Paidi Nisi (Boy Island)



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“Every word of this is a lie, and my readers should put no trust in it at all.” (Lucian of Somosata, 115-190 CE from “The True History.”)

Like many fiction stories, this one plays fast and loose with some real events. Places can be either real or imaginary. Most of the places or settings for action, Athens, Copenhagen, and others, are real. Paidi Nisi is? Events can be real or imaginary. If the reader has difficulty always knowing which is which, I have done my job.

I have tried to work references for quotes, songs, poems, plays, etc. into the text, at or near their first occurrence. My characters do not always use STD protection, they are not living persons and don't need it. You, the reader, are, you do.

I am supposed to tell you that this story contains material that may be offensive to some readers: If you are a homophobe, misanthrope, bigot, or a fundamentalist believer in just about any faith, you probably will be. I did truly try. If you are offended by graphic descriptions of sex between two or more human beings, such as: between boys, between boys and men, between men and men, between men and women and boys and girls; you probably should not read this story — you probably should read it, but I suspect you will not. If you are looking for graphic descriptions of extreme violence, the killing and or maiming of other humans, you will probably be disappointed. If you are looking for little more than one bedroom scene after another, you may be disappointed.

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Paidi Nisi (Boy Island)



One: Two New Members

The Aphrodite sailed slowly into Paidi Nisi's harbor, sounding three long blasts from its air horns. The vessel eased in against the dock bumpers, lines dropped to waiting hands. By the time the lines were secured to the mooring posts, most of the inhabitants had gathered, to greet their seagoing comrades and leader Anthanasius, usually called Thanos, Papas. The Aphrodite was bringing supplies, more importantly, it was bringing a new mathematics and science tutor and two new boys.

Paidi Nisi is inhabited by some 18 souls, more or less. Thanos, his three biological sons and now 4 adopted boys, Dinosthenis (Dem) Koronios, MD, his life partner, 3 tutors, 2 medical/dental staff and 6 others, mostly former E.T.A. (Special Parachute/Airborne or Special Forces). In addition, there are 6 more staff and two other tutors, who are on educational sabbatical or receiving further education. These 8 rotate with the non-medical staff on a six-month basis. Once on the island, the boys only ever leave it when accompanied by Thanos or Dem. When they are 18 or in university, they will be allowed to leave on their own. That has not happened yet.

The Aphrodite is a modern 60 m (200ʹ) yacht, powered by three huge Cat marine, diesel engines. She cruises at 30 Kn (knots) and tops out around 40 Kn. The island has a resident helicopter, a Twin Otter and Cessna 195, several small sailing and power boats, along with a small fleet of Sea-Doo's. Given the small population, everyone, including Thanos, must pull his own weight and that of several others as well. The adults are paid very well. The non-taxable fringe benefits of unlimited boy sex helps. Everyone is highly loyal to the community. They have bonded in the best of the old Greek Way. Something like Bonobos in the social use of sex and Chimpanzees in the male bonding aspects. The males of Paidi Nisi use sex as the glue which holds everything together. That sex has no age restrictions. Well it does, but since there are no small children on the island, a moot point.

Paidi Nisi is a pedophile's paradise, but it is a lot more than that. That is the way Thanos and Dem wanted it to be and that is what they built; it is a way of life. Not everyone is a pedophile or homosexual. It is a relatively small Aegean island with a good harbor. The island is not self-sufficient in anything much, except seafood. It has lovely beaches, low hills, with some moderate local relief, the remains of a medieval monastery, and some other small deposits of archaeological interest. It is a dry place with poor soil. Greece has over 3000 islands, many are not inhabited on a full time basis. This one is just a bit out of the way, and has been associated with the Papas family for a long time.

The two new boys, Sevastian (Sebastian) and Maksimilian (Maximilian) had been collected by Thanos and Dem, earlier in the fortnight. Dem is Thanos' oldest and best friend, life partner, and the medical resident on Paidi Nisi. The boys had been in St. Petersburg for several days, in the care of a matron or Babushka (Babushka, old woman or grandmother) hired by Thanos for this purpose. A Babushka, as spelled in English, is a woman's headscarf, folded into a triangle and tied under the chin, worn by Russian and other eastern European peasant women. Elena is a retired grade school teacher, who never had children of her own. She is a true grandmother figure, and supplementing her meager pension, by supervising orphans in transit, helps considerably.

Thanos and Dem wanted the boys to visit the cultural sights and get to know each other. Seb and Max had not known each other before being brought to St. Petersburg from their respective orphanages. Dem thought it would be a good idea to let the boys get acquainted before he stormed into their lives, placed them on the Aphrodite, and sailed for a good week to Paidi Nisi. In addition, while everything was supposed to be ready to go, Thanos knew the Russian bureaucracy could be, shall we say, bureaucratic to a fault. He had arranged for Elena and the boys to stay at one of the finest hotels, while he and the others would remain on the Aphrodite.

It did take two extra days to get all the paperwork organized, in addition to several “additional” cash payments. Your author is being overly polite, these were bribes, pure and simple. Now it was all done. The boys were his sons. Thanos is only 28, he is sure the boys will be expecting a much older man. They will be expecting 5 older brothers. Elena had been given a lot of information about Thanos, Dem, and the Papas family, including pictures of himself, his lover and the brothers, the island and the Aphrodite.

Thanos and Dem had met the lawyers and their corporate representatives. Within minutes of the papers being officially signed, four of the Aphrodite's non-child crew members were at their sides: dad, physician/godfather/uncle and two bodyguards Georgios (George) and Nikolas (Nicholas, better known in both Greek and Russian as Nik). Thanos introduced himself and the others, and thanked Elena for taking such good care of his new sons; giving her a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. The men were all dressed in naval uniforms, dress whites. It was obvious that George and Nik had handguns under their jackets.

“I hate to just show up and run, but if we hurry we will be able to catch the tide.” Thanos thanked Elena again, reminding her that the hotel room was paid for and suggesting she stay the night. “I have also arranged for a car to take you home, just let the Concierge know about 30 minutes before you wish to depart.”

Elena gave the boys some last-minute instructions in Russian. Both boys gave her hugs and kisses on the cheeks, picked up their back packs and stood at military attention, bringing a smile to the men's faces. George went into the hall first and Nik followed behind their charges.

“Mr. Papas, do George and Nicholas have guns?” Max asked as they entered the elevator. Since Thanos, George and Nik do not speak any appreciable amount of Russian and the boys do not speak any Greek, Max spoke in English. His English is passable, as was Seb's. Both George and Nik laughed at the question and smiled.

Thanos smiled. “Yes they do, Max, but only until we are safe on the Aphrodite, then they will put them away.” The boys looked at each other. They both had lots of questions, Thanos knew this, he had already adopted two other boys, albeit Greeks, but any ten-year-old boy being adopted would have lots of questions.

“We have many different jobs, but right now George and I have the job of protecting Max, Seb. St. Petersburg is a dangerous place for rich foreigners with newly adopted sons. In fact, one of the local gangsters has been trying to find a way to get money from the Papas family for some years,” George informed them.

“Would they try and kidnap us? We're just poor orphans,” Seb asked, in a kind of squeaky voice.

“Not any more you're not, you are now the sons of a very rich Greek shipping magnate,” George broke in.

The doors opened, and Thanos held his finger to his lips, a more or less universal signal to stop talking. They trouped to the front door and went into the street with the mid-afternoon sun blazing. Across the street was a black, American-built SUV with heavily tinted windows. Nik now led the way, moving about 20 meters (65ʹ) down the block, toward a black limo. Thanos and Dem made sure the boys were between them, with George following right behind.

They quickly got on Nevsky Prospekt and headed west, crossed the Bolshaya Neva on Dovrtsovy Moct (bridge) to Universitetskaya Nab, and on to Bolshoy Prospekt and the marine Passenger Terminus, where a fast motor launch was waiting, to ferry them across the harbor to the Aphrodite. No sooner had everyone got out of the limo, than a local Papas Shipping Company employee jumped in and drove off. The black SUV, having been delayed by the traffic, pulled in and, seeing the limo driving away, followed it, letting two tall dark-suited men off first.

Our heroes ran through the terminal, down several flights of stairs, and onto a small dock, at the far end of the terminal. Thanos lowered the boys, one at a time, into the launch and Dem's outstretched arms, jumping in himself. The boys thought this was a game and great fun. George and Nik followed. Both the boys were wide-eyed as their guards holstered their 9-mm weapons. By the time the two gangsters realized where the boys and escorts had gone, it was too late, they were already several hundred meters (yards) from shore. The boys were more then excited, this was a very fast boat, literally skimming across the water of Vasilyevsky Ostrov. It was exciting for everyone.

George and Nik embraced, patting each other on the back, it was like old times, they told the boys, when we were in the Greek (Hellenic) Navy; as Dem and Thanos reluctantly released the lads from their protective embraces. The Aphrodite's three engines were warmed up and running. No sooner had Nik, the last to embark, placed his foot on the lower step, she eased forward, moving at the fastest, safe speed possible, until they cleared the breakwater at the harbor entrance; then at cruising throttle to Denmark.

Thanos and his little party gathered in the main deck lounge with most of the crew and the boys' new brothers. Introductions were under way when Thanos' satellite phone began ringing. He looked at the caller ID, one he did not recognize, but it was a local number, why should he?

“Thanos Papas,” he answered, pressing the speaker phone key.

“Mr. Papas, I don't take kindly to interlopers spoiling my plans.”

“Mr. Popoff, I take even less kindly to anyone threatening my family.”

“Papas Shipping will pay dearly for this embarrassment.”

“Mr. Popoff, Papas Shipping is a family business, any attack on it will be treated as an attack on my family. If you think the incompetence of your henchmen is embarrassing, just think about what it will look like when your name gets publicly connected with it. How will your daughter, who is in England, or your oldest nephew, who is in New York City, respond to the evening news story that lays out how your attempted extortion and kidnapping was thwarted by two 10-year-old boys and their new ‘playboy’ father.”

“Mr. Papas, don't be such a fool, you can not hide from me. I told you before, to do business in Russia you must purchase protection and consulting advice from me.”

“Mr. Popoff, I suggest you rethink who is being foolish; I am not intimidated by you, I am not the one in hiding, it is you that can't show his face. An 18th century American diplomat said it best, ‘millions for defense, not one cent for tribute.’” Thanos cut the call off.

“Did you get that on tape?”

“Yes, father.” Thanos was delighted, one could see it in his expression, Max and Seb looked puzzled, and the others just had their normal expressions on their faces.

“Yannie, file your story, post it on our web site and name, names, include their phone numbers. You can get Popoff's from the Sat Phone memory. Call those Canadians, you know the ones from the CBC radio program, ‘As It Happens.’ Popoff will be hoisted by his own petard, and we will just help him along with it.”

“Nai, Kyrios,” (Yes, Sir) Yannie replied with a brief and rather mocking salute. This brought a chuckle from his brothers. Yannie is one of the older boys, at 14.

“It is acceptable to… to not properly respect the father (pateras), and what is a petard?” Seb questioned the nearest boy, a very tall one at that.

“Good questions, little brother. It is not disrespectful to have fun with mpampas (dad), he loves us and is our friend, it would be disrespectful to not honor his reasonable request or instruction. He wants us to have fun and enjoy whatever it is we are doing. Often he makes a game out of less than pleasant or uninteresting tasks for us. He wants us to ask honest questions about his actions as a kind of test. Daddy can laugh at himself and hopes we will make sure he does not take himself overly seriously. When he is commanding the Aphrodite or making decisions for the family or the business, that is different. That is respect of office. Do you understand the difference?” Seb nodded, but Constantine knew he didn't any more then he had at 10, asking about the same question.

“As to a petard. Being hoisted on or by his own petard, means literally ‘blown up by one's own torpedo or explosive.’ English and French speakers use it whenever a trick, trap, or device backfires and victimizes its perpetrator.” Seb's face broke into a wide smile. He has a devilish mind and a keen sense of humor.

Much later that evening, Thanos had his interview with Ms. Findlay (the host of the Canadian Broadcasting Corp.'s radio interview/news program “As It Happens,” at the time of writing. Mary Lou Findlay has since retired. The program continues 40+ years now.). She asked him to describe what happened and why, getting right to the point. How the boys reacted and so on. She also interviewed a Russian journalist from St. Petersburg, since Popoff refused to take her call. He was not overly kind to Popoff either.

“Before we do the tour, you two need uniforms. Get your stuff and follow me,” Jason stated in a matter-of-fact kind of way. Seb and Max picked up their back packs and followed him out of the lounge and into a passageway. Max and Seb did not have much in the way of things. Most were left at the orphanages for other children, a few things, family keepsakes in storage, would be shipped under separate cover to Athens.

“This is the head,” (nautical term for toilet) “the showers are over there,” Jason pointed out. The head is a rather large room with several toilets, urinals, sinks and a large communal shower with several spouts. In a way it was like the one the boys were accustomed to at the orphanage. Most of the staterooms had heads attached, as did the boys' room, but they are relatively small. Each of the adults has their own room or cabin. Several staterooms were unoccupied too. The boys, all seven of them, shared one large dorm. This was part of the plan, part of the boy-boy bonding. When Thanos brought his first three into his household, at age 10, he instituted this idea. His three biological sons had different mothers. They were raised in their mothers' households, mostly by grandparents and nannies.

Thanos and Dem were wild boys as teens. Rich, spoiled, brats would be a better description. They were buddies and friends since they had been small children, having grown up in adjacent houses, in a very exclusive part of Athens. This is not to say they were doing hard drugs or highly illegal things. It is to say they were more then a handful when it came to pranks, general disobedience, chasing both boys and girls, partying, and just being teenagers with way too much time and money on their hands. Thanos managed to get three girls pregnant in the space of a month. Dem and Thanos managed to fuck most of the neighborhood boys and several more girls. They were all playing a game based on porn videos. The kids would draw an actor's name from a hat. Someone would draw the scene they were in and then play the part, recreating it. This was great fun for both the boys and the girls. For that two months of summer, it was teenage sex heaven. As school started, in the fall, the wheels began to fall off the wagon, as it were. Some of the boys and girls headed for their boarding schools, others to their local private school. It did not take long for three of the girls to realize they were in that family way, obviously outside of wedlock.

To say the least, their parents were more than upset. All the parents were upset with this kind of behavior. The parents of the girls demanded some kind of action. Dem had been the prime organizer, and Thanos the prime stud. At first it was not clear who the father or fathers were, but once blood test results came in, Thanos claimed, or had proclaimed upon him, the honor. Funny, isn't it, he gets honor and she gets dishonor. (Your not so humble narrator is always tempted to expound on philosophical topics like this. I do not beg forgiveness but beg for the reader's understanding and thoughtfulness.)

Thanos' and Dem's fathers were irate at first, they were considering any number of medieval punishments. Cooler heads prevailed. Between these men, they were proud of their sons, but not proud of the gossip and tongue clicking their activities produced. It was Dem's uncle that proposed a solution to the problem. The Papas and Koronios families would cover the cost of sending the girls to a private school in Canada, for a year, so the babies could be born. They would be given the Papas family name. The children would be raised by their mothers and their families, with the aid of a nanny employed by the Papas' and Koronios'. The father and uncle/godfather (Thanos and Dem) would be given visitation rights. At age 10, the children would come to live with Thanos, who would insure the mothers had frequent visitations, and so on. It was kind of an arrangement like ancient Sparta and Athens combined. If any of the girls wished to wed before the child was 10, then it could come and live with Thanos and his family. Dem had to become the godfather of each child. This may not seem like much to non-Greeks, in Greek culture it is an important role. Dem and Thanos would jointly raise and care for “their sons.” If that was to mean neither one or both could find a female mate, willing to share in this, so be it.

Thanos and Dem also had a large heap of restrictions put on them and their activities, which lasted for several years. It was hard for them and for the young ladies. None of these teens were ready for parenthood at 14. They all were friends before, and remained friends after. Taking the boys to live with dad caused a bit of strain on these relationships, fortunately none of the children were girls. That would have no doubt complicated things.

This was the old Spartan way. Boys were taken from the mothers at 7 in those days. They lived and trained together, mostly in sports and arts of war. Sparta was famous for its fighting forces. They believed the strongest fighters were bonded; many were heterosexual pairs, but many more were homosexual pairs. Men who fucked each other, or heterosexual couples who were in the military together and loved each other, would fight harder to protect that lover. In ancient times, women expected this. In modern times, it was easy to agree but much harder to implement. Other Greek city states had systems not unlike the Spartans', including Athens. The Athenians, like other Greek city states, viewed sex between males as not only normal but desirable. Do not misunderstand, modern Greek society and the Orthodox Church have substantially different views on things today. Greek society, today, is for the most part quite liberal.

Thanos and Dem eased the situation, by not moving the boys to Paidi Nisi until they were 11 and then only for about half of the year. They adopted two 10-year-old Greek boys, when their biological sons were 12, and now two more.

“Why do we all share the same room, this ship has lots of empty bedrooms?” Max asked. Not only was this exciting but a little confusing.

“That is a reasonable question. I don't know exactly, it is just the way dad wants it, I guess. When we came two years ago, our brothers all shared one large room. Photois told me, when they came from their mother's homes to dad's, that is the way he organized it, ‘so we could get to know each other better.’ Sharing things is a good way to build the bonds of brotherhood. We share everything except toothbrushes and I not always sure about that,” Jason responded.

“In the orphanage it was almost impossible to have anything personal,” Seb said.

“You can have personal things in this family. When I said share, I meant things like uniforms, sports equipment, beds, our bodies, love between us, things that everyone uses or needs. We all have personal stuff, our own friends outside the family, hobbies, stuff like that. For now just put your back packs in the lockers with your names on them.” The names of each boy was embossed on a locker in Greek. Since the Russian or Cyrillic alphabet is based on the same characters, Seb and Max could read them. “Our uniforms are in those bureaus over there. The uniforms are all the same, except for sizes of course.”

The uniforms are based on white T-shirts for warm weather, and long sleeved white pullovers for cooler. Blue, spandex blend shorts or blue and white spandex blend, long pants. White socks and blue runners. There are jackets and specialized clothing for different sports and activities, all in a range of sizes.

“We tend to go naked as much and as often as we can, and we do as many things together as is possible and practical. When we are on the island, with no visitors, it is almost a given, unless we need some special clothing for sports, work or other activities, we are naked. In the city it is different, we can only be naked in our dorm complex. Now you two need showers. I need one too. Strip and put your laundry in that large basket.” Jason disrobed, pulling off his T-shirt and long pants. He stood naked and proud, watching his two younger brothers hesitantly discarding their jeans, shirts, undies, and socks. Kon came in at this point and immediately stripped.

“Are we taking a shower?” Kon inquired. He reached out, engulfing Max's shoulders, the closest boy to him. “I'll show you the way.” Max knew the way, it was just across the passage, but said nothing. He was not accustomed to older boys being quite so friendly and open with him. In the orphanage, with age came rank. The younger ones were never allowed to forget that. Not that the older boys were overly mean, but they did demand respect from the younger ones. Not here, not yet anyway. Kon and Jason showed Max and Seb how to give themselves their daily enema and shower on shipboard, where water must be conserved. Max and Seb had no idea why they needed a daily internal cleaning, but if those are the rules, they figured, those are the rules.

Jason and Kon paid close attention to every detail of the younger boys' bodies, as their soap-covered hands slipped along the smooth young forms, carefully sliding the foreskin back and cleaning the penises. Max and Seb are both lean of body and long of limb. Max has a longer body then Seb. Both are very blond and pale, almost pasty white, but that would soon change in the Aegean sun. Both boys have very narrow waists and small but well defined little butts. Their 12-year-old brothers are taller, with much wider shoulders and muscled abdominals. The older boys have very well developed genitals. In fact, their scrotums are as developed as most 14 or 15 year olds' and their penises are at least 12 or 14 cm (5 and a bit inches) when soft. Not only were they long, but they looked semi-erect, sticking straight out at all times; their abdominal muscle development tended to pull the penis and scrotum up. This did not go unnoticed by Max and Seb. Boys, of all ages, normally check out other boys, when in the showers. Now that it was their turn to soap down their new brothers, it was their turn for body exploration.

Kon and Jason had already begun teaching Max and Seb to speak Greek, making sure to tell them the Greek word or words for things as well as the English. Pointing to his head Jason said, “head, kefali,” his eye, “eye, mati,” and so on. They got big smiles at, “penis, plinas.” They both would get Max and Seb to repeat the words. They were mostly nouns, body parts, objects, rooms, things like that.

“Just throw the towels into that basket when finished,” Kon instructed them. While the boys were drying off, the older ones put on a little show of crotch and ass grab, some kissing, and lots of mutual assistance. Max and Seb took the assistance hints, if not the crotch and ass grab and kissing parts. As they entered the passageway Jason pointed to the TV camera grabbed his penis and wiggled it smiling up at the camera. “Say hi to the bridge,” he said. Each of the others followed his lead. “to our men, a naked boy is the second most important in their lives.” Kon said.

“And the most important?” Max inquired.

“Loving us and being loved by us.” Kon replied as they entered the boys' dorm. Once in the room he explained that all the men on the Aphrodite and on Paidi Nisi were boy lovers. Most of them wanted sex with the boys and all of the boys wanted sex with them and each other.” He assured Max and Seb that wanting and having are two different things. They were under no obligation, expectation, or pressure to share their bodies with anyone, ever. They were in control of their own bodies. “If you don't want to do something, you just say no. No means no, with no questions asked or comments made.” Max and Seb both wondered if the adults would honor this idea. Each in his own way thought it best to just wait and see.

“Since the evening temperatures on the Baltic will be cool, I think we should switch to long pants and light jackets,” Jason announced as they approached the uniform cabinet. Kon was standing between, his hands drifting down the backs and butts of Max and Seb, urging them to step forward. In the cabinet were shelves with T-shirts, shorts and swimwear, neatly folded, sitting in piles labeled small, medium and large. In size-segregated bins at the bottom were paired socks. Along the right side were drawers with jock straps and underwear. The jock straps were only for the older boys and came in medium and large, the underwear came in three sizes and only in white, as thongs or skin-tight, low-rise boxer briefs. (Thongs for hot weather and boxer briefs for colder conditions.) Along the left side hung slacks separated by length and jeans by length and waist. Shoes were also on shelves labeled by name. Max and Seb were surprised to see their names. Sweaters, light and medium jackets, etc. were organized in the same general way. Ball caps which are adjustable hung from little hooks. “In your personal lockers you will find things like toothbrushes, prescription eyewear, if you need it, and things like that.”

Jason explained how to find your correct size. On the inside of the right cabinet door was a small chart that noted the inseam length of each boy along with waist size, and small, medium, large notations. “When on the Aphrodite or Paidi Nisi, we wear our shorts or slacks and T-shirts, or sweatshirts. When we go ashore or in Athens we wear jeans or jean shorts and T's, with or without jackets. The underwear is only used when we wear jeans, no underwear for the blue and whites.” The blue and whites are quite special in makeup and design. The material is a special Lycra blend that is unbelievably soft but with body-hugging abilities. The material clings to the body almost as if painted on. The cut is low rise with a wide, white waist band. The back has a seam which pulls the material deep into the butt crack. For the shorts, an inseam of 5 cm (2 inches) in the form of a wide white band, circles the legs. The body is light blue, and the front has a pouch design with two Velcro secured openings, on either side of the front panel, something like Lederhosen. These are unbelievably sexy, as are the pants. Which are blue and white, cut the same as the shorts, but with an inseam that comes to the foot. The legs and seat are white, the only blue is the front pouch. In a way they fit like boxer briefs, but with long legs. The legs are wide enough to hang free from the top of the leg.

Kon quickly gathered his pants and pulled them on. Jason had him turn around and placing his hand on Kon's butt, drew his fingers along the butt seam, pressing deep into the crack. “Now turn around, please, see, our brother is a natural model,” Jason commented, as they all laughed. By this time Kon and Jason were fondling each other, bringing each other to full erections and gently kissing. Max and Seb were not quite sure what to make of all this. The boys all got dressed, since the T-shirts are form fitted, body hugging but not binding, they are to be tucked into the waistband of the pants or shorts. Jason and Kon carefully inspected the new boys, making sure to touch their backs, butts and get a good crotch feel. These Tee's have a large image of the goddess Aphrodite on the front and a small outline of the yacht, with Aphrodite in English and Greek. The image is blue. “When we are on the island or in Athens, we have different T-shirts,” Jason informed Max and Seb. Just at that point, the PA announced, dinner being served in the dining room.

“Our evening meal is a special time. Unless we are assigned to some critical task, like the helm of the Aphrodite, or exempted in advance, you must attend,” Kon told them. The four headed to the dining room.

The dining room is fitted with a huge round table, set up to seat 16 in its present configuration. Other configurations are possible. The room is easily capable of seating 45 at once. Along the port and starboard sides are long tables set up for serving, a bar is positioned aft and the galley forward. Both the port and starboard sides have large windows. This room, like almost every other, is well decorated by works of art. A few are bronzes, some watercolors but most are photographs. Most of the art is boy centered, it features boys and young men, mostly the brothers.