Paidi Nisi



Four: Copenhagen, Second Day

In the morning, Seb and Max woke up giggling and laughing. They were lying on their sides, facing each other, kissing, and feeling each other's boyhood. That was not the reason for the giggling, however; it was the stiff cocks pressing in between their butt cheeks, tickling their tender flesh as they slowly moved, which was causing the humor. Dem and Thanos were up in a flash to relieve their bladders. The boys continued the game until the men returned for a repeat butt fuck. This time, the men kept them on their sides so they could interact with each other while being serviced. The lads ran down the passage to the boys' showers, carrying their clothing and dripping ejaculate from their just-fucked butts. They both knew they were now truly Papas boys, not only had dad said so, but they had both taken in a couple of good loads of Papas semen. What was even more important, they loved it, every fucking moment of it.

Today was Thanos and Jason cooking, with Max to help Jason on clean-up. Breakfast in Greece consists of baked goods, yogurt, honey, coffee or tea, milk and cheese, cereal. Thanos liked to add eggs and sausages as the northern Europeans and Russians do. It was taking Max and Seb some time to get accustomed to the goats' milk being served on the Aphrodite. Dem believed it was better for the boys than cows' milk. The bread and other baked goods are frozen and just need to be baked.

Thanos was about finished with his daily instructions when a visitor called on the intercom, seeking permission to come aboard. The visitor turned out to be a local crime reporter from Danish Radio, following up on last night's excitement. She interviewed Dem and Thanos with comments from everyone else. The reporter, a female, came into the dining room with a camera and sound man.

Thanos greeted the visitors, offering breakfast, which was declined, though coffee was accepted. She was quite surprised when Thanos himself served. Jason explained to Max about Papas hospitality, while Thanos introduced the journalist and photographer to everyone in the room. After the introduction, Thanos released those that had important duties to attend; the others were given the option of staying or going about their business. Jason, Max, Nik, and Kon all had assignments. Jason and Max would still be able to observe and even participate, since they were only in the galley. Dem called Seb over to the table and asked him to sit down, “listen and learn, little one.”

The reporter had prepared herself by looking up the story Yannie had written, Thanos' interview with CBC's “As It Happens,” and so on.

“This is Elise Andersen on the Greek registered yacht Aphrodite, interviewing Captain Athanasius Papas.

“Captain Papas, will your son be posting this story to your web site and issuing a press release?”

“Not until we leave Copenhagen, Yannie won't scoop you, will you, Yannie?”

“No sir,” Thanos pointed to the reporter. “No, Ms. Andersen, not until we leave Copenhagen.”

“Mr. Papas, how do you know that the men who came on the Aphrodite were working for Popoff?”

“They admitted it to us before the police arrived and arrested them. They also told us that Popoff would kill them for having failed.”

“The St. Petersburg Police told me that Popoff is a wanted man, but they are unable to find him. If he is in hiding, how can he be running such a large network?”

“He pays well and kills anyone that refuses to cooperate with him, I would guess. He is nothing more than a megalomaniac, whose cause is his own pocket and power.”

“Aren't you concerned for your safety?”

“Dem and I are concerned for the safety of our family, of course. We are not all that worried about our personal safety. I refuse to live a life of fear, for me that is no life at all. I simply will not allow myself and those I love to be subjected to any form of tyranny, regardless of the source. Tyranny, from these pseudo demigods like Popoff and any number of terrorist groups around today, is simply beneath my contempt. Popoff and the others are cowards, who place no value on anyone's lives but their own. I will never be subjugated by their demands.”

“Those are brave words, but you must be worried for your safety?”

“From Popoff, not in the least. His previous attempts to extort money from the Papas family have all ended in complete failures. The two you know about are only the most recent. Others have had their run at us too, all have failed. Papas ships ply the globe. We are respected everywhere for our skill as mariners and our ethical treatment of those we serve. We will spend any and all resources necessary for defense, but we will yield nothing, not even words, in the form of tribute to tyranny.”

“This sort of thing has happened before?”

“Yes and no, this is the first time some criminal, someone not seeking publicity, has tried. The others were seeking some kind of publicity. Greek society is not without its malcontents, as you already know. Mess with me and I will guarantee you will not get what you want, but you may get what you least expect. As to what happened here and in St. Petersburg, it should be noted that both situations ended without loss of life or anyone being seriously harmed.”

“If this Popoff character has been trying to extort money from your business, are you the only one?”

“I have no knowledge of anyone else having resisted his demands or meeting them either. I suspect, anyone paying his extortion would be to embarrassed to admit it.”

“Then you are not aware of any Danish companies who may be complicit?”

“No, I am not, but you would be more aware of the local situation than I am. As I said, I have no knowledge of who is paying who for what, but I find it very hard to believe Papas Shipping is somehow alone in the attempts to extort.”

“Have others come to your aid in your struggle?”

“No, but no aid has been requested either. I suggest you contact BIMCO, they are here in Copenhagen, for their comments.” (BIMCO is the largest and one of the oldest shipping associations in the world. They currently (at the time of writing) represent over 65% of the world's commercial ocean tonnage)

“Do you think this may be personal?”

“Yes and no, I am sure this latest misadventure is personal. I can assure you it did not start that way, but when one listens to his last formal communication with me, posted on our web site, it leaves little doubt about his current motives. If I can openly defy him, others may have the courage of their public words and follow our lead. That is just the reality of the situation. The last thing Popoff wants is to be seen for the paper tiger he is. The first thing I want is to demonstrate, beyond any doubt, that he is just that and nothing more.”

“I can find press releases and speeches by other industry leaders publicly denying that their companies pay any kind of bribes or “tribute” as you call it. I found no such statements from Papas.”

“Correct Ms. Andersen, you have done your homework. The Papas family does not make threats, promises or pronouncements, we just do our business, in our own, and I might add, ethical way. Outside of the industry, I would be surprised if anyone even knows our name. I am sure many would recognize the names of our ships. We do not fly a flag of convenience. We fly the Greek flag and we are a Greek company, based in Athens. Our crews are primarily Greek; however, we employ mariners from 65 different countries. We do honest business with anyone and support no cause or ideology.”

“Do you believe Popoff has been defeated, or will he continue to harass you and your family?”

“I can't say for sure, but I suspect it is not over and won't be until the Russian Authorities have him in jail. My greatest concern is, if there is a next time, someone will be injured or killed and that would make us very sad. Last night, the Aphrodite's crew showed extreme restraint in subduing intruders, who were very well armed. My son here,” Thanos pointed, “Sebastian, pleaded with the Danish Police to protect the lives of these intruders, because there are already too many orphans in the word. Popoff should do the logical thing and admit defeat, he should do the honorable thing, turn himself in, and stand trial. I doubt he will, and I fear there will be more orphans before this comes to an end.”

That ended the formal interview. Thanos sent everyone off to get their day started. He continued to talk to the Danish Radio crew, who wanted lots of background on this enigmatic, playboy, ship owner. Thanos refused to tell them anything, about himself or his family, that was not already on the public record. Which amounted to very little. He did outline his managerial role with the company. His older brother Thomas was operational president and spokesman. He looked after special projects and represented the company at times such as now, in his meetings at BIMCO. Their father was retired but still was chairman of the board. Papas Shipping is still a family-owned business. “It is a good thing my parents were in Athens last night,” Thanos offered, “Had they been here, my father would have personally slit the throats of those three and my mother would have…, well you know how protective grandmothers are.”

“And the boys' mother, er, mothers?”

Thanos laughed.

“The three older boys have living mothers, and they will not be too pleased with Dimosthenis and I, but they will get over it. The other four were orphans when we adopted them. It is a very long story that I do not wish to tell. I know you think I am very young to have 14-year-old biological sons, but I do. Dr. Koronios is their pediatrician and godfather. Their care and upbringing came to us jointly when they were 10. Seb and Max are our newest boys, that is why we were in St. Petersburg the other day, picking them up.”

Just as Ms. Andersen was commenting on how polite and well behaved the boys were, for not having any female supervision, the boys came down the passage singing and waving. They were heading off for another day in Copenhagen. The Greek-speaking boys were teaching Max and Seb some rather risqué Greek songs and being quite boisterous about it. Thanos began to blush. She got the message and they both laughed. Thanos quite liked Ms Andersen, but he did notice a wedding ring. Too bad, he thought, she is a nice one. “Too bad,” she thought, “now if I were available.” The camera man was for the most part very quiet; he did have a good look at Photois' pictures and Thanos could tell he was professionally impressed. Her story would air on the evening TV and radio newscast.


The boys had completed their museum assignments and were taken to Bellevue Beach, a lovely place with clear blue water, white sand, and lots of grass. Most of all, lots of Danes. Young Danes, boys and girls in that 10- to 15-year-old range. Kids the brothers could relate to. Absolutely beautiful children, mostly blond and tall. All enjoying the sun and warm summer weather.

The brothers changed in the change house, as did their minders, George and Nik. Everyone had the same blue and white Speedo. These were the same style the Olympic racers and divers would be using, later this summer, in Athens. On our crew they looked just magnificent, white seat, narrow white sides and blue front panel. These small body covers left very little to the imagination, and if the boy or man got a real erection, nothing at all.

Nik and George stationed themselves in just the right position to keep their charges in constant view. They were ready at a moment's notice to spring into protective action. It did not take long at all before everyone had made a new friend or friends and was interacting. Yannie, Photois (when he wasn't taking pictures), and Spiros found some girls to play beach volleyball with. Kon and Jason found a small group of boys to make sand castles with. Max and Seb were at first just a bit shy and sat by each other on their towels.

It was George who spotted a lone boy, about 10 or 11, sitting all by himself. He looked sad and lonely, observing the other children, but not making any attempt to interact with them. “Seb, why don't you and Max go over and make a new friend,” he said, pointing to the lone figure. The boy was looking down at the sand, and did not see Max and Seb approaching. He looked up with some surprise as four feet came into his limited field of view. This was a small kid. He had blond hair and a round face. He was shorter then Max or Seb. Max introduced himself in broken Danish and English. The boy indicated that he was deaf, and signed his greeting in DSL. The greeting part Max and Seb understood, but his name was as much a mystery to them as theirs were to him. Seb dropped to his knees and spelled his name in the sand, Max followed. The boy responded with the same gesture. Bjørn spelled his name, and they all laughed and shook hands. Then they just sat for a minute, and Seb jumped up and raced to his backpack. He pulled out his hand-held translator and raced back. When Max saw what he had, he jumped to his pack, got his translator, and rummaged through the others until he found another and sped back. By the time he arrived, Seb and Bjørn were writing messages to each other. It did not take long for Bjørn to point out his older sister, who was playing ball with their brothers; her name is Jytte (Judith). It was now very hot, so Max and Seb grabbed Bjørn's hand and dragged him to the game. He signed to Jytte who his new friends were, pointing out that she was playing with their brothers. She had already figured that out, noticing the same unique swim suits.

Bjørn had on a small tight black model with yellow stripes that looked just a bit small for him. He was not that big to begin with, but his boyhood could be clearly seen pressing against the tight material. Their were several other kids playing ball, mostly girls, and they were all introduced to the younger boys. Everyone dashed for the water and ran in splashing and laughing. It did not take long before Bjørn, Max, and Seb were on Kon's, Yannie's and Spiros' shoulders. Playing the “unseat your opponent” game, much to everyone's delight. Photois had his camera going, but from the shore, since it was not waterproof.

After a bit, they returned to the volleyball net and began playing again, this time including the younger ones. Bjørn had never played before, but he picked up the idea quickly and, between the electronic translators and Jytte's signing, got right into it.

Bjørn was also fascinated by Photois' camera and, when the game stopped for cold drinks and ice-cream, he and Photois started a long but difficult conversation. With Max and Seb and their translators right in the middle of it all. In a flash of brilliance, Photois realized some serious photo potential in this situation. That morning he had purchased a photo book called “Friends Forever” that had been published by a US photographer with a Greek name, Apollo Bites. It is a photo and word essay about two deaf children, meeting for the first time and finding friendship and companionship. He realized this was not unlike that. He also realized he could easily get another copy, so he went to his pack and pulled out the book. Making a gift to Bjørn would not go unnoticed by his lovely sister either. Jytte was tall, blond, blue-eyed, with huge breasts for 14, narrow hips, long thin legs, a killer smile, just his fantasy type. The fact that her bikini was almost nonexistent didn't hurt either. As soon as Yannie and Spiros saw what was happening, they turned their attention to the other girls. Kon and Jason had already engaged some other 12-year-old boys. They would give Photois the gears for weeks about this back on Paidi Nisi.

It was now about time for everyone to head home. Jytte and Bjørn needed to catch a bus. In the change room, the boys were all joking with each other about the size of the erections stimulated by the lovely girls. Photois got most of the comments directed at him. It took a few gestures for Bjørn to get the drift of what was being said. Most of it was in Greek anyway. Max thought Bjørn was more interested in the boys then the girls, but what did he know. He and Seb were not all that interested in them either. As they came out of the change room, Jytte was standing off to one side, saying goodbye to some of her female friends. The Papas boys and Bjørn joined her, with George and Nik a few feet away, keeping their well-trained eyes open.

What perked their attention was a tall, thirty-ish man, not dressed for the beach. He was dressed like a tourist, but not a beach goer. As the gaggle of kids moved toward the bus stop and the Papas' van, parked close by, a mini van pulled up to the curb, the sliding door opened, revealing an empty passenger compartment. Just as Nik was pulling his 9 mm from his pack, the tourist-dressed man rushed toward Max, Seb, and Bjørn. Nik shouted a warning, Max and Seb pushed Bjørn and Jytte into the knot of older teens, which closed around them. By this time, George had reached the mini van with his 9 mm drawn. It was Kon that took charge and played hero.

With Photois' digital recorder capturing everything, Kon wheeled his 2 m frame around, facing the onrushing man. In an absolutely smooth and effortless, continuous motion, he let fly with a swift right foot to the man's face, sending him to the ground with a crushing blow. Kon's size 12 “cross-trainer” contacted the man's jaw and cheek, snapping his head back with the combined energy of two hundred plus foot-poundals. George barged into the mini van, gun drawn, holding it to the driver's head. Nik was at Kon's side, subduing the stunned tourist-dressed fellow, while Yannie was on the phone to the police.

Needless to say, Jytte and Bjørn missed their bus. Needless to say, the Papas brothers insisted on escorting them home. Needless to say, all were heroes in Jytte's and Bjørn's eyes. He sure liked his book too, one he would treasure. Needless to say, Photois not only got her phone number but her address and e-mail, the thanks from her parents, and, later that evening, a small but important bit of time alone with his goddess, in the moonlight on the upper deck of the Aphrodite.

Mr. and Mrs. Christiansen were just a bit overwhelmed by it all. It did take a phone call from Thanos to convince them to accept the Papas brothers' invitation, for a grand dinner on the Aphrodite. (I would remind the reader that Aphrodite is the patron of love and mariners among other things.) It took Dem about two hours to convince them to accept his invitation to Athens for the Olympic games, as “our guests.”

Photois e-mailed his clip of Kon's foot making a perfect Tai-kwan-do form contact to Ms. Andersen, for her newscast. In addition to reporting about the yacht invasion and attempted kidnapping at the beach, she reported that the Danish ambassador in Moscow was calling on the Russian authorities to catch this Popoff fellow. The police were vowing to shut down these Russian gangsters in Denmark, once and for all. Now that it was truly international news, it wouldn't matter who he bribed or how much he paid, he was “dead meat,” and anyone who had paid his extortion would not only stop but be covering their asses.

Later that night, after the Christiansens went home, the brothers got Photois in the dorm cabin. Not only did they demand all the details of his exploits, what she felt like? How well she kisses? and so on, they forced him; by the mere offer, to fuck both Max and Seb as a reward, for befriending Bjørn and his very lovely sister.

Max was sure that the next time they saw Bjørn, it would be in bed. He figured the kid was hot as hell and ready for boy action. This he kept to himself, at least for now. Thanos and Dem were forced to sleep alone that night. Their new sons were otherwise occupied, as each one was fucked at least once by all of their new brothers.

The “Friends Forever” book turned out to be probably the best gift Bjørn had ever been given. He treasured it more then anything. He learned from it how important friendship was and that hearing impairment was not a handicap to be overcome, but only a communication inconvenience. He learned you are only as alone and as lonely, as you allow yourself to be.

Max and Seb would ask their language tutor to teach them DSL and enough Danish to use it properly, as soon as they got to Paidi Nisi. Thanos and Dem were absolutely ecstatic with the performance of their boys. They did them proud: by making new friends even if it took a little extra effort, protecting those friends, defending their brothers and their honor, making a good impression on their hosts, and taking these two new brothers into their family, their beds and their hearts so quickly and completely. Angelos, Kon's Tai-kwan-do master, was also very proud of his performance. He did what he had to do, quickly and efficiently and most of all, in the best form. He was proud of his 12-year-old student.

As the Danish police investigated the incidents and perpetrators, they began to unravel Popoff's organization. They were able to feed enough information to St. Petersburg that not only was Popoff caught but his “evil empire” was left in complete chaos. Thanos was becoming an international radio personality. Not only did the CBC call him, but PBS, BBC, Radio Netherlands and ERA in Athens, all wanted interviews. (Public broadcasters around the world have copied the CBC's format, but none have ever quite got it quite as right.)

Mr. and Mrs. Christiansen, Bjørn, and Jytte headed for their home with promises to reunite in Athens, for a shared Olympic experience. At least an experience of Olympic size was Jason's take on it. Bjørn hugged all his new buddies, especially Max and Seb. Photois was busy taking pictures, mostly of Jytte. Thanos thought this was all very funny, remembering himself at 14. Oh yes he remembered how good it felt to feel the kiss of a young, nubile girl and how thrilling it was to just hold her hand. He remembered, all to well, how easy it was to become entangled in the boy-girl, boy-boy, girl-boy-boy-girl melange, and so on. It was not his intention to somehow deny his sons that experience or those emotional mountains and valleys of teenage love. It was his intention to make sure his boys had both firm direction and not too much idle time, in addition to complete knowledge about birth control.

Dem knew all this too. He knew, that if these boys were the biological offspring of Thanos, as the three older ones are, they would likely have inherited his overactive sex drive. Something that comes with the Y chromosome. A sex drive, he knew from long experience, too great for his ass alone to control. His hope was, given the group organization; his, Thanos', the boy's, the men's, would be sufficient. Dem liked women too, almost as much as he liked men. He figured at most, only one or possibly two of the boys would be homosexual. He knew from his medical training and personal experience that most would be bisexual. He also knew they would have a difficult time finding females that were willing to participate in the old paratactical ways. He knew some new kind of culture would have to be developed. Developed is not quite the right adjective. Something would need to evolve from the boy-centered culture of Paidi Nisi and its secret society of Apollo's Phallus (Falloz apolvna). He was not sure exactly what that was or what it would look like.


Author's note: This brief description is taken from my story Red, also published on Nifty. (For anyone whose physics was pre an eon ago, a foot-poundal is the unit of work equal to a force of one poundal moving through a distance of one foot. A poundal is the a unit of force equal to the force that imparts an acceleration of 1 foot/second squared to a mass of 1 pound; equal to 0.1382 newtons. 200 foot-poundals is about 8.4 joules or 6.2 foot pounds-force (the work done by moving a mass of one pound the vertical distance of 1 foot against the force of gravity) or 3 horsepower-hours or 2 tons of TNT, but I am not sure if those are long or short tons. If they are long tons, then about the same as 2 tonnes but if short tons, then about 1.8 tonnes or long tons. I know this is far more then anyone wanted to know. I did save you the time and effort to look it up, though. I also want the reader to know the term foot-poundals is truly meaningful, that fit both the author's sense irony and engineering accuracy.)