Paidi Nisi



Two: On to Denmark

Max and Seb entered, everyone was standing at attention. As soon as the hatch closed, the assembly started clapping and Photois began taking pictures. This surprised the two newcomers. Jason whispered, “Photois is always taking pictures, you'll get accustomed to it.” Max and Seb were not all that surprised at having pictures taken, they were taken aback at everyone standing at attention and then clapping, just because they entered the room.

Only George and Nik were missing, they had the bridge and helm to look after. Thanos pointed to the large screen TV, which displayed a closed-circuit picture of the bridge, with George and Nik waving and holding up Champagne glasses. Everyone produced glasses and handed ones to Max and Seb.

“To our new sons, from this day forward they will always be with us.” Thanos proclaimed. Photois kept snapping, then took a quick gulp from his glass. “To our new brothers,” he added, snapping more, also finishing off his glass.

“Tonight you are our guests of honor, Maximilian Papas, Sebastian Papas, Citizens of Paidi Nisi, Citizens of Greece, Citizens of the World.” Everyone but Max and Seb threw their glasses into a basket, smashing them to signify the great honor of the moment. Max and Seb were not sure what to do at first. Seb took the lead, “To our new family.” They drained their glasses and tossed them into the basket as well. With that, Nik gave three long blasts on the Aphrodite's air horn. The boys were immediately surrounded by their brothers, who hugged and pressed their bodies together into a kind of huddle.

Thanos broke the scrum up and, taking the boys by the hand, led them to the long buffet, along the port bulkhead. “As the honored guests, you must lead the food line.” No one is allowed to serve anyone else in this family. Each person, boy, dad, staff, uncles, whoever, is assigned service tasks, like assisting in the kitchen or laundry, cleaning, whatever. The tasks are ability- and training-based, what the younger ones did not yet know how to do, they would soon learn. Food is served from a buffet by the person eating it. “I know some of this looks strange to you. Just give things a try, if you don't like it, that is all right, understood. You are not forced to eat anything you truly don't like.” The boys looked up at him and smiled. This was sure different than the orphanages. In those places you had better eat whatever was presented or you go hungry. Sometimes the food is in very short supply.

This was a true feast, with roast lamb, salads, cheese, and olives, other traditional Greek dishes. If someone emptied a serving dish, he went immediately to the galley for a refill.

“We do not have assigned seating here, so just pick a place, but tonight, please sit with me between you.” They sat with Thanos between them. Dem was across the table, with Yannie at his side and so on. “Our evening meal is always a real event, this is the time when we all share our activities, ideas, views on events, politics, art, music, or happenings, and so on. Everyone here is on an equal footing. We are all free to express ourselves. You will see how it works.”

“Pateras,” Max said. Thanos interrupted, “Keep that formal stuff for when we are in public, in the family I am just Thanos or dad,” he interjected, pulling both boys against his sides and almost pulling them off their chairs.

“Thanos, that man Popoff, what would have happened if you and the others had not been there?”

“Max, I would have had to pay a large ransom for your safe return, and then I would have had to find him and kill him.” Seb's eyes were wide. “Pay him, kill him, for two worthless orphans?”

“Yes, son, pay him for your safe return and then kill him for being so stupid as to think he or anyone else can mess with my children. There is another reason too. You boys may have been orphans, a situation that was no fault of your own. But every human person has value and is valued. Anyone who thinks that any other human being is of lesser value than themselves is beneath my contempt. Anyone who thinks another human being can be purchased, or that a life is nothing more then a commodity to be traded, bought and sold, is little more then evil. All men are honored for just being alive. Some men are given additional honor for their achievements. If a man dishonors his humanity through evil deeds, he deserves to be punished. Our children, the children of any society, are its greatest treasures; anyone who harms a child harms his society and himself. My children are my greatest treasures, no harm shall come to them on my watch. If anyone ever harms my children, he will pay the price, and since that child is priceless, his only payment can be his worthless miserable life. Yes, I would personally kill him, because no child would be safe while scum like him continued to exist.” (Thanos is capable of waxing on for hours on this subject, he has very harsh things to say about some African leaders who force children into slavery or the military, for example.)

The conversation quickly turned to much happier thoughts and ideas. Seb and Max were trying to take in as much as possible. They were perhaps just a bit overwhelmed. They were sure impressed by Thanos' speech, it said what they so desperately wanted to believe. Thanos announced the Aphrodite's next port of call would be Copenhagen, gave out a few work assignments, and so on. By the time this little party had ended, both Max and Seb were half asleep. Good food, a little wine, much too much excitement and information; they could hardly hold up their heads. Thanos scooped up Seb, and Dem, Max. They carried them to the room they shared. The brothers all knew this would mean fresh boy butt for them to enjoy, in the very near future. Seb placed his head against Thanos' shoulder, wrapping his little arms around dad's powerful shoulders. Thanos crossed his arms under his son's butt, pressing Seb's crotch into his abdomen.

They stood the boys on the foot lockers at the end of their massive bed. Dem could not fail to notice how sexy these two looked in the tight blue and white pants and fitted T-shirt. After all, it was Dem that designed the uniforms. The men both spoke softly and tenderly to the new sons, they gently stroked their frail bodies. First removing shoes and socks. Each boy placing his hands on their man's shoulders for balance. One of the unique features of these uniforms are the sensations they produce on the boys' butts and crotch. The weave of the material is extremely soft, but the stretching fibers cross the different areas of the body, so that every movement causes the material to pull and retract, producing minute little stimulations to the skin. Along the seams, a different set of stimulations was designed in, for example, the seam that runs up the butt crack is in constant contact with the anus. Its almost constant flexing keeps this sensitive area under continual stimulation. Even the T-shirts work the navel and nipples in the same way. It is not just the boys that wear the uniforms, all of the adults are dressed in exactly the same way, expect for special clothing of occupation/duty or for show, when going ashore.

Dem placed his right hand on Max's small round butt, letting his fingers slide into the cleft, and played along the taut seam that lay tight against the boy's body, following the curvature of the human form perfectly. His left hand fondled the small crotch bulge, as he kissed the lad's forehead and nose, his left hand undid the Velcro on one side, allowing the pants to slide down on their own. The boys sat on the foot lockers, while the men enacted their mutual dance of love. Something they had been doing since they were not much older then the lads. Embracing, kissing, folding, and piece by piece removing each other's clothing, until they stood toe to toe, mouth to mouth, naked bodies pressing together. They parted, stepping back from each other, their hands slid along each other's chest and along their opposite's penis, capturing a drip of pre-cum on their fingers which was immediately licked by their agile tongues. Each extending his hand to a boy, taking the boy's hand and leading him to the head.

The orphanages that Max and Seb had come from were not bad places. Perhaps a little underfunded, the staff was dedicated and professional. The inmates were not abused, although discipline was firm. These boys lacked love and physical contact. They had known a mother's embrace and a father's gentle touch, having come to their institutions at ages 6 and 7. They had a concept of family, they knew what they missed, even if they did not know how to articulate it. Neither one was all that sure about this sex stuff, but they were both sure that human physical contact was a good thing. Both boys were overly tired too. This had been one awesome day.

The Aphrodite plowed through the night sea, its three massive engines in perfect rhythm, producing a steady, almost unnoticeable vibration that provided a subtext to the longer frequency of the ocean's waves. Both boys were in a semi-conscious state as their men carried them through the hatchway, their naked bodies pressed tight to their man's chest. Their legs encircling their man's waist. Dem dipped his index finger into a small jar and inserted it into Seb's anus, depositing a small mount of cream in this secret place. Pressing Max against his chest with his left hand, he dipped his finger in again, then pressed it into his lad. Placing them in the center of the huge bed, on their backs, the men turned down the lights and settled in besides the boys.

Thanos and Dem proceeded to roll the lads over and gently massage their bodies: shoulders, backs, legs, arms and butts. In the ointment that Dem deposited in their rectums were minute quantities of several herbal extracts. These are well known alkaloids, that, when purified and given in very small amounts to prepubescent humans, had effects that were the opposite of what was normally thought. One was a powerful hypnotic, but in very small amounts and in children, due to the way children metabolize things, acted to keep them awake, a stimulant that also makes them highly accepting of suggestions. Another was a well-known hallucinogen, but in children and in small quantities, increased stimulation and sensations, such as being touched. The men spoke softly and rhythmically in synch with the waves, as overtones to the throbbing of the engines. At first they told the boys how much they liked being touched, how much they enjoyed the massages, how much they loved them, and so on. They then began to suggest what the boys felt and what they wanted to feel. They suggested the boys would like the men to teach them, how to demonstrate their love for them and their brothers. The boys were eager to comply, and began requesting that the men teach them.

Thus began their sexual adventures. Dem began kissing Max, his eyes, his ears, his nose, and chin, finally his mouth. Max kissed back; finally Dem pressed his tongue gently between the boy's lips. Max experienced a new sensation as Dem's tongue darted in and out, playing tag with Max's tongue. Max began to respond by pressing back into Dem's oral cavity. This was a wonderful game. All the while Dem's hands were busy, mostly fondling the lad's genitals. Max was giggling and squirming, as although this felt good, it also tickled a little.

Thanos moved to Seb's nipples, using his lips and tongue to stimulate them. He sucked a bit and flicked his tongue over the miniature erection, every once in a while moving up to his ears and neck with more kisses and licking. Thanos suggested that Seb play with his nipples. Dem moved down to Max's navel, it is an innie and his tongue pressed into it, causing more giggles. Seb's is an outtie but Thanos' tongue produced giggles too. The men continued to give the boys encouragement, telling them how well they were doing, how much they liked what the boys did to them, and how much they liked what they were doing. The boys both responded with how much they liked what they were doing and what was being done. Thanos and Dem dipped their fingers into the KY and began finger fucking the boys, at the same time sucking their little penises into their mouths. Using their index fingers, they concentrated on the boys' small prostates, bringing them to shuddering dry orgasms.

Max and Seb were beside themselves with pleasure and excitement. They had never felt anything like this before. Neither had ever experienced the slow steady buildup of feelings so deep within their bodies, culminating in total release. Their men cuddled them in their arms, kissing their faces and lips, reveling with them in their joy and astonishment. The boys, who were not completely ignorant, for the first time understood what all this shouting about sex was, and they wanted more. Repositioning the boys on their outer sides, the men lay shoulder to shoulder, with their new charges under their free arms, and drifted off into slumber.

Thanos woke up to a strange sound. A sound he had little experience with. It was a child sobbing quietly. He listened carefully: it was coming from Max. The boy was on his right side, turned away from him. His little bum was pressed tight against Thanos' side, and his face was pressed into the pillow. Thanos slowly drew his hand along the boy's body, stopping at his neck. He brushed the back of his fingers along Max's cheek. Max looked up, tears streaming from his light blue-gray eyes.

“Is something wrong, little one?” Max looked into Thanos' eyes. “What is it, Max?”

“I'm just so happy and so sad, both at the same time… I… I… ”

“Aye, aye is the correct response to a command from your Captain.” Max was forced to smile at this and rolled over, facing Thanos and putting his head on his dad's chest.

“I am so happy, when my father was killed, I never thought I would smile again. When mother's grief overwhelmed her and I was sent to ‘Second Chance’…” Thanos knew that already. He knew Max's father had been an officer on the Kursk, when it was lost. He knew Max was six at the time, but he did not know how close Max had been to his father, until now.

“You miss Gennadi, don't you?”

“Yes, I miss him so much, but I did not know how much until tonight. When you and Dem held me and kissed me, I remembered.”

“It will be all right, little one, those are important memories, ones you must never forget. Dem and I know we can never replace him in your heart. We don't want that. We just want you to make room in there for us too.” Thanos kissed the boy's forehead. “I know he was a very brave and honorable man. He loved you and your mother very much. He wanted you to grow strong and be happy.”

“How do you know?”

“All fathers want their children to grow strong and be happy. All brave and honorable men who are fathers love their families, especially their children. Fathers always hope their children will return that love. All any father needs to make him happy, is the knowledge his children love him and demonstrate respect for him, by doing their best at whatever they do and loving their children as much as he loves you.”

“But how do you know?”

“Max, when Yannie was just two weeks old I picked him up from his cradle and he smiled at me, as I held his little body in my arms, I knew. Then he puked all over my shirt.” Max chuckled. “I didn't care, so I knew. In addition, your grandfather told me just what I told you. One more thing.” Thanos gently pressed his index finger against Max's button nose. “Fathers are always right, and your grandfather is my father…” Now Max was giggling and smiling and making so much noise that Dem and Seb began to wake up.

“Daddy… ”

“Yes, son.”

“I must be the luckiest boy in the world.”

“I don't know, well one of the luckiest, I guess, you have 6 brothers who I hope would debate that point.” Seb was now sitting up and smiling, pointing his finger at himself, as if to say no I am the luckiest. In an Olympic Sprinters Moment, Max and Seb were wrestling on top of the men, crushing their morning erections, rolling naked off the bed onto the deck. Thanos and Dem peered over the edge to see the two locked in an embrace of long thin arms and legs, kissing.

“When we were ten, we did that, remember,” Dem said?

“Yes now we just roll around and fuck.” Thanos leaned back and spread his legs wide as an invitation that did not go wanting. Max and Seb soon realized something was happening, looking to the men: Dem's 22 cm (9ʺ) penis, sliding into Thanos' ass, convinced them they had other things to do right then, and lots to learn in the future.


Max and Seb were naked, which was the case most of the time anyway it seemed, sitting on Dr. Dem's examination table. He was taking fluid samples, blood, saliva, stool, and so on. He listened to their lungs and hearts, took pressures, poked and prodded. Dem paid close attention to their genitals, while examining every square centimeter of their small boy bodies. “Now that we are done with that stuff, let's have just a little fun,” He suggested.

Max and Seb were up for fun, that is a no-brainer. “Being boys, we all come equipped with our own personal toys,” Dem said, fondling himself through his uniform. Both boys grasped their genitals and followed his lead. Both boys had big grins on their faces, not that they had not, like all boys before and after them, already discovered this for themselves. This was different. They had permission, not only to enjoy, but to do it in semi-public. “We should share our toys, don't you think?” he said, as his hands moved to their crotches. Dem carefully began manipulating their small scrotums and penises between his fingers. It did not take long before his uniform had fallen to his ankles, with both boys inspecting his large scrotum and long thick penis. Dem likes boys, he likes men too, he likes the feeling of male genitalia almost as much as he likes small boy hands manipulating his.

“Can you make us feel as good as you and dad did last night?”

“I think I can do that, but not without your help. Why don't you flip around, Seb. Yes, like that: now do to each other, with your mouths, just what Thanos and I did to you.” The boys began to take each other's penis into their mouths and suck. Dem opened a small drawer and took out a large dildo that was anatomically correct. The showed it to the boys, and with his tongue licked the head around the corona and over the glans. “Use your lips to push back the foreskin, and do like this and like this.” He took the dildo into his mouth, and showed the boys how to let their tongues slide along the shaft.

He encouraged their techniques, while playing gently with their butts. Positioning them next to each other, he raised Max's upper leg and inserted his greased finger into his anus. Keeping his finger on Max's joy button, he moved Seb's leg and pushed the index finger of his other hand into him. He was glad these two were relatively small lads; otherwise his arms would have been just a bit short.

After the boys built to climax, Dem brought out two much smaller dildos to replace his fingers. Dem's index finger is about 2.5 cm (1ʺ) in diameter; these dildos were 5 cm (2ʺ) in diameter and about 12 cm (5ʺ) long. Like the model he used earlier, they were anatomically accurate, having a well shaped head, with the widest point just below the head, and tapering slightly to the base. These were vibrating models with a flared base. Dem switched on the vibrators just before the boys climaxed, and left them in position, like butt plugs, as the boys enjoyed their afterglow, their two little mouths making love to his long slightly-upturned shaft, receiving their first taste of seminal fluid. The boys wanted more oral pleasure. They wanted more sexual pleasure of any kind, but Dem suggested they give their butts a bit of a rest, for a few hours anyway. He suggested they find their brothers or some of the other men who would gladly provide what they wanted. Dem had medical work to do before the Aphrodite docked in Copenhagen.

Max and Seb showed up in the lounge on the main deck. If nothing else, they looked so cute in their body- hugging T-shirts, which made even their relatively small shoulders look large, and their light blue shorts that highlighted every little curve of their bubble butts, and the pointy nature of their little cocks.

George and Nik were on their knees, with Kon between them. Not only were they on their knees, but the two men and the boy between them were also naked. Their uniforms were lying on the floor nearby. Max and Seb stopped short. Sure, they had seen the men and boys of the Aphrodite engaged in kissing and fondling. Sure, that had seen their brothers involved in minor sex play that even included them. Sure, they had spent the night with dad and uncle and just been treated to unbelievable sexual pleasure by Uncle Dem, but this was just a bit of a shocker.

Seb took Max's hand and the boys were about to leave the room, but they seemed unable to move. Their feet were somehow fixed to the floor just as their eyes, their attention was fixed on the males performing before them. The boys just stood in absolute astonishment.

Kon was standing with his feet apart, his form totally classic. He looked like an Adonis, his thick blond hair contrasting with his buff body. The boys were viewing him in profile. Kon is the tallest of their brothers, close to two meters, and he is only 12. His back is perfectly formed as a smooth curve from the top of his shoulders to his small waist, then a perfect semicircle of his bubble butt sweeping to an almost straight line of his legs. His almost flat chest forms a smooth line from the shoulder to the knee, his long penis extending straight out from a small, well trimmed, black mustache. George's head was tilted back and his broad smile was clearly visible. His left hand moved out and motioned for Max and Seb to come closer. They remained frozen and enthralled.

George's mouth engulfed the long cock, his cheeks pulled in from the vacuum being created, his throat bulging as the cock head slipped in deep. His eyes were closed, as his head moved forward and backward, engulfing the phallus' full length with each forward push. His massive shoulders and heavily muscled arms framed the man's breasts, larger and more sexually attractive than that of many women, something that was lost on these young onlookers.

Nik's face was pressed deep in Kon's butt cleft. The boys could see his face moving up and down the cleft. His tongue and nose becoming visible as he reached the top of Kon's butt, only to disappear again. Nik's hands grasped Kon's legs just above his knees. The boys got a bit braver and moved forward. When they came within reach, George and Nik reached out their hands to fondle Max and Seb. Within minutes, the two boys were also naked. The men easily opened their shorts which fell to the floor. They quickly pulled off their T-shirts and removed the shoes. It wasn't long before Kon ejaculated. George drinking the boy's nectar, saving just a little to share. Kon touched Seb's cheek, indicating he should take his rapidly deflating penis. Seb kissed and licked the phallus, cleaning the ejaculate, while George kissed Max, driving his tongue into Max's mouth sharing Adonis' offering.

George and Nik swept the boys up in their strong arms, hugging and kissing the little ones, giving them the non-verbal assurances that they are welcome and wanted in this game. Almost simultaneously, George and Nik lifted the boys above their heads, turning them around and grasping them by their butt cheeks, pulled them apart and drove their tongues into their empty anuses. Max and Seb were wild with laughter and delight. Kon, using this height, sucked first Max and then Seb, alternating between them, taking their small penises completely into his mouth and playing tongue tag on the sensitive corona.

George and Nik placed Max and Seb on their backs, on the carpet side by side. Kon was positioned on his knees, so he could continue servicing the boys orally while the men serviced his butt. Nick moved in behind Kon, spreading his cheeks and lubricating him with KY. He easily fed his 20 cm (8ʺ) into the boy's ass in one smooth stroke, tip to pubis. George prepared Nik's ass and his penis with the KY, sending the tube up to Kon. While George entered his buddy's ass, Kon pressed the tube against Max and then Seb, squeezing in a generous amount. He then set his index fingers, one in each little brother, and the fuck feast was on. Kon alternated his mouth from boy to boy, and tried to keep his fingers in constant contact with their joy buttons. Nick held Kon's hips and occulted his own back and forth, in a long slow rhythm, pressing his cock into him and pulling away from George's tool, or pulling back from Kon and driving his ass into George. Both Kon and Nik tried to position their hips to maximize prostate contact with their fucker's penis.

One of the most satisfying things one lover can give another is a climax. To be able to produce an ejaculation from a male lover without touching his penis is even more satisfying. George ejaculated first, follow by Max and Seb's almost simultaneous climaxes. This induced Nik to fill Kon's bowels with his fluid, but not before Nik felt Kon's sphincter contract, signaling his ejaculation. Nik managed to drop his hands and catch the spewing liquid from the young man. Nik being Nik, a warm and generous man presented his come-covered palms to Max and Seb, who greedily licked them clean.

Following a short refractory period consisting of much hugging and kissing and body exploration, the men dressed the younger boys. Dressing and undressing boys is one of George's major thrills. The boys found they sure liked being undressed by their men and brothers. They found being dressed by George and Nik to be as much or more fun. The men seemed to know how to sensuously touch every part of their bodies and tickle them at the same time. A game they both would want to play over and over again.


“Spiros, why must we change clothes before we go ashore?” Seb inquired.

“Our boy uniforms are so sexy, we would need to beat the girls off with sticks.”

“Girls, yuck I don't like girls, all they do is boss you around.”

“That may be true, and when I was ten I thought the same way, but now that I am, uh, more mature, …” Spiros grabbed his crotch and adjusted his maleness. “I find them much more interesting, and they seem to like me too. You know all of our cousins are girls, don't you?”

“Yes we were told about them, but never having seen them, I guess it didn't sink in.”

“Well get Photois to show you some pictures of the Athenian-based family. In the meantime, it's blue jeans and T-shirts.”

“Don't you want to help us undress?” Seb asked, in a half pleading kind of voice.

“Sure, little brother.” Spiros dropped his shorts to the floor and stepped out of them, in one smooth, well-practiced motion. His massive boyhood, swinging at half mast, was still sticking almost straight out, its head poking out of the foreskin. He made sure to tickle, fondle, and feel both boys, making their little 10-year-old penises stiff and ready. Spiros liked little-boy butt even more then he like big-boy butt. All of the Papas brothers like male sex. None had yet had sex with a female, but the older ones were more than sure that they would enjoy that too. Spiros wanted to be in on teaching these two the joys of butt fucking. He and Yannie were designated to do the first honors. This had been decided by lot, even before they got to St. Petersburg. It would be their tasks, pleasant as it is, to prepare them to receive the men. Just as they had been prepared at 10 by Thanos and Dem, just as they, at 12, had prepared Jason and Kon.

Spiros lowered his head and began licking just under Max's small scrotum, inhaling the musky aroma spewing from his spread butt cheeks. Not foul, nor pungent, but intoxicatingly pleasing. Spiros finds the male aroma a true gift of Aphrodite; an aphrodisiac drawing him closer and closer to the pure source. Spiros's skilled tongue followed the enchantment until it rested on top of the pink pucker hole. Max moaned as Spiros's tongue glued to his anus with the slightest of pressure. Lovingly digging and desperately churning, Spiros's tongue slid inside the once sealed orifice.

The body, in which his tongue was now, was jerking and shaking, forcing his tongue to slide deeper and deeper. With his tongue impaling the boy's anus, Spiros clutched his right hand around Max's stiff cocklet, and he began slowly to work the smooth flesh up and down. Max was flinging his head to and fro, delirious in the pleasure his entire body was swarmed with.

The longer Spiros shuffled his tongue inside his asshole, the more he inwardly craved to feel the boy's cock rifle up his ass. Spiros dug and licked his way to the farthest limits of his tongue, while still gently massaging the smooth cock flesh up and down. Max's hard cocklet felt like a piece of metal with a silk fabric outlining it. The boy's sphincter clutched his tongue upon each and every breath.

Max had placed both of his hands on the inner portion of his own butt cheeks and was aiding Spiros by spreading them even wider. Spiros ate the boy's asshole like tomorrow would never come, while enjoying the facial distortions Max was unknowingly making. Spiros yanked his tongue free and, using his right hand, forced the boy's cock towards him. Max moaned and groaned as Spiros's mouth sucked on him. Within seconds, Max was close to another dry climax. Max looked into his eyes and softly whispered, “Spiros, please, please fuck me.”

Spiros's rock-hard cock was already slippery from his own pre-cum, and he placed the foreskin-covered cock head at Max's winking asshole, and applied a little bit of pressure and some extra lube. Max still had his ass cheeks spread wide, and was biting his lips as the cock slipped into his inner most chambers. “Um, ah!”

Spiros took his time, and inched a little at a time until his slender cock was buried all the way inside Max's muscle-clamping ass. The heat, mixed with the choking anal walls, sweltered all around his cock. Once fully inside, Spiros held his position without moving an inch. By looking into Max's squinted eyes and the distorted motions of his mouth, he knew the young boy was trying to resist the pain he himself had conquered long ago.

Max had been stretched and probed; it was a momentary pain that would soon subside. This is what he wanted! This is what he commanded Spiros to do and there was no way he was going to ask him to pull it out. Max could feel Spiros's cock breathe lodged deep inside his anal walls, as the pain began to slowly diminish, and the feeling he so desperately wanted began to overwhelm his body, as well as his cock-filled ass.

Spiros felt Max's young body begin to hump his asshole onto his cock, and he took this as a sign to slowly begin to slide his fuck pole in and out of Max's extra-tight bung hole. Max released his grip on his ass cheeks and hooked his legs, while placing both hands on the back of Spiros's sweat-covered neck. The smell of sex quickly permeated the room, as well as both of their heavy panting and deep groaning. In less than a minute or two, Spiros picked up the pace and began to plow Max's asshole. With each heavy and heartfelt thrust, Spiros inhaled the enriched aroma of Max's hot breath. Their lips were within millimeters from each other, and all Spiros could do was stare into Max's mind-boggling blue-gray eyes. The look on Max's face, as Spiros powered his cock up the boy's asshole, said it all.

Spiros was grinding his hips as he drove his cock hard and deep up Max's anus, bringing echoes of moans from the lips of a gorgeous boy, who was directly underneath him. The feeling of his cock up Max's butt, the fragrance of his breath, and the aroma spewing from their bodies was a concoction too great for Spiros to handle. As the thrusts grew in power, Max's mouth fell wide open, as Spiros's balls slapped the boy's crack.

After having already shot his load earlier, Spiros wasn't even close to unleashing yet another. While pounding the boy's ass with his cock, Spiros lowered his lips to Max's open mouth and their tongues began to interlock in a loving battle. Spiros began to caress Max's hard cocklet, stroked in rhythm with his tongue. Max was completely lost in the devotion to Spiros's gentleness, as the inner fire inside his soul grew to a roaring sexual rage. The longer Spiros's cock pillaged inside his ass, the more he craved. With each thrust, Max felt Spiros's balls slap his crack. Spiros went from pounding his cock in Max's ass to a slow churning crawl, rotating and twisting his cock up the boy's anal chute. Both Spiros and Max were lost in time, trapped into a togetherness, and locked into a sexual frenzy.

The tongue roaming inside his mouth, the pressure on his cock, and the feeling of holding Max's slender boy meat sent his balls into spasms as his lips broke free and he groaned as wave after wave of sperm missiles fired out of his cock and deep into the dark chamber of Max's ass. Max felt Spiros's sperm strike his anal walls with force, causing his own cock to jerk and twitch. Spiros was thrusting his cock up the boy's ass like a mad man, while still witnessing the beauty of the boy and his impressive gray eyes, when he saw Max's cock twitching. Max began to writhe and shudder into a wonderful climax. Spiros looked at Max's face: the boy's eyes were tightly sealed.

With no life left in his cock, Spiros easily slipped out of Max's sperm-filled cave. Inching his way up, licking the sweat off the boy's stomach and chest.

Max closed his mouth suddenly, smiled and rolled on top of Spiros. His ass was resting on Spiros's lower stomach, and all Spiros could do was stare once again into those entrancing blue-gray eyes. Spiros's heart pounded, as Max slowly lowered his face nearer and nearer to Spiros's lips. With the gentlest of touches, Max placed both hands on either side of Spiros's cheeks and aided Spiros in opening his mouth. With their noses almost touching, Max puckered his lips and barely opened his mouth.

Max enclosed his mouth over Spiros's and the two remained in that position for sometime, chewing on the other's exploring tongue. Their loving seal broke when Max realized he had to go relieve himself of Spiros's sperm. When Max returned from the bathroom, he was walking on wobbly knees. Max smiled at Spiros and said, “You know, this is a seven-day cruise!” Spiros laughed and replied, “Not to mention, the next six months on Paidi Nisi.”

While Max was getting his first butt fuck from Spiros, Seb received his from Yannie. They were now ready for the men and the other brothers. Their little butts were stretched and experienced, their minds primed for pleasure. After the late morning and early afternoon of almost non-stop sex, these brothers needed a shower. It was all business for a change.

For now, it was getting these boys into their white thongs and jeans. The jeans were just a bit long, but fit across the butt, waist and in the crotch perfectly. Spiros had forgotten how small little-boy clothing was, after all it was 4 years since he was 10. Taking a thong from the shelf, he helped Max into it adjusting the pouch for him. Max giggled as it tickled.

“These feel funny, Spiros.” Seb said.

“I guess they do at first, but you will get to like them.” Spiros knew the almost constant but gentle pressure on the perineum and anus were good things in the long run.