Out of the Past

By Dark Star

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Author's note---

This is my second story to be posted and I hope you enjoy it. I was sitting there writing chapter 21 of "A Different Place" when this idea came over me and I decided to start writing it. Especially since that was where I had struck a wall in ADP. I hope you enjoy and be advised I don't think there will be much if any sex in this story. Its not about sex but about writing a good story so I hope that in some small way I have succeeded and you enjoy it. DS

I'm having a great time with this story and hope you are too. Thanks again go to Jeff, AC, Akeentia, MM, Boi and the others in the CSU for getting me going when they didn't not to mention all the kids in the clan for being so great. The good news is they got back with a vengeance releasing 5 chapters in their universe at once over the weekend. The problem is that now I have to choose whether to read or write. Anyway...

Ok well here is chapter 3. Once again you can blame it on Sammy for...


"What was that for?"

"Well if you weren't messing with the program again..."


"Would you stop that."

If someone would leave me alone for just a minute I just wanted to say here is Chapter 3 enjoy.

"Hey what are you...Wait no, come back here..."


Chapter 3


Gary thankfully pointed out something to me that I should have caught but didn't. The police codes used are accurate and some of them that just might help you understand the story a little bit better are

10-4- ok or acknowledgement of a transmission

10-22-cancel or stop


Code 3-a response with lights and sirens

245-assault with a deadly weapon

187-murder and attempt 187 is attempted murder


997-officer requesting immediate assistance

Thanks Gary for catching that.

I gave Sammy and the three hugs and said I would see them later while Eric told me he would monitor Mary 3 which was a mutual aid tac channel and would be at the Denny's on San Cristobal waiting for me as he got everyone loaded into his unit for the ride over there.

I went and got in mine heading for the station thinking about the fact that I was going to have four sugar hyped kids to deal with in much too short a time.

I wouldn't trade it for the world I thought as I drove off to the least favorite part of the job.


Well after a bit I finally got that least favorite part over with and after about a million people congratulating me on what a great job I had done but mostly on what a terrific kid I had, to which I had to whole heartedly agree, I was heading out of there to rejoin that very terrific kid.

As I was heading out I glanced over to the interrogation room and happened to see little Peter sitting there all alone and lost looking. I started to keep going but suddenly stopped and went in.

He didn't even look up as I came in and I could tell he had shut down from all that had happened to him.

I walked over next to his chair and knelt down saying softly

"hey there little one"

He didn't even twitch as I said it, just kept staring straight ahead as I reached out and placed a hand alongside his cheek caressing it gently as I said

"been kind of a rough night for you hasn't it" while he kept staring straight ahead. I just kept stroking his face and the side of his head gently. I didn't move or say anything else just kept softly stroking him.

I don't know what made me stop in like that but there was something so lost and forlorn about this child when I saw him that I didn't hesitate to go to him. You could feel the aloneness and misery coming off of him in waves and why he was all alone in here I couldn't fathom. Being left alone like this was the last thing he needed right now.

After about 15 minutes or so I would guess I felt a shudder run through his small frame but I didn't say anything just keeping up my soft caresses on his face.

A minute or so later and I felt another and stronger shudder hit him and I knew the dam was about to break. I didn't change a thing.

A minute after that another one hit followed by another as a tear started down his face.

The tremors slowly escalated to a full earthquake and the trickles of tears into a flood as great racking sobs shook his small frame.

Taking me by surprise was when the dam broke he launched himself into me causing both of us to fall to the floor where I remained after scooting myself back against the wall with him buried in my neck crying his heart out while I just gently stroked his back, running my hand up and down, up and down in a repetitious pattern while I murmured inanities to him soothingly.

After a while it seemed to take effect as I could feel the tremors subsiding ever so slowly. I changed the murmurs to the repetitive words "its going to be alright" over and over again and that seemed to have the desired effect as he calmed even further.

I didn't know anything about this child except for him being kidnapped but somehow I knew I would soon. I had never understood the idea of how anyone could ever hurt a child of all creatures on this world yet it was done all the time sadly. It broke my heart sometimes with what I had to see out there on the job.

Finally the sobs subsided to the point that the little boy raised his head to look at me fear still plainly in his eyes as he asked.

"who are you?"

"That's what I would like to know and how the hell did you get in here" a voice interrupted coldly causing me to look up to see a woman standing there in the doorway with a badge affixed at her waist.

I could see the fear multiply in Peter's eyes at her tone as I said "my name is Mike..."

But she interrupted again saying "I don't care who you are, this is a restricted area and this child is in police custody"

Now I was getting mad but I tried to keep my temper as I could feel the tremors shaking Peter's body once again only this time in fear rather than sorrow as I said "

What I was trying to..."

But she interrupted me again "I don't care what you were trying to do, get away from that child this instant..."

Now it was my turn to interrupt as I said "I think we should take this outside"

"You don't think you do as you're told" and with that her hand went down and pulled her sidearm and pointed it at me while she ordered me

"Let the child go and lay face down on the ground NOW!"

This situation had just escalated from bad to deadly serious and Peter had a death grip on me at this point in fear. I wasn't going to get him to let go.

"Look I'm a police officer" I told her but once again she interrupted and said

"I don't give a good god damn what you are release that child immediately and lay face down..."

"What the hell is going on here?" came a different voice demanding, this time interrupting her as I looked over to the doorway to see Vince Matthews standing there and watching as shock overcame concern as he saw me sitting on the floor with the child in my arms.

"Put that gun away this instant" he commanded the policewoman.

She made a big mistake next with "But he isn't suppose..."


"NOW!!!!" he screamed at her

The look of shock on her face was priceless but she very reluctantly did as she was ordered. Then she compounded her error

"But sir"

"Get out and wait by the watch commander's office, now" the last being said deadly silent by Vince.

"But" she tried again.

In a soft voice which held no warmth whatsoever he looked right at her and said

"is there a problem with your hearing officer? This makes how many times since I walked in here that you haven't heard what you were being told to do starting with when this man identified himself as a police officer on down to the instructions I have given you several times which you haven't followed yet?"

She had the good sense to simply say yes sir and begin to exit the room as Vince added something else

"By the way just where were you that someone could get in here to the boy anyway?"

"I just stepped out for a moment sir" was her response causing me to look quickly at Vince and shake my head.

"Excuse me sergeant but how long have you been in here with the child?"

I answered "about a half an hour or so"

I am not sure what was funnier her expression at hearing that I was a sergeant or the look of outrage on her face when I stated the time I had been in here.

"sir it wasn't anywhere near that long" she said.

"so you're telling me that the sergeant is lying, fine we'll review the tapes" then he turned to one of the officers by the door and told him to escort her to the watch commander's office and remain with her at all times until he came.

He added just as she was leaving "oh by the way this sergeant is the one who rescued the child in the first place" which caused her to stop dead in her tracks and turn back to look at me as well as Vince before turning away and leaving. The look on her face was priceless.

Meanwhile I had turned my attention back to Peter who was still shaking and started trying to reassure him once again.

He calmed down more rapidly this time and finally lifted his head to look at me and around the room. Vince had sat down in the chair he had been in and remained quiet after getting rid of her and shutting the door.

Upon seeing him Peter started but soon settled as I kept rubbing his back softly until his gaze returned to me and he asked something very reminiscent of another little boy several years earlier

"what's going to happen to me now?"

I didn't know what to tell him since I wasn't officially part of this and didn't really know anything but I started to say "I'm sure that your..." but then saw Vince rapidly shaking his head no.

I quickly changed tacks and told him "umm. I'm sure that you're going to be alright little one" They will find you a nice place to stay with some really nice people who will take care of you until everything gets sorted out ok?"

I was surprised when he buried his head back in my chest crying "no I don't want to, I want to stay with you, please?"

I opened my mouth to say something to try to diffuse this when Vince spoke up

"Peter I'm sure something could be arranged if you are sure that's what you want?" while looking at me with a look that clearly said I really hope you don't mind and surprisingly I found that I didn't actually.

Peter stopped moving and then pulled his head back looking at me and I swear it was like déjà vu or something as he stared into my eyes just like another boy had done not so many years ago.

In a soft voice full of trepidation he asked "could I?" as if he just knew he would be rejected.

I just looked at him and felt the connection I had felt before with Sammy happening once again with this one and like Sammy knew that he was destined to be part of my family, I couldn't turn him away.

I hadn't even said anything when hope blossomed across his face and he said in disbelief

"you mean it you want me?"

"Yes" I told him without ever breaking eye contact and for the first time I saw a smile on his little face.

He buried his head once again and gave me a huge hug before lifting his head back up still with the grin on his face.

At that moment the silence was broken by a voice calling

"35 1 Sam 41 Boy to 35 1 Sam 41 on Mary 3" it was Sammy.

I reached down and pulled the HT from my belt with Peter watching every move I made as I brought it up to my mouth and said

"41 Sam by"

"Are you ok dad?" Sammy asked with a strange tone to his voice. I didn't know how I knew but I did, that somehow he knew.

"Yea Sammy I'm fine how about you?" I asked him

There was silence for a minute and I was about to repeat myself when Sammy came back on the radio

"Ok dad see you soon, Sam 41 boy clear"

That was rather abrupt not to mention odd but before I could say anything else he came back with

"oh dad don't forget to bring him" and there was no mistaking the command in his voice.

Now it was my turn for my mouth to drop open at what my son had just told me. He knew.

"Who's that" Peter asked

"well that is my other son Sammy" I told him

"I guess that's settled then the boss has spoken" Vince stated with a wry grin on his face and mirth in his voice.

"I'd say so"

"Do I get to meet him?" Peter asked shyly.

"yes you most certainly do little one." I told him as I stood up telling him "but can you wait here just a few minutes so I can talk to Vince here?"

I could see the fear come across his face and I was quick to reassure with "I promise I will be right back. Matter of fact why don't we put you someplace where you can still see me while I talk to him will that be alright?" I asked

I could see that he still wasn't too thrilled with being separated from me who I guess he saw as his sole anchor in the scary world that had appeared but I thought he would be ok with this solution.

He nodded his head so I went over to the door with Vince following and started looking for a good place to put him down at while still giving us enough room to talk privately. I finally saw a bench across the room which allowed him to sit down and we could be far enough away to be seen but not heard.

I walked over and sat him down on the bench and knelt down looking him in the eye and telling him

"Ok now can you see the room we just came out of?" to which he nodded his head and I continued "that's where we are going to be with the door open and we won't go anywhere else ok?" and he once again nodded his head. "ok then you going to be ok for a few minutes here by yourself?" and got another nod only this time more timid.

"If you need us we are going to be right there. I promise." I told him as I stood up and began to walk away slowly.

The worry was plainly on his face as he would look rapidly around but quickly return his gaze to me trying to make sure no one came up to him and at the same time not lose sighte of me.

I kept walking slowly and finally we got far enough away where Vince began to tell me

"Its no longer an attempt on the 187 and it was his mother." He told me which caused me to suck in a breath and look quickly back at him before returning my gaze to Vince.

It got worse as Vince continued

"Daddy was the shooter and there are no relatives we have been able to find so far."

"Damn" I said

"yea and then some" he replied.

"you know he has locked onto you?"

"yea Vince I know, and I didn't mean short term when I made the offer" I told him  quietly while watching my newest son.

Vince looked at me kind of startled but said "are you sure Mike? That's a lot to take on."

I turned my attention back to Vince telling him

"yea I'm sure, remember when I told you about meeting Sammy and how I just knew when I looked into his eyes?"

Vince nodded his head and I continued "well in there when he looked up and into my eyes it was like reliving it with Sammy and I...just...knew."

Vince just nodded his head as I had told him the whole story about Sammy before and then told me "Ok then I'll clear it with DPSS and you can go from there."

"Thanks Vince, what can you tell me about him?" I asked.

"Peter Michael Scott age 6, mother dead, daddy in jail and not much else yet I'm afraid" he told me.

"Ok then I'm going to take off and Vince thanks for everything" sticking out my hand to him which he took saying "anytime Mike, anytime if it weren't for you and that kid of yours things might have turned out very differently tonight so don't be too hard on him."

"I won't but I swear I lost 20 years of my life when he jumped out of the truck" I told him.

"I know but he did good"

I turned and started walking towards Peter and hadn't gotten 2 steps before he launched himself up off the bench streaking across the room and leaping into my arms.

I just pulled him to me and held on tight until he calmed down some saying softly "ready" and got a mumbled "mmm mmm"

"ok lets go then" and walked out of the station and over to my car opening the door and telling him to crawl in. It looked for a minute like he was trying to figure out a way to stay wrapped around me looking back and forth from me to the passenger seat and seemingly giving up finally and very slowly relinquishing his grip and getting into the car.

We headed out and he remained silent until I finally spoke

"Peter I want you to listen to me for a second" and he turned and looked at me with fear coming back into his eyes which caused me to quickly say

"No, no its nothing bad or anything I just want you to know what to expect is all"

He didn't say anything so I continued "Sammy is there with my nephews and their father so I don't want you to be scared about all the people there ok?"

He just nodded his head but still didn't speak and I knew he was nervous but there wasn't anything I could do about that right now.

We finally came up to the Denny's and pulled into the parking lot in a space near Eric's unit but before I could even get the engine shut off the passenger side door was opened and I looked over to see Sammy standing there with an unreadable expression on his face right up next to the passenger side seat.

I was frozen as I watched the tableau presented before me.

Sammy was just standing there looking at Peter and hadn't said anything at all.

He wasn't being welcoming or anything just looking.

Oh shit was all I could think.

I should have talked it over with him before agreeing to anything.


For some reason though I couldn't move.

Sammy hadn't said anything to me, hell he hadn't even looked at me but I couldn't move or even speak as I watched my oldest son confront my newest one.

Then it finally dawned on me, I should've known better.

Sammy was doing with Peter what he had done with me on that first day.

I watched in awe as they just gazed into one another's eyes for an indeterminate amount of time lost in each other as Sammy and I had been a few short years ago. Nothing else existed outside of each of them and their joining for that was what I realized it was at that moment more than any other, a joining, between brother and brother.

Like it had been for Sammy and I a few years ago and even again a few hours ago when this was over I realized they would truly be brothers as if they had been born together, maybe even closer than that considering some families I had seen.

Time had no meaning as I watched and waited.

Neither moved and it almost seemed that they weren't even breathing but soon enough it started.

Sam's head started moving slowly closer while never breaking his gaze from that of his new brother until his lips touched those of Peter and I witnessed from the outside what had been only as a direct participant up til now.

It was truly beautiful.

Their lips came together and I could see the jolt run through both of them and the intake of breath all while their gazes never broke from each other.

I could swear for a second there had been a soft golden glow around them but it was gone before I could even be sure it had existed.

Sammy slowly withdrew from Peter and as he came back fully upright he uttered those famous words, the greatest in any language

"I love you" all the while still looking into Peter's eyes.

Next was the most sought after words in any language

"I love you too" uttered by my new son.

Then they threw their arms around each other and hugged each other long and hard before the kid was once again back

"come on lets go we're having ice cream and if we don't hurry they might eat it all." Sammy said with a big grin on his face

"come on dad don't just sit there we got to introduce Petey to the guys" he went on to say giving me a look that spoke volumes.

It said Peter was now and forever more a member of the family.

"I don't know if he is ready for that yet" I said with a grin on my face while Peter was looking back and forth between us with a smile on his face once again. I knew then that I would work real hard to make sure he had a lot of those.

"I'll be sure to tell them that dad" he said completely deadpan.

Ouch. "Please don't" I begged in a whiny voice as I got myself out of the car and headed in ending up with a boy under each arm both of them giggling like little boys should.

We entered the restaurant and Sammy quickly led us over to the table that Eric had with the terrors.

They were absolutely silent as we approached and Eric shrugged his shoulders indicating that he had no clue what was going on as I quickly shot a concerned look his way and I could feel that Peter was starting to tense up as we came up to the table.

I should have trusted my boys more.

What happened next surprised Eric clearly as much as it surprised me as all three boys jumped up as we got to the table and I could feel the fear shoot through Peter as I started to say something but before I could get the first word started I felt Peter suddenly relax at the same time that Randy came forward and pulled Peter into a hug saying

"My name's Randy" and pulling back looking into Peter's eyes much like Sammy had done earlier.

It didn't last as long as it had with Sammy but it was followed by Kevin and then Danny who finished up by saying "welcome to the family" while I was standing there with my mouth open in total surprise.

The three of them had just accepted this strange boy into the family the same way they had done to me years ago, with no reservations. It was something very special to be included in their circle and I had always been honored that they had done so but it was a true testament to their spirit and hearts that they had done so for this child whom they had never met before and who was a complete stranger to them.

I was so proud and I could see that Eric was a well.

That moment was short lived as Kevin looked up at me and said

"better shut it before the flies get in" with an impish grin on his face eliciting boyish giggles from the rest. That was it, mature and wise was gone and little boy was back.

"Flies eh" I said as I reached out and grabbed him tickling him causing him to squeal loudly as he tried to escape and the others to laugh.

"please, please, stop, please" he cried in between giggling non-stop but then I heard a clearing of a throat behind me and turned my head to find what was obviously the manager standing there with a clearly displeased look on his face as he stated ever so primly

"this is not a playground sir"

I don't think he could clearly see me bent over as I was but there was no mistaking his recognition when I stood up and turned around with my gun and more importantly badge plainly visible on my belt.

If you have ever been fishing and seen a fish after you caught it with it's mouth opening and closing rapidly in obvious distress then you can easily visualize the look on the manager's face at that moment.

"Is there a problem sir?" I asked very sweetly as I heard some muffled giggles from behind me.

"Ah, no, ah sorry to have bothered you" came from his mouth as he rapidly turned away and disappeared somewhere else.

The giggles became laughter and I had to admit that I joined in as we all got settled and I ended up on the end next to Peter with Sammy next to him followed by Kevin and the others.

The kids were breaking up still as the waitress came over and had a big smile on her face as well.

"Can I take your orders?"

I was surprised that no one had eaten yet considering how long it had been but Kevin surprised me by saying

"We wanted to wait for you and Pete before we had ice cream."

I reached my hand up and touched his cheek saying "thank you that was very sweet of you" which got a grin out of him.

We all ended up ordering and just before the waitress left she said softly

"That was so great, thanks, we're going to check the tapes later to see if it was on it" and scampered off which got all of us laughing again.

I was never so proud of my bunch as I was over the next little while as all the kids paid attention to Peter drawing him out and talking to him or making sure to include him in their conversations fully yet never once getting close to the excitement of earlier although I am sure they were intensely curious about it being kids.

I could tell Eric was just as much in awe of it as I was as he kept looking at them and then back to me.

By listening I found that Peter was six years old and in first grade, liked Pokemon and Spiderman not to mention the X-Men comics, cartoon and movies as well. He  liked reading but hated math and loved swimming, dogs and horses. I just sat there and listened.

Finally the ice cream was finished and Eric pulled out a coin and flipped it bringing it down on the back of his hand saying with a big grin

"you win, or lose depending on how you look at it"

"great" and as if on cue the talk seemed to die down as Danny said

"I gotta go" which of course was followed by 4 more boys having to go as well, and they say women are bad when it comes to the bathroom.

I guess they never met my bunch.

"Ok come on" I told the group sliding out of my seat and shooting a glare at Eric which just caused him to laugh and earn some dirty looks from the boys.

You see it wasn't just shepherding them around, making sure they didn't destroy the restroom or even making sure they kept to their business while in there, or away from undesirable elements even.

It wasn't any of that.

No, it was that you had to clean them up.

Don't know if you have ever had to try wiping ice cream off of a child's face, hands and even sometimes clothes but add fudge sauce and whipped cream to that and multiply it by five, none of whom wish to have you cleaning them and well...

You have the situation I currently found myself about to be in while Eric took great pleasure in my predicament.

Oh and by the way if you haven't, well count yourself fortunate.

I also made a note to provide the coin next time.

And off we went.

Also if you have never had the pleasure or don't remember your own childhood sugar does a very strange thing to a child.

It makes them a bit on the hyper side, well maybe more than a bit.

Read several sentences back about the cleaning part and then add boundless energy to it.

Are you beginning to get the idea yet what I was very soon to face.

Well if you don't then go back and reread the last 10 or so sentences.

Not only that but they were conspiring against me, I could tell as they whispered amongst themselves and kept glancing back at me as I walked behind them towards the bathroom.

This boded ill.

They all rushed into the bathroom, giggling and carrying on as I followed taking up station at the door after it shut.

This was two fold.

One not to let anyone else in while they were in here, didn't want the locals to have a heart attack, and two and most importantly was to keep any of them getting out.

Which by the way they would most assuredly try to do as soon as they thought they had a remote chance of getting away with it usually by saying one of them `needed help' allowing the other miscreants to slip away unnoticed.

I watched as everyone of them pulled their little penis's out and went up to the two urinals sharing two each with one going to the toilet to take care of his business while they all giggled and played around.

I wasn't sure when they were going to pee as they kept goofing around pointing things at each other making like they were going to pee on one another causing the intended victim to take off running to get away while still holding onto his small organ then coming back and turning the tables on the original aggressor causing the cycle to be repeated time and time again first with one child and then the other.

By the time I think that they were ready to go I don't know how they did as they now had very hard little swords protruding from below their waists while they were trying to get something to happen between fits of giggles.

When they did start finally it was to have the age old tradition of sword fights but at least that would be rather finite as nature dictated that rather than the boys.

Or so one would think.

Soon it was over and just when you thought it was safe to breathe a sigh of relief the inevitable "I still got some started" and it began all over again with the intended victim running to keep from getting sprayed and for those who had made the mistake of sheathing their swords they were left desperately trying to draw them out once again to have something to threaten their attackers in return with.

This also led to a bit of grab the pickle and much giggling as I just watched waiting for it to die down.

Once again the kids made sure of two things which just made me even prouder of them.

One was to include Peter fully in the fun while the second was to make sure they didn't make him uncomfortable with what they were doing.

It was obvious he was a bit uncomfortable with things in the beginning but it must be genetic or something with boys because the little devil was the only one who actually held a bit back when it counted and Danny got his hand a bit wet, to his surprise, when he reached out to grab it.

But then again he thought it was so cool that Peter had thought to actually do what everyone else had threatened that he became the winner and had everyone else trying to get something from nothing, fortunately for all concerned without result.

You would think this might all be rather sexual in nature by this point but believe me with these boys there was nothing but pure silliness involved. Yes certain things were a bit on the hard side but not for the reasons you think. This was all just fun and games. They could definitely be sexual together but not this time.

At long last the real fun was about to begin as everyone got their most important possessions put back where they belonged and turned to face me.

As a favorite character of mine from a television show I loved was so fond of saying

"Oh Boooooy"

Five boys standing there facing off against one poor helpless man.

Maybe I should call for assistance.

"Ok now who would like to be first?" was the stupid adult question I asked which got the `boy is he a stupid adult' look from five young sets of eyes at that point.

The hell with it, I give up.

Next I did what I knew would be a disaster in the making by stating to the group of hellions facing off with me "ok you guys wash up and I'll inspect things when you're done"

Which elicited giggles which took me a moment to digest and at which point in time I quickly added

"Not those things" with my face no doubt on the red side.

One must remember when dealing with boys of that age that their mind is often, as in this case aptly named, centered on `potty humor' which can get the unsuspecting adult into trouble quite quickly as it did me.

And yes I should have known better.

This resulted in another round of the most adorable giggles coming from them as they shuffled towards the sink in an effort to see who could shuffle the slowest so as to prolong arriving at, what one would think is, their imminent torture.

Next of course was the mighty challenge facing them over who could get the least amount of that dreaded substance, water, on their person while still meeting minimum standards of cleanliness being enforced of course by yours truly.

At least that was the idea.

Much better conceptualized than put into actual practice.

Didn't we discuss bright ideas before?

So it began, albeit slowly, and each one of them put the absolute minimum of water on their person before proclaiming themselves clean.

Keep in mind that Randy's idea of the absolute minimum was actually none.

After disabusing him of that notion and explaining that minimum is not equal to the sum of 0 I got them back under the water about 3 times each.

They still weren't clean.

But what they were was passable enough to make it home where they could bathe and hopefully get the rest of the concoction off of themselves.

Not that the bath would be much better as they would flood my home knowing them.

They loved baths for some reason but hated water. Go figure.

After all the complaining, whining, crying, pleading, begging, puppy dog eyes and attempted bribery they were ready to head out once again into civilization without looking too awfully appalling.

"you guys ready to go?" I asked and got loud "yeas" from 5 giggling boys who were probably planning what else to do to me tonight.

I didn't want to know, easier on my heart that way, sanity too but I would probably love every minute of it as I just had.

We made our way out of the restroom with them relatively quiet at least compared to a herd of stampeding elephants and found Eric sitting by the door to the exit.

"Have fun in there Mike?" he asked me with a huge grin on his face

I just looked at him for a moment and then said

"you know I'm pretty tired maybe I should let them go home with you tonight so I can get some rest" and had the satisfaction of seeing his grin disappear into a mock look of horror as he began begging

"no please no, anything but that" which got giggles from the boys and a couple of "daaaads" before Randy said

"you're going to pay for that" and the attack was on while I broke down laughing.

They had all dog piled Eric and everyone was having fun with Eric crying "help me please someone save me" piteously which was interrupting the kids' attack mainly because it made them laugh so hard.

But what made the night was hearing running footsteps and looking up to find the manager standing there with his mouth playing fish once again as he saw who was making all the noise.

"Can I help you sir?" I asked him once again in my most polite voice and watched him as he couldn't speak as his face turned red and he turned on his heel and stormed off.

This had me laughing and all the kids near hysterical.

What made the night though wasn't that but the waitress walking up and saying

"that is definitely going to be on the video tape" before laughing and walking off leaving us on the floor with laughter.


Ok hope you enjoyed this one. Yes I was in a bit of a whimsical mood whilst writing this chapter, think English accent during some of those lines. Not to mention after the events of earlier in the evening I felt that some good old fashioned plain fun was in order. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did when writing it down.

"no Sammy I wasn't being mean to you guys"

Word of advice to all of you if you are going to write something about your kids then don't have them looking over your shoulder while you're doing it.

"OW! Stop that."

Sorry someone was being "ok, ok I won't say it" never mind.

Anyway that was chapter 3 and as you can see I seem to have another child that wasn't planned.

"Ok, ok already I didn't say anything bad, yet" "OW"

Someone help me.

Actually MY plan for the evening was to do the paperwork and head over to the restaurant where I would meet with Eric and the boys and introduce you all to the most important angels in my life.

"there happy, I didn't say anything mean"

"well its not my fault if you think something doesn't sound right with that sentence"

Anyway where was I before... "ok already"

Lets see, oh yeah after that we were going to go home and spend a nice quiet evening together and you would get to know them better.

"what's so funny about that?"


Anyway until next time DS

"Ok, Ok already"

DS, Sammy, Peter and the trinity.

"happy now?"