Warning: this cautionary tale has as its main theme, sexual activity between man and boy. If the law where you are prohibits you from reading such material, I advise you not to break the law. If you are too young, then you know you should wait a while. The responsibility is yours.

The story is fiction and the characters and events are fictional, not knowingly based on real people or happenings.

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A story by Ivor Sukwell.


His head was thumping when his eyes drooped open; not surprising he'd been on the piss last night and that was something he never did by halves.

It wasn't the headache that woke him, though; he was on his side, one leg raised into the air and held there by someone, the same someone who was pushing his cock deep inside Paddy's arse. He was being fucked again.

It happened every time he went to the city for a night on the piss; he never went intending to get picked up by a man and fucked all night, he always hoped he'd find a bird and shag her, but, as always, he seemed to have gone with a man.

Not that Paddy minded over much, when you're almost sixteen sex is sex and, anyway, he didn't mind getting fucked, quite liked it, in fact. It was just that he could never remember getting picked up, never recall even the remotest detail of his seduction and, as usual, the first he knew of the subsequent sex was when he woke in the morning.

At least this time there was still some active sex to enjoy; there'd been several times when he woke up in the morning, a man beside him, a man who'd drained himself during the night and had nothing left to please a conscious Paddy with.

"Nice," Paddy muttered, referring to the cock that was inside him and moving in the manner a man's cock should move when it's inside a boy who is still not quite legal.

"Woken up, then," a voice grunted in his ear.

"Yeh," Paddy muttered, and, despite his headache he began to respond to the prick that was really rather pleasantly filling his insides; the more awake he became, the more pleasant it was. "You got a rubber on that thing?" he asked as he began to match his movements to the thrusts of the prick.

"Course," the voice grumbled, "Don't know where you've been before, do I."

"Thanks," Paddy muttered before giving a little gasp in response to a particularly deep thrust. "You've probably got as much idea about that as I have," he said and then ended conversation to concentrate on being fucked.

It was rather nice being fucked into full wakefulness; it wasn't something that usually happened. Most times he was so pissed he hardly knew what was going on which meant he missed much of the fun, so much better when he could feel every movement of the cock inside him.

"Not bad," the man who had been fucking him commented when he'd finished. As he was still behind him, Paddy had no idea what he looked like or how old he was, but he'd long ago given up bothering about not knowing whose bed he had finished up in; he was always far too pissed to manage formal introductions.

"Much better when you're awake," the voice behind him said, "You were so blotto last night I don't think you even realised I'd got it up you."

"Probably not," Paddy agreed, "Sorry about that."

"No worries," the voice said generously, "Made up for it just now. Not at all a bad fuck."

"Thanks," Paddy muttered and finally turned over to see who owned the cock that was now no longer in him. The guy looked well into middle age, but that didn't bother Paddy. Usually he tried to get off with someone younger, once he'd given up hope of finding a girl, but he usually found himself in an older guy's bed. Older guys, he supposed, were less good at guessing his age; the women always seemed to suss out he was far too young for them, but the middle aged men were so thrilled at the possibility of getting something young to shag that they never investigated anything beyond his availability.

"How old are you, anyway?" the middle aged man enquired; "I took you to be around nineteen till I got your clothes off."

Paddy was almost six feet tall with a mop of not quite blond hair and was usually taken for being older than the fifteen he actually was. Not because he was one of those boys who grew facial hair early, in fact there was no hint of hair on his chin or upper lip, nor, apart from his small, neat bush, on any other part of his body. A farmer's son, he was used to the outdoors and just looked like a young twenty rather than a mature fifteen.

"You don't wanna know," Paddy told him, "You'll feel better that way."

"Ah," the man looked a bit bothered, "Wouldn't have picked you up if I'd known that."

"Just as well you didn't then," Paddy managed to crack his face into an attempt at a grin; "You got the energy for another one? I missed last night's."

"Pill'll cope with one more I should think," the man dismissed any concerns he might have briefly harboured about the age of his fuck, "Fancy taking it doggy?"

Physically, Paddy had developed young. At the age of eleven he was a foot taller than the tallest of his contemporaries and had reached his present almost six feet by the time he was thirteen. He was not built like some forced growth plant, all weak and skinny; he was broad shouldered, deep chested and full thighed, his physical development nurtured by hard work on his father's small farm.

There was one vital area of his anatomy though, that had not been included in his unusual growth, and despite all his efforts at exercising it on a very frequent basis, his prick remained the same as it had been when he was eleven. Barely reaching three and a half inches when fully upright, which it frequently was, and not much thicker than his middle, distressingly innocent of cunt-fingering, finger, it was in full working order, a fact that distressed Paddy almost as much as its size. If it functioned correctly at its present size, he saw no signs of hope that it would grow sufficiently to compete with the equipment owned by other males.

This lack of development was, he knew all too well, a major factor in his inability to succeed in landing cunt; one grope and all female interest was lost. It was a bit different with men; they groped and found little of interest but they turned him over and fucked him anyway. Of course, they all discovered once they had him stripped a task that was only complicated if he was too pissed to assist that he was younger than they had believed, but that discovery never prevented any of them from fucking him regardless. Surprisingly, the older they were the more enthusiastically they fucked him.

No matter how much they enjoyed his arse, none of them ever showed more than a passing interest in his front, there simply was not enough there to do anything serious with and this was a source of constant disappointment to Paddy; girls were not interested in his prick, and men weren't either.

Paddy's one good friend was a lad of the same age called Gary. Like Paddy, Gary was tall, less than an inch shorter than Paddy, but that was where the physical similarity ended. Gary was slender to the point of being skinny; he had a mass of curly black hair that he wore to almost shoulder length and he gothed himself up a bit by using black eyeshadow, black eyeliner and black lipstick. His face, though long and angular, was far from unattractive, and with only a minor change of clothing he could easily have been mistaken for a girl.

His slightly feminine characteristics were mingled with a squaddy's swagger and a willingness to fight anyone who displeased him, inflicting notable damage on more than one occasion. This combination of macho maleness and feminine delicacy had cunt flocking around him and his cock had sampled its first before he was fourteen. He also had a boyfriend, a guy in his mid forties who ran a corner shop and who had introduced Gary to cock a couple of months after he discovered cunt.

Gary found that fucking cunt and being done by a man are two very different experiences and, sensibly, decided that he liked them both, shagging as many girls, and one older woman, as he could get hold of and, whilst never letting go of his manfriend, not restricting himself to just the one cock.

This side of his sexual activities were known only to the men who did him and to Paddy. The other side was widely broadcast and the spread information kept the cunt queuing up for him. He had tried passing a couple on to Paddy, but the size of Paddy's equipment soon became general knowledge and resulted in a complete zero as far as female interest was concerned.

"Good night out?" Gary enquired, referring to his friend's Friday night in town.

"Got pissed an' got fucked again," Paddy groaned, "Nothin' else, just fucked."

Gary sympathised; he knew, naturally, of Paddy's endowment problem and his consequent difficulties in getting his front parts treated in the manner a boy's front parts should be treated. Though not ridiculously endowed himself, his just over five, medium thick inches had always excited both male and female interest and he was well aware of the fun he had and his friend was missing out on. He was tempted to suggest that they spend an hour or so in bed to help Paddy out, but knew it would be counter-productive because a three and a bit inch cock held no interest for him either and it would just end up with Paddy getting fucked again. He did resolve, however, to enquire from his man if he knew of anyone who might be interested in a solidly built, six feet tall, boy of nearly sixteen with a three inch prick.

"Know of someone who might be interested in you," he told Paddy a week or so later, "Only thing is, he ain't exactly young; definitely granddad age."

"What, like fifty?" Paddy asked.

"More like seventy," Gary answered, "Though he ain't fat an' bald or nothing. Looks more sixty than seventy."

"You tried him?"

"Nah," Gary shook his head, "Mate of me man's. Apparently he likes `em young, so ain't bothered about a little cock."

"Ain't exactly young, am I," Paddy pointed out. Both boys knew that by `young' they were referring to something a good four or five years less than their present almost sixteen.

"Reckon if you shaves off your pubes, balls an' all, an' get rid of anything on your legs or under your arms, he might well go for it; be well kinky for him like."

"Ain't got no hair on me legs," Paddy remarked.

"Nah," Gary enthused, "An' you was nearly as big as you is now when you was eleven, so if you makes yourself eleven again, it'd probably get him well going."

"I can spunk now though," Paddy pointed out.

"Make it even kinkier for him, won't it," Gary urged, "Kid of eleven what spunks."

Paddy was, understandably, uncertain. It was one thing to go into town on the pretence of finding a woman and getting pissed and ending up in some guy's bed instead; that was just the way things worked out. But to actually arrange to meet a guy and one well old enough to be his grandfather as well and to do it stone cold sober, well......that was definitely a bit on the gay side and Paddy was not gay; it was just that the only sex he'd so far managed to get was with guys, that's all.

He voiced his concerns to Gary who dismissed them as irrelevancies.

"Course it ain't gay," he snorted, "You just wants yer cock seein' to, that's all, an' there's nothin' gay in that. All kids wants their cocks done, only natural, in't it. It's a bit kinky, yeh, but that'll just add to the fun, won't it."

Tempted, Paddy dealt with the temptation in the only way temptation should be dealt with he gave in to it, even going so far as to dig out a photograph of himself at eleven and having his hair cut in the same young boy style it had been then.

That simple act took years off him, there was no way now, even with the false age ID that Gary's shopkeeper man had given him months ago, that he'd even get inside a bar, let alone be served; so hair cut meant bridges burned and he allowed his mate to arrange the date.

Grandfather turned out to be far better than Paddy had feared, looking no more like seventy than Paddy now looked sixteen, and although the old guy was a bit surprised by Paddy's size, he went along with the deal, getting quite excited when Paddy showed him some photographs of primary school, where he stood head and shoulders above any of the other nine year olds around him.

Back in the old guy's house there was no wasting time before getting down to business, without the benefit of one single alcoholic drink, Paddy found his clothing skilfully and expertly removed, presenting his totally smooth nakedness to the lustful gaze of the old man.

"Fucking hell," the old boy breathed with delight as he feasted eyes on Paddy's well developed and utterly hairless body, complete with its incongruously small three inch erection that was plastered against his stomach. "Fucking hell," he breathed again and set straight to work with his mouth, swallowing Paddy whole, cock and balls together.

"Oh yes," Paddy moaned as his genitals were treated properly for the first time, "Oh yes, that's good, do it more," he groaned and begged and he groaned and begged some more when the guy released his cock and chewed on his nipples instead.

This was unlike anything Paddy had experienced before; for a whole hour the guy just sucked, felt and kissed him he only bothered to remove his shirt when he wanted to get his tongue down Paddy's throat and feel naked boyflesh pressed against his own, much older version.

He kept whispering in Paddy's ear that he absolutely adored young boys and that he wished he'd come across Paddy when he really was eleven, but with his undergrown prick and total smoothness, he was a pretty good imitation now of what he would have been like then.

With one exception Paddy could, and did, spunk. That was a bit of a surprise for granddad because, although he had had countless cocks achieve orgasm in his mouth, they had all been little boy cocks and their cummings had all been nice and dry; Paddy's was not! He gave granddad warning, hissing loudly that his sperm was on the way, but he left his warning till the cream was on its way and had only some two inches left to travel before it hit tongue, palate and throat.

Granddad reacted valiantly, swallowing as best he could for, despite Paddy's cock being small, its output was not. Fortunately, the size of Paddy's organ left plenty of room inside for sperm and the old boy managed to keep it all and eventually consume it.

For Paddy, this was a magic moment, his first ever in-mouth spunking and the pleasure of knowing his cream was being eaten added considerably to his orgasmic delight.

The old man, when he'd recovered from the shock of having his mouth filled with spunk, grinned evilly.

"So that's why boys enjoy blowing me so much," he smirked, "That stuff tastes really good."

Paddy then got fucked of course; every time he met a man in circumstances like this he got fucked, which didn't bother Paddy because he had to admit he did really rather enjoy being fucked, even more so when he got a decent eating out first, and granddad was an expert at eating boy's holes.

"Pretty good, really," Paddy informed Gary when they met again, "For an old man. Just wish I could get something young for a change. It's fine being shagged by men, but I'd really love something a lot younger than seventy, something I could fuck."

"How young?" Gary asked out of interest; anything to do with sex interested him.

"Don't fuckin' care," Paddy said forcefully, "Just young, young and fuckable."

"He wants another meeting." Gary told Paddy the next time they met and Paddy sighed resignedly. Why oh why did it always have to be old men? There must be a girl out there somewhere who'd put up with his little cock. Or a boy; he'd do it with a boy, a nice, young, fuckable boy.

There was one small difference from the first meeting; small because the boy did not reach higher than Paddy's chest when they stood facing each other.

"Jimbo," granddad introduced the boy who could surely not have reached the advanced age of eleven. "Like cock, don't you, Jimbo."

"Love it," the little lad beamed, his eyes full of lust.

Granddad pointed to the video camera, set up in the middle of his lounge;

"You fuck him and I film it," granddad grinned, "Something to show to new boys to help them get in the mood."

Paddy did not need to ask what mood they would need to be got into.

"Come on, Jimbo, let the dog see the rabbit," granddad urged the small boy and without further urging the little lad shed his clothing, revealing to Paddy a sight that he knew he should not find at all appealing, and certainly not as appealing as he did find it.

The boy was small, slender and, obviously, completely hairless with a little, very upright, prick that rivalled the one Paddy possessed, which was, incidentally, also very upright for a reason Paddy could not fathom.

Paddy's clothes joined the boy's on the floor and he found himself subjected to an appraising pre-teen gaze.

"Fuckin' hell," the kid commented, "That ain't very big, is it! Can it spunk?" he asked with evident concern.

"Yes!" Paddy snapped, irritated that such a little kid would dare ask such a question,

"Better fuckin' prove it then," the boy giggled and threw himself on the sofa, eager for games to begin.

Games did begin, and poor Paddy found, first with horror, then with dismay and finally with resignation, that kissing a pre-teen boy was a terrifyingly pleasant experience. Nothing like as terrifyingly pleasant as being sucked by one though, even more so because he knew that every moment of this perverted activity was being captured on video for posterity.

The boy's arse, Paddy's first arse, tasted delicious and when the time came to fuck him which he did with surprising ease (though, considering the size of Paddy's cock and that the boy he was going in had been entered many, many times by weapons far longer and thicker, it shouldn't really have been surprising) Paddy found he was in his element.

He'd longed for this moment, the moment when he fucked and fucked and fucked. He'd always imagined it would be a girl's cunt he would use, never a pre-teen boy's arse, but he'd never really even been specific about that. He just wanted a fuck, any sort of fuck would do; just something good to stick his cock in. He'd even told his mate, Gary, that all he wanted was something young to fuck and he'd be happy with a boy.

"Got what you wanted, didn't you?," Gary had sniggered when Paddy, with a mixture of shame and horror had recounted the events to him; "Be more careful what you wish for next time, never know if dreams might come true."

Paddy sighed, size did matter after all; no point in putting a little rod in a big hole, probably wouldn't even touch the sides.