to touch his body everywhere and explore every inch of him. I just don’t know how to do it all.”

“Neither did Jimmy until a couple of months ago. He just had more self confidence than you do and was willing to take a chance and push for what he wanted. But, you know, you’re very good looking and you just exude a sex appeal that can’t be denied. I noticed it the first time I saw you naked and walking across the locker room to the showers. I thought you had a lot of confidence then but I can see now that it was more bravado simply as an outgrowth of your insecurities.”

“How can you read people so easily. I wish I could.”

“Well, not always. I kind of suspected Jimmy right off because of the way he looked at me and asked if I was going to shower with you boys. But that’s as far as my suspicions went. I couldn’t tell you what else Jimmy is in to or who he likes. I wish I could.”

“But he has experience, and I don’t. And I’m two years older than him. He’d think I was a fool.”

“Don’t be silly. A lot of guys would rather mess around with someone with less experience than themselves because they have insecurities of their own.”

“Still, I need to learn what to do. Then maybe I’d have the nerve to find out if Jimmy is interested in me.”

I saw an opening, and I took it. It was too good an opportunity to let pass because Marshall was definitely a gorgeous guy and I really wanted to see what it would be like to be with him. “Okay, Marshall. Do you really mean that or are you just spouting wishes?”

“I mean it. I want so much to find out if Jimmy likes me but I can’t do that unless I’m ready for him if he says he does.”

“Let’s go to my bedroom. I can honestly say that I would really like to make love to you and maybe in the process you can learn enough to give you the confidence you need to approach Jimmy. In fact, an even better idea, would be for me to invite Jimmy over some afternoon when you’re here and manipulate things around to getting you in bed with each other to break the ice. Then, it would be up to you two to decide where it goes.”

“You’d do that?”

“It would be my pleasure.”

I led Marshall down the hall to my sprawling bedroom and stood him at the foot of my bed. I began to slowly unbutton the top two buttons of his La Coste polo shirt and then tugged the shirt free of his pants and peeled it up his torso and over his head. It may have been his natural projection of sexuality or perhaps I got a heavy whiff of his natural pheromones, but I was suddenly far more excited about being with him that I had anticipated.

Marshall’s chest was creamy smooth, smoother than any boys body I could ever remember. It was almost like he had no pores. He had an athletic upper body that tapered to a small waist, a flat stomach with evidence of abdominal ripples, his chest plates were squared and defined, and his smallish nipples were a darker hue than the tan of his skin and stood in sharp little pyramids. His shoulders were broad and rounded and his longish arms were tightly muscled with very attractive mounds at the biceps. I was drawn in by his beauty and placed my hands on his chest and just let them glide over his warm, smooth skin and feel the amazing ridges of muscle on his young body. I felt like I was in a trance as my right hand moved up over his shoulder to the back of his neck and pulled his face toward me.

Marshall’s breath smelled like peppermint as our faces drew nearer and I felt his warm breath on my face. His breathing was jagged and I could feel his heart beating beneath my left hand which still rested on his warm chest. Our lips drew together and I was surprised by how wonderful it felt. He had such soft, plump, pillowy lips that it was an entirely new experience to kiss him. His lips were already parted and my tongue slipped into his mouth easily to explore all that it could reach. When I felt his tongue responding and his lips pressing back harder against my own, I circled my arms about his torso and pulled him tightly against me and felt a flush of passion that almost made me cry out with the intensity of the moment.

This was all so totally unexpected. I had anticipated - dreamed - that if I ever had a chance to be with Marshall, that it would be a fun few minutes of trading blow jobs and seeing him naked close up. When he began questioning me this evening, I had thought it might be an experience of me simply teaching him the mechanics of sex with another boy and perhaps have the opportunity to explore his body and blow him. I had no expectations of making love to him, nor did I really have such an interest. Until now.

I was completely overwhelmed, so entirely caught off guard by this boy - young man, actually - that my knees were weak and my lungs were crying for oxygen. I broke the kiss and gulped in air, looking into Marshall’s pleading eyes, and kissed him lightly over and over on the lips, his nose, his cheeks, his chin, his forehead, his eyelids and then back to his lips. He was trembling, as was I, and I was unable to resist the pull of his magnetism as I held him tightly against me and felt his hardness pressed against my upper thigh.

I kissed his neck and shoulders and continued down his chest, swirling my tongue over his rigid nipples, first one then the other, and licked hungrily at the ridges of muscle on his chest, trying to somehow become closer, more intimate, more locked together than we already were. When I straightened up, I lifted his arms one at a time, and kissed the softly scented underarms, my nose tickled by the slightly crisp hairs that formed a small line through the center, and licked at the soft skin.

Reaching for Marshall’s waist, I started to unbuckle his belt, my fingers trembling so intensely that they were almost unreliable. Marshall’s hands came to mine and stopped me. I looked up at him, questioningly, disappointed, only to be greeted by a warm smile and to feel his fingers unbuttoning and removing my own shirt. Marshall then proceeded to duplicate my own actions and I stood, unsteady on my feet, as he massaged, licked and explored my upper body.

I was finally unable to resist any longer and reached down again to unbuckle Marshall’s belt. This time, he didn’t stop me.

As I lowered the zipper on his pants, I felt his hard flesh against my finger tips and, in a desire for exploration, raised and lowered the zipper several times in order to continue running my fingers over that hard tube beneath his briefs. Marshall was panting and I could feel the spasms as his cock jerked in response to the feel of my fingers on his erection. I ran my hands, palms inward, around the waist of his pants and down the back, inserting them inside his underwear to feel the small, firm mounds of his ass while I slowly pushed his briefs and pants down over his hips.

How could it be that he now seemed so much more attractive - so much more beautiful - than all of the other times that I had seen him naked in the locker room after games and practices. Was I experiencing an emotional response that elevated my mental assessment of his physical beauty or had I just been so enraptured with Jimmy that I hadn’t adequately paid attention to Marshall.

Whatever the reason, I was now completely under some kind of spell and I couldn’t imagine finding anyone more appealing. From his pectorals, his body just seemed to taper continually and I was astounded that even his hips seemed smaller than was possible. But, as his pants finally cleared the tops of his legs, his erection sprang free and I could see that not everything about him was small or thin.

I was certain that Marshall’s cock was at least seven inches in length and fairly thick, but not so much as to cause my jaw to become disjointed. He had a great set of balls, plump, low hanging, and in a soft pouch that was so lightly dusted with blonde hairs as to almost appear smooth.

While I was staring at Marshall’s magnificent treasures, his trembling hands were quickly stripping my pants down my legs and, kneeling at my feet, pulling them off one foot at a time. When that was accomplished, he sat back on his heels and just stared at my erection as it pointed directly at his nose.

With extreme nervousness and a great deal of bravado, Marshall reached out and wrapped his hand around the shaft and slowly stroked while, wide-eyed and dazed, he stared at that which made me a man.

After a few moments, I leaned over and placed my hands under his arms and drew him to his feet. I pulled him tightly against me and felt the heat of our bodies and the stiffness of our cocks, against one another. I began caressing his body everywhere I could reach while resuming my passionate kissing of every square inch of his face and neck, tickling his ears with my tongue, letting my cheeks rub softly against his, wanting, trying to get close enough to become one with him. But no matter how close I got to him, it wasn’t enough.

Finally, I eased Marshall onto the bed on his back, and lay atop him, my hips undulating reflexively as I drove my hardness into his belly and closed my mouth over his lips. Unable to hold back any longer, I frantically began kissing down his neck and chest, over his flat belly, my tongue running through his black forest of pubic hair and, without further hesitation, lowering my hungry mouth over his long, straight, pole.

Marshall’s hips bucked upward wildly as the sensations hit his brain. His hands grabbed at my head and clutched fists full of hair. I knew he was enjoying this. The question was more of whether I would have any hair left when it was over.

As I pistoned on his hard flesh, my hands caressing his belly and gently kneading at his plump balls, I realized that this was different from anyone I had been with before. It was more than just enjoying having a boys cock in my mouth, or of touching him, or seeing him naked. And it was more than just wanting to give him some sexual pleasure so that he might, hopefully, want to do this again. No, I was desperate to make Marshall enjoy this experience. My mind was flashing on such pleasant images as snuggling up to him in bed each night, of going to the movies with him or shopping at the mall. I was even seeing us at the market, pushing a shopping cart down the aisle together. What was happening to me?

I took a moment to let Marshall’s jets cool as I sucked on his wonderful balls and watched the way in which his chest rose and fell while he tried to regain some control over his breathing. Then, I was back on that wonderful pole, determined to bring him to a climax that no one else could ever give him. A deep moan emerged from his parted lips, and I could see beads of sweat breaking out all over his face and chest, and finally his hips lurched upward and froze in the air and a faint squeal came from somewhere above me.

It must have taken a full minute and a half for Marshall’s cock to stop pumping so that I could finish swallowing what he had delivered to me. I cleaned him with my tongue, sending even more intense feelings surging through his body and his senses and then moved up to lay alongside him, my hand moving in small circles over his chest and stomach as he regained his composure.

Marshall was exhausted and I could tell that he would fall asleep if allowed to do so. And, for some reason, I wanted him to. I wanted him to fall asleep in my bed, to find out what pleasure was available from having me snuggle up to him and hold him in my arms. And I wanted to hold him.

I pulled the top sheet up over us and moved in against him. He turned on his side toward me and wrapped his hand around my hard flesh, kissed me on the lips, and then his eyes closed in little fluttering moves and within a few minutes he was breathing slowly and regularly in slumber. I soon followed Marshall into dreamland with visions of togetherness running through my mind.

It was after midnight when I awoke to the feel of Marshall’s warm lips and wet tongue moving on my hard cock. He wasn’t experienced but he was doing a good job of it and apparently knew enough to cover his teeth with his lips and avoid scraping the sensitive head. My pump was so well primed from our earlier activities and my vivid dreams that it was only a few minutes before I was giving Marshall a taste of what he had given me earlier. He was a brave trooper and took it all, as I had done, and then cleaned me up.

We snuggled together again, this time in spoon fashion with me in the rear, and drifted slowly to sleep. I had my hand resting on Marshall’s belly and he had wrapped his fingers in mine. This was almost the fulfillment of my dreams and visions from earlier in the evening. But, what would morning bring?

When I opened my eyes to the light of day, Marshall was gone. Or, at least, he wasn’t in bed and he didn’t appear to be in the attached bathroom. But, as my head cleared away the night’s cobwebs, I smelled coffee and eggs and curiously leapt from bed to explore.

Marshall stood in the kitchen, still completely naked, scrambling some eggs in a frying pan. On the counter were two plates, silverware and coffee cups. As I watched this extraordinarily beautiful boy, he portioned out the eggs on the two plates, poured coffee in the two cups, placed strips of bacon and buttered toast on the plates, and then started towards me until he noticed me watching.

“Good morning.” He was all smiles, but also seemingly embarrassed at having been observed.

I moved toward him. “Hi.” I wrapped my arms around him, mostly just to test his reaction, and he moved in against me willingly and circled his arms around my waist, tilting his head upwards to kiss me on the lips. We just stayed that way for several long minutes, holding each other, kissing, just being close.

“Breakfast is getting cold.” Marshall moved to guide me toward the breakfast he had prepared and I sat at the counter next to him, thoroughly enjoying the relaxed feeling we shared. I had never been one to walk around naked, even when home alone, but right now, sitting here at breakfast, in the nude, with Marshall, just seemed so entirely natural.

I looked at Marshall out of the corner of my eye as he pushed a forkfull of eggs into his mouth. “So, did you learn anything last night? Do you think you’re ready for me to try and set you up with Jimmy?”

Marshall paused, not even chewing, then looked over at me. “I don’t think so.”

“What? You didn’t learn anything? You did really well around midnight last night.”

“It’s not that. I think I could give as well as I get. But I realized something more important. My attraction to Jimmy was purely physical. Fun. Sex. That’s all. But what I told myself I was actually looking for was love, happiness and a relationship. I would never have that with Jimmy. Just the way he is always flirting with you and touching you and groping himself tells me that it’s all sex with him. He’s not looking for anything serious. And, who knows, maybe in a year or two he’ll no longer even be interested in messing around with guys. No, I want more. And I know now that I want someone a little older than myself.”

Marshall looked at me very pointedly as he delivered the final line. He was trying to smile but there was clearly a hesitation to the smile, a fear of my response. I was not going to leave him hanging.

“I realized last night that I want a relationship with someone that I can go shopping with, to the movies, on vacations and everywhere else. I want a relationship with someone exactly”

We were both sitting and staring at each other. We quickly finished our breakfasts. There was nothing more to be said. Then we hurried back to the bedroom to make love once more before taking a long hot shower together and getting dressed.

Marshall was back by six o’clock that evening but, this time, he brought along many boxes full of clothes and other belongings. He moved in and we haven’t spent a single day apart since.