Out of the Blue
by Dan
As I packed my suitcase, I started to relax. I had needed a holiday for so long, and this weekend was just what the doctor ordered. I was heading up to a resort in the mountains by myself, just to get away from it all. Life was getting the better of me and I really needed to escape.

As I drove down the motorway, I could feel myself unwinding. The simple fact that I was driving away from the city was enough to allow all the muscles in my body leave all the tension behind them.

After driving for about two hours, I pulled into the driveway of the hotel. It was perfect. More like a Swiss ski resort than a mountain getaway in the middle of summer. After checking in, I went up to my room to unpack and relax. That wasn't hard. I had a huge bed all to myself and a nice big TV. I could've spent the whole weekend just lying there listening to silence.

I decided to go to the restaurant for dinner. I sat down at a small table overlooking the gardens. The sun was setting and the view was heavenly.

I had just ordered when I saw him. The most beautiful boy I had ever laid eyes on. He had brown hair and these haunting green eyes. His skin was a natural tan. Not quite olive, but not quite white, either. All evening I watched every move he made. Every time he got out of his seat, every time he had a sip of his Coke, every time he laughed. Every time he did anything I wanted to join in. I was growing increasingly jealous of the chair he was sitting on.

Back in my room I could not stop thinking about the boy. I couldn't help but picture him naked, just standing there. Before I burst, I reached for the handcream.


I woke up early the next morning. Breakfast was served from eight-thirty, and I didn't want to miss seeing the boy again. He was already there when I walked in. I sat in the table next to his. I could smell him. It was an overpowering aroma of a young teen, right on the verge of sexual maturity.

The boy finished his breakfast before I did, and has he got up to leave, I gave him a non-chalant glance. My eyes met his for only a second, but for that moment at least, my heart stopped. As he walked past me on his way out, a piece of paper fell on the table in front of me. I looked toward him as he walked out the door. He glanced back with a cheeky smile and winked at me. My left hand picked up the paper hurridly and I unfolded it. I nearly died when I read it.

'Meet me behind the sauna, next to the utilities shed.'

As I meandered over to the sauna, my heart was pounding, and I didn't quite know what to expect. What could this magical specimen want with a guy like me? Don't get me wrong. I was only twenty, and in pretty good shape. I was your typical blond haired, blue eyed student.

I saw the boy leaning with his back against the wall, his arms folded in front of him, his eyes gazing at the ground. As I walked closer to him, he looked up at me and smiled.

"I wasn't sure if you were coming."

"How could I refuse?"

"I'm Adrian." He extended his arm to shake my hand and I responed accordingly. His skin was like tan silk. His handshake was firm, but soft. "I'm Dan."

Adrian and I hit it off right away. We must have stood there for about an hour just talking. I couldn't believe how deep this boy was. He was only thirteen, and was able to speak like a philosopher.


We decided to go up to my room and talk. Lying on my bed, just chatting with him was dreamy. We both had gotten up a couple of times for various reasons, and every time we got back, we were a little closer to eachother. This continued until I could feel his breath on my face when he spoke.

As the conversation got more and more intimate, so did we. We were lying so close our legs were touching. Before long, the talking stopped and we were just lying there, staring. It was then that Adrian made the first move.

His kiss tasted like chocolate and bubble-gum. It was intoxicating. We were in eachother's arms and my hands were firmly placed on his irresistable bottom. As I moved my hands up his back, his shirt lifted and I felt his bare back for the first time. He was laying on top of me and I could feel his hard dick pressing into me.

We rolled over and I was now over him. I kissed him passionately, unable to drag myself away. His left hand was on the back of my neck, holding me in. His right was gently caressing my back. I pulled back and removed my shirt and Adrian was quick to follow.

I moved back into his embrace. I moved progressively down his chest, kissing every inch of his sweet body. My hands moved up his legs to the top of his pants and I slowly undid the buttons at the front of his shorts. As I did this, I could hear Adrian's breathing change. I gently pulled down his shorts. He lifted slightly to allow them to come off easily. I then moved in and kissed him on his penis, through his cotton briefs. I felt him lurch with pleasure. I then slid my fingers under the waistband of his underpants and slowly pulled them down, lifting them over his penis. His smooth, hairless boyhood was revealed in its entirety.

I then stood up and removed my own pants. My dick had never been so hard in my life. I got back on the bed and sat betwwn his legs. As I gazed upon his naked body, I payed close attention to his penis and his perfectly formed ballsack and the start of his bottom. All I could think about was how much I wanted his penis.

As I moved towards him, my hands ventured up his legs. I leaned in close to him. My nose catching his smell. It was sweet. Almost like musk. My toung made contact with the base of his shaft and Adrian let out an ecstatic groan. I slowly licked all the way up his shaft before taking the head in my mouth. Adrian lurched upwards as my mouth engulfed his pulsating boyhood. I sucked him slow and deep.

His legs curled back, exposing his tight, virgin hole. My tounge licked his balls as it made its way down to his hole. As I gently teased his rim with the tip of my tounge, Adrian groaned for more. I moved back up and took his throbbing dick back into my mouth. His legs rested over my shoulders as I moved my head up and down rhythmically, his hard dick going in and out of my mouth, the pressure building.

Adrian exploded into my mouth, his honeyglaze cum shooting into the back of my throat. I sucked him hard as he yelpped over his first orgasm. I wanted every drop of his sweet boyjuice. After I was sure I had gotten it all, I let his penis gently withdraw from my mouth.

I lay on my back as Adrian moved up and down my body. His body was gently rubbing against mine, and his hair tickled my chest as he kissed a path down to my longing penis. His mouth gently took hold of my hard dick and he began to suck.

As he moved himself up and down my shaft, he moved himself around intil he was straddling my chest, his perfect arse staring me in the face. I only had to move up slightly to kiss his beautiful hole. My tounge lashed his butthole and my hands grasped the curves of his bottom as he picked up the rhythm.

The pressure was building. My tounge was busy with his hole, my hands gripping him, letting out the occasional light spank. His penis pressing into my chest, his mouth rubbing up and down my hard penis. With an almighty gasp, I came. Adrian took it all into his mouth, suckling every last drop, as I did him.

After he got up I turned over onto my stomach and Adrian got up and went to the bathroom. He emerged moments later with my handcream. I knew what was coming, and I wanted it badly.

Adrian knelt between my legs and rubbed some handcream onto his hard penis. I then felt two wet fingers wandering between my butt cheeks and gently rub lotion on my hot arsehole.

As adrian lowered himself onto me, I felt his hard, wet dick find my hole. Very slowly, and gently, he penetrated me. His hard member going all the way into my hole. He began to move in a slow, wave-like motion. Every movement bringing us closer together. He was laying flat to my back, his rock-hard boyhood sliding in and out of my tight hole. As the time passed, the movements got quicker.

I felt him start to shudder as he lifted himself back and supported himself be the arms whilst his penis pumped deep into my butt. I felt him come inside me, his penis pumping another load of his sweet juice into me. He lay flat on me again, and gently slid his penis out of me.

Adrian was now on his stomach, his smooth, tender bottom standing out in its beauty. I rubbed some cream onto my penis and then began caressing his hole with my wet fingers. Adrian arched himself slightly, hoping to get more attention.

The head of my throbbing dick rested at the opening of his hole, his tender cheeks gently enveloping the end. I slowly lowered myself further. Adrian let out a light moan as my penis popped through, penetrating his virgin hole for the first time. I went deeper and Adrian groaned as he felt my dick enter him all the way. I moved right in and lay on top of him. I felt his bum-cheeks pressed up against my torso and his very tight arsehole gripped my dick hard as I moved it in and out of him.

Minutes passed and I felt myself stirring. I picked up the pace and Adirian started to moan. Before too long I was going deep and long. I got up slightly and looked downwards. All I could see was the top of his bottom and my hard penis going in and out. I exploded into him, shooting myself deep into his bottom. I collapsed back onto him as the orgasm slowly subsided. I got up after a few moments, slowly allowing myself to withdraw from his hot, tight hole. As my head came out, I felt his hole close up, lightly pinching the end of my dick.

We laid next to each other for ages, gently touching and fodling. After a while we both got up and got dressed. Adrian left my room and I went in for a shower before having a late lunch.


The next morning I slept in. When I got up it was almost time to check out. I packed my suitcase and was ready to go when I noticed an envelope had been slipped under my door. I picked it up and opened it. Inside a polaroid photo. It was Adrian. He was lying on his stomach on a bed wearing nothing but a pair of black cotton briefs pulled down under his bottom. On the back, he had written: 'Call me.' And his phone number.

As I drove back to the city I thought about Adrian. I got back home and unpacked. Later that afternoon I was thinking about Adrian again. His touch, is voice, is scent, his taste and his body. I got the poloroid out of my jacket pocket, picked up the phone, and dialled the number.

The End