Parker's Play Place

****This story is inspired by a boy I met at work yesterday, he is stunningly beautiful, in only the way a boy can be beautiful. Sure, girls can be beautiful too, but this boy outshone them all. We talked as I helped him out, and I found out that he is heading to grade 7 this fall, so, that puts him somewhere around the eleven to twelve year old range. He was tall, very slim, and with such an amazing ass, I had to seriously control the impulse to ask to feel it. He talked well, in fact he seemed quite bright, being in a woodworking store, looking for parts and pieces to build the bike ramps and the bike rack that he was trying to build. He even showed me pictures of what he already has done, and I was impressed, and told him so, and he smiled brightly and said that he has done it all himself, because his mom is useless at building things, and he inherited all his dads tools. I never asked, but it sounds like he may have died from the way he said that. Man, I hope that I get to see him plenty more in the near future, that will make my day for sure. Last night, when I got home, I admit, I jacked off at least three times dreaming of him, and then, I remembered that I had a picture of a boy in just a diaper that looks like him, so I scoured all my pics, and I found the one I was thinking of, it just depicts him how I think he would have looked at about the age of six.

Now, onto the dreaded disclaimer. This story involves gay adult youth and fetish erotica, including sex and piss and diaper usage. Please remember that this story belongs to me, and I would ask that you request permission before sharing it elsewhere. If for whatever reason, you are not allowed, nor wish to read a story such as this, then it will be your choice as to whether you continue on. Should you chose to continue on, I hope that you enjoy the story. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me at erich5748 at Please note that this is a very short story, just the one chapter, I quite literally met the boy yesterday, dreamed this story up as I was laying in bed this morning, and then got up and wrote it all out in a marathon four hour session. And yes, it has now taken me longer to edit than it took to write, which is pretty normal.****

My name is Parker, and way back when I was just a little guy, my mom started one of those indoor play places, kind of like a giant indoor jungle gym, and so, I spent a lot of time there as a kid. She even named the place after me. At first the place was kind of small, but she took the adjoining locations in the building when they became available, and added on a total of three times, making it quite large, because she always did so well. Since we live in an area where it rains well over seventy five percent of the time, an indoor play place is a brilliant idea, and she was never about charging a huge amount.

I inherited the business and the entire building, for my mom had bought it in my early teens, when I was just about to turn nineteen. My parents had gone on one of those marriage retreats, they were not in trouble or anything like that, but I was told that this time I was not welcome to come with them, that they wanted to have some much needed alone time. They never came home. My mom had left me in charge of the play place, I had helped her run it since I was thirteen anyway, so there was nothing I did not know about the place, it was a massive blow the day I got the call, but I had already known, it had been all over the news, the plane for some reason pretty near exploded on impact, and they never were able to find out the reason, there was simply too much damage. It took me well over a week to even go back into work, I ended up having one of my employees run it for me until I was ready to come back.

With their life insurance, plus the money that the airline gave to me, and the fact that I had a good business that was bought and paid off, as well a nice house that was paid off, care of my dad also working a very good job, I am not in any need of money, but, I still run my play place, and love doing so. I just had my twenty fifth birthday, and while I still miss my parents, I am over that now.

So, here I am, a twenty five year old business owner, two employees looking to me to support them, and upwards of three hundred kids per day through my place. The sad thing is, I am still a virgin, one hundred percent, never even seen another person in person even naked. I was incredibly shy as a child, and still am really, and I pretty much grew up in a place designed for little kids. The maximum age allowed to come and play in the gym is fourteen, so I have never really been around older kids, and because I was bullied and teased mercilessly, I had home schooled from the time I was eight. I was too shy and scared to be able to defend myself.

I have no idea when I actually told myself that I am gay, but I am certain that I started to feel it from the time I was seven or eight, and I was pretty near certain by the age of twelve. Then there was my love of diapers. Trust me, running a place where nearly half my clients are diapered is probably the hardest part of my job, and I am not talking about my dick, because so many of the cute little diapered boys are super cute. The oldest child that I had known for sure that was diapered was twelve, and while I could tell that he was handicapped in some form or another, he seemed to be quite able in most ways. I guessed autistic, but could have been wrong too.

I was a constant bed wetter my entire life, which was just one of the many things that the bullies teased me for, as well as a fairly frequent pants wetter, one of the other reasons, and as such, I wore diapers to bed every night, and if I had a particularly bad bout, and wet my pants a few times in a week, I would be encouraged to wear my diapers until it cleared back up again. I visited a few specialists as a child, and found that I have something wrong in my head, and for some reason, it just does not always seem to signal that I have to go, nor that I am, but it is random, no rhyme nor reason, just one day I'll wet without realizing it, and then a few days later I will be better again.

I have no idea when I started to love diapers, but I know it was before the age of ten, and by the age of twelve, I remember sitting my parents down and telling them that I am sick of never knowing when or if I was gonna wet my pants, and that I have decided that I would just rather wear diapers all day every day from then on. We talked it over, we talked to my doctor, and we all agreed that really, it probably is inevitable that it is going to have to happen anyway, because by then we could tell that it was getting progressively worse.

For the longest time, my mom would encourage me to still try and pee in the toilet, and I would say that I was, but I was not, and she started to see that, and so, she finally asked just after I turned thirteen if I ever pee in the toilet any more, and I admitted that no, there is simply no point, half the time I never even know it any more, and when I do, it is no point, because half the time, by the time I get to the bathroom, it is already too late anyway, and so, I have stopped trying. She warned me that giving up, letting it happen, will only make me more reliant on diapers, and I told her that I knew that, but that, really, there is no point, and that she has no idea how hard it is to constantly concentrate on that. She admitted that she can see that, and that she will support my decision.

My dad had been my biggest fear with all that, but he never had a problem with it. He always told me that no matter what, he still loved me, baby diapers and all. It was only after they died that I found out that I apparently inherited it from him, because when I finally got the courage to clean out their bedroom, I found all his diaper supplies as well, and I learned why I had never truly been allowed in their bedroom. Why they hid it from me I can only guess, and now I will never know.

I have no idea if my parents ever knew that I was gay or not, I certainly never told them, and they never brought it up, but considering how much time we spent together, because we always spent a lot of time together as often as possible, I can only assume that they at the very least suspected it. I had almost told them a million times, but I just kept telling myself that it was not the right time. It was never the right time, until it was too late.

So, now, here I am, twenty five years old, gay, diaper lover, virgin, and business owner. I love my life, except the virgin part, and the fact that I really do want a baby boyfriend. Summer is in full swing, and believe it or not, this is the quietest time of the year for my business, but, why go to an indoor play place, when the weather outside is finally nice enough to actually play outside. I get a few a day still, and when it is blisteringly hot, I can get busy, but otherwise this is the time of year that I do most of my maintenance and upgrades.

Today is Saturday, and I have had not one single kid in all day, I sent my employee home after we finished redoing a couple things, and then was just sitting in my office doing research and playing, when I heard the chime on the front door. So, I got up to go and help whomever just came in.

When I exited, I found the most stunningly beautiful young man that I have ever had the pleasure to lay my eyes upon. He is tall for his age, that I place right around twelve, and I have become a fair expert on that, he is very slim, without being skinny, short light brown hair styled nicely, and beautiful facial features that should probably be earning him big money as a model. He is wearing a pair of satiny swim shorts and a tee shirt that probably fit him a little better than a year ago, but is gloriously tight on him now. It shows his wonderful chest well enough that I can see his nipples protruding ever so slightly, and that he already has a well muscled little tunny. I cannot see too much in the front as to what he might be packing, but I had caught a glimpse of his ass as he rounded the corner, and it was spectacular.

“Hi there young man, come to play for a bit.”

“Um, no, was wondering if you're still hiring, the sign's still in the window?”

It is true, I have been trying to hire someone to replace the three people that I have lost over the past few months, but no one seems willing to come and work for me, and now I am down to only two people helping me, which means that I am here almost every day, quite often by myself, not that it is hard work, but still, I would not mind a day off every so often.

“As a matter of fact, I am, however, I'm afraid I won't be allowed to hire you. You appear to only be about twelve, and the labour law says you haveta be fifteen before I can hire you.”

“I know, I've been getting that all over town, but I found an article on the labour relations page last night that says that if I have a letter from my parents, saying that I'm allowed to, then you'd be able to hire me. I asked my mom to sign it for me, and she did.”

“Did she know what she was signing, or did you just forge her signature by chance.” I had to ask.

“Not that she'd care all that much one way or the other, but yes, I did tell her what it was she was signing. She probably won't remember today though, she was pretty drunk last night, again.”

“Ah, I wondered why a boy of twelve was looking for work.”

“Yeah, I need money, so that I can buy the things I need, since I don't get it from her.”

“Clothes, by the looks of it.”

“Amongst other things, yeah. I managed to get a few bucks from her to buy these shorts, which is why they fit, but I hadta, and honestly, she doesn't know about it either, because I literally had no more shorts that fit at all, I finally started to grow, and now none of my clothes fit properly.”

“I'll haveta check the website to see what it says, but, I'd be inclined to help you out.”

“I printed that out too, and included the link to the page that I found it on, so that I had it.” He said, handing me the pages with his signed permission slip and the form that he had found.

I read it over, and it all looked to be in order.

“How and where'd you print it out?”

“The library. My mom won't buy a computer, it costs too much, and she'd rather buy alcohol.” He spat out.

“No dad?”

“Not a clue, I tried asking my mom once, and she beat the snot outta me for asking stupid questions.”

“Sorry to hear that bud, she doesn't still beat you, does she?”

“No, especially now that I'm bigger than her, but not since I was eight, because I just stayed well away from her.”

“No child should haveta live like that. Why'd you never call the police?”

“With my problems, it'd be no better in foster care than at home. At least there I can do what I want, when I want.”

“What sorta problems.”

“I'd rather not say, if you don't mind.”

“If I hire you, I'd like you to get the courage to tell me. I understand a lot, I listen well, and I don't judge.” I said, because I totally get the feeling that he is as gay as I am, in other words, he will never be with a female, ever.

“Thanks, but I doubt I could, you'd probably not hire me for that.” He said sadly.

“You're not a murderer or a child rapist are you?”

“Oh god no, I could never hurt anyone. I've had enough hurt in my life, I can't give it to others.”

“You're badly bullied too, aren't you?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Yeah, I was too, and did home schooling because of it.”

“Wish I could, but I'd rather be at school than at home during the day, that's when my mom's home, and when she's in the worst mood. If I accidentally wake her up, you can bet she'll try and beat the shit outta me. Of course, I can hold her back now, but it usedta be pretty bad.”

“Sorry to hear that. So, what kinda skills have you got?”

“Other than I do really well in school, nothing. Sorry, but I can learn, and I usually learn things really fast.” He said sadly, knowing that admitting this probably means that he would not be hired.

“That's okay. You really don't needta know a lot to work here anyway, but how are you with fixing things?”

“Oh, that's good, but I have no idea, never tried to fix anything before.”

“Well, that'd be one of the things you'd haveta learn around here, half the time you're here would just be crawling through the play structure and finding issues and fixing them.”

“You mean it, you're gonna hire me?” He asked, looking suitably shocked.

“Sure, why not. I like you, and honestly, I haven't had one person come in looking for the job in three months. When can you start?”

“Is right now okay.”

“Sure, why not. So, what's your name?”


“Good to meet you Tanner, I'm Parker.”

“Kinda figured that, from the name of the place and all.” He grinned.

“Believe it or not, I wasn't the one to have named it, this place has been here under that same name since I was two years old.”

“Really, now that's coincidence.”

“Not really, it was named after me, by my mom, who started this place.” I laughed.

“Oh. That's cool. So, does she still own it then?”

“No, unfortunately my parents were killed in a plane crash when I was just about nineteen. So almost exactly six years ago now.”

“Oh, sorry to hear that.”

“That's okay, it was a long time ago now, and I'm over the pain. I still miss them, I always will, but I'm okay now.”

“So, what can I do then?”

“Today is just training. Come on, let me show you around the joint, and teach you everything you needta know.”

For more than an hour, I toured Tanner through the entire place and showed him everything. My place really is quite large and impressive. Not only do I have three separate jungle gyms, that are each rather large, but I have two large trampolines inside of foam padded rooms, two smaller bouncy castles, four pretty tall climbing walls, one of which is so hard that only four or five kids have ever managed to make it, a sixty piece arcade, two pool tables and two air hockey tables, four games systems hooked to seventy inch screens and with four awesome comfortable chairs for each one, and I even have a small theatre that I usually have some good animated movie playing in.

There is also a small arts and crafts room, where kids can make and create all sorts of things, and then a building room, where I have nearly a tonne of Lego, Lincoln Logs, Erector sets, and Knex sets, so that kids can build whatever they want. I also have a food counter, where I serve all sorts of healthy snacks. Most of them I bake myself, since I have always loved doing so. My mom and I did all this so as to keep the kids fully active and busy, to have fun and to learn, and to have healthy treats and snacks. I also host all sorts of parties for kids, so birthday's and whatnot, and I often have children's entertainers come in for special occasions, and those are always really busy days, especially when I have the magicians come in.

Clearly I also have lots of tables and chairs for the adults to sit at, and I have a really good wireless internet connection for them to use free of charge, but it is mandatory that parents are here, and that they watch their own kids, because every parent signs a waiver upon entrance stating that any injuries are not my responsibility. Fortunately, with all the safety gear and extra padding that I have, injuries are fairly minor and rare, and usually from small heads colliding with each other.

I also sell all sorts of things that parents might need when they come, diapers, wipes, and other baby gear of course, since I am a diaper lover and all, of course I would have virtually every size of diaper available. Because socks are mandatory to be worn at all times, and absolutely no shoes are allowed inside, I also keep lots of socks in stock for parents who forget or do not know. I even keep a small selection of soothers, bottles and bottle liners, formulas, and baby foods, since I do have a baby area for the little ones to play and explore, so believe it or not, these actually sell all the time. I also carry a full line of clothes, including underwear and diaper shirts up to almost as large as Tanner would need, all have of course been branded with my company name, and once more, most would be shocked how much I sell. Wet pants, and the occasionally poopy pants happen quite frequently, and most parents of five and up kids rarely keep that sort of thing with them, but we all know how forgetful kids who are having fun can be, especially us baby boys.

I even carry Pullups and Goodnites for the bigger kids, and I have had more than a few shyly ask to buy one, so that they can wear it and play longer and not have to worry, these are usually the kids who have been frequent visitors and have had a couple accidents. I promise you, I never encourage them, just maybe give them a nudge in the right direction. Usually I just ask them if they would like to try one today instead of having another accident, and I give them their first one for free, I just tell them that if they happen to go to the bathroom in just a couple minutes, that they will find what they need, and where I will put it for them, and of course do it the same way for the kids who ask me to buy one, I just take their money and tell them to go to the bathroom in just a couple minutes, and they will find what they need. They almost always come back for more, and I know that they always use them too.

I told Tanner all of this, as we toured, so that he will not be shocked the first time he has this happen to him, all my employees are warned of this, and to not make a big deal out of it. Like I tell them all the time, kids know that sometimes diapers really are the most logical choice, so that they do not have to have a far more embarrassing accident.

“Wow, this is some really cool place you have here. The only thing missing is a mini golf course, and a water park.” He chuckled.

“Yeah, and since I own the entire building, when the lease runs out after Christmas for the other business that's here, they're not planning to renew, because he wants to move anyway, I actually plan to add a mini golf course, but there'd be no way to add a water park I'm afraid. My mom and I drew up the plans for a golf course all the way back when I was seventeen in fact.”

“That'd be pretty cool actually. I've never been here, 'cause of course I never had any money.”

“Why not, though, we've always kept the prices as cheap as possible. It's only four dollars to come and play, and you can stay all day too. The only things you haveta pay extra for are the arcade games, video games, and table games, and of course food, and even there I keep it as cheap as humanly possible. It's only a quarter for all arcade games and table games, a buck an hour for the video games, and pretty much just a little above cost for all the snacks. I figure that by the time each kid finishes out a day here, their parents might have spent ten to fifteen bucks per kid, and really, for all day, and some do stay the full eight hours I'm open, that's cheap.”

“Wow, that is cheap, except, 'til I started just bloody well stealing money from my mom, I never got so much as a penny.”

“Fair enough.”

“How can you keep the place open and charge so little.”

“Easy, on a busy day, I can get upwards of three hundred kids through here. I can only fit up to as much as a hundred kids at a time, but that's okay. Right now it's my slow season, since of course it's nice outside, so lots of outdoor things to do, but during the busy season, which is pretty much ten months, no, it's pretty busy. The parents bring the younger kids while the older ones are in school, and then I usually get the older kids after school, and of course weekends are almost always busy. Most only stay two to four hours, and still each one probably spends on average twelve bucks a kid, plus whatever the adults spend themselves as well. So, if I hit my daily average, which is two hundred kids, at a daily average of twelve bucks a kid, I'm making well over two grand a day. I own the building, I don't need a lot of staff, and maintenance is actually fairly light, and usually pretty cheap. The most expensive thing I pay for is the electricity. No, I do pretty good here.”

“Wow, never knew a place like this could make that much money.”

“Right from the day my mom started it, because she knew it was desperately needed here, since it rains a tonne here, and there's nothing else for kids to do around here, she did very well, and every time a spot opened up in the building, she leased it and added on, and then, like I said, she finally just bought the entire place, during a recession, so got it nice and cheap, yet she did stupidly well still, since, especially during a recession, she was still the cheapest place to take kids for a whole day of fun. I've continued that, I haven't raised prices since I inherited the place, and I see no reason to do so. Even when I add the golf course, we agreed on two dollars per person, adults included, and that's what I'm still gonna charge. I've already started buying a lot of the stuff I'll needta make it happen, and it's in storage at home. It's gonna be pretty cool, actually.”

“Cool. So, where do you buy everything, and aren't you afraid of kids stealing things like Lego and whatnot?”

“It happens all the time, since especially young kids don't necessarily understand the concept of stealing, but most often their parents bring it back to me. I actually buy a lot of the toys and whatnot from thrift stores and places like that, why pay new prices for things that people give away. I also have people donate things like that too, since their kids loved coming here so much, and once they grow up and grow out of those toys, the kids are happy to give them to me.”


“Yeah, it is. So, come on, I'll show you what you always haveta be on the lookout for now. Every nut, bolt, screw, rope, cable tie, and net has to be checked pretty near every day. We already did it today, but I'll show you what needs to be done, and that'll be your job every morning when you arrive, since you're nice and small and can easily fit through everything far better than most, though I fit not problem, since I'm not really all the much bigger than you, but, I just don't wanna do it, that's what I pay others for.” I grinned.

“Okay, and then what else will I haveta do?”

“Clean the bathrooms two to three times a day, making sure that the diaper pails are always kept empty, clean, and fresh, and then it's just a lot of cleaning up after kids. You're gonna haveta get usedta cleaning up poop, pee, and even the occasional puke. Fortunately most of the parents do that themselves, but we haveta do it too. I sanitize pretty much every surface in here once a week, and every day is a different area, but cleaning everything is the majority of our time spent here. I of course do all the baking for the day before we even open, and I try and have at least one vegan option, and one gluten free option per day, as well as always lots of fruits and veggies.”

“Oh. That sounds kinda nasty. The cleaning part that is.”

“Oh, and here I thought you were talking about the vegan and gluten free.” I teased.

“Wouldn't know what one tastes like.” He laughed.

“I'm neither vegan, nor gluten free, but the recipes that I've found are shockingly good, even a few I created myself. Then again, I've tried some that were nasty beyond belief.”

“I don't enjoy eating, when and if my mom cooks, it's nasty, I can't cook to save my life, since she certainly never taught me, and because I'm considered low income, I'm part of the school lunch program, but the schools lunch is nearly as bad. I try and go to the library and watch cooking programs on the computer, as well as I read cook books and whatnot, but, clearly there's almost never any food in the house, and what there is, I can't do much with either. Most days I'm lucky if I get fed once, and I'm truly lucky if I get two meals a day.”

“Wow, okay, that'd explain why you're so slim then, but from now on, you can eat here with me. I take Monday and Tuesday off and have two of my other people work those days, so you can work with me on those same days, and I'll make sure you're fed.”

“Thanks, I'd really appreciate that.”

For almost two hours, I showed Tanner absolutely everything that he would need to know, showed him where everything is stored, and told him virtually everything that he will need to know. After that, we mostly just sat around, talking, getting to know each other, me still teaching Tanner lots, and we had a few kids come through, but eventually it was closing time. Before Tanner could leave, I went and packed him a few things and put them into a bag for him.

“Now, in this bag are your work clothes, shorts and a shirt that has my company on it, but also the shirt says Play Expert, and then Staff underneath it, as well as maybe a little something that you might like tonight. Don't open it now, I'll ask tomorrow morning when you get here. Now, go, have a good night, see you tomorrow morning. I'd like you here for nine thirty please, we're open ten to six, and you get half an hour for lunch.”

“Okay, thanks.” He said, taking the bag, and though I can see that he wants to open it to see what the surprise is, he does not, and then heads home for the night.

I stay for at least an extra half an hour every evening to make sure everything is all shut down properly, and I also do my books for the day at that time, so sometimes I am here for an extra hour. I usually just have whatever fruits and vegetables, as well as maybe a sugar free treat or two for dinner, since I still rarely eat a lot anyway, and probably only once or twice a week do I eat meat.

As soon as I get home, I am not ashamed to admit that I stripped down to my soggy diaper, threw myself on the bed and jacked off furiously with visions of Tanner rolling through my mind, especially wearing the Goodnite that I added to his bag. I would love nothing more than to see him in that soaking wet diaper, or an even better diaper to tell you the truth, but I know that will not happen. He clearly did not realize that I could smell the stale piss smell on him, which is the reason I am certain that he is a bed wetter.

I was into work at my usual time of seven to get started on the baking for the day, as well as to get everything started up and all that fun stuff. At just a few minutes after nine, the bell at the door rang, I have it there so that if I get deliveries first thing in the morning, which is when I most often want and need them, I will know they are there, but I am not expecting anything, so I am hoping that it is Tanner, and that I did not scare him off with his little surprise.

I am happy to see that it is Tanner, and as soon as he sees me come to the door, he blushes. I open the door with a wide smile to him and gesture him to come in, before closing and re-locking the door.

“So, I trust you used your surprise, that blush could only mean one thing. So, how was it, getting a full, uninterrupted nights sleep?”

“How'd you know?”

“The smell. Clearly you don't get to shower every morning, and I could smell the stale piss smell on you. From now on, you're welcome to take one home with you every day, except on the night before a day off, take an extra two, so that you get a good nights sleep, and there's absolutely no reason to be ashamed of that around me, I was, and still very much am a full time bed wetter, and that'll never change.”


“Yes. I also haveta wear diapers all day, since my I can't hold it at all any more. There's something wrong inside my head, and it doesn't signal me to hold it, though sometimes it does, just not very often any more.”

“Wow, um, okay.”

“That doesn't bother you, does it?”

“No, I guess I'm kinda the same.”

“Do you have daytime accidents as well?”

“No, at least not any more. My last one was when I was nine, but there've been a few close calls.”

“Then the diapers I'm sure will be appreciated. Do you wet every night?”

“Yeah, I do, and yeah, they are. Just embarrassing that you know, but I guess you know more than I do, so it's not that bad.” He says, still blushing lightly.

“Understandable, but not necessary. So, I'm just getting the last of the baking done for the day. I trust you're probably hungry?”

“Yeah, I am.”

“Come on, let's go eat. I haven't eaten yet myself, so we can eat together.”

We went and got some breakfast, and as we ate, we talked.

“I fully expect today to be rather busy, it's supposed to be pretty hot out, and that's the only real time this time of year that we're actually busy, so expect lotsa cleaning chores as the day goes on. It can also get pretty loud in here at times, so I hope you don't mind noisy.”

“Oh, okay, and I don't mind.”

“Good. So, how is it?” I asked, because we are having a couple breakfast wraps.

“Really good, thanks. I almost never have breakfast at all, but this tastes amazing.”

“Glad you like. Most mornings I just make myself oatmeal, but I like this at least once a week.”

As soon as we are finished eating, Tanner helps me to clean up the kitchen, and I take the last of the goodies from the ovens. I then have Tanner help me make up the fruit and vegetable cups that I always do, reusable ones, thank you very much, I do not allow much garbage in my establishment. The most amount of garbage I always have is from diapers. Most everything else is compostable or recyclable.

Almost as soon as we open, we find that I was right, because we have several kids wanting to come and play. We stay pretty steady for most of the day, and Tanner is only too happy to work and help out the kids. During the morning, I did call my other two employees, who had both only wanted two days a week, and informed them that they are both now back onto just their regular schedule, since I finally hired someone else. Both were happy with this.

For the next two weeks, Tanner is with me every day, and he seems to be very happy, and every night, he happily takes a diaper with him, always just a Goodnite of course, but it works, and he claims that he has never felt better, finally getting a full nights sleep, every night. I am happy for him.

When I gave Tanner his first pay cheque, he damn near fainted, he had never seen so much money in his life. I asked him if he has a bank account, to which he said no, I asked him if he would like me to take him to set one up, he said yes. I kept him with me until I was ready to go, then I headed to the same bank I deal with, since I have to go there anyway to make my deposit, and it will be easier, as well I know that they are open anyway, and we go in.

I had feared that being that Tanner is only twelve, that we would need his parent or guardians signature and whatnot, but they never asked for anything, they never asked me who I was, nor did I have to sign anything, not that I could have anyway, so that was good. He kept only a few dollars out, but deposited the rest into his account, and then I drove him home. Once more, as I do almost every night, I pictured in my mind what Tanner would look like in one of his super soggy Goodnites, and then jacked off furiously.

I dreamed that Tanner would be doing the same thing with me in his minds eye.

Today was probably the busiest day we have had since Tanner had started with me, and today we had a boy of at least eight with autism who was diapered, and shortly after I saw his dad take him to the bathroom to change his clearly saturated diaper, I saw Tanner go to that very same bathroom with the cleaning supplies. Well, that piqued my curiosity, because I had already seen him go there only about two hours before to clean it, so I gave him just a few minutes, and then went and checked. He has the sign on the door saying that it is being cleaned, but I hoped that he had not bothered to lock it. I was in luck, because it wasn't.

When I opened the door, I caught Tanner with his pants down, literally. I slipped inside as he stared at me like a deer caught in headlights, and I can see the tears starting, then locked the door. He has his preteen diapered erection wrapped in the boys' cute little tape on baby diaper, he had been jacking himself off quite furiously when I caught him, but as soon as I caught him, he stopped moving completely, and just stared at me.

“I wondered if you were taking Goodnites during the day as well, I thought I saw the bulge a few times, and I wondered if you were a full on gay baby boy diaper lover as well. When I saw you come back after only two hours from already cleaning this bathroom, and having seen that very cute little boy come for a super soggy baby bum change, I admit, I hoped my assumptions were correct. Now, there's probably a diaper from that cute little four year old right near the top, isn't there.” I asked, and he nodded.

“Pass it to me, will you please?”

He reached into the diaper pail, the lid is still off, and passed me the soggy size six Pampers that is rolled up. I untaped it, confirmed that it was only peepeed, gave it a deep sniff, and then pushed down my pants, unsnapped my diaper shirt, and pushed my diaper down in the front, to expose my erection. I then took the diaper, wrapped it around my erection like Tanner had been doing, and started to stroke myself like that.

“Go on Baby, stroke that hot hard gay baby boy cocklett with that hot soggy baby diaper.” I whispered.

From seeing me do the same depraved and nasty thing as he himself had been caught doing, Tanner started going hard almost instantly, and as soon as I said that, he started once again, probably without even thinking it.

“From now on, when you come to do this, make sure and lock the door. Little kids don't know how to read, and we don't want you being caught being so naughty by someone who shouldn't see this sorta depraved behavior. I always make sure to lock the door before doing this. Next time I do do this, though, I'd really liketa use your soggy baby diaper, and for your next soggy gay baby bum change, I'll give you a much better, thick thirsty tape on baby diaper, and a diaper shirt, would you like that?”

He just nodded.

“Good. I wondered right from the first day you came here if you and I weren't a lot alike. I'd gotten a really good, and somewhat nasty feeling from you, you're a right kinky little gay baby boy, but tell me, did you suck any of that cute little baby boys' piss from his soggy baby diaper first, before starting to jack off in it?”

He just nodded.

“Mmmm, nasty. Once more, I'd loveta do the same thing to one of your soggy baby diapers. You wanna wear nice thick thirsty tape on baby diapers all day, every day, don't you?”

He nodded once again.

“Good. From now on, I'll make sure you're diapered like you deserve. Are you close?”

He nodded.

“Do you make wet cums wet.”

He shook his head no.

“I bet you will soon, you have a good sized baby peepee, and your baby balls are hot.” I said, because he appears to be about ten to eleven centimeters long, and probably a full five or so around. His balls are already starting to drop and grow, and he looks like he might already have a very nice little mouth full.

And then he came, which also caused me to cum, and I filled the soggy little Pampers with my entire load. I licked half of it off, and then handed it to Tanner, who dutifully took the offering, and proceeded to suck it out, and I saw his eyes nearly roll into the back of his head. It seems he likes it, a lot.

“That was really good.” Tanner whispered.

“Glad you enjoyed. Now, I should probably make a hasty retreat, so that no one wonders why the two of us are in the bathroom together. We'll talk more tonight after closing.”

And for the rest of the day, every time I saw Tanner, I grinned brightly to him, and he would smile shyly back. Finally it is closing time, and everyone is gone.

“So, how long have you been doing what I caught you doing this afternoon?” I asked as we were cleaning and shutting everything down.

“Since I started.” He whispered.

“Nice. No need to be ashamed, I've done the same thing hundreds of times. It's probably not healthy to drink strange boys' piss outta their soggy diapers, but if they're nice and fresh, I just can't help it. I take it you couldn't either?”

“Really, no, I couldn't.”

“From now on, wanna suck it only from each others though?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Good. Tanner, every night, since you started working for me, I've jacked off, envisioning you in just a soggy baby diaper, does that offend you?”

“No, 'cause I've been doing the same thing, picturing you.”

“Good. How much do you want me to take you home with me tonight and have both of us lose our virginity?”

“So fucking much. I've been playing with my bum for a couple years already, I can easily take four fingers inside myself, and since we met, I've been doing that every fucking night, but only after getting into my diaper and wetting it.”

“Nice, same with me then.”

“Will you take me home with you tonight and fuck me?”

“Only if you'll fuck me too.”

“Oh god yeah, and will you, you know, cum and pee in me?”

“I've been so fucking hard all afternoon with the vision of you jacking off with that soggy baby diaper wrapped around your hot preteen dick, that I haven't peed once without forcing myself to, and so, I do haveta go peepee something fierce, but only if you'll do the same for me.”

“Same here, and you bet.”

“Wanna just go into my office, I have a blanket we can throw on the floor, I'm so fucking horny right now it's not even funny, way more so than I've ever felt before.”

“Oh god yeah.” Tanner moaned hoarsely, sounding so very sexy.

We headed to my office, I closed and locked the door, though the main doors are already locked, and then turned to Tanner and started stripping him down to just his super soggy Goodnite. Once he is naked other than his diaper, he strips me down to just mine. I grab the blanket and spread it on the floor, and Tanner goes and lays on his back on it, spreads his legs, and gives a look I can only describe as come and get it.

I know that I will need to prepare Tanner, and so, I bury my face in the front of his diaper, inhale his scent, feel his erection, and damn near pass out from it. I grabbed a tube of lube from my desk, and as I poked a hole in the seat of Tanner's diaper, I am preparing my fingers. I do not pull the front of Tanner's diaper down and engulf his erection as I so desperately want to do, I want him to cum as I slip into him, because I am certain he will.

In only two minutes of fingering, I am already up to three fingers deep inside Tanner, he was already shockingly loose, and even a little sloppy, so it took next to no work to prepare him fully. I got up on my knees, poked a hole in the front of my soggy diaper, got into position, and when I looked to Tanner, he just nodded, and I know that he wants me to proceed.

As I slip as deep inside Tanner as I am able to, we both moan lowly, the feeling is exquisite, I have never felt anything so amazing in my entire life, and Tanner took me all the way with not even so much as a slight wince. I had to force myself not to fuck him hard and deep, not only do I not wish to hurt the stunningly beautiful boy underneath me, but I wish to hold off for as long as I possibly can.

I start as slow and deep a motion as I am capable of doing, I have never fucked nor been fucked, never been made love to, nor made love to another, and the way I feel for Tanner, I had dreamed of getting to make sweet love to him, and so, that is what I am desperately trying for now, and I think I am succeeding.

Now, as much as I would love to say that I lasted for half an hour, and made passionate love to my baby, sadly that was not the case. Unfortunately I was much too charged, and as such, I lasted not even two minutes, and as soon as I came, so did Tanner. I spewed into him a mighty large load of cum, filling him as full as I possibly could, and then the need to go pee slammed into me, and though I wanted to make piss love to him, I could not seem to keep my flow going as I made love, but, I would let a little go, then thrust for a few, then let a little more go, and finally, after damn near three minutes, I finished peeing inside Tanner, and am now fully making gay baby diaper piss love to the boy I fell for more than two weeks ago already.

We managed to last only five minutes more for this round before we both came, Tanner going off first this time, and then causing me to explode almost immediately thereafter. As much as I want to keep going, I so desperately wish to feel Tanner fill me up as well, so, as soon as we both come down from our second powerful cum, I slip out of my baby, and lay down beside him. My dick is still pointing out the front of my diaper, I am still every bit as hard as I had been, but now I need to be filled how I have dreamed of for longer than Tanner has been alive.

As soon as the fog clears in Tanner's sex clouded mind, he rolls over, presses his nose into my diaper, my erection quite nicely pressed into his forehead and right between his eyes. He pokes a hole in the seat of my diaper, grabs the lube, and takes care of lubing me up perfectly as well. He then gets up on his knees, pokes a hole in the front of his diaper, pulls out his mighty fine preteen erection, and I nod to him as well before he can even ask, and so, he slips all in me in barely a second, until our soggy baby diapers are pressed together.

Given our height difference, sadly we have been and are still unable to kiss as we make love, but, same as when I made love to him, we are looking deep into the others eyes, saying nothing, just enjoying seeing the other in so much pleasure. I can only assume that Tanner sees so much pleasure in my face as he makes love to me as I saw in him as I made love to him. There is a difference as well, I can tell Tanner is enjoying himself, but he had felt even better with me buried inside him, and I honestly feel better with him buried inside me rather than being buried inside him myself.

This time, since we have both let loose a couple very powerful baby boygasms, we manage to last damn near ten minutes, and I was the first to cum, which then set Tanner off very nicely inside me. I can feel him pulsing madly inside me, but I do not feel a nice burst of warmth, I know that it will likely be soon though, and that will be soon enough for me.

As soon as Tanner was down, I saw the look of concentration come, and I know that he is trying to pee, and slowly he starts, and he too cannot make love as he pees, but having him thrust for a couple seconds, then pause to pee, then thrust for a few seconds, then pause to pee, is feeling so fucking amazing anyway. He too takes every bit of three minutes to finally stop peeing, and as soon as he did, he started making even slower, even deeper love to me, and we are both moaning and sighing so lowly it is not even funny. Then, finally, almost ten minutes later, we cum again, only this time, we both explode at pretty near exactly the same moment.

Tanner slumps down on me, and I slump down even further into the floor, and we lay like that, panting and gasping for several minutes. The last time I managed to cum four times in a row like that, I was not a hell of a lot older than Tanner is now, and it was a cute eight or nine year old diapered boy that had caused me to be that horny then too. It took probably every bit of fifteen minutes for us to come down from our amazing orgasms, and when we did, Tanner pulled free of my diaper, because even though he had gone mostly soft, and I had long ago expelled him from my baby bum hole, he had still been inside my diaper, and crawled up the little more that he needed, and then pressed his lips to mine, and together we are learning all about kissing.

Probably damn near ten minutes after we started kissing, I felt wetness splashing my stomach and chest, and Tanner must have felt it too, because he broke the kiss, and we both looked, and laughed to find that I am peeing once more.

“I guess you better grab the diaper supplies and diaper the baby.” I giggled.

“Only if you'll diaper the baby too.”


I told Tanner where everything is, and so he gathered it all, even the diapers that I had bought for him, hoping that one day soon I could give them to him, and then he proceeded to change my diaper for me, and then we traded places and I changed his as well. We cleaned each other up as much as possible with baby wipes, and then I gathered up our blanket, after making sure the floor was clean, and threw it in the washer, since I have a washer/dryer combo in my office. As soon as I did that, I turned to face Tanner.

“Will you be my baby boyfriend?” We both asked at exactly the same time.

“Oh yes.” We both said together, and then met in another kiss, only this time we are standing.

“Can I come and live with you?” Tanner asked.

“I have no idea how that'd work, or if it could, but, I'd love it if you would.”

“No clue either, but I'm calling my mom and telling her I'm never coming back, and if she wants me for some reason, she can call me here.” He aid, and then made the call. He told her that, then hung up not even five seconds later.

“What'd she say?” I asked.

“She just said good, now maybe she can be happy. Yeah, probably dead in a month or less. Good riddance I say.”

“I'll send my lawyer to her to get you put into my care though, just to make sure you're looked after.”


“Well Baby, we should get dressed, get some food, 'cause I'm wicked hungry now, and then go home.”

“Sounds good to me Baby.” He smiled warmly back to me, and so, that is what we did.

From that day forth, we make love to each other at least once a day, usually only with hands or mouths, but at least once a week we make sweet gay baby diaper love to each other as well. We share each others soggy baby diapers as often as we can, we enjoy drinking it straight from the source too, and only three weeks after our first time, Tanner fed me his very first load of cum. It was thin, it was watery, and it was utterly amazing.

Tanner was always coming up with great ideas of things we could do for the kids, and we almost always did them. One of the first things he suggested was adding dozens of board games and puzzles that we had found at thrift stores, and I thought why not, even the adults loved these. Just after Christmas, the last of the tenants that had been in my building left, and we made the mini golf course, and Tanner had many other really great ideas to add into here, and since the space was considerably larger than what was strictly needed for just the golf, we added a few other rooms. We made escape rooms, one easy, one medium, and one hard, and I have to admit, the hard one is really quite hard, and we do change them up once a month as well. We only charge fifty cents per person to use these rooms, and of course we have an intercom in each one, as well as video feeds, so that we can ensure that no one panics and cannot escape.

Every day we diaper each other up, and keep each other nice and thickly diapered, and even I am enjoying my diapers more than I ever have before, getting to share them with someone who enjoys them every bit as much as I do. We have gotten into some seriously sexy diaper play, double and triple diapering each other, and even the occasional quadruple diapering. We even bought us a number of toys to play with, and many a day finds us with butt plugs lodged firmly inside our gay baby diapered bums. Many days one of us will see an especially cute diapered boy, and point him out to the other, and giggle to each other how nice it would be to suck his baby diaper dry, but, since we got to start sucking each others diapers dry, we have not done so to another boys diaper again.

Not even two months after making love to each other for our first time, my lawyer had arranged everything so that I am legal guardian to Tanner, his mother happily giving up all rights to her son, and we found out just after Christmas, as we were building the golf course, that she finally died, liver failure from excessive drinking. Tanner never even shed a tear, which truly is a sad thing, we did offer her a toast that night, but the nicest thing Tanner could say was thanks for not killing me, I thanked her for bringing Tanner into my life.

By the time Tanner was sixteen, we felt that he was fully grown, he reached almost dead on the exact same height as me, he is still every bit as beautiful, still just as slim, and his amazing boy bits grew to be just a hair larger than my own, neither of us complained about this in the least. In fact, I love it, as well the fact that the baby boy god cums freaking buckets full, I wish, but he does pump a good sized load, that is for damned sure.

We happily run our business together, for we became full partners that day too, and we are living the life we had always dreamed we could.

The end.

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