Paidi Nisi

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Five: Sailing to Gibraltar

The Aphrodite's crew had all made favorable impressions on the Danes in general and the Christiansens specifically. Since none of them spoke Danish and the Christiansens spoke no Greek, most of the conversation was in a mix of English and German. The Aphrodite would be sailing on the morning tide, which would be around 10 am local time. That would mean everyone could sleep in, except for the first watch.

Except for Photois and Jytte, everyone had spent a most pleasant evening of conversation and getting to know each other. These two spent lots of time getting to know each other too. Bjørn's parents signed for him and the brothers all typed full tilt into the little translators. All the brothers except Photois made him feel not only welcome, but a part of their boy society. Photois had given him the book, so he knew his friendship; besides, his interest in Jytte was obvious, and he was a good little brother, at least in front of his hosts.

He was accustomed to older boys paying attention to his sister. Even if she was his sister and a girl, he was observant enough to realize she was good looking. Bjørn was not accustomed to so many men paying such close attention to him. He had no way of knowing how attractive his 10-year-old smile and body was. He was swift enough to realize that boys on this yacht had some kind of special status. Guests have a special status too, but he realized the subtle difference. Bjørn was going to like Athens and the Olympics, not just for the sports but for the company and the sociability the games implied.

"Photois, you must give us all the details," Spiros demanded.

"What's to tell, we just walked on the upper deck and looked at the lights across the harbor and what few stars one can see in a city.”

"Did you hold her hand?” Yannie asked.

"Well yes, it is cool by the water, I put my arm around her too, she was cold.”

"Did you kiss her?" Jason blurted out.

They were all so excited that the older boys forgot Max and Seb did not speak much Greek yet. Kon came to their aid, translating for them and reminding the others to speak English.

“Did you get a feel of her breasts?" Yannie asked in Greek, taking his hands and cupping them on his own breasts. Max and Seb did not need that translated. Photois turned a bit red saying no, he didn't know her well enough yet, as all his brothers laughed and hooted. By this time, all the boys were pawing at each other's clothing and bodies, kissing and fondling the nearest brother or brothers. They were soon in the showers, cleaning their bodies and making sport of it. Someone started by pissing on Max, who responded by pissing on Kon, and on it went until they were all pissed out. About that time, Yannie started by expelling his enema fluid across the shower stall, hitting the other wall. Then it became a contest to see who could shoot the furthest. Fill the vessel, bend over, pull your butt cheeks apart, and let fly. Seb was hailed as the winner, although by this time everyone was laughing and carrying on so much that they had forgotten to measure. One thing was for sure, they were all rock hard and ready for action.

Spiros and Photois pulled the mattresses from the beds and spread them on the cabin deck. Next they bid Max to lie down on his back, pulling his legs up, with his feet behind his head. This provided maximum exposure of his anus. Yannie pushed a pillow under his hips and began ministering to the boy's body. After driving his tongue as far as possible into his small opening, pressing it in and around, and fucking the small opening with it; he inserted several greased fingers, driving Max wild by giving his prostate expert attention.

Kon and Jason were busy getting Seb ready to fuck his brother. Kon was giving Seb's penis a very complete tongue bath. He pulled back the foreskin, allowing his tongue to play across the sensitive head, then taking the entire length into his mouth, while his fingers danced across the lad's small scrotum. Jason had his butt cheeks spread wide, and his tongue was pressing into his anus like a hard, wedge-shaped dagger. Seb's little-boy cock, hard and stiff, highly lubricated with fine emollients, was inserted into Max's now-open anus, and the fun began. After a short time, both boys reached climaxes and changed positions.

Each older brother, in turn, had a good solid fuck in the ass of his new little brother. Kon was first into Seb and Jason first into Max; after that, they changed positions, making way for the older three. Having longer penises, the older ones put Max and Seb on their backs, stretching their legs out to the side. Their brothers, the ones doing the fucking, held onto their ankles as they thrust into them. Waves of pleasure washed over them, all of them, as each climaxed again and again. Those not actively fucking the little ones were engaged in any number of sexual activities with each other. No cock went un-sucked, no butt un-fucked, no lips un-kissed. They all slept in a pile on the deck, pulling blankets from the beds, a heap of boy flesh pressing their lean smooth bodies against each other.

When Elias came in the cabin to arouse the boys for breakfast and their morning stations, he was greeted by the overpowering smell of sex and the entangled mass of boy flesh, huddled in a large heap in the middle of the cabin. At first he was going to arouse them with his booming voice, but their peace and contentment overwhelmed him. A knot of angels, he thought. Elias knelt down and, one by one, gently aroused each boy in turn, kissing him and gently touching and stroking his smooth flesh. Each boy smiled, returned his kisses and in a sprinter's moment departed for the head. Elias was left sitting on the deck-bed among a heap of blankets, being overwhelmed by the smell of boy bodies, of boy sex.

Elias is a thoughtful one, a relatively quiet member of the crew. He loves boys, well, all children in general, and he loves these boys as life itself. Elias is a large man, relatively hairy, with long powerful limbs and large hands. He is their swimming coach and firearms instructor, among his other duties. He was one of the first ones Thanos recruited from the Hellenic military. Elias liked every aspect of his military duties and training, except killing. He is an expert marksman and archer. He could use a knife or a garrotte as easily as he speared meat on a skewer in the kitchen, but he hated it. What worried him most was the feelings the intruders generated, deep within, the other night. Had Angelos not insisted they be taken alive and unharmed, he would have as gladly slit their throats as look at them. Had Angelos not stopped him, they would have been fish food, with none the wiser for it. The very thought that anyone would bring harm to his mates or his boys was beyond his understanding, beyond his belief system.

He could not understand how anyone could harm a child, any child. He had seen too much and done too much in the army. Elias' unit had been in Kosovo and Macedonia (the country, not the Greek province) before the NATO intervention. He had killed many, using his knife and his hands. He wanted no “truck or trade" with any of them. They all killed and maimed children, probably because children could not fight back. They were all cowards and hypocrites. He had seen too many children around the world being used, exploited, by adults. Young boys being allowed to taunt Israeli soldiers, or child combatants in western Africa. It made him sick, so sick he wanted to puke. He was sickened and saddened by the child murders and rapes in Belgium a few years ago. He was outraged by the number of children being killed and maimed in places like Afghanistan and southern Russia, or children being used as sex slaves in southeast Asia.

He was also very confused by the attitude of many, including the Greek government, when it comes to adults and children having sex. He had no use for anyone who would force, coerce, or rape a child. He could not understand how his society could be so hard on adults who loved and cared for children, albeit having non-forced sex with them, and so blasé about importing cocoa beans that were harvested by child slave labor. Sure, he had sex with these boys. Sure, he liked it and desired it. Most assuredly, it was always tender and loving, but more importantly, it was always at the boy's behest, and of the nature they dictated. It just didn't make any sense to him.


"Students, report to the chart room." Angelos' voice came over the the PA. All seven trouped in from different parts of the ship.

“Now we have a navigation problem for you to solve. Yannie, Photois, and Spiros will be team one. You should gather up the charts required and plot the fastest and safest course for Gibraltar as you can. Use the latest weather forecasts, and don't forget to estimate your speed on each leg, as well as an ETA for the journey. Double check your calculations and report here when you are finished.

"Kon and Jason, I want you to take this chart and figure out what the different course headings are at each turning point. Use the current direction and strengths to indicate where course corrections will probably be needed. Mark them on your maps.

“Max and Seb, sit over here and I will start you out with some basic navigational concepts and approaches. First, do you know what this is?” He held up a small piece of lodestone (magnetite or Fe3O4). The boys looked at each other.

“No sir," replied Max.

“It is the mineral Magnetite, a naturally occurring form of iron oxide, with the chemical formula Fe3O4. It is naturally magnetic." He brought a nail close by, and the chunk of rock attracted it. He offered the nail to the boys so they could try it. “Your science tutor will explain more about this, and teach you the math needed for navigation… this is a compass, but a piece of lodestone was probably the first compass the ancient Chinese, Greek and Phoenician mariners had." The boys smiled: they knew what a compass was. Angelos went on to explain how the compass needle worked with magnetic north. That they needed to set the declination, showing them declination maps and so on. He showed them a sextant and a GPS, and how radio beacons work, and so on. He took them to the bridge and showed them all the instruments and how they worked, including the radar and echo sounders, etc.

Nik was at the helm and he explained what he did and how the "autopilot” worked. The men answered all the questions posed by the two neophytes, letting them take the wheel for short periods, and so on. At every opportunity, a man's hand would find some part of a boy's body to touch or stroke. These were not overtly sexual touches, more along the lines of reassuring passes of the hand across the shoulder or along the arm, sometimes a pat on the butt or a kiss on the top of the head. Questions from the boys were given positive reinforcement, and when the boys answered a question correctly, they were given both praise and often touches.

The distance from Copenhagen to Gibraltar is about 3600 km or 2000 nautical miles. Cruising at 30 knots, it would take about 65 hours or 2.7 days, without taking currents and winds into consideration. This would give everyone lots of time for academic lessons, physical fitness activities, games, and martial arts. It would also give Dem more time for medical tests and baseline measurements of Max and Seb. Starting after lunch Max and Seb had 5 30- minute written tests of basic academic skills, separated by 60 minutes of moderate physical activity and games. To be fair, except for the written English test, the others were all in Russian. The boys fell nicely into a median or average position, for all subjects on an age- and grade-adjusted basis. Their written English was marginal, but that was to be expected. Their Greek was almost nonexistent. That too was to be expected. On the standard Russian I. Q. tests, they scored high, but not exceptional.

On the physical tests, the boys had solid baselines for most skills and measures. They could throw and kick balls well, but no better then any other 10 year olds of their height and weight. They could lift, squeeze, push, and pull with the average. They had above-average flexibility, average aerobic fitness; they could run, jump, hop, and so on just a little better than average. Max had better-than-average endurance, Seb was average, but he had better-than-average reaction time.

On the medical side, all was more or less normal. Max needed braces on his teeth, but not for a year or two. Seb would probably need glasses, both needed fillings in two or three teeth, when they stopped in Athens.

Dem looked over their blood work carefully. He did not like what he was seeing in some of the measures. When he looked closely at the medical records provided by the orphanages, things did not quite add up. Given the immunological records, some of the antibodies expected were just not present. He would need to add some basic childhood shots, again something that could be done in Athens.

He reexamined the boys' ears and gave them both a good flush cleaning. Only Seb needed wax removed, but by doing Max at the same time, it would seem more routine. Dem also started them on his physiological training system. He gave the boys a series of isometric exercises to do, two times a day. These were designed to tighten up the lower abdominal and the gluteus maximus (butt) muscles, lower back and upper legs. At the same time that they did these, he hooked their penises up to a special electro-stimulation device. These things can and often are used in auto-erotic stimulation by adults. In growing boys, given the right arrangement, the device can be used to locally stimulate growth. (Author's note: most of my science and other references are good. This growth thing is not as solid. While from published literature, I have not examined the data or the testing methods.)

The device consists of a narrow band around the base of the penis, hooked to one electrode; the other end is hooked to a longish narrow rod which is slipped into the urethra; on its outside end, the rod is fastened to a flexible plastic, with a series of small buttons that contact the head of the penis. The plastic fits over the penis end like a miniature condom. The rod is coated with a water-soluble, electro-conductive lubricant that has a small amount of human growth factor in it. The outside of the penis is coated with the same lubricant, sans the growth factor. In addition, a large electrode on a bent stalk fits into the anus to stimulate the prostate. Oh, ya!

While the boys do their isometrics, the electro-stimulator does its thing, resulting in a good climax. Dem believes in the pleasure principle, whenever possible he makes whatever needs to happen as much fun or as pleasurable as possible. Needless to say, the boys were not too happy about having this rod pushed up their penises the first time. Subsequent treatments, which would be twice a day and last about a year, were eagerly anticipated. Dem made sure to interact with the boys while they did their isometrics. He would often move his hands over their butts or draw his fingers along through the cleft between their cheeks. He would fondle their nipples and gently massage their shoulders. He would often kiss them or lick the back of their necks. The boys liked the attention, the stimulation, the affection, and most of all the prospect of genital development like those of their brothers. Males, no matter how young, are just fascinated by their genitals, the genitals of other males, and the size. Dem figures it comes with the Y chromosome.

Dem knew, from experience, that these boys would come into puberty about a year earlier than under ordinary conditions. This was a result of the very high quality diet, plus vitamins and minerals he gave all the boys. Just being in close contact with young males, advancing toward the peak of their sexual maturity, seems to move things faster. Pheromones are very powerful signals, the brothers and the men, that they were so close to, sent out a variety of them in abundance. Part of the supplement package is the extract of certain tree barks and other plants, that stimulated the creation and development of seminal fluid. Part of the "supplements” include powerful female pheromones that induce the production of testosterone in males; other substances are known to help stimulate a female type olfactory response to male pheromones, inducing a bisexual response.

His boys would be the healthiest, fittest, sexiest young men he could muster, totally comfortable with their maleness. They would be true sons of Apollo. Sexual animals bonded together as he and Thanos, as comfortable and intimate with women as with men. Bonded to himself and Thanos, as sons should be to their fathers. They would be true men of the age, confident and competent, comfortable in this new time and old place. They would be proud of their bodies, but not narcissistic. Confident in themselves and their family. Comfortable in any kind of social setting, without being arrogant. Self disciplined, creative, generous, and most of all loving. That's what Dem hoped for anyway.


The Aphrodite dropped anchor in the outer harbor at Gibraltar, to wait for a meet with the Nike lll, one of the Papas' fast, bulk carriers. This was a nice respite for the Aphrodite's crew and passengers alike. It did not take long for the boys and men to find some interesting things to do.

Yannie, Kon, Jason, Photois and Spiros found Angelos, Elias, Pavlos, Vlasis and Dem respectively, would do a dance with each other. The men and boys would worship at Apollo's temple of flesh, in the ancient dance of lust and sexual love. Each man giving his boy the sensual pleasures he desired, worshiping his form and essence, delivering all the tenderness and affection he was capable of. Each boy returning that sensual pleasure, loving respect and affection possible to his man. Each pair worshiping the maleness of the other within Aphrodite's womb.

Max approached Nik, taking his large, rough, right hand in his two small smooth grasping appendages, kissing Nik's fingers. Nik dropped to his knees embracing the boy. His right hand resting on Max's bubble butt, and his left between the lad's shoulder blades. Max kissed his cheek and Nik responded. Max giggled and threw his arms around Nik's huge neck. "Take me to your bed, please," Max whispered.

"Are you sure, little one?" Nik inquired. He wanted the boy, that was obvious from his eyes. It was obvious every time he looked at him. Max kissed him on the lips, pressing his tongue into Nik's mouth, and pushing his upper lip against Nik's bushy but neatly trimmed mustache. It tickled a bit, but Max liked it. His biological father had a mustache, he remembered how it tickled, but he had never kissed his father on his lips, not with the passion he was kissing Nik with. Nik's large hand gently grasped and released Max's butt several times. Each time, it sent little shivers up Max's spine. He liked that feeling.

Nik took Max's kiss, which he returned with his own probing tongue, as a yes. In one smooth motion, he stood up, sweeping the lad up in his arms. Pressing the boy's body against his chest. Max wrapped his legs around Nik's waist, pressing his small but stiff penis against his man's abdomen, giggling. This boy and his brother were Nik's favorite age, prepubescent boys who were big enough to take it up the ass or down the throat. Large enough to handle different positions, with enough body mass for his hands and mouth to properly worship.

For such a large masculine man, Nik was capable of the gentlest touch and the greatest tenderness. His deep baritone voice was capable of the softest and reassuring tones a man can make.

Seb found Thanos and George on the bridge. He was delighted when he realized he had two men that would pay attention to him. Thanos was sitting in a large leather chair. Seb greeted both men as he closed the hatch and climbed into dad's lap, pressing his face against Thanos' chest, and dad wrapped his long arms around his son. George was about to leave when Seb asked, “can't the three of us play?” Of course the three of them could play, it is the boy that controls the sex, not the man or men. If one of their angels wanted two or more men at once, then that is what he would have.

Seb hopped down and stood flat footed on the deck, feet just a bit apart. "Aren't you going to undress me?" he asked, tossing his head to one side. It was not a plaintive request nor was it a demand, just a kind of natural statement. Seb wanted to be undressed by his men, he wanted to feel their hands on his body he wanted to feel their kisses and tickles, he wanted to be touched. He liked the feeling of security and stability, the tingling and satisfaction from being touched. His men were more than accommodating. They wanted to feel his smooth, soft skin, kiss his little body, and fondle his boyhood. To them, he was Adonis, and they were his slaves. Four hands, two tongues, and four lips, two stiff penises all paying attention to him, to his body, what more could a boy want? Seb could have thought of something if given some time, but right now he was too busy reveling in the sensual pleasure of foreplay, and he was loving every moment of it.

It did not take long for Seb's uniform shorts and Tee to be shed, nor long for Thanos and George to lose theirs. George lay in the leather chair, his back on the cushion, with his legs draped over the large soft arms. He motioned for Seb to climb aboard, which the lad did in double time. Seb knelt on the arms, positioning his groin at just the right level for George's mouth and causing his legs to spread wide apart for easy access to Apollo's boy temple. He placed his hands on the man's shoulders, as George embraced him, pulling his groin close to his face and placing his large hands on the boy's diminutive butt, letting his fingers drift into the open cleft

Thanos slicked up his pleasure rod, stepped up to his two male lovers, and placed his hands on the chair arms. George lifted his long muscular legs up, sliding them along his leader's thick arms, toward his wide shoulders, which spread his butt cheeks apart, exposing his round well of delight. Thanos moved his feet back, lowering his crotch to the level of George's ass. This caused him to lean forward against Seb's back, which he began kissing and licking. Seb was giggling and quietly gurgling in delight. Thanos made a rigid form, his legs straight, muscles bulging, his tight round butt rising up from the upper leg into a curved dome; not unlike that of an Orthodox church, dipping into the small of his back and curving upward in a smooth form toward his neck.

Thanos poked forward, his erection trying to find its target. George was pressing his anus outward, trying to engage the phallus. After several slight adjustments, Thanos hit pay dirt, sinking deep into George, lowering himself into the man until his scrotum lay against the tightly stretched butt. It took a few half-hearted attempts to establish a rhythm until Thanos was thrusting, long and slow, into George, while George's mustache tickled the pubis of the boy they were both worshiping.

Between his skilled oral orifice, almost magic lingual muscle, and two fingers in the kid's bum playing music on his prostate, Seb achieved two dry, but none the less body-shuddering climaxes, before Thanos unloaded. Ejaculate is a gift from the gods, it is a sacred gift from one male to another. George clamped tight onto the invading penis, trapping every blessed cubic centimeter of this sacred fluid in his bowel.

As Thanos pulled out or was expelled by the closing orifice, he stood upright, placing his hands on Seb's butt cheeks. He quickly inserted lubricant into the now-open cavern, and applied an additional coating to George's massive cock. George was as hard and ready as he had ever been in his life. His cock stood tall at 22 cm, straight and rigid, waiting to be sheathed in the lad's temple. Thanos lowered the boy onto the waiting phallus, spreading his butt cheeks apart and positioning Seb's anus for a smooth and quick acceptance. Seb shuddered and expelled his breath, as George's massive cock entered his most sacred orifice. George thrust upward and Thanos lifted the lad by placing his hands in the boy's armpits, until the fucker and fuckee were in a position to do their own mutual thing. In the process, Seb was turned around to face away from George, his face pressing into Thanos' chest. Every thrust of George's cock made full contact with Seb's prostate, quickly raising his internal temperature to white hot. Seb was almost delirious with rapture as his man fucked him.

Thanos stood with his hands on the boy's shoulders to steady him. He bent over to kiss Seb's lips and play tongue tag, one of his and Seb's favorite games. Seb reached out for Thanos' limp member, using his small hands to fondle his dad.

Scenes not unlike this were played out all over the Aphrodite that afternoon, except in the dorm cabin. Only the boys are allowed to share sex in the dorm cabin. Adults are persona non grata in the dorm cabin unless on some official, nonsexual, business. Sex on the Aphrodite is a relatively common event but it is uncommon that all of the crew and passengers are engaged at the same time.


"Yes, Captain Scharis, the Aphrodite is at anchor in the outer harbor. What is your ETA? ... Ok, yes I see you." Thanos was looking through his telescope. "Will you come to dinner on the Aphrodite?"...“Ok, next time perhaps."

"Attention, please meet me in the dining lounge, this means everyone."

"Thank you for being so prompt. The Nike lll will be pulling alongside in about 2 hours. They have a passenger on board, and this gentleman will be joining us for dinner and perhaps longer."

"Well, dad, don't keep us in suspense, who is it?” Spiros inquired.

"He is a youngish gentleman from Great Britain, one Mister Kemp Kendall the Third, he will be your new math and science tutor, if you don't scare him away. Your Uncle Thomas has interviewed him and recommended he be hired. I just want to give him one last chance to back out."

"Why is he arriving on the Nike lll, aren't we stopping in Athens next?" Jason asked.

“Yes more or less, we have a stop at Kalami for some Nenéa wine first. But he has been a passenger on the Nike lll for almost 8 months now and I want to give him an opportunity to back out.”

"He may do that when he meets the size of his challenge,” Dem interjected. "I'm sure Thomas only told him how wonderful his nephews are…” This produced a course of groans from the 7 boys. After all aren't they perfect and angels, that's what everyone says about them. "But those sentiments are voiced by their men, an obvious source of impaired judgment."

"That's a long time to be on a bulk carrier plying the `briny ocean blue’?" Vlasis questioned.

“Thomas told me he was hiding out from an irate father who was attempting to kill him or have him killed for seducing his son, getting his daughter knocked up, and introducing the two fraternal twins to the joys of incest, among other things."

"Oh, he will fit right in with this group," Angelos laughed, knowing that he and every other man that were part of this "family," were hiding from or living with, something in their young lives. Elias from his anger and his distaste of violence toward children. Himself from his passion for boys, Vlasis from his wife and daughters, Paul from his family's reaction to his homosexuality, etc. All the adults on Paidi Nisi were hiding from society in one way or another. In some respects, they were like the monks that built the old abbey; shutting out the world to seek some kind of peace.

Pavlos and Jason were the galley crew for this evening. They managed to catch a fishing boat returning to port and get several large red snappers, still flopping fresh. The others made ready for a visitor, setting the table, cleaning and preparing his stateroom. Max and Seb went with Thanos and Dem.

No sooner had they entered the master cabin than the lads began shedding their uniforms. Standing proudly for daddy's inspection; every square centimeter of their bodies needed kissing, touching and licking. Dem handed them their electro-stimulators. Both boys immediately prepared themselves and turned them on. While they enjoyed the feelings being generated in their crotches, the men enjoyed each other in a passionate and lustful 69 demonstration. After the prescribed twenty minutes and two rapturous climaxes, the men turned to them, engulfing them in their powerful arms and proceeded to demonstrate how much these new sons were loved and honored. Each boy riding the engorged phallus of his man. Each man enjoying the hot, tight ass of his boy, filling his boy's rectum with his hot, white, elixir of life.

The boys lay on their man's chest legs, draped on either side of him. Their small round butt cheeks spread apart as their bodies made the maximum surface area contact with their pleasure machines. Laying close to their men, being hugged, kissed, stroked and fondled, they were floating somewhere in boy pleasure heaven. Dem handed a small red butt plug to Thanos, and they each inserted one into the waiting, now lonely, rectum of his boy; being told to leave them in place until dad and uncle took them out. These are unique little devices. They are quite small in size, sliding easily into the well lubricated holes. Within seconds, the dildos began to swell, pressing a small oval shape against the boy's prostate and providing a sensation of fullness. The boys pressed their bodies tighter against the men, as the feelings of fullness and satisfaction spread through their bodies. Every 20 seconds, a very small electrical discharge took place, almost imperceptible to the boys. This discharge stimulated the prostate, keeping them in a continual state of sexual arousal, which would build over time, several hours. The boys would be begging their men for more sex. A request that would be more than gladly granted. In addition to the electrical stimulation, the slightly higher pH, found in the semen just placed into their cavity, would react quickly with the minute amounts of stimulant released by the swelling dildo. This chemical reaction would cause the production of endorphins in the boy's brain pleasure centers.

This refractory period lasted for about fifteen minutes. The men, Thanos and Dem, gently encouraged the boys to rise up and continue with their day.