Paidi Nisi



Just a reminder that this is a fiction story. Yep, I made it up. That is not to say real places and events are not incorporated. I hope you readers are not always able to tell the difference. Sex between adult males and youth and between youth is a common happening in this story. If that offends you, don't read it. If you are under some magic age, 18 in most places, you are probably not supposed to read it, as it will certainly lesson your respect for authority and is often considered illegal. I for one am greatly opposed to censorship in any way shape or from. My advice is do exactly what I have and will always do when it comes to my intellectual freedom. What I damn well please.

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Six: The New Tutor

Kemp Kendall is a short man, only about 1.6 m (5ʹ 4ʺ) tall. He is very blond with wide-set, light blue eyes, 27 years old, with a slightly built, smooth, almost hairless, body. He only shaves his face a couple of times a week. He has a roundish face, with red cheeks when in the sun. He has a small button-like nose, a large oval mouth, and a tooth-filled smile. His chin is well defined, but small. In short, he is baby-faced, looking much younger then he is. He has always looked significantly younger. Kemp sports a disproportionally large butt and a bit of a tummy. He is not very fit, having never been interested in sports. His male endowments are an average circumcised penis 6ʺ (15 cm) long, about 2ʺ (5 cm) in diameter, with a normal sized scrotum. He shaves his pubic hair, which makes his penis look larger. He is just a little vain.

Kemp wears glasses, has medium-long hair, and speaks English, some German and a little Dutch, with a Midlands accent. He has traveled to most European countries and, since in residence on the Nike lll, most of its ports of call, 10 other countries. While on the Nike lll, he has learned quite a bit of modern Greek.

His education is reasonably good. He went to one of the better Public Schools near Newcastle, and has a Ph. D. from the University of Newcastle, in Geology. He is soft spoken, and would be one of least masculine of all the men on Paidi Nisi. He sings well and plays the piano, both learned at Public School. He is in good overall health, but has allergy-related asthma. While in Athens, he had a complete medical exam and some dental maintenance. He also had extensive interviews with Thomas, who also checked all his references and records.

Thomas managed to arrange for his British asset protection, and for him to disappear, as it were. The previous math and science tutor had resigned a few months ago. He had been on Paidi Nisi for almost three years, but became restless and wanted to return to his native city of Thessaloniki. Thomas had been trying to get Kemp interested in this assignment ever since the opening occurred. It was the press reports, and Thomas' added descriptions of the St. Petersburg and Copenhagen capers, that convinced him that this was a "family" he could be comfortable with.

Kemp has a long history, for his short life, of being a boy lover. When he was a boy himself, he was fascinated with his contemporaries and their bodies. That, in itself, is relatively normal. Kemp had a hot and cold relationship with his mother, probably fueled by his passionate, in the non-sexual meaning of the word, relationship with his father. He idolized the man and everything about him. Kemp was eleven when his dad and mom split up and dad took a job in Thailand for two years. Kemp was crushed. Much to Kemp's delight, however, the old man not only learned a lot of Thai culture, but also learned how good a boy can be as a lover.

Within hours of his return to the UK, Kemp had learned how good it was to have a man as his lover. From that time, until he went to university, Kemp lived with his dad and was loved by him, as frequently as the older man could physically manage. Dad came back to the UK to work at Kemp's school; he did not like being separated from his adoring son, so the frequency of his returns was extraordinary. As Kemp aged, his interest still centered on the ten-to-16 age group, just like dad's. Kemp started bringing younger boys around for both himself and dad to play with. During his university years, Kemp kept himself and his boy-loving landlord well supplied.

None of this detail came out in the interviews, except Kemp's sexual interest in boys. That was all right: everyone on the island is hiding from society for some reason.

The Nike lll anchored about 2 km (1¼ mile) from the Aphrodite. Kemp had bid farewell to his friends. Spending that length of time on a ship builds friendships. The launch brought him to the Aphrodite, along with his belongings. All hands were on deck to greet the new tutor; he was piped on board in true military fashion. Thanos welcomed him and led the way into the lounge, while Angelos stowed his baggage in his assigned cabin.

Thomas had briefed him as best he could, and shown him pictures of the Aphrodite, Paidi Nisi, and the entire family. Kemp was dressed rather casually in shorts and a golf shirt. His face was tanned, and he wore designer sunglasses. Having everyone seated around the table, Thanos introduced Kemp. Each member of the family that was present, in turn, stated his name and position, starting with Dem: Medical doctor, graduate of University of Athens, also life/biology/zoology science tutor, godfather of the boys, Thanos' best friend and lover since we were small children, and so on. After they went around the table, Kemp had his little say.

Thanos outlined very briefly the philosophy behind Paidi Nisi: a boy-centered culture, preparation of well-educated responsible adults, mostly the adults being role models, educators, friends, and sex toys for the boys. He quickly reviewed the highly democratic way the family operated, emphasizing that respect of person is automatic and fundamental, but respect for station, except in matters of health and safety, was earned. “Kemp, your Ph. D. gets you very little here, your knowledge, wisdom, and how well you use your penis, not its size, are what counts.” Kemp made a brief indication of his understanding and acceptance. "You're sure you want to stay with us: can I release the launch?" Angelos inquired. The launch was standing by, just in case Kemp changed his mind. “Yes, release it."

Thanos released everyone, reminding them that dinner was in two hours and they would sail at first light. “You can all welcome Kemp to our family in your own way, but now I think Paul should show him to his quarters." Everyone but Paul was slightly disappointed, but Thanos was right, it was only fair that he have a chance to make himself comfortable before dinner.

Paul had other plans: he did need to show Kemp where his cabin was, outline some of the running rules, get him a uniform or two, and so on. Besides, Kemp was just the kind of man Paul liked best: good looking, a crotch that suggested reasonable size, a plump ass, about his height and weight, and a Nancy Boy. He is not a chubby chaser per say, but just likes a little meat on the butts he fucks, something he can't get from the boys, twinks, and hunks in the family. Kemp will slim down once they spend some time on the island, he mused.

Paul stopped in his cabin and got some uniforms for Kemp. "We will have the tailor make your own when we get to Athens, but until then, mine should fit you.” Paul gave him a rundown on the daily activities and a few rules, such as, men are not allowed in the boys' dorm for sex, even if invited. No one is allowed in your personal cabin for sex unless invited, boys included. Sex with boys is allowed, in fact encouraged, but it is only at the boy's request, and what he wants to do. "These boys will do almost anything, and they seem to want it all the time. Then the same can be said for the men too." It only took a few minutes for Paul and Kemp to test that statement.

"Paul, your offer of assistance is most generous, I could really use a back rub, if you've got the energy for it. These interviews and meeting everyone has got my body into knots."

"Yeah, I can handle that.” "Back rub" always translated to "body massage."

"I've got some lotion with my stuff. Could you rub some in? I think I overdid it in the sun today as well,” Kemp whispered.

“Sure, get comfortable." This was either a demonstration of his trust, or a demonstration of his desire, Paul thought. “Maybe both."

Paul stood over him. He had seen this sight so many times in his dreams. He knelt down and touched him. It was no dream. Paul squeezed some lotion into his hands and warmed it. Starting at the calluses on the bottom of his feet, Paul began working up his legs. His body relaxed under Paul's ministrations. Paul kneaded his thighs, but stopped at the fold marking the start of his buttocks.

Paul next worked on his hands, cognizant of the meatiness of his palms, the texture of his fingerprints, and the rigidity of the bones which gave his hands their potent shape and structure. But the power he knew to be in them was not in evidence. What was it about his hands that made them so sensual? We interact so much with the world by the touching we do with our hands. In those moments we were, in fact, communicating through ours. With his compliance, Kemp told Paul of the profound trust he had placed in him. Through tender touch, Paul told him of his desire for him. The messages were so much clearer than any to be heard with the ears or seen with the eyes.

Paul's fingers traversed the landscape of his arms and back. The lotion imparted to his skin a satiny sheen. Finally, Paul's hands were on his ass. The twin muscular mounds exploded with goose bumps when he spread the lotion over them. Starting at the base of his spine, Paul moved lower, kneading Kemp's cheeks, watching them cleave in the process. As Paul moved closer to his legs, he repositioned himself. He was making himself more vulnerable! Paul wanted to plunge in, to live his fantasy, but this was more than just a willing piece of ass to him. He was the new comrade, friend and fellow traveler, Paul wanted to see his face.

"Roll over, Kemp,” Paul said gently. With no hesitation, he did. Paul gazed down upon him as he proceeded to massage his feet and legs. His submission was unmistakable and undeniable. Soon Paul was straddling his stomach, leaning forward on his knees, exploring the ridges and valleys of his abdominal muscles. With each breath, his ribs rose and fell beneath him. At last Paul molded his hands to Kemp's chest. Paul couldn't feel the ribs underneath. As he touched his nipples, they contracted, forcing the nubs to attention. Paul felt his heart beat stronger.

Suddenly, Paul became aware of the heat between them. Paul turned to look: it was Kemp's cock, filling with blood, pulsing, arching its way towards him. He looked at Kemp's boyish face below and leaned to touch it, to finish the massage. As Paul did so, Kemp's penis pressed hard against him. The blood rushed into Paul's groin. Attempting to steady himself, Paul cupped his face with his hands. He rubbed his strong cheekbones gently with his now trembling thumbs. Kemp raised his hand, placed it on Paul's shoulder, and slowly opened his eyes. Through their eyes, the windows to their souls, it all was conveyed. The reader will remember that Kemp has been more or less celibate for about eight months now.

Paul sank down onto him, his ass pushed back against his cock, almost seeming to cradle it. Paul's own tool, roaring hard, was sandwiched by their warm, moist, lotion-lubricated stomachs. Kemp's tongue met his, and their lips sealed around them. Kemp felt the roughness from the day's growth of beard.

Paul wrapped Kemp's arms and legs around him, with only their tongues in motion. Kemp took the bottle of lotion and squeezed some in his hand.

"Hunch up on your knees, Paul.” He smeared the lotion in Paul's ass and then popped a finger inside. Paul moved back up to smother again his mouth. Kemp's finger moved deeper inside until it pressed upon Paul's prostate. Paul felt the release of pre-cum rush down the length of his penis and out onto his stomach.

With one hand, Kemp pulled Paul forward against his weight; with the other, he lined himself up to plug his anxious hole. Then he eased Paul back against him. Paul felt himself open up and then stretch wide, as the head of Kemp's penis pushed through. In startled reflex, Paul's arms closed tightly around him. They froze in gentle embrace. Paul began to rock gently back and forth. Kemp's chest rose, and with a low groan, fell. Their lovemaking progressed by slow degrees, and as their movements became more pronounced, Kemp reached out with his hand to Paul, first touching his penis, then encircling it.

They rapidly approached the flash point. Their bodies glistened with sweat, and their breathing had turned to panting. When the action of his hand upon Paul's penis became more frenetic, Paul knew he was on the brink.

"I could do this all night, Kemp, but if you keep that up I'm gonna come!”

"Shit, man, we will do it all night! Nobody says you can only come once a day. Let it go!”

Paul turned Kemp's attention to him, wanting to bring him over the top with himself. Paul reached down and felt his shaft sliding in and out. He slid his hand down and cupped Kemp's balls. With his thumb, he pressed firmly where the spongy underside of his penis met his dancing scrotum, the perineum. Kemp's whole body tensed and froze. Kemp uttered no sound, inhaled no breath, made no movement. He gripped Paul's handle as if to keep from falling into some deep crevasse -- but he had no chance. Paul gently squeezed his clutch of eggs, pushing him off the precipice, determined himself to follow him down.

“We better get a shower and dressed. The only meal of the day when everyone is expected is our evening meal.” They did that and Paul helped Kemp with his uniform. In fact, they helped each other with their uniforms. Kemp's plump ass filled the shorts more than well. It was a good thing they have such a high stretch component. Kemp filled the crotch nicely too.

While Kemp and Paul were trading body fluids, Max and Seb were receiving additions of Apollo's magic from Jason and Kon. It was the strangest feeling in their butts when the brothers removed the butt plugs which had been in place for several hours. It was an emptiness they had never experienced before. A feeling that made them beg their brothers to fill them. The brothers knew this feeling well. It was not all that long ago they had been treated to the same experiences. They knew the boys were being trained as they had been. They remembered that by the third or fourth week as family members they were seeking out butt fucks two or three times a day, in addition to all the other sexual opportunities that came their way. They knew that by the time they reached Athens the boys would no longer be spending every night with Thanos and Dem, they would be spending most nights in the dorm with their brothers. For now, however, it was fuck and run. The butt plugs were replaced, fresh uniforms put on, and dinner to attend.

The mini party was, a mini party. The only thing missing was Greek ethnic dancing. Greeks like to dance as much as anything. Each region of Greece has its own variation of the theme. Mostly they are some form of line dance, which involves everyone from the young to the very old. Men and women often dance with each other or unisex, more or less depending on who is present.

Kemp was beginning to fit right in. He was almost overwhelmed by the number of propositions he received at dinner, from the other men and older boys. Max and Seb did not need to display their butts to get his attention, and they both knew it. The conversation ranged widely over many topics, as it usually does. When Kemp realized they would be passing along the southern coast of Sicily in the late afternoon, and the weather was predicted to be clear, he proposed a geoscience assignment for the students that involved observation, albeit from the Aphrodite, of Mount Etna. He asked if Thanos would sail north along the eastern coast toward Catania, before continuing east to the isle of Kythira. Etna had large eruptions in 2001, some in 2002, with continued activity in 2003. Some activity can still be seen in 2004, although it is hit or miss. Kemp knew that the two things most exciting to children and teens, about the earth sciences are dinosaurs and volcanoes. Both topics are well represented on the internet, with scads of good information. Being close to an active volcano is just too good an opportunity to pass up, for an introduction to earth science. If this would not capture the imaginations of these boys, nothing would. (One good place to start, but by no means the only or best, is "" for a run down on Italian volcanology.)

"We will do better than that, Kemp. If we anchor in Catania harbor tomorrow, you can lead a field trip up the mountain. I'm sure everyone wants to go."

Max and Seb were summoned by Dem to the sick bay. Kemp was quite surprised by their enthusiasm to accompany him, which he expressed.

Photois quipped. "Uncle Dem has, shall we say, a unique bed manner." Which brought a hardy round of laughter from everyone.


The Nenéa area of the Peloponnesos produces some of the finest wines in Greece. That is why Thanos was stopping at Nafplion to take on some of that highly prized cargo. Nafplion, like every other place in Greece, is full of history, old forts, and ruins; this place has some wonderful beaches too. This was the first capital of a free Greece, after they defeated the Turks. Papas Shipping also has offices and facilities, in the newer section of the city.

Thanos sent almost everyone on a tour of the Palamidi fortress and some of the other sights. He admonished Max and Seb to pay close attention to the historical significance of things and ask lots of questions. "It will make your life easier when your Greek history and culture lessons begin." Dem, Thanos, and Elias stayed at the company offices to do some business and make sure the wine was properly stored. The office overlooks the main dock where the Aphrodite was moored. From the bay side windows one could see the Venetian fortress at the entrance to Nafplion harbor, the dock itself, and the Aphrodite's sleek white bow. Fishing boats were docking and beginning to unload their catch.

The day was winding down, and Thanos did not want to keep his managers and staff late. He knew they would be reluctant to leave as long as he was present. The tour was late in returning. Unlike more northern peoples, the Greeks have a bit more relaxed view of time, especially outside Athens and a few other large cities. He was nervously looking out the other window at the street. Thanos announced their arrival as the bus pulled up to the main entrance. Elias, followed by Dem, Thanos, and the station manager, headed down the stairs to greet the boys. Everyone was of course talking at once. Photois was showing some of his pictures in the viewer of his digital camera. It was chaos.

Nik and George had stationed themselves one on either side of the gaggle. Elias was trying to herd everyone back from the curb, so the bus could get on its way, when Nik spotted some activity moving from the dock area toward them. The bus pulled out, and Nik signaled to Vlasis to follow him, Paul taking his position. Angelos and Kemp, who had become friends, were in the scrum with the boys, describing how interesting the old fortress was.

What had attracted Nik's attention turned out to be several fishermen admonishing one of their comrades not to lose his temper. The fellow was, Nik guessed, in his mid 30's. He was upbraiding a boy, who was struggling to get free from his grasp. The men were urging him to let the boy go, but the man would have none of that. By this time, Elias had noticed the activity, and when he saw the man strike the boy, by bringing the back of his hand hard against the lad's face, he lost all composure. Not accurate: he lost his temper. Elias acted as he had been trained to; in that aspect he was completely composed. Before anyone else could move, the man struck the boy a second time, and Elias was closing the distance fast. With the Olympics scheduled for Athens in a few months, one would have thought he was preparing for the 100 meters. Nik was right behind him, more to protect Elias from himself, than the boy from the man or the man from Elias.

In nothing flat, the others were moving quickly, though not on a dead run, toward the situation. The fishermen were also moving: they would be honor-bound to defend their comrade, even if they didn't approve of what he was doing.

Elias reached the man as his third blow landed on the boy's face. Blood was streaming from his nose, and the side of his face was red and swelling fast. The man brought his right hand up again for another blow, when Elias reached out with both arms, one thrusting under the upraised appendage, to stop the blow, and the other, his left, clamped on the man's left shoulder. Elias' grip was so powerful and well placed that all strength in the man's left arm was sapped, his grip immediately released, the boy falling to the pavement. His legs went weak, and in an instant he had been flipped completely over on his back, with his right arm being twisted to the point of breaking or dislocation. Notice: not yet dislocated, just to that point.

All the while, the two groups were fast advancing on the situation. Nik was the first to draw his 9 mm, with Paul right behind him. That stopped the advancing fishermen in their tracks.

"So you like to hurt children,” Elias said, as he continued to twist the man's arm, placing his foot squarely on his groin for leverage. The man was screaming in pain. George, Nik, and Angelos advanced on the fishermen, demanding to know who this “child abusing bastard” was, why they had not stopped such an atrocity, and suggesting that their lives were in as much danger as their friend's.

Dem was now at the boy's side, telling him to lie still, using his handkerchief to sop up the blood. Paul and Vlasis were halfway between the office and the boys, carrying a stretcher they secured from the first aid room. Kemp, Kon, Jason, Max, and Seb were being surrounded by Yannie and Spiros, while Photois was capturing everything on his digital movie recorder. Thanos, in his very calm cool way, stopped, made a call on his cell phone, and slowly walked up to Elias. "Don't hurt him too much.” Elias took his foot off the man's groin, so he would stop screaming. "I called the police, they will deal with this.”

By this time, Paul and Vlasis were carrying the stretcher, boy secured on top, toward the Aphrodite, with Dem in the lead. Kemp and the boys were not sure quite what to do. Photois handed Kemp a digital camera and pointed to Dem. He took the camera and followed them toward the Aphrodite's sick bay.

Thanos then approached the fishermen, suggesting they either go back to their boats or stay here to give statements to the police, who were on the way. "Put those guns away, these men will not hurt that bastard, you don't need to protect him from them, perhaps we should be protecting Elias from himself," Thanos said, in a very sarcastic voice. The fishermen, Nik, and George got that message. The overall setting was one of organized confusion. After Nik and George holstered their firearms, the groups all converged on Elias and his now more subdued captive.

“What is his name?" Thanos asked the fishermen. “Stavros Yanopaplouis.”

"Stavros, you have three choices, listen with great care and choose one. I can call the priest for you, Elias would like that one the best: he prefers you have the "last rites" before he disposes of your miserable life. He can let you go and give my sons a chance to display their displeasure on your person, you may still need that priest, but they will give you a fighting chance; although at least one of my boys believes there are too many orphans in the world now, so they may only hurt you badly. Third, when Elias lets you go, you just remain exactly as you are, as if glued to the spot, until the police arrive.” Stavros was no hero, so he chose number three. Now that was the smart thing to do, Kon was more then ready to demonstrate his Tai-kwan-do techniques for his instructor again.

Thanos sent Max and Seb to the Aphrodite to see how the boy was making out. He sincerely hoped the lad was not too badly hurt. He feared that, if the injuries were serious, he may not be able to contain Elias.

"Now who is the boy, Stavros?" Stavros looked away and at the pavement. "He is Stavros' oldest son," one of the fishermen called out.

"What could any child have done to cause a parent to act as you have?" Thanos gave him a moment to answer. "I suggest you answer,” growled Elias.

Stavros stammered a bit. “The boy is a omophyl"philos." (pronounced, homosEktshual or Homo-phi-lo-phi-los) "It is a sin, he dishonors my name, his name, his family." Stavros sighed. Greek society is a very tolerant one. Most Greeks are not homophobic. Many will use Pous-tis (fag) sometimes in a derogatory way, even gays; the Greeks have a more or less a live and let live attitude.

“Mr. Yanopaplous, that is not a dishonor, it is not evil, or even morally wrong, many priests are homosexuals. He is your son, the church and our society teaches us to love, nurture and protect our children. Sexual orientation is a gift from God, we are born with it. Can God give bad gifts? Are you so holy that you can say God made a mistake or did something wrong? Thanos, call that priest, this man needs him, not for the last rites, but to hear his confession. Brutality toward children is dishonorable, a sin, and also against the law. You dishonor his name,” Angelos declared, just about the time the cops pulled onto the dock.

Stavros may have thought that the cops would be more sympathetic to his discipline attempts but it turns out that one of them had served with Elias in the army. He told Stavros how lucky he was, "when I was in the special forces, I saw Elias kill many who harmed children, it was usually slow and painful too." Stavros hung his head.

On the Aphrodite, things were going more or less OK. Kemp helped Dem bathe the lad. Dem examined him for broken bones and internal injuries. Fortunately, nothing too bad, except a cracked cheek bone and "broken nose." Dem put cold packs on the bruises and cleaned off the blood from the broken nose; he gave him some local anesthetic and taped up the nose. He didn't think it would need surgery, but one never knows about these things. Paul went to the boys' cabin to find some jean shorts and a T-shirt for the lad. The whole time, the young man never said a word, or cried, or even winced. After things were settled down and the fellow was dressed in clean clothing, Dem offered him a small shot of Metaxa. The young man just looked at it.

"Metaxa, just sip it," Vlasis said. He did, giving a little shudder as the brandy slid down his throat.

"My name is Dr. Dinosthenis (Dem) Koronios, this is Pavlos, Vlasis, Max and Seb." The boys had just entered the room.

"I'm Stavros Yanopaplous Junior. Thank you for coming to my rescue and for… for everything."

"It was our pleasure," Max blurted out, “I'm 10, and so is my brother, Seb. How old are you?" Max's Greek was passable.

“I'm 14," Junior announced.

"Uncle Dem, dad sent us to see how Stavros was doing and to tell you the cops will want to talk to him,” Seb said in English, which Dem translated for Stavros.

“What will they do to my dad?" Stavros asked, with some concern in his voice.

"He will be off to jail for starters," Kemp interjected.

It was obvious the pain was starting, so Dem gave him some aspirins and water. They talked a bit to find out why Stavros' father was pounding on him.

"My father said I was a omophyl"philos. It is a sin, I dishonor my name, his name, my family."

"Just why would he say that about one so young as yourself?"

"I am almost 14. My teammates saw me kissing my best friend, they were teasing us,” he said lowering his eyes to the floor.

“Do you love this boy?"

"Sure he is my friend, a teammate, like a brother."

"No, Stavros, do you want sex with him?"

"I... I don't know, never had sex with anyone.”

"Was your kiss a kiss of passion or joy?"

"I'm not sure, we just won our football match, a city championship, and were so overjoyed, I guess."

They talked a bit more about all this.

"Stavros, you are probably not a homosexual. You may in the future realize you are that way, but at this point in your life, you obviously don't know that for sure. It is not a dishonor, it is not evil, or even morally wrong, many priests are homosexuals. He is your friend, the church and our society teaches us to love, nurture and protect our friends and family. Sexual orientation is a gift from God, we are born with it. Can God give bad gifts? Who among us is so holy that they can say God made a mistake or did something wrong?"

"Then why did he beat me and tell me I was no longer his son?” Stavros began to cry.

“Fear, ignorance, who is to know? We can choose our friends and life mates; unfortunately we can not choose our parents. But then, the parents can not choose the child either. What of your mother, do you think she will reject you?"

"No, I don't think so.”

"Do you want us to bring her here?"

"Yes, Dr., but I have several younger sisters at home."

At this point, the cops showed up. Max and Seb helped Stavros up to the lounge cabin, so the police could do their interviews. The cops needed to get the facts straight. Dem sat in on Stavros' interview and explained his wounds. Photois showed them his movie and prepared a copy for himself, giving them the original and so on.

Kemp, Max, and Seb all stayed off to one side, just taking it all in. For them this situation would provide a good lesson in how the family works. Everyone's performance so far was better than expected. At least for Max and Seb, it was clear that protection of children went well beyond the family. These men did not just talk the talk, they walked the walk. That was a line the boys picked up from an American movie.

By the time his interview was completed, most of his teammates had gathered on the wharf. Jason went down to tell them their friend was OK, and as soon as the police were finished, he would be with them. In short order, the other boys joined Jason and everyone was playing football, only stopping to greet the young Stavros and check out his wounds.

While all this was happening, Elias talked to his policeman friend and the office manager. He was seeking assurances that the boy would not face some kind of reprisals from the embarrassed and dishonored father. Elias was not happy with what he was being told. "The lad must be placed under our protection. Thanos, what say you?"

"I agree, Elias, but how do you propose to enforce that protection?”

"You hire him as an errand/office boy to report every day after school. Give him a company cell phone, so he can be given instructions or call for help. I will put the fear of Elias in his father, with the help of my friend.”

"Ok, make it happen, my friend."

Elias and his cop friend called young Stavros over; he introduced him to the manager, who told him about his new job: 2 hours a day, 5 euro/hour, and a cell phone. All the boys were cheering as Elias went to the police van and talked to Stavros Senior. “The boy now works part-time for Papas Shipping, he will report here every day after school and on Saturday mornings. He is now under the protection of the Papas family and me, Elias. If we learn that you have in any way harmed or intimidated this lad, or any other child for that matter, I will cut off your balls." The man was about to protest when his cop friend spoke up.

"When we were in the army, Elias and I were Special Forces, operating in Kosovo and Macedonia. There were several local commanders on both sides of the conflict that met mysterious, and I might add horrible, deaths. One who was fond of raping young girls. He was found dead; he had suffocated as his testicles had been cut off and shoved down his throat. The castration had been preceded by a vicious beating. Their were several of us working together, but Elias would not let any of us help him. He just disappeared for about eight hours, and the next thing you knew the guy was found that way. Another, who seemed to like raping young boys, was found with a fence post shoved up his rectum. Need I say more, or do you get the point?”

"I get the point, but the police are supposed to protect everyone."

"Yes and we try, but those commanders had many more men than our local constabulary, of which I am a proud member, to protect them. We can do what we can do, and nothing more. That's why I am telling you this. I want to protect you from your own foolishness."

While this was all happening, Stavros Jr. went with Yannie to find Thanos and Dem.

“Father, father, Stavros wants to speak with you." Why do 14-year-old boys seem to shout the obvious so loudly, he wondered.

“Yes, Yannie, so let him speak." Yannie turned away and began looking in the lockers along the opposite wall of the Athena's chart room.

Stavros was standing straight and trying to be grown up about all this. In fact he was doing a reasonable job of it.

“I want to thank you, Sir, and the Doctor for all the help and the job."

"You are most welcome, little friend, but it is Elias you should be thanking, the job was his idea."

"I will, but there must be something I can do to show my appreciation?”

"Here. Put this on," Yannie handed him a blue and white jacket that said Aphrodite Crew. "Now you are one of us.”

"I, uh, I..."

"You will thank me by wearing that jacket and T-shirt with pride, doing your best at what ever you do, and when the time comes, standing up for a child in distress," Elias said, in the gentlest voice his massive body could muster. He took the boy's hand and escorted him home to explain to his mother what happened and what would happen to anyone who harmed his young friend again.



1. Homosexual activity is legal, the age of sexual consent is 15 for all. Acts of lewdness against nature between males which involve the abuse of a relationship of dependence created by employment, or which are committed by an adult seducing a person below the age of 17, or which are committed with the intention of profiteering, are punished with up to 3 months imprisonment.

2. Bans homosexuals from its military.

3. Under a law passed in 1981, on the pretext of protecting public health, the police are empowered to forcibly require gay men to be tested for sexually transmitted diseases.

It is obvious why many of Thanos' men are ex-military.]