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Party Next Door

by swphreek

The First Night

    I am gay 25-year-old working professional. I live in Chicago, where I grew up, but my family lives in Missouri. They relocated there a few years back and I stayed behind. I usually try to visit every month or so but this time it had been a few months since my last trip out. During that period a lot had happened. Most importantly, my parents got new neighbors.

    Typically new people next door would not be cause for concern except that these neighbors were total hotties. I guess the owner of the block of townhouses where my parents lived decided that it would be OK to rent to a bunch of frat boys. As far as I see it, he gets his monthly check and I get some awesome eye-candy while I'm on vacation.

    These boys were definitely good looking and well-built from what I could tell by their tight t-shirts and low-slung jeans. The first night I sat at the window watching them hang out in their garage. Pathetic, I know, but it had been a while since I had enjoyed that college-age experience of just hanging out and doing whatever--and apparently finding everything hilarious. There were five guys there that night and two struck me as being a cut above the rest. The first was a shorter brown-haired boy with a solid build and an awesome smile. He looked to be smooth except for a small patch of brown fuzz on his chin. The other was a taller blond--I am partial to blonds but any guy can pretty much turn me on if he is put together right--with short spiked hair and an almost angelic-looking face. He could've been a model and at first glance he was almost too perfect but as I continued to watch the boys interact I noticed a few flaws: a scar below his left eye, no doubt a sports-related injury as he looked fit, and a small burn on his right hand. What that was from I had no idea but I'd sure like to find out--that, and a lot of other things. The other three were good-looking as well but for some reason didn't catch my interest like the first two.

    As I watched the boys interact I was reminded again why I love males so much. The joviality, the horseplay, the mock-seriousness, the almost-constant laughter. Males are unique creatures and they never cease to intrigue me. Here before me were five young men in their prime no doubt each embarking on their own sexual conquest. How many girls had each of them had since getting to college? Maybe none, maybe all of them. Just how studly were these boys? No girls tonight, though, which I welcomed. More time to watch these boys be boys and not have to worry about making good impressions. The lack of female companionship also made me wonder if these boys had ever done anything together. Even witnessing some oral pleasuring by any of these fine boys would send me well over the edge and into a state of pure bliss. Unfortunately nothing sexual was going on now and soon the "party" died down and one by one the boys left until only my two hotties were left. Much to my delight, it turned out these these were the boys that were renting the townhouse.

    The next day was a Friday so I was hoping to witness a little more activity the next night. I wasn't let down.

The Party

    Around 8pm Friday night they starting showing up a little at a time. It seemed a bit early to me but in a town this size I guess there's not much else to do. Most were couples--guys and girls--so I was pretty sure that the majority of the group was straight (or at least straight-acting). But I suppose that's nothing a little alcohol can't fix. They all went through the side door that went into the garage so I guessed that's where the party would be. That was a shame since the garage only had a small hexagonal window while the living room--where I had seen the boys the night before--had a much larger window. I suppose if I had the balls I could go over and invite myself in but I'm sure they'd notice pretty quickly that I wasn't one of the usuals. I didn't want to go through all that awkwardness. For now it was safer just to admire from afar.

    A few guys came alone and I paid the most attention to these. One of them especially caught my eye. He was about 5'10" or so with shaggy brown hair and a nice swimmers build. Now if there's one thing that will attract me to a guy without seeing him undressed, it's sideburns and this boy had a nice set. They were pretty full and cropped just below his earlobes. He had a light dusting of stubble over the rest of his face, a little thin in the cheeks but filled in along his jawline, chin, and upper lip. I was attracted to a boy who could pull off the stubble look and this one pulled it off extremely well. I would love to get to know him better but things being as they were I didn't see how that was going to happen.

    After about 10pm it seemed as if most of the guests had arrived so I sat back and enjoyed the show. Even though I could only see very little through the small garage window--just the occasional face as it passed by--I did get to enjoy the ones that came outside for various reasons. Most were smokers which was OK with me. I'm not a heavy smoker but I have been known to do it socially so it's not a big deal to me. Sometimes it can be sexy to watch a boy smoke. Besides the smokers, some came out for what seemed to be fresh air. I suppose it could get a bit stuffy in a crowded garage. Occasionally a couple or two would sneak out for a little alone time, standing or sitting by the bushes, sometimes talking, sometimes making out, but a few times I got to see a bit more. Hetero couples really don't do it for me but I relish the chance to see any new dick I can and I did get to witness one guy get his cock sucked. They were off in the shadows so I really couldn't make out much but from what I did see I wasn't too impressed. He wasn't anything special and he wasn't very big down there either. I'm not a size freak or anything but a dick has got to fill me up.

    By midnight I could tell that the beer was taking its toll. The trips outside were becoming less frequent and the ones who did come out seemed pretty far gone. Only one person got sick--in the same bushes where the oral sex had gone on just a few hours prior--but no one else seemed to be feeling too ill. I guess that was a good thing as I'm not sure my parents would enjoy waking up to a pile of puke next to their house. Soon a small group came out and walked to their car that was parked in the alley behind the house. I wondered if anyone was sober enough to drive but I didn't dwell on it. There were more important things to worry about. As I peered through the small garage window from my parent's kitchen I saw the shaggy-haired boy I had spied earlier pass by a few times. I wish I knew some names but unfortunately I didn't even know the names of the guys who lived in the house, much less their guests. I sat by and waited and watched hoping that something more interesting than throwing up would happen. Soon enough my waiting paid off.

    The door to the garage opened and out walked my shaggy-haired boy. He'd obviously been drinking as his balance seemed a bit off. He stumbled a bit then reached behind and closed the door. He walked off to the side, into the shadows. I really wanted to know where he was going and what he was going to do. After watching the door for what seemed like minutes but what was really only seconds, I convinced myself that no one was coming out. I stealthily slid my parent's back door open and stepped out into the cool October air. The chill hit me at first but I quickly adjusted. As I turned the corner, I looked down the grassy bush-lined area that separated my parent's building from the one next door. I spotted him then, my shaggy-haired boy, standing facing the party house, his hand on the siding holding himself up. It was then I realized he had come out for a piss as I saw him trying to unzip his fly. Oh God, I thought, this could be the opportunity I had been waiting for. Hot drunk frat boy fumbling with his dick. Does it get any better?

    I approached him but not before his jeans slit past his tight ass and landed around his ankles. Obviously his coordination was off so I was hoping other things were too. There stood my shaggy-haired boy in his gray boxer-briefs. My dick started to rise. This was getting too hot for words. I was really too much of a nervous wreck to do anything too bold so I merely stood off to the side while he fished his dick out of his shorts. From the angle I was standing at I really didn't get a good look at it but I knew he had finally gotten it out as I heard a strong stream begin to hit the siding. He must've realized it was making a little too much noise as it was soon directed at the ground. Eventually the steam subsided and he put his stuff away. Pity, I thought. It would've been nice if he'd forgotten and just walked around with his dick hanging out for the rest of the night. However, he did forget to pull up his pants and as he turned to walk back to the door he tripped over them and fell onto his left side--and right into me. I looked down at him and in an instant I took in his beautiful face, stubble and sideburns and beautiful brown eyes. I looked over the rest of him and noticed a sizable lump in his boxer-briefs. His shirt had ridden up slightly during his fall and I was able to take in his flat stomach with a nice treasure trail leading from is navel down below the waistband of his briefs. God, this boy was perfect, at least what I'd seen so far. He looked at me now with a strange look as if he was trying to recognize me. He was making the cutest expression and I wanted to jump him right then and there. Instead I helped him up, brushing my arm past his face as I reached for his hand. I shivered as I felt his light beard scrape against my skin and my dick had reached full hardness
by this point. I brought him up and tried to steady him. He made no move to pull up his pants and I certainly wasn't going to encourage him. I thought I saw him thicken a little bit in his boxer-briefs and my mind quickly went in to overdrive. I had to have his cock in my mouth. Soon.

    "Thanks, man," he slightly slurred. "I don't know what happened."

    "You fell." Stupid, stupid. God, make him feel dumb. Real good.

    "Yeah, I guess I did."

    I glanced down again and he was definitely getting hard. Oh man. A million lame lines went through my head and I thought back to every story I'd ever read online that even remotely resembled the situation. Nodding toward his crotch, I mumbled out the best I could come up with: "Looks like you might need a little help down there."

    "Huh? Yeah. I guess the beer is getting to me or something," he said shyly. The best part was that he didn't run away. I might have him even after using the corniest line in the world.

    "Are you here with anyone?"

    "I came with my brother."


    "Oh no, I didn't come with a girl or anything."

    "So, no one here to help you out then?"


    With that I summoned all the courage I had inside of me and dropped to my knees before my shaggy-haired boy. I looked up at him, his brown eyes looking down at me. I couldn't tell if he was surprised or just excited that he was going to get his dick sucked. Either way I took it as a green light to go ahead. There, with my shaggy-haired boy standing between two bushes next to my parents house, I reached up and grabbed on to his boxer-briefs. It was now or never.

    As I pulled them down I was once again greeted by his treasure trail, dark brown against his cream-colored skin. Even in the pale moonlight I could make out every detail, could see every hair. He was beautiful and I hadn't even gotten to the best part. I continued to pull them down and time seemed to bend as if everything was moving in slow motion. The darkness of his pubic hair came next, curled and thick, arranged in a nice triangle. I would have to remember later to ask him if he trimmed it or if that was how it was--if I got the chance. Finally his dick came in to view and it was everything I'd hoped it would be. Thick, lightly veined, with a prominent crown and a large head. It was already long and I could tell he was not fully hard yet. I took his manhood in two hands and lightly massaged it as it lengthened in my hand. He quickly passed seven inches and was well on his way to eight. Boy, this kid could grow. I brought my mouth to his crotch and gave his cock a few tentative licks. It pulsed with energy and as I licked some more it finally reached full-on hardness.

    I looked up at him then and saw his eyes rolled back into his head. He was enjoying this and the moan that crept out of his throat as took his cockhead into my mouth only confirmed it. God he was beautiful, and for this moment in time he was mine. His dick filled my mouth and I tried to take it as deep as I could but to be honest he was on the larger side of what I was used to. He was perfect. Looking up again I saw him biting his lower lip. Damn he's cute. I refocused my attention on his cock but also reached around with my right hand and tentatively probed his ass. It was nice and tight--this kid obviously worked out. I slowly worked my way to his hole while keeping my mouth firmly attached to his cock. As I slipped my index finger into him he moaned again and it was like music to my ears. Glancing up again, he seemed to have a more intense look this time. I could tell it wouldn't be long yet for some unknown reason it just occurred to me that we were outside. What if somebody walked out? How long had I been sucking this beauty?

    Reluctantly I extracted his dick from from my throat. "You wanna go inside?"

    "Back to the party? I was hoping..."

    "No no. Into my house next door." I nodded toward my parents house and he got the message.

    "Um...I don't know."

    "Come on, we've gone this far. Might as well finish."

    "Yeah, OK." With that I got up and he started to follow. Turning back around, I gestured toward his pants still around his ankles.

    "You might want to pull those up. But not for long," I winked.

    As sad as I was to see this boys best parts get covered up again, I knew I had him and it wouldn't be long before I was sucking him again. Something else struck me as I slid my parents back door open. He started to say "I was hoping" but I didn't let him finish. Was he just hoping to shoot off or was he hoping for something more? My interest was piqued.

    Thankfully, I would find out soon enough.

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