Hi I wanted to put something in here since I have had several complaints regarding where this story has went.

First off this story was started as a stand alone tale that was not connected to any other story or universe. It is important that you understand that.

As the story progressed someone who I admired a great deal asked me to join in their universe and story.

After considering a number of factors including how wonderful his story and those associated with it were and the fact that soon my story would have to come to an end to avoid it becoming stale I made the decision to accept his offer to come into his world.

I happen to love his stories and those of the other authors in his universe. They have written some wonderful and heart warming tales about kids and what they have survived in this world not to mention the life they now have and most importantly the love that has let them survive. I think you will love them as much if you give them a chance.

I firmly believe that the joining of these stories will be for the better of OOTP allowing me to continue on for a long time keeping the story fresh and interesting and allowing for a lot of possibilities.

With that said if you don't want to become involved in a story that will tie into other stories then maybe you shouldn't read this one to put it bluntly.

If you are already reading it then I think you know the quality of the story and you should know that the same quality and love in the story will continue to exist.

This story will not be dependant upon the other stories but will tie into them with characters interacting between the stories and events taking place which are important to one or the other of the stories involved. You will need to read at least some of these other stories if not all before it is all said and done.

With that in mind and the fact that no one has apparently been reading my author notes saying to read these stories here are a partial list of the stories that you will need to read sometime before reaching the mid twenties of my story. The sooner the better.

All of these stories and Out of the Past are part of the Clan Short Universe.

Memories Part 1 and Part 2 at The Corner Cafe

ARK at The Padded Room

Sentenced To Life at Jeff's Fort

The Unit at The Padded Room

There are other stories that are tied into those such as Memories Down Under at The Annex and several other stories that make up this wonderful universe totaling about 20 right now.

There are also a bunch of great stories linked at Jeff's Fort Board Forum that you might enjoy reading including those by The Radio Rancher, The Story Lover and Str8mayb that are not in the CSU.

I think you will really enjoy the stories in the CSU as I did but please keep in mind that it is an alternate universe concept and is science fiction as well.

OOTP has always had some sci-fi elements in it but they will become more pronounced now as time goes on. Please keep that in mind when you see certain things in the story.

I hope you enjoy the story or continue to enjoy the story as the case may be


January 2007