Out Of The Past


Chapter Twenty-eight


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Chapter 28





From Chapter 27


It was a very nice breakfast and just eating together seemed so wonderful a thing to me that it's very hard to describe but after the shower and now this breakfast I felt....I felt at home.

Finally I felt at home.

I kept getting smiles from the boys, and that truly warmed my heart, as their affection was so obviously genuine, and special to me, and as we finished eating, they all got up and came around to give me syrupy kisses, which I didn't mind in the least, before running off to play.

I smiled after the last of them left, and just sat there staring after where Kevin had disappeared to, when suddenly he reappeared and ran up to me throwing his arms around me, as he said,

"I love you Uncle Mike." and as quickly as he came he was running off as I replied,

"I love you too."

As I sat there Eric asked, "You think you might like Montana?"

I just looked at him and he went on "we can always use some more deputies," giving me a gentle smile as he said it.

"I think I might like that a lot, a whole lot." I said, smiling back at him because I knew that not only did it feel like home, now it was home as I heard all around me a series of childish giggles.

I was finally home.



Chapter 28



I had once again found a home, and it became more so each and every day, as Eric and the trinity made me even more a part of their family.

Something that I had not thought to find again was now found, and I reveled in it soaking up the love and attention of three little boys, and one grown man.

In the days, weeks and months that followed, so much happened as I settled in and became truly one of the family.

We almost considered just moving in together permanently, but in the end we both felt that separate might be better.

I did stay there for some months though, months which I will never forget for they cemented my new family.

After the decision was made for me to stay there, which I didn't mind at all, I contacted an architect and began the process of building a home here.

Eric was aware of land nearby, that would allow me to be quite close to him, and soon I had purchased a vast tract of land, including my property where my home would be built, as well as a great deal of the surrounding land to Eric's house, which ensured us a huge amount of privacy as it made the nearest neighbors several miles away in any direction.

After spending a great deal of time with the architect, as well as Eric, discussing various options for a home, I finally decided on something I liked, and set the architect to actually building it.

I didn't know why, but I wanted something large and spacious, I always had. Even though I didn't have any family, for some reason I didn't care much for small spaces in anything, houses included, so I got that going and added a large indoor pool with a retractable roof, that would allow the best of both worlds, depending on climate, as well as a barn and corrals if I wanted to get horses at some point.

I was told that for everything I wanted, it would take about six months to build, and even though I offered to find temporary housing, Eric would hear none of it, and insisted I stay with them, which pleased me no end.

The boys stayed by me throughout, being an integral part of everything in my life.

I don't think I had ever been happier than I was in those months, even more so than with my nephews, for somehow I knew, without a doubt, that I would never lose them, ever.

I don't know how to explain that certainty, but it was there nonetheless, and had been ever since that time when the boys and Eric had told me that they would never leave me.

I knew they wouldn't, and I was happy, and more importantly, content for, I realized, the first time in my life.

The boys, as well as Eric, made my life complete.

I wondered for a time if I was attracted to him, but in the end I just didn't know. I had never felt this way for a man before, but I didn't know what it was exactly I was feeling.

I didn't get a raging erection every time he gave me a hug or anything, but at the same time, I immensely enjoyed them when he gave me one.

The feeling of safety and being loved by him was something hard to describe, but was as important as the trinity's love was for me.

Closeness, love, protectiveness, caring, all those and more but was it in a romantic way?

That was the question to which I didn't have an answer.

I thought I knew full well what my attractions were, and now at 30, I was questioning whether I knew all that much after all.

It gave me a great deal to think about, and I did, but in the end, I decided, much as I had many years earlier, that as the old song stated "Que Sera, Sera" whatever will be, will be, and once I came to that conclusion, as it had the last time, it no longer troubled me.

I just enjoyed what was, and left the future to itself.

The time with the boys was very special, as they still stayed close to me, leaving me, usually, with at least one of them constantly with me, even though the need wasn't there as it was in the beginning.

I hadn't realized how much I needed them then, but even after I knew it would be alright, they didn't leave me, and my love increased for them, each and every day, sometimes I thought, by the hour, or even the minute.

I know they had me besotted, but I was happy, so to hell with whatever anyone else thought.

Them sleeping with me became a regular occurrence, as they split their time between their father and me, and neither of us ever knew just who would be picked on a particular night, not that we cared.

I was just honored that they loved cuddling in with me, morning and night. Sometimes they would split up, but not often, and I understood they were a team, and Jeremy had been right, they might as well have been triplets, yet they were so different as well, it was truly remarkable.

Each had a distinct and separate personality, and each was immeasurably lovable for themselves, and I took great relish in loving them to death.

Being kids of course, they ate it up, even though Eric said I was spoiling them to death, with cuddles and loving, he said it with a gentle smile on his face and gave them more than I did.

How couldn't you?

Eric had been right about the sheriff's office needing more deputies, and he had me spend a month working as a dispatcher in their communications center, while driving the county in my spare time or riding along with him on patrol.

I wasn't issued a badge for them, but I effectively worked alongside Eric when out on patrol, and had a lot of fun learning the area and the hot spots. It was vastly different than LA in a lot of ways, but eerily familiar in others, but I found myself enjoying it immensely, and it just reaffirmed the decision that I had made to make this my new home.

I know, I know, it wasn't my decision, but hey let me have some illusions.

The people were really wonderful, as illustrated by my first day in dispatch, when the dispatcher that had been on duty the day of Eric's accident came up to me and told me she was sorry for delaying medics into the scene. She told me they had all underwent retraining over that incident, not to mention getting their butts chewed which was news to me, but she was quite nice about it, and didn't hold any hard feelings about it with me.

One day Eric brought me into the station, and to Jeremy's office, where I was told he expected me in Helena Monday, for a two week training program, available to already certified police officers, which would license me to operate in Montana as a police officer.

I knew Eric had said I would be offered a position, but this still took me pleasantly by surprise, and I thanked him, but was surprised again when he handed me a badge case along with a duty badge, and upon opening it saw an ID for the Campbell County Sheriff inside, with my name on it.

What surprised me even more was what preceded my name on the ID,


I looked up at him and said, "There's been a mistake this says Sergeant," as Jeremy and Eric both smiled and said "Nope, no mistake." grinning from ear to ear, while I just sat there in shock before I all I could come up with was "Thank you."

I was soon to learn that Montana had an odd quirk in their law which stated, anyone hired and acting as a police officer had twelve months to actually take the course certifying you as a police officer.

This, I thought, was odd, as most jurisdictions required you to pass the academy before becoming a police officer, but I wasn't going to argue.

It got even better, as Jeremy told me my unit designation would be 41 Sam, and then they proceeded to take me around and give me uniforms, gun belt with all the associated items that go on it, Sgt. pins, 4 handheld radios with chargers, explaining that one was for the city, one was for the state, and two were for us, before handing me a name plate they had done up for me, as a surprise.

I thought that was enough, but they had one more surprise for me, as they led me outside, and over to a fairly new looking Black Chevy Tahoe, with a gold star on the side, and I could see 41S painted on the front left quarter panel and Sergeant along the side, on the rear side panel.

Eric held out his hand with a set of keys dangling from his fingers, as he said "surprise," and I just stood there with my mouth open.

They both seemed to be getting a lot of enjoyment out of my surprise, as I just stood there looking at the unit.

Finally, I placed all my things inside, replacing my badge with the Campbell county one on my waist, and exchanged one badge case for another, as Eric said, "You can work three to eleven with me tonight."

I said, "Ok," and he proceeded to show me a bit about the interior of the Tahoe, which was set up differently than his Jeep.

The radios were a mess, but Jeremy told me they were supposed to be getting a completely new system in a couple of years or so, if the politicos could ever get off their butts long enough, that would allow one radio to work anywhere in the state.

As it was now, the unit had one radio that covered the state police channels, currently set on the local primary, another radio that covered the city police, and fire channels with the police being on scan, and only the primary fire dispatch being included in the scan. A third radio of course was ours, and covered our channels as well as fire. We also had a fourth radio, which covered our frequencies as well as surrounding areas, minus the city, which essentially allowed us to use it as a scanner for the most part, and of course there was a scanner and CB in there as well.

What a mess.

The handhelds were about the same configuration, and went into convert-a-coms located alongside the center console.

I started it up, and turned on all the lights, walking around and looking at my Christmas tree.

It had all the lights you could want, that was for sure, as well as a dual siren, which was really nice, since you could have the primary on wail, and activate the secondary either manually through the horn, or run it on continuous at the same time.

Kinda gets peoples attention that way.

Since it was about 1:30 now, I decided to head on home, and get changed, but not before thanking everyone again.

I got home and was swamped by three munchkins, who wanted some loving, before I went in and got changed to a rapt audience getting everything fit and in place.

I finally left after spending another 10 minutes hugging and kissing babies and went out to my patrol unit where for the first time I got to say "41 Sam 10-8"

I met up with 100 Lincoln which was Eric's unit designation since he was the Undersheriff of the county and proceeded to have a very nice first shift with the Campbell County Sheriff's office.

The following Sunday, I headed up to Helena, and a room I had booked prior, to get ready for the classes, which would start the next day, but I was surprised at how much I had almost instantly missed my three little angels.

I was only two hours away, and knew that Friday couldn't come soon enough, as I would be heading home for the weekend, without a doubt.

Eric had advised me to wear my uniform to class, so that is what I did the next day, with full gear on as well.

There were a few comments on me having just been hired, and having Sergeant's stripes, but that ended when they found out I had spent 5 years with LASO.

The week went both quite quickly, and quite slowly, at the same time. The classes being easy, but the separation being hard.

At the end of the two weeks, I was very glad to get home with the certification in my hand, and dying to see my babies and Eric.

Three months later my house was completed, and I made the move into it.

It was just across a field from Eric's house, yet it seemed as if I was moving to New York.

It was a very hard day, and somehow I wasn't surprised when I had three little angels spend the next several days as well as nights with me, in the new house.

By the time they left, they had made it into a home, and from that point on they were there almost as much as they were at Eric's place.

Jeremy and his wife had also made it into a home for me, welcoming me as if I had always been a part of their family, so it was with great sadness that the events which happened about a year or so after I moved into my new home occurred.

Eric and I were on shift together for that day, and it was about 4:30 in the afternoon when the dispatcher came on the air.

"Attention all units, 999 E-trigger, 999 30443 Old Royal Court, 100 Charles code 1, 100 Charles."

My heart came to a stop, and my breath caught in my throat, as I hit the lights and siren screaming out of the McDonald's parking lot, where I had been in the drive through heading to Jeremy's house.

"41 Sam, responding in 5, get some medics rolling too," I told them, as I heard Eric come on and say he was en-route, along with fifty other units.

Everyone would come for this.

After the units had called in, the radio became dead silent, with no other traffic than "100 Charles code 1, 100 Charles," being repeated over and over again in an unsuccessful attempt to elicit a response out of Jeremy.

It was a very eerie thing to hear it. "100 Charles Code 1, 100 Charles..........."

I knew Elaine would be at work, and Jeremy would be home alone, but I just didn't know what could have happened.

I heard Eric asking on command, if they had tried the phone, but my dread deepened as I heard they had tried all numbers with no answer.

I meanwhile, had picked up several units behind me, and we made quite a procession, as we virtually ignored all traffic laws, and sped to the scene.

We heard a unit go code 6, there, about a minute before we got there, and were arriving just as he called in "999, I need medics, NOW!!!" into the radio.

I got there, along with the others, and we ran into the house with guns drawn, to find Kelly performing CPR on Jeremy.

As he saw us he said, "heart Attack, I think, full arrest," as Billy started helping him in CPR.

I put out a code four, on the main channel, and then got Eric on command, to tell him what was going on, which was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do.

He arrived minutes later, to join me in a silent watch.

It looked like Jeremy had suffered a massive heart attack, and did the only thing he could think of which was to hit his emergency button on his radio, as he went down, to get help.

It had worked, now if it was only in time.

The paramedics arrived, and began working, but the monitor didn't have a rhythm as they pumped him full of drugs, and continued CPR, in what I was beginning to think was a fruitless effort.

I wasn't the only one there to have tears in my eyes, I noticed, as we all watched and waited, until finally the paramedics loaded him up on the stretcher, and took him out to the ambulance, still without a rhythm showing.

We had virtually every unit in the county on scene by this point, along with a number of off duty units, and Eric instructed the dispatch to have a route cleared from here to the hospital for the ambulance as units peeled out to begin the process.

I ran back to mine, and got in behind Eric's unit, and we took off code 3 for the hospital praying against all odds, that he would be alright.

It would be several years before I again saw anything like what I saw to that extent that day.

Units from the city, county and state were lining the route, blocking off all intersections for the entire route, and as we passed they joined in behind us giving us an escort to the hospital.

By the time we arrived we must have had over a hundred units from various agencies ahead and behind the procession.

One of the best things in the world was when we went running up to where they were pulling Jeremy out of the ambulance, and we could hear the beep, beep, beep of the heart monitor as they wheeled him inside.

Jeremy survived the attack, but just barely, and he suffered massive damage to his heart. He was in a coma for two weeks, before he came out of it, and the doctors made it clear he never would be returning to work.

Eric at first refused to accept the mantle of Sheriff, but when Jeremy laid into him with some of the fire of his old self, about accepting his responsibilities, it finally got through to him, that and being worried Jeremy was going to have another heart attack, finally did the trick.

Eric became Sheriff of Campbell County; one month after Jeremy suffered his attack.

It was after Jeremy came home, that the Trinity surprised Eric once again, and I got to see the sweet and generous spirit and heart that resided in these boys yet again.

We took them over to Jeremy's house, at their insistence, and surprisingly, Jeremy's request, and we watched as they very gently and very quietly crawled up on his lap, surrounding him and just cuddled him.

Gone were the wild and boisterous boys we were used to.

In their place were caring, loving, and very quiet children.

It was as if they knew and they acted accordingly.

Eric would tell me later, that Jeremy was the second person who the children showed that level of affection to, with me being the first.

I watched in awe, as their simple presence seemed to restore something deep within Jeremy's soul that had been crushed.

They, like they had done with me, were always in contact with him someway, and usually at least one would be cuddled up on his lap, just snuggling into him.

Eric had explained how they had adopted Jeremy and Elaine, almost as grandparents, and loved them, but had always been at a distance, but now that distance was gone.

He tried to ask them once, and the only reply he got was a simple "He needs us." from them.

I think Eric had stopped trying to figure them out a long time ago, me, I still wondered.

It was about six months or so after Jeremy had his heart attack that we woke up one morning to find the Trinity in the living room crying but before we could ask what was wrong the phone rang.

I went over to the boys, taking them into my arms, while they cried, asking "What's wrong?" as they just cried some more, but I was keeping an eye on Eric, who was picking up the phone.

I heard one of the boys say, "grandpa," as Eric's face became pale, and I watched tears begin to fall.

Jeremy had been like a father to Eric, and somehow I knew something was very wrong.

It was.

Eric hung up the phone and came over to me, as three boys looked up at him with sad eyes, and somehow I knew they already knew whatever he was going to tell us.

Jeremy hadn't won this last fight, sometime in the evening, after he had gone to sleep, he had passed from this world, into the next, and Elaine had discovered him this morning, lying there with a peaceful smile on his face.

She had told Eric, it was just time for him, and they had both known it. She told him he had thought he should have gone before, but for some reason, was spared, but he as well as she, had known it was only for a short time. And they had both been ready.

The next days were not as hectic as they could have been, because Jeremy and Elaine had everything planned out ahead of time, and it was only a matter of implementing their plans.

The funeral was one that drew hundreds of people from all over, and was amazingly beautiful, for such an event.

It was the end though at the graveside, where just a few were present, that made Eric and I realize that we hadn't actually cried all the tears we had, like we had thought.

After the service was over, the boys walked up to the casket, and stood there silently for several minutes, with us behind them, our hands on their shoulders, as they said goodbye.

Then "Goodbye grandpa, I love you," was heard, and I thought they were just saying goodbye until I heard a soft, "We will, grandpa, we will," before they turned away and we picked up our crying angels, and held them to us, not knowing what to make of it.

Then Danny looked up at me, as we walked back to the car, and said, "Grandpa said we gotta keep loving our daddies," as I stopped in shock, looking quickly at Eric, who had also stopped.

Randy added, "We told him we would," and "Yeah," from Kevin softly.

Both of us were stunned, to say the least, and didn't know what to make of it, but I finally mumbled, "That's good cause your daddies need lots of your loving," as they buried their heads back in my shoulder.

It was a solemn return to our house, and we all felt the emptiness of Jeremy not being there, as we sat around that evening.

It was as I was kissing the boys good night, and just about to leave the room, that Randy said, "grandpa's happy now," in a sad little voice, and I turned back to look at him, but he had turned over and was facing away, leaving me wondering, as I left the room, just what to make of it all.

Surprisingly, the mood was better the next day, as the kids seemed to be bouncing back remarkably well.

Time went on, and we settled into our routine, which we had before, and I enjoyed every minute of it, although leaving the boys was becoming harder it seemed, as time went by.

I didn't know why, but I began to increasingly feel that something was missing in my life, and I also began feel rather unhappy with the way my life was going.

I guess Eric must have noticed this, as he finally suggested that I take a vacation the following month. I hadn't taken one in the two years I had been here, and I argued with him at first, but once again it was the trinity who came up to me and convinced me.

"Uncle Mike, go have a little fun, everybody needs fun." they said to me, giggling and it was sage advice, from a bunch of five and six year olds.

I finally gave in, and headed out on a two month vacation, in an attempt to relax and I'm not sure what.

I headed out on I-90 to Sioux City, South Dakota, where I caught interstate 29 south; all the way into Council Bluffs, where I ensconced myself at the Bluffs Run Casino there, and enjoyed a wonderful week of gambling and their terrific buffet.

It also gave me time to think about things a bit.

I loved Eric, and the trinity so much, and they were my family, but still somehow I longed for more, I longed for someone to call me dad, like the trinity did Eric.

I had always hoped I would have a family of my own somehow, by now, but somehow it just hadn't happened.

So here I was at 35, and except for Eric and the trinity, essentially alone, as I finished up another wonderful breakfast, and headed down to the casino for a bit, to hit my slots.

I was going to head out, I think, if I could just decide where to go, so while I was pressing the button repeatedly, which was taking my money, I tried to think where I wanted to go.

About two hours later, I was still sitting there and still had no idea, so I finished the last of the credits on the machine, and headed out to the coach where I got online and checked my emails, and then started playing a game on the computer.

Now where would I like to go now, I sat there thinking in the comfortable leather chair in the coach. I was playing on the computer, and wondering what I should do now. I had spent the last week at the Harrah's Bluff's Run casino, in Council Bluffs Iowa, and was thinking about moving on. I loved the place, but it was time for new pastures for a while.

I was trying to think whether I wanted to head down to Louisiana, or maybe out west towards Albuquerque, each had their advantages, it was simply a matter of deciding what I felt like doing. I was hitting some of my favorite casinos around the country, and just killing time, messing around.

In actuality I was bored with my life. I was missing something, and I didn't know what it was. I used to dream of being rich, and being able to just travel around and do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, but now that I was I found it wasn't as fulfilling as I thought it was. I had bought a large area of land up in Montana, several years ago, and had a house built, which was where I called home these days, but still something was missing.

Oh don't get me wrong, I loved it up there, and had some good friends, especially Eric and the unholy trinity of his, but oh I don't know, something was just not right, and I wasn't really all that happy with my life any more.

I finally decided on Sky City in New Mexico, I could go down 29 to KC and hit 71 out to Joplin, where I could catch 44 all the way down to OKC, and I-40, while stopping at a number of casinos I liked along the way.

With that in mind, I went out and got everything set, and headed out. I drove down onto the turnpike in Oklahoma, and went to bed for a while, at a service plaza, waking up some hours later, deciding to get up and actually go inside for something decent to eat for a change. I liked Burger King, and this plaza had one, so I jumped in the shower, and then headed on inside.

The first thing I noticed on the way in was a young boy with his back to me, as I approached. I don't know what made me notice him, but something just caught my attention. When he turned around, upon hearing my footsteps, it was like an electrical shock went through me.

I had no idea why this child, I didn't even know, was having this effect on me, but it was disturbing in the extreme to me. When he saw me, he looked me up and down and then gave me this huge smile, which just melted my heart, when I saw it.

What the hell? I thought, as I kept walking, saying "Hi," as I passed him, and went into the restaurant, finding myself an out of the way seat, and putting my book on the table, then walking up to the counter, and ordering a double whopper w/cheese, and a Pepsi. Returning to my seat, after I got my order, I sat there eating and thinking about my response.

I truly loved kids, but the response I got upon seeing that boy was indescribable, and I couldn't understand it. It literally was like an electric shock jolted through my system, and when he smiled at me, I thought my heart was going to stop........"DAD, DADDY!!!"

I shook my head to clear it, and came back to the here and now, as the object of my thoughts, Sammy, had apparently come over and was shaking my shoulder, with a very concerned expression on his face, which was mirrored by the others in the room, while Alan was still screaming "Objection."

"Daddy?" Sam said, with a question clear in his voice, causing me to pull him into my lap, and hug him to me, as Kendall said, "Mr. Simpson?"

"Your honor, we object, this witness has not been disclosed by the prosecution at all." Alan said, as Kendall looked at Jennings.

"Your honor, this witness just came forward, and we didn't have time to inform the defense." Jennings responded.

"I don't like this, Mr. Jennings. The defense has a right to prepare to some degree, which you are circumventing by bringing her forward." Kendall told him.

"Your honor, I realize this, but we were just approached and didn't know about her, until a short time ago." Jennings responded.

"Are you very sure this witness is significantly material to your case?" Kendall asked, with clear warning in his voice.

"Your honor; the witnesses I have are the sister of the defendant, as well as her husband, and Mr. Reynolds's nephews. Mr. Reynolds was charged with child molestation, 6 years ago, and the children were deemed too young to testify, but they're 10 and 9 now, your honor, and they are ready and willing to testify, to the depredations perpetrated upon them, at an earlier age." Jennings told the judge, while Alan had a shocked look upon his face, before calling,

"Objection your honor, statute of limitations has expired."

Kendall looked back and forth between them for a moment, before saying "Mr. Jennings, what was the outcome of the previous trial?"

"He was found not guilty." Jennings very reluctantly stated, as Kendall raised his eyebrow, playing Vulcan again.

"Mr. Jennings, double jeopardy would apply here, so I don't see the point in this. The people can only dredge up old allegations, which have been disproven." he told the prosecutor.

"Your honor, I and they realize that the testimony cannot bring Mr. Reynolds to justice, for his crimes...." Jennings was saying, when Alan called out,

"Objection!" once again.

"Mr. Jennings; sustained. Mr. Reynolds was found not guilty, of any charges brought against him, by your own admission." Kendall stated.

I quickly told Alan "They did interview the children, and didn't put them on the stand, because they never said anything incriminating."

"Your honor?" Alan called.

"Yes Mr. Simpson," the judge replied.

"My client informs me the reason the children never testified, was because they never implicated my client." Alan told the court.

"Your honor, they were three and four years old, they were too young...." Jennings was saying, when Alan once again called, "objection."

"Go ahead Mr. Simpson," the judge replied.

"My client has informed me that the children were not too young. That they were interviewed, and nothing was ever said by them that would remotely help the prosecutor, and that was why they weren't called." Alan said.

"Your honor, this isn't about that trial, but this one, and what the parents and more importantly, the children can relate to this court will substantiate the allegations, and prove the state's concern in this matter to be proper." Jennings told the court.

"Mr. Jennings, let me caution you once again, I am very reluctant to allow this, but if I do, then it will not be a retrial of any previous allegations. Do I make myself clear?" Kendall asked of him.

"What exactly may I say then your honor if I can't bring the past allegations into play?" Jennings asked sarcastically.

"Mr. Jennings, hearing their testimony regarding what happened, is one thing, but your repeated insinuations, and such will not be tolerated. There is a vast difference in them testifying about what they saw, or witnessed, and your repeated commentary. You are pushing yourself very close to contempt sir, so I will ask you once again, do you know for a fact, that these witnesses actually have something substantial to impart in this case, and not more of the innuendo which you have made so much use of up til now?" Kendall asked of him.

"Yes your honor. These witnesses can place Mr. Reynolds molesting two boys, and definitely have a major impact on this trial." Jennings replied.

"Very well then, I will allow it, but, I will give you a two hour recess, Mr. Simpson and Mr. Jennings, I expect you to turn over any and all information on what your witnesses plan on testifying about, to the defense immediately. Is that understood?" Kendall asked Jennings.

"Yes your honor." Jennings replied, not sounding too happy with this, even though he did succeed in what he had planned.

"We will reconvene in two hours." Kendall said, standing up, causing us all to stand as well, as he exited the room.

I simply sat back down, still stunned by the turn of events, as Sammy quickly reclaimed his place in my lap. I noticed the others were all looking at me, and I just didn't know what to say.

Alan brought me back to the present, as he called me, and I answered explaining what had happened six years ago, and giving him a contact number for Bill Jamison, who would be able to provide documents and such regarding the first trial.

With that, Alan told me that he would get back to me, and cut the connection.

Eric got on, and tried to reassure me, but it wasn't of much use.

I had put that chapter of my past to bed, or so I had thought, and now it was coming back to haunt me. I loved my nephews tremendously, but they had been forcibly taken from me, and now to have them return, and like this, was just too much.

I was very much afraid of what they would say on the stand, after six years of brainwashing, that I had no doubt they had undergone, with the tutelage of John and his beliefs.

I was shaken out of my thoughts though, by Sammy calling me, and when I looked up it was to find all the boys standing around us, and Sammy saying,

"Dad, we know you would never hurt a kid, or make him do sex stuff." he told me looking into my eyes, and I found all the other children looking at me and nodding their heads as well.

"Yeah, you could have done stuff with us, lots of times, but you never did." Randy added, as Danny, Kevin and Sammy all nodded their heads.

"I really wanted you to, that one day in the hospital, and you wouldn't" Chris said, while Derek told me, "I know you wouldn't hurt a kid, and we don't believe what they are saying," which got murmurs of agreement from the others.

Their faith and trust in me brought tears to my eyes, as I just reached out and gave each of them hugs, telling them thank you.

"It don't matter what they say dad, we're safe here, forever, if we have to be, and we all talked. We don't mind staying here, just as long as we get to stay with you." Sammy said, which brought more tears, and the round of hugs started again.

"I love you guys so much." I told them, as they just looked at me, with love.

I was so blessed, I was thinking, as the phone rang, startling me out of my daze.

"Yes." I said into it.

"This is Vassily and there are two children at the front gate to the compound stating they are here to see you." Vassily told me.

"Two children?" I asked.

"Yes, they said to tell you 'out of the valley of mist, they come to lead you home', and they will not say anything else." he told me, clearly not happy with this development.

That caused me to sit back and take a deep breath, as I thought briefly about this.

There was only one person it could be, that had sent them, which meant they were ok, but it was still a shock.

"Hold onto them for a moment, and I'll get back to you." I told him, as I hung up, and dialed another number on the sat phone.

"Yes." the voice replied.

"Hello," I said.

"I take it something has arrived, and you are questioning the veracity of it?" the voice asked.

"Double checking would be more apt." I replied.

"Ah, I see, well have no fear then, the arrival was anticipated." it replied.

"I see, thank you." I told the voice, and the line went dead.

It was strange, the way that was worded though, as I slowly hung up the phone, pondering the statement, while the boys looked on curiously.

I picked up the security phone, and upon hearing an answer, told him, "Send them on up, they are cleared." to which I received a crisp "yes sir" from him, before the line once again went dead.

The boys were still looking at me expectantly, so I merely said,

"It seems we have company."




End Note

This chapter brings the story of Mike meeting Eric and the trinity to a conclusion. It ends with Mike's meeting with Sammy in Oklahoma. I hope you enjoyed this interlude, showing the early years between Mike and the other 4, and how it all came to be. It was fairly enjoyable for me to write. The chapter brings you full circle, back to the courtroom, and the trial, which to everyone's wondering, will be over soon, I promise. Company, that is strange. I wonder who it could be, and children as well. Hmmm. Also on a side note, I just thought of, with the above comment about Mike and Sammy, in Oklahoma, if you have never heard the song Oklahoma by Billy Gilman, it is very fitting for the circumstances.

Until next time.....DS



Editor's Note;

Hello, everyone. I really enjoyed that chapter. I hope DS is right, and the trial ends soon. I wonder who the company is, as well, although, I must admit I have a sneaking suspicion that I know. I will say no more, from fear of being injured by one or more people that know where I live. I can't honestly consider this a cliff hanger though. It had to end somewhere, and this is as good a place as any.

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Fort Chief Editor's Notes:

We finally get to learn more of Mike and his early days in Montana and life with the trinity but death reared its ugly head. It is a very unfortunate turn of events that made Mike flee the country. I don't know why I can't shake the feeling that the worst is yet to come. As DS said Que Sera, Sera.