Out Of The Past

Chapter 14-22

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Chapter 14-22

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From Chapter 13

It was then that I realized that in all the confusion I hadn't gotten Sam any clothes and the ones he had were gone, that and a little boy asking

Dad, where's my clothes?”

Oh boy someone wasn't going to be happy

Chapter 14

umm” was my response. They had cut Sammy's clothes from him, in the ER no doubt, and I hadn't gotten a chance to get any more.

DAAAD,” he said just looking at me,

Well...its...I mean...”


Well...I kinda...its just that...well,”

Where are my clothes?” he asked, patiently looking at me.

Eric was grinning, and I could have shot him, as I finally worked up the nerve to tell him.

Umm, you don't have any,” wincing at the response I knew would be forthcoming.

He just looked at me as his eyes widened, “What do you mean?”

Well, SamSam, they cut all yours off of you, and I haven't had a chance to get any to bring to you,” I told him.


What am I supposed to wear outta here?” he said.


I can't just go naked!” he said in disbelief.

Of course not, but you will just have to make do with the hospital gown.” I told him.

I could see he didn't like the idea much, what eleven year old would, but then Brian chimed in.

That might be fun to see,” with a giggle, and I shot him a dirty look, he didn't need to give him any ideas.

Sammy froze, before turning to look at Brian, then back at me, with a grin on his face, as he said, “hey...!”


Don't even think it!” I told him.

Why not, Dad, don't you think I look cute?” he said, with an evil grin, as he lifted up his gown completely, and walked around like he was on a runway in a fashion show or something, while all the boys were giggling non-stop at this display.

Then again, they had been giggling for a while now.

Yes, you're cute, and no you can't run around the hospital nude.” I told him, trying to suppress laughter at his antics.

Yep my SamSam was definitely back.

Ok Dad, I'm ready to go.” he said, and then started running for the door.

SAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMMY!!” I was screaming in horror, as his hand reached the handle, and he turned his head and said,

Yes dad?” with a smile, and twinkle in his eyes of pure devilishness.

If you go out that...”

GOT YA!” he crowed, breaking into hysterical laughter, along with the others. Even Eric joining in pointing, saying between attempts at catching his breath,


Yeah very funny, no doubt, if I could have been sure he wouldn't have done exactly that.

Well, over the next few minutes I got a gown on Sammy's backside, facing front this time to completely cover him, and tied it with knots that would require scissors to get him out of, which we didn't have, thankfully and then proceeded to get Chris dressed in clothes his mother had obviously brought for the occasion.

Finally, the doctor came back in, and gave me detailed instructions on both Sam and Chris, before two nurses came in wheeling chairs for our kids' rides out of here.

It was a very happy group that headed out and down to the ER entrance, where Eric had gone, a few minutes before, with my keys, to bring the suburban around.

We exited the ER just as Eric came around into the bay. I lifted Chris and got him settled in the back, and Eric did for Brian, while the rest of the group crawled into whatever seats they could find, with Sammy and Peter taking the front.

I had just shut the door, when I noticed a news crew filming the whole thing, and turned away in disgust. Unfortunately they didn't take that to mean anything as the reporter and cameraman started running towards me, as I made my way quickly around to the driver's side door.

I didn't make it in time.

They cornered me before I could get into the vehicle.

Mr. Reynolds, Mr. Reynolds please, can we have a moment, please?” They cried to me.

I turned around plastering a neutral expression on my face, as I faced them.

I'm sorry, I don't have anything to say.” but of course they wouldn't let it go at that.

Mr. Reynolds please, what is the condition of your son, our viewers are very concerned for his welfare?” she said.

I decided to give them a brief statement.

Alright, I and my son, appreciate your concern, and I would like for you and your viewers to know that we appreciate it. My son is fine, and I'm taking him home right now.” I finished.

But Mr. Reynolds, I understand he was critically injured in yesterday's events?”

He sustained a knife wound, which was not all that serious, thankfully, but did cause a large amount of blood loss, which had all of us quite worried for a time.” I said, smiling and thinking that is a bit of an understatement.

can you tell us what happened?” She asked next.

I'm sorry, that is an ongoing police investigation.” I told her, as I started to turn away.

Mr. Reynolds, please one more thing, what do you have to say regarding allegations from child protection authorities that you needlessly put your son at risk, twice in less than a day?”

I froze at those words, because they could only have come from one source.

well Mr. Reynolds, do you have a comment regarding the allegations?”

I started to turn around when I felt Eric's hand grab a hold of my arm, stopping me, effectively from saying anything, as he stepped forward.

I'm Sheriff Eric Carlson, and I don't know where you heard such baseless lies, but I would suggest you learn to check your facts a bit better, before making such allegations in a public venue.” Eric told her coldly.

I can assure you that they are far from baseless, Sheriff.” she said venom dripping from her voice.

We have checked our facts, and the allegations are valid, would you like to make a comment for the record Sheriff?”

I just did.” Eric told her, turning away, as I once again reached for the door.

Maybe, Mr. Reynolds, you would care to comment on further allegations, that you beat a man bloody in your capacity as a police officer, for trying to stop his son from being molested by an older brother, and then not only arrested that man, but placed the victim back with the abuser?”

That was it, as I saw red, turning towards her again, and stepping forward, as Eric suddenly grabbed my arm, pulling strongly saying,

Mike,” warningly.

I guess you don't understand simple english, do you lady? You need to check your facts, before saying such things. I hope you have a good attorney.” and with that comment, Eric started pushing me back to the door, ripping it open, and pushing me through, which was a good thing, as the reporter started screaming.

if you think that threats are going to trouble me in the slightest, then you are mistaken, Sheriff,” and then I watched, as Eric got truly pissed, and turned on the reporter saying,

Lady, if you think beating the holy shit out of a young boy, is justified, for any reason, much less the lie he told to excuse his conduct, then I sincerely hope you don't have any children, now get the hell off hospital property, before I have you arrested for trespassing!”

you can't.” she started to say when he pulled out his cuffs, and advanced on her quickly retreating form.


Now what?

Eric came back and said, “you need to call your attorney right now, and get him onto the station, as well as calling Millie.”

I was kind of in shock, and could only say,


Go home Mike, and I'll send a couple of guys out to keep an eye on your property, I'll also check on Samantha, and make sure they don't corner her.”

Ok,” I said, as I started the car, and put it in gear, pulling out of the drive.

Daddy?” A small voice asked, and I looked over to see Sammy, staring at me worriedly. “It's going to be ok, SamSam.” I said, and then louder. “It's going to be ok,” as we drove home in silence, only I wasn't sure who I was trying to reassure more, them or me.

When we got home, I got everyone settled, in a daze, before going into my office and picking up the phone.

Jet Services, may I help you?” the voice said.

Yes, this is Mike Reynolds, account number 038488Alpha4” I told her.

Yes Mr. Reynolds, I have your account pulled up right here.” she told me.

I want a crew on standby for takeoff at my home base, 24 hour alert, until further notice.” I told her.

I heard her suck in a breath, before saying ,“Umm sir, do you understand the cost involved in that?”

I don't care, you have a 1 million dollar line of funds to draw against, so there shouldn't be a question, other than can you provide the service?”

Uh well, yes, of course, just let me check something here, yes I can have a flight crew there within 30 minutes, and the other one within 3 hours. Let me confirm this please, you want a crew available 24 hours a day, for immediate takeoff, until further notice?”

That is correct.” I told her.

Very well, your crew will be there within 30 minutes, Sir.” she told me, and then gave me a contact number for the crew.

Thank you.” I told her, before hanging up.

I would not lose my kids.

Taking a deep breath, I called my attorney, and filled him in on what happened with everything, ending with the reporter, and the plane.

Mike, that would be breaking the law, and I can't tell you to do that, but I will say I hope you don't have to use it.”

I hope so too.” I told him, before hanging up, and taking another deep breath. He said he would contact the station, and try to get an immediate injunction, as well, but he didn't hold out much hope of being successful with either.

Then I called Millie.

Millie, it's Mike,” I told her, when she picked up.

Hi Mike, how's everything going?” she asked.

Not good.” I told her.

Millie, like Eric, would drop the banter, and become dead serious in a second, as she asked me,

What's wrong?”

well, it seems our friend has been speaking to the media,” I told her.

That fucking bitch,” she said.

Yeah,” was my response.

How bad?” was her next question.

Very bad, everything.” I told her.

shit!” was her only response.

She never showed up today either.” she added.

No, she was too busy talking to the media.” I said to her, bitterly.

Mike, we'll get through this.” Millie tried to comfort me.

yeah we will, I can't lose them, Millie, I can't.” as I felt myself sob, and the tears started running down my face.

I've got to go.” I got out, before hanging up the phone to Millie, saying something or other.

I couldn't listen right now. I wouldn't lose my babies, I wouldn't.

I just sat there crying, with my head in my hands, until I felt arms around me, and I raised my head, to find Sammy there.

Oh SamSam.” I cried, reaching out and pulling him into my lap, holding on for dear life.

I wanted to kill that bitch so badly, right now.

It's going to be ok, Dad.” he said, into my chest.

Yeah, you're right honey, I just worry.” I told him, trying to reassure him. It wasn't his place to reassure me, it was mine to take care of him, and sitting here crying, certainly wasn't doing that.

He pulled his head back, and looked at me, with a small smile on his face, as he said softly, and with great determination,

It'll be alright Dad.”

That was my baby, as I just pulled him back to me, and held him. I knew it would be alright, because one way or the other I would make it alright.

After a while, Sam looked at me and said he was going back to the others, and that they were kind of worried, so I told him to tell them that I was making some calls, and would be out in a little while.

I didn't like sitting here where anyone could find me, yet I wasn't sure what to do, because checking into a hotel would be worse. Just as Sammy left, the phone rang, and I answered it to hear an old friend on the phone.

Hello.” I said.

Mike, it's Ken Barstow, channel 9,” he said.

Ken, how are you? It's been a while.” I told him.

Yeah Mike, it has, and I won't play games with you, I'm calling because of some things going around out here.” he told me.

Ken was someone who you could work with, and had become a friend, several years ago, even though he was a reporter.

I know Ken, I got sandbagged outside the hospital, by channel 4.” I said.

Bitch got ya eh?”

Oh yeah.” I replied to him.

you be interested in a rebuttal?” he asked.

I laughed without humor, as I said, “I'd love to, but it involves several police investigations, as well as a child abuse investigation.”

that kind of ties your hands, doesn't it.” he told me.

yeah, you could say that.” I responded.

Damn, how bout off the record, Mike?” he asked me,

I knew I could trust him, so I began, starting with coming home the night before last, and what happened with Peter, all the way through Sammy, finding Brian, and then Chris, and what had happened there. I then told him about Mrs. Higginbottom, whom the other station was using, as a valid source, even though she had been fired, and ending at the meeting with Channel 4's reporter, a while ago.

wow, that's something, Mike, but you got problems, I'm hearing some things I don't like.” he told me.

what things?” I asked, with a feeling of dread in my chest.

Well, lets just say that certain quarters are being stirred up a bit.”

What does that exactly mean, Ken?”

Look, Mike, lets just say, I'm checking into some things, and if they pan out, you got some problems, I'll call you the minute I have anything concrete.” he told me which didn't make me feel a lot better, even though I knew I could trust him.

The fact that Ken was telling me at all, told me I had something to worry about.

Alright Ken, thanks, and let me know what you find out, please.” I told him.

I will Mike, you take care, and take care of those babies, too.” he told me.

I will Ken, thank you.” I said, as I hung up the phone.

SAMMY!!!!” I yelled, and in seconds, he was in the room.

yes Dad?” he asked, with a worried expression on his face.

Sammy, I don't want you to get upset, but we may need to leave, and do so quickly, so I want you to go and pack suitcases, for yourself and try to find some things for Brian, Chris and Derek, as well. You probably won't find anything for Peter, but see what you can do.”

Dad?” he asked, with so much more in that one word.

I don't know honey, but I'm getting a bad feeling about where this might go, and I'm not going to lose you guys.” I told him.

He came over and gave me a hug, and said, “I love you dad.” before heading out of the room.

I got up and looked out the window, and could see several county units out front, keeping the media back. It looked like a circus.

If we had to go, I didn't know how we would get out of there, as I stood watching it all, and rapidly came to a decision.

I went back over, and picked up the phone, calling Jet Services again.

Jet Services, may I help you?” the same lady answered again.

yes, this is Mike Reynolds, account number 038488Alpha4.” I told her.

yes Mr. Reynolds what can I do for you?” she asked without saying “this time”

I need something else, as well.”

Certainly, what can I help you with, sir?”

I want a helicopter on the pad, and ready to roll at a moments notice, indefinitely, that can seat between 4 and 10, with a wheelchair and luggage.”

yes sir, can you please hold while I check availability?”

yes, but if there isn't one, then get one, and get it now.” I told her.

yes sir.” she said crisply, as I began to listen to music.

Several minutes later, she came back on and said, “I can have one there at the airport within an hour, that meets your requirements, sir.”

that would be fine, you need to tell them that they will, if contacted be flying to the following co-ordinates, to pick up passengers, and it will be a hot pick up, including children, then returning to the airport where they will need to land as close to the jet you have ready for us, as possible.”

Yes sir.” she replied.

She then gave me the contact information for the copter, and I gave her the co-ordinates for my home, before ending the call.

One nice thing about this service, is they were used to rather bizarre requests, and while she may think a lot of things, she wouldn't concern herself further. This company was very discreet, and handled a number of interesting things, including I had been told once, things for the government.

I had just hung up with her, when the phone once again rang.

hello.” I said again.


hello.” I said again.

this is just the beginning.” click.

I held the phone for a moment, before replacing it in its cradle, then picked it back up and called dispatch, asking them to try to trace the caller, before replacing it once again.

The phone rang again, only this time the caller was displayed, Eric.

Hi.” I said.

Hello, how you doing?” he asked me.

well, I stopped crying a while ago.” I told him shakily, although I could feel some tears waiting again.

I'm sorry, Mike,” he said, with deep feeling behind the words.

So am I,” I told him. “So am I.”

I'm not losing them Eric.” I said softly, into the phone.

I know Mike, I know.” was all he could say.

I have made arrangements, just so you know.”

I thought you might.” was his reply.

what do you want me to do with the trinity?” I asked him.

take them to safety too, if it comes to that, Mike, I'll catch up with you all later.” he told me, with absolute certainty.

are you sure?” I asked.

yeah, very.” he said.

ok, Eric, I'll take good care of them, I promise.” I said, with everything in me, as my voice broke on the last word.

I know, I know.” was all he could say, and I could hear the pain in it.

come with us.” I said softly.

I can't, you know that, I have to stay and fight, if it comes to it.” he told me, equally softly.

I just can't believe it Eric, I was so happy this morning, and now it all feels as if it's crashing down...” I told him as I felt the tears falling, finally.

I know Mike, but it'll be ok, you have to keep believing that.” he said.

I know, but I can't risk them.” I told him, and he knew who them meant.

Mike, I know its been a really hard couple of days, but we'll work this out, don't worry. If you need to get them out of here, then that's what you'll have to do, consider it a vacation, if you like, but just do what you need to do, ok?”

Yeah, don't worry Eric, I will, it's just that it's been so much.”

I know, but you've got the most important things right there with you, I am going to go to the house, and get some things for the boys, and I'll be out there shortly, I should have some stuff that'll fit Peter as well, that Danny has outgrown.”

ok thanks Eric.” I said.

See you in a bit.” he told me, before hanging up.

I took a couple of deep breaths, and got myself together, before I headed out to face the kids. I had to get control of myself, as they would be scared enough as it was, and didn't need to see me in this shape.

Hell, I didn't need to be in this shape.

I finally stood up, and headed to the door, finding my SamSam standing there, as I opened it.

He took one look at me, and came forward, wrapping his arms around me, as I lifted him up, letting him wrap his body around me, while I just hugged him back.

what's going on dad?” he asked, in my ear.

well, I've made some contingency plans, in case we need them, but for now, we just stay put.” I told him.

Ok.” he said, completely trusting me to keep him safe, which actually helped me get it together, as I had 7 other little ones depending on me, for the same thing, and I couldn't afford to do what I wanted, and had been close to doing, which was lose it.

I took a deep breath, and told him, “lets go see the rest of the munchkins, ok?”

Ok.” he replied, as I started walking out to the living room, where I found everyone sitting down, obviously tense, and worried, making me immediately sorry that I had taken so long to come out in the first place.

As I walked into the room, all eyes instantly locked on me, following my every movement, as I came over and sat next to Chris, on the couch.

All the kids came over and tried to crawl into my lap, or as close as they could, with a couple on the floor, and Peter next to Sam, as he said,

I'm scared daddy.”

I know you are, you all are, and to tell you the truth, so am I.” I told them, as they watched my every word.

I don't know what's going to happen, but I can tell you this, you are all going to be safe. I will keep you safe, and nothing is going to happen to you.”

They all looked at me, until finally Chris said, “this is all my fault isn't it?”

NO, it's not, this is the fault of an evil bitch, who couldn't get what she wanted one way, and is now trying to get it another.” I told him, allowing the anger to show in my voice.

but...” he started to say.

No buts, Chris, or any of you. Let me make this very clear, she may try to do a lot of things, but she will NOT succeed. I am going to keep you safe, and NO one is taking any of you away from me, you all hear that?” I said forcefully.

I could see them looking at me, and I didn't break eye contact with them, as they just looked at me.

I could see that it was starting to have an effect, albeit slowly, as I told them again,

No one is going to take you away from me.”

But, what if they come to get us?” Brian asked softly.

well, you need to know, that I have made contingency plans, to get us out of here, if they try.” I started telling them.

If we learn of them coming, to take any of you, I have a helicopter standing by, ready to go, and a jet at the airport that can reach a lot of places that none of them can. You need to know that if we get word to get out of here, then we will be moving really fast, and you won't be able to ask questions or anything, until we are on the plane, so be prepared. If you have any questions, you can ask them now.” I told them.

Where will we go?” Derek asked.

What about us?” Randy asked.

Will we be able to come home?” Sammy asked.

What about mom?” Chris asked me.

Well, I don't know, probably Russia, and your dad wants you to go with us, guys, he's coming over with some things for you soon. Sammy, I don't know the answer to that question honey, I'm sorry, and your mom, I think will be coming with us, baby.” I finished and could see tears in the trinity's eyes.

Sammy and Peter had been watching this, and both moved off of me, without anything being said, as the trinity launched themselves into my lap, crying.

I felt my own tears falling, as I held them. Sam and Peter had joined me in wrapping my arms around them, holding them.

We just sat there holding onto each other, Derek was holding Chris, and Peter had got up and went to snuggle with Brian, while we all waited.

Some time later, the doorbell rang, and Sammy jumped up and went to answer it.

Eric was there, with Samantha, and both were looking worried, as they came in, carrying suitcases.

The boys jumped up and rushed into their father's arms, for some hugs, as Samantha came over and gave some to her boys.

Finally Eric came over and said, “I need to talk to you, now.”

I nodded and followed him back to my office, where he shut the door, and began.

This has exploded, Mike, the bitch seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth, and no one can find her anywhere.” I nodded my head, as he continued.

Some sources of mine say that the state is getting involved, and may be coming in to take the kids,” which caused me to straighten up in shock, but before I could say anything, he held up his hand and continued.

I am waiting on confirmation of that, but it looks bad, the state doesn't want to be seen as doing nothing, if her allegations are true, and they see the easiest way out as taking all the kids, and then sorting it out from there.”

Eric, that would devastate these kids...I started to say.

I know Mike, I know, but that's what I am hearing, I'll get word in time, but you need to know.” he told me.

Ok.” I told him, “I'm going to call Millie.” I said, but he stopped me. “I haven't been able to get a hold of her, Mike.” which scared me.

Millie would never duck our calls.

Something must be wrong, very wrong.

At about that time, the phone rang, and before I could even answer it Eric's rang as well.

I picked up my phone to hear Ken, “Mike get out, and get out now, they're on the way, an hour or so at most.” he told me.

I felt a cold shiver of fear hit me like an icicle, down my back, as I numbly said, “thanks Ken, th...thanks.” before hanging up the phone.

I turned towards Eric, who was clicking his cell off, and had gone quite pale, as he looked up in shock from the phone to stare into my eyes.

they're coming Mike.” he said, in a voice clearly shocked, and disbelieving. I don't think he actually thought they'd do it.

they're coming.” he said again, as he just shook his head.

All I could think was Oh God.

End Note

Well it seems as if that woman isn't done with Mike after all, even if she has disappeared. This was not what I had expected at all, again. I hope things work out, although I am worried about Millie. Will they make it out of there in time. What will happen next? Well I have to find out, along with you. Until next time...DS and Co.

Editor's Notes;

OK, This is very serious. No jokes this time.

This kind of thing happens all the time, I am afraid. It seems to me that the world needs more people like Mike and Erik, and quite a few less people like Mrs. Hiccup Bottom. That person deserves to have something very unpleasant happening to her.

I wonder what happened to her?

I hope it was very nasty, but, sadly, she is probably hiding.

I know that DS and Mike are working very hard to protect the boys, and will put everything on the line to make sure that they are safe and cared for. I will be helping too in any way they will let me. I really love those guys, and believe me, I will help all I can.

Let me just say that DS and I have been discussing this, and we have thought of some contingency plans, which might involve some unorthodox solutions. I know that Mike will do what ever is necessary to make sure the boys are safe.

Damn! Even after all that, I am still very worried.

Sammy, I love you guys, and I will be here for you. You have my number. If you need anything from me, just call.

Hurry Up, DS. We need the next chapter.


The Radio Rancher

From Chapter 14

At about that time the phone rang and before I could even answer it Mike's rang as well.

I picked up my phone to hear Ken “Mike get out and get out now, they're on the way, an hour or so at most” he told me

I felt a cold shiver of fear hit me like an icicle down my back as I numbly said “thanks Ken, th...thanks” before hanging up the phone

I turned towards Eric who was clicking his cell off and had gone quite pale as he looked up in shock from the phone to stare into my eyes

they're coming Mike” he said in a voice clearly shocked and disbelieving. I don't think he actually thought they'd do it.

they're coming” he said again as he just shook his head

All I could think was Oh God.

Chapter 15

Oh God, it's real.

You have to go, Mike.” he said.


Go.” he said, softly.

I picked up the phone and dialed the first contact number, as Eric went out of the room, to tell everyone.


You have a go, hot LZ, no shutdown.”

Yes sir,” was the response, before the line went dead.

I dialed the next number.


You have a go, helicopter will land nearby, we'll need help with kids and luggage, and its a hot takeoff.”

Yes sir.” was the response, before it went dead, as the one before it had.

I set the handset back in the cradle, before taking a deep breath, and turning to my wall safe.

There were always things in there, that I could use, in an emergency, I just had never thought I actually would have to use them.

The first was a silver briefcase, just like you see in the movies. Thick, and containing more than would be apparent.

There was $500,000 US dollars inside of it, along with passports for Sam, the trinity, Eric and myself. Clean ones.

Also enclosed were credit cards, also clean and untraceable, along with driver's licenses and other documentation. I would leave Eric with his, just in case, as I put it aside.

The Sig Sauer P226 was a bonus, along with 2 extra clips, while the top half contained a digital scrambled and completely secure, untraceable satellite phone.

I double checked everything, and then closed the lid, unplugging the thing before doing so of course, while also grabbing several handheld sat phones, to take, I was going to leave one for Eric.

I brought that back out into the office, and sat everything down in a chair, while going back inside, and grabbing a suitcase, which contained a few other goodies, which might prove useful, on site communications equipment.

I quickly took everything, and went out to the living room with it, setting it down with the growing pile of suitcases, while being watched intently by several sets of eyes.

I quickly went back into the office, and pulled up security camera footage of Brian, Chris, Derek and Samantha, snapping close ups of their faces, and placing them into an encrypted e-mail, along with their ages, for each photo, coupled with a simple note attached.

Newborn, Chekov, Uhura, Scotty,” which told the recipient that I needed completely clean docs on them, where we were going, that we would contact them, and that I needed it yesterday, at least for anyone who knew.

I clicked send, and it was off while I quickly grabbed my laptop, and brought it out to the pile, then ran upstairs to get my stuff ready.

I packed your bag, Dad.” Sammy told me.

Thanks baby.” I said, as I ran into my room, taking off my clothes, as I went, starting with my gunbelt.

I quickly changed into civilian clothes, and shoes, then grabbed a holster, placing my gun and extra clips, back into it, before affixing it to my belt, in the back of my pants, pulling my shirt over it, before running back downstairs.

Eric had been doing some rearranging, and now had reduced the suitcases by a large magnitude, with several empty ones lying strewn about.

I've got everything as ready as I can.” Eric told me, before going over hugging his kids to him.

I could see they had been crying, and still were, as I looked at my bunch, who were trying to put up a brave front, but were having a hard time.

Samantha had Chris in her arms, holding him, with Derek right there on the other side.

I went to my three, and bent down, kissing Brian, before taking Peter and SamSam, into my arms. I would have picked Brian up, but there wasn't time, as I just murmered,

Everything is going to be ok, little ones,” I told them, desperately hoping I was correct.

I just sat there until the phone rang, and upon answering it, was told, “2 minutes,” before the line went dead.

The helicopter is two minutes out, guys.” I said to the group who had been watching me intently, as I hung it up.

Eric came over and just looked at me, before taking me in his arms, and hugging me ,whispering,

Be safe, and take care.”

I just pulled back and looked at him, the love that was reflected back in his eyes, matched my own, as I pulled him to me, once again, and told him.

You take care of yourself, and get out, if things get too bad.”

I will.” he told me before releasing me and stepping back.

The kids were crying now, and Sammy ran over and hugged Eric, and I could see that I and the children weren't the only ones crying, as tears fell down his face.

Peter also came over shyly, and Eric scooped him up in a big hug, before going over and repeating it with Derek and Chris, surprisingly, before ending with his bunch.

I quickly handed Eric the package, and sat phone, before picking up Brian, while he picked up Chris, leaving the wheelchair to Samantha.

The kids grabbed as much of the luggage as they could, and we went out the door, heading to the pasture, where we could already see the helicopter in the distance, approaching us.

When we got there, we set luggage and kids down, with Eric and I running back to get the remaining bags, arriving just as the helicopter was coming in for landing.

I glanced back, to see the horde going crazy at what they were witnessing, and saw that Eric had noticed as well.

He picked up his radio and keyed the mic

100 Charles.”

Go ahead, 100 Charles.”

100 Charles, I want a tac alert called, and the general aviation terminal at the airport closed to anyone trying to enter the complex, from the access road. Be advised that means anyone, including other agency law enforcement units.”

There was silence on the radio, and you could just about see the dispatcher's mouth hanging open, before she finally came back on the air and stated, “10-4 100 Charles, block all access to facility to all parties.”

That is affirmative,” was Eric's response.

I was staring at him, stunned, as the dispatcher put the broadcast out over the air, hearing multiple units responding, as Eric looked up at me.

Go.” he said, as the helicopter touched down.

Come with us?” I asked, pleadingly again, knowing this could very well cause him trouble.

He shook his head as he turned and picked up Chris, and I just followed, yelling at everyone to keep their heads down, and started running for the bird.

The copilot had come over, and was grabbing luggage, and herding kids, as we all ran to the helicopter, and started getting them settled. Eric and the copilot had gone back for the last of the luggage, and I had just finished getting the kids strapped in, when they got back. I watched as they got everything stowed, and then climbed aboard behind Samantha, watching as Eric backed away.

The kids were crying, especially Eric's, and my heart went out to them, although I couldn't reach them, as the helicopter began a full power departure, heading towards the airport.

I watched Eric's form recede in the distance, and felt like I was losing something, I really wished he was here with us.

The ride to the airport was silent except for sniffles and soft crying from the children and I watched as we approached the airport

I could see the units, blocking the roads surrounding the airport, and what looked like a couple of news vans, stopped at the checkpoints, as we dropped down at what appeared dangerously close to the airplane we would be boarding.

The pilot sat down fast and somewhat hard and I could already feel the engines being cut with no time being wasted in post flight checks.

It was only moments before I heard and felt the rotor brakes being applied, and the copilot was opening the doors yelling, “Let's go! Let's go! Keep your heads down, keep em down, let's go” as he started lifting kids, and putting them on the ground, where they were met by the crew from the airplane, and taken beyond the rotors, to be escorted out to the plane.

I got a hold of Brian, and the copilot lifted Chris out, as they were the last ones aboard, and we took off for the plane, while the rest of the crew from both aircraft, and Samantha started grabbing luggage.

I could hear one of the plane's engines going, and knew that they would spool the other one up, just as soon as the doors were closed, which would be soon, as we were heading up the ramp now.

I was surprised to see the aircraft present was the Boeing 737-700 BBJ, but it would make the flight much nicer, or at least as nice as it could be, under the circumstances, as we entered the aircraft.

The luggage was brought on board, and stowed quickly, including Brian's wheelchair, as Samantha and I, along with the crew, got the kids strapped in, while the plane started rolling immediately, even as I heard the remaining engine being started.

The captain approached me, and asked,

I need to know where we will be going.”

I'm not completely certain, but Russia ,I think, take off VFR if possible, and file later. If you need to file now, do so for Anchorage, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.” I told him.

He nodded and headed back to the cockpit, as I set about seating myself, and strapping in.

We quickly were in the run-up area, and then pulling onto the runway, as the powerful engines came to full life, vibrating the plane before the pilot released the brakes, and launched us towards the sky.

Everything went smoothly, and we were soon airborne, as the craft banked, setting us on a westerly course, and I breathed a sigh of relief, as I felt some of the tension drain out of me.

I got up and went to where they had placed the silver case, opening it up, and activating the phone, allowing it to power up fully, and lock onto a signal, before I placed the call.


we're airborne, Eric.” I said to him.

good, state is at the airport, having a fit,” he told me.

already?” I asked.

Yeah, someone was watching television, and they have wonderful shots of you guys, getting into the helicopter.” he said, chuckling.

Great.” I replied.

At about that time, the interplane phone rang, and I told Eric to hold on while I answered it.


ATC is requesting us to turn back per the state police.”

I'll be right there, how far from the Montana state line are we?” I asked.

we're crossing it right now.” was the reply.”

Ok,” and hung up the phone.

Eric, air traffic control is relaying a request by the state police for us to turn back.” I told him.

well, tell em they can stick their 'request' up their ass,” was his response, which caused me to chuckle.

Ok, I'm going up front, and I'll call you back from there.” I told him, as he hung up, and I got up and walked forward.

When I got into the cockpit, the Captain turned to me, “they're getting rather insistent, sir.”

we're out of state aren't we?” I asked and he nodded his head.

good, tell em to fuck off.” I said.

umm ,I don't think that would be a good idea.” the Captain replied, before saying, “maybe you would like to speak to them sir.”

alright Captain, how soon until we are out of US airspace?” I asked him, taking a headset from the copilot, as I sat down.

roughly 45 minutes, or if you need me to, I can duck up across into Canada, but that's going to require permission to enter their airspace.” he told me.

Ok, no problem. are we filed or VFR?” I asked him.

I just filed to Anchorage, via Seattle, which got them raising their eyebrows, but they approved it, told em you wanted to go up the coast, we're heading up to 280 right now.” he told me.

Ok, thanks, who am I talking to?”

Some cop,” he replied, as I keyed the mic and said,

This is Mike Reynolds, can I help you?”

Sgt. Reynolds, this is Sgt. Johnson, state police, I need you to turn your aircraft around immediately and return to Missoula.” he told me quite officiously.

I wasn't in the mood.

and why would I do that, Sgt. Johnson?”

There was silence for a few minutes, before he came back on the air ,“can you call our dispatch and have her patch you through so we can take this off the air?” he suggested.

Sure,” I told him, removing the headset and getting back up.

keep going and file Kamchatka, when you absolutely need to, the airport code is UHPP” I told the pilot, before exiting, and going back to the office, which was built in, mid way down the plane. It was away from the kids, and sound proofed, which was probably going to be a good thing I thought, as I entered and shut the door behind me.

I picked up the phone, and dialed the number.

State dispatch operator 399, can I help you?” the voice said.

hi state, this is Sgt Mike Reynolds, and I need you to patch me into a phone at the Missoula airport tower, with your Sgt. Johnson.” I told her.

yes sir, we have been expecting your call, one moment.” she said.

Sgt, is that you? I heard him ask.

Yes.” I replied.

You need to return immediately.” he said again.

same question, why would I want to do that?” I told him.

We have orders to take the children in question into custody immediately, that means you need to bring them back.” he told me, and I could just about see him gritting his teeth.

In case you weren't aware, Sgt. that is precisely why I am aboard a plane, at the moment.” I told him.

This situation is not funny, Mr. Reynolds.” he said, coldly.

Uh oh, he dropped the Sgt. Routine, which means he was becoming less happy.

I can assure you that I don't find anything at all amusing about someone trying to take my children away from me.” I told him, just as coldly.

I don't know where you got that idea, Mike, no one is taking your children.” he said, now using my first name.

You're right, I don't know, oh wait could it be your telling me that you have 'orders' to take them?” I said.

Well Mike maybe that was an unfortunate choice of words to use. We have orders to make sure they are alright,” he told me.

Oh well then, that solves the whole problem doesn't it, Sgt. because I can tell you right now, that they are just fine.” I said.

Umm, well we are going to need to see that for ourselves, Mike.” he replied.

Sorry, you're going to have to take my word for it.” I shot back.

can't do that Mike, and you know it.” he said.

Well, since I have custody of them legally, you're going to have to,” I advised him.

There was silence on the phone, no doubt as he thought over just what he wanted to say, before saying it. If he was smart he wouldn't try to piss me off, but then again, it didn't seem as if he was.

that is being resolved as we speak, and before you can land in Anchorage, the state will have custody of all five boys,” he told me, then went on, “if you haven't turned that plane around by the time you arrive, you will be arrested for kidnapping, and interstate flight, in the commission of a kidnapping, and that will make it federal.”

Ah, the big guns.

so you're telling me you are going to bring the FBI into this, for kidnapping across state lines?” I asked.

that'll be up to you Mike, no one wants to do this, it would be the end of your career in law enforcement, and certain jail time.” he told me condescendingly.

Well Sgt. Johnson, if you do that, then you know I will be able to keep the kids, in that jurisdiction indefinitely, which will screw all your plans, and I might be willing to take my chances there.” I told him.

I suggest you rethink that Mike, the penalties for kidnapping under those charges are significant.” he said.

Sgt. Johnson, these kids are not being abused, and the lies you have been told are just that.” I tried.

it doesn't matter Mike, I have my orders, you have to turn the plane back.” he said, and I could just about see him grinning convinced he had me.

We're out of the state now Sgt.” I told him.

yes, I am aware of that, but it won't stop the FBI, becoming involved, you really need to think about what you are doing. One way or the other, those kids are going to be in custody, other than yours before the day is out.” he said.

Like hell.

Well, maybe you're right, I don't know, I'm just trying to protect my kids is all. Maybe I should think about this some, and perhaps call my attorney.” I told him, while projecting uncertainty.

Very wise choice Mike, Very wise, why don't you make your call, and get back to me.” he told me.

I'll do that, goodbye.” I said.

oh and Mike, don't be too long, it would be best if I heard from you in the next half an hour or so.” he added.

Fine, then I'll call you in about 30 minutes or so, maybe less.” I told him with dejection in my voice.

That'll be fine.” came from him with winning just dripping from his voice, and I heard the line go dead, as I very carefully pressed the off button.


The asshole just screwed himself big time.

We would be in international airspace, in just under that, I thought as I punched the cockpit and heard the Captain answer.

how long until you have to amend your flight plan, and how long until we cross out of US airspace?” I asked him.

well the way I worded it to ATC, it'll be about the same time, maybe 23 minutes for the flight plan, and 25 for the airspace, they think you want to overfly Seattle, and then continue out for a bit before turning northwest.” he told me.

that'll be great thanks, let me know when it happens?” I asked of him.

Will do.” and hung up the phone.

Perfect, I thought, as I picked up the phone, and activated the scramble function, before calling my attorney. It wouldn't be perfect, but it would have to do.

Hello.” I heard.

It's Mike.” I said to the voice on the other end.

I heard soft chuckling, and then,

You have some people slightly pissed.” he told me.

good, cause I'm more than slightly.” I told him with no humor in my voice.

Well, are you safe?”

Will be very shortly.” I told him.

good, that's best. Don't come back until I let you know it's safe.”

I didn't say anything because it wouldn't be his guarantee I was waiting for.

The state has asked for an emergency hearing, and the court granted the request for about an hour from now, I'll be there.” he went on to tell me.

good, don't let them get away with this.” I said to him.

it's not that simple Mike. They are simply going to ask for an emergency order of custody, pending the outcome of the investigation, which they are going to conduct, right away. That is a reasonable request. The thing that may work in our favor, is that the state will have to ask the judge to override the local child protective agency, and a judge who granted permanent custody to you early this morning.” he said to me.

I was awarded permanent custody this morning?” I asked shocked.

yes, Millie apparently was there, first thing this morning, and the judge signed the order, granting you permanent custody, pending the adoption hearing, which he also approved.”

so if I have the custody order, and approval for adoption, they can't do anything?” I said with hope in my voice.

I'm sorry Mike, that's not the way it works. They're going to ask the decision to be temporarily set aside, at the least, if not overturned, pending investigation of the allegations, regarding all the boys and your conduct.” he told me.

Of course it can't be that simple.” I replied bitterly.

Of course not, then I wouldn't have a job.” he said, laughing, before continuing,

Seriously Mike, CPS's attorney is fighting this, tooth and nail, as well as the judge who is quite pissed. I don't think it's going to help, since if the state's attorney has any brains, he won't try to outright overturn everything, just demand the temporary order, while they put the allegations to rest. That will probably get granted, in all honesty, and normally it would make sense, it just doesn't help you any.” he told me.

Ok, thanks, Alan, I appreciate it, keep me advised, and you can reach me at this number.” I told him, giving him a secure sat phone number, to reach me on ,then hanging up.

Next I dialed another number, on full scramble, and waited

Hello,” the rich warm voice said.

Well hello there, this line is secure.” I said.

I can see that, you finally listened.” it said laughing.

Yes I did, I do once in awhile, you know.” laughing back.

You have created a bit of a stir out here, you know?”

Yes, I've heard.” I told it.

Well, I got your letter, and everything is in place.” it told me.

Thank you, final is Petropavlovsk, eta about 6 hours.” I said.

Good spot, you remembered.” the voice said, with a smile in it.

Yes, that dascha, out by the lake, northwest of Kamchatka.” I said.

beautiful isn't it?” was the comment.

Very.” I told it.

How much assistance would you like?” the voice asked.

As much as possible,” I told it.

That will not present a problem.” I was advised.

Thank you.” I told it.

Not a problem, transport will meet you, and fly you to the dascha, security will be provided, the officials will be taken care of, and the dascha will be ready for your use, for an extended period of time, and it still has all the amenities.” the voice informed me.

Thank you so much, I don't know how I can ever repay you for this.” I told it.

Oh, you'll get the bill, have no fear of that, just take care of the little ones.” the voice said, laughing, as the connection was severed.

I will.” I said into the silence, smiling. I knew I could count on that one person to help.

Almost time I thought, as I dialed Eric.


yeah, it's me.” I said.

who else is it gonna be on this phone?” he said, chuckling.

True.” I said.

well, some people aren't real happy, but I suppose you know that.” he said, still laughing.

yeah especially Sgt. Johnson,” I told him.

Jesus, that dick is down here, they must be in bad shape.” he said.

Friend of yours?” I asked jokingly.

not exactly, he's an ass.” he said.

I got that idea.” I told him, laughing.

Well, he hasn't changed much, he wants me to call him back in about 15 minutes, which is about 5 or so after we cross out of US airspace,” I said to him, still laughing.

Oh Christ, they had officers, out here, and I told them you went to Disneyland, they didn't for some reason seem to find that amusing.”

I can imagine.” I told him.

well nothing new here, and still haven't been able to find Millie, although I hope she'll be at the hearing.” he told me.

yeah I heard about that from Alan.”

I'm going to be there, and give them hell, don't worry.” he said.

ok Eric, I'll talk to you later.” I said,

yeah, I'll call when it's over.”

ok, thanks.” and once again the line went dead.

I had a couple of minutes, so I got up, and went back to check on the kids.

They were all fine, and all got hugs and kisses, as I noticed the time was up, and went back to the office, where the phone was ringing, as I entered.

Yes.” I said.

I'm about to file the new flight plan, and we'll be crossing out of US Airspace in 4 minutes, sir.”

Alright, thanks.” I told him.

I then placed the call and was connected with Sgt. Johnson.

Mike, have you come to your senses yet?” he said.

Ok, that's a good start.

Well Sgt. Johnson, I have been advised that I have been granted full legal permanent custody of the children so...”

Look Mike, that is being overturned in court right now, you have no right to take those kids. Anywhere, now lets cut the crap...” he said, before suddenly stopping and then, “what...where the hell is Petro...whatever? ITS WHERE. What the fuck do you think you're doing, Reynolds.” He now was screaming at me.

why Sgt. Johnson, I'm simply a parent, taking my children on holiday, is all...” I said sweetly.

You son of a bitch, you turn that plane around immediately, you can't kidnap children, and take them to a foreign country, do you hear me?”

Sgt. Johnson, first off, the court hearing hasn't been held yet, and therefore they are in my legal custody officially, and there is nothing you can do about it, secondly, we have just left United States Airspace, which means United States Jurisdiction, and finally, last but certainly not least, FUCK OFF!!” I said, listening for a moment to his sputtering, before hanging up the phone, in satisfaction, of which I had very little of today.

I think this is the best I have felt since meeting the reporter this morning, I thought as I stood up, with a smile on my face.

We might be going to live in a strange land, for an indefinite period, but we were together, and we would stay that way, I thought, as I walked into the room with my babies, and went to get some loving from the best possible source.

End Note

Well that's it for 15, they are safely away, and things are about to heat up, back home. Until next time...DS and the family.

Hey, someone tell those idiots I don't need a new home, and we're happy here, some of us, for the first time. Why are grown ups such dips anyways? S

No not you dad,” giggle.

Editor's Note;

Well, my goodness. I hope that everything will work out well for Mike and the family.

Sammy, you take good care of your dad for us please. He is a very special person, and he will need all your love and support.

That goes for everyone. I know you guys love him deeply, and he loves you too.

Don't hesitate to ask us for help. We have friends in pretty high places, and we will be willing to call in some favours at any time.

DS and ACFAN and I will be here if you need us, along with all your readers, as well.

See you in the next chapter.


The Radio Rancher

From Chapter 15

Sgt. Johnson, first off, the court hearing hasn't been held yet, and therefore they are in my legal custody officially, and there is nothing you can do about it, secondly, we have just left United States Airspace, which means United States Jurisdiction, and finally, last but certainly not least, FUCK OFF!!” I said, listening for a moment to his sputtering, before hanging up the phone, in satisfaction, of which I had very little of today.

I think this is the best I have felt since meeting the reporter this morning, I thought as I stood up, with a smile on my face.

We might be going to live in a strange land, for an indefinite period, but we were together, and we would stay that way, I thought, as I walked into the room with my babies, and went to get some loving from the best possible source.

Chapter 16

This house seemed so empty without my little ones running around plus the new ones.

God how I missed them, but they were gone now, I just hoped I would be able to get them back soon.

Life seemed so empty without them in it.

Such a short time and already it felt way too long, I thought as I felt the tears breaking loose, and falling down my face.

Everything was how I left it, suitcases scattered on the floor in disarray, various things scattered here and there.

Evidence of life that was painfully absent now.

I just sat down in a daze, letting my gaze wander around slowly. I didn't want to go upstairs where I might see their rooms, find their clothes scattered about, smell their young presence, I didn't want that much of a reminder, although before long I knew I'd be up there, holding their shirts to my face, trying desperately to inhale their fragrance, in an attempt to bring them back to me in some small way.

I just sat there knowing that I would have to leave soon enough as I thought of them.

Their smiles, the twinkle in their eyes, when they were up to something, and that mischievous look that they tried so hard to mask, with one of innocence but didn't succeed.

This whole thing was not fun.

Eventually, I gave up and began walking where I swore I wouldn't.

Each step was leaden, as I took them slowly, I suppose in some attempt to torture myself, but I couldn't stop myself as I ascended the steps anyway.

Upon reaching the top, I could see their rooms, and felt fresh tears falling, as I approached, to see their clothes scattered everywhere from when they had packed.

I stopped, just inside the room, and looked at it all.

It was all boy, that was for sure, messy.

All the time we had yelled at them to please clean their rooms, and now I just wish they had been here so I could,

but they weren't.

It was just me, and the ghosts of what was haunting a place, that had been so filled with life and love, oh so recently.

I stumbled to the bed and sat down, where at least one of them and probably all of them, had slept so recently, just letting the tears fall.

I wanted my babies back.


Rage was a lot easier to deal with, than the grief surging through me, I thought as I fantasized various ways in which I could exact a very painful revenge, on the reason for the loss of my family, and all the pain flowing through me right now.

Sadly, it was a distraction that didn't last long enough, and the rage melted away, to be replaced once again, with the hollow empty feeling that I was beginning to dread.

What was I going to do?

I didn't know.

I was so used to their being in my life, now I was alone again, and I didn't know what to do, nor did I like it.

I reached out and pulled a pillow from the bed, to my face, inhaling boy scent, into my nostrils, as I collapsed onto the bed, sobbing uncontrollably, as I smelled the recent presence of my babies.

God, I missed them so much.

I lay there for a while, but knew I had to get up, no matter how much it hurt to do so, and get going to a very important appointment.

It might determine the fate of the kids, and I couldn't miss it.

I got up, finally taking one final breath, to carry me through, and went to the bathroom, where I saw more reminders, as I washed my face, and dried it, trying to wash away the pain from it, but knowing that it didn't work, as soon as I looked in the mirror.

With that done, I headed downstairs, straightening my clothes, before going to the door, and pulling it open.

There was a state police officer there, one of the ones that had been brought in, not a local, or he would have known better as he said,

I'm sorry sir, but you can't leave your house.”

I ignored him, and pulled the door closed, making sure it was locked, as they had wanted to search it earlier, before turning and beginning to walk towards my car.

Sir, stop, you're not allowed to leave the property,” he said, once again.

I looked at him briefly, before saying, “fuck off.” and started to walk past him.

He reached out and grabbed my arm, and I swung around grabbing his arm and twisting it behind his back, as I swept my foot out and took him down to the ground.

He was immobilized before he could finish his scream of surprise, and I quickly removed his handcuffs, from their holster, placed them on his wrists, as I said, “don't ever fucking touch me again,” leaving him lying there, as I kept walking.

By now, he was screaming epitaphs at me, and promising dire retribution, as I reached my door and entered the vehicle.

I didn't really care anymore, there was only one thing I cared about, as I started the car, and pulled out heading for the highway, my kids.

The drive was uneventful, leaving me with my thoughts, as I tried to get it together, and more importantly, for what was to come, keep it together.

Eventually, I reached the courthouse, and pulled up in front, watching the circus that I would have to traverse, to get inside.

They had noticed me, as I parked, and were waiting for me, as I exited the vehicle.

They were vultures, waiting to pounce.

I made it as far as the steps, before one of the reporters questions brought me to a standstill, and I had to exert every ounce of control, not to deck him where he stood.

I slowly turned around, and fixed him with my gaze, and if looks could kill, he would be very dead right now, but he was too stupid to see that, although others apparently could, as a deathly silence fell over the crowd.

I had not intended to say anything, but I am going to make a short statement after all. I will not take any questions, so save your voices.” I told them.

When I was sure they understood that, although I had no hope of it making any difference at all, I continued.

It is a very difficult situation, when people can make any type of allegations they choose to, and the people accused, are not allowed, by law, to respond to them. Many, view not responding, as giving the allegations truth, or at least adding weight to them. Let me say right now, that the reason there has been no response, is that by law, we cannot say anything about the cases in question. Believe me, when I say that all of us, who are involved in this very sad situation, would like to speak, and tell you everything, because frankly, our lives are being turned upside down, by the lies that have been promulgated.”

There were gasps at that, but I quickly continued.

I will say the following, and it may be skirting the law a bit, but I am going to say it anyway. These allegations were made by a discredited, and former employee, of Child Protective Services, who has some very bizarre views, views which are not in the best interest of the welfare of children, and was trying to exact revenge, for being fired. These views were passed onto a local television station, who without verifying their facts, sensationalized them, and tried to create a story from them. This station was told, in no uncertain terms, on air, that the information they had was incorrect, and unfounded, and not to air it. They choose to do so, and we are now here, because of it.”

I paused, looking at them, and could see predatory gleam in their eyes before I went on.

I will say this about the two boys and the question of abuse occurring or not as the step father, and it is STEP not the father, and his arrest record is public knowledge. There is absolute irrefutable evidence of massive physical abuse, of BOTH boys, as well as psychological and emotional abuse. There is also clear evidence of unlawful restraint, intimidation and terroristic threats, involving the boys, by their stepfather. The stepfather has also been charged, with resisting and assault on a police officer. If any of you think, massive physical abuse, causing great bodily harm, is acceptable for any alleged conduct, by a child, then you are mistaken. Nothing justifies what was done to these children.”

I stopped as they were completely silent now.

I hoped, thinking about what I had just said.

The issue of Sammy jumping into two situations, was very brave and very frightening, for all involved. Sam saw something that needed to be done, and did it without thought, of the possible consequences. Trust me, when I say, that he will be thinking about them, in the future.” I hope “he saved two boys from at least being seriously injured, and possibly worse. He was not told to do it, nor was he allowed to do it. He went ahead when he saw someone who needed help, someone younger, in one case and incapable of protecting themselves, in both cases, and did it. If anything he is a hero. Two young boys, certainly think so, it's a pity you don't seem to agree. I will make a general comment, that does not necessarily apply to any of this, but it is this, sex play between two near age children, is not the same as one molesting the other, no matter what you have been told. As to the allegation I heard, when I came up the steps, I find that disgusting, and it NEVER happened. Now, because of baseless allegations, by a nasty bitch, people's lives are being ruined, and children, some of whom have been hurt enough, as it is, are having their, already traumatized lives, turned upside down, yet again, for nothing. Good morning.” I concluded and quickly turned away.

They of course went ballistic, shouting questions endlessly, as I pulled the door open and entered into the courthouse.

I ignored all of them, and they weren't allowed in, thankfully.

I figured I had said more than enough, but I didn't care anymore, they were destroying my family, they were the reason they weren't here with me now.

I walked down the corridor to the elevator, and waited for it to arrive, wondering what the result of this would be.

So many possibilities, and there was no telling what may come of it.

I could have my kids back, if everything went well.

Please God, or whomever watched over little ones in need, let it be alright, let them come home, I sent the prayer upwards, with all my heart and soul behind it, hoping it would be heard, as the elevator doors opened, and I entered into them to find out what fate had in store for us.

I exited out of the elevator, and headed down to the room which would decide so much.

It didn't look like much, just a plaque on the door saying, 203, as I stared at it for a moment, before taking a deep breath and reaching out to pull the door open.

The courtroom seats were filled and all eyes turned to me, as I entered and paused, just inside the doorway.

There was an undercurrent, which swept the room, as people whispered amongst themselves, probably telling them, “there he is”, or some such, as I began the march to the front of the room, where the attorney's tables were located.

Alan was there, along with two other people, as well as Judge Mason, but no Millie.

I went forward, and and took my place, beside Alan, and waited.

I recognized the two people next to Alan now, one was the county attorney, representing CPS, and the Sheriff's department while the other was the assistant director of CPS, Millie's right hand man.

What do you think?” I asked Alan, who shrugged his shoulders in response.

He had no clue either.

I sat there, trying not to fidget, as the minutes dragged by, until the court deputy suddenly stood and said,

All rise, this court is now in session, for the Honorable Judge Jaime Kendall,” causing all of us to rapidly stand, while the judge entered, through the door from his chambers.

Judge Kendall was a no nonsense judge, from everything I had heard, and didn't take kindly to bullshit, which might be a help.

He got to his seat, and took it, but unlike usually, he didn't tell us to sit, he just glared out at us, and said,

First of all, no interruptions, or I'll clear this courtroom. Secondly, items of a sensitive nature are going to be discussed here today, make sure nothing identifiable about the children involved makes it's way out of my courtroom. You may be seated.”

We sat.

I want to start by saying, I find this case to be highly unusual, and I'm not happy about it. The state coming in and trying to overturn not only the duly constituted child protection agency. who has already made it's ruling, but an order made by a Superior court judge, troubles me greatly. I'll be frank, I hope you have a hell of a lot more to go on than I've heard so far.” he said, to the state's attorney, who clearly did not like what he was hearing.

He's trying to decide whether to ask for a recusal by the judge.” Alan informed me, in an aside.

I just watched, as nothing was said, and the judge continued, “well then let's hear it.”

The states attorney stood up, and began.

Your honor, enough evidence has been presented, to justify our request...” but was interrupted.

Why don't you let me decide that, since I am the judge, and that is what this hearing is supposed to determine.” Judge Kendall snapped.

Umm, yes your honor.” he replied.


I could see the guy sweating, and trying to gather his thoughts, in this matter and then he continued.

Your honor, we plan on presenting a case, showing systematic abuse, under the current administration, of the CPS, in this region. Further, there will be numerous witnesses, to that effect. The opposing side in this, has stated that it is one disgruntled former employee, but we will provide several, current, as well as several former, employees who I should say, worked for CPS, until this morning, when the Administrator fired them. We will also show specifically, with witnesses, that Mr. Reynolds, not only put the child that was in his care, in great jeopardy, not once but twice, in less than 24 hours, to the point that the child actually died briefly, before being resuscitated successfully. We will also show Mr. Reynolds then took the child, from the first incident and tried to claim it as his own. The supposed child, who was rescued in the second incident, was also taken by Mr. Reynolds, as his own, without any approval from appropriate agencies, and against the wishes of those who did have custody of him. Finally, we will show that the minor child, known as Derek, was being sexually molested, by his older brother, Chris, and Mr. Reynolds, along with the administrator of CPS, colluded to hide, and along with the mother, condone those activities. going so far as to arrest the father of the children, who was simply trying to stop it, and protect his youngest child, from predation. We will show that Mr. Reynolds, for whatever purposes fabricated charges against the boy's father, and took the children essentially into his custody, along with the mother, with the assistance and cooperation of the director of CPS.” he finally finished, as I saw red.

The state attorney went over and sat down, while the judge just looked at him.

Tell me why Mr. Reynolds did all this?” the judge asked mildly.

The state attorney looked surprised, at the question, and didn't answer for a moment, while Kendall just continued to stare at him.

Umm, well your Honor, umm it would be rather speculative at this point to ummm....” until the judge interrupted him.

Well, most of what you said, is speculative, so why don't you tell me where you're going with this.” he told the attorney.

your honor, frankly, he is a single male with a young boy in his charge, who condones sexual molestation, and now has contrived to procure 4 other children, we can't but wander why.”

I see.” the judge said, and nothing else, which worried me.

The state attorney, one Miles Jennings, seemed to relax at that, and a small smile appeared on his face, while I became increasingly worried.

Your turn,” Kendall said, motioning to our table. The CA looked over at Alan, before standing up and beginning.

Your honor, we will show these to be baseless allegations...” he began.

I just told the other side, that I'll do the deciding, on this.” the judge stated.

Umm, sorry, your honor. I'm not sure how to put this then, as our evidence counters their claims.” the CA said.

just go on, I get the point.” the judge said.

Now it was the County Attorney who was sweating, as he continued,

We will show that the CPS, in this region, has not acted in a manner inconsistent with established child welfare guidelines, and certainly not abused anything. We will show that the witnesses in question, are products of an outmoded, and harmful outlook, as regards the welfare of children, and those who were terminated, were done so, for ample reason, with numerous opportunities to correct their actions, being given. We will show that Mr. Reynolds is validly licensed for fostering, including emergency placement, therefore Peter was supposed to be with him, and CPS was notified immediately of that fact, and approved. We will also show that Samuel did not act with the foreknowledge or consent of Mr. Reynolds, in either incident. We will show that Mr. Reynolds took Brian with him initially, in his capacity as a police officer, because he was the victim of the attack, and that it was when the child was asked for contact information on his parents, that Mr. Reynolds found out about the boy's situation, at the foster home, and immediately contacted CPS. The child was placed with Mr. Reynolds at that point by CPS, which they had the authority to do. Mr. Reynolds never 'stole' any children. As to the absurd charges, regarding child molestation, and CPS, as well as Mr. Reynolds, that is quite easy to prove your honor. We can, and will show that the stepfather, repeatedly, and over a course of time, abused both boys, and it was only when he found them engaged in normal childhood sexual play, that he lost control, and inflicted massive injuries, on the elder child. There was never any protection of anyone, other than himself, and these claims are simply another attempt at that. Thank you your honor.” he finished and sat down.

The judge was looking at our table, and motioned with his hand

Alan stood up.

Your honor, I represent Mr. Reynolds, in this proceeding. I find these allegations not only disgusting, but considering that if the state had bothered to do the slightest amount of investigation, at all, it would have found them to be utterly and completely false, and their conduct, frankly is negligent, in the best case, and criminally malicious, at worst. I especially find the comments of Mr. Jennings, to be repugnant and slanderous at the very least. My client at no time deliberately, or by negligence, placed his child at risk. Samuel made the choice to help two children in need wholly and completely on his own and Mr. Reynolds, while applauding his son's caring and compassion for another, was devastated on both occasions, at his son's actions. Mr. Reynolds took Peter in, following those events, following all proper protocols, he did not kidnap him, as some have implied, in these proceedings. Mr. Reynolds also became aware of the dismal living conditions, which Brian was in, and requested the boy's custody, through proper channels, within CPS. He also at no time kidnapped him, or anything of the like. The whole situation with Chris and Derek, my client found out by accident, when Samuel was admitted to the hospital room, Chris was in. Chris had a broken arm, broken leg, numerous bruises, and some minor internal injuries, along with a concussion. With several of the children of Mr. Reynolds, befriending the boy, that boy finally asked for help, from my client, and related the horrible home life he and his brother suffered under. Mr. Reynolds went to the boy's home, to arrest the step, and I want to point out, that this isn't the father, but the step father, and was attacked by him, at which time he used necessary force, to subdue him, and place him into custody. The stepfather then contacted a woman, who CPS has had problems with, concocting a story that is patently false, in an attempt to avoid prosecution. The stepfather was in no way protecting anyone but himself. When the woman in question, showed up at the hospital refusing to listen to anything anyone had to say, about the situation, the director of CPS, who was present terminated her with cause. You will hear a lot about the sex, involved between the two boys, but your honor, there is normal sexual play, that often occurs between children, and siblings, and we will show that this is all it was. The father had nothing to protect anyone from, except himself, which he never did. Thank you your honor.” Alan finished and retook his seat.

The judge looked back and forth between us before speaking,

Mr. Jennings, do you have a single solitary fact to present, besides pure conjecture and speculation, even one?”

Mr. Jennings was sputtering, clearly, shocked at this turn of events, and the judge's obvious opinion on this whole thing, while I tried desperately to keep a smile off of my face.


your honor, I am sorry you feel that the welfare of two children is...”

CUT THE CRAP, and answer the question.” the judge rudely interrupted.

I'm not sure what you want me to say sir,” Mr. Jennings finally mumbled.

oh ,I don't know, how about yes or no, that shouldn't be too difficult for you.” he told them.

Well you honor, we have a lot of facts to present, so I am not sure what you mean.” the attorney snidely said, which was not the thing to do, as the judge sat up suddenly, and very coldly said,

Mr. Jennings, do you take me for a fool, or something?” and then before he could answer went on.

I have read police reports, CPS reports, hospital reports, court reports, and numerous statements, including statements, regarding the incidents involving Samuel. While I don't condone what he did, the kid shows he was raised right, and certainly has a brass set, and it shows he must have received a lot of love, to act the way he did. I have heard audio testimony taken from Chris, Derek, and their mother, detailed testimony I might add. I have also seen numerous pictures of the children, from head to toe, taken by the police, hospital, and CPS. I have also been provided with the video tape footage, of the entire interview of Mrs. Higginbottom, who it seems, has conveniently disappeared. Now, with all of this, unless you are going to try to allege some vast conspiracy, I see absolutely nothing that looks remotely like that little thing called a fact, Mr. Jennings. All I see, frankly, is some woman, who has a hair up her butt, about single fathers raising children, and sex, which if you knew a damn thing, is normal with children, sir. So I will ask once again, do you have a fact that you can present, or is it all innuendo and insinuation?”

We have facts, your honor.” he said, in reply, clearly not happy.

ok, I'm listening.” he replied.

Umm, well I'm not really prepared with all of them, at the moment, sir.” was his answer.

why did I think that would be the case?” the judge said rhetorically.

I was in heaven, it looked like my family might be returned to me sooner than I thought.

Anything else?” he asked, and when there was silence, he said “fine, I'll be back shortly.” We all hastily rose, as he made his exit.

Mr. Jennings did not look in the least bit happy, as we sat back down, and I glanced in his direction, he shot us a dirty look.

I was sorely tempted to give him more than a look, but just smiled back at him, which actually may have been for the best, as he definitely didn't like that.

We sat there quietly waiting, until finally, with no fanfare, the judge walked backed in calling,

Stay seated, stay seated.” as he walked up and took his seat.

Well, I'll make this short and sweet, I have seen absolutely nothing, with a capital N, that makes me think any of the crap, from Mr. Jennings, is remotely true, or even close to it. Certainly I have seen nothing that warrants granting any of the motions before me, this afternoon. So in case you didn't get that all the emergency motions requested by the State, are denied!”

I couldn't help the grin that spread across my face, and even more so the defeated look on Mr. Jennings' face, as the judge continued,

But in the interest of putting this to rest for Mr. Reynolds sake, I think that a full hearing is in order, to consider everything, so while I am not granting the state's requests as to custody, and such I will hold a full hearing, and hear what they have to say, is that clear Mr. Jennings?”

your honor, we don't request the court to conduct the investigation, proper authorities are more than capable...”

Mr. Jennings, did you hear me ask you if you wanted a hearing?” the judge once again interrupted him, asking.

I watched as Mr. Jennings shook his head, and the judge went on.

good, I didn't think I had. Now we will reconvene tomorrow, at 1 and Mr. Jennings, you can present any and all evidence at that time, and if you actually manage to find a fact somewhere, please bring it with you. I would like to see it. This case will be resolved tomorrow, one way or the other, and it will be the end of it, is that clear Mr. Jennings?”

yes your honor.” he replied.

Very well, anything else?” he asked.

your honor?” Alan spoke up.


your honor, considering the actions of the state today, I would like to request a restraining order, and cease and desist order, against the state, and any and all officers of the state, barring them from contact with my client, or the children.” Alan finished.

I think that's a bit much don't you?” he asked.

No your honor, I don't. The state tried to take custody of the children forcefully, and threatened my client with kidnapping amongst other things, in an effort to get them, your honor.” Alan told him.

Really?” the judge asked, clearly of Mr. Jennings, who had paled considerably.

Umm, I believe they were going to interview the children sir nothing more,” he told the court.

Your honor, I have tape recorded conversations, between Sgt. Johnson, of the state police, and my client, where my client was told that the state demanded he turn all the children over to them, and that he had orders to take them into custody. My client in these conversations, was advised he would be arrested, for kidnapping, and interstate flight, in the course of felony kidnapping, bringing in the FBI, and making it a federal offense.”

really, Mr. Jennings?” the judge said.

Yes your honor,” he replied.

let me get this straight, the state told this man, that they already had an order of custody issued for the children, and threatened him with kidnapping, if he didn't turn them over?”

Ummm,” Jennings tried to reply.

that's really funny, considering I haven't issued one, and just told you I wouldn't, in the hearing for it.” the judge said, very mildly.

Umm...well, I..ah.. believe...”

I'll give you a hint, Mr. Jennings, you believe wrong.” the judge said coldly.

In light of this, I am issuing both orders, and let me make it clear, that if anyone acting for the state, gets within 1 mile of those children, or Mr. Reynolds, I will throw them, and you Mr. Jennings, in jail. Do I make myself clear?”

yes your honor.” Mr. Jennings clearly shaken, replied.

Very well then, see you tomorrow at 1, and I would like the children present, so I may speak with them.” the judge ordered

Your honor,” Al quickly said,


Umm, well my client, having full custodial rights to the children, and considering...”

Please cut the BS and get to the point counselor,” Kendall said.

Al looked a bit queasy, but bravely went on, “My client is er...well he's taken the children on vacation,” he quickly finished.

The judge looked intently at him for a moment, and then shocked everyone by laughing, before saying,

I think I want to meet this client of yours sometime. I will take it that the vacation is not around here?” he said.

not exactly,” Al replied nervously.

your honor?” Mr. Jennings interjected.

yes Mr. Jennings.”

the state would like to request an order to appear be issued, your honor?” he said.

I'm sure they would” the judge replied as Al coughed slightly

yes?” the judge asked.

they're not readily available to appear your honor?” he said, wincing slightly.

and why would that be?” the judge asked.

well, they kind of are out of the country,” Al softly said.

out of the country?” the judge asked pointedly,

Mmm, yes your honor.” Al told him.

How far 'out of the country'?” he asked, pinning Al with his stare.

Al fidgeted for a moment, but under that unrelenting stare he finally said “Russia.”

The judge just got this incredulous look on his face, before saying “did you just say Russia, as in the Soviet Union?”

Mm, yes your honor.” Al replied.

Kendall looked floored, but finally began laughing softly, before saying,

I have got to meet this man, court adjourned.” as he stood up.

Russia,” he just kept repeating, as he started to exit the bench, shaking his head.

As he got to the end of the elevated portion, he turned back and said “oh Mr. Jennings,” whose head snapped up, as he said, “yes your honor.”

and then in a friendly conversational tone, “Just thought I'd let you know, that I hope the state has good insurance, and I also thought you might want to know, that I am a single man, who has adopted four young boys. I sincerely hope you don't show up on my doorstep, thinking I'm screwing them, too.” and then he walked off the stage, and through his door, leaving dead silence in his wake.

I was watching a now very pale, and sickly looking Mr. Jennings, who looked like he might faint at any moment, as Al said to me,

Well Eric, I guess we have some calls to make,” while I just smiled.

We sure did.

End Note

Well that's it for chapter 16. I hope you enjoyed it. I am not an attorney so please excuse any errors in legal proceedings, which I am sure are present. I was surprised that Eric wanted a chapter of his own, and I hope I didn't give heart attacks to too many people, over the first portion of the chapter. That means you Darryl. I am so glad the judge seems to know what's what in this mess, but I am worried that he is going to have a hearing anyway. This should be interesting, if Mr. Jennings makes it to show up. Well SamSam wants to say something.

Hey, we're about to land in Pet...Petro...well whatever, we're almost there. Dad won't let go of us, or me. I almost peed myself before he would let me up. You'd think I was going to do something again. I thought he was weird before, but now, man, it's worse. Hey, I gotta go, Brian found some brownies. See ya, Sammy

Editor's note;

The first thing I want to say is, I figured it out immediately.........

that is the first thing I would like to say, but it would be a lie. I didn't figure it out till the very end. So don't spoil it for anyone that hasn't already read this chapter, please. In fact, I won't say any more, now in case someone is reading this before reading the chapter. If you are, then shame on you.

See you next chapter.


The Radio Rancher.

From Chapter 16

I think this is the best I have felt since meeting the reporter this morning, I thought as I stood up, with a smile on my face.

We might be going to live in a strange land, for an indefinite period, but we were together, and we would stay that way, I thought, as I walked into the room with my babies, and went to get some loving from the best possible source.

Chapter 17

I came into the cabin to find 9 sets of eyes locked on me, as I just smiled, seeing the immediate relief which came across their forms, and in their faces at seeing it.

I went over to the Brian, and bending down, gave him a hug and a kiss, then repeated it with some of the others ,before making my way over to the sofa, where Sammy was sitting, and taking a place beside him, pulling him to me and giving him a big hug too.

I soon had Danny and Peter crawling into my lap. It was fun, but I just wished my lap was bigger.

Derek was with his mom, and Chris was on the other side of her, leaving the twins to take up a spot next to me.

"What's going on dad?" Sam asked.

"Well, we crossed out of US airspace a few minutes ago, which means they can't get any of you now, and we have a nice house to stay at in the country," I told them.

They seemed to digest this, as they were silent for a while.

We sat like that, but eventually they began drifting off to find things to do, such as TV or video games.

Only Sammy stayed by me, partly because I had a very tight hold on him, I think.

We just snuggled up together, finally getting up, and going back to the bedroom for some serious cuddling which I really think we both needed.

At least I did.

"Dad," my angel said to me softly, after a while.

"Yeah baby," I told him, as he turned his head towards me, and looked into my eyes.

"I'm really sorry I scared you." he told me.

I just looked at him, and he added, "Brian really needed help."

"I know sweetheart, I know." I replied

"Are you mad at me?" he asked, biting his lower lip.

I just looked into his eyes, as he slowly stopped, and a small smile began to be apparent, as he understood.

"No, honey, not mad, just incredibly frightened, and a whole bunch of other emotions. I'm also so very proud of you, for what you did. You didn't think about yourself, but someone else, and that is something very special, that a lot of adults don't do." I told him, slowly placing words to the thoughts, running through my head.

"It's just...well when you collapsed, and began to fall, I thought my world was ending, and then when I saw the light leave your eyes...when...you died...I knew it had. As much as I love you, as much as I know how much you mean to me, and all, at that moment...at that moment, it seemed as if my heart died too, and all of that hit me. I have never been so scared and lost, as I was, when I lost your light from my life, in that instant." I softly said to him.

He didn't say anything, just continued to look into my eyes, and I, into his, as I continued.

"I...I almost did something very bad, Sam. Very bad. I...when you...after the light left....I was...I lost it, and almost killed someone." I told him, suddenly finding the resolve to say it, while never breaking contact with him.

"But you didn't." he whispered.

"No...I didn't...because of Peter. He saved me, Sam. I have killed before, but never like that would have been, and he brought me back."

"You didn't kill him though, dad." he said.

"You're right, but I came so close. I can't tell you how close, but I was already pulling the trigger, when he stopped me."

"Why" he asked.

"He said 'daddy', just that one word, and it stopped me."

"You decided." Sam said.

"No that's just it...I was going to, but it was He, who decided, and I allowed him to."

Sammy was shaking his head, but I went on.

"That little boy made me stop, and I realized that I still had something here, someone who needed me, and...Whom I needed too."

In complete seriousness, he said, "No dad, you made a choice, and you stopped, you decided. Peter simply loved you, and you loved him back, you didn't have to do that."

"You could have pulled the trigger, dad, you decided not to, for Peter." he finished softly.

"And for you," I told him softly, as he simply nodded his head.

"I did think, Dad, I mean before it happened. I know you think I didn't, but..."

"Shh, I never thought that honey, never, and neither did anyone else." I told him gently.

"Really?" he asked.

"Yeah, really."

"it's just, with Peter, I saw it, I mean I could see that if I did this, and then this it would work...and I did." He told me.

"I know honey, it just frightened me a great deal, because as an adult, I look and see all the things that could have happened." I told him

"I just saw what needed to happen," he told me, still looking into my eyes.

I smiled as I told him, "I know that."

"With Brian, I thought I could handle it, you know, with all the training I've had, but then, he pulled the knife..." he trailed off.

"Yeah, I know you didn't expect that, baby." I said.

"No, and I should have, I have the training to deal with it, but he pulled it, and got me before I even knew it was there. Afterwards, I was too busy trying to keep him away from Brian. That's who he was after, dad, that's who he kept trying to get. I was getting so scared, because I could feel myself getting weaker, I was afraid I wouldn't be able to keep him away, anymore, then you came and..." he finished leaving the rest unsaid.

"I know, and I am proud of you, for saving Brian, from that." I told him again.

"Why dad?" he asked me, and I knew he meant so much with that question. Not only why did they want to hurt Brian, but why did Peter's father hurt him, why did Brian never get any love, why did Derek and Chris's stepfather hurt them, why was there all the pain in the world, and why now were they trying to hurt our family?

Sadly, there was only one thing I could say to him, the one he looked to for all the answers, or to find the answers, didn't have one.

"I don't know, honey." I told him.

He had tears running down his face, and I just pulled him to me, and held on.

Somewhere in this, we fell asleep, cuddled together, holding each other tightly.

I awoke, sometime later, to Sam, trying to get free, and I asked, "What's wrong, honey?"

"Oh, sorry dad, I gotta go, I was trying not to wake you." he said.

"It's ok." I told him, and planted a kiss on his cheek, as I released him, and he quickly sped off, clearly in a hurry.

I turned back around, to find Brian looking at me, with his sweet eyes.

"Well, hi there." I said, smiling which earned me a gentle smile, as he shyly said,

"Hi, is it ok?" he asked.

"Is what ok?" I asked, confusedly.

"Well, I came in, and you were here and..." he trailed off, looking embarrassed.

"That you crawled in with us?" I asked.

"Yeah" he almost mumbled.

I reached up, and caressed his cheek, as I told him,

"Of course, it's ok, you are always welcome, I love cuddles, don't you know that?" I told him, as I pulled him to me, and wrapped my arms around him, tightly.

I could feel the stiffness, at first, and then he simply melted into my arms, as I held onto him, and softly stroked his back. I could almost hear him purr with contentment at the attention, and I almost cried, that so simple of thing as this, had been denied to him for so long. He needed it so much, and he was scared that I would be angry at him, for such a simple thing as crawling into bed with me.

After a while, I felt a wetness and realized he was crying softly, as I said to him,

"Hey, what is it sweetheart?"

He didn't answer for a minute, but then he said, "It's just..." and couldn't go on it seemed.

"So hard to believe?" I asked him softly.

"Yeah, no one wants me." he said.

"Well, I'm not no one, and I want you, very much." I told him, and then was surprised when I heard,

"So do I," and looked up to find Sam standing there, with tears in his eyes, that matched the ones in mine, by this time.

I could feel Brian stiffen in my arms, at Sam's utterance, but Sam quickly crawled in on Brian's other side, and cuddled up to him, holding him tightly, so that between us, the young boy was now sandwiched.

Brian had turned slightly, so he could see Sam, and like in the hospital looked, in seeming awe, at Sam before reaching up and touching Sam's cheek, with the same look of wonder and disbelief, on his face. God it hurt to see a little one, who obviously thought it was impossible, that anyone would actually care about him.

He looked over to me, and repeated the action touching my face, where tears were running, and the disbelief was so evident in his expression that it was heartrending.

"Brian, we love you." Sam said to him, and I watched as he looked intently at Sam, before saying,

"What's there to love?" with bitterness in his voice.

I watched, as several emotions played across Sam's face, while I just lay their shocked to my core, this was serious, and I didn't know how to cope with it, I thought after the hospital, he knew different, but it was apparent he didn't.

I watched those emotions, anger, pain, and sadness, predominant, and thought Sam was going to yell at him, as I was about to do, when suddenly Sam broke down in great racking sobs, burying his head in Brian's chest.

Brian looked at me with a completely lost look, while I just stared at Sammy, worried. Why? Then Brian turned his attention back to Sam, looking at him helplessly, before saying,

"Sam?" hesitantly, which got no response. "Sammy, what's wrong?" he asked, and I could tell he was worried about him.

"Sammy?" he said again, lifting his hand to place it on Sammy, in comfort, but stopping with it still in the air, unsure what he should do.

"Sammy just cried harder, as Brian glanced at me, before turning back to Sam, and placing his hand awkwardly on Sam's back, and patting it briefly.

"Sammy, what is it?" he asked, as his hand began doing what his heart told him to, which was to caress Sam's back gently, up and down, attempting to comfort him.

"Please Sammy, talk to me, what's wrong?" he begged, while holding Sam to him and continuing to rub his back.

Sammy didn't answer him, and Brian just kept rubbing, and holding, and trying to soothe the boy, while Sammy cried, until Sammy finally said,

"Why won't you let anyone love you?" in a broken voice, looking at Brian, with sad eyes, not understanding.

"I...it's not...I mean..." Brian tried to answer, but ended up stopping.

Sammy never stopped looking at him, and I could feel Brian was decidedly uncomfortable, even if you couldn't see it in his eyes.

"Just because no one did in those places, doesn't mean you can't be." Sam told him.

"Why would anyone want to?" he asked, only this time, mixed in with the bitterness was also clearly, the hope that someone would tell him something he so desperately needed to hear.

"Why wouldn't they?" Sam shot back.

Brian looked down at that, and then back up, "cause..." but Sammy interrupted him saying, "You better not say because of this." while tapping Brian's legs.

"They said I wasn't no good cause of them." Brian mumbled.

"Just because they thought that, doesn't make it true." I softly said.

"But, I can't do nothing." Brian said.

"Sure you can." Sammy told him, "You got away from those guys in the bathroom, didn't you?"

"Well, just for a minute, but they got Me." he said.

"Yeah, but lots of kids would never have got out of the bathroom, in the first place." Sammy shot back.

"You didn't leave me, when I got hurt either." Sammy said softly, which brought Brian's gaze back to him.

"And you wanted to go with us to the hospital, to be with him remember?" I asked.

"Brian there are some things you can't do, but there are still a lot of things you can." I told him, softly.

"Brian, love doesn't care about your legs, just this." Sammy said placing his hand on Brian's chest, over his heart.

Brian gasped, as Sammy's hand touched him, and he was once again looking into Sam's eyes, as Sammy told him,

"We love you, you're my brother now, and Dad's son, and we love you, not your legs or nothing, just you, the way you are," softly and very intensely

"Why?" Brian said.

"Because we can. Because I love kids, and you are one. Because you need loving, and I need to love." I told him softly.

"Cause you have a good heart." Sammy added, while Brian looked back, and forth between the two of us, tears running down his face.

"It...its just...no one has..." but he couldn't finish.

"Oh baby, I'm so sorry for that. They should have been hugging you, and holding you, and just plain loving you to death, and they didn't. It didn't have anything to do with you though, it was them. They couldn't love, and they made you think it was your fault, I'm sorry." I told him.

"You're sorry?" he whispered softly, in wonder once again.

"You're sorry, and you didn't do nothing." he went on.

"Yes, child, I am sorry that you had to live like that, and no one cared enough to notice, and protect you." I said to him.

"You really want to love me?" he asked softly, with hope, warring with the pain of rejection, clearly in his voice.

"YES!" both Sam and I answered at the same time.

"And hug you, and hold you, and cuddle with you, forever." I told him, while both Sammy and I did a good imitation of trying to squish a boy between us.

"My dad really likes cuddles, too." Sammy added, with a mischievous look, in his eyes.

"I sure do, and you're going to be getting lots and lots, from me." I told him, while Sammy added, "Lots and lots and lots." in an evil voice.

Brian got a look of terror in his eyes, which couldn't quite mask the one of yearning, which was underlying it, as I pulled him to me again, while Sammy said indignantly, "Hey, you got to share, he's my boyfriend," and pulled him back towards him.

"No, mine all mine." I said, while Brian couldn't decide whether to blush, or laugh, and finally settled on the blush, along with giggles, as Sammy said,

"Go and get your own boyfriend." and I replied, "why, you can share," which got Brian laughing now, and telling me, "you're silly."

"Nah, he's just weird." Sammy responded, giggling.

Then Brian looked at me and Sammy, and said the most magic words of all "I love you."

Sammy and I just looked at him, and both of us at the same time bent our heads and kissed his cheek, one on either side, as we said together "I love you too." just smiling at him.

The look on his face was one I'll never forget, as I thought the smile would split his face, that, or he would faint from all the blood rushing into one area.

Both Sammy and I, gave him another kiss, and cuddled up to him as I heard him whisper,

"Please don't let this be a dream." as Sammy whispered, "why not they do come true, you know." as we lay there and slowly drifted off to sleep, once again, as I was thinking, and remembering that they certainly do.

***************Flash Back*****************************

I was laughing softly, as he came back from the bathroom, but it turned into full laughter, as he scowled and said, "It's not funny, I almost went pee pee on myself."

"Well, a little pee pee won't hurt you, none." I told him, while trying unsuccessfully to stop laughing, while I said it.

He walked up to me and said, "yes it will," while I grinned ,and told him, "Well you went good now didn't you?" which caused him to look at me oddly, but replied, "Yeah, why?"

"Oh just wanted to make sure is all," as a look of understanding came too late to his face, as I reached out, and grabbed him and started tickling him to death, amidst screams and giggles.

Somehow we ended up on the floor, rolling around once again, both of us laughing hysterically, taking the occasional breaks, while holding on to one another, but Sammy made sure to get me tickling him again, each time.

This was just so wonderful, that I didn't have words for it.

I couldn't get enough of touching his small body, hugging it, and just generally holding it and neither could he, it seemed. He was as starved for affection, as I now realized I was, and I had absolutely no problem, giving him lots and lots of it, I thought with a silly grin on my face.

We both ended up out of breath, on the floor, with him lying on top of me, and his head nestled in my chest, while I just gently rubbed his back.

"I like that." he moaned.

"So do I." was all I could reply, "so do I,"

After a while, I thought of something, and said, "You know we need to go shopping."

"Why?" he asked.

"Well, I can't have you wearing those clothes every day, now can I?" I said with a grin.

He raised his head, and looked confused for a minute, before saying,

"You mean you want to buy me stuff?" in a tone of disbelief.

I smiled and said, "Nah I thought I'd just take you shopping, and let you buy the stuff."

His look was priceless, as he said, "But...I don't have any..." and then tapered off, as he realized I was teasing him.

"You're silly." he said, with a grin, while I just smiled and said, "I thought we settled that," as my fingers dug in, causing wonderful Sammy giggles, to erupt, as he cried, "stop, stop" and I let off.

Then as quickly as that, the fun stopped, and he was all serious, as he asked,

"You really want to buy me stuff?" in a tone that clearly said 'what for'?

"Samuel Patrick Campbell, you are going to be my son, are you not?" I asked.

"I guess." he replied.

"You guess?" I asked.

He was staring at me intently and finally said, "Yes."

"Then part of my job, besides tickling you to death, hugging you, holding you, cuddling you, and telling you how much I love you, is to provide for you, which means, buying you stuff." I said, as I watched his face light up more, with each item I mentioned, before he finally moved his arms around me, in a big hug saying, "you're weird, but I love you." as I kissed the top of his head, and told him softly, "I love you too, munchkin."

We got up from there, and with him either in my arms, or my lap, made our way back to the phone, and found the number for a local cab service, and I carried him outside, to wait for it.

When it got there, he wiggled down and scrambled into the cab, while I followed at a more sedate pace, with him shooting me daggers, clearly saying hurry up.

I just smiled, as I got in, and said, "What? You're not in a hurry or something are you?" which got the very first of what I loved to hear from his lips,


"Yes," I replied, as he scowled. I wasn't even sure he realized he said it, but I did love hearing it.

The cab driver was chuckling, and I could see why, as I looked up at the pictures he had, and smiled saying, "I need a mall where I can get some children's clothes."

"Ok," he said, and we were off.

Sammy was bouncing off the walls of the cab, in excitement, and I had to tell him to settle down, several times, although I almost hated to do it, as seeing him so excited, was something I knew to be special.

The driver got to the mall, and I told him we would call him back, when we were through, as I paid him and we got out of the vehicle.

Munchkin was pulling on my hand, saying "come on, come on" while I just laughed, being dragged all the while.

They are pretty strong believe it or not, when they actually want to go somewhere.

We entered the mall, and headed over to a clothing store, where, of course, someone came right over to help us.

I explained that I needed clothing from the inside out, to her and she set off with Sammy, while I just stood there, feeling left out.

That didn't last long though, before Sammy was running back, and grabbing my hand, telling me that he had to try everything on, and wanted me to watch.

The next few years, or at least that's what it seemed like to me, appeared to take forever to get through, as the child tried outfit after outfit on, all of which had to have my approval.

Let me just say that I do not like shopping, although I loved the look of childish pleasure, that each new item seemed to engender on his young face. It was like watching a kid on Christmas, with a new present with every new shirt or pair of pants, which he put on.

That was what made it bearable, the pure joy present.

We finally got out of there, leaving the stuff to be picked up later on. We had left the boy's department, at one point, and we went over to the shoe section, where I got Sam several different types of shoes so he now had a fairly complete wardrobe and anything else could be purchased at a later date.

I have never seen anyone as happy as Sam was although it took a while to get him over the idea of me spending money on him; once I did he had a field day. The look on his face alone was worth it.

We made a few other stops in the mall, including getting Sammy some cowboy boots, which he absolutely loved, and that he looked so adorable in.

After getting him a snack, we headed back and collected the stuff, with the help from several employees, and carried it all out to the cab, which I had called a short time earlier.

Sammy was still highly energized, although the ice cream could have had a small part in that, I suppose.

We got back to the coach, and I asked the driver to return in about 2 hours, so we could go to dinner, and proceeded to take all the stuff, into the coach where my excited boy began going through it, as if he hadn't just purchased it a short time ago.

He was so excited about everything, and like in the store, kept coming up to me and giving me a hug, and/or a kiss, before going back to his latest item to show off.

I finally got him to separate them into piles, of shirts; pants, underwear and socks, and then I began putting them away, one pile at a time, as he would relinquish it.

By the time he was done, I was exhausted, but told him to get changed into something clean, for dinner, which got him very excited again, not, that he had ever wound down yet.

He ran off to his room, and then suddenly was back, and looking at me shyly.

"What is it honey?" I asked him.

"I kinda need a bath, it's been a while." he said.

"Ok well, then let's get you one." I said, smiling, which got a Sammy smile in return as he ran off again.

I went back and started the shower, calling "Ok, it's all ready, just come in, and you can leave your clothes in the bin in here, when you get undressed." as I turned around to find my new son, standing there in all his glory, smiling innocently at me.

"Well, I guess we don't have to worry about the undressing part." I said with a smile on my face, which got a little giggle from him, as I said, "well hop on in, and have fun," as I started past him.

"Dad," he said, hesitantly to me.

I stopped and turned to find him looking at me, with an odd look on his face.

"Yeah baby?" I asked him.

"Would...could you..." then in a whisper "...wash me."

"Sammy...." I started to say, but there was a pleading in his eyes that while I didn't understand it I also wasn't going to argue with.

For whatever reason he needed this and I didn't have a problem giving it to him.

"Please" he said before I could say anything "sure honey, I'd love to," I told him, with a smile on my face.

The smile, which appeared on his face, was something that I wouldn't ever forget, I didn't understand why it was important to him, but I knew it was, as I placed my hand on his shoulder, and guided him towards the shower.

He stopped, before I got him to it, looked up at me, "Aren't you going to take your clothes off first?" he asked.

"Umm...well, I thought I would just...." I said, but he spoke up, and told me "It's ok, I don't mind, and you'll just get all wet, if you don't."

"Well honey, it's not that simple, you see..." I once again tried, but once again he opened his mouth.

"Dad, it's not like we're going to play with each other's things, or something." with an evil gleam in his eyes, along with a smile.

"Please," he asked again.

I was not real comfortable with this, but finally said, "are you sure it's alright honey?"

"Yeah dad, it is." he said, with a finality in his voice, as I stood there looking at him, all traces of levity gone, and dead seriousness in its place.

I wasn't sure about this because of obvious reasons but I began undressing while he watched every move I made and my unease increased as his gaze seemed locked on one area in particular which was having a reaction

I was about to say something when he placed his hand on my arm and looking intently in my eyes said simply, "It's ok."

I just looked at him, and he looked back with a small smile on his face, and I realized no matter what happened, that it was and with that realization, I slowly removed the remaining garment, standing before him, in a matching outfit.

He giggled as he looked on intently saying, "It's hard daddy," and with that proceeded to ignore it, and got into the shower.

And that was that.

All my worries evaporated, along with something else, as I got into the shower with my son.

It was in that moment, that I realized that although being naked with a young boy, had been a dream of mine, for many years that it didn't have to be sexual in nature.

I was shocked to say the least, but Sammy taught me so much, with that one shower.

It had to be one of the most intense experiences of my life, although the day had been full of them.

He stood there as I soaped up my hands, and proceeded to wash him, every part of him except one which he reminded me to do, when I skipped it. I had never experienced anything so sensual, and intimate, as that bath, as I slowly ran my hands up and down his beautiful body, washing arms and legs, chest and back, legs and belly slowly and thoroughly, without haste, and without tarrying, but nevertheless there was no part on his body left untouched, when I was finished, no part that hadn't been loved, and caressed, as I watched his face. The pleasure on it was indescribable, along with the gentle slight smile that never left it.

I could tell you that I never got hard, and neither did he, but that would be a lie, as I washed his most private part, it responded as did mine, at seeing his obvious enjoyment of my touch. What I can tell you, is other than his sweet smile, while I washed it, and a small giggle or two, it wasn't sexual, just life if that makes any sense. I spent no more time there, than any other place, and he didn't ask me to, although I somehow knew he wouldn't have objected to it, if I had, would even have welcomed the love, but I didn't, and he didn't.

I finally finished rinsing the last toe, and stood back up, to his smile, as he then surprised me by taking the soap, and beginning on me. He never hesitated, when he got to that part, and washed it with the same love and care as he had done to every other part of my body, before moving on, and like him, there was a normal response to touch, but that was all.

There are no words to describe that shower, or how close it made me feel to him. This was my little boy now, more than ever, I thought, as he finished rinsing my last toe, and stood there once again, smiling at me.

Of all the things I could think of to say, the only thing I could come up with was two words, with everything I was feeling in them, "Thank you."

The smile became bigger, as he launched himself upwards, and I reached out and grabbed him, bringing him up so he could wrap himself around me, while he hugged me, and I him.

"I love you little one." I told him, as he just hugged harder.

We got out of the shower and I dried him off, just as gently as I had a few minutes earlier washed him, and then the process was repeated, as he did the same to me, both of us smiling all the while.

When we finished, and I had the towels hung up, I told him, "Well, I guess we better get dressed, so we can be ready."

"Dad, can we just stay home tonight?" he asked me, looking up at me with entreaty in his eyes, and I replied, "Yes, we can." which earned me another big smile, as he once again launched himself into my arms.

I carried him out of the bathroom, telling him "Ok, then lets get ourselves dressed, and we'll just hang tonight."

"Can we stay like this?" he asked, looking at me again, with entreaty in his eyes.

This presented a problem, and while I was trying to figure out a way to tactfully say no to him, he asked, "please daddy?" and I simply said alright, carrying him into the living room, where we called and canceled the cab, and proceeded to watch TV for the rest of the night, snacking occasionally, and just holding each other, until bed time, where once again he wanted to stay with me, and I gave in to that look of entreaty in his eyes.

Surprisingly, none of my fears materialized, during the course of the evening. Of the times I had a reaction, Sammy would simply giggle, and occasionally make some comment, one time even reaching over and squeezing it, but then he would simply ignore it, and it became the perfect antidote.

It was as I had a cuddle puppy crawl in my lap, and get comfortable, that I realized that tonight had been as much about me, as it had been about Sammy. He had, with the simplicity and love, of a child, shown me that my fears didn't have to materialize. He made me comfortable tonight, not only with myself, but with him in the way only he could have, and it worked. Nudity didn't have to equate to what I had always feared it would, and only a child could have shown me that, and he did.

He snuggled up to me, and I wrapped my arm around him, pulling him to me as he said,

"Goodnight Daddy."

"You've been calling me that for the last couple of hours," I told him softly,

"Yeah, I know, it's alright isn't it?" he asked me, his body tensing up slightly

"Oh yes, it's more than alright, baby, it's the best thing in the world." I told him.

"Good, cause that's what you are now, you're my daddy." he said, as he sighed contentedly, and settled back into me.

"Yeah, that's what I am sweetheart." I said softly, "forever and ever, and a million years past that." I told him, as I said,

"I love you little one, sleep tight, and don't let the bedbugs bite," as my fingers tickled him slightly.

"I love you too." he responded, when the giggling was finished.

"Daddy," he added, as we both drifted off to sleep with me thinking about that word and that child.

**************END Flashback***************************

I awoke, thinking much as I had when I drifted off to sleep, with two of my babies in my arms, that dreams do come true, sometimes. I just laid there for a few minutes, until Randy came running into the room, saying, "Didn't you hear the pilot, we have to take our seats, we're starting to go down so we can land."

"Ok, honey, we'll be right there." I told him, as he rushed over to give, and get, a kiss, before heading back to the main cabin. I then realized that I had company on my other side, and two sets of eyes, looking up at me, on this one.

"Well hello there sleepyheads." I said gently, while bending over and placing kisses on their foreheads. The smile on Brian's face, was heaven sent, as I kissed him again, and then tried to suppress laughter, as SamSam bent over and gave him a kiss on the cheek as well, eliciting a beautiful red hue to his face.

I couldn't resist, as I said, "Aaaaawwwww, that's sooooo sweet," which got a scowl from Sam, and an even redder hue from Brian, as I tried to disentangle myself from the pile, of what I soon discovered to be Peter, Danny and Derek on the other side of me.

After I had gotten everyone up, and all of us had hit the bathroom, we headed out to the main cabin, where it looked like we weren't the only ones who had been napping.

I had just sat down, when my sat phone rang, and I picked it up.


"Hey, what cha doing?" Eric, on the other end asked me.

"Well, lets see, other than fleeing the country, ahead of the police, FBI and God knows what else, just peachy." I told him, as he began laughing, not that I could see what was so funny, myself, but...

"Hey, I don't think you have to worry about it much now." he said, and I sat forward suddenly.

"What do you mean?" I said, all seriousness now.

"Well, let's just say, that the hearing was fun, and the prosecutor stepped on his dick, big time." he told me still laughing.

"Eric..." I said in no mood for jokes,

"Alright, alright, already, Sammy needs to get you to loosen up some, not only did the judge deny everything, and I mean everything, that the state had asked for, he also issued an order barring the state from being within a mile of you, or the kids, or attempting any contact either."

"You're joking," I said.

"No, and it gets better," he said.

"How?" I asked.

"Well, the prosecutor had the audacity to basically say in open court, that you being single, and collecting boys, must mean you were screwing them, or planning on it."

"Oh no he didn't?" I said in horror thinking that they were accusing me of that now

"Oh but he did" Eric said still laughing which was beginning to get on my nerves

"Eric, being accused of child molestation is not what I would call a laughing matter," I said, all trace of friendliness gone from my voice.

"Mike, chill for God's sake, he insinuated it, but didn't come right out and say you were doing it." Eric told me.

"So what is funny about this?" I asked, still not mollified.

"Well, it seems that the state's attorney either didn't have time to prepare adequately, or didn't bother, because not only did this judge cut the guy's balls off without pain meds, he also is a single man, who has adopted 4 boys himself." Eric said.

I started choking, before I finally got out, "oh no he didn't."

"Oh yes he did, and the judge didn't say a damn thing, until the hearing was concluded either." Eric said to me.

Now, I was laughing, while everyone else was looking at me strangely.

"What did he say?" I finally managed to gasp out.

Chuckling, Eric told me, "Basically, he told the guy, he hopes he doesn't show up on his doorstep, thinking he was screwing them too."

"OH MY GOD!" was all I could get out, while the kids thought I must have gone crazy or something.

"Just thought I'd let you know, Alan says the judge is probably going to want to speak to you, and the boys, either teleconference, or videoconference, if you can do it."

Between laughter, I managed to get out, "Ok, well, I'll call you after we get settled in, and tell Al that I think we can manage one or the other, and will let him know."

"Ok, say hi to my bunch, and I'll talk to them later, tell em...tell them I love them." he said.

"I will Eric, I will, and I'll hug em to death, for you too." I promised.

"You do that Mike, you do that." I heard him say, and I knew this must be horrible for him, as the line went dead.

"I will," I softly whispered to the dead phone, before placing it back on it's cradle, looking at it for a moment, before looking up to find the clan staring back at me.

"Well, that was Eric." I said to stares of 'duh', as I continued, "he says things went well in court today, and he loves you guys, and misses you guys a lot. I am also supposed to smother you with hugs from him, after we land." I said, smiling.

They smiled back, just as the Captain announced, "we are on approach, and will be landing in approximately 10 minutes."


Well that's it for chapter 17. Brian is finally learning, I hope, that he is lovable, and wanted, although I imagine it's going to take some time for that to sink in fully. Sammy and Mike got to talk a bit, about what happened, and begin to move past it, and of course, Mike got to find out about the court hearing. Also, we got to see some more of the beginning of Mike and Sammy, and Sammy helping Mike, overcome a major fear he had. What so many don't understand is that someone who loves children; loves them, with or without sex being involved. Mike had been told, so long that he couldn't have one without the other, that he was scared to death of his reaction. Only Sammy knew, and brought him through it, by showing him that it didn't need to be that way at all. And of course, the good news from Eric, about the court hearing. Until next time...DS, and the wild bunch.

"Hey everyone, it's Sammy, just wanted to say hi. Dad worries, way too much. I knew he was ok, giggle, well I gotta go. The blond wants me to come visit, and we don't want dad or DS to know." (Giggling)

Editor's note;

Listen guys, I need to be quiet now, cause Darryl is busy doing his radio show. He doesn't realize that I am doing this editor's note. Please don't tell him till after I send this off. Sammy, You go ahead, and have fun with the blond and his friends. I told you that you could get together if you just tried hard enough. OK guys gotta go. See ya later.


From Chapter 17

"Ok say hi to my bunch and I'll talk to them later, tell em...tell them I love them" he said

"I will Eric, I will and I'll hug em to death for you too" I promised

"You do that Mike, you do that" I heard him say and I knew this must be horrible for him as the line went dead

"I will" I softly whispered to the dead phone before placing it back on it's cradle looking at it for a moment before looking up to find the clan staring back at me

"Well that was Eric" I said to stares of 'duh' as I continued "he says things went well in court today and he loves you guys and misses you guys a lot. I am also supposed to smother you with hugs from him after we land" I said smiling

They smiled back just as the Captain announced "we are on approach and will be landing in approximately 10 minutes"

Chapter 18

Just as I heard the PA go off, the phone rang once again.

"Hello?" I answered it.

"You missed all the fun today." a warm rich voice told me, chuckling slightly.

"Yes, I've been told that." I said back.

"Well, I don't think Jamie is going to put up with their crap, but tomorrow should be interesting nevertheless." the voice said, laughing again.

"Friend of yours?" I asked.

"Well...lets say in our circles, that we are acquainted, and leave it at that." the voice said, still laughing.

"Very well." I told it.

"Seriously, I think you'll be home sooner than you think." I was told.

"Well, we'll see." I responded. The person on the other end sighed, and then changed the subject.

"I just wanted to let you know a couple of things, Mike. Someone will be meeting you upon landing, and providing a translator for you, during your stay. The dacha is stocked, and they can get you anything else you may need, while you are there. Security will also be provided, and also the 'special' areas are still there, and the code is Amadeus, they are also fully stocked. You should also know that some of my contacts have relayed that this situation may have other influences, than the obvious, so be extremely careful. I don't think their reach extends that far, but do not take chances." the voice finished.

"Thank you." I simply replied.

"Oh, your welcome dear, take care of yourself and those babies, I'll be in touch."

"I will." I said, and the line went dead, as I felt the wheels touch down.

We rapidly sped to a corner of the airport, away from the main terminal, where a ramp was quickly extended, and the hatch was opened.

We all stood, and a man appeared saying, "I am supposed to tell you that Delenn sent me," with a clearly confused look on his face.

I knew it was alright then, as Delenn was an ambassador, which meant this man was sent to work with us, the foreigners to his land.

"I am..." but he held up his hand quickly saying, "I do not need to know this information," so I shut up, while the kids were looking on, surprised.

"If you will come with me, transportation to your next destination has been arranged." he told us.

"I will need assistance with two of the children, who cannot walk, as well as with luggage." I told him.

"Very well," he said, before turning and yelling back down the ramp, to what were apparently others waiting, because in moments four men came bounding up the stairs, and were issued more instructions, in Russian.

"Which of the children need to be carried?" The first man asked, as I pointed to Chris and Brian.

More instructions in Russian and two of the men started towards the boys who got looks of fear on their faces

"Hey guys it's ok they're just going to carry you down to our ride" I told them but I don't think it helped much as the two men picked them up while the other three got luggage and the wheelchair

Samantha and I grabbed what they couldn't, and we descended the stairway slowly, until the first man reached the ground, and waited for us to catch up, saying as we reached the ground, "This way please," and leading us over to a large transport helicopter, obviously converted for civilian use.

After getting us onboard, all but the first man left, and he reached into his coat withdrawing a large envelope, which he handed to me, before saying "Das Vadanya." and walking away.

The crew member shut the door for us, and then entered the cockpit, where they began the start up sequence, and soon we were in the air, heading to the dacha we would be staying in.

It wasn't a long trip, but it allowed us to see the country, which was quite pretty, and still had snow in places. Soon enough we were dropping down, and could see the large house we would be staying in, as the helicopter came in for a landing, gently settling to the ground while we waited for the engines and rotors to wind down.

After all was quiet, the crewmen appeared, opening the doors and assisting us down, then others which had been in the distance, came forward with several men among them, who began the task of getting the luggage, and two of them picked up my kids, to carry while I was left facing a man, standing several feet in front of me, and who was obviously in charge.

I walked forward and introduced myself. "Hello, my name is Mike Reynolds, and this is my family." I told him.

"Greetings, I am Vassily Kamarkov. I am in charge of your security detail, let us get you inside, and then we have things we must discuss." he told me, as he turned and led the way with all of us following.

We entered a spacious room, on the lower floor, as we heard the helicopter start up once again, and I looked around at the spacious and luxurious surroundings, before me, as the children settled on various chairs and sofas, scattered about, looking a bit unsure of everything.

"Guys, this is home for right now. I have to talk with Mr. Kamarkov for a few minutes, and after that we can look around, ok? I need you to remain here, with Samantha though, until I return." I told them, as I walked after Mr. Kamarkov, to a room which he entered a code into and then I followed him through, closing the door behind us.

"Mr. Reynolds, I am the commander of the security detachment, assigned to you for the duration of your stay, in our country. There will be 30 men on duty at all times, around the perimeter of the facility. None will approach the house, at any time. All are ex Spetnatz and they are some of the best. You need to set your security systems, and if any detection is noted it will be hostiles, do you understand?" he asked me.

Thirty ex Spetnatz I thought was overkill, in the extreme, but my friend was apparently taking no chances with our safety, of which I was deeply appreciative. I also understood what he was saying, and more importantly what he wasn't. If there were any detection's made, it would mean that he and his men were no longer operative, and trouble had come to visit, in a big way.

"I understand," I told him simply.

"Good." he told me, before going over to a cabinet in the wall, and removing a large case and setting it on the table.

He opened it, and removed an injector and a small device, fitting one into the other before looking at me, with a raised eyebrow.

I simply pulled up my shirt, and he placed one end of the device against my upper arm, and with a hiss, I felt a sting, then he removed the object, and told me "that is good for thirty days, and is not able to be counterfeited, after that time, it will dissolve naturally. No one else but those in the house, and me, will have them" he told me as he repacked it.

"I understand, and thank you" I told him, as he nodded his head, and said, "I understand you are familiar with this house, and its' accessories?" he asked of me.

"Yes, I am."

"Very good, then I will take my leave of you now, and you may reach me on channel 2 of the radio system." he advised me, as he turned and left, with me picking up the case and following.

I followed him out, and stopped, staring at the sight which confronted me with my mouth open, causing Sammy to quickly say "it wasn't me this time, dad," giggling all the while, "I swear," he got out before being consumed again with more giggles.

I'm glad he found it funny.

For seated next to Sammy, was a boy of about 12, with blonde hair hanging down a bit, covering his eyes, which were gazing at me raptly, as a small smile played on his face.

"Ah, I forgot, this is your translator, Yuri" Vassily informed me. "he will be staying with you per the one who arranged this, in case you are in need of his services, during your stay with us." he told me, then went on, "as I understand it, the thought was that with the amount of children present, he would fit in easier, and be able to provide for any needs which you may have," he said, with a grin on his face.

"Ah, thank you." I told him, as he turned and left the room.

I turned my attention back to the boys, to find Sammy looking at me, with a silly grin on his face.

"What?" he asked, with an attempt, quite unsuccessful, I might add, to appear innocent.

"Nothing," I muttered.

"I told ya dad, I didn't have nuthin to do with it," he said, as he broke out in giggles again.

I scowled at him, before saying,

"It's not funny," which just got him laughing harder, as I turned my attention to Yuri who had a dazzling smile on his face.

"Hello Yuri, my name is Mike, and the giggle box next to you, is my son Samuel," who upon hearing his full name, shot me a dirty look, and finally quit giggling so much. I then pointed out everyone else, who said hi to him, before I told them that we had something to do.

"What?" Randy asked, with suspicion.

"All of you need to get a shot." which got everyone's undivided attention, real quickly.

"A shot?" squeaked Kevin, followed by other displeased mutters.

"Yes a shot, now who would like to be first?" I asked, with an evil grin directed at Sammy, who was shaking his head rapidly.

Needless to say, there were no eager takers, so while looking directly at a now sweating SamSam, I said, "well, since there are no volunteers, I guess I'll have to pick someone."

"I'll go," I heard and the voice matched the face as Yuri stood up, and walked over to me.

"Thank you, Yuri," I told him, as he stood before me, and I pressed the injector into his upper arm, implanting the subcutaneous tracking chip, into his body.

He winced slightly as I did it, but didn't cry out and gave me a smile, as he walked back to Sammy, who along with 8 other children, were, for a change, absolutely silent.

Now, if I could figure out a way to get this result, without a needle, I could be even richer, after I patented it, not to mention my life being quieter.

"So, who wants to be next?" I asked, with a grin, while all the boys looked at each other, clearly not wanting to be next.

"Alright, then we'll do it this way then, alphabetically," I said which caused furious looks of concentration to appear on their faces, as they processed who would now be first, and then all eyes turned to Chris, who was looking decidedly pale, as Samantha stood up and said.

"Can you tell me the purpose of these shots, please?" clearly questioning the necessity of them.

"Yes Samantha, these implant a temporary almost microscopic chip, into their bodies, which interface with the security system of this facility, they last 30 days, before dissolving and will allow us to track anyone wearing them, and also they allow the security system to be activated, and not show anyone with one as an intruder. They also can not be counterfeited, in any way, therefore they are foolproof, and any detection's mean an actual intruder here." I told her.

She looked at me for a moment, before walking up and baring her arm, as Yuri had done, and I injected her with the device, before going over to Chris, and doing the same. Surprisingly no one else objected to it, and soon all the children had been taken care of, with no one even crying, although I felt bad about Peter, and gave him an extra kiss and hug, before putting everything away, and returning the case to the room, making sure I activated the security system before leaving, and sealing the room once again.

When I returned I had 8 very eager boys, who wanted to check out the place, but it was Yuri who surprised me by disappearing and returning with a wheelchair, which he rolled up to Chris, and then helped him transfer himself into it. With that done we began exploring.

We found 5 bedrooms all with King size beds in them, and all had televisions as well. The house was sumptuously appointed, and seemed to have all the modern conveniences. Computers were placed around as well, and I made note to remind the boys not to give out any information to any of their friends, should they get online.

As the tour finished, I grabbed my luggage and headed to one of the bedrooms and told the others to stake out where they wanted to sleep as well. I also let them know they could go outside, if they wanted to, but to stay near the house.

After everyone left to explore and play, I sat down back in the living room, and relaxed for a bit, but was soon joined by Chris, who wheeled his chair in and up to me.

"Hi there." I said to him with a smile on my face

"Hi." he told me, but seemed quiet, so I said,

"Come here little one." which got a look of surprise, as I held out my arms, but then the surprise was replaced with a smile, as he scooted forward and I took him in my arms, bringing him into my lap, where I cuddled him to me.

You could almost hear the purr, and definitely the sigh of contentment, as he settled in, snuggling his head into my chest.

"Tom said I was too old to do this stuff." he whispered.

"Ah, baby, you're never too old to get some loving, and cuddles." I told him, kissing the top of his head softly, which produced another contented sigh.

I softly rubbed his back, as he just melted in my arms, he just needed to be held and, I settled back, and did exactly that.

I am not sure how long we sat there, before SamSam came out, and crawled into the space next to me, snuggling up alongside of me.

Chris had tried to pull away, but I held him fast, and when he only saw Sam smile at him, he relaxed again, and now I had two boys getting cuddles. Sammy had always loved them, but Chris needed them, and was finally realizing that he could have them, and it was a nice feeling, to see the realization come across his face.

Eventually, I heard a little giggle, and looked down to find Sam looking up at me, with a mischievous smile on his face, as he asked,

"So dad, were you scared?" as his eyes flashed his famous twinkle, deep within them.

"Well, you did have me worried there for a moment or two." I graciously allowed

"Yeah, right." he giggled again.

"You're just afraid I'll find some more, or something, aren't you?" he said, half challengingly to me.

"Sam, this isn't Florida, and that bunch down there." I told him, with a bit of exasperation in my voice, as that was exactly what I was worried about.

I mean come on, four in one day.

"Yeah, but it sounds kinda cool, you know," he said, with a big grin on his face.

"NO!" I said.

"But daaaaaad!" he whined, with giggles in between.

"NO, and No, and NO!" I said again, which sent him into giggles, before he said

"Just think how cool it would be, to have all those brothers and stuff," he got out. "You're an awesome dad." he said, trying to butter me up some.

"Samuel Patrick Reynolds, NO. Do you know that every time I think of that poor woman down there, I get nightmares in sympathy for her?" I said, while trying to sound stern.

Unfortunately, he just giggled some more, as the thoughts danced in his eyes, I could see them imagining having 300 brothers.


"Ah, Dad, you worry too much, you'd do fine." he said, giggling again, before resting his head back on me, and whispering, "You'd do fine."

I just growled, which of course, left a giggling boy in my side. He giggled quite a lot.

We spent the day just hanging out, with various kids taking the place of Chris and Sammy, as the day went on. I was hardly ever left without one, at least, in my lap, and often another alongside as well.

It was very nice, as I couldn't get enough of it, and never would.

Dinner was a quiet affair, and I found that Yuri fit in quite well, with my bunch.

Surprisingly, he had also been one of the ones who had come in for cuddles, during the day. Being as this was Europe, they were much more free with the showing of emotions, than American children tended to be.

I don't know how long it was, before I noticed something, and looked up to find Sammy walking through the room dripping wet.

"Sammy, what happened to you?" I asked.

"Nothing." he muttered.

"Sam, you're dripping water all over everything, now what's going on?" I asked again.

"I kinda went swimming...sort of" he muttered, at my perplexed look.

"Swimming? Do you know how cold the water is?" I asked, in disbelief, which caused him to give me a withering stare, and say rather forcefully,

"Yeah, actually, I do." and then walk off, down the hall, muttering something that didn't make any sense, about blondes and roller coasters.

What the hell?

The next major hurdle occurred, when I heard loud voices coming from one of the bedrooms, sometime after dinner, and quickly got up, being followed by Sam and Yuri to determine what was wrong.

As we got closer, I heard Samantha's voice.

"Look Chris, it's not like I haven't seen it before."

"Well you ain't seeing it again." Chris's voice said heatedly.

"You have to have this done." Samantha said, with clear exasperation in her voice.

"Mooooooom!!!" Chris cried, just as we came to the room.

Samantha looked up and said, "Mike, good, maybe you can talk some sense into this child," clearly not happy.

"What's wrong?" I asked, concerned.

"She wants to see my thing." Chris stated, in horror, while I just raised my eyebrows at that, while Sammy and Yuri giggled.

"It's not funny." Chris said, while Samantha quickly said, while blushing, "I do not, Mike, he needs to be bathed, and..."

"And you'd see my thing." Chris interrupted.

"Well yes, but..." Samantha started to say, but Chris interrupted again, saying, "You're not going to see my thing," boyish indignation clearly present, and I smiled as I told him, "Chris, it'll be ok, she's seen it a million times, and she's not going to cut it off or anything."

"Daaaaaaad," Sammy said, giggling.

"Look, I have an idea, why don't I take care of your bath tonight, little one?" I asked him, but before he could answer Yuri chimed in "I will do it, if you allow," to Chris.

I motioned for Samantha to leave, as Chris had started to blush, and she quickly looked at her son, and then us, before leaving the room.

"Umm...well....ummm..." Chris started mumbling.

Yuri walked over, and sat on the edge of Chris's bed, telling him,

"You Americans, you are ashamed of what is under your clothes, it is not so for us. You worry you will get hard, well you will, and so will I. That is normal; you should not feel ashamed of that. I will be touching it, after all. It not get hard and something is wrong." he said, giggling.

Chris seemed to relax, with that, and while still blushing said, "it's really ok?"

"Yes it is, my older brother broke both arms last year, and I wash, he even make sperms when I wash his dick sometimes, is not problem." Yuri told the now furiously blushing Chris, who was stammering, trying to think of something to say.

I decided it was time to take my leave, and said, "well Chris, it looks like you're in good hands, so I'll leave you guys alone, have fun." as I turned to leave.

"Daaaaaaaad!" I heard behind me, as I left the room, pulling the door closed as I left, chuckling softly to myself.


I got back to the main room, and sat down, where I was immediately swamped, with Derek crawling into my lap, for some more hugs.

Samantha looked at me inquiringly, finally asking, "and...?"

"Well I think he is going to get his bath, just fine." I said, smiling.

Derek had lifted his head, and was looking back and forth between us, as Samantha said,

"I just don't understand his attitude. He's never been this way before," shaking her head in confusion.

"Samantha, he's 12, and a boy that age, often gets embarrassed about the changes his body is going through, not to mention certain things which might happen, when you wash him." I told her.

"I've washed him many times before this, and if you're talking about things waking up, that's happened too, and he never had a problem with it." and then blushing a bit, "he rather liked it, as a matter of fact." she finished.

I laughed softly and said, "yes, but I imagine he wasn't this age before either."

"Well no," she allowed.

"Think about it Samantha, he's 12 now, even though he seems like your baby still, he's grown up, and he's very much aware of his burgeoning sexuality. The thought of you washing it, and him responding, maybe even giving you a present is rather disconcerting to him." I told her.

"A present?" she said, clearly not getting it, but before she or I could say anything Derek piped up with,

"He means he'll probably cum when you wash it, he's kinda horny." he said, giggling softly, while Samantha gasped, and her mouth dropped open, and I started laughing openly.

"Well, I wasn't going to put it quite that bluntly, but..." I started to say but Derek interrupted.

"You grown ups talk too much sometimes," giggling again, and now leaving me speechless, as well, while I thought Samantha was going to suffocate from choking.

When she could recover, she started, "young man, you listen to me..."

"Mom, please you have to remember, he would hit us if we even walked from our bedroom to the shower, naked. That's a lot of it too. He told us how bad it was, and Chris believes it, kind of," Derek said, in all seriousness now, as those comments sobered us up.

"It'll take time, Momma, that's all." he added, and then sank back into my arms once again.

"He's right Samantha, with what they have been through, plus the normal reticence of this age, its going to take some time, to unlearn what they have been forcibly taught." I told her, as she sat back.

She nodded her head, but didn't say anything, clearly lost in thought, as I stroked the little one in my arms.

Eventually she said she was going to shower, and got up and left, leaving Derek and Me alone, until Sammy and Yuri came back into the room, followed by Chris.

"He is all clean now." Yuri pronounced to me proudly.

Looking at the flushed look on his and Sammy's faces, I had a feeling that he was very clean, as they were too, but the bright red hue of Chris's face confirmed it.

Derek though had to say something.

"Did ya clean everything really good, it can get stopped up ya know," with an evil grin on his face, which caused me to start choking, and Chris to stammer, "DEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRREEEEEEEEK!!!!"

While Sammy started giggling, and Yuri said, "nothing is stopped up now...on any of us" before breaking out in laughter, and causing Derek's mouth to drop open, as I don't think he had been expecting that answer.

His face joined that of his brother in turning bright red, while Sammy had collapsed in laughter, and even Chris was giggling now.

Me, I was trying to breathe, but the battle was lost ,as Derek very cheekily said, "maybe you can give me my bath next time," but was put into his place, when Yuri tilted his head slightly and with a grin said, "sure, I do that and maybe unclog you too."

Now everyone was in tears, as we all lost it, in unrestrained laughter, except for poor Derek, whose mouth was opening and closing, while he sputtered in shock.

I don't know how long we kept laughing, because every time we began to stop, one of us would look at the other, or start to say something, and we would break down all over again.

Samantha finally returned, just as we were beginning to get ourselves back under control, and then said the worst thing imaginable.

"What's so funny?" which left us on the floor again, until she gave up calling "good night" and walking off to her room, after threading her way through to kiss the boys.

Finally, it did wear down, and we settled back for a bit, just relaxing, before I noticed yawns from the boys, and myself, and I shooed them off to bed, reminding them we all had to be up early for the trial tomorrow.

Al had set everything up at the courtroom, and we had video conference capabilities here as well. Come tomorrow, we would be live with the whole mess.

I helped undress Chris, and got him into bed, with Peter crawling in along with Danny before going and checking on the others, who had been quiet all night. I found Kevin and Randy curled up, sound asleep wrapped around each other and Yuri wrapped around them already out like a light.

When I got back to my room, I found Derek and Sammy waiting in bed, and I got Brian undressed, and into bed, crawling in myself, to find all of them trying to merge with me, it seemed as we wrapped ourselves around each other, and I gave my babies kisses good night.

Just as I was drifting off, I heard Sammy say,


"Yes, honey?"

"When we get home, can we get something at the store?"

"Huh?" I asked, as his question didn't make much sense.

"Can we buy something at the store, when we get home, please?" he asked again

"Well, it depends on what it is," I said, thinking this was an odd conversation.

I heard a Sammy giggle, and then, "we all want some grape juice."

"Grape juice?" I asked, confused, "you giving up Pepsi now?" I added, tickling him a little, which got more Sammy giggles.

"Nah, dad we just want some grape juice, a lot of grape juice." he added at the end

"Ummm....well I guess," I told him, as he said "thanks dad, night."

"Good night sweetheart."

Grape juice?



Giggle, giggle


Well that's it for 18, hope you all enjoyed. They are safely there, and court is tomorrow, which should prove interesting. Yuri seems to be fitting right in, and no he's not staying, Darryl. That was an odd request at the end, oh well. Until next time...DS

Hey, it's really pretty cool over here, and I'm having lots of fun, LOTS. <Giggle, giggle> Yuri's really cool.

And I don't need a telescope either; just ask Kyle, and Tyler. <Giggle>

Hey the guys all say hi so see ya, SamSam.

Editor's note:

You know guys, you are all really great kids, and I love you so much.

I want to thank DS for doing something that is not really connected to the story as such, but it really made it nice for Sammy, and other people as well.

Samm Samm, Please be as careful as you can. Your dad worries about you a lot, probably a little more than he needs to, but we grown ups tend to do that. Sorry, but, I'm afraid it happens as we get older. One of the best parts about being a kid, is that you are so innocent (maybe and trusting for the most part.) You take things at face value.

Ok one more comment, Sammy then I promise to cool it. You have a rare gift, not sure that you realize how wonderful that gift is. It is the gift of knowing what the right thing to do is, and that coupled with your wonderful love and your total lack of selfishness means that you will always do the right thing when you have the opportunity to do so. Sometimes even though the right thing needs to be done, It might be better if you talked to your dad first, then you can decide together who might be the right person to do the right thing. And believe it or not, It won't always be best if the right person to do the right thing is you. Do you understand what I mean? We all love you so much, and you have given so much of yourself, that It is maybe time to let someone else do the right thing once in a while. Believe me when I tell you that other people will do the right thing most of the time if they are given the chance to see what needs to be done.

Hey, I guess I should shut up and tell you we all wish you guys would hurry up and get that trial thingie over and get yourselves back here. Give Yuri a big hug for me too please.

And, DS, Just so you know I caught that, that is what you think. You know better if you just think about it a little. I have friends in high places.


The Radio Rancher

Fort Chief Editor's Notes:

Well I decided to come out of the closet so to speak and comment on this wonderful story. Dark Star you are doing a wonderful job with the portrayal of your characters and your depiction of some of society's woes. I am looking forward to many more chapters and more info about Mike.


From Chapter 18

Just as I was drifting off I heard Sammy say


“Yes honey?”

“When we get home can we get something at the store?”

“Huh?” I asked as his question didn't make much sense

“Can we buy something at the store when we get home, please?” he asked again

“Well it depends on what it is” I said thinking this was an odd conversation.

I heard a Sammy giggle and then “we all want some grape juice”

“Grape juice?” I asked confused “you giving up Pepsi now?” I added tickling him a little which got more Sammy giggles

“Nah dad we just want some grape juice, a lot of grape juice” he added at the end

“ummm....well I guess” I told him as he said “thanks dad, night”

“Good night sweetheart”

Grape juice?



Giggle, giggle

Chapter 19

The alarm went off at six local time and I knew it left me two hours to get everyone up, fed and ready before the hearing started so I reluctantly dragged myself out of bed and headed to the shower.

After completing that I then went out and started some French Boast and Bacon. I hoped 4 loaves of bread would be enough not to mention the 5 packs of bacon. I set the oven onto 200 to keep the bacon warm and then started mixing the batter for the bread.

After that I began the bacon and then went to wake Samantha and the boys.

They were decidedly unhappy to be awoken at such an early hour and it was with much grumbling that I got them up and staggering, sort of, towards the bathrooms.

I can't say that Samantha was particularly thrilled either but she grumbled slightly less anyway.

Finally I used my secret weapon.


“Got French Toast and Bacon if you get out in time” I told them which got glares but movement out of them.

I just smiled, I didn't like being up at this time of night either.

I went back out and saved the bacon which Samantha had been watching for me and started more going. It was nice having so many burners on the stove. I then started dipping the bread and placing them in the frying pans. I was going to start them off with three each and see what happened.

By the time the first ones came stumbling in to the kitchen I had four plates ready with slices of butter melting nicely in the center of each top piece and several slices of bacon alongside.

It was like phasers being locked on as all eyes settled on a plate and they never left as I handed it to them.

I honestly think I might have been attacked if I had not brought it directly to them.

I barely got my fingers away before they pounced; it was quite a sight to see.

I went back to making more and wasn't paying attention until I heard giggling and turned to find Peter, Danny, Kevin and Randy stumbling into the kitchen.

“Uuhmmm” I said to the four as they too locked onto the plates of food.

“Yeah Uncle Mike?” Randy muttered.

I was trying to stifle laughter as I said “Did you all forget something?”

I watched as four heads shook in the negative while 5 others began giggling even more and Samantha even joined in.

“Guys...clothes” I said chuckling.

“They're in my room Uncle Mike” Kevin said “Can we eat now?” followed by “Can we” from the other three.

“Umm guys you really need to get dressed” I told them.

“Why?” Danny asked.

“Let them be Mike it doesn't bother me and obviously they are used to it, don't forget I used to have two nudists of my own” Samantha said chuckling.

Which was followed by two “moooooooooms” from two boys leaving us chuckling

“Ok I give up” I told everyone as I walked over and handed the remaining four plates.

The funny thing was that their eyes had never left the plates during the entire conversation.


I then started work on requests for seconds and finally got myself a plate hoping that they were finished as I was about out of bacon.

After a nice breakfast I looked at the clock and saw it was 7:10 already and when the boys were finished I shooed them all to clean up and some to get dressed after that of course which got me glares but they did head off.

I went into the office conference room and got everything set up there with various cameras in place to best capture all of us and the control board to access each of them.

By the time I finished; the set up was organized to show all of us together or individually and I placed a call over the secure phone to Alan.

“Hello” he said.

“Hi Alan” I said.

“Well hello how's it going?” he asked me.

“Pretty good, I think we have it set up on this end if you're ready to link up and synchronize everything” I told him.

“Yeah, turn it on” he said.

I activated the sat uplink and waited while everything talked to everything else until suddenly a picture popped up on the large screen against the wall followed by different shots elsewhere in the courtroom.

We adjusted this and that until all the camera positions were set where we thought we wanted them. We would have to do a few last minute adjustments no doubt but mostly it was now set up.

“Well that's about all we can do for now, get everyone in a little early and we'll put the finishing touches on it” he told me.

“Ok Alan thanks” I replied.

“Mike, one more thing, let them know that the state's prosecutor is going to get mean and say some stuff, give them some warning” he said to me.

“Ok Alan this is going to be hard for them” I told him.

“Yeah I know” he replied “it's about 20 minutes til court starts so get them settled soon” he finished telling me

“Ok will do” I told him reaching over and muting our video and audio.

I went out to find the boys nervously sitting around in the living room but at least they were all dressed.

I really didn't want to explain any nude children today for this hearing. I stopped in the middle of the room and looked at all of them taking a deep breath before speaking “ok guys you all know that they are going to be having a hearing today back in Montana about us” which got hesitant nods “well I need you to understand that the state prosecutor is going to be saying some things that are going to probably hurt us and make us feel bad.”

“Like what?” Brian asked.

“Well some of it you guys know already like with Chris and Derek” I was saying as they hung their heads getting me mad.

“Both of you stop that right now! Do you hear me?” I told them.

They looked up at me kind of shocked at my raising my voice I think “you didn't do anything wrong and neither did any of us but you need to understand that the prosecutor is going to say a lot of things that will try to make it seem like we have done something wrong. He will twist everything and make things that happened one way sound like they happened another. Just because he is saying it doesn't make it true” I went on and told them.

They were all looking at me again as I continued “none of us have done anything to be ashamed of so I want you to hold your heads up when you get in there and don't be ashamed no matter what” I told them.

They nodded their heads and then Sammy asked “why is he doing this dad?”

I shook my head and told him the truth “I don't know honey.”

“Something else you need to know is that yesterday the prosecutor basically came out and said that I want you guys so I can have sex with you”

I told them which got gasps from them before I heard Sammy say “that's a load of shit!”

“Sam...” I started to say but he interrupted me clearly angry and with fire flashing in his eyes “it is dad and you know it. You never do nothing with us really and some of us have tried remember the first day I met you?” he asked with an evil look in his eyes and a grin on his face that didn't lessen the anger still present in the least.

“Yeah you wouldn't even help me that day when I wanted you to” Chris whispered softly causing Samantha to look back and forth between us carefully.

“I know but that is the kind of thing he is going to be saying, so be prepared. I know some of you have wanted that and I am honored you would want to share that with me but it is something I chose not to do with any of you and I'm sorry but with the laws the way they are and what would happen to you if I did, it's just not worth it to me” I told them.

They were all looking at me and I knew that Sammy at least wasn't through with this topic but finally he nodded his head as I maintained eye contact with him.

“Ok then go on in and get settled, any of you need the bathroom use it now” I said and they all shuffled around for a bit before all but Peter and Danny headed off to the conference room while those two headed for the bathroom.

Samantha came up and asked “did I miss something?”

I looked at her and finally said “Chris, in the hospital hadn't been able to take care of himself for some time, I helped him use the restroom and it left him in a state you could say. He asked me to help him and I had to tell him I couldn't but got Derek to come in and I assume help him out”

“Assume?” she asked.

“Yes, assume. I went outside the curtain and sent Derek in. I don't know for sure but it's a pretty safe bet” I told her.

“And Sammy?” she asked.

“The first time I met Sammy was when I went to the bathroom in a service plaza and while I was using the restroom I heard him ask me if I wanted a hand job for 10 dollars or a blow job for 20” I told her matter of factly.

She gasped but didn't say anything for a minute “what did he mean about them trying?” she finally asked.

“Look Samantha children are sexual creatures and they are very loving ones as well. They love me and know it feels good so naturally they may want to love me in that manner. To a child it is rather simple, they want to do something for the adult to make them feel good and show their love and as we and society tell them on TV and in books, sex is supposed to be about love, so they know it feels good and they want to make me or some other adult feel good and they offer. They think they can love someone that way too and they don't understand why it's bad. They are right for a lot of reasons but it's just not possible” I told her.

“The idea doesn't bother you does it?” she asked looking at me intently.

“No, it doesn't. Why should it? If you understand children and that they are not adults and that it is and isn't like we would look at a sexual relationship then no it doesn't bother me. The idea of and their wanting to express their love for me that way doesn't bother me at all, matter of fact I find it quite an honor that they would want to share something like that with me”

“I just don't know Mike, I can't accept child molestation as being acceptable at all” she said shaking her head slightly

“No and neither can I” I told her which caused her to look at me strangely.

“That is what you are talking about isn't it?” She said to me.

“No not at all, to molest means to give unwanted attention in it's simplest definition. I am not talking about force of any kind being used, think about something, when your sons were small like 3 or 4 and you washed them did you wash their penises?”

“Well yes” she said not understanding where this was going.

“And when you washed them did they respond?” I asked.

“Respond?” she repeated.

“Yes, respond. Did they get hard?” I asked her.

She smiled and said “oh yes”

“And did they seem to be aroused?”

“Yeah they really liked that part of their bath” she said smiling but not getting it yet

“Did you ever wash it a bit longer than maybe you needed to or maybe they asked you to wash it extra good or again?” I asked her

She blushed slightly and said “well they always wanted to make sure it was clean so they would ask me...” and then she suddenly stopped as everything clicked, cha ching, and her eyes got big as she glanced towards the room where they were.

“Oh my God, they...I...” and then just laughed as she realized what I was saying; “I don't believe it” she said shaking her head.

“Well that's a good example and they knew how to get you to essentially play with it while not coming out and saying mommy rub it for me” I said chuckling.

“I never...” she started to say but I broke in.

“Most parents don't. They either pretend it's not what it is, think it's cute or are very uncomfortable with the feelings they experience. Most don't put two and two together and realize that their little angel is trying to get mommy or daddy to get them off.” I said laughing.

“I just can't believe it though, I mean I remember them touching themselves but I never thought for an instant that...” she trailed off

“You never thought for an instant they could be that cunning?” I said smiling.

“Yeah they were so innocent” she said in wonder.

“Yes they are and when small they don't know yet that there is anything wrong with their bodies or what they are feeling. It is only with time that they learn shame and guilt about their bodies and what they can feel.” I told her.

“But...” she began before I interrupted her “Samantha, too many people have the idea that sex and sexuality is a sin and therefore evil meaning that an innocent child couldn't experience those feelings. They can't accept the fact that sexuality is part of us from birth and the child epitomizes that innocence with theirs not a loss of it.” I told her.

“I never thought of it that way, they were so open with it when they were little. I thought it was so cute they would just sit there playing with it sometimes and except for when they would take it out and do it in the grocery store I didn't have a problem with it” she said chuckling a bit.

I laughed with her thinking all parents have that problem. One lady I knew had her four year old jump on the lap of the preacher one time pull it out and proceed to play away. I still laugh about it, she said she didn't know whose face was redder hers or the preachers, the kid of course was perfectly happy.

“You aren't the first parent to have that problem believe me” I said smiling.

“Mike this whole idea of adults with children though....I don't know” she said.

“I know Samantha, there are a lot of factors why it wouldn't work in our society, and most of them have to do with what happens to the child after the sexual contact is discovered” I told her.

“Take a child who is in a loving and caring relationship that gets discovered. The adult of course goes to jail which causes enormous distress to the child as well as guilt. The worst thing though is the 'counseling' that the child will be subjected to afterwards. The shrink will twist and turn ever single thing that happened in the relationship to something else. By the time the 'counseling' is over the child will most likely hate the adult for having 'molested' him or at best question for the rest of his life whether he was or not. I have seen it happen Samantha and it destroys the child, not the sex but what is done to them afterwards by the 'experts' trying to supposedly help” I said to her sadly.

She was shaking her head but I went on “this morning four of the boys were naked which is more the norm; than not with them but was there anything sexual to it?” I asked her.

“No, not at all” she said confused.

“Ok but if someday I did something sexual with them you know what would happen? The shrink would tell them that being naked like this was something I set up so I could eventually do more” I said.

“That's horrible how could anyone do something like that to a child?” she asked me clearly not wanting to believe it.

“They can and do all the time” I told her sadly.

“Years ago when I received training in child abuse prevention and detection we were told that 92% of all adult child sexual contact was non-coercive and voluntary. 7% involved some kind of emotional or non violent coercion and only 1% were actually violent molestations. Of the contact half was initiated by the child and the remainder was mutual and/or agreed to by the child. We were instructed that the most important thing of all was that the damage done to a child in most instances of adult child sexual encounters was from the reaction to the discovery by adults around the child not the encounters themselves.”

“That is not the case any more, not the figures and not where the emphasis is placed” I told her then said “you don't have a problem with the boys playing around but what if it was Chris wanting to be with a 16 year old, 20 year old or even a 30 year old why is one ok and not the others?” I asked as I glanced at my watch and realized that the conversation was over.

She looked pensive now thinking about what we had just discussed as I said.

“We have to go” turning quickly towards the room and entering.

“When you hear 'all rise' everyone stand up until the judge says sit down” I told everyone as I took my place and put the headset on that would also obscure my mouth from observation.

“We're here Alan” I said into it as I pressed the button activating it and leaving it on for the moment.

“It's about time, it's going to start any minute now” he told me.

“Sorry was talking to Samantha and lost track of the time” I apologized as I activated the visual aspect of our link while keeping the sound muted.

“You guys need to put on those headsets in front of you and put the end in front of your mouth like I have it ok?” I told them as they nodded and did what I had told them.

A minute later the bailiff stood calling “all rise for the honorable Judge Jamie Kendall.”

We all stood as I glanced down to make sure that my microphone was activated only for Alan at this point then I said “this should be fun” to him but got no response as the judge took his seat and said “be seated.”

We all sat mimicking the actions in the courtroom as the judge said “good afternoon, I take it these are the young men in question as well as the infamous Mr. Reynolds?”

I activated my mic and said “yes your honor.”

“Very well would you introduce me to everyone please” he asked.

“Certainly your honor” I said as I killed my mic saying “I'm turning on your mics so watch what you say” then flipped the switches

I began with Sam and went around until I reached Samantha before turning to the judge and saying “well that's all of them sir”

He chuckled and said “I hope so” and I couldn't resist saying “I hope so too” which earned me a smile from the judge and a scowl from Sammy.

Then he said to the children “I am glad to meet all of you and I want you to know that you have nothing to fear here and there will probably be things said in this courtroom that disturb you. If they get too bad let me know and we'll take care of it. I don't want you all getting unduly upset.”

As we all nodded and mumbled ok's to him, he then proceeded.

“Well then I guess we should get this show on the road. Mr. Jennings please remember we have young children present so watch yourself” he said to the prosecutor.

“Yes your honor and for the record I would like to object to both these proceedings and the fact that the children along with Mr. Reynolds have not been compelled to appear” he finished

I made sure all the microphones were muted and then said to Alan, “smug bastard isn't he?”

“Yeah and I don't know why” he responded which got me worried as the judge looked at Jennings and said “anything else.”

“No your honor...at least not right now” which earned a scowl from Kendall.

“Well your objection is noted once again and once again overruled. As to an order to compel just how would you like that to be enforced Mr. Jennings?”

Jennings wisely didn't answer and the judge continued “Mr. Reynolds and the children are present via live video conference which I might add he is paying for on his own initiative and they didn't even have to do that so what is the problem?” the judge asked him.

“Your honor I would feel much better if the children were present” Jennings replied.

“So you can get to them eh Mr. Jennings. In case you weren't aware of it that is why they aren't” the judge told him.

Jennings didn't say anything else but he clearly was not happy.

“Very well Mr. Jennings proceed” he instructed the prosecutor.

“I would like to call Sandra Kendricks to the stand” and we watched as a young woman of about 28 or so walked towards the front of the court.

Alan said to me “she's formerly with CPS”

We watched in silence as the sour faced young woman was sworn in and then Jennings approached.

“Miss. Kendrick can you tell me your educational and employment background please” he asked her

“Certainly. I have a Masters degree in social work with a minor in child development as well as a BA in abnormal child psychology. Until yesterday I was employed as a supervisor with the state division of child protective services” she stated primly.

“How long were you employed there?” Jennings asked.

“4 years” she replied.

“Can you tell the court why you are no longer employed with that agency Miss. Kendrick?”

“Yes I can. New management has come into power in the CPS system and they have been attempting to establish damaging policies into place, policies which I in good conscience I could not continue to follow.” She stated.

“Can you tell us what these policies might be?” Jennings asked.

“Certainly the new management team had put into place policies which encourage and promote the continued abuse of children, they...”

“Objection!” Alan called out sharply.

“Facts not in evidence, conjecture and unsupported allegations” he added as he sat back down.

“Sustained, try again and back it up Mr. Jennings” the judge ordered scowling at him while I wondered why the CPS attorney was sitting there doing nothing.

Jennings didn't answer but addressed Kendricks again.

“Miss. Kendricks, you have said that the new management at CPS is instigating new policies which you disagree with, could you please specify which policies and why you disagree with them?” he asked her.

“Yes, primarily the polices in question which have been instituted by the new management are ones which encourage and promote the sexual abuse of children and the continued abuse...”

“Objection your honor!” Alan yelled out again.

“Yes, sustained again, Miss. Kendricks you may factually state what the policies are and why you disagree with them but you may NOT continue to make inflammatory statements without any basis, is that clear?” the judge asked her directly.

“Yes your honor” she said not happy clearly with his admonition.

“The policies which CPS instituted state that children engaged in sexual activity with other children may be permissible and not harmful. The policies further state that we are not to presume that sex play is detrimental to children and we are not allowed to look at it as a situation where a child is molested by another unless there is something that would lead us to believe so under the new guidelines. The new guidelines state that sex play amongst children is normal and natural and is not abusive unless some form of coercion clearly takes place.” she stated pausing as she finished.

Jennings then spoke up “that sounds reasonable can you tell us why you believe it isn't?” he asked

“It isn't, because the policies and guidelines are wrong. Children do not want nor enjoy being forced into any type of sexual contact. To say that they might is the first mistake. Everything else is compounded from that initial error. Children do not willingly engage in sexual activity and certainly not deviant sexual activity” she stated

Jennings didn't look quite as happy with that response glancing quickly at Alan before returning to Kendricks.

“So you believe that the policies are detrimental to the continued welfare of children and you could no longer follow them is that correct?” he asked her.

“Yes that is correct based on my extensive knowledge, training and experience” she concluded looking like she was quite pleased with herself.

“Nothing further at this time, your honor” Jennings said as he went back to his seat.

Kendall looked at Alan and the CPS attorney but once again it was Alan who spoke up.

“Miss Kendricks, I am curious you said in your testimony, lets see here, ah yes here it is. You said, and I quote 'It isn't, because the policies and guidelines are wrong. Children do not want nor enjoy being forced into any type of sexual contact. To say that they might is the first mistake. Everything else is compounded from that initial error. Children do not willingly engage in sexual activity and certainly not deviant sexual activity'. Is that correct?” he asked her.

“Yes I said exactly that and it's true” she answered him.

“Ah I see” Alan said sitting there thinking for a moment. Then he stood up quickly picking a book up with him as he walked towards her.

“This is your training manual from CPS is that correct?” he asked her.

“Yes” she responded.

“Could you please show me in here exactly where it states that children enjoy or want to be in forced sexual activities?” Alan asked of her.

Miss. Kendricks looked uncomfortable and didn't answer.

“Miss Kendricks you have stated the CPS has told you that children like being forced into sex and you had to allow it under these new guidelines and policies, this is the manual regarding those policies and guidelines so will you please show me exactly where that is located?” he asked again still nicely.

Miss Kendricks looked beseechingly at the prosecutor as Alan said “Miss Kendricks?” before she turned her gaze back to him and mumbled.

“It doesn't exactly say that.”

“I'm sorry can you repeat that a bit louder?” Alan asked.

“I said it doesn't exactly say that but that is what they mean” she added.

“I see, can you tell me exactly how you know they mean that?” Alan asked

“Because children don't want that and the only way a child could engage in that behavior is by being forced” she said.

“Dipshit” I heard and looked up to find Sammy scowling at the screen.

“Ah I see. So in actuality nowhere in CPS manuals, training or policy does it say or imply that they advocate child molestation it is simply how you perceive children and sexuality that is the issue” Alan stated.

“It is fact not my perceptions” Miss Kendricks said angrily.

“Really because I am not seeing any facts here, so can you just answer the question?”

“It doesn't say it but I know it” Kendricks shot back.

“Ah very well, 'you know it' that's good. Let's see now Miss Kendricks you graduated locally from the University is that correct?”

Miss Kendricks was clearly thrown by the question but finally said “umm yes.”

“Very good and you graduated 4 years ago you said?” Alan asked.

“Yes” she said sounding unsure.

“And you took courses in child development and child psychology?” Alan asked next.

“Yes I did, abnormal child psychology as well, I have a degree in it” Miss Kendricks stated sounding more sure of herself.

“Good, I happen to have spoken to the heads of those departments from the University and they have volunteered to testify if needed and I do have affidavits from them but do you happen to recognize this book?” he asked walking over to the table and picking up what was obviously a textbook and walking back towards Miss Kendricks.

“Objection your honor” Jennings stated.

“Yes Mr. Jennings” Kendall replied.

“Foundation” Mr. Jennings responded.

“Oh I think anyone can see the foundation Mr. Jennings, overruled.”

“Do you recognize it?” Alan asked her.

“I believe so” she reluctantly answered.

“Good because it is one of the books used to give you your training and knowledge” Alan said to her.

“Please open the book to the marked passage and read it for us Miss. Kendrick” Alan then ordered her.

She took the book like it was a live snake and opened it to the appropriate passage reading it to herself, before looking up and I noticed her face had paled considerably.

“I do not believe this to be valid” she stated.

“But its what you were taught and trained with Miss. Kendricks” Alan shot back instantly.

“I do not follow these...these claims” she spat out.

“Ah I see, so your claims based on your 'knowledge and training' have just been proven to be lies” Alan hammered home.

“OBJECTION” Jennings yelled standing up and coming forward.

“To what Mr. Jennings, your witness being caught lying?”

“Your honor” Jennings said while Kendall told him “sit down” he sat.

“Tell me Miss. Kendricks just where do you get the ideas which you seem to have because they are not from any formal schooling you seem to have been subject to and they aren't from the policies or procedures nor the training you received at CPS, so where do they come from?”

Two things happened simultaneously at that point.

Miss Kendricks uttered the comment “God's Word” and Mr. Jennings was on his feet screaming “OBJECTION, OBJECTION” while Alan looked exceedingly pleased.

“God's Word?” Alan queried before anyone could say anything else. Jenning's face had gone red as he cried hopelessly “objection your honor” again while Kendall looked on with a surprised expression on his face before saying very softly almost in a state of shock.


“Miss Kendricks?” Alan asked all friendliness gone from his voice.

She didn't answer just sat there staring ahead.

“Miss Kendricks, is it God's Word then that you espouse instead what you have been trained to do?”

Again Miss. Kendricks didn't say anything and Alan started to speak again.

“You cannot deceive me son of Satan, nor can your filth which has descended upon the very institution charged with protecting the innocents” she said loudly into the courtroom.

It was unbelievable and I watched both Alan's and Kendall's eyebrows raise completely in an impressive imitation of a Vulcan while I just muttered “Jeeeeeesuuuuuuuus Christ!” and Sammy uttered “no shit Sherlock” as everyone sat there stunned.

Mr. Jennings finally shook the shock from his face as he said “objection” half heartedly to which Kendall's eyebrow once again rose before he said.

“You are objecting to your own witness?”

“Ummm well...” Jennings stuttered before just giving up and sitting back down.

Kendall was shaking his head as Alan said softly “and who would you be hearing this Word from Miss. Kendricks?”

Miss Kendricks just looked at him and didn't answer for a moment before saying defiantly.

“The First Fundamentalist Church of Christ” as Alan looked as if he had been punched in the gut and I heard the softly whispered .

“Oh shit” as he tried to recover from something that had clearly shaken him, walking back towards the table and saying softly in a daze.

“No further questions at this time, reserve the right to recall.”

At that I noticed Judge Kendall's face and he also had a shocked and pale look on his face as he said “there will be a 30 minute recess” and quickly got up from the bench and exited the courtroom not giving anyone time to even stand.

As I watched this Sammy asked “what's that dad?” and I could only say “I don't know son, I don't know.”


Well there is 19 for you. I hope you enjoyed it. Several notes regarding the discussion of sexuality in the early portion of the chapter. The incidents involving the mother with the young son and preacher were true. Also several parents have related the bath time stories of their young children to me over the years and they are also true only condensed. The same holds true about the grocery store incident on more than one occasion. The statistics I quoted are also accurate although the specifics may be confused in my head after all these years. I can say definitively that 92 or 93 percent were non-forced in any way and all that huge percentage fell into one of the three categories I stated for consensual activity. The causes for the damage to the child also are accurate. I should also point out that the information came from one of the first anti-child molestation organizations in the country and the law enforcement specialists they had speaking at their seminar. The comments about the shrinks also come from seeing it done to some people I have known. I had planned on getting into a lot more detail of that but ended up cutting it out as I didn't think it fit. Suffice it to say in one case I know of involving a brother and sister the shrink convinced the sister that her brother who was only a couple of years older than her had actually been an adult raping her when she was 4 or 5 years old. They didn't resolve the issue until they were in their late 20s sadly. So bottom line is for that reason alone I don't advocate these type of relationships not because they are bad necessarily but because the harm the child will suffer from the 'experts' alone isn't worth it in my opinion. There are many more ways to love the child while not loving them in that way. Use one of them.

This is getting interesting with this church becoming involved. We shall have to wait to see....Until next time DS and the monsters

Hey you adults worry too much, but I guess that's cause you love us. People are so stupid sometimes why can't they just leave us alone?

And we ain't monsters

See ya SamSam

Editor's note:

I was asked to check out a portion of this chapter to help DS decide if he should change part of the scene between Mike and Samantha. After reading it I can not see any reason to remove any of it what so ever. Every statement in that discussion is true and makes perfect sense. I even discussed it with our esteemed site owner and both he and The Story Lover agreed with me that it definitely should remain.

My crew is also chiming in, and they also agree. Kids know what they want and in most cases they know how to get it.

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The Radio Rancher

Fort Chief Editor's Note:

While the frank discussion of children's sexuality may be offensive to some it is a simple fact that children are inquisitive and curious in nature. They are also very prone to exploring their bodies as well as others. When they find something is pleasurable they will definitely explore that feeling. Most children have no idea what they are doing could be considered of a sexual nature; all they know is that it feels good to them. Dark Star has done a wonderful job in his presentation of this issue and I commend him. Keep up the great work.


From Chapter 19

Kendall was shaking his head as Alan said softly "and who would you be hearing this Word from Miss. Kendricks?"

Miss Kendricks just looked at him and didn't answer for a moment before saying defiantly

"The First Fundamentalist Church of Christ" as Alan looked as if he had been punched in the gut and I heard the softly whispered "oh shit" as he tried to recover from something that had clearly shaken him, walking back towards the table and saying softly in a daze "no further questions at this time, reserve the right to recall"

At that I noticed Judge Kendall's face and he also had a shocked and pale look on his face as he said "there will be a 30 minute recess" and quickly got up from the bench and exited the courtroom not giving anyone time to even stand

As I watched this Sammy asked "what's that dad?" and I could only say "I don't know son, I don't know"

Chapter 20

We sat there stunned at the events that had just transpired on screen. To see Alan and the Judge so shaken bothered me, but I tried to keep up a positive face for the kids as I said, "Ok, we got a break for about a half hour, so anyone who wants to get something to drink or go to the bathroom, head on out." which seemed to elicit a stampede, although Sammy and the trinity remained in their seats, and Peter had stopped at the door with Derek, both looking back at me with concerned expressions on their faces.

"It's ok, go on." I told them, but they just looked at Sammy for a minute before returning their gaze back to me, and then swiftly departing the room.

Somehow I felt as though they had just gotten permission, and not from me either.

Kevin and Danny followed them out, after giving me one of their 'looks', but Sammy and Randy, who had gotten up at the same time came over and wrapped themselves around me, sitting in my lap and hugging me tightly.

"What's wrong dad?" Sammy asked, while Randy just looked at me.

"I'm kind of worried about the reactions to those statements, so lets ask Alan what's going on." I told them, before turning the microphone on and asking Alan.

"Alan, what is going on?"

"Trouble, Mike, big trouble." he told me solemnly.

"Explain." I said succinctly.

"The church is almost classified as a terrorist organization, Mike, and it is classified as a hate group." he told me.

"Why haven't I heard of it?" I asked.

"I don't know." he answered, Eric was saying something, and Alan pointed to something, and I soon saw it was a headset which he placed on his head.

"Mike, it's the FCC." he told me.

"Oh shit!" I said, as my mouth dropped open.

"Yeah." was all he said, as I thought about it.

The FCC was what everyone referred to them as. They were a religious group which had far reaching ties, and was beyond extreme. No wonder things had moved this quickly. They had money, adherents and power. The worst combination possible and they had it. They didn't like a lot of things, and sex was the least of them. They were constantly getting themselves involved in various cases that they felt 'God's Word' needed to be impressed upon. Lately, homosexuals were their target of choice, but then again they didn't like a lot of people. I was sure now, that they figured me for being gay, and therefore a target. Not to mention their ideas of children, and the proper raising of them. The reason I was in Montana was my sister joining a church just like it. These people had been suspected in a number of attacks on peoples and groups, ranging from judges to abortion clinics, but no one had ever been able to prove anything.

They were law enforcement's worst nightmare.

Unlike many previous groups which had come onto the LE radar, this one was very well thought and planned out. They didn't preach hate outwardly, but very subtly. The people involved were well off as well as poor, educated as well as not so learned. They very quietly put people in power all across the land and these people generally kept themselves just on the edge of crossing the law, so as not to attract undue attention to themselves. It was thought that their military wing, charged with carrying out assignments, was run very tightly, much like a real life covert ops team was. Cell structure and security paramount. All attempts at infiltrating them by various government agencies had been dismal failures.

One agency had put an agent in place for 5 years, and he learned absolutely nothing. Others had mysteriously died, but nothing that could ever be proven. It frightened a lot of people, me included. Montana was just one of many states where they had operations, and their resources were frightening. It was theorized that they had former, and possibly current military and covert operations specialists in charge of their more military aspects. Things that were out of James Bond were commonplace with agents dying of heart attacks for no reason, and other such instances.

They did things by innuendo and intimation, rather than offering actual proof, and they were very good at it. They had learned the lesson very well, that if you can get people questioning things then you can just sit back and let the natural course occur. It had many times. They had learned that it didn't matter if it were true or not, just raise the possibility, and that would usually do the trick.

There had been a teacher a number of years ago, who was single and 40. He loved children a lot, and he was very good with them. The students really loved him as well. Some members of the church had started very simply asking why he was single, then why was he always touching the kids. He always had a hug or a pat on the back for his kids, and they used it against him, never openly accusing him but raising questions, suspicion. There were a few more things that were asked, but the damage had been done. The police had opened an investigation and the kids had been 'warned' about him and stopped trusting him. He was hurt deeply, and finally left giving up teaching altogether, even though the investigation proved he had never done anything remotely inappropriate. The kids lost a great and wonderful teacher, and the man lost his greatest love, the children. I heard eventually he met and married a woman and started a family of his own, but he was never the same after that.

That was what was so frightening about this group they struck from the shadows without ever facing the light of day, and they removed themselves from the attack before there was any chance of being accused of precipitating it.

They preached a very subtle form of hatred; that people seemed to fall for mainly because by the time they might have realized they had went down that road it was already too late and they were well on it most of the time not even knowing it.

The other main thing was that a great deal of the people weren't what you'd call the normal stereotypes for such an organization. A great many of them were educated and wealthy, which was scary. More than one member of the ACLU belonged to this church, although they all eventually gave up their memberships in that group.

They didn't have websites devoted to the extermination of blacks, Jews or even homosexuals, but they advocated it just the same, only no one could prove it.

I was brought back from my thinking by a worried SamSam calling, "Dad, dad?"

"Yeah, baby what is it?" I asked him, as I noticed he was looking at me worriedly.

"You just seemed to go away." he said.

I bent my head forward, and gave him a kiss on his nose, which got a little Sammy giggle out of him, before hugging him to me for a moment, then repeating it with Randy.

"I'm sorry, just thinking about something." I told him.

"You understand now?" Alan asked me, now that I was back with him.

"Yes, I do." I told him.

"What are we going to do now?" I went on.

"Well, this complicates things a bit." he told me, which was a bit of an understatement, as he continued, "but in actuality, for this case, it might make things a bit easier, if I can tie them to being behind this." he said.

"Alan, be careful, these are some dangerous people." I said seriously.

"I will, don't worry" he told me.

"You too Eric." I added, while he just gave me a dirty look, but I could feel the boys tense in my arms, and knew they were worried too.

"Maybe you should join us Eric," I told him, while he just scowled now and said, "I won't run from these assholes." clearly angry at this turn of events.

"Ok, I need to take care of something," I told them, before removing my headset and pushing the kids off of me.

The threat level had just increased.

I headed towards the private office, and pulled the radio from my belt, as I went, saying into it "Mr. Kamarkov, I need to see you in my office, immediately please." releasing the button and hearing him reply that he was on his way.

In a very, few minutes, Vassily was coming through the door.

"What is wrong?" he asked all business.

"The situation has taken an unexpected turn, and the threat level is increased significantly." I told him.

"How significantly?" he asked.

"It would require them to operate on foreign soil, but they are professionals." I told him, which caused him to look at me quickly, and intensely.

He knew the import of those words. They would have to come here, which was a plus, but were trained and experienced enough to do it, which was a negative.

He nodded his head, and walked back out, and that was it. The necessary precautions would be put into effect immediately.

I took a deep breath before picking up a secure phone, and dialing a number on it.


"Hi, we have a little problem." I told the person on the other end of the phone.

"Little, every time you say that, I get shivers down my back." the voice said to me.

I didn't say anything, and the voice continued, "So I have heard, I am looking into it."

"Ok, thanks." and the phone went dead.

I took a deep breath, and tried to calm myself down some, before returning to the conference room. This development meant that my family was in danger now. It wasn't just being taken away from me anymore, that presented that danger, but a real threat if they chose to make one.

With myself calmed at least outwardly, I headed back to the conference room, and found Samantha to be the only one there, as I took my place at the table.

As I sat down Samantha looked at me and I could see fear on her face, but before I could ask she said, "Mike, do you remember when I told you I was worried about my husband's friends, who weren't very nice?"

"Yes, I do." I told her.

She took a deep breath, shuddering slightly before continuing, "he...they...Mike...he was with the Church." she said, quickly trying to get it out.

I gasped, as she said it, and asked, "Why didn't you tell me?"

She looked down and didn't answer, but we were both shocked when a voice said,

"You have to tell him, Mom," and I turned to find Derek in the doorway, wheeling Chris, and both of them were crying.

"What..." I started to say, but Derek interrupted, "Tell him, Mommy!" rather forcefully.

"Tell him, you have to." Chris said, now as everyone was startled by another voice behind them saying,

"My dad can help you," and I watched, as Sammy came up and placed a hand on each boy's shoulder.

Samantha had tears running down her face, and she was still looking down, refusing to meet our gazes, as the boys and I all looked at her.

Finally, brokenly, she sobbed, "I don't know what to do." as Derek wheeled his brother around to their mother, and Sammy came over to me, and crawled into my lap, while Derek crawled into his mother's lap, with Chris taking her arm, and moving his head to her shoulder.

I heard Chris and Derek softly repeat to her, "Trust him mom, you have to, tell him." before going silent.

I noticed the time, and we had about 10 minutes left, before court started, and I wasn't sure if that would be enough, and decided to do something about it. Turning on the headset, I told Alan that we were going to be offline for a bit, and shut down all the outgoing monitors and sound, to his protests, as Samantha took a deep breath, and began.

"When I got together with Tom, I didn't know he was involved with the Church." she said, and I could tell how difficult this was for her, as it seemed she was struggling with every word.

Sammy tightened his grip on me, as she began speaking, and I glanced at him to find him with tears in his eyes, but what she was saying brought my attention immediately back to her.

"I didn't find out for the longest time, and when I did, I didn't know just how involved he actually was, in the Church." she paused, taking a deep breath, and continuing.

"He...wasn't bad, at first, and it wasn't until near the end, I found out how bad he really was. He tried to involve me in it, and the boys, but I wouldn't get involved or allow him to bring them. His ideas..." she trailed off.

I didn't say anything, and she went on.

"He didn't really start getting bad, until a few months ago, at least with me. I started to suspect he might be doing something to the boys." she said, and broke down crying telling them.

"I'm sorry, so sorry," while hugging them to her.

"It's ok mom." Chris said, and Derek echoed it, "Yeah, Mom, its ok."

I was just stunned with these revelations, but she brokenly started again,

"I didn't know it was this bad, but I confronted him several months ago, about what I suspected, and he denied it. I didn't believe him, but the boys said he hadn't done anything to them, and I...I didn't know what to do. I threatened him, and told him if he ever laid a hand on them, I would see him in jail, if I didn't kill him myself."

She stopped, and took another breath, before continuing, "He didn't say anything, just stared at me. I thought I had scared him." she said, before barking a short laugh full of bitterness, and continuing,

"He went to bed, and I slept in the boys' room that night. I went to work the next day, and when I came home, I found out just how scared he was of Me." she said, stopping again, and breaking down once more, as the boys tried to comfort her.

Sammy was openly crying now, and I was getting more and more worried, as the seconds went by.

"I didn't know anyone could be that evil, that cruel." she said, staring off into space, now clearly not with us, as her voice took on a flat tone.

"I came home, and found out that one of the most important things in the world had been taken from me. He told me, he would return it eventually, if I obeyed him, and didn't cause him any problems. He said, I was going to be a proper wife to him, and a proper mother to my children, from now on. He said, I would learn God's ways, and pay for my past transgressions against him. He said that his 'friends' would keep...that as long as I obeyed, nothing would happen but..." and she stopped, breaking down again, as the kids comforted her.

I was at a loss as SamSam just held me tightly, still crying, and I wasn't far behind, seeing the obvious pain in their faces.

Finally she started speaking.

"When you found Chris, and Tom went to jail, they weren't happy. They said that if I cooperated, everything would be alright. They blame the boys, but not me for it. They have contacts all over the place, and said they knew I wasn't responsible. They're real angry, and especially at you, Mike."

She stopped, took a deep breath, and then looked right at me, saying,

"Derek and Chris aren't my only children, Mike." as I gasped, and sat bolt upright.

"He took Matthew, and they still have him. I'm so scared, Mike." she said, falling silent at last.

"Please save our brother." Derek asked, looking at me, with such hope in his eyes that it hurt.

"I'll try, but do you know where he is?" I asked them, and watched as they all shook their heads no.

"Ok, give me some information on him, how old is he, and a description and we'll go from there." I told them.

"I have pictures in my purse, he's almost four. Please." she begged me.

"Samantha, do you have any idea where he could be?" I asked.

"Somewhere, still in Montana, he let me see him once, and it only took us about 30 minutes to get to him." she said.

"Where was it?" I asked.

She was shaking her head, as she said, "I don't know, they blindfolded me, and I couldn't see anything. They brought me inside somewhere, before they took it off, and Matt was there, but no one else. I only got to spend a few minutes with him, and then Tom took him from me again." she said, crying still.

"My dad'll find him for you, don't worry." Sam said, and I wish I had as much confidence in that statement as Sammy did.

They were all three looking at me, with unconcealed hope in their eyes, and I didn't know how we were going to do it. This organization was well planned and executed, and I couldn't just put out an Amber alert either. Not only that; but even distributing the child's picture amongst law enforcement, would ensure it got back to them, that we knew. Matthew would never see his mother or brothers again.

I had to table it for now, and said to them, "I will do everything in my power to find him, and bring him back to you, but right now we have to get back to the hearing, alright?" I said gently, but firmly, as I stood up with Sammy in my arms, and walked around the table, placing my hand on each of their shoulders, briefly.

"It'll be ok." Sammy said softly, as Derek and Chris looked up at him, and me. I tried to smile, but it was a weak effort. These poor children and this poor woman. She had been having her son held, as hostage all this time.

Sammy wiggled down from my grasp, as I reached down, and picked up a startled Chris, and hugged him to me. He was stiff at first in my arms, and then just melted into me, as I grasped him tightly.

"Come on munchkin; let's get your face washed." I softly told him, as I headed out, noticing that Sammy had taken Derek and was hugging him as well, before pulling him along behind me.

Samantha followed, trying to wipe her eyes, and I soon found the bathroom.

I didn't know how they knew, but all 7 kids were sitting quietly in the living room, watching as we had come out, but not saying anything at all.

They all kept their eyes glued to us, as we walked across the room, and into the bathroom, and I grabbed a washcloth, sticking it under the faucet and wetting it slightly, before gently wiping Chris's face, who seemed embarrassed at first, but then sighed in contentment, as I washed him. Sammy was doing the same thing to Derek, and I watched with love, at the tenderness and caring he was displaying towards the other boy.

The kid never ceased to amaze me; I thought as he suddenly looked up and gave me a small smile, before returning to his ministrations.

As we finished, I asked Chris if he needed the restroom, while we were here but he shook his head, and we headed back out.

We were just leaving the bathroom when Chris said something which brought me to a dead halt, and made my breath catch in my throat, as tears came to my eyes.

"I wish you could have been my dad," was what he softly said, and there was so much longing and pain in his voice, that it was like being hit in the stomach, as I looked down into his face, and saw the pain, along with the fear I would be mad in them, as I then heard,

"I do too," causing me to look quickly up at Derek, who was watching us like a puppy, afraid he was going to be kicked or something.

Those looks hurt more than I can say, and I just looked back and forth between them, as Sammy watched us intently.

With my voice breaking, I said, "I would be proud to have had sons like you, very proud, and I wish you had been mine as well," as I bent my head to give Chris a kiss on his forehead, and then Derek as well, pulling him into me as I hugged both of them to me.

Sammy was smiling at us, as I heard another voice softly say, "I do too," and turned my head to find Samantha, standing there with a sad smile on her face.

I just stood there hugging them for a bit, before Samantha said, "We should really be getting back."

I nodded my head, and we started walking, with Derek holding on to one arm and Sam the other, as we went back to the conference room, all of the others falling into place behind us, and taking their seats as we entered.

I got Chris settled, with Derek alongside him, and gave each one a kiss on the top of their heads, saying, "very proud" which got smiles which lit up their faces, and broke my heart. Why couldn't they have been loved before now? It was such a simple thing.

"I love you guys." I said softly, meaning it completely, and if I thought their faces had lit up before, now they were blinding, as I squeezed each of their shoulders before walking back to my seat, trying to regain some control of myself.

As I sat down, I realized that I had six sets of eyes looking at me, intently "what?" I asked, as soft smiles appeared on their faces.

I just shook my head, this bunch was too smart for their own good, sometimes, but I still loved them, I thought, as I put the headset on, and activated my link with Alan.

"Alan, I'm back, and ready to go live." I told him.

"Good to hear that, Jennings has been pissing himself." Alan told me, as I looked around; making sure everyone had their headsets on, before asking, "you ready Alan?"

"Yeah, go ahead." he told me, and I activated everything, except the microphones of course.

"Ah Mr. Reynolds, you're back with us I see." Judge Kendall said.

"Yes your honor." I replied.

"Very well then, shall we proceed?" he said.

"Your honor, I would like to call Elizabeth Perkins to the stand at this time." Jennings intoned, and we watched, as a woman in her late forties walked forward, and took her seat, where she was sworn in, before Jennings walked up and asked, "Mrs. Perkins, can you tell us your educational background, licenses, certifications and where you currently work please?"

"Certainly, I have a Masters degree in Child Psychology, with specialties in child abuse and prevention, as well as child molestation, with a sub-specialty in pediatric offenders. I currently work for the state department of child protective services, as well as having a private practice, where I provide treatment to both the juvenile victims, as well at the perpetrators of sexual assault. I also work in several public facilities as well as private ones, providing treatment or consultations, regarding victims and offenders." she finished.

"Well, thank you Mrs. Perkins, that's quite a resume. How long have you been a Psychologist, and how long have you been working for CPS?" Jennings asked.

"I graduated in 1985, and I have been with CPS for 10 years now, here in Montana." she replied.

"I see, and you are directly under the new administrator?" Jennings asked.

"Yes." was the reply.

"Do you know a Mrs. Agatha Higginbottom?" he asked next.

"Yes." was the reply.

"Can you explain your professional association with her please?" he asked her.

"I would be glad to, Agatha has been with CPS for 14 years, and I met her shortly after I began my tenure there. In the course of our work, she often consulted me about cases, and often referred victims to me for help. She also would send perpetrators to me as well. Oftentimes, we would discuss various aspects regarding cases, as she was seeking my professional opinion on them." she replied.

"Very well, we will leave that for a moment, and move on to something else. You stated that you work under the new administrator, so since she has taken over the department, have you noticed anything in the policies or procedures which she implemented which has concerned you?" Jennings asked.

"Quite frankly yes. Millie is a wonderful person, and I believe she truly loves children, and wants what is best for them, but I also believe that she is misguided, with the policies which she has put into place. I believe that the new policies are harmful to children, and result in their further and continued abuse." she stated.

"I see, and have you ever brought your concerns to the administrator, regarding these policies?" Jennings asked.

"Certainly, but she has become enthralled with the new age psycho-babble, which has emerged in recent years, regarding these matters. I have tried repeatedly to impress upon her the...harm that these courses of action will cause, but unfortunately to no avail." she said sadly.

"I see, and can you explain please exactly what these new policies are, and why they are harmful in your professional opinion?"

"Yes I can, but first you have to understand the whys behind the entire issue. Children, at least prepubescent children, do not want desire or engage in sexual activity, of their own volition. The only time a young child would be interested in something like that, would be if he or she had been the subject of a molestation by another child, or an adult, prior. Pubescent and post pubescent children can be sexual, but again, with the pubescent child it is likely to be masturbatory rather than any activity between the child and another, unless of course the child offends, or has been victimized at some prior time. The post-pubescent child is the first one that is liable, without a proper upbringing, to seek out some type of sexual outlet." she said, pausing while Jennings interjected,

"So you are saying that in your professional opinion, young children are not interested in sex, and even children of, let's say, 11-13 would not actively engage in such activity voluntarily? That only an older child of 14 or beyond might seek out such activity?" he asked.

"Yes, that is correct. Usually by around 15, there is some interest that may lead to such types of activity, but not earlier. Now the policies and guidelines that have been placed into effect by the new director of CPS, run contrary to that scientific fact. The policies and training now in place, say that children including young, very young children are capable and do want to engage in such activity, which is patently untrue." she concluded.

"So with that in mind, you believe that the policies are bad for kids?" Jennings asked.

"Oh, undoubtedly, there is no question of that." She said, before Alan said "Objection."

"In my opinion of course," she added, before the judge could speak.

He just looked at her and Alan said "withdrawn," while the judge nodded

"What's all that stuff she was saying mean?" Kevin asked, with a puzzled expression on his face.

"Well...ummm" I started to answer, trying to figure out the words to convey the meaning that I wanted to, when Sammy said, disgustedly,

"She's saying kids don't like playing with their dicks, til their like 15," which caused me to choke, and start coughing, while Sammy just sat there with a grin on his face.

When I finally could breathe again I said, "yeah essentially." and let it go, but Sammy had other ideas.

"So, can I talk to her dad?" he asked, very sweetly, but before I could answer another voice spoke up with confusion evident in it.

"I'm only 6, and I like playing with it sometimes, she's dumb." Peter said. Which got me choking again; and the rest giggling, while Peter turned an interesting shade of red.

"Mike, Mike." I heard and got myself under control, to answer Alan, "yeah sorry." I said, quickly looking up, to find everyone focused on us, which sobered me quickly, as I activated my microphone and told the court

"I'm sorry your honor."

"We couldn't hear you, but it looked quite funny." Kendall said.

"Well it was, but I am sorry to disturb the court." I told him, while Sammy just grinned.

"Just out of curiosity, what was so funny?" the judge made the mistake of asking.

I quickly looked at Sam, only to find all the kids with evil grins on their faces, and even Samantha joining in.

"Ahem, I don't think you want to know." I replied quickly, which just caused a raised eyebrow from the judge.

"I don't?" he asked.

"Come on dad I'll tell em." Sammy said.

"No you won't" I shot back, forgetting for the moment that the microphone was on, while Sammy's grin got wider.

"Excuse me?" I heard the judge say.

"Oh...uh...sorry your honor, I was speaking to my son." I said, embarrassed.

"Why don't you put the children on, I am curious to hear what was so funny." the judge said, smiling slightly, and I could tell it wasn't a request.

With a sinking feeling, I shot a look at Samuel, and the others who were looking way too happy, and started flipping switches.

"Ok, you guys are on, and everyone in court can hear you, so behave." I told them, but I was still very scared, as Sammy said, in an injured voice.

"But dad, we always behave." which caused me to choke again, as the judge asked,

"So boys, would you mind telling me what was so funny?" in a very kind voice;

I watched, as Sammy and the others looked between themselves and then Kevin started.

"I didn't understand everything that lady was saying, and asked Uncle Mike about It." he said, then Sammy took over and I covered my face, as he told the judge.

"Uncle Mike was sorta like trying to figure out how to tell it to him, and couldn't, so I did." he said.

Oh no, I knew what was coming, and sure enough it did.

"And what did you say, young man?" the judge asked.

"Well, I told him she was saying that kids didn't like playing with their dicks, til they was way old, like 15 or somethin." he said, giggling, and then while the judge started to laugh, another voice, once again chimed in with, "And I told him that I was only six, and liked playing with my dick sometimes, and that lady is sure dumb." which got the judge choking, as well as half the courtroom and me, while the kids giggled, and in the background you could hear.


As the judge managed to say, "out of the mouths of babes," and yet again.

"OBJECTION, please your honor," from Jennings, which the boys all found hilarious for some reason, while I just sat back looking at their satisfied grins, and the look of shock on Mrs. Perkins face.

Oh boy!


Ok 3000 miles away and they have managed to turn a courtroom in Montana upside down with one sentence. Lord help us. Peter has been corrupted. What is next? How will they find Matthew? Can they find Matthew? Will the FCC attack Mike and his family? So many questions. The ideas presented here by Mrs. Perkins regarding human sexuality and child development, specifically children and sexuality sadly are common place in the world of psychologists and those involved with children. Because of that sadly many children are traumatized needlessly for normal childhood sexual exploration and play. Often branded molesters or worse and on the other side as victims these children will carry that stigma for the rest of their lives. It will have an enormous impact on their self-perception and self-worth as well as on their lives in general and all for no reason. I can say that I know or have known children in this situation or the families of such children and it is truly heartbreaking to see families oftentimes destroyed or split apart because the so called experts can't understand that simple fact about the normalcy of it.

Until next time....DS, Sammy, Peter, Brian, The Trinity, Chris and Derek

Hi all, I think I got two new brothers <giggle> I hope it's three real soon though. I don't like this FCC thing, they're bad and Peter's right this lady is dumb. I hope little Matty is ok. I'm worried about him. I got to go see ya SamSam.

Editor's Note;

I am here to tell you that I had a few moments of fear and shock in this chapter. I will confess to you that this is the second time that I have edited this one. It seems I managed to lose the original one I edited. I am really hoping this gets cleared up soon. I need to have a rest. I want all the kids to be reunited with their families. I want the darn bigots to go suck eggs and have a good time playing with something dangerous, preferably while they are standing in the middle of traffic.


Radio Rancher

Fort Chief Editor Notes:

Unfortunately the tactics used by the FCC are extremely difficult to both prove and combat. The fact that we are physical beings and respond to stimuli at any age seems to get overlooked by a lot of so called educated professionals. I truly hope that Mz. Hippobotom gets what she truly deserves. Dark Star another wonderful job your characters keep developing depth with every chapter.


From Chapter 20

I watched as Sammy and the others looked between themselves and then Kevin started

I didn't understand everything that lady was saying and asked Uncle Mike about it” he said then Sammy took over and I covered my face as he told the judge

Uncle Mike was sorta like trying to figure out how to tell it to him and couldn't so I did” he said.

Oh no, I knew what was coming and sure enough it did

And what did you say young man?” the judge asked

Well I told him she was saying that kids didn't like playing with their dicks til they was way old like 15 or somethin” he said giggling and then while the judge started to laugh another voice once again chimed in with

And I told him that I was only six and liked playing with my dick sometimes and that lady is sure dumb” which got the judge choking as well as half the courtroom and me while the kids giggled and in the background you could hear

OBJECTION, YOUR HONOR, OBJECTION” from Mr. Jennings as the judge managed to say “out of the mouths of babes” and yet again

OBJECTION, please your honor” from Jennings which the boys all found hilarious for some reason while I just sat back looking at their satisfied grins and the look of shock on Mrs. Perkins face

Oh boy!

Chapter 21

I finally got myself back under control, but could still hear laughter in the courtroom, and Eric looked beet red, while the judge wasn't much lighter in color.

Poor Mrs. Perkins looked as if she had swallowed a lemon, and Jennings was almost in tears, it looked like, and it wasn't from laughter, but finally things began to settle down, and the Judge gave my boys a stern look, that was belied by the twinkle in his eyes, as he said, “I think next time, I will listen to your father.” chuckling once again, as Jennings weakly said, “objection,” which caused that eyebrow to raise on the judges eye, once again, as he turned his gaze to the offending party.

To what?” he asked, with disbelief in his voice, causing Jennings to sink down a bit in his chair, before replying

Umm...to your referring to Mr. Reynolds as the boys' father for one, and the statements made by the children for another.” he said.

The eyebrow stayed that way, as the judge looked at Jennings as if he were an insect under inspection, or a bad dog who had just done something on the carpet.

Mr. Jennings, in case you have forgotten your motions of yesterday, Mr. Reynolds is the de facto father of three of the boys and a second father to three more of them, and unless something remarkable occurs, will probably assume that mantle in fact, as well soon enough. As to the comments of the children, exactly what could you possibly object to? Mrs. Perkins may have a great deal of training, regarding children, but they are children after all, which makes them expert witnesses, I do believe, with more credibility than she has.” he concluded.

Jennings began sputtering, but ultimately chose, wisely in my opinion, to remain silent, as the judge said, “Let's continue,” while I hastily remembered that I needed to turn off everyone's microphones.

Mrs. Perkins, you have stated, in your professional opinion, that the policies and guidelines in place currently, are harmful to children, and encourage abuse of children, can you expound on that please?”

Mrs. Perkins was clearly not happy, as she repeatedly glared at the cameras, and hence us, while the brats just smiled back at her, which didn't help matters.

I would be glad to, but first, I would like to explain a little about how we have always approached instances of molestation within the department. When we would get a complaint, obviously we would have to investigate it, and we would be seeking to protect the victim, and get him help, while finding suitable punishment and treatment, for the offending molester. Under the new guideline, we were being asked to not do that.” she said.

I could see Alan tense up, but then he sat back, as she continued, I think he was going to object.

Now we have to go into a situation under the false assumption that no molestation may have occurred. We are expected to disregard proven scientific evidence, which shows otherwise, and try to find reasons why it isn't child molestation, on the false premise which I explained earlier that children might like and want to engage in this aberrant behavior.” she told the court.

I see, well thank you then for that, now could you explain if you happened to discuss the Perry case with Mrs. Higg....” Jennings was saying, but Alan had stood up calling “objection, hearsay.”

Your honor, she had discussions with Mrs. Higginbottom in her capacity as a consultant, and in that capacity, can testify.” Jennings said quickly.

Mr. Simpson, sustained, continue Mr. Jennings” the judge said while Alan sat down

Did you happen to discuss the Perry case with Mrs. Higginbottom?” he asked her.

Yes, I discussed it as well as reviewing the tapes made of the interviews with the boys, and their mother. I also looked over various notes and statements by the boy's father.” she said.

I could see the shame in the boy's faces, and I said quickly to them, “Don't be ashamed of a damn thing, hold your head up and screw this bitch,” which got shocked looks from the boys, as well as Alan, who heard me, but it had the desired effect.

Can you please, in your professional experience, and capacity as a consultant, explain your findings in this particular case?” Mr. Jennings asked.

Certainly, Agatha was right to be extremely concerned, and to attempt to remove the victim from the home in question. Not only was the younger child subject to further assault, but with the mother apparently condoning such abuse, it was not safe for the child to remain in that environment.” she pronounced while Derek muttered, “She's full of shit.”

So you believe that the younger child was in danger in that home?” Jennings asked,

Yes, certainly. The father of the children had walked in and found the older boy sexually assaulting the younger, and took steps to protect the child. There is no doubt in my mind that the younger child was the victim, and the older one was the offender, simply by the age difference, inherent between them. With the rape of the younger child, and the mother's obvious acceptance of this situation, the child certainly qualified under the imminent harm statutes. I advised Agatha that she should get the younger child to safety, as quickly as possible, to avoid further trauma, and also to have the older child taken into criminal custody, for his offenses.” she told the court.

So, just to be clear, after hearing all the evidence, you feel that it wasn't something mutual then?” Jennings asked.

No, certainly not. The younger boy is but 11 years of age, and clearly would not voluntarily participate in such activities. It was very clear that it was rape of the younger child.” she said forcefully.

Thank you, no further at this time, right to recall.” Jennings said before sitting down.

Alan looked at her for a moment before asking,

I am at a loss Mrs. Perkins, I listened to those tapes of the boys, and,” shaking his head, “didn't hear that at all. Matter of fact, I heard the younger boy in question, very specifically say repeatedly, that he initiated the contact, and thoroughly enjoyed the activities that ensued. With that in mind maybe you could explain to me, how you heard something so vastly different?” he asked.

A young victim of sexual assault is often groomed to believe he actually wants to be assaulted. It is only with a great deal of therapy, that we can show him just how he has been victimized, and help him then recover from the trauma. Since a child that young, doesn't want to engage in such behaviors, it is obvious, he has been led down a path to simply think he wanted to do something such as that.” she replied.

Ah I see, so you encounter a great many children, who have been led down this path, to think they want it?” he asked.

Yes, all the time. Offenders are quite adept at corrupting the innocence of these children, to make them think it is their fault.” she answered.

Their fault, or that they wanted to do it?” Alan shot back.

That they would want to do It.” she reluctantly replied.

So these children are fine with it, until you get the chance to brainwash them, to believe otherwise.” Alan quickly said. While Jennings called “OBJECTION.”

Sustained, Mr. Simpson please refrain from editorializing”

Mrs. Perkins, you have stated that you get a great many children coming to you saying they voluntarily engaged in sexual contact, and were NOT abused, yet you have also stated that after intensive therapy, these children come around to see how they had actually been abused. The question I have is, have you ever considered the simple premise, that they might be telling you the truth, from the beginning?” Alan asked.

No.” she replied.

No?” Alan asked her.

No I have never considered it because it isn't possible” she stated.

Ah, I see. Maybe you could answer a couple of other questions for me.” Alan said, while Mrs. Perkins muttered “Do I have any choice?”

No you don't.” Alan retorted, earning a scowl, before he continued, “The two boys in question were mutually masturbating each other, so I am curious where you get the appellation of rape from?” he asked.

Any forced unwanted contact sexually, by one individual against another, I consider to be rape.” she said.

Ah I see, even though the child doesn't?” Alan shot back, while Jennings looked like he wanted badly to say something, sitting upright in his chair.

That is correct” she replied.

Fine, we can completely dismiss the children from this then apparently so tell me you consider a jack off session assault, and rape, but I haven't heard you mention anything about the stepfather, in all of this, why?” Alan asked of her.

He, the father, walked in and saw this abuse, and put a stop to it. He was falsely arrested for trying to protect his child, and the children were left in harm's way. He may have overreacted slightly, but that is only to be expected, in this type of situation.” she said.

Ok, let me get this straight then, just so I understand your viewpoint, on what is and is not, harmful to a child, or better yet, what constitutes abuse. Two young boys masturbating each other consensually, between themselves, is abusive and harmful, while a 34 year old man, breaking a 12 year old's leg and arm, giving him a concussion, and causing internal injuries, amongst other things, is good for the child, and is not abusive, or harmful?”

Objection, argumentative.” Jennings called out.

Overruled! I would love to hear the answer to the question.” Kendall said, looking at Mrs. Perkins.

I didn't say that.” she replied.

Oh, but you did. Would you care for me to have the reporter read back your statements?”

No, that won't be necessary. The father may have overreacted, somewhat. I believe I did say that” she replied.

Overreacted somewhat!! I wonder what you would consider too much then.” Alan said, while Jennings cried “objection” again.

You can't expect a father to take the molestation of his youngest child calmly, his reaction was only natural sir.” she stated heatedly.

Alan swung back around and said, “Natural, he beat the living hell out of a 12 year old boy, Mrs. Perkins, and he is the STEPfather, not the father.” Alan told her, quite forcefully, the anger clearly plain on his face.

Objection facts not in evidence.” Jennings called out.

Not in evidence, fine.” Alan cried, walking over and grabbing a folder, before taking it back, and saying, “Here are some facts for you Mrs. Perkins.” and turning to Jennings, “and for you Mr. Jennings,” as he proceeded to remove photographs and placing them on the stand in front of Mrs. Perkins, then taking some more and walking over to Mr. Jennings, and throwing them down on the table, where they spread out.

There are your facts, take a look, and then tell me that it was a slight overreaction.” Alan said, in disgust.

There was silence in the courtroom at this, and I knew how much those pictures hurt Alan, and then to have Perkins dismiss them as not mattering, completely angered him.

There were several minutes of silence, as Alan collected himself and Mrs. Perkins studiously avoided looking at the photographs, before Alan had sufficient control of himself to once again approach the witness stand, where he said,

Well, since you don't want to look at some actual evidence, then maybe you can answer this. You mention that the new policies and guidelines at CPS are from new science and that the science is invalid is that correct?”

Yes” she said.

Ok then, can you read the first page of this document and give the court your opinion please?” he asked as he stood up and walked across the room, handing the papers to Mrs. Perkins.

She read the top page, “This appears to be a perfect example of this erroneous science.” she proclaimed.

Ah so it is definitely in line with the science which has resulted in the new CPS policies?” he asked her.

I would say so, same misinformed ideas by those attempting to promulgate their twisted views of children” she said.

I see, could you please turn to the next page, and read aloud the copyright date listed there?” he asked her, which caused her to get a startled look on her face, and a hint of dread as she slowly turned the page obviously not liking what she saw.

Well, Mrs. Perkins?” he asked.

1977” she finally answered.

I see 1977, so that predates your education then, doesn't it? Tell me Mrs. Perkins considering that I can produce quite a few more examples of this, isn't it true it is your science that is wrong and new age while the concept of children being sexual beings, has been around for 50 odd years or better?”

No, it most certainly is not.” she said.

Really, because I can produce a study by the eminent researcher Kinsey, dating back to the 1950s, that shows children as young as one month in age are capable of achieving orgasm, so please tell me how you justify saying your science, which only appeared after the McCallister trial in the early 80s, is valid, while everything else isn't. Isn't it true that your so called new science, is just the witch hunt finally beginning to end, after 20 years of persecution of thousands upon thousands of children, who have been made to believe they are child molesters, or victims of it?”

During all of this Mrs. Perkins face had become redder and redder, and I could see a vein throbbing in her forehead. The boys were watching intently, and all were staring at the vein, almost waiting to see if it would explode.

Well?” Alan asked again.

No it is not. The McCallister trial was a travesty and all those children were just further victimized by the system. Since then thousands and thousands of children have been saved, not victimized, as you would suggest. You don't know what you are talking about.” she veritably snarled.

Oh I think I do Mrs. Perkins, matter of fact, I know I do. The McCallister trial never should have happened in the first place, because it was initiated by people such as you, creating problems, where there never were any, the only victims there, were the family and teachers that ran that pre-school not to mention all those who suffered afterwards, because of that travesty.” Alan shot back, just as quickly.

Furthermore, these children you seem to insist can't like sex, certainly do, and always have, isn't that right Mrs. Perkins?” Alan continued, not letting up.

No, they don't that is the view of the devil and the filth...” Mrs. Perkins started screaming before tapering off and going silent, rage clearly in her visage as she glared at Alan.

Alan was standing there with a little smile on his face, as he asked softly, “Tell me Mrs. Perkins, what church do you belong to?”

We all watched as Mrs. Perkins worked her mouth several times, clearly attempting to regain control, before spitting out, “My personal beliefs are none of your business,” in clipped angry tones.

Oh but they are, Mrs. Perkins, when what you are testifying to is based on them.” Alan told her bluntly.

Answer the question Mrs. Perkins.” the judge instructed.

Mrs. Perkins glared at him, and didn't speak, causing the judge to say again,

Mrs. Perkins, you will answer the question.”

I belong to the First Fundamentalist Church of Christ.” she said forcefully expelling each word with great effort.

I see, and is Mrs. Higginbottom a member of that church?” he asked “yes” was the only reply.

Thank you, no further and recall your honor.” Alan said, as he turned his back on Mrs. Perkins and went back to his table.

Do you think you can get away with this?” she said to his back, causing him to stop and turn around.

I beg your pardon?” he asked, as the judge said, “You may step down Mrs. Perkins.”

You won't get away with this. The righteous shall prevail against the wicked.” she intoned solemnly, as Alan looked on, in disbelief.

Good bye Mrs. Perkins.” the judge stated coldly.

I watched as Mrs. Perkins turned to the judge and with a decidedly unfriendly smile on her face said,

And you, who are supposed to bring justice, instead siding with evil, shall pay an even higher price for your blasphemy.”

Bailiff, take her into custody, now!” the judge said coldly, before turning to Jennings and asking coldly,

Do you have any witnesses who are not members of this abomination they are calling a church of God?”

Perkins screamed, “You shall pay for saying that, spawn of Satan!” before the bailiff could get her out of the room and we could still hear her screams and imprecations, after the door shut behind them.

Jennings did not look happy, but reluctantly answered “I'm not sure, your honor.”

Well you might want to consider any more witnesses and whether they are going to go down the same path as these two have” he advised him, while Jennings just nodded his head.

30 minute recess.” Kendall ordered, and then got up as everyone stood, and walked to his chambers.

Alan started to speak when the judge had left.

Jesus, I think the church is behind all of this, Mike.” he told me.

I have a feeling they are Alan, I need Eric on too, for what I am about to tell you.” I told him and he quickly had Eric put on a headset, and I told the boys to hit the bathroom if they needed it, or get snacks and drinks if they liked. Everyone but Sammy and Samantha left.

Hey Mike, how are the boys?” was his first question, and I told him

They're doing ok, Eric, they're doing ok.”

Eric, Alan you need to know that Samantha has another son that Tom and the church have been holding hostage for several months” I told them.

What?” Eric asked, sitting up abruptly

Samantha didn't know what Tom was into, and threatened him if he harmed the children. He took her son hostage, for good behavior.”

Shit!” Eric and Alan said, at the same time.

Yeah!” I said. There wasn't much else I could say to that, and it summed it up well.

Eric, she has no idea where he is, other than in Montana, and nearby, and we have no feasible way to search either.” I told them.

Oh, there are ways.” Eric said.

Yes you're right, and I'll start making some calls as well” I told him.

Good, get me the info as soon as you can.” he told me.

I will, the sat unit can receive files and faxes, so I'll scan some pictures and send them.” I replied.

Good, I'll be here.” Eric said.

Alright give me a few” I said as Derek suddenly came running into the room

Hey Sam sa...uh, I mean ah mom, I ah thought you might need this.” he said out of breath, holding out his mom's purse to her.

Samantha looked at him for a moment and said “Yes, thank you honey, taking the purse and starting to go through it, before pulling out her wallet and delving into that, removing several photographs, and then handing me three of them.

This is Matthew, and all of them were taken just before he disappeared.” she said, as I took them from her, and looked at a smiling little boy, with mischief clearly visible in his eyes, and the impish little smile on his face.

His hair was down just touching into his eyes, and you could tell he was a happy baby and full of joy. It was a bit darker than his brothers but not a lot, and I just hoped I would be able to meet him soon, and that he would be ok.

I placed the photos in the scanner and activated it, placing all of them into a file and then sending it to the machine in the courtroom in Montana.

Eric it should be there any second.” I told him, as he looked and started pressing some buttons telling me

Got it, oh he's a little cutie, isn't he” smiling gently at the picture.

Yes he is.” I replied, and then also entered a second set of information into the system, and picked up my phone, dialing a number and killing the audio on the microphones, as I told Eric and Alan to hold on for a minute.

Hello” the voice said.

Hi, I am sending you some pictures; he's kidnapped 4 in a month and being held hostage. He is the brother of the two boys whose father was arrested. The stepfather is a member of FCC and they are behind this.” I said into the phone.

Possible location?” I was asked.

30 minutes of Missoula last known, no further” I told it

Ok, did some checking, and FCC is behind this, all the way up to the state involvement. Watch your back, Mike and those kids. These are some nasty people.” I was told.

I will, have you any resources?” I asked, meaning did the person have anyone inside or close to it.

No, Mike, not really. I have a few contacts, but that bunch is rather closed to put it mildly.” it told me.

This was not good. If this person didn't have an in then forget the government, or anyone else.

Ok, thanks, anything you can do would be appreciated.” I told it.

It's a child, Mike, I'll do everything in my power to find him, you should know that.” I was told.

I know that, I know, thank you.” I told the voice.

Goodbye for now” and the phone went dead. The resources brought to bear would be enormous, but whether they would do any good was debatable.

I clicked it off, and turned the microphones back on, telling Eric,

Call has been made.”

I heard a grunt, and then, “That'll light a fire,” as I responded, “Maybe.” while I watched Eric give me a sharp look, before saying

I hope so.”

So do I.” I said, and then “Going to hit the john, back in a few.” to his nod of acknowledgment.

I removed the headset, and stood up, to find three pairs of eyes looking at me.

We are going to do everything we can, I promise.” I told them as I turned away and headed out.

Sammy, and Derek too, after giving his mom a hug, followed me, and before I had gotten through the door, I had two little boys attached one on each side.

I just pulled them to me, and held them close, as I made my way to the bathroom.

After taking care of business, I turned away from the toilet to be engulfed by a pair of arms, attached to a ten year old cuddle puppy, as he sobbed, “I'm really scared Mike.”

I picked him up in my arms and carried him out and down the hall, to one of the bedrooms, and sat down on the bed just holding him, as I whispered, “I know sweetheart, I know.”

After a while he whispered back “Are you going to find him alright?”

A bunch of people are going to try baby, we're going to try our hardest, I promise you that.” I told him, while looking into his eyes, which were staring at me with fear and hope all mixed together.

He just buried his head in my chest again, as I held him and rubbed his back.

We sat there like that until it was time to return to the conference room, and I told him,

We have to go back now, honey.” causing him to nod his head and slide off my lap.

Thanks” he said shyly, as I ruffled his hair and told him “anytime, I like cuddles.” which got a small smile from him; as I put my arm around him and led him back outside.

I stopped and gave everyone hugs and kisses, before going back into the room and settling down in my seat, placing the headset back on my head, and glancing around to see that everyone else had theirs on as well.

After making sure everyone was ready, I told Alan, “We're back.”

Just in time too.” he said, as the judge walked out and we all stood until he had seated himself.

Alright then Mr. Jennings, what's next?”

Mr. Jennings didn't look too happy, but said “The state would like to call Derek Edward Perry to the stand,” as Alan called “objection” and I called Alan, while Derek looked scared to death.

Yes, Mr. Simpson,”

Sir, he is a minor, and has been through enough trauma in recent days.” Alan said.

Your honor, I understand that, but I need to question him.” Jennings interjected, while the judge just looked at Jennings finally speaking.

Mr. Jennings, I am going to allow this, but heed my words, Mr. Simpson is very correct in his statement, and I warn you now, tread carefully, very carefully.” he said, causing Mr. Jennings complexion to pale considerably, before he gulped “Yes your honor.”

Mr. Reynolds, can you please put Derek on with us?”

I looked at Derek and told him, “Der if you don't want to do this just say the word.” and watched as his head came up and he told me.

I'll be fine, I'm not ashamed, you told us that, remember?”

Yeah kiddo, I do, just tell me if it gets too much.” I told him and he smiled and nodded his head as I activated his and my microphones and answered the judge.

Yes your honor, he is on now, and I would like to add my hesitation at him being subjected to this,” I added,

I understand, and Mr. Jennings will be treading very lightly here, have no fear.” The judge, said more to Jennings than me, as he went on and asked,

Derek, I want you to know that no one is going to hurt you and you can stop if you feel it gets to be too much, do you understand?” he asked Derek, who nodded and then said “Yes sir.”

Mr. Jennings...” he said to the prosecutor, indicating he should proceed.

Yes your honor, before I do, I would like to protest your restrictions for the record, sir.” he said, nervously, while I watched Kendall's eyebrow again.

Really?” he finally said.

Yes your honor, limiting the scope of my questioning hampers the state's case.” Jennings bravely pressed forward.

Be that as it may, you are so limited, protest is noted.” Kendall said as Jennings started;

Derek, I understand that this is a difficult time for you, but I do need to ask you some things.” he said, pausing and looking at Derek, who filled their screen.

Derek just looked at him without replying and finally Jennings cleared his throat and began.

Your father...” he started

Step” Derek interrupted him.

Jennings shot him a dirty look, before continuing,

Your stepfather walked in on you and your older brother while he was doing something to you is that correct?” he asked.

No.” Derek replied, causing Jennings to briefly get a look of shock on his face.

No? That's not what we understand happened.” he said snidely.

Well, you don't understand then.” Derek shot back, the change remarkable. This boy was no longer the scared thing of a few short minutes ago, but now stared challengingly at the prosecutor, who was clearly not happy that things were not going the way he thought they would.

Let me rephrase this then, maybe you didn't understand me...” he started but Derek once again shot back.

Oh I understood alright.”

Good then back to the original question, your stepfather walked in on your older brother doing something to you correct?” Jennings said.

No that is not correct.” Derek replied steadily.

Your honor,” Jennings turned to Kendall, who merely looked at him saying


Can you direct the witness to answer the questions please?” Jennings asked.

Mr. Jennings, I don't know about you but he seems to be answering them quite plainly to me.”

Jennings face got red, but he didn't say anything else, as he turned back to the monitor.

Well then did your father walk in on you and your brother while your older brother was molesting you or not?” he asked Derek, who looked coldly at him and replied,

He did not.”

He didn't, then why are you here today?” Jennings asked rudely.

Cause of people like you, who don't listen to kids, when they tell you things.” Derek said to him.

Your honor,” Jennings said, turning to Kendall, who smiled and said,

Well, you asked.” causing Jennings face to turn red as he turned back on Derek.

Young man this is not funny, your stepfather found you being assaulted by your brother and....” Jennings was saying when Derek very angrily interrupted and told him, “Would you all stop saying that? It isn't what happened.”

Your honor,” Jennings turned back Kendall pleading.

He's right, Jennings, I've had about enough of this. Stop referring to what happened between the brothers as you have been.” he told him, while Jennings just looked on stunned.

But your honor, a significant portion of our case is built around the molestation, which occurred.” he said.

That is the problem counselor, nothing you, or any of your witnesses have testified to so far in this hearing, leads me to even suspect that this was an abusive situation.” Kendall told him.

But your honor we have clearly demonstrated that...” Jennings started as Kendall held his hand up.

No Mr. Jennings you haven't. These people and their belief that children can't or don't want to engage in such activity is plain wrong, and your entire case seems built on it, which should suggest, you have a big problem with your case. Now can you continue without the insinuations or should I dismiss this witness?”

Jennings looked like he had swallowed something that went down wrong, as his mouth worked several times, but he finally managed to say,

I will continue your honor, at least briefly.” Before turning back to the monitor, and addressing Derek.

Did you stepfather enter your room to find you and your brother engaged in some type of sexual activity?” he asked

Yes” Derek replied.

Did your stepfather become upset at some point upon finding your brother...upon finding the two of you engaged in that activity?”


Was he or did he express concern over what he found the two of you doing?” he asked

No” Derek replied.

Excuse me, no?” Jennings asked.

No, he just beat the shit out of us and called us fags” Derek said.

Objection” Jennings quickly said.

Counselor, didn't you learn in law school not to ask a question you didn't know the answer to?”

Jennings didn't say anything but turned back to Derek and said,

Could you have possibly mistaken what happened and thought his justified concern was anger when it wasn't?” he asked.

Derek got an incredulous look on his face before he said,

Are you joking, he started beating the hell out of us, and almost killed Chris, and the whole time he said we were evil and going to hell, and called us perverts and fags, he wasn't concerned bout nothing but beating us good, to get the fag outta us.” Derek yelled at him, while Jennings was calling “objection, objection over and over again.

I think that is about enough.” the judge intoned, looking squarely at Jennings now.

Mr. Jennings, you cannot convince anyone that what that man did to those boys was justified, in any way, shape or form, so I suggest you find another topic.” Kendall told him.

Jennings didn't look very happy but addressed Derek again, “You seem to believe, if I understand correctly, that you wanted to engage in such activities as your father found you in, correct?” he asked.

Derek looked at him with one of those patented 'boy are you a stupid adult' looks, that only a kid could portray. Convincingly causing a flush to arise in Jennings face, as he answered the question.

I know that I wanted to do it, and I liked it, a lot.” he said adding the last with emphasis, which caused Jennings to glare at him then ask, “so you believe you wanted to do it...”

Objection asked and answered.” Alan spoke up

Sustained, Mr. Jennings, please cease. He just told you he knew what he wanted and did it, move on.” Kendall said.

Your honor he's an 11 year old boy, he doesn't know what he wants and certainly can't consent to engage...” Jennings started.

Kendall interrupted him and said, “Mr. Jennings, this is not an age of consent issue, the other party is one year in age different and both are minors. The ages of consent laws apply to children and adults. As to whether or not he knows what he does or doesn't want, that has also been addressed and in the court's opinion a child certainly does know if he wants that or not, so move on.”

Your honor I object to these restrictions. You have hampered the state's attempt to prove its case at every turn, and now you won't even allow me to question this child, which is critical to our case.” Jennings was virtually shouting.

Mr. Jennings, I am very tempted to charge you with contempt, and if you have another outburst like that, I will. You have not been barred from questioning him, but you may not badger him, nor may you continue to assert accusations without any foundation, is that clear?”

No your honor its not. I have laid a foundation regarding this issue which you have chosen to ignore, and to nullify. Then you have denied me the opportunity to pursue an entire line of questioning in this regard that is integral to my case.” Jennings fired back.

Mr. Jennings, it has been proven that your foundation was built on faulty construction material and that sir is your fault not mine. The basic premise, which you have been espousing, in both your arguments and with your witnesses, is false, and I will not allow you to attack a child based on it. Is that clear?” he asked.

You believe it to be false your honor, that doesn't make it false.” Jennings bitterly said,

Yes and I'm the judge remember? It is false sir and you have been shown that. Not only that I certainly knew way earlier than young Derek here if I wanted someone playing with my penis or not and I can categorically state that I was never molested either so enough”

Jennings just looked at the judge for a moment and I was sure he was going to say something else when instead he mumbled “yes your honor” and turned back to Derek.

Can you tell me if your mother approves of these activities?” Jennings asked.

I think so.” Derek told him.

You think so?” Jennings said.

Well I don't know for sure, but she seems to.” Derek replied.

Could you explain that please?” he asked.

Yeah, she says we didn't do anything wrong, and that it's normal and natural.” Derek said.

Well that sounds like she approves then.” Jennings said, as Kendall commented, “And the point would be counselor?” before Alan could say anything.

Just trying to establish the facts your honor. Derek has anyone else told you that it's ok to do these things?” he asked.

Yes.” he answered.

Who?” Jennings asked.

Mr. Reynolds and Millie, and some of the boys” he replied.

Ah, can you tell us what they told you?” he asked.

Kinda the same thing?” Derek said.



I see,” no further questions with right to recall. Jennings stated sitting down.

Alan looked up and asked “Derek just for the record did Chris or anyone else ever force you in any way to engage in sex stuff of any kind?”

Derek had already begun shaking his head and when Alan was finished replied “No sir.”

Has anyone ever told you that being forced to do sex stuff is ok?” he asked.

No sir, mom always said to tell if anyone tried.” he replied.

Very good Derek, one last question for you just to clarify things, of any sex stuff you have done, did you want to do it?”

Oh yeah...ummm...I mean yes sir.” as the others giggled in the background.

Well thank you Derek, I am sorry you had to be put through all of this.”

That's ok Mr. Simpson, it's not your fault some grown ups are so stupid.” Derek said, producing giggles from the kids and the inevitable “objection” from Jennings while Kendall simply said “overruled” without even listening to it this time.

Nothing further” Alan said, walking back to his seat as Jennings said “I call Samuel Patrick Reynolds to the stand.” while Sammy said, “ME?”


Well there is chapter 21 for you, hope you enjoyed. Until next time....DS and the wild bunch

ME? Oh boy. What does he want with me? At least the stupid woman is gone <giggle> Peter was funny.

Why are grown ups so stupid sometimes? I mean do they really think we don't like do nothin with that? Geez I'm glad dad ain't like that we'd never have any fun then giggle

See ya SamSam

Editors Notes:

Well, it would seem that Jennings really is stupid.

He must know that Sammy is not going to be any more helpful than Derek.

I guess when ignorant people have an idea in their heads they just stay in there, and maybe that is why they are so fat headed.

Anyway great chapter DS



Fort Chief Editor's Notes:

I have two things to say about this chapter besides well done Dark Star. The first thing is - “Counselor, didn't you learn in law school not to ask a question you didn't know the answer to?”

The second thing is - “out of the mouths of babes”.

I can't wait to see the look on Mr. Jennings face when SamSam starts talking.


From Chapter 21

“Well thank you Derek, I am sorry you had to be put through all of this”

“That's ok Mr. Simpson, it's not your fault some grown ups are so stupid” Derek said producing giggles and the inevitable “objection” from Jennings while Kendall simply said “overruled” without even listening to it this time “nothing further” Alan said walking back to his seat as Jennings said “I call Samuel Patrick Reynolds to the stand” while Sammy said


Chapter 22

“ME?” Sammy said in shock and surprise as I sat up saying “Alan?”

“There's not much I can do Mike” Alan told me reluctantly

“Dad?” Sam asked looking at me

“It'll be ok honey” I told him as I adjusted the controls placing Sam front and center on the screens in the courtroom. I made sure that all the microphones were off except for mine to Alan and Sammy's as I watched him be sworn in.

Jennings approached the camera and said to Sammy “hello there young man, do you prefer to be called Sam or maybe Sammy?”

Sammy looked at him flatly and then with a big friendly smile on his face said “actually sir I prefer Samuel, from you” in a sweet voice that sent shivers down my spine.

Jennings was oblivious as he just smiled back at him while there were snickers from the other boys as I shot them looks that did nothing but result in innocent expressions being plastered onto their faces as they tried to stop their giggles.

“So Samuel you are 11 years old I understand?” Jennings asked him.

“Yes I am sir” Sammy replied still with that same sweet voice and smile.

Oh shit! I thought as I watched with a combination of dread and fascination as the events before me began to play out.

“I understand you were adopted by Mr. Reynolds, is that correct?” Jennings asked next “yes sir” Sam replied.

“Very good, and you love your dad very much don't you?” Jennings asked of him.

Sammy gave him one of those patented kid's 'are you stupid or something' looks but replied just as nicely “yes sir I sure do” with a big smile on his face.

“And I know this must be hard for you right now having to testify against him and all” Jennings told him.

“Oh no sir. I just have to tell the truth and that won't get him in no trouble” Sammy said in response with a wide eyed innocent look on his face now.

This was getting worse and worse “aahh... I see...well yes you have to tell the truth...” Jennings was saying when Sammy broke in with “Of course! This is a court and you're s'posed to tell the truth in a court” with a big smile and radiating pure innocence before adding in the same voice “not like those women who was lying before”

This had clearly surprised Jennings who had his mouth open to respond after the initial part of Sammy's statement and it had been open until just moments ago as Sammy's statement concluded and it had snapped shut with a click which was even audible over the speakers as he looked at the epitome of innocence which Sammy was projecting still with that great big smile on his face.

In the meantime the rest of the bunch was giggling and snickering quietly and Eric had mysteriously started choking on something non-existent.

Apparently Jennings had decided that Sammy had said this in all innocence as he politely told Sammy, “Well...ahem...actually Samuel those women were telling the truth before” as the look on Sammy's face rapidly changed to one of incredulity and disbelief.

The he said “but sir, no grown ups are that stupid are they?” in his best innocent voice with a tone of voice reflecting his facial expression and one that clearly said 'tell me it ain't so'.”

I noticed the judge had placed his hand over his mouth, I thought, to cover a smile as Jenning's mouth opened and closed several times and he seemed to look around as if seeking help from someone.

He couldn't very well attack such a sweet and innocent young child who was so obviously perplexed but on the other hand this innocence was killing him.

-----Don't say a word------

Finally he seemed to decide on something as he began “well Samuel it may be difficult to explain but sometimes adults...er grown-ups think different things about the same subject. Those women did tell us what they honestly believed to be the truth” he finished with a smile on his face thinking he had solved the problem but I had been watching Sam Sam through all of this and I could see the gears turning in those eyes as an intense look of concentration came over his face as if he was thinking real hard about what the prosecutor had just said.

Oh no

Then Sammy, with a smile on his face, looked at Jennings asking “but sir can I ask you a question?” still radiating innocence in full measure.

Still trying to be nice to this seemingly naive sweet (remember no comments) child, the prosecutor said “well that would be fine with me if it's ok with the judge” he told Sammy smiling at him.

The judge meanwhile was staring at the image of Samuel and merely nodded his head as Sam looked at Jennings and said “well sir, I don't understand. Everyone knows playing with your dick feels reeeaaly good” with his smile growing and somehow a cute blush staining his cheeks as several people including the judge and Eric started choking and Jennings once again played fish.

I also was choking while the boys just giggled.

Just as things seemed to be back under control Samuel spoke up again with the sage wisdom only a child can have “guess theys never must a played with one before then” he said just as with that utterance Eric and unfortunately the judge were taking sips of water which now sprayed out in front of them as they once more began choking.

Once the judge had recovered enough to speak a little he called “recess 15 minutes” and quickly exited the room to the sounds of laughter.

I could still hear that laughter as I quickly reached over and shut off all the outgoing video and audio feeds except Alan's as I lost it and broke down laughing when Sammy, after making sure I had turned everything off, asked with the same wide eyed innocent look on his face “Whaaat?”

It was just too much. He was so good I was beginning to half believe it, until after that comment, he began giggling hysterically which quickly turned into full laughter as he kept saying “and did you see the look on...” picking a different name each time.

All the kids were laughing as well and it took us some time to recover.

The worst thing was seeing Alan and Eric trying to keep some semblance of control over themselves in the courtroom so as not to give everything away.

As I regained control of myself Alan remarked “that kid is really something Mike”

I looked over at Sammy fondly which brought his eyes to mine and a small smile as I responded “don't I know it, he sure is” looking at the object of the conversation with love

I told everyone to hit the bathroom if they needed to and a couple ran out coming back a few minutes later just as the bailiff called “all rise”

We stood for the judge who came back in apparently recovered although as he took his seat he did shoot Sam a rather speculative look on the reactivated monitor before settling himself in and looking at Jennings asking “are you ready to proceed?”

“Yes your honor” he replied as the judge said “very good then”

“Now Samuel where were we...” then realizing what he was saying quickly said “ah never mind” as Sammy had opened his mouth to tell him exactly where they had been.

It was funny to see the blush on his cheeks as he tried to recover while Sammy just shrugged his shoulders, all smiles.

Jennings then asked “so you've had a bit of excitement lately I've heard?”

Sammy looked at him for a moment with a perplexed expression on his face before answering “umm...not really. Except of course for those bad people who were trying to take us from our daddy” all the while with a sad, serious look on his face.

Jennings was once again standing there with his mouth open trying to figure out how it had happened again.

“Well Samuel actually they weren't bad people at all they just were trying to protect you and the other children” he finally told him.

Sammy looking more and more incredulous by the second snapped back “from what, why would anyone want to take a kid from his daddy who loves him and takes care of him?”

“That's wrong!” he added with a wounded look on his face.

“Samuel it is their job to find that out” Jennings told him “but they just coulda asked” Sammy said back

“Well it doesn't work like that Samuel...” Jennings started to say but Sammy interrupted him “then somethins wrong then cause you shouldn't try to take kids away from mommys and daddys who love them and ain't hurting them none”

Sammy told him leaving Jennings at a loss for a moment.

He wisely decided to change the subject.

“I meant that I understand you helped save two children recently” he said I guess hoping to steer the subject back on to what he wanted Sammy meanwhile still had an indignant look on his face but grudgingly said “yeah, they're my brothers now” which put a happy smile back on his face.

“Well that's what we're here to determine” Jennings answered which got the first response that showed Sammy's true feelings although he didn't scream or go crazy or anything just said in a very cold chilling voice “They ARE my brothers now” and nothing more.

Jennings was obviously taken aback by that and Alan had went to attention but settled back when Jennings seemed to ignore it and moved on “Well anyway...umm lets take a look at how you met them shall we?” he asked Sam.

“Ok” he replied.

“Your father started chasing Peter's father with you in the vehicle, correct?” he asked.

“No” Sammy replied.


“No we never chased him” Sammy told him once again friendly “ah well; ah the report I have says you did” Jennings told him.

“Then I guess your report is wrong” Sam smiled and said to him.

“Well I don't think so...” Jennings started to say when Sammy interrupted and said.

“You don't understand, my father wrote the report and he wouldn't lie. We never ever chased him” Sammy finished looking directly at Jennings and not breaking his gaze clearly challenging him to call his father a liar.

“Son, I don't want to argue with you but this report here says you did” Jennings repeated to which Alan spoke up “objection, asked and answered.”

“Overruled Mr. Jennings, he has repeatedly answered your question.”

“Your honor I have here a police report that says Sgt. Reynolds chased the suspect with Samuel in the vehicle, he's denying it” Jennings said plaintively as Sammy said “cause we didn't” while the judge just looked on.

“Why don't you show Sam the report where it says they chased the boy's father and he can respond to it” the judge said to Jennings.

Jennings looked through the report and then walked over to Alan and handed it to him. Alan placed it in the scanner and moments later the page in question was being printed on my machine.

I handed it to Sammy after glancing at it and was surprised to see it was my report.

Sam looked at it and read it and then looked up saying “ok”

“Now you can see the report there in front of you that your father wrote and it clearly says that he and you chased the suspect and you were in the car” Jennings said triumphantly!

Sammy just looked at him for a moment before saying “but it doesn't say that” with a small smile on his face as well as a look of confusion which I was sure was feigned.

Jenning's mouth dropped open and then moved opened and closed several times before walking back over to Alan and picking up the paper in question where he looked at it closely and then asked.

“Samuel do you see the part where it says 'I entered the freeway'?”

“Yes” he replied.

“I would like you to read that section where it says right after that your father and you began chasing the suspect” Jennings said.

“I am reading it but it doesn't say that” Sammy replied again with the same confused look on his face.

“You are reading this page?” Jennings asked holding up the offending document.

“I guess, the one you sent me anyway” Sammy replied “but it doesn't say that” he added.

Jennings face was beginning to turn red now as he said clearly losing patience

“What exactly do you think it does say then if not that?”

Sammy looked at him and rather than get nasty said with a perplexed look on his face “this one says we saw the suspect vehicle and began following it.”

Jennings face was beyond beginning to turn red now as he said in disbelief “following, all this obfuscation has been about the word following vs. chase?”

Sammy just smiled and said “what?”

I could see the judge had a hand over his mouth again as Jennings finally said “never mind, it's the same thing...” as Sammy quickly interrupted him.

“No, it's not. Following is very different than actually being in pursuit. When you are following a suspect you are doing exactly that. The suspect doesn't know you are there and you just drive normal like you would always do. A pursuit means high speeds with your lights and siren on. It is very, very dangerous while following isn't really” he finished smiling and the tone of his voice had clearly been one of teaching something simple to someone stupid.

Jennings face returned to one of redness as his mouth once again played fish as he looked from Sammy back to the judge and then around trying to come up with something to say to that.

I was fighting to keep a straight face and the judge had lost the battle even with his hand over his mouth still while the boys were snickering non-stop.

After a minute or two you could see Jennings clenching his jaw as he said “fine, you were following the suspect and apparently you don't see that as dangerous but...”

“I told you it's not” Sammy interrupted again with a look that basically said 'are you deaf or something' in his voice.

“Young man could you please stop interrupting me in every sentence” Jennings asked clearly losing his patience with this as Sammy looked at him with a smile and said “yes sir, I could...” and just when Jennings started to breathe sigh of relief continued “…cept you keep getting everything wrong.”

Jennings sigh of relief turned to one of sputtering as Kendall actually laughed along with a lot of others and even I joined in.

Sammy though kept the innocent cute look turned on looking very earnestly at the prosecutor who in turn looked like he wanted to reach through the monitor and strangle him but finally settled on looking to the judge who quickly schooled his face into somewhat impassivity as Jennings asked him.

“Could you please do something?” almost begging.

“I'm not sure what you want me to do Mr. Jennings he is answering all of your questions quite thoroughly and honestly from what I can see” Kendall told him in obvious glee as Jennings sputtered “but he's...he....nothing is getting answered”

Kendall just shrugged his shoulders leaving Jennings to stew.

He turned to Sammy and said “Fine! Then you were following the subject and at some point in this non-dangerous activity you came to be at a gas station, is that correct?” he asked with a mixture of hope and a feeling of it better be combined in his tone.

Sammy just smiled beatifically and replied “yes.”

I hadn't realized that Jennings had been holding his breath until he let it out with an audible sigh then continued “Once you got to the gas station your father had you do something that resulted in placing you at great risk, correct?”

“No” Sam replied.

“Please, this is in the report also. It clearly says you were in danger” Jennings half begged him.

“I guess, but daddy didn't make me do it or nuthin” he said to him.

“He didn't?” Jennings asked.

“No” Sam replied.

“Then how did you get involved in it to the point that you were in danger?” Jennings asked.

Sammy looked at him a moment before saying “Peter was in danger and I could do something bout it so I did” shrugging his shoulders as he finished.

Jennings had an incredulous look on his face as he said “you decided, on your own, to do something so foolhardy?”

Now anger replaced the smile on Sam's face as he said “It wasn't foolhardy. I knew what needed to be done and I did it. I was the only one there who could do it and I did”

“Ah I see, you being an 11 year old boy, decided all on your own, without any help from anyone, like your father, to run into murderer in an attempt to rescue a small child who was being held hostage by said murderer, is that what you want this court to believe?” he asked snidely.

Once again shrugging his shoulders he answered “yeah although I don't really care what you believe.”

Jennings face was once again on the red side as he said “why don't you tell us then just how you, an 11 year old child, reached such a momentous decision without help?”

“Cause you got to do what's right, daddy taught me that and I did it. You don't have to be a grown up to know that” he said looking directly at Jennings.

“So your daddy taught you to do something stupid like that?” Jennings asked

“Objection your honor” Alan called

“Mr. Simpson normally I would sustain it but in this case I would really like to hear the answer to that question if you don't mind, overruled” he said.

Jennings looked surprised and not a little wary now as Sammy sat up straighter and with the look of pity for Jennings lack of understanding changing to one of pride Sammy began.

“I am sorry you think that doing the right thing is stupid Mr. Jennings. Maybe that is why this world is in the shape it's in now, because of grown-ups like you who think that way and won't do it. My daddy told me that you have to do the right thing even if it means putting yourself in an uncomfortable or even dangerous situation. He didn't want me to do it and it scared him real bad that I did but I had to because it was the right thing. Peter's father was holding him real tight and close to him. Daddy couldn't pull his gun or do anything without putting Peter in a lot of danger. I could. It was that simple. I could act like a bratty kid and the man would never think anything of it. That's what I did, running from my angry father cause I wouldn't listen and wait for him to go to the store when he was done getting gas. Only I wasn't paying attention to where I was going and ran into the poor man and his little boy knocking him down. The man never knew what happened as my dad came up screaming at me for knocking the poor kid down and then pulled his gun and held it to the guys head. The thing is after I knocked the kid over and fell on him I didn't get up and I didn't let Peter get up either until Dad had his gun on the man and then I grabbed Peter and took him to the truck where we got in and I put him on the floor in the backseat and called for help on the radio. The man never realized anything and what could have been very bad ended up very good instead although I am sorry I scared my dad so much. He was crying cause I scared him so bad” Sammy finished with a fire in his eyes as Jennings just looked on in amazement

Gone was the innocent child who seemed so young and in its place was an extremely confidant young man who just put him squarely in his place.

Jennings was at a complete loss and clearly had not been expecting anything like this.

There was dead silence in the courtroom to the point that the judge finally asked “Mr. Jennings are you finished with this witness?” causing Jennings to turn clearly startled to the judge before saying “ah...not quite your honor...ah just a moment” and walking quickly back to his desk and looking through some papers before going back to the monitor and saying “Samuel was it doing the right thing that caused you to actually give your life at the mall?”

“Yes” Sammy answered quietly.

“I see and again because of how your father raised you?”

I was surprised and apparently so was Jennings when Sammy said simply “yes” and nothing more.

He quickly regained his footing and said “so you admit your father raised you in such an irresponsible manner as to cause you to do something so foolhardy that you actually were killed trying to do it?” he attacked.

“No I do not. Didn't you hear a thing I said before? I went to help someone who was going to be hurt real bad, I didn't intend to get stabbed, it just happened. My father has never raised me to be irresponsible and your an asshole for saying that” fury clearly evident in his voice.

Jennings cried “objection your honor” as the judge asked rudely “to what?” causing Jennings to say “to what? he...he called me an.....a...” before sputtering into silence

The judge just looked at him and then turned towards the monitor and said “Sammy please try to refrain from swearing in the courtroom in the future if you would?” causing Jennings to look daggers at the judge who hadn't said anything about what he had been called

“Yes sir, I'm sorry sir” while Jennings turned purple.

I turned off Sammy's microphone for a second and told him “SamSam don't let him get to you like that” and he replied “I'm tired of him saying shit about you dad” which made me so proud “I know son but that is what he wants to do, get you angry” I told him as he nodded his head.

“Is there something we should know” the judge was asking as I turned the microphone back on

“Ah no your honor” I told him while he nodded his head

“Samuel, you have now relayed two instances where you 'did what was right' as you say and were put in serious danger and yet you don't think there is something wrong with a child being raised to do that?” Jennings tried again.

Sammy looked totally disgusted now and made no effort to hide it as he answered.

“No, I don't. Those kids were going to rape a 10 year old boy if I hadn't stopped them and you say I should have let them do it, you are so worried about a couple of kids jacking each other off but you don't seem very worried about one getting raped, you're sick and if you think being like you is the way to raise a kid then I'm real glad I'm not yours and I hope you don't have none” Sammy fired with both barrels while Jennings had been screaming objections for some time now.

“Overruled” was all Kendall said to an obviously furious prosecutor.

“Really, well I'm sorry you feel that way. You don't seem to understand the seriousness of what we are talking about here today but...” Jennings started and Sammy let loose again.

“Oh I understand Mr. Jennings, I understand real well. Just cause I don't agree with your bullshit doesn't mean I don't understand everything you have been trying to pull here”

I thought Jennings would scream another objection but instead he just smiled nastily and said “I guess you have been trained real well...”

“Yeah to think for myself” Sammy interrupted and added.

“As I was saying it looks like you have been trained real well so tell me if this was a part of your training. I have a report that you told the suspects in the altercation that Brian was your boyfriend, is that true?” he asked.

“Is what true that I said something to focus their attention on me and away from Brian or that I might have a boyfriend?” Sammy asked smiling again.

“That he was your boyfriend?” Jennings replied.

“Yeah I said that” Sam responded “and is he?”

“What my boyfriend?” Sammy asked.

“Yes is Brian your boyfriend?” Jennings asked.

“Maybe, I don't know” Sam replied honestly.

“It's a simple question is he or isn't he?” Jennings pressed.

“He's my brother. I don't know if I'm gay or not so I can't tell you the other” Sammy said.

“The idea doesn't seem to bother you much, is that how you were raised?” Jennings sneered.

“Yes it is and no it doesn't. My dad always told me to look at the person and decide if they are good or bad. Who they might be screwing doesn't say nothing about the person don't you know that?” he asked

“Oh I know a lot of things young man. You are saying that you father encouraged homosexuality in your house just like he did with the Perry boys?” Jennings asked.

“Could have fooled me, remind me never to go to school wherever you did” which got snickers in and out of the courtroom.

“My dad doesn't encourage it but he taught me there is nothing wrong with it either. You are who you are and the most important thing is to be happy with that” Sammy said.

“Did he also teach you that you should try to change things which are wrong with you?” Jennings asked.

“Of course he did but that doesn't mean changing who you are to make others happy just yourself and being gay doesn't mean there's something wrong with you needin changin” Sammy shot back.

“He taught you that nothing was wrong with homosexuality?” Jennings asked.

“Kinda more by showing me than saying it but yeah” Sammy said with pride in his voice.

“You seem to think that's a good thing” Jennings said.

“Yeah it is, why, you don't like gay people?” Sammy said.

“My views are not at issue here” Jennings fired back.

“They should be” Sammy said smartly.

“Well they're not, those of your father are” Jennings told him.

“Why because you don't like em?” Sammy questioned him.

“Because he has children under his care that are obviously being adversely influenced by his...views” Jennings replied with the last word clearly being said in distaste.

“Better his views than those of people like you” Sammy said bluntly.

“Move to strike your honor” Jennings asked the judge.

“Denied” he said

Jennings jaw worked for a moment but then he said “so your father teaches you that deviant sexuality is acceptable...”

“Objection” Alan said

“Mr. Jennings we are not going there again and I would strongly advise you to drop this line of questioning."

“Your honor the moral environment that these children are being raised in is extremely important to be shown to prove harm to the children” Jennings told the judge.

“Mr. Jennings all you have managed so far is to show they are being raised in an extremely moral environment with a great deal of love, respect, honor, tolerance and self sacrifice. Is there any further questioning that is going to show differently because so far I'm not seeing it?” Kendall asked.

Jennings looked ready to kill someone and ground out between gritted teeth “well if those are your views and you feel that children being raised in a harmful en...” but he never got to finish.

“MISTER Jennings! I sincerely hope you are not suggesting what it sounds like you are. I will caution you that I am getting very tired of your line of reasoning in this trial. Do you have anything else for this witness, yes or no and be very careful” he told Jennings coldly.

“Just one more question then your honor since I am not being allowed to establish the unsuitability of the home environment” Jennings told him.

The judge just glared at him and Jennings turned to the monitor where he asked Sam.

“Has your father ever engaged in any sexual activity with you?”

I watched as Sammy's eyes got big and I thought he was going to explode but he just looked at Jennings for the longest time before shocking me and everyone else in the courtroom by breaking out in laughter.

Jennings was turning bright red and his mouth was working even though no sounds were coming out as Sammy finally slowed down with the laughter.

“You find something funny in that question?” he asked coldly with fury in his voice.

“Yeah” Sammy replied still chuckling “for someone who hates sex so much you spend an awful lot of time thinking about it” he said.

Jennings just looked at him and said “you didn't answer the question”

“I thought you lawyers were supposed to check up on things. The day I met my dad I tried to blow him and he said no, and he hasn't said yes yet” Sammy told him which left Jennings looking shocked along with the most of the courtroom although it didn't stop him from asking.

“You still haven't answered the question” Jennings said.

“Well try listening” Sammy said “and just so you can understand NO HE NEVER HAS DONE ANY SEX STUFF WITH ME” he then told him very slowly and very loudly as if speaking to an imbecile whose face was turning red once again.

“I think that will be all” Kendall broke in causing Jennings to glare at him and then stalk over to his seat

“Thank you Sammy for your testimony that will be all” Kendall told Sam but Sammy asked him “Your honor I'd really like to know something if I can?”

“Sure Sammy, what is it?”

“What church does the...umm prosecutor belong to?”

“That's none of your business” Jennings shouted as the judge glared at him and told Sammy “I'm afraid that is not something I can ask him son”

“That's ok, I can guess” Sammy replied with a grin as Jennings shouted “objection”

“To what Mr. Jennings, to what? Common sense” Kendall said with obvious weariness in his voice

Then he continued “I have heard more than enough ladies and gentlemen to make a ruling” he paused and I watched a very shocked Alan sit up straight in his chair. He had not been allowed to present anything in our defense and was clearly worried

“After....” Kendall started but Jennings interrupted him “objection your honor” he shouted

“Mr. Jennings I have sat through yesterday and today in this courtroom listening to you and frankly I don't think there is anything else that you could add to make the slightest bit of difference in this case since you haven't added anything yet to it” Kendall told him

“Your honor I have several witnesses that just came forward that can directly testify to child molestation and the unsuitability of the Reynolds home” Jennings said as I sat up in shock.

There was no way there could be any such thing because I had never done any such thing.

This didn't make any sense.

“Mr. Jennings I really don't want to hear anymore of what you and your friends consider child molestation. Over...” Kendall was saying but Jennings interrupted

“Your honor please this is direct testimony from victims and their parents to witnessed acts proving the unsuitability of Mr. Reynolds to be in contact with children”

Kendall looked at him for a minute and then said very carefully “Mr. Jennings I am very reluctant to continue this. I sincerely hope that you are confident in the assertions which you have made because I will hold you to them. If it turns out that these witnesses are more of the same as before I will throw you in jail sir. Do you understand me?” he asked.

Jennings looked decidedly unwell but said “yes your honor.”

“Are you sure you wish to proceed?” he asked him.

“Yes your honor” Jennings replied.

“Very well then, I am putting off my ruling at this time, you may call your witnesses Mr. Jennings” he said clearly not happy.

Jennings stood and said in a loud voice “I would like to call Kathleen Reynolds”

As he said the name all the air left my stomach as if I had been punched and all I could say was “Oh fuck” as Alan screamed “Objection”

For me all I could do was mumble “Kat, my little kitty Kat” as Sammy jumped up crying “daddy” but I didn't really hear as the memories from so long ago washed over me; Ah Kat why, why.


Well that's it for chapter 22. I think SamSam did a great job with the idiot hope you do too. I don't much like the sound of this thing with Kathleen though.

That prosecutor is an as......

Well he is dad

Dad says I can't call em one even if he is one.

Dad is really freaked by this Kathleen person I'm kinda worried.

Well I need to go see ya SamSam

Editors Notes:


Fort Chief Editors Notes:

Another brilliant job Dark Star if I am ever in court I hope I get Jennings as my prosecutor. I really like the way you continually add depth to your characters. Your understanding and portrayal of the human psyche is outstanding. It does bother me that your portrayal of our criminal justice system is so accurate. Personal and religous beliefs have no place in a court of law. As to Jennings twisiting of the facts to suit his case and trying to put words in Sammy mouths are unfortunately a true occurence. I do have one question. Who is KAT?