Opening One's Heart

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Opening One's Heart

I first met this guy at a gay fundraiser. The theme was 80's and it was a BYO. The alcohol was flowing, I had twenty of my friends at the table, and we just had a blast. He saw me on the dance floor, came over and started dancing with me. Naturally I had to show off and started grinding and just doing my thang. We talked a little and then he asked for my number, we swapped, and then he had to leave not long after. In truth, I thought that would be the end of that.

Anyway, I got a call from him two days ago, and he asked if I was interested in going out on a date with him. I admired him for his gumption, and readily agreed. (I'm such a hussy!) We went to this real nice Thai restaurant. Started small talk, and I was surprised to realize that he knew how to hold a conversation and carry on one without me having to break the ice. It was nice. We had laughs, shared a little about our lives and interests and stuff. Again, it was nice.

Once we got back to his hotel room, the atmosphere changed. You could feel the sexual tension go up a notch and once the door was closed, we were kissing. It wasn't the polite type either. This was the type of kiss that was wet, torrid and offered great promise for things to come...or is it cum? Our tongues swirled inside each other's mouths. His lips felt so soft and yet, I felt one spot where he hadn't shaved properly on his lower lip. To me, that was a turn on, it told me I wasn't kissing a girl, but a man. A man that knew how to kiss and enjoyed it as much as I did.

The first round was over much too quickly for my taste, but I was grateful to note, that he was rearing to go another round. I think the intensity of our lust got the best of him. I wasn't complaining it stroked my ego to realize that he couldn't hold himself back because of me. The thing that surprised me for the second round was when he asked if I topped too. In the past I have done so, I don't mind it, but generally I like taking it. Nevertheless, I said yea, I can top if he wants me to. He lay on his stomach, with his butt arched. He certainly had a damn nice ass. It was nicely rounded, (not an actual bubble butt, but close to it.) There was small tufts of hair over his whole cheeks that could pass as the fur on a peach. I slapped a condom on, lubed up and prepared myself to breach him.

I'm not sure if it had been a long time, or he just seemed tight. But breaching him wasn't so easy. I had to try a few times and in the end, I just pushed bluntly past. He gritted his teeth, but never said a word. I kissed him on the shoulder and began moving in and out of him. Soon the muscles in his ass relaxed a little more and I was able to move a little more freely. I tried angling right just to ensure that I was hitting the right spot, and smiled when he uttered an oath to god. I built up a cadence, and just watching his ass gyrate on me had me groaning my own pleasure. I will admit here guys, I'm not sure how long I lasted, but he was still hard when I loaded into the condom. This told me, he had been close, but not close enough to come at the same time I did.

The third round was the beginning of something new entirely. We had just come out of the shower where I had used my oral skills to pleasure his circumcised cock. I had him shouting my name and pushing my head further into him as I gripped him with my throat.

Now, we were cuddled into each others arms back on the bed. He started talking about his childhood. I sat and listened as he opened wounds from his past. I didn't know why he wanted to talk to me about them, but I wasn't going to stop him. His face remained completely blank, almost as if he was someone else telling the story of a tormented and painful upbringing. I listened to the cadence of his voice, it reminded me of a poem I once heard where the author spoke of deep pain and regret, yet couched it in light cheery words. I hugged him to me. For just a second, he resisted. I think he either realized where he was, or forgot who I was. When I pulled back, he wrapped his own arms around me and hugged me fiercely. He lifted me on top of him to stare up at me. I felt him stir beneath my ass.

Round four began with me straddled on top of him. He had his back up against the wall with his knees up to hold me in place while I rode him. There was no sound, just heavy breathing. Sweat was pouring off the both of us and I must admit, I loved the sensation of our bodies at first sliding off each other, and then just sticking. I could feel his hands on my waist just urging me, and yet we were going pretty slowly. When I looked into his eyes, there was this dark lust, but also great need. I grabbed onto his face and looked at him. We just stared at each other, and it was like parts of our souls connected. His eyes changed then, and I think so did mine, because the next minute he had me flipped on my back, my legs up in the air and he was really going for it.

He let go of my legs so that he could grab my face and hold it in place. I couldn't help but moan because at the angle he was in, he kept hitting my prostate. I tried to turn my face because the sensation had me moaning and wanting to thrash, but he held my head real still, and it was like he was forcing me to stare at him as I expressed my pleasure. I don't know what my face showed, but there was this almost possessive look as he went in and out of me. That was it; I lost it and splattered my stomach and chest. He on the other hand just gave me this huge grin, and kept on going. He lay on me, so I felt all of his weight. This time it was my turn to grab onto his face. I felt a bead of sweat trickle down my right finger as I held it near his temple. It balanced precariously on the tip of my finger. Never loosing eye contact I licked his sweat off my finger. He moaned at the sight. Then I sank into a world of sensation as he lay his face down beside my head and thrust constantly inside me.

It was a damn hot night sexually, and will I see him again? I might. Why just...might? During the sex, it became more than just a fuck. We exposed ourselves, removed all the preconceived ideas we hold about ourselves. And although that should have been a liberating experience, it brought out my old fears and insecurities instead. To have someone delve into your soul on just meeting is a true experience indeed. But everybody responds to those moments very differently. Some would embrace it and rush into a possible relationship based on that one time. I'm not one of those people. I lost control and that scares me. I am a master of my own universe and allowing some one else, even for a moment to pull that belief away from me is scary for me. So the answer about meeting him again? I might.


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