Paidi Nisi



Three: Copenhagen

Max and Seb were stationed on the bridge as the Aphrodite approached Copenhagen's outer harbor. The Aphrodite tied up in Margretheholm Haven (harbor) at the marina Sejlklubben Lynetten. They liked being on the bridge. They liked the excitement and action of the harbor and docking. On the high sea it is more or less dull, but this was action.

“Are you boys ready to go ashore?”

“Yes, aren't you coming with us?”

“No, I have some business to attend to, and so do you.”

“Yes sir,” Max said, looking at the deck.

“Max, is there some problem you're not sharing with me?”

“What if those bad people try and catch us again?”

“Oh, little one,” Thanos boomed, as he swept the boy up in his arms, giving him a big hug and several kisses. “no one will hurt you or your brothers. George and Nik will be with you the whole time.”

“Will Seb and I sleep with you and Dem tonight?”

“Sure, if you boys want to.”

“Sure we want to, don't we, Seb?” Seb nodded in agreement, while the helmsman, Angelo, chuckled, he knew they were looking forward to riding those two very impressive male members. Thanos set the lad down. Max and Seb glued themselves to the windows, looking at all the ships and boats coming and going from the harbor, while dad stood behind them, gently touching their back and shoulders. “Do you know what is on your agendas this afternoon?”

“Yes, Yannie told us we were going to several museums, he said we all have assignments to complete. We're not sure what that means,” Max answered.

“That means just what he said, your tutors have given you assignments to complete, while visiting museums in Copenhagen. I happen to know your first assignment involves visiting the bronze statue of the Little Mermaid, do you know the story and who Hans Christian Andersen was?” Thanos asked.

“Yes, he wrote many children's stories,” Seb replied.

“That's right, he lived in Copenhagen, and is one of Denmark's most famous poets, novelists, playwrights, and story tellers. The International Board of Books for Young People (IBBY), gives the HCA Award to a living author and illustrator, whose complete works have made a lasting contribution to children's literature. It is a very prestigious award, which was established in 1956.”

“Wow, that's way older then we are,” Max exclaimed.

“Well so is Andersen, he was born, let me see, in 1805 or '06 I think, and lived to be 70 or perhaps 72. He died about 1875.” (In fact Andersen was born in 1805 and died in 1875.)

“Gee, dad, you must know everything,” Max said.

“No boys, I do not know everything, just almost everything.” Thanos had a big smile on his face and the helmsman laughed out loud. The boys looked at each other and laughed too.

A slight aside: Over the next several days the boys, all of them, were taken to the Kastellet (the old Copenhagen fort), the Trelleborg on the West coast of Zealand, the island on which Copenhagen is located; Trelleborg is an old Danish Viking fortress that has been restored; Frederiksborg Castle, Amager Beach Park and Bellevue beach; the Helgoland Baths, for bathing in the nude; the National Museum, National Museum of Fine Art and the Experimentarium, a hands-on science museum. They did not get to see all of each place, not enough time. They all had assignments relating to history, science, and art. The assignments were geared to their educational levels. Photois helped Max and Seb by taking pictures for them, and Yannie checked their work. They wanted the boys to make good academic impressions on the tutors, they were confident the boys would make other impressions, in a very favorable way, themselves.

“Now that we are almost at anchor, I think you two should join your brothers for inspection,” Thanos suggested.

“Aye, aye, sir,” they both saluted and headed down the ladder. Inspection on the Aphrodite is not your usual military standard. It is very Thanos. Dem and Thanos made sure the boys and their guardians were clean, properly dressed and so on, of course. They made sure each one received a kiss and a hug and several personal feels and that they were properly equipped.

The shore party was admonished to behave in the best possible way. They were not to pull any mischief in the places they visited, to listen to Nik and George's instructions, and follow them quickly and exactly. They were all equipped with cell phones, identification, money, their assignments, cameras and so on. They were to keep together, the older ones looking out for the younger. They were reminded, “We are guests in Denmark, and being guests should be respectful toward our hosts and the host's customs. No crotch grabbing or other boy play in public,” Thanos admonished.

On that first evening, the family gathered at Tivoli Gardens with Thanos and Dem for dinner and to enjoy the sights. They would also visit in the daytime. Photois had his camera working overtime on the night visit. The lights are just something else. Sure, the flowers and gardens are great and picture-worthy, especially for one who lives in such an arid place as Paidi Nisi, but the lights present some interesting challenges.

When they returned to the Aphrodite, the boys were asleep in Thanos' and Dem's arms. Max and Seb woke up as soon as the car stopped. It only took a few moments for them to regain that full-speed-ahead alertness of young boys whose imaginations have been captured by anticipation. The lads marched straight to the master cabin.

It didn't take very long for the two eager neophytes and their adult mentors to get organized. They knew their men wanted them, and they wanted their men. Clothing came flying off these four handsome and most desirable male bodies. Kisses and touches were exchanged between every member of the quartet. It takes very little to get Thanos and Dem hard, it takes even less to rev up their two apprentices. Dem and Thanos coated their phalluses with a honey mixture that contained a powerful anti-gag herbal extract. The boys eagerly cleaned off the sweet nectar of honey and pre-cum. It would only take about ten minutes for the effects of the herbal to kick in. Ever since their earlier fuck from Kon and Jason, they had been daydreaming about their men. Their brothers telling them how wonderful sex with dad and uncle was, and how privileged they were to have exclusive access to them, planted the seeds that were now about to sprout.

Dem turned the bed covers down and lay on the right side, Thanos followed, lying on the left. They extended their hands, Max taking Dem's and Seb taking Thanos'. The men helped the boys into position, each boy lying on his man's body, his head in the man's crotch and his crotch over his man's face. The boys continued their oral ministrations, taking the phalluses deep into their throats, trying not to gag. They kissed, sucked, licked, and worshiped Apollo's symbol. Soon they were taking the cocks completely into their throats. The men were encouraging them, instructing them how to breathe and how to use their throat muscles to tease more pre-cum from their penises.

For their part, the men had as many greased fingers in the tight boy anuses as possible. Their fingers played with the prostates and the sphincter, using a gentle fucking motion, drawing their fingers over the joy gland. Max and Seb were soon beside themselves with excitement and anticipation.

After a few instructions and the application of copious amounts of lube to the men's cocks, the boys were ready for the wildest ride of their lives. They were positioned over the up-turned erections. Taking their hands, the men guided the boys fuck holes over and then down. They had been well stretched and well prepared, so the long hard cocks slid easily into the tightness of almost virgin butt. It hurt a little at first, but soon the men were in to the pubic bone and the boys were receiving waves of pleasure like never before. This was not their men's favorite positions, and soon the men had the boys on their backs, legs hooked over their shoulders, bodies pressing into each other, allowing the stiff little boy cocks full contact with the hard abdomens of the position-superior men.

This all sounds very lustful and it certainly was, but it was more than just lust. Once in the top position, the men could and did kiss and touch the boys, demonstrating as much tenderness and affection as possible. They truly loved these lads and wanted them to know it. Both men forced back their own pleasure until they were sure the boy under them was about to climax, entering the world of sexual rapture at about the same time, sharing an all-too-brief moment of ecstasy between.

Thanos returned from the head with hot damp towels. The men began cleaning the boys' bodies, paying homage to their maleness, and then themselves. Placing Max and Seb between them, they spooned against their boys and drifted into slumber.

It was some hours later when that blissful slumber would be rudely disturbed. Dem is a relatively light sleeper. Thanos, once asleep, is very difficult to awaken. Dem came alert in an instant. He listened intently for the sound that intruded into his rest. There it was again, the unmistakable sound of flesh smashing into flesh, and the low grunt of someone receiving that smashing together. Dem shook Thanos. Speaking in Greek, he bid him listen. Thanos eased himself from the warm bed, untangling his long limbs from Seb's thin and, relative to himself, small body. He pulled on a pair of pants, not noticing if they were his or Dem's, and slipped out the door into the passageway. The door locked behind him. Dem, in the meantime, extracted his 9 mm from the bedside table and chambered a round. He pulled the duvet over the boys, found a bathrobe, and sat in a chair.

Thanos made his way along the passage, to the stairway, and up to the main deck. He casually peered around the hatchway into the court area, toward the stern. There were three of his men: Vlasis, Pavlos and Elias, with three very sad-looking blond men, who were bound and gagged. The men were dressed in dark clothing; several firearms and other weapons lay on a nearby table. His men were holding hand guns. When Vlasis saw Thanos, he immediately saluted and stood at attention. The other two followed. The three prisoners remained seated on the deck and did not look up.

Vlasis spoke to Thanos in Greek. Angelos was on the bridge calling the Danish harbor police. Thanos first asked if anyone was hurt, he was most concerned about his people. “No, we are all OK, they didn't even land a punch,” Vlasis replied, pointing at the three prisoners.

“Are any of them hurt?”

“No, but they will be a bit bruised and tender for a few days,” Pavlos replied, chuckling.

“Who are you, and why did you board my yacht?” Thanos asked in English. The men did not respond. Elias was about to get their attention, when Thanos held up his hand. He tried French and German, but got no response. “I guess we need someone who speaks Danish, or perhaps Russian.” The word Russian got a small response from one of the men, just as Angelos came out of the hatchway on the starboard side.

“The police will be here shortly. They are arriving in a motor launch.”

“Thank you Angelos. Before the cops take them away, I would like a few questions answered.” Thanos switched to English. “I wonder if Popoff would pay a ransom for these miserable scum?” At the mention of Popoff and ransom, he had their attention. So they spoke at least some English, he figured. Switching back to Greek. “Did you search them, do they have any identification?”

“Yes, we found nothing, although they have an accomplice in a car, just outside the marina gates. The cops will take care of him.”

“Good, now we had better get some answers from these miserable excuses for a man, before the police take them away. Vlasis, would you go and get Max, Seb, and Dem. Perhaps one of them speaks a language they understand.” Vlasis departed.

“I speak their language,” Angelos said, smashing his right fist into his open left hand. By now everyone on the ship was awake, and observing the goings-on. The boys wanted to practice their Tai-kwan-do, “only if you untie them first, father,” Spiros offered. The three were starting to look a little more then concerned, as this continued in a mix of different languages.

Max and Seb stepped forward, with Dem right behind them. Besides being a medical doctor, Dem has a natural facility or talent for languages. He picks them up easily.

“Max, Seb, would you ask them in Russian who they are, why they came here, and who sent them?” Thanos requested. Max asked, but they said nothing. Seb being a clever one, told them if they were not cooperative he would tell his parents they were obviously terrorists, probably Chechens. This had a very clear effect. Suddenly they found their Russian tongues. Not that they gave up any information, but they did defend themselves as not being Chechens. They hated Chechens, who had killed some of their friends in the recent terrorist attacks. Seb was not sure about all this, he was struggling to make sense of it all. What was the difference between what the Chechens were doing and what Popoff was doing?

Dem spoke in Danish. “You had better tell us why you are here and who you work for.” They all looked at each other, finally one said, “Just kill us. We have failed and we are dead anyway.”

Dem translated in English and Greek. Max spoke in Russian and Seb in English. “Did that Mr. Popoff send you? Were you going to hurt us?” They looked at each other again and hung their heads. One spoke in Russian to Max, telling him they were not intending to hurt anyone, just take over the boat to get Thanos to pay the money he owed Popoff.

At that point the Danish cops came on board and took over. Thanos told them the intruders were sent by Popoff, a criminal boss in St. Petersburg, who has been trying to extort money from him and who he publicly embarrassed, just a few days ago. The police took the bad guys away, while one stayed behind to get everyone's statements. The crew told him how they saw the men sneaking up on the Aphrodite and how they subdued them, and so on. Toward the end of the conversation between the officer and Thanos, the ship's captain, Seb came into the office and stood next to him. “Do you have something to say, Seb?”

“Yes sir, that man said we should kill them as they were dead anyway, having failed. I don't want anyone to get hurt, I don't want their children to be orphans.”

“None of us do, Seb, I am sure the Danish Police will protect them from people like Popoff.”

“You can count on that, son, we Danes take pride in our justice system,” the officer assured him. Seb smiled and departed, feeling a lot better. Thanos explained to the officer that he had just recently adopted the two Russian boys, who were orphans.

After all the excitement settled down, Thanos praised everyone for their good work and cool heads, and they went back to bed. Once in the bedroom and back under the covers, Thanos and Dem praised the boys even more, telling them how proud they were of their poise, courage and compassion. Thinking of others, children they didn't even know, showed they were true Papas boys, boys they were proud to call son. Everyone was satisfied and comfortable and soon drifted back to sleep.