Out Of The Past

Chapter Thirteen

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Chapter 13

Author's note

And here begins the new day

From Chapter 12

Yep all was right with the world as I watched my world enter into the bathroom and the door softly close behind him.

 Then his head poked out and with an impish grin on his face he said

 "Take a picture it'll last longer" before disappearing back inside to the echo of Sammy giggles

 I was laughing softly at his antics as all I could think was, yeah that's my baby alright.


Chapter 13

He came back out of the restroom still with that sweet smile on his face as he returned to bed, crawling back up with me and snuggling in, soon once again sound asleep.

I bent my head down giving him a soft kiss on the top of his head as I leaned back with him and drifted rapidly off to join my angels in slumber as the last thought to run through my conscious mind was that yes, all was definitely right in my world.

I awoke to one of the kids crying “I'm hungry” which didn't surprise me much but I still groaned, couldn't they they just sleep in for a teeny tiny bit longer, please.

I tried to go back to sleep when another voice intruded “me too”


“Wake up your dad” I heard the voice say as the other one said “no way”

Smart kids.

I once again began to drift off and then heard “you gotta, we're gonna starve” followed by silence, good.

I was just drifting off when I heard “come on he won't get mad at you” then “well alright, I guess” in a not too sure tone of voice followed by the patter of little feet heading unmistakably in this direction.

“go on” I heard whispered then from close by “remember we're starving”

“alright, you sure he won't get mad?” the littler voice asked

“oh no he won't get mad, he likes when we wake him up” the older voice opined sagely

“well, if you're sure” the youngest said sounding quite unsure himself

“yea it's ok, really, he loves when we wake him up” a third and heretofore unheard voice remarked.

“well alright” the littlest voice said again still plainly unsure about this enterprise.

In an almost unhearable whisper “daddy”

“you got to say it louder, he's asleep” the first older voice said not so quietly

“but...ok” that little voice told them

“umm...daddy?” a little louder but not much

“DADDY” a lot louder as I heard “oh shit” from the older voices

“what?” that little voice asked in panic

“not that loud” was said

I opened my eyes to see Peter standing there not quite knowing what was happening with Randy and Danny standing behind him snickering silently. I could also see Kevin in his bed watching everything intently.

They quickly put on innocent looks when they realized that I was awake and staring at them

Peter looked so adorable standing there with a mixture of hope and fear going back and forth across his face.

I decided to fix the terrors good and smiled saying “good morning sweetheart, how are you doing this morning?” as the trinity's mouths dropped open in utter shock.

What was even better though was the beaming smile that took over Peter's face upon hearing my greeting as I reached out and pulled him into my arms for a big good morning hug.

It was almost worth being woke up to see both as I kept watching Randy and Danny looking back and forth between Peter and I and their brother who was making faces of complete and utter confusion over the turn of events.

I decided to add to it by telling Peter “I love being woke up by my babies in the morning, there is no better way to start the day” still with a smile on my face.

I thought the trinity was going die right there from shock as I just sat there holding onto my littlest one.

It was worth it just to get them this good, almost.

The final icing on the cake was saying “well don't I get hugs from my favorite brats this morning?” as they began to sputter completely stunned.

Slowly, first Randy and then Danny came over and received hugs and kisses from me although you could tell they were waiting for the other shoe to drop any moment now.

Finally I turned towards Kevin and said “Well don't I get one from you too?”

He just looked at his brothers, not sure what to make of things before coming slowly over to me. You'd think he was walking to his execution the way he gingerly approached but he did finally make it over to the bed where I pulled him into a big hug with a smile on my face giving him a kiss as I said

“just remember payback is a bitch” in a whisper.

I heard him suck in his breath, clearly startled as he pulled back and looked at me with wide and innocent eyes while I just stared back.

I had him worried now as he quickly moved back to stand beside his brothers never taking his eyes off of me.

Let him stew for a while.

Then I heard a soft whisper “you're mean” and a Sammy giggle as I turned to find my baby boy looking up at me with a smile on his face

“hey little man, how are you feeling this morning” I asked him as I bent down and kissed his forehead

“hungry” was the response which for a boy translated as 'fine' as I just smiled.

“Well ok, it seems you're not the only one so I better get dressed and go find something” I told him and the others pulling myself out of the bed.

I first of all headed for the bathroom to take care of matters and was joined before I even got it out by Sammy who apparently had the same overwhelming need.

Afterward we washed up and I tried to do something with my hair before going back out and getting dressed.

It seems that while we were in the bathroom certain people decided to wake up everyone else so we were greeted by sleepy kids and adults as we came out of the bathroom.

Mumbled “good mornings” were exchanged by all and I told them that I was heading out to get some food.

Samantha asked if I could drop her off at work and I readily agreed so we headed off leaving Eric to watch the brood as soon as Samantha got presentable.

While she was in the bathroom I called dispatch and asked them to send a unit to meet us at the ER entrance, she was going to have protection and I told Eric this and that I would pay the overtime for it.

He wouldn't hear of it of course but I would argue that later.

Finally we headed out only to find that we weren't alone

“and where do you think you're going” I asked the pair staring at me with innocent looks plastered on their silly grins

“with you” was the reply

“with me?” I said

“yeah” impudence personified answered

Eric of course being ever helpful just stood there with a grin on his face

“well now, whatever makes you think that?” I asked the bold one of the two

“cause you're going to need help” was the cheeky answer “and we can help”

“you can eh?” I said unconvinced


“well I don't know” I slowly drawled which finally got a crack to appear in his facade

“but uncle Mike...” he started to say

“Daaaad” I heard along with some Sammy giggles “stop teasing them”

“you just want to take all the fun out of life don't you munchkin” I teased him which just got some more giggles and a smile

“well I suppose...” but was interrupted by shouts of “YEA”

“well lets go then” I told them and Danny and Peter quickly scampered out the door to leave Samantha and I to follow shaking our heads

“You're good with them” she said as we walked towards the elevator

“I love em” I told her simply

“yeah, I noticed that” she told me

“I think Millie was right you would have been great working with kids” she added

“no, it would have killed me. I couldn't stand to see all those kids needing so much and not be able to do anything about it”

She didn't answer for a while and I thought it was dropped until we got on the elevator and she said

“you still would have been wonderful for them”

I didn't answer this time as we headed downstairs with the little ones bouncing off the walls.

It was going to be a long day, and they hadn't even had any sugar yet.

When we got down to the ER we found the unit who was to meet us and I explained to Samantha that he would accompany her today and that she wasn't supposed to go anywhere without him. I also gave her my card with me cell phone number in in and told her to call me around noon and I should have everything set up by then.

She didn't look like she liked it much but agreed and went off with him as I loaded my two into the car and headed out to find IHOP

When we got there I asked

“so pancakes sound good to everyone?” which got enthusiastic nods from both and we went inside to get the food to feed the starving masses.

We sat down at an open booth and when the waitress came over I told her I needed a large to go order and then began thinking

I finally decided to order 40 pancakes which was more than we needed but some of these pigs ate enough for 4 so we might and I want to emphasize might have enough. I also told her I wanted maple and berry syrup for that much and butter on all the pancakes along with 10 juices and 10 milks and to bring a couple of chocolate donuts right now which got two boys eyes widening to the size of saucers along with big grins plastered on their faces, then we sat back to wait.

“I just wanted to say I am proud of you guys for the way you both were yesterday with Chris and Brian, you really helped them a lot” I told them

They just looked at me and then Peter said “he needed us” simply and plainly as if he'd said 'duh'

I just had to love them, they didn't ask questions or think about it they just did.

Kids were really wonderful that way if you allowed them to be, they wore their hearts on their sleeves and loved freely

“I know that and that's why I'm proud of the both of you, because you saw that and were there for them”

I still got looks like I was crazy but they just smiled at the daft adult and had the grace not to say anything further although I could tell they didn't really understand.

They enjoyed their donut and I decided to grab a 3 dozen to go as well and finally we got out of their with our food.

On the way back Peter asked “is Chris and Derek going to live with us too?”

“No honey I don't think so, although they will probably be spending a lot of time with us”

“good” was the response which caused me to look over at him quickly to see him smiling

“you like them don't you?” I asked him and he just nodded his head, clearly another 'duh' type look showing on his face

One day with my monsters and he was already picking up bad habits, oh well.

We got back to the hospital and started trying to get all the bags collected. I guess we looked kind of pathetic because a nurse who had been outside on break came over and asked

“you trying to feed a whole floor or something?” with a grin on her face

“nah just 8 starving kids” I told her chuckling which got her laughing before she stopped and looked at everything saying

“hmmm sure you got enough” which got me laughing while the boys scowled at us for making fun of them

“I hope so” I said with a forlorn sound in my voice as between us we got it all and headed upstairs to the rest of the clan

Now if you don't have a bunch of kids or haven't been around a bunch then you probably won't understand the next part but don't feel bad cause I did and I didn't understand it either.

We got to the room and you would think we had truly been starving them because everyone except Chris and Brian attacked us before we even made it through the door and they were clearly eying the single wheelchair in the room which was Brian's.

I was afraid they would start trying to crawl to it or me so I quickly fended off the voracious animals and set everything down on the bed quickly handing Eric a plate with some pancakes on it with syrup for Chris while the rest attacked in a feeding frenzy reminiscent of those pictures of sharks.

It was all I could do to keep my fingers intact at first and quickly I backed away with plates for Eric and I leaving the savages to fight amongst themselves for sustenance.

The nurse meanwhile had been standing there laughing herself silly as I thanked her and she left.

The next little while was relatively quiet although anyone passing the room probably thought there was an orgy in here from all the moans and “oh yeses” coming from inside it.

Many years ago I had seen pornographic movies with less enthusiasm being displayed audibly than what was coming from in this room.

A word of advice, as sweet, loving, adorable and cute as my bunch were, never, never get between them and food.

Eric and I were just shaking our heads while watching this and were staying out of their way because already they had been eying our plates on several occasions.

After an interminable amount of time the frenzy died down and sanity returned to their eyes which meant the eating became something at a pace a normal person might be inclined to partake of although faster still than most.

When all was said and done the mice would be the ones starving in this room, they had managed to vacuum up every last morsel and all that remained was the clean-up.

You could see it in their eyes that they knew the battle was coming so I just smiled and said

“Well Eric, its your turn” with an even bigger grin on my face as he scowled at me in mock anger

Syrup+kids=mess+Eric=fun, at least to them.

“fine” he said to me in a mutter. I told you I would get him back.

“line up at the door” he told them while they all just looked at him

“NOW” he said which got them giggling and scrambling

“NOT that door” he had to say next as they all went and lined up at the door to the room.

This of course got all 8 brats giggling as they thought it was hysterical and Kevin muttering “you didn't say which door”

“KEVIN ANTHONY CARLSON” Eric intoned in an ominous sounding voice

“yes dad” he said with an impish smile on his face

Eric smiled sweetly as they all came up to the proper door and said “you're first” which made Kev lose his smile rapidly

“but he's first” he said pointing at Peter who had the misfortune of being stuck in that position but I had no doubt he would quickly learn

I was trying not to laugh at the comical look of panic that had taken its place on Kevin's face at Eric's pronouncement which got even worse when Eric sweetly said “not any more”

“daaaaaad” Kevin tried next with the old puppy dog eyes and a pitiful expression on his face

“MARCH” was Eric's only response but I could see the smile hiding in his eyes as Kevin with the certainty that his end awaited him through that door shuffled slowly forward with dejection and defeat written plainly in his posture.

As soon as the door closed behind them the others broke out in giggles as I said “don't forget your next” which earned me withering looks from the remaining condemned prisoners.

I went over and got a washcloth dipping it into the tray by Sam's bed and started on Brian who clearly enjoyed the attention of all of them.

I almost had tears in my eyes seeing him take such pleasure in a simple thing such as this.

I spent way longer than I needed just washing his face and hands over and over again before finally bending down and kissing his forehead and telling him “I love you” which got me a smile that was worth a million dollars.

I couldn't resist I had to do it again so gave him another kiss while he just kept smiling

“get used to it Brian he does it all the time” I heard to find Sammy standing there looking at us smiling.

“I kinda think I might be able to” the munchkin said still grinning ear to ear and then I couldn't resist stopping and giving SamSam one as well.

“See” he said impishly

“yeah I do, you're out of line” which caused him to giggle and stick out his tongue at me as I took a playful swat at his retreating behind eliciting more giggles and a squeal before he said

“nah nah you missed” giggling away

“this time” which made him get a worried look on his face as I turned towards Chris.

I walked over and bent down planting a kiss on his forehead as I asked “how are you this morning honey?”

“pretty good” he said smiling

“well that's good” I told him

I started washing him up and he didn't like it as well as Brian had

“you ready to get out of here today?” I asked

“yeah, where are we going to go?” he asked

“well you're going to get a hotel room for now and spend time with the munchkins and I until your mom can quit her jobs and get something else” I told him

He looked at me with wonder in his eyes and said “she's gonna quit her jobs just to spend time with us?” with disbelief in his voice.

“yep, she sure is”

I could see the happiness in his eyes and it really touched me.

“she really loves you guys you know, and she wants to be there for you” I told him as I pulled him into a hug

He didn't say anything and I let him go and finished washing him up.

“ok you're all set” I told him smiling as I started to turn away

“umm” I heard and turned back to him to find him looking at me

“what is it honey?” I asked him

“well...ummm...could...I mean...” he stuttered and I could see his face was kind of red

“its ok, what is it?” I asked him again gently

“umm...I gotta go bad, real bad” he mumbled blushing even more

“ok sweetheart, that's ok, I'll get the nurse for you I told him

“NO, I mean, ah, please, no, its just, I mean its a girl” he finished and I struggled hard not to laugh

“well what do you want, I can get your brother if you'd like?” I asked him

“could you..I mean...” he said haltingly

“sure, I'd be happy too, just a second” I told him as I put the pan down and pulled the curtains around us before turning back to him

“I'm really sorry to ask” he said to me clearly embarrassed

“hey it's ok, it doesn't bother me at all and shouldn't bother you either, remember I have a few boys of my own” I told him laughing softly

He smiled as I walked over and pulled his gown up. I took the container and held it in place and then grabbed hold of it placing it inside and told him “fire away” smiling slightly

He went but he also had a natural reaction to being held and when he was finished and I drained it I heard him gasp as I pulled it out and released the now very hard appendage.

He began to stutter “I'm s..so..sorry” and turned his head away but I could see the tears in his eyes before he did

“hey” I said as I reached out and took his chin in my hand

“It's alright, I'm not mad or upset” I told him gently

He looked into my eyes and didn't say anything so I told him “it's ok really, it's a normal reaction and I bet you haven't been able to give it any attention since you've been in here either” knowing that with one arm in a cast and the other with an IV in it on a board that it would have been next to impossible if not impossible.

He shook his head slightly and I just repeated “its ok Chris, I've seen a one hard a time or two” smiling gently at him

“but...you're a guy and...” he got out

“nice of you to notice” I told him smiling gently “I know that and remember what I said yesterday?”

He nodded his head and I continued “there is nothing wrong with you now or before remember that” I told him firmly

“could you...?” he mumbled “it hurts, its so hard” and I could see it was even though he certainly didn't want it to be right now.

It was sad he had been put through this where he felt ashamed of himself and his body but only time would help I thought as I told him

“well I can't but I bet I know someone who would be happy too”

He looked apprehensive so I told him “remember what your mom told you yesterday?”

Which got him to blush as he said “ok, if you're sure...”

“yes, I'm sure and I am sure he won't mind in the slightest” I said grinning which caused his blush to get even worse, they definitely blush all over, I knew I had read that somewhere.

“I'll keep everyone away for a bit too ok?”

“yeah and Mike, thanks, you're pretty cool” he told me shyly

“thanks little one, see ya later” I said as I kissed him on the forehead and left to find a certain boy

I found him with the others and motioned him over telling him when I got him in private

“hey munchkin, your brother needs help with something kind of personal and I thought you might be willing to help him out” I said to him which caused him to look at me curiously

“what?” he asked as I bent down and whispered exactly what in his ear.

He turned a bright shade of red and said “I think I might be able to do that” and then with an impish grin on his face said “he's not the only one” as he disappeared behind the curtain leaving me just standing there shaking my head with my mouth open.

I walked back over to the others and found them all looking at me “what?” I said but they didn't answer although Sammy gave me a knowing grin.

Eric was giving me a funny look but didn't say anything as we sat there talking and cuddling for a bit. It looked like he had won the war again to get a mess of boys clean. About 5 minutes or so later the curtains were pulled open and two blondes were looking at us with big ole shit eating grins on their faces but still bright red.

Guess that problem got solved for the both of them I thought while grinning back at them.

Just in time too as the doctor knocked and came in going first to Sammy and asking

“so how are we feeling today?”

I could see Sammy was about to make a smart comment and gave him a warning glare which was only partially successful as he said with a smile

“WE are feeling fine, can I go home now?” which got the doctor laughing as he said “well that's a good sign and I didn't know whether he meant the sarcasm or wanting to go home.

“Well lets check you out there young man” the doctor said as he began poking and prodding Sam who I could see was biting his tongue.

He didn't bite it hard enough though when the doctor got to his wound and poked it asking “does that hurt?”

Sammy looked up at him incredulously and while I quickly said “Sammy” he was already saying “ya think” which got the boys all giggling and the doctor looking confused

I quickly added before Sammy said anything else “I would imagine it does” which got a look from both Sam and the doctor before he said “yes I think he can go home just fine” and walked over to Chris while I could hear Sammy mumble

“how about if I kick you in the nuts and ask if it hurts?”

I didn't think it was loud enough for the doctor to have heard, I hope and glanced quickly in that direction before saying


“Well jeez dad, that was kind of stupid” although his disgruntled look had left to be replaced by a grin as he was getting himself up and beginning to get ready.

It was then that I realized that in all the confusion I hadn't gotten Sam any clothes and the ones he had were gone, that and a little boy asking

“Dad, where's my clothes?”

Oh boy someone wasn't going to be happy

End Note

Well that's the new chapter in the new program now I am going to send it in and see if it came out all right. <grin>

He forgot my clothes. Can you believe that he forgot any clothes for me, what's he want me to do walk out of here naked? Hey that might be fun<giggle> see ya Sammy


“giggle, giggle, giggle, but Daaaaaad”


“giggle, giggle”


got to go

Hmm well this should be interesting, until next time...DS, Sammy, Peter, Brian, The UT and the rest

Editor's notes;

Hold on, Let me catch my breath. Sorry SamSam, I was going to remind Mike to get you some clothes when he went out, but it slipped my mind too. I can't believe he did that.

I agree with you, Sam, that doctor had no clue about pain, and when and where it comes from. Doctors can sometimes be a little less than kind, when it comes to the pain you are feeling, although you do know that they really do care about their patients. Doctors are under a lot of stress, and sometimes the little things like being gentle and kind, sometimes gets right past them. Don't judge them too harshly though.

Thank you DS for another fine chapter, and Thanks Mike, for helping get the guys together to help with that problem they were having. Seriously, a lot of parents forget how annoying it can be sometimes, when you are a teenager and people treat you like you are some kind of freak when you are all tense and need some help. You think about that some time. Do any of you remember when you were their age and had that problem, How did you deal with it? Now, be honest. You didn't go completely blind did you? I didn't think so. I stopped when I needed glasses. Well that's a lie. I have never stopped, and I have no intention of stopping. It is too darn much fun.

Sammy, you know you weren't supposed to remind me of that, while I am writing this thing. I know I said I would tell you later, but I meant when we were not busy writing these notes. Did Dell put you up to that? I'll get even with him later.

I have plenty of punctuation material now, so I am ready for chapter 14, I hope you are too.


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