Park adventure boy – chapter 1

He knew that he would be so grounded if his parents ever found out, but he had no control over the urges that his little head demanded of his 14 year old slim fit body. Steve Davison knew all about gay sex from reading stuff on the Internet and from his many gay cyber friends. He lived in fear that his school mates would find out his innermost secret but he still longed to try it out for real. He didn't know who to trust but he wanted to gain more than just the shudders through his body that arose from his one handed nightly activity. He longed to touch and stroke the bare asses of his school mates as they changed in front of him at school after sports so unaware of his desires. Steven wanted to feel their smooth backs in his arms as he cuddled and stroked their naked bodies in bed with their hard cocks pressing against his hot smooth belly. He wanted to know the sensations of what is was like when a hot cock pushed deep inside his bum for the first time.

Steven was a lonely boy, though he had some casual friends he talked with at school. He even at his mum's urgings joined the local scout troop and he made some friends there, but no one who he could talk openly and tell of his desires. He even thought of trying to get alone with one of the scout leaders who all all the other scouts said was gay. Maybe he could get Brian to do the dirty with him, but when ever he got alone with Brian and sat next to him the man got nervous and left making excuses. Steven tried to make friends even with girls but nobody seemed interested, the girls were nice but before long they drifted away as well. He tried sport and swimming, but even though he was fit and fast he didn't get invited to join the teams by the other boys. They would let him take part, cheered when he scored goals but he never seemed to click with the other team members. His main friends were on the Internet. He knew he could talk openly to to his cyber friends. There even some older men he knew who would chat to him about gay stuff. Steven had bought a web cam from Ebay and did face to face chats with his cyber friends. For some, even the older men he even got naked and jerked off together watching each other over the Internet. When the older guys were watching he knew they loved him to wear “tighty whities” and watch him slip them down his hips to reveal his naked hard cock. He always came harder and and had longer sensations when other people were watching him. He had loads of requests to give the other boys and men his phone number and maybe even meet at a safe place but he always turned these down because he knew it wasn't safe to meet these unknown people.

Steven was adventurous and had even one warm summer's night slipped out of his house and went to the local park. Once there he went to his favourite hiding place in the bushes and stripped totally naked. Peeking to make sure that no one was around he slipped out from the bushes, leaving his clothes behind and walked the length of the park naked. His cock was ultra hard as he walked. He didn't want to get caught, but part of him secretly wanted him to be caught by a gay man and have his cock jerked off. After 15 minutes he got back to his clothes undetected and finished with a super jerk off and a long squirty orgasm. Another night he had gone to the park stripped naked and lay on the grass after tying his ankles together. He then plugged in his MP3 player and turned up the volume as he jerked off with his eyes tightly closed. The excitement and fear of being caught always made his orgasm so much stronger. Each time he was secretly disappointed that he'd not been caught by someone who took advantage of his naked body.

Steven had discovered that another large park nearby had a small toilet block hidden in a corner that seemed to attract men and boys more interested in other activities than the proper purpose. He'd found many old condom packets littering the undergrowth in the shady woods behind the toilet block. He'd been in there a couple of times when he was sure it was empty and read all of the messages scrawled on the walls. He knew that he could meet the people he needed to get the experience he so desired but he also knew that it was so dangerous. Steven was getting desperate so he plucked up his courage one rainy Wednesday afternoon in the summer holidays and went and set watch on the sordid toilet block hidden in the park. He saw another boy aged about 17 years hanging around outside for about 15 minutes. The boy was scruffy wearing Vans and worn jeans, but he looked pretty fit. He was nervous, and looked around a lot but eventually entered the dark green door of the toilet block The boy hadn't seen Steven watching from the other side of the Park. Steven waited ten minutes for the boy to come out, but he didn't. “OK, this is it” he thought as he cautiously made his way over to the dark building. Steven pushed the door open, which creaked loudly as he slipped into the dark interior.

To be continued...

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