Part-time Work


After repeatedly watching gay porn, a kid decides he wants to get fucked, but needing a little spending money, decides to hustle his neighbor who he thinks is gay.

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Part-time Work

"Fuck, Mr. G. I need to make some money. Do you know how I could?"

If I'd been reading the signs right, my next-door neighbor, Mr. Gaffe, was hot for me, and maybe, if he was, he'd pay for sex with me, not that I was some little whore. The most I'd ever done was a little mutual masturbation with a couple of other kids, but what boy hasn't done that? I figured I had nothing to lose. If having sex with me wasn't on his mind, he'd just say `No,' or suggest that I cut his lawn maybe.

And, that's what he did: "I'll pay you to cut my lawn."

"Jeez, Mr. G. I was thinking about something a little more fun, something you and me could do together," and when I said that, I was staring at his crotch. I mean, I was obviously staring at his crotch. I couldn't tell whether he had a hard-on, but I sure did.

He followed my gaze, and then, he was looking at my crotch. "What did you have in mind?"

"I don't know. I ain't got much experience along those lines, but I figured you did. We could do whatever you wanted."

"What are you, Chad, twelve?"

"I'll be thirteen next month."

"Just what experience have you had?"

"Just using my hand." I was still trying not to be too specific in case I was mistaken."

"Just on yourself or on someone else?"

Sounded like he was catching my drift. "Myself and on a couple of other guys my age."

"That's all?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Well, if I'm about to pay out good money, I might need to make use of some other part of your anatomy."

"I'm okay with that."

"Let me see what you've got."

He hadn't said he wanted to see my dick, but what else was there he'd want to see, so I undid my jeans and pushed them down with my underwear. My dick stood out at about a forty-five-degree angle from my crotch. My balls were tight against it."

He didn't tell me to pull up my pants: "How big is it?" he asked. I shrugged. "Come on, every boy knows how long his dick is. I'll bet you measure it every day."

"Five inches," I said.

"Looks more like four-and-a-half," he said. He had hit it right on the head, but I just shrugged again. "You never sucked one?" I shook my head. "I'd want that for starters, if say, we came to some kind of agreement. Are you up for that?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Guess you need to see what you're sucking then?" I nodded, and he pushed down his pants. His dick was hard, and while it wasn't huge, it was a good six-inches long, kind of long and skinny. "Tell you what: you suck it," he said, "and then we'll negotiate a price. You know how to do it?"

"I've watched plenty of porn," I said.

"Show me what you learned," he said, so I got down on my knees and took a dick into my mouth for the first time, surprised at how soft the head was, how steely the shaft was, and how velvety soft the skin covering it was. I loved the feel of it in my mouth. Grasping the back of my head, he shoved it in and out of my mouth. I've been told I have a large mouth, larger than that on most kids my size. Anyway, I had no problem taking his dick into it. Like I said, it was a little skinny. I gagged once when he hit the back of my throat, but he kept shoving it in, and I managed to let it slide down my throat. I was fucking deepthroating his cock! About the time I buried my nose in his pubic hair, he came.

I had tasted my own cum, but it tasted different, hot out of his dick. I liked the taste of his better than I liked the taste of mine, but licking my cum off my hand was a lot like licking spit off it. You don't think anything of it when you swallow spit that has never been out of your mouth, but swallowing spit that has been spit out seems a little gross. It was the same way with cum. If it's squirted into your mouth, it seems like it belongs there, but not so much if you lick it off your hand. I swallowed it all. From watching porn, I had figured he'd either cum all over my face or want me to swallow it, and since he didn't pull out, I swallowed it.

Looking up at him, I grinned: "How'd I do?"

"You did good, but blowjobs are a dime a dozen. If you want to make more money, I need more."

Of course, I knew what he wanted: he wanted to fuck me, and what he didn't know was that I wanted that more than anything. Ever since I'd seen my first gay porn video of guys fucking, I'd been sticking things up my ass pretending someone was doing me.

"Wha -- What else?"

"If you've watched gay porn, you know that giving blowjobs isn't all they do. What else have you seen them do?"

"Fuck," I said.

"Well, how about it?"

"You want to fuck me?"

"That's the idea."

"I don't know. Your dick is pretty big."

Hell, I'd had bananas up my ass that were bigger than his dick, but I wanted to extract as much as I could from him for fucking me. "How much will you pay me?"


"Fuck! Twenty bucks is nothing. What could I buy with $20? The blowjob should be worth that much or more."

"All right, I'll pay you $50 for both the blowjob and the fuck."

I would have done it for $50, but I thought I could probably get more, so I said, "$20 for the blowjob and $50 more for the fuck. I'm a fucking virgin for Christ's sake."

I was a virgin if you didn't count hairbrush handles, bananas, and cucumbers, but I didn't need to tell him about those.

"I don't know that's a little expensive."

"Expensive? I'm a fucking virgin. That alone should be worth something. You're not going to find a virgin at the park." I didn't know for sure he was one of those guys who picked up boys down at the restroom at Hood Park, but I suspected he was. I had thought about going there myself and seeing what I could get for sex, but I knew Mr. G, and I figured having sex with him was safer than having sex with some stranger in the park. "How about $50 for my virgin ass?"

"All right," he said, "$50."

"And $20 for the blowjob. I ain't throwing it in for free. If you ain't cool with that, I'll put on my clothes and go home. Maybe, I'll go to Hood Park and find someone who will pay extra for my virgin ass." I reached for my clothes.

"Then I won't pay you anything."

"And I won't come over and do you anymore. Wouldn't you rather have me around than have to hustle some punk kid at Hood Park? You know me, and since I'm a virgin, you got to know I ain't got no disease. Treat me right, and you got a piece of ass pretty well any time you want it. I'll give you my cell and all you got to do anytime you're horny is give me a call, and I'll be over in a jiff."

"I'm not paying you $70 every time."

"Tell you what, after this time, pay me by the hour, and you can have whatever you can handle during that time." I figured he was good for two orgasms at the most during a session, so a session with him probably wouldn't even take an hour.

"How much?"

"Fifty bucks."

"That' what I said I'd pay you for today."

"I'm a virgin today. That's got to be worth something, and I'm only charging you an extra $20 for it. You already fucked my virgin mouth. I'll bet if I advertised my virgin ass on eBay or Craig's List, I could get a lot more than that for it."

"Fuck! All right, $70."

I held out my hand: "Pay me first."

"Don't you trust me?"

"I trust you, Mr. G., but I'd still rather have the dough in my hot little hand before you stick your dick up my ass. I gave you the blowjob on trust, and I ain't been paid for it, but before I get your dick up my ass, I want the money in my hand." Taking his wallet out of his pants, he counted out $70 and handed it to me. I took it and stuck it in my pants' pocket. "How do you want it Mr. G., from the front, or do you want to do it doggy style?"

He chose doggy style which was okay with me. I really wasn't looking for a kiss from him. I think I'd rather have his dick in my mouth than his tongue anyway. "Bend over the bed," he said, and I did, feeling his hands wrap around my hips and grasp them at the front. Then, I felt his dick probe my hole and I almost came right then and there. I was going to finally get fucked, the moment I'd been waiting for. After the bananas and cucumbers, his dick slid right in and hit that special spot deep inside me. Thank God his dick was long enough to hit it. "Oh fuck! Oh yes!" I said. "Fuck me! Fuck me, Mr. G., Fuck me."

His dick might not be as long as some of the bananas I've stuck up my ass, but while they are hard on the outside and soft on the inside, his dick was just the opposite: it was hard on the inside and silky soft on the outside. What a wondrous thing a dick was. I loved them; I fucking loved them, especially when they were on other guy, and he was using it on me.

He kept ramming it home, pounding my butt with his pubic bone. "Oh yes, Mr. G. Fuck me. I love it. I love you."

I hadn't meant to say that last part. I liked Mr. G. well enough, but I didn't love him, except for right then. As long as he had his dick up my ass and was fucking me, I loved him. I came without touching my dick. I heard Mr. G. moan, and I knew he was cumming too. After he had, he collapsed on top of me. At first, I didn't mind, but Mr. G. is a little overweight. "Mr. G.," I gasped, "I can't breathe," and he rolled off me, lying next to me on his back panting. Don't fucking die, Mr. G., I thought. Problem was, I was still horny. I wanted more, so after we lay there for a few minutes, I said, "Fuck me again, Mr. G."

"Again? I usually don't spurt twice in a week's time, and I just did two times in a row. I've had enough. I'm not paying you for another fuck right now."

"You can have it for free."

"You want it, don't you?"

"I want it, Mr. G. I want it bad."

"How much you pay me for it? You want it. How much you pay me for it?"

"That's not how it works, Mr. G. The man pays the boy."

"Shows how much you know about Economics, Chad. Before, you had something I wanted, and I was willing to pay for it, but that's no longer the case. I've had all the fucking I want for the time being, but now, it's you that wants to get fucked, and it's me that has something you want. How much will you pay me for it?"

"Jeez. I don't know, $20?"

"I just paid you $50."

"But, that ain't right, Mr. G. I ain't supposed to pay you for it."

"If you want to get fucked again, you will."

What the fuck could I do? I got the money out of my pocket and handed him the $50.

"Sorry," he said, "the price has gone up. It will cost you $70 to get fucked again.