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Eight: Settling In

The touters, both academic and physical, run a very demanding schedule for boys as young as ten, "perhaps just a bit to demanding," Dem thought. He made sure to keep a close eye on them for the first several weeks. He insisted classes alternate between physical activities and academic. Thanos had wanted two of the fourteen year olds to become their personal "guides". Dem talked him out of that, instead he asked all of the older boys to keep a eye on Seb and Max, just as they did on the Aphrodite. Help would always be available and advice too; they should hold back just a bit, either to be asked or until it was obvious, it was needed. Most of all he wanted these two northern boys to adjust to the Mediterranean sun, by keeping uniforms on and using lots of sun screen. He also insisted that everyone keep sun glasses on as much as possible, that was a policy he instituted years ago.

All of the men on the island, as on the Aphrodite, were very careful to keep their love of the boy, in all its dimensions, separate from their official functions. The boys were asked not to use school related computer time to visit porn sites, play non educational games or chat and e-mail friends. Being a typical Dem/Thanos guideline they never bothered to check. They are very strict about enforcing health and safety rules, however.

After the first week on the island Max and Seb seamed to settle into the normal routine, as normal as it gets in this place. They were speaking mostly Greek in their non academic interactions, except for language classes of course. They could read the Greek well enough but had to work hard to learn the vocabulary. As to science, that was mostly taught in English, given Kemp's limited Greek. He to was learning fast but much of the technical vocabulary was still missing. They were no longer sleeping each night with Thanos and Dem. They were free agents. They still hadn't slept in their own beds vary often and even then not alone. Every other resident of Paidi Nisi was determined to make them feel welcome, wanted and appreciated.

Since home and school are one in the same, these boys didn't have homework in the classical sense of it. They are asked to do research, assignments or reading for two hours in the evening, from seven to nine. If it got done quicker they had free time. On the weekends they did not have classes and would spend lots of time on their hobbies, playing games, swimming, boating or what ever they wanted. They were up at 6:30 am and in the classroom by 8 am. They have a highly structured life with a mix of academic and physical activities until 2:30. They are given 90 minutes of free time, if you had afternoon tasks, Dinner was at 5:30 to 7, you reported to those at 4 pm, if not more free time. Some of the boys and men had dinner clean up duties, that took them away from the social time at 6:30. Almost all tasks or duties were done in man/boy teams. Thanos made sure everyone, including himself had a turn at every job or task equally and he was meticulous in making sure the teams were rotated, everyone worked with everyone. If their was trade related work to be done, he also made sure the boys were assigned as helpers. He wants his people to be like him and Dem in one respect. He wants them to be as well rounded and knowledgeable about as many things as possible, he wants them to be willing and able to tackle any task, no matter how menial, willingly doing it, because it needed to be done for the common good. Besides he and Dem think of themselves as Renaissance Men and like all parents, they want their children to be like them. All the adults learn from each other and the boys learned from each other and from all the adults.

Everyone else has the same schedule, except security which worked 12 hour shifts, in a two on two off rotation. Dem and his two assistants would travel to all the near by inhabited islands looking after their medical needs. Sometimes they would run into problems or be called out on an emergency.

Given the number of former military adults on the island, it is no wonder that things ran much like in the military, with one exception, always volunteer for everything. A concerted effort was made by all to try and have a much fun doing things, what ever they may be, as possible.

The sports program and other activities are heavily weighted toward individual things. With only seven boys in three age groupings, competitive teams are just not practicable. For things like swimming, diving, running, biking, sailing, marshal arts, shooting, archery and the like you competed against yourself. As a build up to the Olympics as many official sports as possible were added to the program. Kaiak and canoe for example were new. Accurate records of everything are kept, so progress can be easily evaluated. For other things like tennis, badminton, volleyball, football, basketball and so on the adults would often join in but this was always just for fun and skill development. Here too accurate records are kept so even the "old men" can see their improvement. During their time in Athens each year, they have chances to play on youth teams, if they wanted to. Due to the distribution of facilities, when in Athens, they have classroom stuff in the morning and physical activities in the afternoon. Evening is free and family/social time.

The Fine Arts program was another innovation of Dem and the various touters. The boys are all schooled in music: voice, arts history, instruments and composition; graphics, including: photography, drawing, painting, sculpture, design and a host of crafts; theatre arts including: play writing, performing, music, dance, sets and so on. Often these areas are combined and expanded to their language arts, literature and history studies. They will stage little productions for everyone's entertainment.

For these boys school is all day every day, in a kind of off hand Thanos style. He and Dem found school in Athens a complete and utter boar. They hated school until they got to university. It just didn't challenge them enough. Fortunately it did not take either one long to get the hang of studying. They had no idea how, never having needed to as boys. They were sure of one thing, their sons would know how, long before they faced the university challenge. No brother is ever compared academically to another, he is compared to his previous performance and to things like national averages. No boy would be restrained but encouraged to go as hard and as fast as he was capable.

Back to sex, a subject that at fourteen, the older boys thought constantly about. The boys are free to have sex with whom ever they pleased, more or less where ever and when ever they pleased. The adults are more or less the same except where the boys were concerned, not in the dorm and, they should not ask but only indicate a willingness. They could court a boy but not give gifts or favors. The boy could ask a man if he chose but could not accept gifts or favors. Over all sex was common but not as ramped as the reader may think. Sure it is more than common to have a hand gently glide over your butt or fondle your genitals. It is common to kiss and be kissed. Most hard fucking sex is done in privet or semi privet, in pairs, with contemporaries. The operative words here are most and semi privet. With seven sexually active brothers sharing a dorm space, true privacy is....

The island is more or less self sufficient on the short run of things. Their are mechanical, machine, electrical and carpentry shops, along with stores of materials. In addition to having his captain's papers Thanos is a licensed pilot-instructor and Dem a licensed physician/pharmacist/helicopter pilot-instructor. Any boy that wanted to learn to fly, sail or drive could and would be taught. The island is small so there are no cars or trucks on it. Instead there is a small fleet of quads, some outfitted as mini trucks, others to carry several people and or goods. there is also a large fleet of bicycles and all kinds of water craft.

If a boy wanted to take up a hobby he is given all the assistance and encouragement practical. Photois is a good example, he liked photography and was given what ever resources needed to become skilled at it. He started using the island's equipment in the Fine Arts class. The Fine Arts building has a darkroom, small print shop, studios and a small theatre, etc. Photois got his own cameras (film and digital) and the rest is history, as they say.

Each boy is given a weekly allowance. That is his money, to do with what he pleases. He has no need for cash on the island or the Aphrodite, his money is placed in a bank account, which he can write checks on or use a debit card. If he wishes to subscribe to some internet service or purchase books and magazines, not ordered for the library, he is free to do so. Same goes for music, DVD's and the like. He is expected to finance his hobbies from this money. For very expensive things like cameras, a hint to the grandparents is usually sufficient.

Thomas has set up trust funds for all the family's children. By the time they are of age they will be quite rich. None of them knew anything about this yet.

For their spending money, each boy was given a start balance of 500 Euros and 25 is added each week. Once a week Thanos flies to Athens for a long day. He takes one of his copilot body guards and one of his sons. The companion boys are chosen at random, once every seven weeks and the schedule posted. If for some reason the trip is candled the boy looses his turn but is first on the list for unscheduled trips. Thanos and Dem work very hard to be fair and even handed with their sons. It is not totally possible to treat everyone exactly the same. Every boy has a slightly different set of emotional and social needs, skills sets and are at different stags of development

On these trips the boys get to interact with Thanos and the Papas/Koronios grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins, independently of his brothers. The three older boys, who have living mothers, spend independent time with them and their families during the longer stays in Athens. All the brothers are encouraged to use telephones and e-mails to keep in contact with what ever relatives and friends they have.

As the Olympic Games approached the Greek authorities began tightening up on security. Much of this was done behind the scenes and did not appear obvious to everyone, except the military and privet pilots like Thanos. They are a lot stricter about filing flight plans for small privet aircraft, for example.

The island has several fixed wing aircraft, the one Thanos likes to fly the most is an old Cessna 195 B, it is a classic tail dragger with a large cowling over its radial engine. Unfortunately it will not take everyone, it has seating for five with the pilot. The finish is polished Aluminum with light blue trim. It first appeared in 1938 and this one was built in the mid 1950's and has been completely refitted. The original Jackobs radial engine is now fuel injected, it exceeds the original carbonated 275 hp power plant it came with. It still curses at ±150 knots which is 75% power and has a maximum range of 575 nautical miles. This aircraft is a joy to fly. Thanos has outfitted it with every modern gadget it is capable of using, including state of the art navigation. He has floats for it, although he usually uses it in wheel mode. The 195 could be retrofitted with a turbo engine but Thanos likes the sound of the big radial.

The other wheeled aircraft on the island are a de Haveland Twin Otter and a Cessna 208 Super Caravan. The 208 can seat 14 and still has some cargo space available. The Twin Otter is even more impressive but a lot less fun to fly. Both of these machines are capable of service of floats as well. The 208 does not need a copilot but the Twin Otter should have one.

Max was due to accompany Thanos that next week, but after Seb's crying incident he came to Thanos asking to switch places with Seb, in the rotation. Thanos was willing to do this, not an uncommon occurrence over the years but he wanted to know Max's reasoning.

"Before I agree little one, you must tell me why you want this change."

"I just think Seb will feel better if he gets to spend the day alone, you know, away from us, where he can be the center of attention."

"That is very perceptive and generous of you Max." He wondered for a moment if one of the brothers put Max up to this. "Did someone suggest this to you?"

"Nooo dad, I decided to ask all on my own. Yannie told us grandfather Papas would take me all around the office, all five floors, to introduce his new grandson to the company staff. I could see in Seb's eyes how impressed he was. I'm impressed to but I feel comfortable already. Please take Seb first."

"All right, I told you I agree, it is probably the best thing, I want you to trade with Photois so you can go next." Max jumped up and kissed Thanos and ran out, at something just under the speed of sound, to find his brothers.

Later that day Thanos spotted Photois alone in the library. Photois was typing an e-mail and did not notice dad approaching, until it was to late. Dad saw the salutation of his love letter or love-email-letter. Photois should have been doing this in the dorm but he wasn't. "Dearest Jytte ..." followed by "I can do nothing but count the day until we meet again in Athens...." Thanos knew it was impolite to read his privet message, especially over his shoulder. Photois realized someone was stand behind him. He jerked around to admonish what ever brother it was but stopped in mid word, realizing it was not a brother but dad. He turned redder than Thanos had ever seen him before, as only an adolescent boy can.

"Did you read?"

"Only the opening sentence, it is very romantic, don't you think?"

"I think you should respect my privacy, that's what I think."

"I do too son. That is why I only read the first sentence. Do you think I don't remember being 14 and in love with a beautiful girl?"

"You, but..."

"Yes me, and you my boy are one result of my being so romantic and lustful. You know I didn't rape your mother. Elpida and I had a short but very passionate time together. She, like Jytte, was a very beautiful girl. I'm sorry I intruded into you privet affairs, but you know, if your grandfather had intruded into mine, you may be short a couple of brothers."

"I, can't even imagine not having them, I'm glad he didn't." Then he realized the import of Thanos words. "I'm not, I mean were not, I mean she and I ..."

"You mean not yet. Look son, Dem and I were 14 once. I am not accusing you of anything. I just want you to realize just what can happen when you let passion run away with itself. I hope you and Jytte share love. We all need love in our lives and I think a boy's first love, is in many way his most intense. That is something I want you to revel in, a memory to treasure. Just remember one thing about loving a young woman. Keep it in your pants unless you are using protection, even if she swears she is on the pill."

"But I have not even kissed her." Photois protested. Thanos had pulled up a chair be this time. He reached out and touched his son's arm.

"Photois, Photois, not yet is the operative word here and that is not from lack of desire, only lack of opportunity. The very mention of Jytte brings your "little man" to attention, as it should. Just remember we have two heads when it comes to women, it is the one on your shoulders that must do the thinking, not the one between your legs."

Photois began to laugh and laugh. Thanos was puzzled, just what was so funny about his advice. For a sophisticated and worldly person he is sometimes dumb as a post.

"You and mom, in bed, ha ...ha. you know doing it, chuckle, doing what I dream of doing with Jytte." Giggle, giggle, laugh.

"I know it is very hard for children to imagine their parents having sex, especially since I sleep regularly with your uncle. I think teenagers think they invent the subject, I did at 14, forgetting that the way almost all babies are made is through sex. If you think the thought of your dad and mom are funny, reflect on your grandparents." Now they were both laughing uncontrollably. Thanos kissed him a long, tongue probing passionate kind of kiss that raised both of their flags. "Give her my love and I will give you a whole package of condoms when she visits."

"Daaad." Photois knew Thanos and Dem would never do anything to embarrass him outside the privacy of the family. When he was little, he desperately wanted his Dad and Mom to get back together. He did not understand the situation until he was ten and came to live with him and uncle. Prior to that, he only knew his brothers from the infrequent meetings at the Papas family home. His parents had always gotten along well or seamed to, when he saw them interacting together. In fact he thought his maternal grandfather rather liked Thanos. He knew he liked him a lot more than her husband, his stepfather.

Photois would talk with and e-mail his mother quite often. His step father always seamed remote from him. Not that he disliked him or anything like that, he just seamed to be overly engrossed in his academic work. He is an assistant professor of anthropology at the University of Athens, as is his mother. That was all the man ever seamed to talk about.

Photois' stepfather and Thanos were always polite to each other. He did not seem to like Dem at all. Dem just refereed to him as an academic snob. At least everyone was supportive of his hobby. He was not sure what their reaction would be when they met Jytte, later during the summer.


Seb was visibly excited about the impending trip to Athens. Since he had not had a chance to visit the tailor yet, some hand-me-down attire was required. Someone was able to locate one of Jason's outfits, from two years ago, that wouldn't need any alterations. The outfit consists of a wine colored, sport jacket, made of linen, light gray linen slacks, black socks, highly polished, black shoes (which were just a bit to big, better a little to much room than not enough) white shirt, with wine colored pinstripes and a dark blue tie. The jacket has the Papas crest on the breast pocket and the boys' ties have the Koronios crest on them.

Yannie and Spiros supervised his dressing. Seb was not to sure about this formal dress stuff. In fact, he had never had a sport coat or tie on before. Jason assured him he looked better in it than he had and that seamed to help. What made all the difference was Thanos and George were dressed exactly the same, except their ties were plain. That made the difference, he was dressed like dad, that was all that counted.

Right after an early breakfast, Seb held the clip board and checked off everything, as Thanos called out the list. Thanos climbed in first and George boosted Seb into the opening. Thanos placed him in the right seat, the copilots position and strapped him in. George made himself comfortable in the second row, after stowing Thanos' briefcase and lap top. The Jackobs came to life as the two blade prop made its second circuit. Thanos got Seb's head set organized. It had a voice activated intercom mike. Through the head sets, Seb and George could also hear everything that came over the radio. Seb helped with the cockpit check list, while the Jackobs came up to proper operating temperature. The control panel is wonderfully symmetrical but now has a number of additional instruments invented since the 50's. The "stick" is not a stick but one swing wheel, mounted on a central control column.

Thanos called security for a last minute radar check, took a look around the cabin and switched back to the intercom. "Ready?" Ready was the duel reply and Thanos pulled back on the large throttle knob in the center of the dash, moved the machine into the center of the runway, adjusted the prop pitch, set the flaps, and pulled back on the throttle again, this time to its full out position. The mighty Jackobs let out a very loud rough and Thanos let off the brakes. The 195 inched forward and then rolled and them ran, leaping into the air, sending a cloud of dust behind.

He leveled off at 700 feet (±200 m) banked right, circled around buzzing the house and wobbling his wings, heading north- northwest to Athens. He called Athens Air Traffic Control to let them know he was in the air as planned. The code for Athens International is ATH. The 195 with a light load has a remarkable rate of climb for its type and it quickly reached the assigned cursing altitude of 2900 m (±9500 feet). The air was smooth with only a slight headwind, the sky was clear, Seb thought he could see forever. They passed over many islands, some with villages and farms, others uninhabited and ships of all sizes and descriptions. The greater Athens area and harbor presented quite a view as they approached the airport just northeast of the city. In a little more than a hour they were taxing up to the service center. Seb figured this flying thing was just the greatest, something he must learn to do. All his brothers thought the same but he did not know that yet.

Thanos introduced Seb to everyone at the flight service center, as Sebastian Papas his son, recently arrived from Russia. The lad positively swelled up with pride as he shook hands and received complements about how well he spoke Greek and how handsome he was. They departed for the Papas corporate offices in the downtown area. It is about 35 km (+ 20 miles) from one point to the other.

While Thanos attended to business meetings, Grandpa Papas took Seb on a tour of the offices, introducing him to everyone, even the mail clarks and janitors. For lunch he took the boy to his club and showed him off to all the other business men. George was waiting for them at the main entrance. Seb walked in the middle, his right hand in Grandpa's left and his left hand in George's right. On the busy Athens street he could still be a ten year old boy. Swinging on his guardians hands to jump over cracks and curbs. As long as he didn't do something unsafe, he could probably get away with anything, since both grandfather and body guard simply doted on him. Seb of course knew how much George thought of him and how much he delighted in filling his little butt with his long hard penis. He knew how grandpa felt toward him just by the way the old man looked, when in the lads presence.

Everyone knew about the Danish and Russian adventures from the news, a story he only had to tell about ten times. Seb really liked all the attention he was getting but most of all he liked the feeling of belonging and being valued. They made him feel so important, insisting that his version of the story was what they wanted, not the official news cast interpretation. It was only then, he realized why Max had wanted him to go first. "Wow, they all care, wow." Seb made sure to tell all his grandfather's friends that when they meet Max next week, to be sure and have him retell the adventures, to make him feel important. This made grandpa even prouder of Seb of course, and Thanos and Dem too.

He had wondered why the sudden change in the schedule, now he thought he kind of understood. He didn't know exactly how far his son, no sons had gone with this gymnasium thing and he didn't want to either. "Sometimes its best not to know the details and just be satisfied with the results. This was one of those times," he thought. "A man who tries to keep a secret from his wife of 40 years is deluding himself." Self delusion was never something Mr. Papas indulged in. What he did know was between Thanos, Dem and Thomas they had 10 wonderful grandchildren. This one just needed a bit of extra attention, paying attention to grandchildren is what grandparents do best.

During all of this George had little to say, he just smiled and gestured slightly in agreement or more often to indicate slight exaggerations. The old men, all grandfathers themselves, just accepted what ever Seb said. They knew full well this was the view of an impressionable ten year old. From their children they would have demanded accurate accountings. Had Thanos been there, he too but these were grandparents; the grandchildren are just loved unconditionally, accepted as presented. Besides a good story, is a good story. When it was time to go Seb went to each of the men, to receive a kiss on the cheek, a hand shake and a hug. Were Seb a younger child he would have also received a shinny coin, to spend on candy when mother was not looking. Russian grandfathers are not different than Greek grandfathers and act in the same way but Seb had no experience to compare with.

Once safely back in the office building George took his leave, having a long list of things to collect and bring back to the island. He spoke briefly to the two guards just inside the door, reminding them that under no conditions was the young Mr. Papas allowed out side alone.

The lobby of the office complex is stuffed with glass cases. Each case has a large model of a Papas ship. There are models scattered throughout the building but the largest and best are in the lobby. Seb was quite taken with them. For some reason boys seem to recognize models as highly sophisticated toys and are attracted to them. Then many men are attracted to models too, could that be because they have never out grown their boyhood attraction to toys and gadgets? He dragged his grandfather from case to case asking questions about each model. The various visitors, waiting to be called up to their appointments, were mildly amused at the boy and the way Papas Shipping's most senior executive, was totally under the lad's spell. Spyridon Papas has an awesome reputation of being scrupulously honest, extremely clever, extremely tough and extremely fair. He was obviously extremely human too.

What they did not know was how compassionate and generous he is. Unlike some of his contemporaries, he does not like, in fact he works to avoid, any publicity about his generosity or how he influenced others to donate huge sums to hospitals and other civic causes. Nor was he ever as rich as some of the more flamboyant.

"Grandpa, If this is the second ship and that's the third, which one was the first?"

"The first ship Papas owned was the Nike 1, I served on it as a cabin boy when I was 12 years old."

"Why don't you have a model of the Nike 1?"

"I do Seb, it is in my office, I'll show it to you when we go upstairs." He put his arm around the lad giving him a gentle squeeze.

"Why are all these names, ranks and dates on the wall?"

"They are all the brave employees who lost their lives in the line of duty." Just then a woman, carrying several file folders passed by, touched a name on the wall, crossed herself and scurried off.

"This is our way to honor the memory of those who served, Seb." Seb stood and scanned the wall.

"Here, this one is not a persons name, it says, the Captain and crew of the Mermaid 1955," the only name in the European alphabet.

"Yes that inscription honors those that died in a terrible accident, the Mermaid collided with one of our bulk carriers. Not everyone was saved. The Captain of the Mermaid was lost, as he personally helped his remaining crew into the life boats. That kind of heroism and dedication deserves to be honored." Seb thought a bit.

"You know, Max's biological father was lost on the Kursk and dad told Max he was a brave and dedicated officer and he should always hold his memory. It would mean a lot to Max if he was honored here too."

"I do too little one. I do too. It is your uncle Thomas who thinks he makes these decisions. Do you tell, I mean ask, him or shall I?" The old man beamed and broad smile. He too has a good sense of humor, mostly set in irony and satire. He much prefers ancient Greek comedy to drama.

"I will ask him Grandpa, it's my idea, if he resists you can use your influence." The old man smiled again, took Seb hand and lead him to the elevator. "This he had to see. The lad is brave, confident and a diplomatic, in addition to being thoughtful and considerate, with my kind of humor." His oldest son is a good man and he almost always gives his nephews what ever they ask for. "He seams to favor Spiros just a bit. He doesn't think I have noticed that. Well my sons always sell this old man short about non business things. Little do they know. Thomas takes himself just a bit to seriously anyway, to much like his mother," he thought.

When they came into the executive offices Thomas was standing with several other suits talking. They were officials from the Ministry of Transport. Thanos was sitting in his office but could see everything through the large windows. Grandpa bent over and whispered something to Seb. Seb reacted with a wide smile and a giggle. Just as Thomas began shaking the hand of his visitors Seb broke from his position yelling, "Uncle Thomas" with his 10 year old, ear splitting, alto voice getting everyone's attention. As he approached Thomas the three men with him backed up slightly and Seb launched himself into Thomas' arms. Seb kiss his uncle on the cheek as he wrapped his arms around his neck and his legs around his waist.

Thomas taken slightly aback, could see Thanos laughing and his father smiling. No he was looking more like the "cat that just ate the canary". Holding on to uncle's neck with his left arm he reached out with his right to shark the hand of the nearest man. "I'm Sebastian Papas." Each man introduced himself and smiling went to visit with Spyridon.

"Uncle Thomas, I have something to ask you but first I have a message from Spiros." Thomas entered his office closing the door and with Seb still clinging to him, like his daughters often do. He sat down in his big high backed chair. "Turn the chair so we can look out the window, please," Seb whispered. Thomas knew what this was about. Spiros must have given him instructions. When he turned the chair around, Seb kissed him long and passionately on the lips. He drove his tongue into his uncles mouth. Max could feel Thomas' reaction as the man's erection pressed hard against his soft butt. When the kiss broke, Thomas said, "This is my answer?" He kissed Seb in return with the same long, intense, tongue probing passion. What Seb did not know, nor anyone else except Thomas and Spiros, was what this was all about. (Your all seeing narrator isn't going to tell you yet either.)

Thomas slowly swung around lifting Seb off his lap and setting him on his desk. Seb sat with his legs spread displaying his boyhood proudly in his gray slacks. Thomas knew he was being invited to fondle Seb but he held himself back. "Ok, what is your request?" Thomas placed his right hand on Seb left knee. Seb touched his ring finger fondling his Apollo's Phallus membership ring. Thomas squeezed the boy's knee lightly. Seb smiled knowing he was one with this man.

Seb explained about the memory wall and Max's biological father and how he cried on his first night and what Thanos had said to him. Thomas nodded in approval and called his administrative assistant to come in. She is a good looking, raven haired woman, about 25 with a very nice figure and very nice legs. Seb though so anyway. Thomas told her, Seb has requested an addition to the names on the memory wall and why. The assistant listened to Seb, writing down the details. "Max will be here with dad next week, I think Grandpa would like him to discover the name, is that all right?"

Thomas answered it was and the assistant assured Seb all would be ready by the following week. Seb leaned over kissed his uncle, gave him a wink, jumped to the floor and followed the adm. asst. It was now almost six hours since Seb had any sexual attention paid to him. He liked, had grown to like, that attention. He was missing it and the kissing message combined with the squeeze on the knee had set his little 10 cm (4") penis to full readiness. At the same time he sure liked his grandfather and was revelling in all his non sexual attention.

George returned, grandpa and George would take Seb to spend some time with his grandmothers before dinner and departure. On the way out Spyridon stopped in his privet office to show Seb the model of Nike 1. He had made the model himself when he was 17 and boson's mate on that very ship. All the way home he regaled Seb with stories of his adventures at sea. A cabin boy at 12, apprentice seaman at 15, and forth officer at 18. Seb was all ears just as the other grandchildren and his children had been.

Seb slept in the car and Cessna on the way home. That was a good thing since his brothers and Dem wanted to know all about his day in Athens. They were all very polite, knowing full well, exactly what it was like, except for Max, that is. When it was time for bed Spiros took Seb's hand and asked him to share his bed tonight. Seb was delighted with the invitation. He was wondering how to deliver the message. That problem was now solved.

This would be a case of fuck the messenger in the best possible way. Seb received a more passionate drilling then he probably expected, the message he brought was laden with passion and delivered with as much feeling as it was given. Seb realized he was playing Eros and he liked it too. Most of all he liked the fact that both Thomas and Spiros trusted him to deliver so important a messages and keep their confidence. He did not know why they wanted to be so secretive but he knew he had to respect their wishes, although neither spoke of it, he just knew.

Spiros and Seb are beautiful boys to look at. In fact all the boys are beautiful to look at. Something is hard wired into us by mother nature. The gentle curves, smooth usually flawless skin, lithe and often frail looking bodies evoke a deep seated, primal urge to protect and nurture. Anyone, man or woman that denies this, denies his or her fundamental humanity; anyone, man or woman that somehow replaces or subdues those fundamentals in their souls, louses a part of that humanity.

Adolescents like Spiros are keenly aware of this. They are not aware at the forefront of your thoughts way, but aware in the natural affinity of children for other children. Spiros can not separate his emotions. A brother is a brother, those younger then himself are special. He is not sure why but they are. This brother has special meaning, he brought a message from his beloved man. That still secret and as yet unconsummated desperate love of an adolescent for an older person. The message acknowledges that love and signals a readiness to indulge it and return it.

Spiros approached Seb as he began his preparation for bed and sleep. The naked and half erect older brother placed his hand on the boy's back signaling his presence and his willingness to assist. Seb is 10 well soon to be 11 he does not need assistance, but feels the tingling of anticipation, as his brother touches his body. Seb does not speak, he knows no words are necessary. He wants to be touched as much or more than Spiros wants touch him. Seb is developing a major crush on this brother.

They stand naked and totally adsorbed in each others presence. Seb makes the first move reaching with is right and to cup Spiros' boyhood in its diminutive grasp, gently drawing his fingers over his testicles and sliding it along is now fully erect penis. Seb looks up and strains slightly his lips toward Spiros' mouth. Spiros bent forward the shorter boy, grasped his genitals and locked their lips in a passionate kiss. For them this was the reception of mischievous Eros' arrow in their hearts.

Spiros moved back bringing Seb with him, not braking the kiss, until the slumped onto his bed. These two smooth, young bodies stretched out pressing themselves together entering an exploration of foreplay and passion. The doves of Aphrodite cued on the balcony just outside the windows as their boy hands glided across their smooth boy skin, sending tingling sensations through their bodies; Seb eased himself along the taller Spiros to kiss his neck and play tongue and lip music on his nipples, his hand keeping contact with his genitals.

Spiros was in rapture, his hands only able to access Seb's back and butt. That was enough. Spiros closed his eyes dreaming of the man he so desperately wanted to call his own. They were in their own little world, not noticing or caring that their brothers were coming and going, some engaging in similar activities with each other. At one point Jason noticed and started to join in but Yannie sidetracked him, completely engulfing his penis in his wet and highly experienced oral pleasure cave.

Seb moved along Spiros' muscular abdomen to his navel and back along his medial line to his throat. All the while keeping his brothers cock at the edge. Not stimulating enough to let him ejaculate but just enough to keep his fully primed. Had Photois been in the room he would have been able to capture some of the most poignant and pleasing art. He was not, the spontaneity of moment would be lost forever, except in the memories of the boys.

Through some kind ot mysterious signaling system Seb knew to move below the navel to the penis. He knew it was time to swing his hips up and over so Spiros could give him oral pleasure. Another spontaneous moment of form and line missed by the camera.

Spiros moved to his knees his long legs sticking out behind him. Another form that has been seen a thousand times but enjoyed by every viewer, every time. Seb's mouth began taking the erect penis into its depths engulfing the head, the shaft to the base and expelling its length in a long slow rhythm. His hands fixed on the lower half of Spiros' round, small, butt cheeks. As Seb began taking his penis head deep into his throat Spiros was almost overcome with pleasure. He bent his body back placing his hands on his ankles while keeping his legs at a geometrically perfect right angle. The boy's torso forming a most exquisite arch. He kept his position for some time, his head flopped back, his eyes closed, his mouth open.

Spiros lay down again drawing Seb onto his chest. With his knees in is brother's armpits he slowly pressed is boy penis into Spiros' eager mouth for his tongue and lips to pay it homage. Spiros' fingers pressed into Seb's vacant anus on their mission of pleasure and reward. Seb shuddered and he wondered how much better, if at all a real orgasm must be.

Seb lay with his face on the bed his small round butt slightly elevated, his legs splayed to the side hoping Spiros would fill him. He did not have long to wait as his brother's penis pressed into his opening.

That night, after sharing their passion and lust, as he spooned his little butt into Spiros's' now spent boyhood and Spiros wrapped him in his long, strong arms he felt safe, he felt secure, he felt needed, he felt wanted and accepted. He knew this was home. He knew he no longer longed to be accepted, this really was his family.