Paidi Nisi

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Ten: Confused or Just Wondering?

"Abbott: Well Costello, I'm going to New York with you. You know Bookie Harris, the Yankee's manager, gave me a job as coach for as long as you're on the team.

Costello: Look Abbott, if you're the coach, you must know all the players.

Abbott: I certainly do.

Costello: Well you know I've never met the guys. So you'll have to tell me their names, and then I'll know who's playing on the team.

Abbott: Oh, I'll tell you their names, but you know it seems to me they give these ball players now-a-days very peculiar names.

Costello: You mean funny names?

Abbott: Strange names, pet Dizzy Dean...

Costello: His brother Daffy.

Abbott: Daffy Dean...

Costello: And their French cousin.

Abbott: French?

Costello: Goof.

Abbott: Goof Dean. Well, let's see, we have on the bags, Who's on first, What's on second, I Don't Know is on third...

Costello: That's what I want to find out.

Abbott: I say Who's on first, What's on second, I Don't Know's on third..." (by Abbott and Costello)

In the mean time Phaedra and Mat headed for the elevators. A car arrived and the doors opened. Standing in the car were Stavros and Elias. They moved into the hall and Elias greeted Mat and Phaedra warmly, as old friends. They were old friends. Elias had accompanied Yannie to their home and other family functions many times. He introduced Stavros as the newest member of the Aphrodite's crew and ward of Mr. and Mrs. Papas. Mat was cordial, even friendly and shook Stavros' hand with a firm lingering shake. Phaedra was cold but polite. Stavros recognized Mat as the famous actor. "Your, your..."

"Yes, that is me at your service," Mat interrupted warmly.

"Mat and Phaedra are Yannie's mother and stepfather, Stavros."


"Do you know my stepson?"

"Oh yes, I know all the Papas boys and Papa told me they will be my new room mates."

"They are a fine lot, you could not ask for a better group of roommates. I am doing "The Birds" during the Olympics, I think all the boys should come with Yannie's sisters to the opening performance." Phaedra literally glared at him but said noting. Elias could see it and knew about the e-mails. He assumed she was just a bit unhappy about the meeting. (The Birds is a satirical comedy by Aristophanes)

"I would like that very much Sir." He did not feel it necessary to tell the famous actor he had never been to a live performance given by professionals before.

"Elias, give me a call and we can share the details, I think every one from Paidi Nisi and the Aphrodite should come if they wish." Elias shook his hand again and thanked Mat assuring him to be in contact. "Oh, congratulations on your new appointment." That really pissed her off but she still said nothing. Elias was sure Mat would get an ear full when the elevator doors closed.

Stavros is a very handsome lad. The apprentice dress whites he had on just added to it. The Aphrodite's uniforms which he would soon have on would look wonderful on this lad's body, Elias was thinking.


The executive offices have several very small apartments attached to them. These are mostly used when some kind of emergency requires the most senior staff to stay late or even all night. Some times they are used by those same executives for rest and at least today, passion.

A good dictionary would define passion in the following way:


n 1: strong feeling or emotion [syn: passionateness] 2: intense passion or emotion [syn: heat, warmth] 3: something that is desired intensely; "his rage for fame destroyed him" [syn: rage] 4: an irrational but irresistible motive for a belief or action [syn: mania, cacoethes] 5: a feeling of strong sexual desire 6: any object of warm affection or devotion; "the theater was her first love" or "he has a passion for cock fighting"; [syn: love] 7: the suffering of Jesus at the crucifixion [syn: Passion, Passion of Christ]

[note: The etymology of the word passion is beyond the scope of his story but the reader, as always, is encouraged to explore any interesting or puzzling references, presented.]

Except for the seventh meaning or definition, all of the above seemed to be applicable. Spiros reported to Thomas' office and after a very brief meeting. Thomas closed his blinds, ask his secretary to make sure they were not disturbed and they exited, via the side door into a blind hallway, accessible only from the exec offices. Along the hall were several small sleeping rooms, very much like small hotel rooms. Doors to the offices themselves and the executive washrooms. Each executive had his own room with some fresh clothing and personal hygiene/toiletries. The rooms are quiet nice but simple. A bed, small dresser, one chair with a small table, a telephone and computer jack, a small closet and attached toilet, sink and shower.

Thomas opened the door for Spiros, they stepped in and he locked it behind him. Their two bodies crushed together, pressing as much surface area of each as possible. The kisses were long and deep sending waves of emotion coercing though their bodies.

"Are you sure," Thomas whispered.

"Yes, yes."

Spiros was the quicker to the two. He had fewer items of clothing to remove. As Thomas drew his low rise briefs off Spiros lay on the bed his legs spread, his long hard penis pointing to the ceiling.

This was not a lover and his beloved, this was two equals sharing in their delight of each others presence. Their was something about this other person that demanded his body be kissed, held, petted, felt, smelled, tasted and explored. They delighted in the discovery of each others most sensitive an sensuous places. Spiros the boy, smooth, hairless, flawless, slim. Thomas more rugged, rather hair rich, with massive upper body muscles. Each taking his turn kissing and tasting his lover from head to foot, front to back. Thomas was less practiced in the skills of male sex, that did not seem to matter, his kisses and tongue sent shivers of desire through Spiros' body. Thomas realized early on his boy lover could do things to his masculinity that his wife had never even thought of. Those things sent electric like shocks through him.

Thomas leaned in and kissed the head of his boyhood. Spiros kissed him passionately for ten minutes or more, before whispering, "Close your eyes and enjoy this". Spiros kissed his way down his torso and Thomas began his moans of pleasure. When Spiros reached his throbbing erection, he slowly sucked it into his hungry mouth. He placed his hands on Thomas' scrotum and began a gentle massage. He used very slow strokes up and down the shaft as he wanted to prolong ecstasy as long as he could. Thomas' breathing became more rapid so Spiros pulled off. Spiros reached over to the night stand.

He lovingly told Thomas to keep his eyes closed, lubed his ass and a slim, five inch, vibrating dildo. Thomas jumped in surprise as it slowly eased it in. Once it was in all the way, he turned it on and Thanos let out a loud moan. Spiros returned his mouth to his lover's meat as he slowly worked the dildo in and out of his ass. He began a more rapid pace on his penis but remained slow with the dildo. He was searching for his target, and a sharp thrust of Thomas' hips signaled he hit the mark.

He held the vibrating love toy against his prostate while he worked feverishly on his pulsing erection. Thomas was writhing in ecstasy; filling Spiros' mouth with his wonderful nectar. Spiros withdrew the dildo and inserted his long erect penis. Having stretched the man sufficiently to make entry easy and painless. Spiros was skilled and sensitive. He knew Thomas gets very little butt action in Athens. In fact he gets none, no male sex at all, except when he comes to the island or on the Aphrodite.

Spiros fucked with slow and deep strokes attempting to engage the prostrate as much as possible. He knew that before long his lover would be erect and ready to deliver pleasure to him. To do what lovers do, share the joy between themselves. He sincerely hoped his lovely aunt would not be wanting any tonight, since he was intending to drain his uncle of that ability, for the short term.

Spiros and Thomas were playing a dangerous game. Not with each other but within the family. Sharing sex between male family members was not it either. The game was one of love. That old Greek Way of men loving boys and boys loving men while the men having heterosexual relationships and families. It is dangerous because modern society is not set up like the ancient Athenians were. Modern heterosexual or bisexual men are expected to love their wives. Not that modern men are not just as capable of loving a woman and a boy at the same time. Only that the society does not tolerate such things. His aunt would not understand it, his mother would not understand it, his father may not understand it, and not understanding it, not tolerate it.


When Stavros and Elias entered the office all the staff jumped up and come out of their offices clapping. They welcomed Stavros "on board" and praised Elias for becoming his sponsor. Stavros was just a bit take aback. Until someone show him the company wide e-mail, including his new picture. It announced his appointment, asked everyone to welcome him. Pointed out he was the youngest apprentice to be appointed in 25 years.

Ch: 10b New Boy -- New Joy

Grandmother Papas was her most patient and hospitable self. This was a large crowd and they ate dinner in the garden, seated at three long tables Stavros was placed between his new guardians, being the guest of honor. Martha had to admit that this was the first apprentice she and Spyridon had ever become guardians for. Having apprentices for dinner or at holidays was not uncommon. Many young men and young ladies honored their hospitality over the years. Unlike Spyridon she did not remember everyone's name. Often those who could not get home to family at holidays would be welcomed by them.

This boy was different, she realized that, but could not quite tell why. The Koronios' were also invited along with their granddaughters, Dem's sister and brother in law and so on. In all their were almost 50 people. The catering staff were amazed at how much food the boys managed to put away.

Upon arrival Stavros still dressed in his dress uniform showed all the poise and manors one would expect of a much older young man. Having younger sisters in his experience base, he was more relaxed with the younger girls than any of the brothers, even though Max and Seb were closer to their ages. When Dem came in Stavros showed he was just another teenage boy. Much to the delight of older ladies who expected this one to act just like the other grandchildren. He saw his medical hero and for a few minutes completely forgot he was a gentleman and apprentice officer, leaping up and running across the room to greet him and show him how well his nose had healed. That prompted many questions and stories began to flow. Photois was as usual taking hundreds of photographs. Until his grandmother finally asked him to stop and tell her and the other females about his new friend Jytte. Photois turned three or four shades of red but managed to deal with adolescent hormones and embarrassment, with just enough awkwardness to be cute and enough poise to be charming.

Kon, Jason, Max and Seb kept attempting to get out of the family lime light but without any real success. Thanos made sure they were intermixed with the younger cousins during the dinner. Everyone was encouraged to dance while Martha got to grill Stavros. She and Mrs. Koronios wanted to know all about this new ward. They were pleased to learn that he would be helping to support his younger sisters and that his grandparents were still living in Nafplion.

Dem finally sent Max and Seb to the mothers, "go and give your grandmothers some of that little boy sugar, liberating poor Stavros from the inquisition." They laughed and instantly appeared to carry out this pleasant mission. Jason and Kon are in the middle. They are physically just to big to sit on anyone's lap and not quite grown up enough not to want to. They liked being spoiled by these wonderful, loving ladies but they also wanted to be grown up like their older brothers.

Yannie seemed to have gotten over his stressful afternoon. Spiros and Thomas had not quite gotten over theirs. It was not stressful at all but acting like nothing but company business had occurred, was.

Thanos realized he had to do something before his brother did something foolish. What he had to do was get Thomas away for a while. He suggested Thomas join the Aphrodite expedition in Nafplion, which he could easily reach by land. The company could run without him in the office for a few days and his wife and daughters would also survive.

Stavros was bagged. He had been up early and on the bus to Athens. His day had been highly stressful. Not bad stress but the stress of the new, the exciting. The stress of meeting so many new people and trying to remember their names.

When it was time to head up stairs to the dorm, Elias was quickly muscled out of the way by a pack of teens, intent on leading this new boy into his new life. In school, Stavros had learned some French and English. He was not proficient in either. Max and Seb still needed to pick up a lot of Greek although they had made Herculean strides.

All of this had happened so fast that nothing was properly prepared for Stavros. He was not quite sure what to expect in the dorm room. Thanos and Dem followed the boys. Once inside they stood back for a few minutes as Jason took over. He showed Stavros around and gave him a brief rundown on the rules. When it came time for finding him a bed the poor boy was overwhelmed, every one offered to share with him until his own showed up. Stavros did not quite know what to do. He did not want to accept any offered for fear of offending the others.

Dem interceded at this point. "Either draw lots or two of you share and give him his own space. Did anyone ask Stavros if he minded sharing?"

"Seb and I share most nights anyway Stavros, please take my bed," Max offered.

"Are you sure Max?"

"Oh yes." Max took his hand and lead him to the bed.

"You boys get ready for bed while Dem and I have a brief word with Stavros, Okay." The boys complied and began getting ready. In no time at all they were running around naked, acting like overcharged teenagers, which most of them are. Dem and Thanos wanted to reinforce a couple of ideas to make Stavros just a bit more comfortable.

"Stavros, their are several things my father could not have warned you about, we think we must. If you are not completely comfortable in the dorm we will see that you have your own room. No one will take offence if you make that choice. We designed this set up to build family spirit and cooperation. Our sons are, as you can see, free spirits. They delight in being naked for example, they do this from free will. You just do what you feel comfortable with. They share almost everything and their is a good supply of what ever is needed, just ask if you need or can't find something. They are a very affectionate bunch but no boy is allowed to push himself on another boy or man. If they get to personal just tell them no or back off. We all respect each other and each others feelings, ideas and beliefs.

When my parents assumed your guardianship they instructed Dem and I to treat you exactly the same as the other grandchildren. Except in my role as Captain of the Aphrodite and Dem's as medical doctor we are effectively your parents now. You can address us as dad or Thanos or Dem, it is not disrespectful and will be appreciated. We welcome you to our family." Both Dem and Thanos were touching the boy in a non sexual way, having him between them, close enough to feel each other's heat.

"You will find our sons are very free with each other and many of the men physically. You are not suddenly in the company of homosexuals, intent on making you into something you are not or don't want to be. We are a group of bisexuals, mostly. You are under not obligation to engage in any sex play you are not comfortable with. The rule is ask first and accept the answer given, no comments or questions. Most of these boys will kiss and fondle each other without asking because they have given each other blanked permission. You are under no obligation to do that. I know them, they will all try to engage you, to make you as comfortable with us as possible."

"My sons," Dem started, "are the best sons a man can have. I am proud to add you to that list. I get a bit emotional at times and I will kiss you without asking, a dad's privilege. I hope you don't mind. Over the next few days all this will become a lot clearer. We realize you will not think of us as your new parents for a while. We do not expect it. We believe you will do so in your own time, because you will learn to respect and trust us and hopefully love us." Dem kissed him on the lips and Thanos on the cheeks. The men departed after kissing each of their sons. The boys were all over him as soon as the door closed.

Stavros was almost overwhelmed by what was happening. He had seen naked boys before and he had shared communal showers with them before. He even engaged in some of the boy horseplay that goes on in the locker room and with his buddies in the darkness. He was not prepared for all the kissing and fondling and shied away from it. He was not prepared to have most of his new brothers wash and dry his body but he sure liked it.

The boys quickly helped him get organized and even offered him some pyjamas but since none of them had them on, he declined. Crawling into bed naked but alone. The lad was just to tired to even think about any of this and was asleep long before all the sexual activity in the room could gain his attention.

In the morning Stavros slowly became aware of activity around him. His eyes finally focused in the dim light on one of the longest erections he had ever seen. Stavros has a very limited experience base. The erection belonged to Jason, it stuck almost straight out and due to his lack of pubic hair probably looked bigger than it is. Jason penis is long for his age at just under 17 cm (almost 7 inches). It originates from a smallish scrotum and an absolutely smooth body with only a hint of a tan line. "Good morning new brother, I have the honor of being your guide today," Jason announced extending his right arm and hand in a gesture to help Stavros up.

Jason noticed his hesitation as they approached the door. Since the bathroom is across the hall they would need to go into it naked or put something on. "Its Okay, no women are allowed up here when we are in residence, even grandmother. Well except for the girls on the computer screen, of course." Stavros began to giggle and by the time they hit the toilets was positively laughing. Jason showed him where everything was kept, towels, soap, shampoo, enema supplies and so on. He took a fresh tooth brush head from a drawer and with a marker wrote Sigma Tau on its shaft and handed it to him. "Tooth paste, deodorant and such along with the battery powered brush bases are in here." He opened the mirrored cabinet. "Spare batteries are with the brushes. Regular brushes in the same drawer it you prefer. But our Orthodontist wants us to use the electric brushes as much as possible.

By this time the others were coming and going with Yannie and Spiros snapping towels at each other and anyone else in range. Stavros was keeping a cautious eye on the goings on in the mirror, until one of the men came in to hurry the boys up. "How did you get stuck with showing me around Jason?"

"It is a privilege and an honor Stavros, but to answer your question; I drew this duty by lot, the way most of these things are done. We have this big jar with poker chips in it. Each chip has one of our initials on it. I put one in for you this morning. Anyway daddy Dem does not want us squabbling over things like this, when more than one wants to do something or if no one wants the task, we draw a chip. I was the lucky one this time."

"That seems like a fair way."

"When I came here I was ten and young boys were at the bottom of the food chain in my orphanage. I was overwhelmed so was Kon. Here we are the top of the food chain. We are treated like little princes. I don't mean everything is done for us. We are expected to do our share of everything from cleaning the toilets to taking a turn at the helm of the Aphrodite. They always try and make stuff fun and a learning experience."

"Next time we come to Athens you will have your own bed." Yannie told him, "Just take some street stuff from the closet. Our shipboard uniforms are already on the Aphrodite." The boys were all in jean shorts and T shirts. Jason explained how the clothing bit worked and how to find his size.

"For ordinary meals we serve ourselves and sit where we want too. When our grandparents are eating with us, we attend their needs as best they will let us. Max and Seb drew that duty today. You being new, will be expected to sit with them so they can fuss over you, you know how grandparents are."

"Yes they seem to try and spoil us don't they."

"The dad's think they do a good job of it and frequently say so, but we boys know it is "our men" that spoil us the most. You will see. Just don't ask for anything you really don't want, especially from Elias."

"What do you mean Jason."

"It is obvious Elias is, ah, Elias thinks of you in a special way. I don't know if the other men noticed but we boys have. That is a good thing, but remember when one cares for you as much as he does it is very easy to hurt his feelings, without intending to do so, that's all. A few weeks ago Max and Seb asked our language touter to teach them Danish, a language he does not speak and Danish Sign Language specifically, to communicate with their new Danish friend who is deaf. Now we are all learning Greek Sign Language until he gets himself up to speed on Danish. I'm not complaining, I don't want it to sound that way. We all want to learn and agreed to try, it will be fun to communicate with each other with the adults not having a clue. I think you see what I am talking about."

Jason took Stavros on a tour of the Aphrodite. Even he was impressed, the night watch had managed to make a place for him in the boy's dorm and placing his name on things. Not as impressed as Stavros, however. This was just the start of impressions.

Jason and Stavros were on the bridge with Thanos as the Aphrodite sailed into Nafplion. Stavros was getting excited. Pulling to the berth behind the office, Stavros could see many of his team mates and most of the office staff on the wharf.

"Why is uncle Thomas here dad," Jason asked?

"He brings important documents for Stavros, more to the point he is here as a surprise for Spiros."

Much to Stavros' shock and the helmsman's mirth, Jason embraced his dad kissing him over and over. Stavros was puzzled, not by a son expressing joy to his father but by anyone being so informal with the Captain.

"You are just the best dad ever."

Stavros was still puzzled since he had no idea why Thanos was the best dad ever, although he was sure the man must be right up their someplace. Or why their uncle's presence was a surprise for only one of them.

"Why don't you boys get ready to go ashore. We have much to do and not that much time to do it."

Jason giggled and turned around snapped his heals together and gave a quick salute. Stavros just have a quick formal salute.

"Jason has much to teach you Stavros but not all the lessons are worth learning," Thanos said with a broad smile on his face. Stavros could see this was not serious. As they went out Jason explained the difference between a suggestion and a direct order and reminded Stavros that it was important to keep dad from taking himself to seriously.

"He asks or suggests, we play the part of boys and groan or complain. Captain Papas seldom gives direct orders but when he does we jump. It is a fine line sometimes between being the parent and being the Captain."

"Like being a child and being an apprentice?"

"Yes, like that. The only thing we must remember is when in public he is Captain or Mr. Papas and Dem is always Doctor Koronios, Sir will also work for both of them. We do not salute unless we are in our dress uniforms or when it will make some kind of impression on visitors. You know sometimes you got to play the part, you know like Yannie's stepfather."

"Look man, I'm just a bit confused sometimes and I guess just a little afraid, does that make any sense?"

"Ya, lots to sense. It took me almost a week before I would even talk to any of the adults. Kon he just never shut up but me, I was just a bit skittish I guess. Anyway dad even tested my hearing to see if I had a problem. I finally told him how the adults and bigger boys at the orphanage would hit us with their open hands, not to leave marks, when we said something they didn't like. I just stopped talking to anyone, even the other kids, unless I had to answer a direct question."

"What did he do?"

"After he wiped the tears from his eyes he picked me up and pressed me so tight against his chest the stethoscope made an impression in my skin. He told me from that time on I was liberated from my self imposed exile. Then he said a Canadian friend of his always says "don't get mad, get even".

"Did you, you know, get even?"

"All I know is about a month later I got a letter from one of the other boys at the orphanage. He said they had all new adults. The old director resigned suddenly and they seemed to have lots of money, all the kids got new clothing and the food was much better. The four older boys that were mean to us, all very suddenly signed up to do their military service."

"How did you get even, what did you do?"

"That's just it, I did nothing but tell dad the truth. Once I got it out, I saw I was punishing myself for nothing. The people here were never going to hurt me, they all loved me, I knew that, but I had to face it and deal with it. I'm an introverted personality but I was using that as a crutch. Anyway dad told George and Vlasis to go and investigate. It turns out Vlasis' brother is a priest in that town. Maybe those changes happened after their confessions, you know their penance. No one ever said. That's just the way it works around here, you'll see."

"Explain something to me Jason," Jason nodded. "Why did you thank dad and why is Thomas' arrival a gift for Spiros?"

"Dad talked uncle Thomas into coming on our curse and spending some time on Paidi Nisi with us. He did this because Spiros wants to spend privet time with our uncle. Spiros is his favorite nephew and Thomas is his favorite uncle. All of us want to see them both happy."

"You mean your not jealous of Spiros?"

"Oh no, not at all. Thomas never lets on Spiros is his favorite but you can tell, just like I said about Elias and you. We know, so do our dads. Spiros has always adored Thomas, dad said from the time he was about three. They are like good buddies. You can feel the energy just being next to them. Look it gets real complicated but if you and Elias form some kind of bond we will be just as happy for you as we are for Spiros.

As soon as the lines were secured. Thanos had everyone assemble in the lounge. He instructed them to hurry and get into their dress uniforms and hid the porn until the visitors have disembarked. Kemp, Phillip and several of the other touters donned sports coats and slacks, the two nurses their uniforms.

Thomas and the local manager came on board and inspected the Ship's Company. He looked them over, "I am sure my father could find something wrong here but I can't."

Then everyone on the wharf was invited for a tour of Stavros' new workplace. Max and Seb served refreshments to the guests and the other boys served as tour guides. Stavros stood next to Thanos greeting everyone as they passed by. He did look very handsome in his white uniform. Everyone from the office came, of course. Stavros' family showed up, he greeted his mother and grandmothers, his sisters and even his father. Stavros Sr. was visibly proud of his son once his saw him standing next to the Captain, in his fancy white uniform. The Aphrodite was no small fishing boat and he recognized the professionalism of its crew.

Thomas had brought framed photographs of Stavros for his mother and grandmothers. More importantly he brought hand written letters to the ladies from Mrs. Papas and Mrs. Koronios; which he had Stavros present as if they were his idea. Stavros didn't say it was his idea he just made the presentations. A small deception Martha knew he would probably carry out. The letters simply praised Stavros' good looks, good manors, and thanked them for sending him to be a part of their families for the next few years. They would watch over him with the same care they watch over their children and grandchildren. The ladies seemed touched and reassured as Martha knew they would be. In addition, they were give copies of the company's Apprentices' news letter, giving them some idea of the program's nature.

Stavros was most curious at his father's apparent change in attitude. He was even more surprised when his father and Elias shook hands. He overheard part of their brief conversation. His dad came, because his mother gave him no choice. He was glad he did. Elias reminded him life was way to short to allow families to be estranged. Elias also said, "Not to worry, I will look out for the boy, no harm shall come to him on my watch."

Thanos took Stavros Sr. up to the bridge so they could talk sailor to sailor. Junior had no idea what they talked about but both dads seemed to have established some kind of rapport. That must be a good thing, Stavros thought.

His sisters, both younger, immediately latched on to Jason and Max. Both boys were flattered by the attention even if they had no idea why it was being given or what to do with it.

All the boys except Stavros, Max and Seb gathered on the fan tail with the football team. After hearing about Paidi Nisi, to a boy, every one was ready to join them. They couldn't believe any place existed that was so boy sensitive. Equal time between sports and classroom, unimaginable. And the range of activities, airplanes, boats and so on, they were a bit incredulous at first but seeing some of Photois' photographs took all doubt away. They would miss their friend and teammate, of course, they understood or thought they did anyway, why he signed on.

Max and Seb for their parts, would be rewarded by Thanos and Dem later that night, something they were very much looking forward too.

Stavros tried not to show to much emotion as his friends, family and former collages departed. Dem pulled Elias aside to warn him the lad might be just a little homesick and to keep an eye on him. He of course had no treatment for this, just the support of his new family. As it turned out Elias' assistance was not required. Yannie, Photois, Kon and Jason had Stavros under control and so completely occupied he never even noticed. Gaining that trust was not a cake walk but not all that difficult either.

Once clear of the harbor the Aphrodite was set on a slow, easy course southward along the eastern coast line of the Peloponnesus. Once in the Sea of Crete they would strike east toward Santorini. The idea was to arrive in the early morning and anchor in the harbor. This would give the night watch a good nap before a late breakfast and allow everyone to tour the island. It would also provide an opportunity for everyone to attend Kemp's lecture on the interesting geology. Although most of the adults had been before, this would be the first time they had such a strong geological focus. Thanos sent everyone to change from dress to working uniforms.


[The Greek Educational System consists of three successive levels: Primary, Secondary and Tertiary.

Primary education level can be divided into Preschool, which is offered by kindergartens and Compulsory Primary Education which is offered by Primary schools.

Secondary education level is available in two cycles, Compulsory Lower Level Secondary Education offered at Gymnasiums; definitely not the kind on Paidi Nisi, and Post-compulsory, Upper Secondary Education which is offered by the Unified Lyceums and Technical Vocational Educational Institutes.

Tertiary education is divided into University education available from Universities and non-university education, which is offered by Higher Technological Educational Institutes and Higher Education Institutes. Postgraduate courses are also available at the Tertiary education level. ]